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hello this thread is for webms only thank you very much have a nice day
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New Jojo today.
Sounds like Runaway Girl is voiced by Teh Rie. Thank god, I won't have to listen to her screeching as a better character.
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Literally a diseased waifu.
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There's a new Jojo manga out.
On one hand its the sign of an oldass franchise getting milked even harder when you get a spinoff written by a different person following side characters from an earlier instalment but on the other its interesting to see Hol Horse as a main character.

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There's the new series of jojo come out. Anyone excited for it?
Honestly think its gotten beyond ridiculous how Araki has dragged the manga out. Just give it a rest already you immortal gay vampire.
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we have a thread for the new hotness but gifs deserve a place here too okay thank you have a nice day
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thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
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New board, new Berserk thread


Nice to see the hiatus hasn't made Griffith any less fabulous.
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So is anyone actually reading it
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Has this series changed how you think about your body?
why do japs need a gacha game to tell them to shit
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Here something I'm bold enough to do, I'm posting a thread of cute furry character from different anime series you know, if anyone has any pics of furry mascots post em here.
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Have at you.
>not commenting "in addition, he brews his tea from very bitter medicinal plants."
>also not changing your namefaggotry to "in addition, he brews his tea from very bitter medicinal plants"
Meester Tweester
I agree, awful decisions all around.
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'cuz we finally have a place to post about anime and 'cuz it's not allowed on /co.
/Co thread here: http://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t237352.html#p237352

Let's start with one of the best - Orochi-Onna, sexy snake lady from Gegege no Kitaro: Nippon Bakuretsu.
Random thought; Why did the games seem to forget that Sonic can also use Chaos Control powers after SA2?
He can even manage it with a replica emerald.
They didn't, the entire plot of Sonic 06 revolves around the idea that all hedgehogs are capable of it.
>that all hedgehogs are capable of it
Why is STH such propaganda for hedgehog racial superiority?

No race that is constantly eating its own shit as a daily routine deserves such glorification.
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PreCure Thread

PreCure Thread
I've heard PreCure described as DBZ for girls.

Is this an accurate designation?
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/jam/ Artwork Thread

For fanart or official pictures that are neither Weastaboo >>88632 or gifs >>88535
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We all know manga can conjure up emotions but what were the times when you found yourself SEETHING with rage reading manga?

ITT Pages that made you angry.

This page is from "Evil Heart" in which an extremely abusive person turns up to terrorize two small children living on their own, I was so angry that he would even dare turn up.
Incredibly effective, in that case.
Guess I was lucky to drop the manhwa earlier than this point, something about the writing started to drag on me though I can't remember the exact reason for that.
Manga of a pointlessly Edgelord bent get that sort of feeling from me in general.

World is already bleak enough, what's the point of such contrived misery porn in fiction.
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/jam/ General: Eva 4.44 edition
//youtube.com/watch?v=PXsSugdf3c8youtube thumb
Let's hope it comes out before we die!

Old thread ==> >>93064
Fighting games had the real power levels ignored for 30+ years now (just look at how every MK boss gets beaten) so it's easier to just assume that everyone starts at the same base power level. It's a bit more difficult to assume you can play survival horror against a character who is impervious to damage and has a sixth sense to detect living beings.

I mean okay the game might be fun but it still looks stupid to have Oolong with a rocket launcher duking it out with Cell.
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People enjoying that Netflix Cowboy Bebop I take it?
Live-action adaptations and anime, always without-fail a winning combination.
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wch 2hu wud u fug?
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A plump Patchy. It would be kind of naughty to do it with her in the library where everything's supposed to be quiet and clean.
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Only the strongest
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Would you say Kanda is a trap? He's a bit androgynous.
I don't read this manga but he looks more masculine than feminine in that OP image, just an anime dude.
You're right.
Tonari no Seki-kunAnonymous
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Anyone else reading this series?

I got back into it after someone posted the mom Chapter.
Was the anime good? I never got around to watching it.
When did this series last get translated chapter?
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Christ this series is still ongoing.

I've not read it in a few years now.
It actually ended. They get together and the last chapter is her playing with their little infant who also likes making stuff
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