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image:143662463100.png(100kB , 800x566 , happy_birthday_to_my_favorite_guy__by_peach_butt-d8zdt4e.png)
Steven Universe #4

Last hit bump limit.
First Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162060.html
Second Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t175100.html
Third Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t178074.html
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image:144099424700.jpg(735kB , 1254x882 , tumblr_ntxd6iAeNR1tvx2gko1_1280.jpg)
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image:144099427600.jpg(748kB , 1254x882 , tumblr_ntxd6iAeNR1tvx2gko3_1280.jpg)
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image:144100228700.jpg(272kB , 500x549 , TemixArt-368893-Pearls_Selfie.jpg)
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image:140575522000.jpg(201kB , 707x1000 , 497434%20-%20Incognitymous%20Liz_Allan%20Marvel%20Peter_Parker%20The_Spectacular_Spider-Man.jpg)
Spider-Man thread. For all the Spider-Man related stuff.
this thread is dead
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image:144047098100.jpg(830kB , 1159x1500 , Ganassa-365936-Spider_Gwen_-_Unmasked_ver..jpg)
I really want to like the porn comics, but it just feels like Scops repeats a lot of stuff throughout them.
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image:143687572500.png(1.04MB , 3035x2149 , 51407848_p0.png)
Since the old thread disappeared without anyone noticing...
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image:143912629300.jpg(857kB , 2048x1536 , atlast.jpeg)
Where else to get 3Dss besides lolcit?
Thread needs more Roadkill...also do Joker and Spoov also post on lolicit? Can't find their works since they left ichan...
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image:143858640000.png(454kB , 1500x900 , IncogThread3.png)
New Incognitymous thread. Old thread buried at >>184500. New thread located right here.
Some dude, lol
>>186649 This Gwen.. really isn't very pretty.
I like the ponytail. The mushroom shirt is just... mystifying.
I think her actual short hairstyle is naughtier.
New thread boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t186694.html
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image:143787834200.png(461kB , 606x788 , Let them request lewds.png)
Hey guys, Liquidmark here! Making a new thread for requests and to dump what I'm workin on. Ok, once again the brief list of rules and such.

1) be cordial
2) for requests, provide references
3) requests get deliveries based on my taste or mood at the time. Be patient and check back. If it is a good idea that makes me chuckle, it gets to the top of the stacks feeding me episodes of the characters in question helps as well.
4) everyone have fun!
Well, I'll be making my updates and such in the other thread. But today is finish-up friday so... I'll work on finishing some stuff up.
I think this thread stopped bumping.
new thread over here

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image:141511638300.png(453kB , 1276x1145 , tumblr_nb1bewyV481ryjrhso1_1280 - Copy.png)
Remember folks, we don't need to dump the entirety of paheal dumped here, just the good stuff.
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image:143882492900.png(298kB , 1280x1401 , tumblr_naubfyqtCy1tp6luto3_1280.png)
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image:143882494600.png(333kB , 1280x1401 , tumblr_naubfyqtCy1tp6luto2_1280.png)
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image:143882512800.png(714kB , 1262x1446 , tumblr_nrrk41LisD1rkzw3fo1_1280.png)
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image:143785316100.png(436kB , 1403x992 , IncogThreadWonderLoli.png)
Alrighty, time has cleared up a bit today due to plan changes so I figured I could finally throw something together to start a new thread. Old thread at >>183506, new thread at current location.
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image:143861924700.jpg(25kB , 640x360 , Lex_Luthor_Earth-16_001.jpg)
And as we speak I'm eating 40 stolen cakes from a bakery.
New Incog thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t185633.html
I lol'd
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image:140734571800.jpg(121kB , 500x800 , 7_1_U18chan.jpg)
How about a porn game shear thread.

Like this one:
And this one is kind of a masterpiece.
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Does HuniePop counts for this?
It hilarious at least.
//youtube.com/watch?v=NcGPYxpPt6Qyoutube thumb
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image:143808809900.png(658kB , 673x1000 , tumblr_nrnjq9J27C1t1o20qo1_1280.png)
there is this group that makes porn games
already have a few games done and a few others in making
they even have an hentai webcomic

projekt Wolfenstahl
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x hunter
a group that makes hentai games
a few are already done and a few others are in the making
they even have an hentai webcomic

projekt wolfestahl
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image:142375850100.png(943kB , 1173x800 , 1422549403657.png)

