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I Must Go, My People Need Me Edition

I've always wanted to claim a SYM thread, and now that I've decided to fuck right off from this board for good I might as well take it while I can.
Later, dweebs. You were all pretty terrible and circlejerky, but I liked most of you. Some of you. Like 10 of you.
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image:142172782100.jpg(1.14MB , 2592x1936 , 140847774237.jpg)
I wandering why do I hang on imageboards.
I'm schizophrenic and the general mood of anger of image boards is alien to me since I don't have strong emotions.

Nobody talks about things I like or helps me with my querys but I do like to help others.
people worries about board decaying and being taken over by newfags but its all the same and they never want to move over to new image boards.
People always complain that shows aren't good but they never make a comic to compensate.

they never help themselves or others.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>why do I hang on imageboards

That…is a really good question.
I'm scared my 15yo friend is becoming a tumblr feminist.

She's been telling me lately how she's starting to think all men are scumbags because of her father, and her other friend (who is also older) is a bad influence on her by encouraging her to have the tumblr feminist viewpoint.

I'm not saying she shouldn't have an opinion, but she's too young for this shit.
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image:142173994400.jpg(544kB , 1600x1200 , internet piracy.jpg)
I know why I still stay on 4chan and plus4chan. lulz, oc, fanart, news, porn and speculation are fine too. But i'm a lurker at heart so I'm basically a leach.
But, yeah, I've noticed a trend of exclusion (i.e. not spoon feeding or yelling at newfags) and the wanting for improvement or return to a better time. It's the nature of the inherently ephemeral beast which leads to posters wanting familiar ground, providing information with external links and back links to older threads. And thus the General Thread concept became a thing. But then the thing people left regular account based forums sprung up The Criclejeck. Now ciclejecking has always been a thing, but the General Threads allowed of the environment for it to flourish. And then 4chan does the thing it likes to do beaten horses: beat it some more and simultaneously try to remove it from associating with it. Be it ghettos; /pol/, /s4s/, /mlp/, /soc/, /vg. Or right out b&; Homestuck, Adventure Time and Gravity Falls Generals, respectively. And from a /co/ prime perspective, things calmed down into Talkback/Update Threads. And the Talkback/Update Thread trend is probably for the better. I love dredging the depths of the Homestuck Generals for artwork, but the unironic gender discussion even wore on my jaded nerves at times. Genuine discussion would be drowned out with posters posting almost anything just to keep threads alive so more people could come back/in in hopes of them contributing something.

I don't think images boards are for you. Try a tamer forum like reddit, they have a subreddit for so much I'm sure you'll find one where they will takl about what you want to talk about. And no, that isn't a "go back to leddit" trolling like it usually is, i'm just suggesting. And I've lurked 4chan since sometime in '07 and I'm a bit too accustomed (or have Stockholm Syndrome) to 4chan's format and it's accoutrements.

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image:142175265900.gif(1.45MB , 270x320 , motherofgod.gif)
What exactly do you mean by a 'tumblr feminist viewpoint', because to me that can mean a few different things. Will she accept an 'equality' standpoint, and that all sexes/genders have their own unique struggles?

>inb4 anyone starts any form of SJW/tumblr argument
This thread and the mods don't want to have to deal with that shit. Don't start it.
Yeah, like... An actual feminist that you personally relate to tumblr?
Or do you mean she's a feminist but only doing so due to the "scene" and "credibility" there is not because of convictions behind one's words, but because its considered "hip" by today's online standards in certain social circles?

Because me, I consider myself feminist as fuck, but damn tumblr is a trash site.
I mostly go to imageboards because I don't need to go into my email account to reset my password every time cookies expire and I forget it. Or at least, that's why I've been using these more than other kinds of boards.
To me it seems pretty obvious that "tumblr feminist" is used there to mean "someone who thinks ranting angrily, particularly via tumblr, makes them a feminist". Not the clearest terminology in every context, but Tumblr being a site with nothing to really contribute to feminism helps tip off that the term isn't being used to refer to actual feminism, "she's starting to think all men are scumbags" further solidifying that the views she's taking on do not favor equality.

Similarly, the idea of SJW as a derogatory term is based on the idea that someone actually looking for social justice wouldn't call themselves a warrior rather than an activist, champion, or proponent, as well as being a play on the more general term "keyboard warrior". I'm thinking that and "internet busybody" seem to better encapsulate the undesired behavior attributed to SJWs by reasonable people who complain of them.
I have never seen /durp/

What was it like, /baw/?
>reasonable people who complain of them.
Reasonable people don't give a shit about SJWs because they are irrelevant to reasonable people's lives.
They usually don't, but I meant more the "Get that out of this thread pls." kind of complaining.
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image:142179286800.png(288kB , 512x384 , vlcsnap-2012-07-20-17h33m00s233.png)
It wasn't much. I was kinda hyped for the Transformer theme and in preparation I watched all of Beast Wars. But sadly, /durp/ died the theme before the Transformer theme came to /durp/.
This, I'm afraid she's getting the wrong impression of what feminism is actually about. I think her immature mind is seeing feminism as a war on men.

She has an abusive father and brother, which makes things even worse.
>She has an abusive father and brother, which makes things even worse.
I notice that you seem to be more concerned about #notallmen-ing her about how she chooses to deal with being abused than you are about doing something about the fact that she's being abused. Have you called child protective services? Or were you too busy worrying about Tumblr?
I put in for the Olympics theme while the Olympics were airing but most everyone stayed on /baw/ to talk about them instead and then everyone complained that it was a shit theme

So that was pretty fun.
First of all I'd kinda like an answer for my dilemma instead of you strawmanning the shit out of me for literally no reason. Second, when I say abuse I don't mean ACTUAL abuse like they're hitting her, raping her, or that they hate her, etc. Her parents are divorced and her father is separated from the rest, and she hates him for putting the family through shit. And her brother is just kind of an asshole.
Strawmanning? I can't be expected to know that you were misusing the word abuse. I just saw someone who was complaining that a friend of his who was being abused by the men in her life was going to be down on men because of it instead of complaining about the fact that she was being abused by those men.

As for your "dilemma," what exactly is your dilemma? You're upset because she's starting to believe things you disagree with. There's not really anything you can do about a friend having a different philosophy of life than you other than sharing your own philosophy without a suggestion that she should believe in it too. You either support her search for answers or you try to force her to believe the things you believe....which will only result in making things awkward between you--it won't change her mind.
>get card in mail
>glance at it
>sex offender moved into neighborhood
>tell roommate
>"poor guy"
>what? he's a pedophile.
>"doesn't mean he doesn't deserve some sympathy. Maybe he made this mistake because no one gave him some sympathy, now he has to pay for it for the rest of his life."
>look at picture
>he looks genuinely sad in it
>check date of offense
>16 years ago
>look at picture again
>he tried to smile but looks like he can't
>feel bad for him

I usually hate it when people get like that but considering there's different levels of "sexual offender" but socially, they're all treated the same

Like, say, the guy was taking a piss on a street corner drunk as hell and some kid saw that shit.
Thats like, low level shit.
But that still gets you labeled.

But hey if that guy fuckin messed with anyone, shun him to hell.
Never feel bad about having sympathy for people. Everyone fucks up, and everyone is capable of doing evil things. The fact that you are still capable of feeling sympathy for someone despite the fact that they have done something heinous is only indicative of your own inherent humanity, and of the fact that you haven't bought into the "us vs. them" mentality that society tries to shove down our throats.

The guy in question fucked up. He did something evil. And he deserves to be punished for it. But contrary to the memes that people try to sell to make themselves feel better about themselves, everyone is capable of doing horrible things in the right circumstances, and to treat those who do as inhuman is to fail to recognize the darkness in your own soul--and therefore make yourself weaker to the temptations the darkness offers you.

Sympathize with him, and remember that he is not so different from you. It will make it easier for you to catch yourself when you face a situation where you could make a choice that will make you feel good but hurt someone else.
So you see "All men are scumbags" as just a different philosophy on life? The fuck is wrong with you?
The fact that you find it to be an unacceptable philosophy of life does not make it not work the same way any other life philosophy does I'm afraid. You can't dictate people's opinions to them. Your options are this: either support your friend, or refuse to support your friend. It sounds like you've already made your choice about which one you're going to do. So how is this a dilemma?
The fact that she is not old enough to make an informed judgement on this. She's fucking 15. She is gaining this "philosophy" in the absolute worst way possible.
Well, before you establish either a positive or negative opinion of him, it's worth finding out why he is a sex offender. He may be an otherwise good guy who fucked up, he may have been falsely accused, or he may have even been a 'wrong place wrong time' case, BUT he could be a child molester or a rapist (which IMO is fucked-up enough to warrant avoidance). You can't tell much from just a label, but a label shouldn't be ignored.
Well then try to force her to believe what you do, if you don't believe me. See how it goes.
I feel like I'm talking to a crazy person. You genuinely see absolutely no problem with this.
I don't know what you expect me to do about it. You don't actually have a dilemma beyond deciding whether your friendship with this girl is more important to you than the politics she is beginning to espouse. She's the only one who can decide what her politics are, and the fact that she's "only 15" doesn't actually matter--even a person's parents can't force them to believe something. Your only options are to continue being her friend in spite of this opinion you find odious, or to tell her you can't continue to be around her because the things she is beginning to believe are unpalatable to you.
That's not even what matters at this point.

So if you had a teenage friend that was learning to think all women were bitches and not worth his time, possibly able to carry that into adulthood, you would just accept that as being a different view than you? You wouldn't try to convince him differently, at all?
Why would I give a shit what he thinks? Why would I even be friends with him in the first place, and why would I still want to be friends with him after he started thinking these things?
Just came back from work. Got there this morning and was greeted by the police. Apparently the place got robbed clean. Fucking hell. People are garbage. This isn't how I wanted to get the rest of the week off.
I just finished a piece of artwork for a zine. Its going up as a 'special order' and I emailed it days ago but they haven't even responded and there's little over two weeks left to fill orders and they haven't updated anything and I'm worried that they won't do it, so it won't sell or if at the very least they don't announce my print formally and if they don't announce it formally I won't be able to post it on my artblog and I'm super proud of it so it would be awful if I don't post it

but what really has me in cold sweats is the thought that maybe they didnt like it
Boy, sometimes I wish I had a venting place other than here.
I sorta hate the fact that I've made all my social media outlets tied to my profession and are followed almost as a means to track me in terms of work.

That's actually left me without a way to honestly express myself.
Tell me the truth, /baw/.

Can I dance if I want to?
>She's the only one who can decide what her politics are
That doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't allowed to try and change her mind. Political campaigning is exactly that.

This gender war bullshit is harmful and the other poster should take every effort to change a friends mind about it.
why are you friends with a 15 year old girl, creep
why is no one questioning this part of the conversation
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Oh shit, moot stepped down as 4chan admin.

