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image:165194910791.png(474kB , 340x609 , 1651841372445.png)
Politics Thread #20: The Lukewarm War

May 9th is Victory Parade Day in russia, how will vladdy turn everything around?

2 more days, Believe in the plan.
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image:165194929533.png(291kB , 708x902 , Moscow Victory Parade Bingo.png)
Apart from that this is the general dumping ground to discuss your world politics, like America being in a tizzy about abortions again? Whatever, get on it.

Have link to previous thread >>416639
And complimentary bingo card for VP Day.
I'm gonna go ahead and say it, fuck Ukraine.
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video:165195136712.webm(1.09MB , 720x1280 , toy.webm)
Cry some more vatnykker.
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video:165201563196.webm(1.87MB , 640x336 , seen on Zvezda.webm)
Ok, now this is actually some sick shit.
Mstr Twstr
I like how slick and professional the camera cuts are.
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image:165205785277.jpg(61kB , 1016x495 , lol.jpg)
I can understand Russians shilling for their own land online, or anyone whose country is aligning itself in support of Russia in their takeover, but why the hell do you get Americans going so far for such an obviously inadequate enemy country.

Being a tankie is like some form of insanity.
>Cry some more vatnykker.
nope, not Russian sorry. I'm just a guy who doesn't like that it's harder to get jobs because every company favours foreign workforce or immigrants.
You are just an idiot who lets his petty personal issues blind him in unrelated situations.
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image:165206476051.jpg(215kB , 704x1000 , Akraine.jpg)
It seems everything is anime nowadays.

Thanks Internet. Thanks Weebs.
>no you can't support neither government
USA sport-esque binary fetishism pisses me off. if it weren't clear, fuck russia, fuck the ukrainian state and fuck NATO, support for most of the ukrainian civilians
The yanks do indeed have an intense problem with tribal us-vs-them two-team bullshit in politics.
Though rolling around on the ground and yelling fuck everyone instead of taking any actual look at what's going on is also a stupid stance, especially when you have to actively engage in a topic in the first place only to do that.
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image:165206811689.jpg(997kB , 1799x1956 , May 9th Alignment chart.jpg)
3-4 hours to go before we find out if anything exciting at all will happen.
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image:165207320800.jpg(2.39MB , 3690x3686 , 1652046447223.jpg)
Dude got so salty about people calling him retarded for his nonsensical takes on twitter he hid his account.
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image:165207763459.jpg(2.54MB , 3558x2160 , SigIll.jpg)
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image:165208051378.jpg(190kB , 1080x878 , Also due to lack of availible aircraft.jpg)
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video:165208534638.webm(2.81MB , 640x360 , AverageEgyptianMale.webm)
Well that was a disappointing display.
Short, no air show and a plodding speech that was just re-treading the same old bullshit.
>WEBM unrelated
Problem with a specific plane being the reason they cancelled?

Though knowing Russian government corruption the claims of the parts being stolen by thieves is just a cover up for the fact someone in charge sold them off at some point.
Okay, so I'm not sure if everyone here is American or not so you may not know the history behind this, but it seems that after WWII, nobody really wanted to fuck with America. Of course there was the recently ended Afghanistan War and the Vietnam/Korean wars. But since America developed, and used (in combat), some of the first nuclear bombs, nobody messed around with the U.S.

Put it this way, if America wasn't part of NATO, BRICS would have already tried to take it over. And that's not only because of the nukes, the U.S. has the strongest and largest navy and air force because of how far it is from other world powers (to reach either Europe or Asia from North America, you'd have to cross at least one ocean). Putin hasn't decided to try and conquer beyond Ukraine because he's practically surrounded by NATO.

What do you think?
>after WWII, nobody really wanted to fuck with America
After WWII, all the world powers were exhausted and dealing with trying to rebuild their countries and holding on to their colonial empires, except for the US and Russia. Nobody was in any shape to fuck with anyone, except the US and Soviets. The next 45 years after that were spent thwarting the Soviets indirectly whenever possible across the globe. Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Afghanistan (in the 80s) were all part of that.

>if America wasn't part of NATO
then most likely Stalin would've marched across Europe. Soviets invading Europe was a threat bigger than the Nazis were, considering they had a several million standing army busy raping eastern Europe at the moment.

>Putin hasn't decided to try and conquer beyond Ukraine
This is not exactly correct, they've been funding and supporting the opposing forces in nearly every war where the US if supporting one side. Syria, Libya, etc. The only difference between that and Ukraine is that with Ukraine they directly attacked them instead of making it a proxy war.

Also keep in mind that nearly all countries directly surrounding Russia is either Russia-friendly, or at worst maintains a neutrality. This is for a reason. A NATO country bordering Russia would be the equivalent of Mexico having Russian military bases.
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image:165216794265.png(2.11MB , 1200x1094 , 1652167491969.png)
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image:165217407912.jpg(181kB , 800x1280 , FQj1JGLXEAINg2V.jpg)
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image:165224151052.png(1.15MB , 876x1268 , maximum c levels.png)
This sort of stuff is on the level of good old Comical Ali's statements from Iraq.
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image:165227667808.png(501kB , 556x547 , 1652274076604.png)
Ho-Ho-holy shit~
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image:165232443722.png(302kB , 585x933 , Classic Russian Information Source.png)
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image:165232606663.jpg(162kB , 1441x809 , Ukraine British Nazi Operatives identified in security footage.jpg)
Honestly this whole invasion has just been one drawn-out joke at Russia's expense, and honestly a deserving one with how they've thrown their supposed weight around for decades.

Every part of the system is corrupt and idiotic, at this point with how things have been going it would be an even bet they don't even have more than a handful of functioning nuclear weapons left (shit's expensive and requires proper maintenance).
I'm worried that this will end up backfiring. This is all fun and games and then one day we'll wake up to nukes being dropped because one too many jokes were made.
On the other hand appeasement simply doesn't work, and when an imperialist nation violently breaks itself during a feat of aggression that is the perfect time for everyone else to put the breaks on their train.
One of the most fucked up parts of Russia taking over its neighbours is how it deports masses of the civilians in captured cities into the interior only to replace them with their own citizens, so they can say that the place is Russian and wants to be part of the whole.

Hope by the time this is all over Ukraine can actually get its people back, along with its stolen territory.
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image:165243727785.png(1.75MB , 1486x1354 , pol the soviet shill factory.png)
What happened to Politically Incorrect?
Mstr Twstr
Those people "that should be brought back" are dead.
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video:165260103134.webm(2.38MB , 290x540 , breaking news blyad.webm)

Russia is actually resorting to equipping their cannon fodder with Mosins instead of modern weapons.
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video:165264645971.webm(2.71MB , 480x852 , God damn the soviet union.webm)
>ukraine ukraine ukraine
Its the news of the hour.
If there's something you wanna mention then step up to the plate.
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image:165294689594.jpg(47kB , 604x586 , 323424.jpg)
If people want to talk about other News events, how about that faggot that went on a retarded shooting spree recently?

Maybe spin it off into a heated argument about gun control, because that's always a fun thing to do online.
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image:165306318748.jpg(53kB , 500x500 , dh.jpg)

Mstr Twstr
Well, parents should not neglect their children. Name 1 mass shooter with a good supportive family. And of course, if the apple is rotten to the core, put those people somewhere they won't cause harm to society.
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image:165313352599.jpg(69kB , 452x1024 , 1653041694879.jpg)
Fighting is STILL going on at Azovstal, russia just can't take it.
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image:165313728488.jpg(285kB , 500x1960 , general woodie.jpg)
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image:165342703307.png(2.02MB , 1423x911 , 1653395742954.png)
Chinese Biden is so badass.
Not too alarming. Russia has entire lakes filled with industrial byproducts.
There's been yet another mass shooting now (Texas), its a school shooting at that with a bunch of dead children.
Mstr Twstr
Family situation?
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image:165344931751.jpg(31kB , 615x341 , 2_TDP_CHP_240522ABC_2724.jpg)
Look it up, here's the faggot in question who died in shooting it out with the cops.
Mstr Twstr
That is not a look of a happy person.
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image:165346657273.jpg(226kB , 851x1024 , 1653462847634.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
If I did not know any better, I would say all those mass shooters were mind controlled or something.