Grey Ladies.
Last Thread was >>161959
Old Plus4chan thread was http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/121029.html
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image:143800968300.png(295kB , 854x906 , tumblr_nlpi3nouEi1ts4vt6o1_1280.png)
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image:143800972700.png(389kB , 549x1273 , Untitled.png)

forgot link to full version, had to crop it.
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image:143675723700.png(322kB , 1320x1020 , IncogThread.png)
With the death of yet another Ben 10 thread I have decided it is time to start making Incognitymous threads instead. I still plan to do some Ben 10 and to finish any recent unfinished pieces, but I'm likely going to be delving into other sources from time to time now. To start things off, here's some lines of some lolis.
I second this request
Incog started a new thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t184500.html#p184500
I want to commission you. Do you take them and Paypal? Got an E-Mail I could talk details with on?
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image:143685270100.png(164kB , 527x781 , zvquy1.png)
The CONTENT Request Thread

This thread is strictly for content requests, ie newly created media based on specific details by an individual(s). If you're looking for an artist or some other source, check a particular thread related to the subject in question.

message too long. Click here to view the full post.
just asking but why did you not look for the movie and look through it for good references on a site where you could watch the movie then
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image:143712741000.jpg(73kB , 550x412 , RG_40_SA_04_big.jpg)
I don't know if this is allowed but could i request a pic of Ruby Gloom nude accidentally letting a cute little fart out while masturbating and getting super embarrassed because skull boy walked in on her please? i would be eternally grateful to the artist.
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image:143712752300.jpg(107kB , 1024x768 , Skull-Boy-ruby-gloom-2485041-1024-768.jpg)
Another reference pic - Skull boy :p
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image:143658003800.png(180kB , 1000x1000 , 999628 - Gravity_Falls Mabel_Pines.png)
The lost and found Thread mark II

I've stored all the images until now, (and a lot of dupes sorry) But I've only saved online a part of it (150gb) the rest will needed a deep checking of my secure disk to reclaim it (and I have some personal issues,of the life or death kind I hope they will be resolved after august, wish me luck if I survive I promise a complete site rip)

maybe for stop the stupidity of that people what can't understand your efforts the artist crew just need a comprehensive index of artists that is kept up to date with a list of core information about them like where they post, what they focus on, what their contact details are(for commissions/comments.or what artist are available for doing request coff like this >>158185 coff) and a dump of zips...
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Hum, the board show me some error Let me clarify something

The torrent is from 1, to 787136 (I think) is not exactly in order, but is tagged you will need to unzip to accommodate it properly, and is from 2012 (and is from russia )
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image:143670935200.png(102kB , 1000x1000 , lewd.png)
I liked something about this picture, so I did a quick coloring job.
^this is picture perfect. Love the subtle blush you put on her puffy twat too
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image:143626614600.png(617kB , 2157x731 , NewThread2.png)
Ben 10 thread dead again. Ben 10 thread must be alive again.

Dead thread.
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image:143677718100.jpg(41kB , 800x1000 , gwen recline.jpg)
It can be a little weird to navigate because it's still half in Japanese, but I think the biggest issue is that some well-known artists have gotten some works removed because they didn't censor. I have yet to encounter this, but I don't get the traffic that people like fuchur or incog get, so I'm probably well under the radar.

From what I understand, soup is the same as Tumblr but the userbase is smaller so nothing gets reported and there is very little enforcement of the rules.
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Odd request, but could you do some art where the characters are underwater?
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image:143933832500.png(479kB , 1155x893 , 93151 - Ben_10 Ben_Tennyson Gwen_Tennyson Incognitymous.png)
zcaprak is love, zcaprak is life.
Bravest WarriorsAnonymous
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image:142092291900.png(892kB , 1280x1686 , commission__dat_beth_tetzuka_by_grimphantom-d80rno8.png)
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image:143662169700.png(161kB , 900x900 , bravest_butt_by_0pik_0ort-d5o1eo6.png)
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image:143662171400.jpg(130kB , 800x792 , tumblr_nfnlz4ygeR1texjeoo1_1280.jpg)
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image:143662175200.jpg(79kB , 476x450 , tumblr_nebgi94yti1u1fcsfo1_500.jpg)
My Life As A Teenage RobotAnonymous
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image:140664197900.png(952kB , 961x1200 , 1406521897.atryl_jenj.png)
such a lucky girl
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image:143941947400.png(312kB , 1280x640 , tumblr_nskfxgNiwC1tmkn20o2_1280.png)
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image:143941948900.png(744kB , 960x1920 , tumblr_nscptcPAC71tmkn20o1_1280.png)
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image:143941950600.png(552kB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_nsohcqcnlR1tmkn20o1_1280.png)