>being friends with someone a few years younger than you makes you a creep
probably no one is questioning it because it isn't really a big deal
if it weren't for teenagers and young adults who befriended me when I was a tiny slowpoke child, I wouldn't have any of the same best friends that I have today
If you propose it to yourself?
Yes, yes you can.
You're been very sensible, more than the usual.
And you're also implying that you can't have a friendship with a minor unless there's fucking involved.
being friends with an underage girl and desperately trying to change her mind about how men arent bad is p creepy js
why does it matter what a 15 year old thinks re: radical politics anyway
i dont understand this situation
Why does it matter what an early-twenties(?) person thinks about what a 15 year old girl thinks about radical feminism
mostly it doesn't. Don't get too worked up about it, it's a board for Asian cartoons
please go outside, everyone.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

You heard the bear.
Polygamy,specifically the religious kind, is bullshit.
Also Bea is right.
>anon has a friend who happens to be 15
>anon hasn't even said his gender or sexuality
>Bea: "omg you are clearly a pedo"
>"Bea is always right guys"

I hate this website.
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image:142188574100.png(7kB , 257x251 , cantstandit.png)
please, the sun is shining. its so beautiful out. go outside.
I don't need to go outside to tell you that you are the worst person on this whole website.
there are leaves and sometimes dogs outside.
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video:142189468000.webm(4.13MB , 480x320 , talkin shit.webm)
That's pretty harsh.
It's not like she's Jumpman or anything.
I wouldn't expect someone to form a philosophy by taking in everything as one huge chunk of information the moment they reach adulthood. At fifteen, she's three years away from reaching age of majority, and one away from looking for a driver's license and a job. If anything she'll be living on her own with no coherent philosophy at all if she doesn't start thinking about it now.

Everyone makes their own mistakes when they're learning, and she needs to be absorbing information at a fair pace if you want her to be informed later. An appreciation for critical thinking aside, the best thing you can get is a variety of perspectives on history, not comprehensive sheltering. The latter is the kind of attitude you're trying to fight against in the first place, using censorship out of fear that free speech is in favor of your opponent.

I suggest pointing to what you consider more positive feminism, and not keeping her in the dark in a way that would only make you look like more evidence of guys being scum. Like with any bad idea, trying to stamp it out just keeps it alive out of spite, while giving alternatives gets it abandoned when it fails on its own. Find other things she's drawn to, encourage her to pursue her own ideas, look for what you have in common, and listen to her.
She's mentally unstable and apparently it's a funny meme to type like a child.
Mister Twister
She's just lazy and doesn't like talking about or to you. But she's also obviously trying to get me killed, saying to go outside when it's clearly the middle of the night and below freezing. Probably trying to eat me as a mid-hibernation snack. Jokes on her, I'm already a skeleton.
I went outside and saw a dead squirrel on the sidewalk. Then I got a burger.

I hope this is everything you hoped it would be.
theres nothing mentally unstable about loving the outdoors and fresh air. i love trees. why do you hate rivers
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image:142190064400.gif(21kB , 400x300 , thank you.gif)

that sounds like a good adventure full of peril and danger. r.i.p. squirrel friend
That's true, he really is the worst.
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image:142190282500.gif(2.45MB , 400x209 , 1386972307305.gif)
And of all days for me to be without my laundry list of smacktalk to say to everybody. Goddamnit.
I still hate you, bea ♠
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Y’all are cool. Thanks for putting up with my sorry ass. ❤
Read the front page imo http://plus4chan.org/
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Fare thee well, anonex. May flights of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~
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video:142190562100.webm(3.51MB , 640x342 , wan.webm)
We talkin shit now.

You ready for some shit, Alpharius? I see you, bitch.
I'm about to drop some nasty shit your way, nigga.
This stank is gonna stay with you till you die. You ain't gonna wash this off, motherfucker.
This shit is so raw I can't even say it without spoilers.
I seriously have no idea who the fuck you are. I've been on this site for a long time, and your name ain't ringing any bells.
You feel me, bitch?
You ain't memorable.

Fuck you, slowpoke.
Posting around here like you some kind of nice person.
The fuck you think you are, agreeing with me?
I'm about fuck you up so bad you're gonna need a therapist to help you wipe away your bitch tears:
You're decent.
That's right, you little shit.
You aren't fantastic or terrible. You're just okay.
Enjoy living in mediocrity, bitch.

Take your outside bullshit and fuck off, Bea.
The fuck you think you are with this propaganda?
Motherfucker, I know you, I know your shit. You ain't no bear.
Do you hibernate? Nah. Do you got claws? Nah.
Where the honey at? I don't see it.
Bitch, you full of shit.
Don't matter how many of these little fuckers come around here with their fucking bear jokes EVERY MOTHERFUCKING time you are even mentioned.
That shit ain't real.

Too easy.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I don't know why, but that image reminds me of Paper Mario. Or maybe it's just the way it's flipping around.
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image:142190618600.png(311kB , 1024x768 , imcrying.png)
I only started name fagging last January because I, uh, don't remember really. Guess I wanted to stop being anonymous and, yeah.
Venkman !kM/YMzVjpI
Damn...what kind of place did you work at?
Wait, but isn't "outside" where the sun lives? Are you trying to get us killed?
Why are you guys fighting
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image:142191327900.jpg(65kB , 1280x720 , 1400447992882.jpg)
Oh wow, what's going on now this thread?
I'm quite confused.

And I'm honestly can't talk shit of any of you because I either don't know you well enough or I respect you and like you a lot.
Well, except, maybe Twister. Seriously.
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video:142191532500.webm(4.13MB , 280x158 , lodi dodi.webm)
Ohhhh oh, it's the motherfucking AUTO.
What, you think you special cause you technically run this shit now?
Fuck you.
But let me ask you something while we talkin some shit:
When are you and your hand gonna get married?

MESIAS, my nigga.
You ain't nuttin.
I know why you watch that PreCure shit.
I got you, man.
You wish you were a little girl.
You a little girl livin in a sad man's body.
Let her out, nigga.
if you had just gone outsid,e none of this would have happened
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well, it happened, and now we have to deal with it.
Dr Goblin
Finally, the board actually fits my screen.
Oh hey bea's here.

Hey bea.

How's life?
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image:142192734600.gif(12kB , 382x301 , haveagreatweekend.gif)
good! i graduated, moved away from home and started living with people who are fun to live with. as a result i stopped needing to take my anti-anxieties, im hanging out with cool people and surviving on an income brought in by the webcomic i make. its not glamorous and im deep in self imposed poverty but im v happy and im not starving and i love my work and my friends so its all good.
things sure are looking up for ol bea
Dr Goblin
What webcomic?
Hey I'm glad youre doing good for yourself! I've been meaning to move out for a while, and I really wanna do it with friends but they're still in school until late this year so it's gotta wait.

Good its working out for somebody out there, ya know?
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image:142192888500.png(482kB , 600x900 , babygotback6.png)
http://www.aghoststorycomic.com/ !!!
im sure youre wondering: did bea learn how to draw in these last few years? the answer is...no
(quality drops off on page 12 until~ page 24 bc i havent fixed those pages yet and are from a far away time when my art was much less up to my current, reasonable standards and more inconsistent. try not to let it put you off too much)
heres yesterdays page
im really surprised at how incredibly good for me it was. and how...easy? or at least painless. its gone very smoothly. no bumps right now. i hope it works out as well for you too. its def the best thing that could have happened to me+my life has improved dramatically since then.
good luck with eventual move. its tough but fun and you learn the joy of cleaning toilets for your own health
Thank you!! I don't think my own case is gonna be easy but I appreciate the well wishes!

I too wish you luck for the future!
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image:142192981400.png(148kB , 299x296 , 590cf5524ec7573fd722a7894b8e3e4c.png)
>tl;dr Moose is in charge officially 100%
Yay Moose.

Please don't offer cookies and never send them
I don't think I visited it once. I don't even remember what the point of it was. Probably to produce content, which for a lurker like me is more of a punishment than a fun activity.

You know, if the infrequent appearances hadn't convinced me that Anonex isn't some kind of shared sockpuppet account or a bizarre group hallucination rather than a flesh and blood human being, I'd probably take this seriously.
It was a board dedicated to a different theme once a week to help stir up discussion. At current activity levels we could probably get away with having weekly themed threads on /baw/ instead.
Maybe now Anonex can hand the source code over to Moose so that he can fix this site's shit layout.
The more I hear you whiny bitches moaning about the site's "shit layout," the more I hope they make it worse.
Both Anonex AND Moose agree the layout is shit because this is just the default format, it's just Anonex was too lazy to change it and he was the only one who could.

It's only good if you're part of the filthy casual mobile hoard.
It's not so much that I disagree with the layout having issues as that I think the way you people bitch about it is so obnoxious I would be happy to deal with worse just to spite you.
If that happened I'd just actually go and make a minus4chan in which I can configure the default layouts myself.
And by that, I mean flounder around trying and failing to.
But barring my own inability, only that other anon who was declared mayor of 4chan can stop me! Maybe!
Or pretty much anyone, but it'd just be less theatrical that way.
>mayor of 4chan
I mean mayor of plus4chan. Thought I hadn't even been staying up particularly late by the time I wrote that.
save file
video:142205219200.webm(3.41MB , 1280x720 , Real Small.webm)
>mayor of plus4chan
Wait, when was that?
That sounds familiar.
I think it around when there was a poll on who was the worst tyrant mod. Someone predicted they would get banned and instead got mayorship and a magic sword.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yes. No idea what happened to Mayor Anon, I have to assume that s/he tripped over and impaled themself on the magic sword.
god i hate that sia song
...this place still has more than one mod? I kind of assumed it was just Moose since I never see any other names post.
The poll was between Bea and Bard, but it all happened a while back. Before the latest board move, anyway.
I feel like I'm supposed to do something but I can't figure out what it is.
Welcome to the human condition.
So I read the front page.
Is AnonEx ...gone? I know AnonEx was sleeping lump, but AnonEx was OUR sleeping lump.
What do we do now?! I'm starting to panic!

Everyone, quickly, start eating the babies! It's our only chance to survive!
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

No. No eating babies.

...eat the elderly to gain their knowledge and power.
save file
image:142214723300.png(383kB , 547x563 , francine.png)
My first time contacting someone over Craigslist's casual encounters ended up with me getting a message from a bot.

I'm off to a good start.
It's a joke based on moots mental breakdown you dweeb.
He never really confirmed it was a joke. Maybe Anonex saw it and thought "Eh fuck it, I should leave plus4chan anyway"
Off the main page at least.

http://plus4chan.org/b/baw/ still redirects to the old boards.
Anonymous ## Admin
No, actually, it's really happening. Phrased as a joke, sure, but oversight has changed hands...

...not that people will notice any changes, at least within the next few months.

Yes, it will stay that way. Once I have full access I'll be cleaning up the remaining spam and other things on the archive boards as well as make the "real boards" link far more prominent.
I should stop looking at pictures of beautiful women on the internet. It only makes me depressed.
Really? At least you feel something.
Me, I'm just grossed out. Especially if it's porn. Bleh.
>Me, I'm just grossed out.
Why does the human body disgust you?
autists arent human, so obviously seeing a human body would disgust them
Correction: Sex grosses me out.
I'm only grossed out about how unrealistic it is. I used to love video porn but now it just sounds disgustingly fake. Also, I realised how ugly most of the people in porn are.

I went over at least once here and on old /baw/ how I think cartoon porn is so much better, while I dis 'real' porn for being so unrealistic. It's kinda funny.
The amateur tag exists for a reason.

>getting a roommate soon
>will almost never be able to wank or look at porn

A prisoner in my own home.
save file
image:142229986600.gif(495kB , 246x200 , 1374992256017.gif)
>mfw I have my own bedroom and the only thing connecting me to my roommates is a common area
save file
image:142230727100.png(213kB , 648x475 , Chex.png)
>a new team makes a sequel to an existing franchise not created by them
>fans don't like it
>turn back time
>the original team makes the exact same sequel, plot and style and everything
>fans like it
People hate sequels made by the original team all the time.
>Implying the majority of fans even know who makes the shit they consume.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I thought all movies these days were only produced by Michael Bay?
Did the blizzard somehow knock out Facebooks?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I live in my folks "retirement" home while they live elsewhere, and pay cheap rent, but I have to get a roommate. I put an ad on Craigslist last night and already have two responses:
A) 44yo male in IT who needs a place for just a few months while house-hunting
B) 24yo female who does digital design, but can't move until April

These may actually work together nicely. I'll have to talk to (A) to see how long he think it would take to house-hunt; if he's certain that he'll be out by April, then (B) could move in once he's gone. Even if (A) can't happen, I could wait until April.