But that's crazy talk.
What spazz nonsense are you going on about now.
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image:165347283903.jpg(48kB , 314x716 , 1653374695088.jpg)
Has the russian navy ever managed anything worthwhile or not embarrassing at all?
>There's been yet another mass shooting now (Texas), its a school shooting at that with a bunch of dead children.

Oh look, it's Wednesday already.
The police were fucking cowards who went in to save their own kids and then fucked off and sat outside as the other children were shot.

Uvalde Texas: Texas Department of Public Safety Interviewyoutube thumb
After how they got treated in recent years, I'm not surprised. Go try defunding them again, see what will happen the next time.
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image:165360770395.jpg(316kB , 1900x1188 , on.jpg)
The exact same thing because this was the result of blatant incompetence/cowardice?
Don't be such a goddamn shill.

They stood around in their body armor packing rifles and despite all the money spent on training and overequipping them they get did nothing for up to an hour.
People are saying the one that actually took out the shooter was an off-duty border patrol dude.
ok, I'm not familiar with the situation, but being a trained and equipped commando guy does not make you immune to bullets. They can't zerg rush the shooter without forcing him to, I dunno, shoot back at them, or kill any hostages (if there are any hostages), etc.
They also have to consider if there are any accomplices who might attack out or whatever. I don't know what happened there exactly, but I can think of so many reasons why they did not go in, all of them boil down to one thing however: they have to know everything about the situation, otherwise whatever plan they cook up can result in more deaths. Sitting around for an hour could be because they did not get orders to go in, which they did not get because the command elements did not get a clear picture of the situation. Again, I don't know what happened, but that could have been the case.
>I'm not familiar with the situation
Then shut up and actually read up on the event instead of mewling a bunch of bullshit.
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image:165361547089.jpg(254kB , 1073x1428 , go cry and eat burgers.jpg)
nigger if I read up on every American school shooting, I wouldn't have the time to sleep or eat. Go and eat a hamburger.
I'm not American, and you should just admit to your overwhelming ignorance.
What I'll admit to is my overwhelming sense of not giving a fuck what exactly happened there. As far as I'm concerned, dead American kids is a good thing.
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image:165364963221.jpg(270kB , 1200x675 , Brit Intel.jpg)
Months into the war Russia is deploying their oldest remaining tanks to Ukraine in a stunning display of retro-chic.

Lets see if this tactic pays off.
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image:165373396352.jpg(740kB , 1916x1080 , Captured and wounded Azovite underneath My Little Pony bed sheets.jpg)
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image:165373694447.jpg(202kB , 2047x1378 , 1653607388995.jpg)
150 police with military gear standing outside a school being shot up just holding their own dicks
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image:165373925626.png(772kB , 686x795 , wannabe special forces larpers.png)
The county spent 40% of its yearly budget on police. Just think about that for a second.
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image:165388992767.jpg(165kB , 790x1349 , fat lot of good it did.jpg)
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image:165393487251.png(2.14MB , 1423x911 , 1653932406697.png)
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video:165425073643.webm(2.49MB , 720x480 , 1654245537283.webm)
These fucking kids and their VIDEOGAMES!
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image:165428217404.png(973kB , 791x1021 , 8543723.png)
Russia seething over one of their pet muslim soldiers dying, on the battlefield, when encountering a squad containing British volunteer.

Maybe they should have kept their polonium to themselves in the past.
Russia has been claiming pretty much everything has been a feint since their invasion started... only to actually get feinted themselves in Severodonetsk when seemingly retreating Ukrainian forces turned around and struck at the unprepared advancing Russian troops. Hilarious.
Conflict in and around the city is current so something to watch with interest.
Mstr Twstr
Anyone who praises Fox News does not understand that all state sponsored legacy news companies are bad.
Don't think anyone is carrying any feelings except for "Ok Boomer" towards Fox News here.
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video:165436346362.webm(520kB , 848x480 , 1654354544682.webm)
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image:165443732450.png(413kB , 574x810 , defunding police to help police.png)
In case you aren't aware, the concept of "defund the police" isn't "let's just remove money because cops bad", it's "let's put that money into fixing the problems that police shouldn't have to be handling, and put it into preventative services, so that the police aren't so overworked and stressed and prone be violent and in conflict with communities".
Putting that money into services that prevent people from feeling the need to commit petty crimes will help them far more than a wage rise. Other anglosphere+European countries have more than enough evidence of this working. Making police have to deal with unnecessary stuff that they aren't specialized in is bad for the police.

Absolutely. Half of us probably remember the exploding van.
but yeah, definitely recommend anyone arguing about media companies to read (or at least skim) Manufacturing Consent, which clarifies a lot of the factors at play for any media group, from the multi-national corporates to the local independent zines.
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image:165445557932.png(780kB , 490x893 , frontline cripples.png)
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image:165466218506.png(1.65MB , 1175x1069 , 1654551357437.png)
>The state of Russian logistics
They didn't even have the foresight to buy decent forklifts for the task.
In other modern conflict news Germans are massive pussies, unlike the rest of their gang are constantly wussing out and dragging their feet at every turn when it comes to fulfilling their claimed obligations so as not to upset Russia.

If they just came out and said "We are rolling over and not sending anything" that would at least be a stance and show some determination.
Instead they stammer and shake their hands engaging in delaying tactics, trying to have both sides.
That's not because they don't want to upset Russia, it's just because Germany are massive pussies.
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image:165479689520.png(229kB , 516x1599 , 1654796518167.png)
Got the fight totally beaten out of them.
Oh if only we could bring back their WW2 spirit, but carefully harnessed and directed only towards the steppes instead of all their neighbours.
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image:165502294826.png(389kB , 754x734 , 1655016679072.png)
Apparently some actually Schizophrenic suicidal dude faked like he was going to shoot up a school, logically inspired by the multiple happening recently, so they cops would kill him.

What do you say to that? At least it was just the guy looking for it got killed and no one else?
He could have had the decency to at least slit his wrists or OD in private.
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image:165512565458.png(391kB , 627x633 , virtue signalling.png)
Russia cares not for the lives of its serfs
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image:165528458351.jpg(626kB , 2474x1419 , putin special technique.jpg)
>Russia cares not for the lives of its serfs
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video:165547292729.webm(1.54MB , 404x720 , 1655472471272.webm)
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image:165565818025.png(223kB , 1294x764 , Only holy crusaders invading our neighbours can protect us from the hordes of mulatto rape commandos just itching to cross our borders.png)
This image is particularly funny because of how prominent homosexual rape and abuse is in the Russian armed forces.
Prison culture is basically the basis for behaviour within its confines outside of the overwhelming general corruption that kneecaps it in operation.
Mstr Twstr
The most anti-gay countries have the most repressed gay people. What else is new.
Video footage from an ammo dump that was hit
Красный Луч 16.06.22youtube thumb
>like America being in a tizzy about abortions again?
Yeah so now Roe vs Wade has been overturned.

Seems more like the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court were using it as an excuse to flex due to there being a Democrat in the White House than anything else.
Mstr Twstr
That's a big secondary reason, yes. A law being speedrun into existence through non-constitutional means while being based on a lie..... was another reason.
Mstr Twstr
The only legal invasion is the one Palpatine will make legal.
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image:165619271463.jpg(261kB , 940x775 , 3233213.jpg)
Has Putin managed to grow any clone bodies for when Shoigu throws him down the reactor pit of his fully-armed and operational battleyacht in a last-minute betrayal so as to protect a most beloved piece of wood from being burned?
Mstr Twstr
I think Real Life is written better than Jar Jar Abram's works.
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image:165634323070.png(1.43MB , 1666x642 , Kremenchuk.png)
Russia just blew up a mall full of people in Ukraine.
Not intentionally, just resulting from their noted incredibly shit accuracy with their supposed target being a machine factory 200 meters away.
>Russia just blew up a mall full of people in Ukraine.

phew, glad it wasn't a mall full of Ukrainians then.
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image:165637396707.jpg(660kB , 1170x1257 , GRAD will breach it.jpg)
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image:165642836184.jpg(325kB , 906x1280 , 1656417559998.jpg)
Glorious russia threatening the west by showing they are capable of using Google Earth.

