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image:159638913381.jpg(305kB , 1500x964 , 2020JUL29_weebgirls_triple_blow_jobs_colored_serenity_harper_birch_small_rosemary_crop_wip3.jpg)
Its a little weird making thread on my own.

I will be using this thread to aggregate information about nsfw projects that I am working on, primarily /co/ and /coc/ related subject as well as some personal oc projects.

Some of the subjects I'm planning to include in this thread:

- Oban Star Racer
- High Guardian Spice
- Grevious-Tan
- Vivian James
- Bowsette
- My Life Me
- Serenity : Bad Girl in Town
- /co/creations related subjects (/co/nrads, /co/llettes, Seasons Girls, etc)
- Misc Rule34s
- Rule 63s related subjects, but mainly Clara Kent.

OCs and Personal Projects

- Betaman
- Terminator Moms / Blackcat and Kitten
- Tactical Waifu Simulator

I will be posting finish pieces and work in progresses, as well as seeking feed backs and suggestions from time to times. I work slow and procrastinate a lot, so there won't be too much new content all at once.
>updated the outlines
Man, you really went all out with this pic. I wish I could wake up to a sight like that.
Are you taking commissions? Please let me give you my money.
I think he still has the Oban and Ladybug comics to finish. And maybe some others too.
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image:159639700540.jpg(127kB , 517x1500 , EeKQOuhVAAAv_zG.jpeg.jpg)

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image:159646826971.jpg(149kB , 910x839 , 586b7a57fc8c82c1cdd7e4f40009c0d4f1629cbe6b8f841985b3fbb5bf52e83c.jpg)
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image:159646831117.jpg(148kB , 848x1200 , 2f3f700d924346c83d1b57e34f895b797ad83847fac1c888d8b4f1f42c4e1b66.jpg)
no updates? 🤔
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image:159702837293.jpg(177kB , 848x1200 , 2019MAY10_peter_carol_lewd_brinstorming.jpg)
I have been doing most SFW and Naruto stuff recently.
Looking back on this and those Naruto thumbnails, looks like you've done the pov triple/double blowjobs pretty often, and here I thought I was clever with my OP pic suggestion.

But I'm just happy that there are more Birch lewds.
One day I'd love to commission you for a short comic with her, but for now I don't want to ask until your other projects are finished (Oban, Ladybug summer special).
A, C, H, P, R, S.
Would love to see one of these with Terminator Mom or Black Cat.
H is probably the most creative, as far as Spiderman porn goes.
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image:159831989050.jpg(89kB , 848x1200 , doodle2018NOV20_rosemary_nsfw_doodle.jpg)
These are old, but I don't think I put it in the previous thread.
I think it was posted either on your baraag or twitter, since I had it, but the file wasn't identical.
Always neater to have the original file + filename, since twitter/baraag modify it.
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image:159865638328.jpg(866kB , 1768x2500 , oban_dojin_thumbnails_2020AUG28.jpg)
Its probably twitter.

Also, oban thumbnails, I don't think I posted filled out version of this set in the last thread. I don't know why I hit so much snag on the comic itself.
Some of those thumbnails are incredibly good. Very creative stuff too, not just "20 different sex positions"

>I don't know why I hit so much snag on the comic itself.

Either you are not as much invested in it as you were when you started, or it is because you keep adding more content instead of finishing the comic proper (feature creep).

Probably both.
Like, you draw a scene, but it didn't end up looking as good as you thought, and because of that you don't bother finishing it.
>I don't know why I hit so much snag on the comic itself.

Because you have piles and piles of projetcs, focus on one finish it and move on.
This is the sad truth.
It's difficult to follow your comics when you have like ten projects and each one gets updates like once every few months.
Maybe if you stop playing so much video games and focus on one project at a time you can get them done.
Black Hand ## Developer
Harsh, even if true. It applies to plus4chan too to some degree. However, unlike me, magi is not obligated to draw what you want to see him draw.
>I work slow and procrastinate a lot