The problem is my folks, who have a say in the roommate. They're deeply religious, and I'm certain that they'll balk at the idea of a female roommate since I'm male. They believe that it's impossible to live with a non-immediate-family-member of the opposite gender without hanky panky going on. (My dad was against even the thought of my sister living with a male cousin and his kid.) I wouldn't be against such action, but as a forever alone I know it won't happen.

I plan to talk to both of them before bringing the idea to my folks, of course. Once I do, I'm hopeful that I can convince them to let me make the decision unless they have strong fear for the safety of myself or the house.
First, they asked me to live there: they didn't want to deal with strangers and would prefer someone they know living there, so I'm helping them out.
Second, I don't want to live there: while it's nice to have a lot more space, I have to drive an extra 30 minutes to get to the places I normally go, and I *hate* driving. I would rather move back to the small bedroom I was renting that was a half mile from my work (while I'm paying cheaper rent, having to pay utilities+gas makes it about even in cost).
Third, I'm the one who has to live with the person: It doesn't matter how much they like whoever, if I don't like them it can't work because of potential schisms. Similarly, they could completely hate the person but I could think the person is chill and would get along well.

In my opinion, the only concern they should have is whether the person can pay the rent. Anything beyond that should be entirely up to me, since I'm the "landlord" and will be directly dealing with them.
>looking for positions in my field outside of my state
>some applications say local candidates only

But I'm willing to move. ;_;
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
On the other hand, they helped me in getting a room with a lady who had an open basement with no objection. That was 100% my choice and not their house, though.

If worst comes to worst, I could play the grandkid card with my mom. I know she would like to have grandkids and neither I or my siblings are anywhere close to having kids. I could play it as being beneficial in making me more comfortable talking to females in a social/casual situation, making it far more likely that I would ever ask someone out. Dunno if my dad would be swayed...
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Can't hurt to apply anyway. If you think you're a very qualified applicant, make sure to mention in your cover letter that you are going to move to the area anyway and wish to find a job before you do so.

Also: http://www.avidcareerist.com/2014/02/02/address-on-resume/
Moose put your admin hat on, it's fancy
moose ## Admin
But I don't like hats
Spiffy. I'll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks.
Payed of my student loans. That's neat. I'm still a jobless shitbag who hasn't learned how to grow up, but at least that's one less thing to worry about.
Could anyone explain me what's with the genderfluid and non-binary?
Most of the answers I found are from tumblr and I don't trust those babies.
Societal norm is the idea that there are two genders, male and female (hence "binary", or only two settings). Genderfluid/non-binary is the idea that there exist many other genders between absolute male and absolute female, some based on how the person views themselves and some for actual physical reasons. This actually isn't an insane idea, because (at least for that latter idea), it's true. You have your typical XX and XY, but there are variations of those with some changes in chromosomes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex#Gender_dysphoria) plus situations where there's an extra chromosome (i.e. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XYY_syndrome). There are males who externally look female due to a lack of testosterone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_gonadal_dysgenesis, there was a House episode about this). True hermaphrodites are another example.

When you normally hear these terms, it's by someone who wants to do away with the general either/or view of society. The psychological part is where we get terms like "cisgender", where you view yourself as the gender you were assigned at birth.
Thank you!
That really clears most of my doubts.
It's mainly special snowflake by unstable people using pseudoscience to justify it, but a lot of it is also an attempt to tag people as if people were tumblr posts.

But those are diseases and disorders, you can't classify gender based on that.

>im flusexual
>i procreate by infecting people with my flu
>But those are diseases and disorders
Yknow, that's what people used to say about women being horny.
>girl at school
>has been single for years
>constantly hit on but has never had a long lasting relationship
>beautiful as fuck but is very much a tomboy in personality, talks to herself a lot, is a black belt in judo and owns several guns/knives. Also is a total geek, hardcore vidya etc.
>has lots of guy friends because of this but nobody apparently is actually attracted to her aside from looks
>think this makes her 10x hotter and want to date her so bad
>rejected twice now, tells me she is simply happily single

Think she's lying because she's not attracted to me or doesn't want another guy who doesn't see her for who she is until they've already fucked?
Ok I'm almost out of my 20s and I still don't know how to act like a fucking adult. And the fucked thing is I know I need to buckle down, get my shit together, give up the stupid stuff,stop being afraid and just try, but I can't fucking do it.
Tough to say exactly what she's thinking on the inside in terms of whether or not she's happy single, but it's safe to say that if you've been rejected twice, she's not interested in you. Whether that's because she's not attracted to you or because of her own issues, you just have to ask yourself whether you trust her to be honest to you or whether you think she would lie to you to spare your feelings.

You're best off just moving on and trying to get over her. Work on yourself, and if you need to find someone else to get over her, put your work into doing so.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

33-year-old here. I’m in the same boat. Don’t fuck around; get your ass in gear right the fuck now or regret not doing so for the rest of your life.
Maybe she's not into you, maybe she hasn't run into the right guy, and maybe, just maybe, she actually is happy being single.

Move on. You're in college judging by your post. Find someone else. If you can't just be friends with her, remove yourself from the situation. But the best choice of action here is to probably just find someone else and retain a platonic relationship with this woman.
In a few days I'm moving to China. I got a job teaching English there for the next 6 months.

I've never done anything like this before so I'm feeling pretty nervous.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Oh hey, you too? I'm contracted for a year, though.
Huh, no kidding? First time or have you done it before?
I'm still in that post-college phase of floating from job to job. In regards to teaching English in another country, tell me your secrets.

I know a thing or two about linguistics, if that helps.
If you've got a bachelor's degree, I know the JET program will send you to Japan, pay you pretty well, and even pay for your lodgings I think.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

First time. I'm leaving at the beginning of March.


Sorry, mate. I actually got approached by these guys, not the other way around. Having a Master's degree in English helped.

I will say that you have to be very careful with the private sector. Do your homework on the company you'll be working for, because there are a lot of very sketchy players looking to take advantage of you.
Will look into it.

>Having a Master's degree in English helped.
I actually have my bachelor's in English and am intending to go to grad school at some point. So I'm almost there!

Thanks for the rest of the advice, though. I'll try not to get used and abused.
save file
video:142291852100.webm(268kB , 490x360 , killsourselves.webm)
>writing a review for fucking fanfiction
>going way into depth about the criticism I have
>it's 2 pages long and I haven't even stated talking about the plot

I am giving serious critical analysis of fanfiction.
It will probably be ten pages or longer.
What is wrong with me.
As someone who writes fanfiction, I will say there is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful and wonderful person. When I get a review that's even three sentences long, it's like a million fireworks exploding in my heart. It's great.

Most fanfiction writers cherish reviews like you wouldn't believe, especially detailed ones with actual critical analysis. You are a hero.
Little Bear
Groundhog Day isn't on Netflix. Today is garbage.
Monty Oum passed away today due to an allergy.
Godspeed, crazy diamond.

Lil' Bear!
It's been a while!
You can get it for streaming on Amazon Prime, and I did just that. But you have to pay for it. $4 isn't that bad for a month-long rental, but I resent the fact that it's not just part of my Prime subscription or better yet my Netflix subscription.
I seriously fucking hate my Windows Phone. I just want this contract to end.
Leaving for China tomorrow morning.
Have fun?
I wonder when we'll see people argue about "cisbirthday", and they celebrate a different birthday than the one where they physically exited their mother because that is the day when they first felt alive. And they look 30 but are actually 12 so you're a pedophile

Considering that I've seen evidence of people unironically saying they feel they're another ethnicity, I'm sure this will happen sooner than later.
>how dare you refuse to sell me alcohol, I am 21 in spirit
>people unironically saying they feel they're another ethnicity

...how? How can you feel you're another ethnicity?
Remember discmans? Man, those were some hot garbage. What a silly little period of time.
I don't have any memories before a certain point when I was four years old, so I could imagine that some people would celebrate the day they became self-aware rather than their actual birth. I'm sure if you look around tumblr enough you'll find people deluded enough to act like you're thinking, though.

I...hmmm....I don't know what to say about this.
I just don't get fans and fandom in general I guess.
From what I saw it's a weeaboo thing. "I'm pasty white, but I feel like I've been Korean/Japanese/etc. forever!"
There are 14 Year Old Tumblr Social Justice flavors too. White people who don't want to be associated with white people or acknowledge their privilege, so they're really black on the inside, where it counts!
You realize of course that at this point you've become so addicted to being irritated by subcultures that have no effect on your life that you've started making up new ones to be angry about. You're basically turning into an 80 year old man before our eyes.
I hate the "If you're not with us you're against us" bullshit society is in nowadays. We can't look at both sides's positive aspects and put those to use, we have to choose one and accept whatever stupid shit it comes with. Just because I'm mostly conservative doesn't mean I don't believe in some liberal things, and it doesn't mean I'm Christian or Republican either.
Oh, anon...
Like >>396306 suggested, this is not a new development. That said:

It sounds like you need to reject tribalism and labels. Don't refer to yourself as conservative and don't hang out in conservative circles. You are an individual and when you self-apply labels, all you do is give people methods in which to invalidate your opinions. Tribalism is a trap into which people fall because of our inherent desire to belong to a group as social organisms, but it also means that people in other tribes will always consider you not as human as members of their own tribe. Rejecting tribes entirely doesn't quite alleviate that (you're still not part of their tribe, even if you're not part of an "enemy" tribe), but you at least culture jam them a little bit so that it's harder to fall back on habitual reactions and prejudices based on the labels you use to describe yourself.
I wouldn't say I hate it, but the whole subculture does seem a bit silly to me. After seeing someone say they felt they were a different ethnicity, it made me wonder what other kinds of "I'm actually this different thing I wasn't born as" could pop up and then, well, I spoke my mind.
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image:142310638900.jpg(659kB , 1600x1200 , aw7ouq.jpg)
I'm doing it


Once I get my tax return, anyway
I'm building an arcade cab with a raspberry pi.
save file
image:142317390900.png(16kB , 500x330 , [Tumblr] [other-wordly] nemesism.png)

I really need to get off my ass.
>spend a while going through a girl's art blog
>full of really good art, cute colour use and subject matters
>find the same artist a few minutes later doing pokemon porn
>lots and lots of pokemon on trainer porn
>and its really cute and equally well done
Oh what are the odds.
save file
image:142321020300.jpg(26kB , 400x334 , IMG_20141123_131048.jpg)
>This really talented artist does digital paintings based on movie scenes.
>Accurate lighting, great posing, obviously done from scratch due to character stylization.
>Gets called plagiarist.
I've got some... butt stuff going on. And I'm too embarassed to see a doctor about it.
Guarantee that the doctor has seen far worse than whatever is going on with your cornhole. Make the appointment.
Just go to the doctor and stop being a dumbass. Your doctor is a big boy/girl and can handle butt stuff.
I once had to have a doctor look at a staph infection on my dick. Plus, these are people who spend like 80% of their day dealing with one body fluid or another. And any GP you talk to has probably had his finger up at least two or three butts and had to handle a couple of guys' balls in any given day just doing regular checkups and prostate exams and such.

