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image:140112522700.jpg(599kB , 897x1280 , X-Com - Butts from the Deep (Gill-Woman) (Color).jpg)

I love the second game the most - Terror from the Deep - and since the Ufopedia does mention that Gill Men are actually descended from humans and there are male and female specimens... well, I decided to do some Gill Woman fanart. :-)
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image:142126947400.png(235kB , 1096x1081 , methados_xcom_alien.png)
Since no-one else posted it... female Ethereals. :)
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image:143573838000.jpg(206kB , 1864x1083 , Viper - concept.jpg)
I'm surprised no one else has resurrected this thread yet.
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image:143617003600.png(25kB , 561x319 , aaf2334a10e1468c2e370b4fbbf15469.png)
Scalie thread took all the pic.
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image:143617010200.jpg(1.04MB , 963x1250 , 55ced3db4e8385df209d86e9cc7e4ac3.jpg)
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image:166750470147.jpg(254kB , 1100x702 , NEED AMMO.jpg)
was going to post some random 34 and noticed we have an Xcom thread!

this need a bumping.
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image:166750475805.png(633kB , 750x800 , 41234214214.png)
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image:166750522549.jpg(581kB , 777x1077 , Dont know if she is meant to be a hyrbid or if the black eyes are meant to represent mind control but look naked lady.jpg)
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image:166750527512.jpg(168kB , 700x1329 , oldskool xcom mindcontrol.jpg)
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image:166750682394.jpg(334kB , 1000x1219 , poor innocent muton taken advantage of.jpg)
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image:166750688029.png(19kB , 587x476 , snek suck rookie.png)
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image:166750697627.jpg(126kB , 1024x1024 , sectoid 69.jpeg)
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image:166750716729.jpg(209kB , 1280x989 , human dick fuck yeah!.jpg)
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image:166750722356.png(777kB , 1140x1920 , no one wants faceless waifu.png)
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image:166750729290.png(543kB , 700x2600 , human viper relations comic.png)
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image:166750748631.jpg(131kB , 1000x827 , vahlen lily advent.jpeg)
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image:166750754721.png(3.48MB , 2400x3300 , dr vahlen.png)
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image:166750757704.png(3.52MB , 1800x1440 , andromedon titties.png)
I think I recognize that art style. Isn't it from that one guy who keeps quitting the art scene, deleting all his art, then coming back under a new name?
Couldn't tell you either way, don't tend to follow specific artists and their dramas. Often don't even remember their names.
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image:166751251483.png(3.16MB , 3415x1778 , GENTLEMEN.png)
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image:166758605289.png(295kB , 800x1200 , Sexy Ethereal One.png)
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image:166762282594.jpg(1.32MB , 1640x1080 , battle tits.jpg)
Wish this image was larger/in a more reasonable resolution for modern computers
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image:166786096619.jpg(482kB , 940x977 , tentacle underwater rape.jpg)
These images have horrifying implications.
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image:166786781577.jpg(586kB , 1050x1050 , 1e80ad0f01bd26b1c44972c62c943852.jpeg)
Its odd.

Porn of Xcom is relativly rare. Most of it is stuff of the snake girls from Xcom2.
Push that aside and alot of what remains is the Sectoids 'probing' women alien abduction style
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image:166799735112.jpg(217kB , 1000x1000 , 2391301 - H1kar1ko Lily_Shen X-COM X-COM_2.jpg)
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image:166799781752.png(1.7MB , 2000x2000 , The Assassin Xcom2.png)
Porn of the female member of the Chosen. Extremely rare. You'd think they would be tailor-made for specific porn considering one of their mechanics is literally kidnapping individual X-Com troops (for non-consensual sexual intercourse?).
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image:166802897661.png(2.38MB , 1798x2098 , MEC Trooper assault.png)
being threatened with a mechanical dong on someones mech suit isn't the same as being actively pegged so this should be safe
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image:166805678961.png(582kB , 1500x1000 , Annette Commander Xcom.png)
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image:166805681132.jpg(198kB , 800x1115 , Dr Moira Vahlen alien dicking.jpg)
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image:166805965127.png(649kB , 720x1080 , nude mod poster.png)
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image:166805967984.png(173kB , 493x779 , snektidders hit chance.png)
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image:166809572617.jpg(1.67MB , 2480x3508 , XCOM-2-XCOM-games-advent-(x-com)-3055482.jpeg)
do there is a porn comic with the snakes ??
damn game is way too short
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image:166810081455.png(821kB , 1723x1921 , Jane Kelly Torque.png)
>do there is a porn comic with the snakes ??
That's not a proper sentence.

But yes there is all sorts of porn with the Vipers out there easily found, if anything too much.
I like them but its kind of boring how much porn people have done of them and how little they've done of the rest of Xcom.
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image:166814652837.jpg(1.04MB , 909x1250 , 326236272457.jpg)
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image:166817191822.jpg(45kB , 2082x2532 , 1870035 - CrimeRoyale Lily_Shen X-COM X-COM_2.jpg)
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image:166817760581.gif(2.25MB , 633x466 , shakeysnakey.gif)
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image:166817764239.png(1.24MB , 1500x1000 , Annette_Durand X-COM.png)
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video:166828024103.mp4(4.64MB , 1280x720 , Vahlen PECtoid.mp4)
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video:166828038105.mp4(2.4MB , 1280x720 , Mindcontrolled-Samus sectoids.mp4)
There's actually a bunch of animated image of Samus getting screwed by Sectoids, but in 3d porn her model is basically a standby goto so its not as if the choice really means anything
Would you want a Viper to give you a blowjob?

They spit deadly venom from there, which has an AoE effect even.
Dunno if the snek succ is worth your dick necrotising off
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image:166849653282.png(1.99MB , 1080x1920 , verge torque.png)
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image:166849656122.png(2.14MB , 1080x1920 , verge torque mindfuck.png)
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image:166854970927.jpg(136kB , 1080x1590 , lily blow.jpeg)
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image:166876160441.jpg(1.69MB , 1920x1080 , 8768585976498.jpeg)
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image:166896889923.jpg(163kB , 1280x1067 , 45754674337.jpg)
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image:166947037340.png(2.07MB , 2664x1500 , orgasm inflicted.png)
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image:166958649812.png(333kB , 720x1080 , make loving war.png)
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image:166958795530.jpg(5.6MB , 4920x2767 , PlagueOfGripes SnekCom.jpg)