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image:140243843000.jpg(112kB , 1280x720 , [Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_-_25_[06B77B4A].mkv_snapshot_15.15_[2012.03.19_14.00.36].jpg)
Tokusatsu Thread

I mostly need an outlet to talk about Kamen Rider, really.

Binged on Fourze. It's great, except for like 12 episodes when Meteor shows up and drags everything down until Prom.
You started on Gaim yet? It's probably my favorite series at this point.
Gaim is pretty much one of the best Heisei Riders so far, and I'm glad Urobushi is revitalizing the franchise.
If only we could do a Super Sentai as well.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Woo way behind I've not watched consistently since Double. Tried OOOs for a little then got sidetracked bu other things and then missed Fourze and Wizard entirely. Where can one watch this stuff?
T4 was here
About time this thread came back!

Becasuse the shit has hit the fan in Gaim like atlest three-six times now.
You're pretty much going to have to torrent it. I recommend Aesir for your Gaim needs. We're 33 episodes in, and it's just been unreal. Over-time did Fourze and Wizard, but as Wizard was boring as hell 90 percent of the time I'd suggest you give it a pass. The main thing to remember with Gaim is this. Yes, the theme looks a little funky. Yes, fruits are silly. Accept that and move on, because the show is possibly the best Heisei has ever been.
Yeah, I'm super into Gaim. I tried it on a recommendation and it was the series that made me actually start Kamen Rider as a whole.

Sure it starts as street dancing Pokemon with fruit armors, but once the plot starts moving it gets pretty obvious that it's about the inevitable and impossible consequences of taking the step into adulthood and later the dynamics of power in society. But you know, with dudes wailing on each other with orange slices.

And Micchy is straight up the best character and what made the show what it is. Not despite the fact that he's the biggest tool Home Hardware, but because of it.
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image:140280018000.gif(982kB , 500x281 , fourze wizard.gif)
Holy shit the Fourze/Wizard movie is just awesome. The fighting and choreography is better than Fourze had ever been, even in the Fourze movie. Is that a Wizard thing? Just super awesome fights, often using the suitless actors? Because if it is, I may end up watching Wizard, despite it's boring-ass story and everything
All the fucking skirt shots are really weird though. There are so many of them.
T4 was here
I'll give Fourze the C=okay score.

Its my hate of schools and love of goofballs that makes it a medium.

Better then WizZZZzard. Only came like 12 epidsode in before I gave up and need the diskspace for other thing.

But I should really give the Fourze movie a shot.

Your welcome.
>Not A+

Yeah, sorry you don't like good high school series.

Even if it some of the episodes before the finale get a bit weak, Fourze is one of the best Rider series in recent memory. The main cast is great, the monsterd are great (designed by Kia Asamiya btw), and the antagonists are pretty cool as well.
Disregard anything he says, his taste is legendarily shitty. It's a real shame Gentaro's actor won't be available again for a long, long time. The substitute voice actors they've been using for Fourze's recent movie appearances just have not been up to par.
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image:140320821100.jpg(147kB , 1440x810 , Duke-chan.jpg)
Oh I am sorry my aspergers makes it so that I cant stand schools!
Especially high ones.

Atlest I watch it to the end, unlike may other Rider show...

But most of them was an issue with finding episodes...

Will recommed it to other that want to watch more riders too.(after my favs sure but... aw fuck it)

Anyway, Gaim.

Thanks mad doctor dude for fucking over the liars like they deserved!
GG man! Fly off with your crazyrocket pod.
>cut out your brain and put in a killer robot
>is totally fine later
That was awesomely hilarious.
T4 was here
Having watched worse high-school stuff, I think I'll upgrade Fourze to a B.
So... MelonBowl 2014...

Ugh. Just... Ugh.I am not ready for the next episode to be forced movie tie in bullshit again. I need proper resolution to that.
So what are the big difference between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, besides the superficial stuff like Sentai being team-based and with zords, and Kamen Rider being about flying kicks?
T4 was here
The way I see it, Kamen Rider is like Super Sentai's tougher big brother.
Or for the bigger brother in the family or something.
It has more of an older feel.
You getting me?
Kamen Rider tends to be a lot more serious, and arguably less campy IMO. Sentai likes to ramp up the cheese level for fun, like Power Rangers.
Super Sentai used to be a bit serious as well until Oh Ranger, and because of low ratings and merchandise sells, it became more wacky with CarRanger.
T4 was here
Kamen Rider Gaim Ep.37 Eng Subyoutube thumb
Well this is kind of random.
Fotball fever can strike at the worst times it seems.
Forced movie tie ins are just the worst when you've got a show as serial as Gaim
You're a week late T4.