You really don't have to be embarrassed when talking to your doctor about "butt stuff." It's part of the job.
>facebook debates
>uncle and his friends say that sexual orientation is a choice because the Bible, and that I tempt them to sin by asking them to lead by example, turn gay, and prove it's a choice
>fraternity brother's wife says she waited to get their children vaccinated because she has unspecified concerns about vaccines, and besides she had chicken pox three times and came out fine
>a friend of said wife's is full-blown anti-vaxxer and quickly uses up her quota of exclamation marks, calling me lazy for asking for sources to her claims
>a facebook friend posts article with junk headline and content, agrees with me when I say it's bunk and that he only posted it for its "guts"
You know, an ebola epidemic would be okay by me.
I think we should just nuke the entire southern region.
save file
image:142327763200.png(379kB , 680x927 , ebola-chan.png)
>engaging in debate on facebook
You should let Ebola-Chan share her love with you, too!
I wonder if any of the people I pissed off all those years ago are still here. Like Bard, and Toxie, and Junk, and Skwerl, and Dr. Nurse, and Bea, and that one black guy on Skype I called a nigger, and Pym, and Mindwipe, and that one guy who was in Japan all the time, and Anonex, and Maki, and Dr. Jazz, and Zanthia, and Zanthia's boyfriend, and Bent, and that one guy from Hawaii who called himself a cat, and Kosh, and Bluejr, and most if not all of Skype Haus, and Mayekoi, and Red, and... other people.

Did you guys stick around? I didn't. I stopped trying to make friends by being a faggot and just stayed a faggot in my own. I checked some of your tumblrs recently, you guys did some pretty cool shit with webcomics and such. I'm proud of you all.

Also, Bea? If you're still here? I still have that email you sent in 2009 when my life was falling apart that you sent to get me out of a terrible depressive funk. I read it when I'm low, really as low as back then when any little thing felt like a reason to not try anymore. I've gotten better, and I've gotten another job, a stable one with benefits and 401ks and shit. It's really because of that email set. I don't know if you remember it, or whether you still feel keeping me alive was worth it, but you ARE the reason I'm not dead. I'm sorry I was such a faggot to you over whatever I did all those years back. It's all a blur of teen shitflinging and clinical depression, and I hurt a lot of people, but you were one of the ones I wish I hadn't.
I'd mention myself as one of the people you pissed off too but fuck I'm not even supposed to be on this website anymore.

But hey, I'm glad you're doing okay.

we all do shit we regret and we're dicks to people who're worth a lot. I think seeing it for what it is is what's important.
I'm glad your doing well, Spreeses.
Bea is here off and on.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Oh hai thar Spreeses.
You know what I want! I want a picture made of me hugging every single Trip-fag and name-fag that's ever been on +4chan. A big ol' monster hug. I want to hug you all!
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image:142347808000.png(417kB , 1280x720 , oh jeez.png)
>NoFap February
>all is going well
>feel bad
>wake up and realise it was just a dream
Twice. Fucking twice this has happened. This is going to be a long _year_.

It's like the opposite of 4chan. Do the new namefags get hugs too? :3
You bet, my good Anon.
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image:142354401900.gif(1.5MB , 346x259 , kdgNf6O[1].gif)
As I came to a red light in the turn lane on the way to work, I passed someone who threw their cigarette out the window. Normally I would sit and fume, because this is pretty much the easiest way to piss me off, but this time I parked my car, got out, ran back to get the cigarette, and ran up to the person's vehicle. They held out their hand, probably thinking they dropped something of value. Instead, I handed them the cigarette butt, said "Don't throw your cigarettes out the window" and ran back to my car as their light turned green.

Feels good man.
Thank you, Captain Planet.

You're our hero.
I miss you Ferrous Fellow.
Been there, done that. I made 11 months. If I hadn't been doing it for important reasons, I'd say it wasn't worth it. If you're doing it just for the challenge or because you think it's bad for you or whatever, don't go the whole year, just detox for a month or two.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I did it seriously for three months (pb) but unless there is a cause I can't get a week. This time I have a few important reasons though. The worst enemy is that 'why am I still doing this?' feeling. Gotta have incentive.
If I need a month of anything it's going to bed early.
Or building robots. I'm not gonna pass up robots.
The Sneaky Tiki
Kanye is the best person in Hollywood because of exactly what happened last night.
Kanye is an attention whore who can't stand not having a camera on him for like 5 minutes, it's ridiculous.
The Sneaky Tiki
Yes, but he is also devoid of the part of his brain that allows humans to feel shame, so when COMPLETE TRASH like Beck getting the Grammy happens where even Beck is like "what the fuck really?" as half the audience struggles to even think of anything he's done or who he is ONLY KANYE would have the necessary insane sanity to storm the stage and say what EVERYONE INCLUDING BECK IS THINKING and essentially say "This is fucking bullshit."
If there's one thing I hate the most about having a job is having to go to a doctor when I'm sick.
My sleep cycle has been fucked up for the past two/three weeks. I usually sleep at 10 p.m. and find myself awake three hours later. Then I end up staying up and taking a short nap during the day. Even when I don't take a short nap, I still end up sleeping three hours at night.
How does one go about turning off autoplay for videos on tumblr's desktop site? All I can find about turning it off is only relevant for the mobile app and for Facebook.

I keep finding kinky porn art blogs by some artists then a while later finding their completely UNLINKED, UNRELATED Normal art blogs for other reasons and ways entirely and its just like
what the fuck this is really cool and weird?
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image:142364519000.gif(335kB , 400x488 , cc8.gif)
I just epilated my face and neck.
The Sneaky Tiki
Once the pain dies off you'll feel so nice.

I've been lasering out my body hair, I lost most of my leg hair from getting slammed into loading ramps and my one of my arms got burned so bad it can't grow hair anyway.

It's so nice to only grow hair out of my head, I always hated body hair.
I don't like body hair either, but holy fuck. Beard hairs are so thick they feel like plastic.
I fear I've reached rock bottom. My laziness and self-neglect are finally at the point where they're putting my life in danger.
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image:142368954800.jpg(169kB , 500x500 , 10053958.jpg)
save file
image:142372760300.jpg(153kB , 400x400 , BackToThe-ohwait...jpg)
>article was written three years ago
>uses 2015 as a futuristic date
From this point on, I'm going gay.

Women are scum.
save file
image:142380342300.png(63kB , 223x176 , 1416904293844.png)
>he goes homo
>doesn't even try traps
>never experiences the glorious feminine dick

what a faggot
Mister Twister
I've been thinking, and decided that using any language just to get what you want from other people, is disrespectful to that language. Languages should be used creatively, to their full potential.

Limited vocabulary also makes me unhappy.
>I've been thinking, and decided that using any language just to get what you want from other people, is disrespectful to that language. Languages should be used creatively, to their full potential.

>Limited vocabulary also makes me unhappy.
read books nigga
>I've been thinking, and decided that using any language just to get what you want from other people, is disrespectful to that language.
That is literally the only thing language has ever been used for.
>finally realizes why every good chick ends up a lesbian.
My grandmother died yesterday afternoon. Part of me feels like I should be crying more, but she was nearly 90, her vascular dementia had gotten to the point where she couldn't recognise me, and she couldn't even bear to eat much of anything.

If anything, my family seems more worried about me (I was Grandma's favourite) but I'm not quite sure what to feel. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.
Mister Twister
What I meant: "I don't care what words I use, as long as I buy that car from you". Have you ever been in a poor part of a Chinatown? I am talking about THAT kind of English.
My condolences, Minifig.
Wait, are you one of my relatives? My own grandmother died a few days ago in similar condition.
Well, if you're from England...then maybe.
Thanks, man
... Huh. Well, as T&H says, if you're from England like me, then probably. If not, I'm sorry for your loss.
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image:142395961600.png(25kB , 616x646 , TEETHANDValentines2.png)
Once a year, every year till you guys know that I want you as my Valentines Day...um....persons of interest.
Why is it literally impossible to develop something to ingest or inject that targets body fat and breaks it down, when steroids have existed for decades?
It's not that simple, from my limited knowledge. Fat is the main source of energy for the body, so you can't just target and destroy it all. Plus, recent research indicates that fat cells aren't really destroyed or created, they just grow/shrink but otherwise maintain the same number. Thus, you have to create something that would force the body to expend the energy stored in the fat without actually having to do any kind of heavy movement.
Like some sort of fat-powered laser?
Mister Twister
I think I know how to fix the whole "spend too much time online don't know how to converse IRL" problem.

Learn to be polite, tactful, and respectful online. Then, once you get OUTSIDE, and get into a conversation with ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, just apply the same rules you do online (polite, etc.) and you will have no problems!
"Everyone develops at their own pace and that's fine" is an excuse to be satisfied with missing sight of important goals and ultimately failing to achieve them. I just can't see how else it caught on. There's a countdown timer over my head and you're gonna to say it's okay I've been basically the same person for 6 years? Man, eat shit.
That saying is meant to be applied to people who are making steady, but slow, progress. If you're making no progress at all, then yes, you should probably be concerned. But if your progress is just slow, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.
I'm 21 and I still live with my parents/Dad.

On the one hand, moving out/away would be wonderful
On the other, good god paying rent every month must be hell.
Nah that's some bullshit. Sure you shouldn't be a flagrant dickbag to people irl the way you can get away with on the Internet, but a lot of people with social issues have problems that run way deeper than that.

I'm polite as can be but I'm also pretty shy and that makes me one of the worst kinds of people to be around. I'm fucking dull. I have stupid fucking interests and am awkward. No matter how good of a person you are, if you are shy and awkward then life away from the Internet is hell.
Yeah, like "just be yourself man" is meant for people who are already awesome. Thanks for stating the obvious, captain.
Rent isn't that bad, if you can afford it. But if you and your parents are cool with your situation, absolutely stick with it and use the money you would have spent on rent to instead have some save towards a house down payment or car or something.

I'm still fairly shy, as well. My biggest problem is misunderstanding or simply missing social cues, such as word inflection and body language. However, I've improved, and the best way to do that is to socialize in situations that don't matter in the long run. Make idle chat with the cashier at the supermarket, for instance. Unless you make a serious social foopah, like punching the cashier in the face, they'll completely forget you as soon as they start serving the next customer. There are no consequences from small slip-ups and it's great way to both practice your socializing skills as well as improve your self-confidence by a sliver.
People do develop at their own pace. There is no timetable for when anything in your life needs to be accomplished, save for things that have to do with your biology (such as having children, for women).

Be yourself IS good advice. It's to stop people from faking the funk, which is never good for developing relationships with people, romantic or platonic.

If you're a shitty person, then it's time to work on some self improvement.
Rent is totally not bad. I loved living with my parents but once I moved out at 21 I realized how great it was to live on my own. After moving out you'll realize when you go back to see your family that there were certain things about them that really get on your nerves but you don't have to deal with it all the time any more so everything's good.
Mister Twister
Libertarian spotted.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
So many notes already taken down, so many ways of taking/sorting them, so little time to decide on a system that works for me.

I lean towards digital, but would love to switch to physical (I have a bunch of empty notebooks waiting to be filled).
Probably the better advice is "Be yourself, but be your *best* self you can be." As in, don't try to be something you're not, but do make sure you are the best you can be within the framework of who the real you is.
And the framework of the scenario you'll be in. If your "best" is someone who can do complex philosophy, this is great for a small group of people having deep discussions. This is not so great when you are at a cooking class.
Sure. There should be multiple facets of anyone's personality, and playing up the one that is most relevant to the context you find yourself in isn't only acceptable behavior, it's expected.
I'm the guy who's 21 and doesn't make enough to pay rent

I really need to move out soon fuck
It's possible, and we've had multiple such things for decades (ephedrine, DNP etc), people just can't get it approved.

