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What do you personally think will happen to you if you die?
The best I can hope for is that I cease to be. The other alternative that is absolutely frightening to me is still having consciousness after death, but being tied to the corpse and subsequent ashes.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>if you die

Someone's awfully confident.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Useful organs are donated, the remainder is given to science. If science can't use any remaining part, those are cremated and spread on a beach in a foreign country. Cemetary plots are for selfish people.

Oh, my consciousness/soul? It ends for good.

Anybody who claims otherwise is wrong.
> the brain creates the mind; therefore, when the brain dies, the mind ceases to exist.

Hm. Have there been any studies or attempts to keep the brain "alive" while it's inside a very very recently deceased person? I mean, there's gotta some activity going on up there while everything else has shutdown...even if it's for a few scant minutes.

Would that be even possible?
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Posting in a pretentious thread.

It is very possible for the body to "die" and the brain to survive, which is why it takes so much to declare a person "dead" in civilized countries; they want to make sure they're permanently, absolutely, completely brain dead.

It takes about three minutes without oxygen for brain tissue to start to become damaged. So a person can be not breathing and have their heart stop for three minutes (and thus be dead by some definitions) and then come back perfectly fine. In uncommon cases, a person who has been submerged or very cold has had their brain survive for up to half an hour after other vital functions cease.

However, the heart stopping means that blood pressure crashes, which results in immediate unconsciousness. That is why a person shot in the heart or decapitated might not become brain dead immediately, but they wouldn't be aware of anything for that time, either.
Same thing that was happening to me before I was born, I reckon.

98% of the World population are wrong?
Mister Twister
I like this poster. This poster has his/her head in the right place.
I chill for a bit, an eternity but very little time all at the same time. I can decide to reincarnate if I want. Otherwise, I just relax and watch the universe develop and relieve any moments or memories I want without the hindrance of a faulty human memory. I can choose to relive a life in the exact same way--time is irrelevant, consciousness is eternal.

That would be cool. Otherwise I hope I end up going to a different dimension where it's like ours but with an interesting twist.

Unconsciousness would be boring. I would hope that our universe isn't that lame.
I call bullshit. This is what Heaven looks like: Backstreet Boys - This Is The End 2013youtube thumb
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Hopefully not haunting some place. I've seen too damn many ghosts in my life, and while they freak me the fuck out, I'm sure it's worse for them.

Amusement park? Meh.
Non-stop dance party? Meh.
Everyone wears white? Meh.

Wait... the Backstreet Boys?? This means that in heaven, it's the 90's again! FUCK YEAH COUNT ME IN!!
The Sneaky Tiki
I am recycled, my mind ends as it ended for all the various creatures whose materials I am made of.

Realist reincarnation I like think of it as.
I'll turn into a skellington.
Please tell me more about your alleged ghost sightings Tora.
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Ok...earliest were around 4-5. I'd see a lady walking up and down the hall near my bedroom. Not my mom, because the lady was really thin and my mom never wears dresses. She'd just walk along and vanish, and often be crying. More often then anything I wouldn't see her, just feel nervous and alarmed, like someone was there. Also, one time, I remember it was my sister's 5th birthday, I saw my stuffed mammoth get lifted up about an inch and set back down. We moved out of there after about four years, and the house we lived in since (parents' current house) is mercifully spirit free, despite both prior owners actually having died in it.

In Charleston, SC, on vacation, around 7-8, we were supposed to go on a ghost tour, but missed it, so dad took us to some spooky places he knew, and one was a boarded up jailhouse. Two things happened there: I knocked on a boarded up window and heard something knock back, and I saw like, a flash of something. I saw, in one of the cells, a brief image of a man hanging from the ceiling.

In high school I had two broad daylight ones. I saw this really creepy guy in the car in front me; I was staring at him for about minutes, because he was freaking out, gesticulating and thrashing like he was tweaked or something. He had dreads or braids, but what of indeterminate race. He turned right, I turned right after him, he was gone. There were no cars between him and me, I was at most a car length behind him. Vanished. My mom was driving, and she was scared. I joking said "maybe it was a demon!" and she got more upset. Then I felt a sharp stabbing in my left I which I hope to this day was just the neuropathy from my autoimmune fuckery.

Then, a few months later, my mom and I were in the mountains and saw this guy, really scary dude, like the homeless guy from Hellraiser. We was walking towards the car. Mom said not to look at him. I looked to see him after he passed, but wasn't behind the car. He was up, about thirty feet, on a road above us looking down from the cliff above. There was no way he could have gotten up there so fast. It was a really steep cliff, with the face made of soft dirt. I'm sure it was the same guy. He was all in grey, grey hoodie, grey sweats.

My current apartment is also mildly spooky. The back bedroom had an old lady ghost in it. I saw her briefly ducking into the bedroom, my fiancee saw her better. I've seen less of her though, so hopefully she's moved on. What I've heard work is asking them to follow you, and going to a nearby funeral service. I've gone to three funerals since I saw her, and I think it worked.
I'm sure they all have rational explanations, it's mostly psychological.
What a boring person you are

Apparently, I saw a ghost when I was about three, but as I don't remember, it's hearsay from my mother.

So my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma shortly before I was born. One day when she was in the hospital, my mother was home with me while her sister was visiting their mother. Without any explanation, I suddenly stood up, walked to the fireplace, gazed into the emptiness, and said, "Bye, Grandma!" My mother shrugged it off. About an hour later, her sister arrived with news that their mother had died, at exactly the same time I had said that.

Personally, I think my mother has an overactive imagination... but I wouldn't tell her that.
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I believe it. My own mother said she heard my grandmother's voice 24 hours after she died. She was likely dreaming, but its nice to think it was a true dream, and that grandma was letting her know she made it to heaven, albeit with a slight delay (maybe heaven was short-staffed, or she somehow deserved exactly 24 hours in purgatory). Few months later I had a lovely dream of her.
That's creepy. My mom told me that when my grandpa died (at 90, I was about 3 years old) a few days later I was standing in the corridor saying "Opa come!" "Opa come!" and pointing in a direction. My mom who's semi-religious quickly prayed that she appreciated grandpa saying his goodbyes but please leaver her alone. Age 3, weird...
I thought we all agreed this is what heaven looks like: //youtube.com/watch?v=QmZYIyySxPEyoutube thumb
They had me at "...latest vidya games."