Aside the obvious WATCH OUR MOVIE, I really enjoyed that episode. It's ok to have some silly antics before the storm comes back.
It's just that it came right on the heels of the melonbowl. The whole switch was super jarring.
Did that Kamen Rider new vs Old come out?
Do you mean in theaters or DVD? Because it's been out in theaters for a couple months now. DVD won't be for a good long while yet.
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video:140772075100.webm(723kB , 960x540 , ryomaclap 2.webm)
Warren Statesman is best Gaim
T4 was here
Kamen Landers: Infinity!
Or more stuff I will never have...
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image:140955428600.jpg(88kB , 770x432 , Gaim43.jpg)
So, Gaim's still amazing
T4 was here
I love that Kouta's solution was fuck it, lets go to space.
Want a genius.
You mean an uninhabited planet, right?
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image:141566865600.png(1.19MB , 1280x720 , 1404424101359.png)
Been in a hard boiled kind of mood so I've been rewatching W. Goddamn I forgot how much I loved this series. Especially the theme. Unf.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Double is still the strongest of the last batch IMO.
While not hardboiled, I think you might enjoy Drive. It's buddycop/detective setting is pretty good so far.
Drive is exactly why I was in the mood to rewatch W.
Whats been going on with Kamen Rider, not really been keeping up, this DRIVE is the current one that came after GAIM?
Drive has been a pretty fun ride so far.
Also, Ninninger is pretty great as well.
Is Gaim over?
Since september of the last year.
For how long you've been asleep, anon?
I just don't pay much attention to Kamen series while they air.
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image:143052135500.png(289kB , 700x895 , xLFSUSR.png)
Is anyone else playing Chroma Squad? This is so good!

Basic gist is you are a team of tokusatsu stuntmen who have decided to open your own studio filming a Sentai series, the episodes lead to turnbased battles of your team getting combat footage.
'Teamwork' is a mechanic in the fights, letting your guys aid each other to move farther or team-up against a single enemy, and of course if you get your whole squad to gang up on an enemy that activates your Finishing Move.

Apart from the fights you've also got to build a fanbase and upgrade your set, as well as outfit your heroes with costume pieces (serving as equipment) which can be either bought from the shop or handmade from junk you acquire.
Also you have to answer emails from fans or companies and also hire marketing operations which have an affect on your stats, cashflow and popularity.

Its amusing the amount of little details you have control of,
You get to choose the name of your studio, the name of the hero team, the phrase your heroes say as they transform, what the term for the transformation is, the name of your mecha, etc.
It seems they ran into legal trouble not just with Saban but afterwards with Toei too. Thats simply some bad luck right there.
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image:144728161800.png(314kB , 470x507 , 1447212775842.png)
Sorry for the necrobump. I heard that Kamen Rider might be coming to Cartoon Network, but I was rused and didn't check the dates.
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image:145642003400.jpg(209kB , 405x546 , Kamen_Rider_1_Power_Up.jpg)
T4 was here

Alternatively, Old Man Hongo.
Wait, what?
Isn't this for South East Asia CN?
I know some channels of the ares have shown both Rider and Sentai shows before.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Okay, that was neat.
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image:146016723700.jpg(86kB , 722x414 , latest.jpg)
The hell is going on here?
That show that no one saw coming. As part of the celebrations of the 45th Anniversary of Kamen Rider, Toei launched Kamen Rider Amazons on Amazon Prime Japan on April 1st.
Imagine a KR show with the aesthetics and grim tone of Daredevil. And so far, so good!
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image:146055138900.jpg(965kB , 1250x1250 , 1266470249239.jpg)
Seems like a neat idea, the only issue that springs to mind is the designs of the riders is a bit too shiny/metallic looking considering their nature.
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image:161502102714.jpg(639kB , 1000x829 , 1330200995161.jpg)
I've not watched Kamen Rider in a long time now, have the past few shows been any good?
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image:161868380676.png(2.03MB , 1920x1080 , 2.png)
Saga Frontier Remastered is an rpg to play if you want a Toku gaming fix, considering one of the selectable playable characters is an outright transforming masked hero.
Been looking forward to it for awhile now.

Is there any other good Toku videogames available? More to the point are there any good ones you can get your hands on in the West?
If only this was real...
Ultimate Super Androidyoutube thumb
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video:162907079902.webm(2.93MB , 640x360 , 1629057956469.webm)
As the franchise continued the designs of the Rider's belts and the cheap visual effects used during the transformation sequence grew more and more ridiculous.

Better to sell toys of said belts I suppose.
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image:163093218429.jpg(1MB , 1548x871 , 1630887287750.jpg)
Kamen Rider W is getting an anime.
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image:163093219679.jpg(1.15MB , 1548x871 , 1630887307925.jpg)
Isn't Ultraman getting or has gotten an anime too?
But for some reason it isn't about giant Ultramen but instead just a bunch of dudes wearing iron man-suits styled on Ultramen?
When are they going to put out some sort of teaser or such showing off the actual animation of this show?
I'm actually really curious how it will look like in motion.
Why are Japanese so fucking obsessed with high school bullshit
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video:165030224927.webm(8.95MB , 640x480 , Zubat.webm)
The world could use more Zubat.
I remember Zubat showed up in one of the big Kamen Rider crossover movies, alongside some other toku heroes.
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image:165072329401.jpg(144kB , 800x493 , o1080066615044434391.jpg)
OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders
I'm happy with how this W anime is looking.
Now if only they would next animate the Kamen Rider SPIRITS manga...
Now that was excellent
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image:166474273116.jpg(344kB , 1918x1832 , 1664733858829005.jpg)
Are people watching the anime?
Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshinyoutube thumb
This henshin is pretty sick.
The problem with Black Sun is pretty similar to all stories that try to use actually dangerous superpowered individuals as a stand-in for real life minorities.

Its exaggerated conditions that don't apply to normal discriminated people and make the whole situation ridiculous.
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image:166897748510.jpg(3.63MB , 3077x4022 , Kamen_Rider_Geats_poster.jpg)
How about that Geats?
Too sick for youtube it seems.
It fucking sucks how big companies will bully indie developments in an unwarranted fashion.

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