>Be yourself IS good advice.
>If you're a shitty person, then it's time to work on some self improvement.
You realize these are mutually contradictory messages. Kids that are told to be themselves never get into the philosophy of self improvement.
It's a major reason why no child left behind has been such a colossal failure, and why we have a generation coming up that's projected to put a huge strain on our psychiatric facilities.

>Rent is totally not bad.
We just came out of a rent/mortgage bubble that crashed the economy, so reality kind of disagrees with you on that. Your personal experience is just that - personal.
The idea of letting people learn at their own pace is to discourage micromanagement and obsession over unimportant, near-term goals as if everything was make-or-break. Sure, you have a set amount of time to make progress, but doing too much of a rush job isn't going to help even compared to being relatively slow.

>You realize these are mutually contradictory messages.
The former is about being someone you're actually willing to be for the rest of your life, and not straining to keep up superficial traits that don't even make sense beyond "that's what they do". The latter is about having basic social skills. For most people, those don't actually contradict at all.
>>unimportant, near-term goals as if everything was make-or-break
That's what life is, though. There's no reason to assume I'll be alive in 5-10 years, and I'm not certain I even want to be, so I'm not going to plan for the long-term. Next month is all that matters.
Then why bother sending anyone to school? They'll all be dead before they get jobs anyway!
Because they aren't suicidal, I guess.
I see things in two places: immediate short term, and occasionally long term.

>important assignments or a bunch of impending events in a row
>work hard to complete them
>finally over
>what do I do with my life now?
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video:142425379500.webm(1.31MB , 956x576 , wallkike.webm)
I rewatched some Wallace and Gromit, and I think Wallace just called the penguin a 'kike'. (in the bit where he's locked in the wardrobe)

The script says 'tyke' but it really doesn't sound like it.
Actually disregard that.
save file
video:142430285700.webm(1.26MB , 480x270 , Fuck This Gay Earth.webm)
>Amazon trade-in finally goes through after taking 5 days longer than it was supposed to
>third-party merchant bullshits that the disc had major scratches, which causes the condition to go down from Good to Acceptable, reducing the amount of money they have to pay and I get to recieve
>refurbished Wii remote finally arrives
>they put the wrong jacket and strap color on it
how the hell did i go from horny 24/7 to totally and absolutely grossed out by sex
It's so damn ridiculous how fleeting aspects of our personality can be.
I'm all about marriage equality. And I know many people from past generations aren't (I've been lucky the people in my family only go as hateful as "at this point I don't care, if you're a good person you're ok in my book).

But sometimes I stop and think
the next big thing is going to be polygamy, isn't it?

I don't like it
But I should start getting used to it, huh
I guess the issue with all acceptance and social justice movements (don't even think about starting that argument guys) is that people will always want to push it further. Marriage equality for homosexuals? Sure, go for it! Polygamy? I don't really think it's good, but if all parties are willing it doesn't affect me...
But then it will probably keep going further. People will want to legally marry animals and children, or maybe even inanimate objects. How far is too far? (hint: its objective)
>People will want to legally marry animals and children
Honestly, that's pushing it. You yourself said it. "If all parties are willing."
goddamnit, i always get objective and subjective mixed up. I meant subjective.
save file
video:142441491500.webm(1.63MB , 854x480 , lordtourettes.webm)
Whenever I watch a cartoon, I listen to a character and think "Damn, someone actually sounds like that in real life. That is a real person's voice." And I'm stuck with this monotonous growl.
The vast, vast majority of VAs don't sound like their characters when they aren't acting.
Of course, but it's still surreal to me.
A question for anyone experienced in legal matters:

If someone states that anyone can use their content without their permission and without crediting them, and someone does just that, can they suddenly change their policy and file a complaint with Youtube or whatever service is hosting it? Or would it be too late?
If I'm understanding you correctly:
>>you can use my stuff for free no attribution :3
>ok, im going to use his stuff!
>i used your stuff :)
>>ok, im changing my policy now
>>hey, you used my stuff! you can't do that >:(

I'm not experienced with legal matters, but that sounds like an obvious 'nope'.
>can they suddenly change their policy and file a complaint with Youtube
What caused this 'change' from part of the content maker? Was the agreement under the idea that it would not be profited from - later being used for profit therefore making the agreement invalid?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>If someone states that anyone can use their content without their permission and without crediting them, and someone does just that, can they suddenly change their policy and file a complaint with Youtube or whatever service is hosting it?

As far as I know? Yeah, they can. (IMPORTANT NOTE: For the purposes of this discussion, I refer to American copyright law. YMMV in other countries. IANAL, please consult actual legal experts if necessary.)

While someone can say they won’t enforce copyright if you use their works without permission and all that jazz, the law says that work still has the protection of copyright. ‘Anti-licensing’ statements don’t legally override copyright protections; you have to sign away specified rights via legal contract(s) to lose control of said rights (and even then, someone else will still have control of those rights).

So yes, someone can first refuse to enforce copyright, then later choose to enforce copyright—and the law makes it perfectly legal because copyright applies to a work as soon as it exists in a fixed form. I have never heard of a case where someone who initially refused to enforce copyright went back on their word and subsequently had their work stripped of copyright protections/placed in the public domain by a legal proceeding related to their ‘broken promise’. You could make an argument for the original statement of non-enforcement representing a ‘contract’ of sorts, but I don’t think that would work in an actual court of law.
The issue here is that while releasing stuff to the public domain is effectively a verbal contract, copyright law is set up in such a way that infringement doesn't have to be proven--you're guilty until proven innocent, with copyright claims. Which is blatantly illegal by any rubric you care to use, but publishers have a lot of money to buy votes with.

You still might win your case if you could prove it in court that they had released you to use the material, but most people don't want to spend that much time or money on something like that--which is part of why DMCA C&D's are as effective as they are for preventing protected speech when you don't like what someone is saying. You can silence critics and keep people from sharing information about how dangerous your product is just by abusing copyright law, and it is very rare that you'll get in trouble for it since the system has been set up to protect you from any sort of culpability for douchebaggery.
Where do I go online for casual sex?

I don't have a smartphone for Tinder (nor do I want to link my Facebook to anything). I want to avoid dating websites, because I want sex and will not string people along.
Craigslist, but you're going to end up meeting a lot of loonies. But that's probably true no matter what you do.

That said, dating sites allow you to look for "casual encounters." It's not stringing people along if you're up front about what you want. And I think there's one "dating" site called adult friend finder or something like that which is pretty much about FWB's/one night stands.
Common law considers people married who have lived together for long enough, if simply being able to say "we're married" was the question, there never would have been a controversy about gay marriage.

The root of the question has never been about marriage per se, the question has always been about the benefits government grants married people, and why they aren't applied to gay married people.
Also what a lot of people don't realize is that the original legal marriage benefits were created as an attempt to stimulate population growth.
>Sure, go for it! Polygamy? I don't really think it's good, but if all parties are willing it doesn't affect me...
Pretty much. I was thinking about polygamy, too, as I take the "consenting adults can do whatever the hell they want" path. From that, polygamy is also fine. However, there's a large difference in the situation of polygamy: legal benefits. State-recognized marriages afford a number of additional benefits to the couple with regards of each other, such as default power of attorney, inheritance, etc. Between two individuals this is very easy to lay out, and is the main thing that people fight for when they want gay marriages recognized (homosexuals can already get "married" in churches or other such acts, but get no legal benefits from it if the state doesn't recognize the marriage.)

Polygamy throws a wrench in this because you have multiple connections. It's pretty easy when it's a question about the man doing something for one of the women (since it's a one-to-many), but what if something happens to the man? Who gets to say whether he's kept on life support? The longest married? The one he's stated the most affection for? The one who's had the most of his children? A vote amongst the wives? (And if there are an even number how do you break a tie?)

Legalizing homosexual marriage actually makes the potential situations even harder: What if two of the wives are also in love and want to marry each other, after they've married the man? What if it's just six dudes in a giant interconnected hexagon of sweaty male polygamy?

Polygamy shouldn't be outlawed, but the legal interactions are a huge quagmire. Trying to extend state recognized marriage to more than a pair of individuals is not possible until someone can create a fair and legal setup. However, should someone be able to create a good framework, I would support enshrining it in law just like I do homosexual marriage.

>(hint: its objective)
It's not. Really, it's not. It's all about one simple thing: (mature) consent. An animal cannot give consent. A child cannot give consent. A person sleeping or in a coma cannot give consent. Someone severely mentally disabled cannot give consent (though now I'm curious if there are cases involving someone trying to get married to an individual unable to consent.)

Two adults can give consent. And that's all there is to it. From there, it's about getting the state to recognize that A) two adults can give consent and B) if the state extends benefits to a specific type of two adults, it needs to extend such benefits to any two adults.

An inanimate object cannot give consent, but an inaminate has no legal rights or recognition as life so you can do whatever you want to it. Find a pastor who will hold a ceremony for you and your anime pillow? Go ahead. (The anime pillow will not be able to make decisions on your behalf, however.)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Polygamy shouldn't be outlawed, but the legal interactions are a huge quagmire.

It's not just the legal interactions. A few years ago, someone looked at the issue of same-sex marriage and polygamy from the POV of a database engineer - http://qntm.org/gay

Personally? I’m with >>396639 - solve the legal issues and polygamy’s okay by me, even if I never intend to enter into a polygamist relationship. This is why most (if not all) other ‘redefinitions’ of marriage in the United States have travelled through the court system: to make a legal case as to why those redefinitions should be enshrined into civil law. Same-sex marriage supporters have made their case to the point where over half the country lives in a state where SSM is legal. SSM opposition doesn't have much of a leg to stand on; they say they do, but all of their best possible arguments were demolished in most of the lower courts.

SSM is all but a settled question (and SCOTUS will settle it in June). Polygamy is not for all the reasons >>396639 stated and more. Until someone settles the potential legal issues surrounding polygamy and makes a compelling case for it in court, it’ll never be anything more than a form of religious marriage.
Yeah, that's basically it. I think that there should be no efforts to stop people from marrying as many consenting people as they want in a church or whatever they choose to go for, but I do not think the headaches it would cause for the tax code and inheritance law would be worth making new rules for polygamous couples. Live with / marry whoever you want, but you can only sign the license with one of them.
It's really weird thinking about how much I've grown as a person in the last few years. My whole mindset has changed. I'm doing well professionally. I'm pretty happy. With a lot of hard work I've clawed my way up from a chasm of shit social skills and unemployment and mental illness to become an independent, functional adult.

Then I get curious and check up on some of my old interweb buddies from when I was at my lowest. So many of them are stuck in the same ruts, the same shitty situations. Some of it is genuinely through no fault of their own but in a lot of cases I'm seeing zero personal growth. They're almost exactly the same as they were five years ago, just obsessing over slightly different video games. I try not to judge, but it does give me a case of the sads.
>>(hint: it's objective)
I fucked up; I meant subjective and realised just after posting.

>gay hexagon polygamy
I am wondering if someone would try and marry a whole big group (50 person marriage) or if somehow you could be in multiple polygamous marriages at a time (polypolygamy) and have a long chain of in-laws.
>A few years ago, someone looked at the issue of same-sex marriage and polygamy from the POV of a database engineer
Ha, that's neat. I was actually thinking about database relationships (one-to-many, specifically) as I was writing about polygamy. I didn't take it as far as that dude, though.