Tremble in fear.
Are those images from Google Earth or from their own satellites? Google Earth is sometimes months/years behind.
Images taken from google earth would probably be higher quality to be honest.
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image:165661867911.jpg(107kB , 1270x718 , latest russian cope phrase.jpg)
Long after everyone else figured it out Russia has finally realized it should stop deploying units onto the tiny Snake Island only for them to get blown up by fire from opposing forces, again and again and again
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image:165664032905.jpg(379kB , 906x1500 , More weapons confirmed for Ukraine.jpg)
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video:165670947691.webm(1.85MB , 640x360 , 1656709003640.webm)
>Ukraine pulling off bombing run on occupied Snake Island earlier in the conflict

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video:165670958435.webm(152kB , 640x352 , 1656708559571.webm)
>Russians trying to blow up their own abandoned equipment on an undefended Snake Island to deny it falling into enemy hands
There was a shooting in a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark

Shooter is a mentally-unbalanced guy who apparently took his father's hunting gun, killed three people and some others wounded.

Took something like 11 minutes for police to show up and apprehend the perp, so more dirt in the eye for Texas >>425786
Mstr Twstr
Something something people kill people.
Is SCOTUS corrupt? Does it need reforming? Why do unelected demagogues get unlimited terms?
Everything related to governments is corrupt, the more accurate question is if said institution is more or less corrupt than others.

To be fair my soul is dead from political apathy growing like a cancer inside me fuelled by the carcinogen that is reality so the only solution I can think of is to burn it all down, then burn down the people who burnt it down because they are obviously just going to recreate the system but this time with themselves in the big chairs.
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image:165711680813.jpg(333kB , 1063x1137 , plague catapults.jpg)

Someone has made an assassination attempt on former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.
He's been rushed to hospital with critical injuries as far as word goes.
He died.
Was any reason given or was it just a random insane guy?
I mean it was probably an insane guy who took issue with him politically, logically or not, since it happened during a public speech in the street.
Perp did it with a low-tech homemade piece-of-shit firearm.
>I mean it was probably an insane guy who took issue with him politically, logically or not, since it happened during a public speech in the street.

OK, let me rephrase that: was it a premediated, pre-planned attack made for political reasons, or was it a schizo trying to be "ha-ha I killed the king!"?

>Perp did it with a low-tech homemade piece-of-shit firearm.
Not surprising, Japanese gun laws are extremely strict, if you carry a gun there you are either a cop or a yakuza.
>The suspect, named as Tetsuya Yamagami, admitted shooting Abe with a homemade gun, and said he had a grudge against a "specific organisation", police said.

>Several other handmade weapons, similar to those used in the attack, had been confiscated after a search of the suspect's house, police officers told a news conference.

>Explosives were also found at the home and police said they had advised residents to evacuate the area.

>The suspected shooter told officers he had a grudge against a specific group he believed Abe was connected to, police said, adding that they were investigating why the former PM was targeted out of other people related to the group.
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image:165741052260.png(582kB , 582x877 , 142.png)
all rook rike same, I guess.
So, Abe was a leading member of Nippon Kaigi; an ultranationalist subparty of the LDP (Japan's largest and almost always leading political party). These guys essentially want Japan to return to how it was during its Imperialist era right before WWII. One big thing that they're known for is a complete revisionist version of Japan's role in WWII, claiming that they were "liberating" South East Asia and that all the war crimes and borderline slavery they committed never happened and were just made up to make Japan look bad by the West. Another big thing they've pushed for is the remilitarization of Japan and making it the major Asian military superpower again.

IIRC, the guy who shot Abe was part of the Japanese Self Defense Force; their pseudo military. Honestly, he just could have hated the idea that the JDSF could be fully militarized and put a bunch of people in danger.
Wanting to build up your military at least makes sense when your neighbour is china. That's a practical concern.

Fuck Jap WW2 crime denial though.
Didn't the news say that the police doesn't even know for sure if said group really exists?
Japan sugarcoats a lot of its news until they get all the facts together. At the same time, since we're not really privy to internal Japanese politics, this "specific organization" could be some wackadoo conspiracy shit only they know about. Like, if someone killed some high ranking American politician like McConnell and muttered something about Skull and Bones or Majestic 12.
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image:165772152907.jpg(78kB , 1319x591 , new threats same as the old threats.jpg)
Change the fuckin record Russia.
Either shit or get off the pot.
There's been footage released from this shooting incident. Taken from security cameras.
Graphic Content Warning: Hallway footage obtained in Uvalde school shooting | KVUEyoutube thumb
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image:165772413012.png(2.18MB , 1786x1284 , 41164273478.png)
More useless fat fucks waddling around with rifles and expensive tacticool gear would have solved the situation.
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image:165812072056.png(331kB , 1824x782 , Commie pol.png)
The day came when /pol/ literally said that nazi bad and praises communism instead.
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image:165816808726.png(787kB , 1000x1007 , cute girls doing cute things.png)
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video:165825469043.webm(2.90MB , 1280x720 , Russian Trenches in the Red Forest.webm)

Yet another American shooting spree happened, this time at a mall.
Most notable point is after the killer shot a couple of people he got killed himself by a bystander.
>Lost Son
>Gained Car
looks to me like they respect their soldiers, unlike some other countries.
Mstr Twstr
Perhaps. I wonder where the money for the car is coming from, since taxes are collected from working LIVING people.........
They are popping oligarchs left and right so there should be an ample supply of that. And the EU sanctions drove up prices so high that Russia is actually doing as good as before the war, if not better (while the EU is getting fucked).

If I was into conspiracies I'd also say that they could buy up all the NATO weapons that Ukrainians are putting on the black market, and then resell them at higher prices in different locations.
Mstr Twstr
Shouldn't you put weapons on the black market AFTER you used them?
Little old plus4chan has finally warranted reading off the same old scripts?

No, the russian economy is not going strong, its a house of sand being propped up artificially and with statistics being obfuscated to give the appearance of strength, as is usual with Russia the appearance is more important than actual power.

Nor are Russia going to be buying anything in terms of major Nato weapon systems.
Saying that Ukrainian is selling all of them on the black market like their own military does with material at every level is just a cope after all their 'reconnaissance footage' of himars being destroyed was laughed out for how obviously fake it was.
Only a meagre eight of those highly mobile launchers in Ukraine have been able to hammer Russian ammo dumps repeatedly causing their already strained logistics to worsen and there's been nothing they can do to counter it

Russia would be over the moon to be able to gain access to western rocket artillery with its accuracy and precision, seeing as they have been reduced to the likes of inaccurate anti-ship missiles launched in the general vicinity of targets.
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image:165830864503.png(936kB , 640x918 , the price of a leg.png)
>they respect their soldiers
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image:165830920744.jpg(278kB , 1125x1573 , 7473754747.jpg)
Chink propaganda has the odd problem of making those they try to demonize look much more badass than they might actually be.
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image:165835215731.jpg(54kB , 562x1217 , 1658351509950754.jpg)
Picture of perpetrator after he got capped trying to flee back to the bathroom he originally prepped in.