Also working on so much projects at the same time can be detrimental for your workflow.
Anonymous ## Mod
Okay, you made your point, there's no reason to repeat it so many times.
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image:159970447025.jpg(329kB , 848x1200 , oban_dojin_08_WIP2020SEP08_full.jpg)
some of the pages recently from oban project hasn't be nsfw.
Yup, seen it on sadpanda. But at least you are progressing with it nicely!
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image:159972077932.gif(83kB , 349x447 , animation_doodle_.gif)
playing with animation function while on stream, on a whim. I have no concept about animation at all so I couldn't tell how to fix the timing issue unfortunately.
oh yeah, I remember you used to do sketch animations like that. there was that Vivian James one.
I think the arms look a bit all over the place instead of following a motion, but otherwise it looks okay. But then I don't know how animation is made.
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image:159979439986.gif(104kB , 800x910 , 1469143374666.gif)
This could be a pretty epic piece if you ever decided to make it more than a sketch, but it would probably require as much time as it would take to finish 5-6 pages from one of your comics.
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image:160016599032.jpg(313kB , 848x1200 , 09_oban_dojin_2020SPE15_009.jpg)
latest wips
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image:160016600274.jpg(221kB , 848x1200 , 10_oban_dojin_2020SPE15_010.jpg)
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image:160016601489.jpg(264kB , 848x1200 , 11_oban_dojin_2020SPE15_011.jpg)
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image:160016602756.jpg(216kB , 848x1200 , 12_oban_dojin_2020SPE15_012.jpg)
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image:160016606486.jpg(125kB , 848x1200 , 13_oban_dojin_13_WIP2020SEP07.jpg)
These new pages are so good that they'll make the "older" pages look kind of out of place in comparison. Or were the old pages all still WIPs and never really finished?
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image:160019733229.jpg(418kB , 1714x2401 , oban_style_guide_and_backgrounds.jpg)
Its a matter of experience, I simply had a lot more time drawing these characters. After a while I decided I needed to establish a style guide to keep everything consistent, as well as put a lot more effort in terms relying on source material for reference purposes. These couple of pages were not as experimental but using a sort of "assembly line" approach to backgrounds that I found to be pretty effective.
Will you also touch up the old pages so the style is more consistent?
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image:160023706135.jpg(274kB , 848x1200 , oban_dojin_13_2020SEP15.jpg)
I probably will, its something that bothers me anyway, so I'll get to that eventually, but I am prioritizing finishing the storyboard and pages at the end of the comic. After this page I am hitting the first page I did for this project, I will do a case by case assessment from this point on.
Can't wait to see the end result!
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image:160058792831.jpg(32kB , 1200x848 , betaman_comic_WIP2020SEP19_029.jpg)
Some Betaman page update, but I think I am making good progress with Oban's page as well. Although the changes I am making is probably little more then a little "touch up" at this point. I am setting the scene at the little lounge area overlooking the hanger, it should make things a little more consistent, I am also making inroads on the storyboards between page 55-60. I think it will have 70 pages by the end.
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image:160060673864.jpg(312kB , 1697x1200 , oban_dojin_16_revised_2020SEP20_comparison_work_in_progress.jpg)
Here is an example of a page that has revision that has been made, although not every page will be as extensive at this, but the background will definitely be changed to the lounge area.
Hold shit that's a lot of detail.

The girls have the "floaty leg" syndrome, but other than that, things are looking good.
Redoing every page like that will be a mammoth of a task though.
A thought occurs. Most of the previous scenes had the characters lying on the ground, which makes sense since they were in the hangar. But if the scene is moved into a lounge area, wouldn't there be, you know, furniture there? Suddenly a lot of the existing poses make less sense, why sit/lie on the uncomfortable ground when there's a perfectly fine sofa or couch in the room.
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image:160070792342.jpg(506kB , 848x3602 , oban_dojin_13~16_revised_2020SEP21.jpg)
Yeah, took a while to come to that particular composition.

In terms of revising pages, it really depends on how much was changed, even if an page was entirely redrawn, if the composition itself wasn't changed much, its only a matter of completing the specific task of inking and coloring, it generally won't take too long, however if I need to make creative decisions, then sometimes I'll end up procrastinating.

I have the pages that I made the revision over the weekends, they feature the lounge in this instance, and I think because of how vague they were in space in the originals, the new background works okay, I think.
The new backgrounds have the same colour as the flesh tones which makes the foreground sort of merge into the background. The hangar looked better in that regard but maybe I'm just too used to it.
I guess you could use some filters to make the BGs have a different tone, or have a more detailed but more blurry "painted" style to contrast the more simpler shading of the foreground characters? Up to you I guess.
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image:160072658455.jpg(272kB , 1137x1001 , oban_dojin_15_revise_ABCD.jpg)
I get what you are saying, but at this point I don't want to tinker with the formula too much, maybe choose the panels that is too confusing to look at to give it some more attention, but its really easy to get stuck on background for me.
Top right or bottom right looks much better, the light shading helps a lot.

And you are right, this has been tinkered with for far too long, best to avoid getting stuck on some minute details. At most you can do small touch ups in a final pass as quality control, once you are done with the rest of the pages. I always found that after finishing something, taking a day break, and then looking back at the whole thing, you can find a lot more things that "stand out" than you would during the creation phase.