Some people take longer to recognize the problems around them and start to fix them. Some never do. Some recognize the existence of what you consider problems (such as a lack of social life), but don't consider it a problem for them.

In any case, good on you for your success!
>I meant subjective and realised just after posting.
...and I forgot my vocabulary and read it as subjective, leading to my response. Ha. (So it actually is objective.)
As little as three years ago I:
>thought I would be alone forever
>had no friends
>thought I would end up unemployed and living at my parents house forever
>was ready to buy 5 cats and get on with it

Now I'm living on my own, working an office job where my manager and director are trying to promote me, have friends I have a lot of fun with and have a significant other who I love.

It's such a great feeling to realize how far you've come. Here's to you, anon!
>>tfw you are one of those interweb friends who are seemingly doomed to always try and fail
>>tfw you consider sabotage so you can eliminate successful friends from ever-shrinking social circle and no longer be reminded of your failures
>>tfw they're emotionally dependent on you and would view this as betrayal rather than cutting your losses
I don't hate you, but god, you don't make this life any easier.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>tfw you are one of those interweb friends who are seemingly doomed to always try and fail

Please tell me you understand how absolutely toxic and awful that is. Do you really consider your friends to be "emotionally dependent" on you rather than people who still care about you? Of course they're going to see you (their friend) attempting to sabotage their relationships as a "betrayal" Jesus fucking Christ.
Similar case here. I was just about ready to throw myself off a building back in 2013 and attempted to burn as many bridges as I could (whoops got dark here, sorry) and I was in a generally really dark spot living in a place without even basic services...
but now I'm doing really okay. I'm making good money with my art, my lifestyle's improving and I'm looking at living in a big city by the end of the year!

Cheers, anon.
Glad your new job's been working out for ya.
save file
image:142467538100.jpg(348kB , 1842x1972 , relngqJ.jpg)
God damn, Australian commercial television is shit. All our shows are pathetic reality shows or American show rip-offs, or current affair shows. I even have to pirate children's cartoons because all of them in Australia are censored.
My depression has come back with a vengeance.
It's really miserable to think you're over it once and for all, come off your meds, be normal again--if pretty moody, and then just full-on relapse a few months later.
If I ever create a show and it gets picked up by somebody, I'll have a clause in my contract stating that I control when it ends before it gets stale. I decide when my show is cancelled, regardless of how popular it gets.
--Niizuma Eiji
Ugh. Time to get back on meds/new meds? After my Citalopram stopped doing anything for me for like a year, I went off it but swung down hard middle of last year and started on Venlaflexin. So far it's much better.
save file
image:142476597300.png(533kB , 1298x590 , YouTube, explain yourself.png)
I think I've started creeping out a girl from my class. I ended up making eye contact with her a few times, which isn't a big deal, but it kept happening. And it happened in the sort of way that makes the person think you were staring at them, you know what I mean?

I could tell it was making her uncomfortable so I started making a concentrated effort to not look at her. But now that I've started doing that I can't stop noticing her. So now when I turn my head when she's nearby or she walks past me my eyes just automatically track her for a second longer than they should, and she's definitely noticed a few times. A lot of the time when I show up to class the only empty seats are in places where she ends up being in my peripheral vision, so this ends up happening pretty frequently.

And before anyone suggests she might be interested, after one time it happened today I heard her whisper to the person next to her "He looked again" and she sounded really unhappy about it. I'm kind of known as "the quiet guy who doesn't talk to people much", and I'm sure that makes this way worse.

Honestly at this point I just feel bad and kind of guilty about it. From her perspective it makes total sense to think I'm some creepy stalker. But I can't exactly go up to her and say "I've noticed you may think I've been staring at you, but I haven't been."
Why not?
Sometimes I wonder if I could still make art if I wasn't a mental case.
A lot of the more successful artists actually use their life situation or psychological problems as a muse to create. You might not create the type of art you used to, but try just making whatever comes to mind first without any desired outcome.
Do you mean:
"I'm a mental case now, and it messed up my ability to make art, like I used to."
"I've always been a mental case, and it really helps with me making art, but I doubt I would still be so artistic if I didn't have brain problems."
The latter.
//youtube.com/watch?v=2CbD28-yfjcyoutube thumb
It's good to know she's fine.
Because to notice that in the first place would imply that I actually have been looking at her.

Which I have been, but not on purpose.

"Don't worry, I'm a creep but it's not intentional."
I'm a freelance artist, and I'm blessed enough to be able to live off my work nicely enough.

So, its adorable when the few times I log on to facebook I usually find an old classmate from an artclass I took or middle or highschool posting pictures they took of their deviantart-tier 'artwork' and find so many people my old school like and post a lot of impressed emojis and compliments.

I usually add to the compliments or like their art. I don't mention my work on there besides 'freelance illustrator' on the employment field, so I don't really mean to undermine their own stuff. But boy is it just... adorable.

And in the back of my mind I just want to sorta post a lot of my own stuff right there and get all the attention I used to get back when I drew in class. But that's not only incredibly uncouth but super fucking dickish as well so I just sit back down and get back to work.
You sound like a dick. If you don't want to be honest with them or help them improve, why bother saying anything, other than to inflate your sense of superiority?
I don't give critique because they do it out of hobby or boredom, not any actual interest in getting better. And when they do, I actually do give feedback and refer them to the proper resources.

I don't deny I'm a dick, but I honestly do leave them compliments out of encouragement and support since its the more appropriate thing to do in this context.
This sorta thing's happened for years - its only now I think this sort of thing and just vent it out.
Well, Devin Townsend was an undiagnosed(I think) bipolar musician who did a ton of drugs + booze, and one day, decided that he was ton being 16 and dropped his addictions and got help for his brain problems(if he didn't already have help for them, I don't remember), and then found out that he couldn't make music anymore, which was REALLY discouraging for him because it made him feel like it was the drugs and liquor that made him creative, not his own brain. So now that he'd lost his muse, he had to dig pretty deep into himself to hit his own wellspring of artistry. He came out on the other side every bit as fine a musician as he was before, and made a 4 album series called The Devin Townsend Project about his life and its various aspects and gray areas.
Might be worth looking into if you want more details, I don't remember as much as I thought I did.
Good albums thought, Addicted! is my fave.
Dr Goblin
Holy fuck, how did I convinced someone to give me a job that pays over 800 dollars a month?
I'm lonely.
I don't know, but I now hate you for it. Stop making so much money....or give me some.

In other news there is snow outside. It's been snowing for hours. I don't know how to handle this.
Is it snowing becaues AnonEx left?!
Chaplain Larry Tremaine
I'm pretty fucked up.
My mother is terribly sick and refuses to take her medication, talk to doctors anymore, or eat her dietary supplements even though it's the only way she'll get better. On top of that she's definitely got some severe depression and seems to be convinced none of us love her and that she's better off gone even though that's not the case. Therapists aren't an option since she's always been against them on principle and anytime I try to get her to take her medicine and even insist on standing by her to help her take it she either shoos me off, refuses to take it anyway, or goes on a rant claiming I'm trying to get rid of her and send her away or something. I don't know what to do but it pains me to see her waste away when she's clearly inflicting this on herself and nothing I say to her convinces her to actually take care of herself. On top of that her refusal to take her medicine is starting to cause her early-onset Alzheimer's. What the fuck should I do. The only person I can really blame is the first shitty doctor who put her on the regimen that got her in this state in the first place as a treatment for a different ailment.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
Every time I don't use iTunes for a while, I forget how terrible iTunes is.
I'm sorry that I have nothing really useful to say, but I hope things work out for you.
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image:142493104200.jpg(81kB , 634x547 , 1424271083818.jpg)
This basketball game had enough drama on its own. Friday night's contest between Flower Mound High School and Plano East went into three overtimes.

But what made social media circles over the weekend happened just beyond the confines of the court. A picture was tweeted out showing a sign being held up Flower Mound's student section that read "WHITE POWER."


The message was "down with white power" meaning the enemy team, someone took a snapshot when the guys holding the first two words bent down to pick up beers, and the lulzy SJW media spun it out of control.
Mister Twister
Was looking at the wallpaper in the bathroom. It's all flowery patterns, with flowers and stems and leaves and stuff.

And suddenly I found an error.

And it is on every roll of wallpaper.

The error repeats itself over and over.

If I was more OCD, I would probably go insane.
Being professional is overrated. For example, if I was in JonTron's position, I'd disclose literally everything about what happened with Game Grumps.

I don't quite understand the moral obligation to not call out people that fucked you over. So if I was ever famous, that's something I would do if I felt they deserved it.
>moral obligation

Actions have consequences and people with power don't give a shit about "truth". Is being right more important than being able to pay your bills a few months from now?
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image:142496994200.png(6kB , 524x419 , Rifftrax qr code.png)
Hey guys. I was wondering what this QR Code was for.
I found it while watchin Rifftrax's new cartoon short thing. Anyone know what is for?
It's not supported by 3DS QR reader.
>Being professional is overrated.
So's maintaining a respectable reputation amongst peers and having financial security but boy I wouldn't give that up to validate some web celebrity conspiracy.
Also, you know they sign contracts, right?
It links you to www.rifftrax.com/secretfile.
Thanks, Nope! I appreciate the help.
Online classes blow.
Mister Twister
Goddamn it, those 12 year olds on 4chan really piss me off.
sorry Twister
I can safely say that there are plenty 12 year olds who are more mature and collected than you.
The Sneaky Tiki
Agism is unbecoming.

So many manly tears.
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image:142506275800.jpg(229kB , 977x1353 , 1425061999323.jpg)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

…fuck. ;A;
I thought I had my shit together. I thought I'd made a lot of good friends in this brand new place. I thought people were just super busy with life and I still had a lot of good friends.

But now I'm getting the feeling that my main social circle is blackballing me. Oh well.

I'll have to remember to keep my distance next time. Nobody wants to deal with the real me.
I'm right there with you dude. Suicidal thoughts have been back too so it's been a rough few past weeks. I can kind of tell I'm entering the recovery phase again though so hopefully things will start feeling better.

I hope things improve for you too.
Do you guys like Lets Plays?
I kind of feel like making one - but I think the oversaturated market would only make it too hard to get into it.

I could make a Lets Draw. That'd be a twist. It would technically be nothing new, just a speedpaint with maybe some narration... But maybe the name could bring in some non-art/comics people in.
I tried doing an LP a while back. I did one episode and then stopped, but I'd like to start over and go back to it one day. There's just other stuff I want to work on first.

I'll tell you right now unless you're already known or do an LP of a game that just released, you're gonna get barely any views. If you want to do it then go ahead, but if I produce content I like to have people see it and give feedback. Otherwise it just feels like throwing stuff into a void.

The Let's Draw isn't a bad idea though, especially if it's informative.
Treat it as a hobby, not as a career. If you're trying to make it big with Let's Plays now, you could just as well go to [blank]'s Got Talent and hope to become the next Sinatra there, because that's basically the same.
Do you ever just get fucking mad and it's not even a good reason to be mad but you're mad anyway? That is me right now. Fucking ridiculous, I am pissed off at this situation and no one can make me feel better
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Did...did someone throw a chair?
Mister Twister
Lauren ______ has subscribed to me on YouTube. Lauren ______ , NOT Lauren Faust. That's what I keep telling myself every time I check my email.
>Treat it as a hobby, not as a career.
Well art is already my career so the videos themselves won't really replace that.
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image:142528612400.png(865kB , 804x720 , ............png)
I think it was last thread someone talked about how they started to use emoticons and exclamation points more because of facebook. Anyway:
>be me facebooking about a year ago
>no emoticons, little exclamation marks (only slightly less cold/flat than most 4chan typing)
>get friend who often used emoticons (esp. :P)
>soon start to warm up the the whole emoticon thing
>start messaging a girl (for event) who uses them almost every post, with 'heyy's and all
>it starts to rub off and i now use them almost always, esp if the other person does too
>now talking to a girl who uses almost none
Hooooly crap, eating to bulk makes working out so much easier, I feel like the friggin Hulk.