NSFW tagged for dead body obviously. Not particularly graphic though.
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video:165842447338.webm(2.80MB , 828x468 , purple gloves batman.webm)
All this talk of mass-shootings is pretty depressing.
Have a confrontation that was more comical.
A less than competent man attempting to pull off a hit on another, a certain degree of hilarity ensues.
Mstr Twstr
Thank you.
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image:165860908860.png(1.15MB , 736x1427 , 1658601901092405.png)
This is almost just showing off at this point
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image:165860962443.jpg(187kB , 1096x1194 , Some good fucking gunslinging.jpg)
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image:165891262697.jpg(109kB , 1444x1536 , Spoiler image)
Now I actually feel kind of bad about posting this. But it was too good not to share.
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image:165894030049.jpg(120kB , 960x960 , 1637479661115.jpg)
Politics is alot like a stoned cat with a ball rolling around in catnip, when you think about it
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image:165922956614.jpg(43kB , 640x480 , image6994107.jpg)
Nancy Pelosi taking a diplomatic visit to Taiwan is interesting. Its like after the embarrassing debacle that is Russia revealing its weakness in trying to invade Ukraine that America has decided it is no longer going to bend the knee and just let eastern belligerence dictate terms.

Of course China is butthurt and in return fluffing its feathers & making alot of song and dance how this visit cannot happen but they share alot of vulnerabilities that Russia has exposed and as such any bluster is likely going to peter-out in much the same way.
Mstr Twstr
Wait..... the same woman who had a mini-stroke recently and babbled about fucking birdbaths?
Ah old people have mini-strokes all the time, its fine~
Or maybe she's dying and wants to go out in a blaze of glory getting shot down by the People's Republic so the U.S.A can have an excuse to go kill some fucking commies in Red China, AMURRICA!
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image:165926800817.jpg(149kB , 900x648 , 1659248110436648.jpg)
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image:165926807018.jpg(188kB , 1040x585 , 1659248201010293.jpg)
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image:165945451036.png(354kB , 1366x768 , Touchdown in Taiwan.png)
Fuck china, as well as
>"the feelings of 1.3 billion chinese people"
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image:165946355502.png(576kB , 874x429 , 1659455690465411.png)
>>Detectives say a 26-year-old man shot a woman in the neck during a domestic argument. The bullet exited the victim’s body and hit the 26-year-old man in the leg, killing him. The woman survived her injuries.
Sometimes shootings can be hilarious
Pull the other one, its got bells on.
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image:165963991394.png(2.89MB , 3270x2289 , 1659494496370115.png)
A political comic tailormade for this thread, considering how often the topic has come up.
Meester Tweester
>when you finally make murder illegal
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image:166006575315.jpg(647kB , 2048x2048 , 415134647347.jpg)
The actions of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System has been a strong source of content for the internet.
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video:166007063683.webm(5.77MB , 320x240 , roided hackers.webm)
>Half of us probably remember the exploding van
isn't that 420chan's /i/ board they show on the monitor?
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image:166019533721.jpg(113kB , 1199x766 , 1660182394113388.jpg)
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image:166023985062.png(677kB , 600x500 , gay military couple on day out with their young son.png)
North Korea offered 100,000 soldiers to Russia to aid in their invasion of Ukraine.

Would be hilarious if they actually showed up considering their lack of quality and Russia already being somewhat lacking in terms of logistics
A novelist was brutally stabbed on stage, left hospitalized, all because he wrote a fiction novel in the past that offended muslims and had a fatwa placed on him more than 10 years ago by the religious officials of Iran.


Islam as a faith needs to be broken and moderated in its entirety, it is simply unable to function with basic human values of the western world.
It's only the extremists who act like that.
You mean entire Muslim countries like Iran?
It's hard to not be extremists when Israel is committing genocide against your people every week.
Fuck off anon.

As much as the forced creation of another such nation in an area of the world already rife with ethnic and religious tensions was indeed utterly retarded and shouldn't have happened no one mentioned Israel and it literally has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
>no one mentioned Israel and it literally has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

So if someone makes daily genocides against your brothers, you should just ignore it? Is that your argument? Iran being full of extremists isn't a result of muslims being assholes, it's the direct result of the entire area being fucked by world powers continuously for the past half fucking decade. It's not a "what about..." situation, it is a direct response to things that happen in their area, with them, and with their surrounding people. Including Israel daily bombing his neighbours, as well as their neighbouring countries being invaded every 5-10 years.
And yet you had to specify Israel as a deflection, as if violence and cleansing of minorities because of their ethnicity or religion being different wasn't already a common occurrence in the various countries of the middle east.

And this in the end is all still a misdirection from the original fact that the muslim world as a whole regularly cries out for people to be murdered just for writing a storybook or drawing a newspaper comic, to the point of making official declarations/placing bounties on individuals like this author who was stabbed on-stage.
>And yet you had to specify Israel as a deflection,
It's not a deflection. The major powers of the world have been dicking with that area of the world for a long while, which has been the source of conflict for decades. The same thing happened on the Balkans over a century ago, except it was too close to the world powers and sparked off WW1.

>as if violence and cleansing of minorities because of their ethnicity or religion being different wasn't already a common occurrence in the various countries of the middle east.
Which include Israel, who religiously believe they are the chosen ones and everyone else are below them. Drop them into the middle east and then you are wondering why entire countries turn into knowing nothing but war for generations? Grow the fuck up.

>And this in the end is all still a misdirection from the original fact that the muslim world as a whole regularly cries out for people to be murdered just for writing a storybook or drawing a newspaper comic, to the point of making official declarations/placing bounties on individuals like this author who was stabbed on-stage.

Okay, one, those are extremists like I mentioned, and two, who are you to decide that what their entire religion and upbringing says is wrong?
They are in the right just as much as you are in the right for making newspaper comics that take a piss on their religion. Your upbringing says that it is fine to make fun of everything and nothing is sacred. Their upbringing says that some things are sacred and should not be made fun of, and whoever does so needs to be stoned. In the end they have more constitution than you, because there are still values they consider sacred, while the rest of Paris is putting 20 feet green butt plugs into public areas and calling it "art".

The real morons are the ones who decided it is okay to mix completely opposite cultures together like that. And you know what? In the end, the muslims will win out, because they are willing to kick the shit out of others.
>Islam is a religion of peace and they never does anything bad, west just bullies them with violence
>Muslims will beat everyone because they are more violent and willing to murder people unlike weak westerners
You need to go back.
>the muslim world as a whole regularly cries out for people to be murdered just for writing a storybook or drawing a newspaper comic

Charlie Hebdo was a comic ran by a couple of Darwin award winners who decided it would be funny to make fun of the neighbours who have a long history of beheading those who make fun of them. Depiction of Mohammed is banned in Islam (to avoid the idolatry that Christianism became), so it wasn't a funny drawing but a deliberate act of blasphemy. It's the same as antagonizing the police with a gun-looking object and then getting shot to death.
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image:166042429058.jpg(209kB , 1280x721 , russia mobilizes its reserve forces.jpg)
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image:166078872931.png(1.20MB , 2404x1115 , 1660675556566003.png)
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image:166084825887.png(710kB , 1253x615 , 1660836540105434.png)
Tweaker escapes cuffs, grabs AR 15 and opens fire from patrol car.
Footage Of Shooting Suspecting Slipping Handcuffs, Firing From Grady County Cruiser Releasedyoutube thumb

Took them 4 hours to apprehend her, proving that cops are incompetent cowards against anyone who can actually shoot back.
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image:166105205533.jpg(207kB , 1124x2266 , 26326273743.jpg)
Japan is a messed up place.
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image:166109081463.jpg(483kB , 828x965 , Botulism is a hell of a drug.jpg)
Russia is trying to blame its troops getting poisoned by their own expired poorly-prepared rations as Ukrainian chemical attacks, Shit's hilarious.
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image:166247813580.jpg(26kB , 497x861 , Oh no the consequences of my actions.jpg)
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image:166251220013.jpg(118kB , 897x1117 , 1662506238776254.jpg)
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video:166255991925.webm(1.73MB , 636x360 , Premium cope.webm)
Go forth and die.

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image:166257181757.png(798kB , 828x787 , 1662568653412113.png)
Things have been picking up in Ukraine recently, major offensive launched by its military against Russian lines that is punching through multiple points of the front leading to a bunch of retreating or captured invasion forces.

Christ, look at the kind of chucklefucks who had been getting conscripted to keep the 'special military operation' going.
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image:166259213458.jpg(70kB , 563x480 , bounty_hamster.jpg)
Holy shit, this is actually disturbing.
>hey youre all looking pretty healthy! please drink poison so we can make extra money
And yeah I know most governments have corruption but this is open and blatant.
Alcohol isn't poison, unless you are a moron who drinks too much of it.
Alcohol is entirely a toxic substance. That's why we use it for sterilising shit to kill off all the bacteria and viruses. Inebriation is just you getting poisoned and the reason you feel like crap after is your body struggling to purge the harmful substance.
That's nice, but the reality is that Ukraine is doing pretty badly.
>Russian tanks emerged from newly built cement fortifications to blast infantry with large-caliber artillery, the wounded Ukrainian soldiers said. The vehicles would then shrink back beneath the concrete shelters, shielded from mortar and rocket fire.

>Counter-battery radar systems automatically detected and located Ukrainians who were targeting the Russians with projectiles, unleashing a barrage of artillery fire in response.

>Russian hacking tools hijacked the drones of Ukrainian operators, who saw their aircraft drift away helplessly behind enemy lines.

This article is clearly bullshit.
Towards the latter half it also seems like its playing up the struggle of the current offensive to try and get people to donate more, considering it ends with-
>How you can help: Here are ways those in the U.S. can help support the Ukrainian people as well as what people around the world have been donating.
Seems like the British Queen might be on the way out

It's not a surprise considering she's 96 but still a shame.
>This article is clearly bullshit.
It's Russian propaganda vs the western propaganda, about as much bullshit as the crap you are posting nonstop. The reality is that Russia is not losing (but not winning either), Ukraine is not winning (at best holding their own thanks to the billions of $ worth of war donations which are slowly drying up), and Europe has to deal with millions of refugees PLUS a gigantic energy crisis.

All that crap you are posting about the pathetic state of the Russian army isn't funny because thanks to that I have to deal with food being twice as expensive and electricity being 4x as high at some places and rising.
Take your golden mean concern trolling and shove it up your ass anon.
You are just a step away from claiming that Europe will freeze during the winter which is a tiresome piece of bullshit being pushed.

>at best holding their own thanks to the billions of $ worth of war donations which are slowly drying up
The West has barely even dipped their toe in the conflict, stuff that they are handing out to Ukraine and causing Russia so much trouble is just the stores they have lying around.
Lend Lease isn't going away anytime soon.
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image:166265907842.png(795kB , 1157x987 , FEINT.png)
Chechen commander trying to claim the Russian rout is all part of the plan, and announcing this supposed strategy live on television.
The increase in food and electricity prices is something I have to deal with personally. Maybe it isn't a problem where you live, over here it is an issue that's becoming bigger and bigger. And heating season hasn't even started yet.

>You are just a step away from claiming that Europe will freeze during the winter which is a tiresome piece of bullshit being pushed.
At least three countries (Spain, Italy, Hungary) already have rules in place to limit heating up to 18-19C during the winter, source:

Have you tried doing sitting/computer work in 18C before? I have. You'll freeze your bollocks off in that.

>just the stores they have lying around
Yes. And that's drying up.
>“The military stocks of most member states has been, I wouldn’t say exhausted, but depleted in a high proportion, because we have been providing a lot of capacity to the Ukrainians,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a debate with European lawmakers.
>German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that soon the supplies of weapons to Ukraine from the warehouses of the Bundeswehr will run out.
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image:166265936596.png(24kB , 686x432 , Translated text.png)
Text unobscured.
This is amusing due to the fact a big part of the reason Ukrainian is making gains currently is because they officially stated they were going to be attacking Kherson, causing Russian forces to be moved to defend that area, before instead blowing up bridges and taking advantage of the now weakened fronts elsewhere to push in.
>Seems like the British Queen might be on the way out

Update: she has passed away.
Here's the thing anon, the EU and especially the USA have the manufacturing capacity to readily refill their military stores. Its not a major issue unlike say for Russia.

As for the energy saving measures planned, actually having these ideas in mind isn't a bad idea for a country to do than leaving things laissez-faire. Moving to alternate sources was something a long time coming even before Russia decided to invade and fail at conquering Ukraine.
Your claim of 18C being freezing is nonsense though, do you live in a wind-blown shack?
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image:166266076120.jpg(528kB , 2000x1429 , 2000.jpeg)
When it rains it pours huh. Farewell Queen Elizabeth, you were a pretty cool old chick for royalty.
I guess they're just too traditional to immediately zombify the body.
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image:166266724366.png(85kB , 276x142 , 1201190354279.png)
>Here's the thing anon, the EU and especially the USA have the manufacturing capacity to readily refill their military stores
Manufacturing more weapons requires funding which will be syphoned out of other areas of government spending, meaning less money will be left for running the countries. Oh, and manufacturing weapons will also require significant heavy industry work which requires a lot of electricity & heating.
So this isn't the insignificant problem you make it out to be. It's not an issue in the US which doesn't give a fuck about health care or infrastructure, but in the EU it will definitely mean that less money is available for other areas.

>actually having these ideas in mind isn't a bad idea for a country to do than leaving things laissez-faire. Moving to alternate sources was something a long time coming
I agree that moving to green energy is necessary. But most countries have not prepared for a change of this size. We already have reports of small businesses (most prominently restaurants) schools, even entire municipalities being unable to afford the increased electricity costs. Some schools are changing their plans so they have less breaks during the year in favour of a longer break in winter, because this alone saves them a lot on the heating costs.
More small businesses folding will also mean that they'll be bought by large businesses, either multinational companies or local oligarchs. This was something that already happened during Covid because the lockdowns hit some industries more heavily than others.

>Your claim of 18C being freezing is nonsense though, do you live in a wind-blown shack?
Do 8+ hours of sitting work in a 18C office and then tell me how it was.
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image:166266998675.png(410kB , 991x561 , 1662651474075771.png)
Ukraine has taken more ground in 3 days than their enemies have in 2 months. This includes the town of Balakliya and other settlements. Has caused a certain amount of discomfort on Telegram and other media sources.
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image:166267263816.gif(28kB , 600x450 , story435.gif)
>dead royalty
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image:166273433151.png(492kB , 792x1150 , captured not destroyed.png)
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video:166273467175.webm(1.92MB , 744x360 , Azart.webm)
>This is "Azart" Military Handheld Radio, developed and produced for the Russian Armed Forces. It's a plastic case that hides a Chinese Baofeng UV-5R. All the front buttons are fake and the "screen" is a sticker.
1. this is a fake video
2. you posted it in the wrong thread
on how many more levels can you fucking fail?
Weapon threads are also for military equipment.
You seem pretty defensive of the what is well-recognised by now corrupt and incompetent russian federation military for someone without any proof of it being fake.
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image:166274037738.png(1.80MB , 3696x1052 , 16 hour timelapse.png)
You know things are bad when even the likes of Rybar are having to acknowledge Ukie gains managed in a startlingly short time period.
Anonymous ## Mod
The weapons thread is not for reposting your dankest "country x is this stupid" twitter memes. Keep that shit here please.
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image:166274340136.png(309kB , 402x720 , 1L261 counter battery radar.png)
Seems like alot of expensive rearline equipment was captured by the Ukrainians during their advance.

Just abandoned by its operators in their hurry to get away.
Probably end up getting claimed by and sent off to the Americans to dissect.
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image:166274360751.png(365kB , 402x720 , 1L261 counter battery radar interior.png)
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video:166274737335.webm(2.93MB , 1280x720 , getaway.webm)
What the fuck?
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image:166276196357.png(117kB , 571x440 , 1662760353771953.png)
bros I can't believe russia got swatted in kharkiv...
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image:166277610498.png(1.78MB , 1238x1394 , no panic think of stalin.png)

This particular media mouthpiece toeing the party line, Solovyov, is such a sack of shit.