Also, back on my meds, feeling better.
The Sneaky Tiki
Dope! I'm doing the opposite, lean muscle is so much harder to build than bulk.
Oh no doubt. I was accidentally on a hard cut before, like 1700 calories a day at ~6' 200 pounds. Progress was so slow, and I always felt like trash after my workouts.

Now I finish lifting and I'm worn down and 3 hours later I'm like "I could go again tbh."
save file
image:142532621800.jpg(71kB , 620x371 , elevation-training-mask-20-10516.jpg)
It's really confidence building too, I'm doing oxygen training and that is anti-confidence.

I went from a mile is 8 minutes to like, half an hour at the lowest setting, you feel so useless after anything too.

Bar none the most draining exercise I've ever done but holy shit the results are nuts.
I should really start lifting again.
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image:142537990800.jpg(74kB , 1772x1181 , grilla.jpg)
I really should be sleeping right now, but best ideas somehow only come at night. So, brushing sleep away I rushed here, to write my magnificent idea.

What if in a few hundred years higher apes evolve enough to communicate with us and share our technology? What if they borrow our condom technology and start using it themselves?
Hi, it's me again and I just wanna vent here because my employers monitor me on social media and you gotta know to do this stuff is you and keep being a flash animator.

I think I do but I know fuck all about how to actually do it right.
Ice been winging it for about half a year and I'm terrified they realized what they've done and fire me
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I
Having a serious crisis of faith. Don't know what I really believe in anymore. I'm facing the horrible realization I can't really call myself Catholic. I mean, I'm a bisexual transgender person in an polyamorous relationship (how the fuck that last part happened I have no idea). I'm okay with porn, masturbation, divorce, contraception, abortion, sex, drugs and rock n roll. I resent that the pinnacle of femininity is this demure, sterile virgin and mother with no power of her own. And whatever hope I had of the new pope being decent has been dashed by him comparing people like me to nuclear weapons.

So what do I have? What do I believe in? And what do I do to connect to whatever that is? I feel there is a God (or many, who knows?) and souls, but I'm soured on Christianity, and it's causing me major cognitive dissonance. I guess I should be used to losing things, parting ways from bits of my self, but this is almost bigger than losing my parents.
save file
image:142545018300.png(552kB , 1356x972 , 1352048853745.png)
Real Talk; Your just gonna have to find your own path, or don't. Make up a belief system that helps you cope with the harshness of reality. I'm more or less Agnostic and raised sorta-Christian. My family wasn't one for church, but my mom had a saying that went like "you can prey on the toilet" which she explained is that you don't need a central organization to dictate how or when to pray/believe. BUT some people like having an external loci of controle that assists them or gives them a guideline to live by. I recommend legitimently sitting down and reading parts of the bible to see if you can filter some of it's stories into how they pertain to you. Or The Dharma. Or the Koran [it's an interesting read].
And if you wanna go Atheist, I won't stop or judge you. Find the water that floats your boat, that is what is important.
>And whatever hope I had of the new pope being decent has been dashed by him comparing people like me to nuclear weapons.
Wasn't that a hoax?

Faith crises happen. Being who you are in no way reflects what religion you can be, though, except for maybe Hinduism, which I think you might have to be born into.

You know enough about religion to know that Christianity and its offshoots are more about the "relationship" aspect than anything else, TD.
Also if you wanna chat about it, drop your Skype or something. I've had/have my share of religious issues and don't mind discussing things with you if you need to. I'm about to go to sleep, but I'll be free tomorrow.
>except for maybe Hinduism, which I think you might have to be born into.
I thought that was Judaism. Can't be a real Jew unless you have a Jewish mom.
Mister Twister
>being a "real jew" requires having a jewish mom
Cosmic justice.
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image:142547681300.jpg(29kB , 300x100 , damn those 14 year olds.jpg)
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

Hey Slow, I got a Skype. You wanna post yours or if you're on here I could post mine really quick.
I'll be going to the gym soon, but I'll catch you eventually.
Can someone help me identify a cartoon? Or possibly an anime? All I remember is a single fight scene where the protagonist fights someone with power over wasps, similar to The Pain, and stores them in his stomach I think. The hero dives underwater to lure him in there, causing the wasps to sting his body to escape. I remember there being blood and it was animated, so I'm pretty sure it was an anime. I can't find anything through searching though.
Ah, found it. Ninja Scroll.
The Sneaky Tiki
Harrison Ford just died in a plane crash, holy shit.
[Citation needed]

Everything I'm reading says he is in fair/critical condition, but is still alive.
The Sneaky Tiki
My b, hope he's okay.

If the leaks are true he's got some stakes in the new star wars.
Tiki pls cite sources next time you post something this... important.
The Sneaky Tiki
Sorry, I fell for troll bait when looking for the new Steven Universe episode on 4chan, I have no excuse.
Pretty sure you missed the politics thread there.
I wrote a poem. It's called God Took a Shit.

God took a shit
and was quite proud of it
so he named it Man
and didn’t flush the can
and left it there to sit

When God was away
the shit said “Hip Hip Hooray”
and splattered the walls and the floors
and the windows and the doors
and laughed and played in the sink

When God came home
he saw what man does left alone.
So He washed him away
but a bit of shit stayed
and the smell took God to the brink

God said “Fuck this I’m out”
And left the house
And there the shit plays
To this very day
Making everything stink.
Why is being a decent human being so fucking difficult for people?
I like it. Thanks, Anon.
laziness and apathy
But people go out of their way to make other people's day just a little bit shittier. That's not really lazy.
save file
image:142584725800.png(226kB , 302x268 , Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 22.52.22.png)
I removed Net Video Hunter from Firefox, and am now running it without a video download add-on. It hasn't ran this smooth and fast for a long time.

Pic unrelated.
This might sound weird, but
does anyone know any porn where the participants seem to enjoy the sex?

Because its been a while since I've seen any porn at all but trying to get back to it, it just looks all so... begrudging.
Take advantage of the voyeur tag.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to get back into it? I just kicked the habit myself and it's nice not having that kind of addiction anymore.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>does anyone know any porn where the participants seem to enjoy the sex?

A good chunk of the ‘female-friendly’ stuff I’ve seen fits that bill.
Also the 'amatuer' stuff I think. But I agree with this guy, I've been going porn free since January.
There's no surefire porn that women enjoy being in, I think. I've seen women get off to having rough, disgusting sex.

Different strokes and all that. But yeah, the hottest stuff is when they're totally into it.
i think i have a twitter stalker
i dont know how deal
I'm starting a nasal medicine and my mouth now tastes like iron all day. It's like liquid rust in a weird way.
Mister Twister
Sometimes I think humanity is collectively hypnotized to strongly believe in things that do not exist.

Hold your fedoras, I am not talking about gods or afterlife.
I am in so much fucking pain right now. I bit my tongue so hard it's bleeding.
I just read about how New Guinea stick insects that have been together for awhile will stay with their partner as it dies and stroke it and just wait with it and maybe even wait so long they die with it (because of starvation/not moving)

and now I feel bad for killing bugs
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
In an effort to protect my money's security, my bank may have just completely fucked me.
Mister Twister
All life has feelings to some extent. And yet we still must kill it to survive. Some bugs eat other bugs.
So I think I'm about to pay for some JAV. I can't find any download for it anywhere. Ask me anything.
What is its translated name? What is it's tags or what is it about? What to find appealing about JAV? I find them kinda boring.
See, it's like this; I recently joined a facebook group for single nerdy people, and a young lady who's also in the group sent me a friend request pretty much out of the blue (I replied to a "where does everyone live" thread she started) and it turns out she's going to be in my city this Saturday - she's going to a Stranglers concert, but she'll be in the city centre for the whole day - and I suggested that I show her around.

Now, here's where ithe universe realises "Minifig's getting somewhere with a girl!": when I asked her what time she was arriving, she didn't seem to know; I assumed she was taking the train, but she eventually told me that her stepdad is dropping her off near his workplace... but she doesn't know where that is. And maybe it's just me and my Asperger's, but she seems matter-of-fact about this whole thing; no emoticons, no "lols", just treating this like it's some kind of transaction (granted, we don't know each other at all, but she seems to be quite deliberately keeping her distance. Either that, or she's letting me know she doesn't think I'm funny).

Here's where the alarm bells start ringing... I have no idea how old she is. She hasn't put her birth date on facebook, and there's a recent photo of her wearing school uniform at what is clearly a classroom. The group has a "nobody under 16" policy, which could still potentially make her about 11 years my junior, which is kinda skeevy even by my standards. And yes, I should've checked first, but you have to remember that I'm a fucking idiot.
Oh, and here's an interesting tidbit; when I gave her my number "just in case", she claimed she didn't have a phone, even though facebook was clearly telling me that her replies were from a mobile device (besides, who the hell doesn't have a phone these days?). Of course, she might simply have felt I was moving too fast, but given that I'm going to meet her for the first time and I have no idea when she's arriving... Ugh, judging on how most of this evening went then I'll most likely never hear from her again, and I've been worrying about nothing. So it goes...
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image:142613054200.gif(4.47MB , 250x203 , congratulations.gif)
Good to hear. Just don't 'put it in' until you get the confirmation on her age.
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image:142613758100.png(875kB , 1307x679 , wtfyoutube.PNG)
Sometimes I don't understand YouTube.
//youtube.com/watch?v=nJCL6I-ZnTIyoutube thumb
Apparently they fixed it before I remembered I took this screenshot.
I am so goddamn sick of teenage girls on tumblr.
then stop visiting their tumblrs


NSFW, of course. Also just a general warning because it's some pretty hardcore/weird stuff.
Well, Pratchett is dead.
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image:142618284900.jpg(62kB , 624x674 , _81605423_5b9ae1aa-1705-401f-91eb-f62078987da5.jpg)
I'm glad he passed before the Alzheimers took away his ability to write.
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image:142618694300.jpg(56kB , 405x424 , stunami.jpg)
RIP in peace
Mister Twister
Far, far away, in the land of 4chan, in the kingdom of /co/, in a sticky dedicated to Terry, trolls troll the populous with insane SJW garbage from Twitter.
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
pratchet sticky : 7 posts in hours
SU sponsored sticky of the day: 2000+ and counting

/co/ is just a supermarket these days.
A pratchett sticky on /co/? I mean I loved Pratchett, don't get me wrong, but outside of the animated Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters specials, what did he have to do with /co/?
>pratchet sticky : 7 posts in hours
As much as I miss the bugger, he ain't /co/. His threads on other boards moved fairly fast last I checked on them.
>SU sponsored sticky of the day: 2000+ and counting
Yes, and? It's an on-going that a noticeable amount of /co/mrades like and want to discuss as much as possible.
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image:142621003100.png(11kB , 536x98 , 1426178091197.png)
Ugh, I made my mother feel shitty without really meaning to. Just another day with Asperger's.
Eh, getting up to lewd behaviour is a distant possibility, especially if she doesn't give me some actual
details tomorrow. So far all I know is that she's being dropped off somewhere in my home city around 11am, and I only learnt that about 5 minutes ago.
Actually, the attempted derailing only got two dozen or so posts, which is pretty good considering the sticky's approaching 1k posts now. I've heard /lit/'s Pratchett sticky is a lot less respectful.
Graphic novel adaptations of his first three Discworld books (and Guards, Guards!), as well as a nice claymation adaptation of Truckers, the first book in a decent "young adults" trilogy he wrote in 1989. Plus, he co-wrote a novel with Neil Gaiman, who's been hit really hard by this.
You know how I realized I'm a fat disgusting slob? This morning I caught myself thinking: "Fuck it, I'll indulge myself. Let's put on a fresh pair of pants. "
Mister Twister
Interlacing is the worst thing to happen to video since forever.
Smear frames, on the other hand, are still awesome.
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image:142637531200.jpg(64kB , 1280x720 , [WhyNot] Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru - 09 [BD 720p AAC][767AD671].mkv_snapshot_05.50_[2015.02.27_22.23.29].jpg)
I finally listened to every track on the plus4chan radio. That is some good stuff. Reminds me why I was sad when the old one died.
Mister Twister
People should invent a new word for "art"; the old word is getting stale from overuse.
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image:142639166300.jpg(282kB , 960x720 , image.jpg)
Western cartoons parody anime a lot, but I've never seen an Eastern parody of our animation.
Do they just have a bunch of underpants cape people with a bunch of talking animals?