Certainly the glorification of Stalin and the fallen Soviet Union is a cancer at the very heart of Russia, specifically its controlling government.
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image:166278937813.jpg(269kB , 2000x2000 , Violence of Action.jpg)
Kupyansk Liberated.
save file
image:166279963081.png(29kB , 1406x96 , die for russia you cowards.png)
/pol/ is not taking the news well.
save file
image:166283167878.png(251kB , 424x473 , 1662803488802801.png)
Turns out Ukraine has retaken alot more than Kupyansk.
save file
image:166284207190.png(158kB , 640x432 , china banter.png)
Its a bad day/week to be a Russian on the internet, they are getting it from all sides in regards to their shameful performance.
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image:166284219621.png(220kB , 640x623 , further china banter.png)
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video:166288667439.webm(2.93MB , 720x980 , 1662885525617116.webm)
An entire field of abandoned armoured vehicles left behind when the russian forces routed.
Happy plane day
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image:166289005797.jpg(3.37MB , 4032x3024 , One_World_Trade_Center_Building.jpg)
It is that time of the year again isn't it?
Not being an American keep forgetting about the date coming up.
They've got one tower instead of two now.
Seems like Donbas 'Russians' are getting turned away at the border when they try to flee like the army did.
save file
image:166289271016.png(923kB , 586x1239 , Abandoned Armor Details.png)
save file
image:166289317384.png(1.50MB , 600x2094 , Kharkiv1.png)
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image:166290709107.png(1.99MB , 1163x1105 , ahahahaha.png)
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image:166291502026.jpg(750kB , 1899x1603 , 1662913743309455.jpg)
Further Update
Meanwhile, Gazprom is still increasing their revenues.
Even for a russian shill this is a pretty weak effort. At least say something about how Europe is doomed.
Meester Tweester
I don't think that was weak. Just a correct statement.
Yeah but it isn't saying how pathetic Russia is, therefore it is a shill post, and that's the point. You can't say true things, only spam echo chamber propaganda. If anyone says anything different, you can just reply that they are shills.
It seems unlikely that Gazprom is doing so much better when there has been a noted reduction in the amount of markets it is selling to.
Its not an echo chamber, its just I'm the only one who bothers posting anything on plus4chan anymore for the most part.
That includes bothering in bringing up most of the news and politics events, including those in this thread totally unrelated to that ongoing conflict.

And really most of the stuff I've posted is because it is interesting enough to share.
Ukraine HAS been doing exceedingly well in fighting back against the country that has been invading them recently, to the point even government news outlets of the RF have had to accept it as fact.
Russia on the other hand HAS been doing terribly and mismanaged the attempted takeover on every level, where an actual world superpower would have rolled up their smaller neighbour militarily in no time.

The Kremlin started this war under a somewhat practical desire to loot Ukraine of its abundant resources. The natural fuel reserves, its massive croplands and even its population. The latter two they've actively been in the process of actively stealing from including thousands upon thousands of people which have already been kidnapped and sent off to the Russian interior to be disappeared.
There's also the much less practical desire they've been operating under to reform the Soviet Union because the Autocrat in charge is an aging ex-KGB spook.
So I'm not going to hold back on every time they get shit in their eye in the process.
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image:166295227835.jpg(748kB , 720x1200 , dfd67cc-ef1b21c8-02f4-46e6-b05a-1adea9f1cc99.jpg)
The sanctions increased gas prices so much that Gazprom is doing fine (better, even) despite the major reduction of markets. They increased sales to Egypt, China, and India, and combined with the market prices this offsets the loss of selling to Europe. They posted record earnings (!!) in the first half of 2022.

Meanwhile Europe is getting fucked by the increased prices. Really good job, Ursula von der Leyen.

see, I can just say "fuck off, ukraine shill" and it will work just as good as when you say "fuck off russia shill". I don't even have to read your post!
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image:166299632556.jpg(64kB , 705x789 , british governance meme.jpg)
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image:166300728146.png(2.58MB , 1169x1366 , 1663000672333669.png)
Ruski forces do have a noted weakness when it comes to procedure for scuttling their gear.
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image:166307495795.jpg(345kB , 1178x1282 , Strelkov MyLittlePony.jpg)
Uh, Strelkov has began talking about pink ponies & rainbow unicorns and I'm not quite sure what to make of it?
This is some potentially notable news.



According to this Georgia's ruling party is proposing a referendum for its people on if they go to war with Russia.
Earlier in the year they suspended plans to hold one on whether to re-join Russia, that having been the idea of the previous leader of the country.

Certainly be interesting to see if this actually goes anywhere.
Meanwhile in America: Joe Biden gets lost on stage again.
'Mental decline': Internet roasts Joe Biden after he 'got lost on stage'youtube thumb
I already outlined in the previous thread that Americans should elect youthful candidates based on their attractiveness and impressive physical fitness, since its not like their personal 'political experience' ever really matters.

But no one listens to me, maybe they're just waiting till the next election to institute it.
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image:166314119554.png(575kB , 861x1280 , oryx capture count.png)
Are these numbers for it accurate?
Even if you halved them it still seems like a fucked amount of material to leave behind.
save file
image:166314316054.png(751kB , 1427x748 , Armenia _ Azerbaijan.png)
Speaking of warring over in that area of the globe there's been fresh clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia.


Apparently both sides killed 50 or so of each others soldiers and Russia got them to talk using its previous connections in the region. Hopefully it doesn't flare up again.
Not like there isn't already enough bullets flying in that part of the world afterall.
They can't really do anything until the next election cycle, unless you suggest he should be impeached on the ground of being unfit for the job. Until either happens, the US has a puppet with alzheimers in the oval office - makes you wonder who is pulling his strings.
Meester Tweester
Armenia cannot catch a break.
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image:166318057321.png(1.13MB , 1289x2057 , Wagner recruting penal legion.png)
Are you ready for the Coalition of Freedom comprised of Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Nicaragua?


(Seems a bit of a step down compared to how ballsy he was earlier in the conflict, ready for Russia to take on the world)
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image:166352682429.jpg(507kB , 1080x1443 , 1663524689095953.jpg)
Any idea why it would be like that (in terms of demographics of the poll)?
Meester Tweester
There is nothing to say, the polls speak for themselves.

I think any help should be strategic, not randomly shipping resources.
What kind of strategic help did you have in mind.
save file
image:166367723215.png(128kB , 1416x1262 , no surrender and mobilisation for all.png)
Meester Tweester
Military strategy. Fixing equipment. Bullets, but not guns. Not helping units that are doing well currently.
>Military strategy
What do you mean, all their military intelligence already comes to them "in a dream".
Countries are sending those along with all the missiles, rockets and shells that get mentioned aren't they?

Isn't it the case they also training Ukrainian soldiers over in various European countries like UK and Finland, away from where they can be attacked so they can focus.

Russia managed to crash their closed market.
>Russia managed to crash their closed market.
One of the occupied regions are announcing a public referendum on joining Russia. If said referendum passes (which it likely will), said regions will officially be Russian soil. If Ukraine attacks said areas in an attempt to retake them, it will count as attacking Russia, which will escalate the conflict from "special military operation" to "we are at war"; meaning general mobilization, conscripting, martial law, transition to war economy, Russian equivalent of DEFCON 2, nukes getting armed, the-gloves-are-now-off.

The "market crash" was an average -10% drop that bounced back to -5% by the end of the day. The rubel lost something like 50 cents compared to its USD value. One of the worse off companies, Gazprom, reached ~20% drop, but they are still better off than where they were all summer (or anywhere they've been before 2019 May according to the charts).

So not really a market crash, just a response to the potential transition to war economy. Please read more than just the title of those articles.
No one is going to acknowledge such a forced and rushed referendum as legitimate.
Its a pretty weak attempt at Putin trying to save face by manufacturing a reason why he is mobilizing now and didn't do it months ago when it might have helped.
No one is going to acknowledge it because this isn't NATO bombing the Balkans or Israel annexing more of Palestine. And it doesn't matter whether the world acknowledges it or not, what matters is that Russia will acknowledge it, and if they will follow up with full mobilization or not. If they do, nukes will be on the table, which makes this a rather take-it-seriously thing, not a weak attempt.
save file
image:166370414304.jpg(129kB , 1015x1033 , muhnooks.jpg)
>What about NATO tho...
Faggot you've done nothing BUT threaten everyone with nukes when something happens you don't like since the invasion began, hell as a nation Russia has done nothing but make empty nuclear threats against EVERYONE.

No one cares anymore.
save file
image:166370524314.jpg(215kB , 1284x1463 , 1663702798010994.jpg)
That's odd.
Yeah that might be a joke wherever the fuck you live, but I'm 1 border away from this crap, we already have Ukrainians housed in high school dorms in my town (and it is not doing public safety any good), so I have to take it a bit more seriously.
save file
image:166379670429.png(1.16MB , 1024x766 , 1663794877434484.png)
save file
image:166379718635.jpg(420kB , 1904x1280 , 1663796559178435.jpg)
save file
image:166379795761.png(343kB , 494x498 , conscripting people who were motivated enough to protest against it seems like a poor plan.png)
So it seems like pretty much all the big names amongst Azov Battalion (as well as a number of foreign volunteers who travelled to Ukraine to join their armed forces) that Russia were big on dragging through a Nuremberg-like spectacle and executing to back up their claims of this conflict all being a focused special military operation that is effective at "denazifying" Ukraine have been returned to Ukraine in exchange for one Oligarch or General and a smaller amount of other PoWs during prisoner exchange?
Not sure who is meant to be so important as to be worth it for them.

This is fucked, and yet its all so wishy-washy and backhanded a way to do things instead of being a proper draft.
save file
image:166381307695.png(1.55MB , 1172x1712 , 92532344236264.png)
Fucking Genius.
save file
image:166386968996.png(74kB , 409x328 , only recruit traitors not me.png)
save file
image:166386978160.png(111kB , 377x669 , putin may you die you asshole.png)
Because everyone can then just say they support the war/putin and then they don't have to join the battle.
Also, people forcibly pushed into the battlefield because they are "traitors" would have questionable combat efficiency, usually they'd only help as fodder. This isn't too useful unless we are talking about a Stalingrad situation. They'd be more useful when put into work camps.
What do the papers say?
They are mobilization summons papers.
Refusing is a crime worthy of imprisonment >>427031
save file
video:166387155389.webm(2.98MB , 1280x720 , EVEN THE ANTI PROTESTERS GET IN TROUBLE.webm)
What's going on with the people that were getting taken by the police is because the Russian core populace had some recent protests over the idea they will be the ones getting enlisted and shot on the battlefield instead of the outlaying lesser people of the Federation.

But they had no guts, this is nothing like the Iran protests going on at the same time. The police went in hard smashing heads and snatching anyone around, so the protestors crumpled.

And then said people in the cells got served their marching papers which was the objective in the first place.
Speaking of Iran;
The protesting is still ongoing, sparked off in the first place by a young woman being murdered by the morality police, and the authorities are scrambling to curtail it via locking down internet access.
>would have questionable combat efficiency, usually they'd only help as fodder
"Fodder" being the operative word here.
save file
image:166401026667.jpg(670kB , 2308x3264 , woe be upon thee.jpg)
>Gun Maker
>Life Taker
>Dream Breaker
>Earth Shaker
>Money Raker
save file
image:166401642307.jpg(976kB , 1988x3056 , Destro meets the Gun God.jpg)
That's Destro though.
save file
image:166401877968.jpg(1.67MB , 3200x1801 , iran.jpg)
The religious authority and dictatorship of Iran needs to be torn down.

People are getting killed for standing up and those in charge will undoubtedly get even more heavyhanded over time but the protest continues, power to them.
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image:166408560111.png(570kB , 800x758 , fired.png)
save file
image:166408671742.jpg(54kB , 1200x630 , Gen Mizintsev.jpg)
This guy looks like a fictional character. If you made him an enemy officer of an antagonist empire in a srpg videogame people would say you are being too over the top in dehumanizing your villains.
Is he gonna get conscripted and forget to turn it off?
Seems like someone finally had the balls to do something about being drafted

Basically they walked up and shot the commissar on stage while he was talking to the new 'recruits'.
save file
image:166417867798.png(512kB , 626x534 , Punished Zinan.png)
>Zinin... started shooting when the military commissar was instructing recruits.
>The first bullet hit the commissar, after which Zinin told the others to run and fired a second time.
>...before opening fire, Zinin said: "Now let's all go home."
Mike Oldfield - [Nuclear] [HD]youtube thumb
Apparently he wasn't even one of the people forced into mobilization. It was his best friend who had no previous military experience that got called up, if the reporting of this Moscow Times outlet can be trusted.
That's a pretty righteous thing to do for the sake of a friend.
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image:166422621105.png(430kB , 1238x617 , CAT.png)
These poor fucks really are being sent out to die.

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image:166474530761.png(120kB , 564x786 , you will do it for free.png)
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image:166474889831.jpg(200kB , 918x1200 , soldier loans to buy basic kit.jpg)
And you thought your student loans were bad...
Russian officials are already backtracking on their claims of territory annexation in the face of continuing Ukrainian advances.

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image:166488364045.png(706kB , 1140x1624 , 1664879274586845.png)
jesus chinamen, dial it back a little.
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image:166507385159.jpg(260kB , 1014x647 , FeZU_r_agAA--Wn.jpg)
So, I remember someone on plus4chan saying we're going to see a nursery shooting at some point after all the talk of school shootings... This is fucked.
They should urge their young people to take up smoking while they're at it.
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image:166521952327.jpg(304kB , 768x432 , Iran-protests-Mahsa-Amini-768x432.jpg)
Its difficult to find current information on the state of the Iran Protestors.

Does anyone have good suggestions on where to find it?
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image:166522938626.png(730kB , 693x530 , Ben _Clap the Shackles on the Shekel_ Garrison.png)
Meester Tweester
Unironically, the only way is to have a friend who lives in Iran. No other way.
Even that might not be fullproof considering the communication lockdowns happening.
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image:166578291104.jpg(110kB , 562x680 , 1665771979749151.jpg)
is this spam?
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image:166578485850.jpg(232kB , 407x1556 , madness mantra.jpg)
No, It's Russia's government eating its own supporters for not shilling hard enough.
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image:166600155716.jpg(194kB , 1124x1076 , russian recruits dead at firing range.jpg)
>Give muslim conscripts guns
>Call Allah a fucking pussy to their face


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image:166600927249.png(1.36MB , 1280x720 , Yakuza_Like_A_Dragon_20210416145933.png)
In more light-hearted news...
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image:166621223831.png(1.40MB , 1717x1145 , 543515154125.png)
So the US, Mexico and other nations might very well be sending in troops to deal with the gangs of Haiti.

Anyone got anything to add on this matter?
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image:166683624406.png(1.57MB , 2388x1407 , 1666799710684884.png)
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image:166696400076.jpg(17kB , 307x164 , flags.jpg)
/cum/ alliance
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image:166697682059.jpg(174kB , 1284x1682 , SIEG MUSK.jpg)
How about that Musky boy taking possession of Twitter. Any particular thoughts?

To be fair he probably wouldn't drop a space colony on Australia, he'd just drop one of his satellites on a bunch of people trying to unionize
He can't make it any worse than it already is.
also, the first thing he did was fire the entire upper management, which is fucking hilarious.

>To be fair he probably wouldn't drop a space colony on Australia,
I'm not sure if this is an argument for him or against him.
Meester Tweester
He wants to stay rich, and become more famous. He has no options but make non-retarded choices. Expect small improvements.
>He has no options but make non-retarded choices.
You have a bizarre view of rich and powerful people Tweester
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image:166704583335.jpg(99kB , 453x352 , perfidious albion.jpg)
Why are Russians so obsessed with Britain specifically?
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image:166708228180.jpg(355kB , 2069x1108 , Putin Should Putin Should Putin Should.jpg)
Meester Tweester
The West = Anglosphere = Evil Satanic Masons
The East = keepers of ancient traditions of truth and light and pure goodness

That's the propaganda Russian sphere of influence is getting. And they are eating it up.
right, and in the anglosphere, the propaganda is the exact opposite: the west is the land of the free, while the east consists of evil villains bent on world domination.

That's why I hate people who claim either. The truth is inbetween the two.
You're a golden mean faggot, the truth is not always in the middle.
Sometimes its is weighted far more towards one side than the other.
How far it weighs on either side depends on which propaganda you believe more.
The protest movements in Iran are continuing even now, despite the brutal force employed by the 'security' forces of the government leaving more dead.
Wish there was something that could actually be done to support them. Not like other nations sending troops in to liberate the shit out of Iran's government is a practical course of action but is one of the few that could actually get results.
>Wish there was something that could actually be done to support them.

Start a hashtag on twitter. I'm sure that will show them your support.
I said something that could be done to SUPPORT them, not to showboat on social media.
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image:166742787523.jpg(385kB , 1079x1588 , Elon Musk responding the criticism.jpg)
But that is the time honoured traditional way for the west to show their support.

Or if you are the 1% you can just lobby as many politicians as you can to push another billion dollar support bill. Or just, you know, invade them for their oil. Worked out several times before, didn't it?
What does "the west" have to do with it?
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image:166762318220.png(554kB , 680x581 , and no queen of england.png)
Don't tempt fate anon.
Huh, seems like its started.

So those blue ticks on twitter used to be a way to verify the accounts of people who are famous, like celebrities or politicians or whoever, so you know they were who they claim to be and aren't just someone making a fake account to shitpost.

Now under the new managements system you get a blue tick by paying an $8 a month subscription, and no verification beyond that.
But beyond this people who don't pay the subscription will also get their posts suppressed by an algorithm and pushed down so people won't be able to see them.

So not only will the blue ticks not verify individuals as being who they say they are, but it literally becomes a caste system on social media between those who pay and who don't pay.
While its not the end of the world it is a pretty scummy business practice.
It's not any more worse than 4chan premium account - it supports the site and gets small perks. They can always just add an "identity confirmed" checkmark later on.
Meester Tweester
I laugh at people who glorify war. Unless you are defending the existence of your people, war is a mechanism to kill you and benefit the unelected leaders. And then what? You have less young and strong men in your society. Is that what you want, conservatives? I thought you hated the government replacing the father figure. I thought you hated single mothers.
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image:166784717890.jpg(71kB , 750x458 , Britain the Boogeyman.jpg)
Fucking hilarious.
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image:166785855927.jpg(199kB , 1080x688 , no john you are the demons.jpg)
Jumping from "This is just a special military operation to 'de-nazify' a neighbouring country" to "OUR WAR IS A HOLY WAR TO CLEANSE SATAN FROM THE EARTH!" is pretty fucking schizophrenic.

It also lead directly to this incident when it clashed with people who actually take their faith seriously >>427425
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image:166799492789.png(764kB , 1228x861 , 1667959662257836.png)
So it seems Iran's authorities are not content with just killing protestors in the streets, are going to start executing all the ones they arrested.

How are people enjoying the US Midterm Elections? Seems pretty close.
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video:166800741446.webm(2.94MB , 854x480 , Bodycam footage.webm)

>Spend all your time as an activist spraying anti-gun messages in your area
>Proceed to attack someone with a knife, only to be stopped when a cop shoots you
What was this, some sort of long-con that didn't pay off?
In war news Russian forces continue to retreat, this time from Kherson.

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image:166814889226.jpg(339kB , 1125x1326 , zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpg)
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image:166816438965.jpg(58kB , 912x591 , Atonivsky Bridge.jpg)
Antonovsky bridge was destroyed as seen here. Presumably by Russia as part of its retreat.
Russian TV host Andrei Norkin's realisation that his country lacks freedom of speech...youtube thumb
Damned if you do Damned if you don't.
Do you think he'll still get in trouble somehow for taking a third option?
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image:166820855784.jpg(340kB , 1080x826 , Dugin Doompost.jpg)
Not the only one. Someone's asking for another car bombing
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image:166822285337.jpg(101kB , 1169x1291 , cc.jpg)
Musk is an incompetent retard, only managed to get so far in life due to being born rich and on the back of people with actual talent.

4chan premium accounts are pretty fucking stupid.
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image:166827878035.jpg(274kB , 957x1407 , Das Perfide Albion 1915.jpg)
>perfidious albion
Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck- Fuck the police!

They're just bullies with the worst of intentions!
Just the thought gets me and my friends so mad,
Gonna find a cop, and kick 'im in the gonads!

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image:166840802288.png(3.23MB , 756x5538 , 76585484.png)
Shit's fucked.
Is Elon Musk intentionally killing Twitter or is it just a matter of incompetence?
We will either have twitter become better, or become obsolete and closed down, so as far as I'm concerned Elon is doing God's work.
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image:166947490838.jpg(647kB , 1638x2048 , demon in a website.jpg)
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image:166955856654.jpg(103kB , 1200x675 , 1669551136719455.jpg)
Well here's an example of Chinese propaganda art that actually has a logical hook to what its portraying.
Even if it is complete bullshit to claim China is some sort of multicultural society that shows care for/does not actively genocide its minorities.
Meester Tweester
I'd say this propaganda is 20 or 30 years too late.
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image:166965879195.jpg(73kB , 682x954 , recruiting ad.jpg)
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image:167006850689.jpg(824kB , 1078x1956 , Iran Russia.jpg)
Combo of popular conflicts.
Trump is jumping into the NFT racket, what a faggot.
Trump's Major Announcement About His NFTs Set To Circus Musicyoutube thumb
He's a billionaire who got as far as becoming the US president.
I wouldn't mind being that much of a faggot.
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image:167127323013.jpg(287kB , 1400x1400 , Murrican Tribalism.jpg)
Do you feel the need to jump to his defence because he was on your team, and not their team?
Meester Tweester
A well timed troll distraction, considering what he announced less than 24 hours later.
Does Trump live rent free in your head that you have to announce it every single time he does something?
Its literally just sharing a link that popped up on youtube, anyone who shills NFTs deserves mockery regardless if they held American political office or not.
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video:167178080800.webm(2.88MB , 1080x600 , russian MEMRITV.webm)
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image:167229165984.png(660kB , 904x790 , 1672254027123731.png)
Possibility we could eventually see Shoigu's private army shooting it out with Putin's in Ukraine?

Its like some videogame plotline, kind of funny if it actually does go down.
save file
image:167274148723.png(691kB , 1070x925 , life imitates art.png)
>videogame plotline
>"Girkin, who has bitterly criticised Russia’s military failures in Ukraine, said ammunition had been stored in the same building where the recruits had been accommodated."
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image:167291949259.jpg(139kB , 697x571 , garrison vs adams.jpg)
Ben Garrison and Scott Adams are having a bit of a beef at the moment.
Adams now threatening to sue Garrison over his defaming portrayal.

Honestly if they both got hit by a bus while arguing in the street that would be for the best
Meester Tweester
Imagine threatening to sue after being trolled hard.
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video:167319232623.webm(2.15MB , 640x360 , EUROPE IS DOOMED.webm)
No one talk to anyone anymore. How about this-

Assisted Suicide, should it be allowed?

Should people be allowed assistance to die if they are in horrible/terminal circumstances?
Too easy to abuse, although in theory it should be possible.
Meester Tweester
If you can prove in court that a person was pushed to assiste