Mainly because I don't watch anime...
>Western cartoons parody anime a lot, but I've never seen an Eastern parody of our animation.
FLCL immediately comes to mind.
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was kind of a parody/tribute to Western animation.
Well, big fucking surprise; she stood me up. I'm not angry or depressed about it, per se... just frustrated that it's happened to me again (although all the previous times other women on the internet stood me up involved me going to the city they lived in, instead of the other way around). Although a Dutch anon on regular /co/ just said she wanted to do me as I whispered opinions about Spirou into her ear, so I must be doing something right.
that was fuckin obvious man
You've gotta hope that one day it'll be different...
Everything my friend does pisses me off, but that friend is also my friends' friend so I can't just cut off ties to them or refuse to hang out with them without losing my other friends I actually do like or looking like a selfish stingy prick. Which I might be.
By your intro post you could tell it was obvious.
It wasn't no social queue you missed it was a whole message spelling out "I REGRET CONTACTING YOU. EXPECT NOTHING."
>you could tell it was obvious
Actually, I couldn't. ASPERGER'S!
Mister Twister
Apple released their new laptop. I'm thinking of switching to Linux.
it can't possibly be THAT crippling.
I'm a suicidal, psychotic wreck.

>tfw borderline
>the one disorder where people don't even feel sorry for you because you're that much of an asshole that you immediately regret being
Does anyone else fantasize about being murdered? No? Just me?

You guys wanna talk? We can.

Also, it's about time for a new thread.
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image:142662086700.jpg(105kB , 273x660 , 1379925390172.jpg)
>check that facebook group again
>solid 7.5/10 not too far away from me
>mfw she says she "identifies as pansexual"
I ain't that desperate.
It's not "crippling", I just fuck things up sometimes. I'm not saying it's not a problem, but I can function in society most of the time; I only divulge fucked-up situations like this when I need advice/to vent.
Ah, yes, nothing like summarizing a life of failures after high school to someone else as a quick pick-me-up.
Speak Your Mind: Missing White People Edition
Next time, on Speak Your Mind: >>397014
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image:142683087700.jpg(15kB , 240x250 , bullshit.jpg)
>pan, as in the suffix meaning 'all'

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1679409474.852991 - 0.028591 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396191

1679409474.853004 - 0.028604 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396192

1679409474.853016 - 0.028616 (0.000012s): rendering reply 396193

1679409474.853031 - 0.028631 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396196

1679409474.853043 - 0.028643 (0.000012s): rendering reply 396198

1679409474.853074 - 0.028674 (0.000031s): rendering reply 396202

1679409474.853100 - 0.028700 (0.000026s): rendering reply 396203

1679409474.853116 - 0.028716 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396204

1679409474.853129 - 0.028729 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396205

1679409474.853142 - 0.028742 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396206

1679409474.853157 - 0.028757 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396207

1679409474.853169 - 0.028769 (0.000012s): rendering reply 396209

1679409474.853184 - 0.028784 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396210

1679409474.853202 - 0.028802 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396211

1679409474.853217 - 0.028817 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396212

1679409474.853233 - 0.028833 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396213

1679409474.853246 - 0.028846 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396214

1679409474.853260 - 0.028860 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396215

1679409474.853274 - 0.028874 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396217

1679409474.853287 - 0.028887 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396220

1679409474.853305 - 0.028905 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396221

1679409474.853328 - 0.028928 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396223

1679409474.853342 - 0.028942 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396235

1679409474.853356 - 0.028956 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396237

1679409474.853375 - 0.028975 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396239

1679409474.853395 - 0.028995 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396240

1679409474.853415 - 0.029015 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396244

1679409474.853433 - 0.029033 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396245

1679409474.853451 - 0.029051 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396247

1679409474.853471 - 0.029071 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396255

1679409474.853486 - 0.029086 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396256

1679409474.853507 - 0.029107 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396258

1679409474.853529 - 0.029129 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396262

1679409474.853549 - 0.029149 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396263

1679409474.853568 - 0.029168 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396265

1679409474.853591 - 0.029191 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396267

1679409474.853609 - 0.029209 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396280

1679409474.853652 - 0.029252 (0.000043s): rendering reply 396281

1679409474.853671 - 0.029271 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396282

1679409474.853689 - 0.029289 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396283

1679409474.853708 - 0.029308 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396285

1679409474.853727 - 0.029327 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396287

1679409474.853747 - 0.029347 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396293

1679409474.853762 - 0.029362 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396294

1679409474.853774 - 0.029374 (0.000012s): rendering reply 396296

1679409474.853789 - 0.029389 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396297

1679409474.853804 - 0.029404 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396298

1679409474.853817 - 0.029417 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396299

1679409474.853839 - 0.029439 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396300

1679409474.856262 - 0.031862 (0.002423s): rendering reply 396301

1679409474.856298 - 0.031898 (0.000036s): rendering reply 396302

1679409474.856314 - 0.031914 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396303

1679409474.856331 - 0.031931 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396304

1679409474.856352 - 0.031952 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396305

1679409474.856375 - 0.031975 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396306

1679409474.856389 - 0.031989 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396307

1679409474.856402 - 0.032002 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396308

1679409474.856418 - 0.032018 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396310

1679409474.856431 - 0.032031 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396314

1679409474.856466 - 0.032066 (0.000035s): rendering reply 396318

1679409474.856492 - 0.032092 (0.000026s): rendering reply 396320

1679409474.856512 - 0.032112 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396321

1679409474.856547 - 0.032147 (0.000035s): rendering reply 396322

1679409474.856586 - 0.032186 (0.000039s): rendering reply 396332

1679409474.856607 - 0.032207 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396335

1679409474.856628 - 0.032228 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396338

1679409474.856650 - 0.032250 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396339

1679409474.856665 - 0.032265 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396341

1679409474.856682 - 0.032282 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396342

1679409474.856702 - 0.032302 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396343

1679409474.856729 - 0.032329 (0.000027s): rendering reply 396373

1679409474.856748 - 0.032348 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396374

1679409474.856765 - 0.032365 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396375

1679409474.856783 - 0.032383 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396376

1679409474.856797 - 0.032397 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396381

1679409474.856811 - 0.032411 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396388

1679409474.856837 - 0.032437 (0.000026s): rendering reply 396390

1679409474.856852 - 0.032452 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396395

1679409474.856892 - 0.032492 (0.000040s): rendering reply 396397

1679409474.856909 - 0.032509 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396398

1679409474.856924 - 0.032524 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396401

1679409474.856938 - 0.032538 (0.000014s): rendering reply 396402

1679409474.856951 - 0.032551 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396403

1679409474.856964 - 0.032564 (0.000013s): rendering reply 396409

1679409474.856979 - 0.032579 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396411

1679409474.857007 - 0.032607 (0.000028s): rendering reply 396412

1679409474.857032 - 0.032632 (0.000025s): rendering reply 396413

1679409474.857054 - 0.032654 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396414

1679409474.857106 - 0.032706 (0.000052s): rendering reply 396419

1679409474.857125 - 0.032725 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396421

1679409474.857145 - 0.032745 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396424

1679409474.857186 - 0.032786 (0.000041s): rendering reply 396426

1679409474.857215 - 0.032815 (0.000029s): rendering reply 396432

1679409474.857234 - 0.032834 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396433

1679409474.857251 - 0.032851 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396435

1679409474.857285 - 0.032885 (0.000034s): rendering reply 396448

1679409474.857316 - 0.032916 (0.000031s): rendering reply 396478

1679409474.857337 - 0.032937 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396479

1679409474.857388 - 0.032988 (0.000051s): rendering reply 396481

1679409474.857411 - 0.033011 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396482

1679409474.857430 - 0.033030 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396486

1679409474.857448 - 0.033048 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396498

1679409474.857467 - 0.033067 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396504

1679409474.857484 - 0.033084 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396505

1679409474.857501 - 0.033101 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396511

1679409474.857521 - 0.033121 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396513

1679409474.857555 - 0.033155 (0.000034s): rendering reply 396515

1679409474.857573 - 0.033173 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396522

1679409474.857593 - 0.033193 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396523

1679409474.857626 - 0.033226 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396527

1679409474.857648 - 0.033248 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396528

1679409474.857666 - 0.033266 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396530

1679409474.857683 - 0.033283 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396537

1679409474.857703 - 0.033303 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396542

1679409474.857721 - 0.033321 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396544

1679409474.857740 - 0.033340 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396546

1679409474.857759 - 0.033359 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396547

1679409474.857779 - 0.033379 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396549

1679409474.857796 - 0.033396 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396551

1679409474.857818 - 0.033418 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396553

1679409474.857838 - 0.033438 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396555

1679409474.857876 - 0.033476 (0.000038s): rendering reply 396556

1679409474.857897 - 0.033497 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396557

1679409474.857915 - 0.033515 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396558

1679409474.857935 - 0.033535 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396559

1679409474.857953 - 0.033553 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396560

1679409474.857970 - 0.033570 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396562

1679409474.857988 - 0.033588 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396564

1679409474.858007 - 0.033607 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396568

1679409474.858030 - 0.033630 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396573

1679409474.858048 - 0.033648 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396575

1679409474.858064 - 0.033664 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396576

1679409474.862390 - 0.037990 (0.004326s): rendering reply 396578

1679409474.862495 - 0.038095 (0.000105s): rendering reply 396583

1679409474.862569 - 0.038169 (0.000074s): rendering reply 396584

1679409474.862588 - 0.038188 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396592

1679409474.862623 - 0.038223 (0.000035s): rendering reply 396600

1679409474.862641 - 0.038241 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396601

1679409474.862657 - 0.038257 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396608

1679409474.862678 - 0.038278 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396609

1679409474.862697 - 0.038297 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396610

1679409474.862718 - 0.038318 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396612

1679409474.862734 - 0.038334 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396614

1679409474.862767 - 0.038367 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396615

1679409474.862786 - 0.038386 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396616

1679409474.862829 - 0.038429 (0.000043s): rendering reply 396617

1679409474.862850 - 0.038450 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396618

1679409474.862882 - 0.038482 (0.000032s): rendering reply 396619

1679409474.862901 - 0.038501 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396621

1679409474.862945 - 0.038545 (0.000044s): rendering reply 396623

1679409474.862965 - 0.038565 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396624

1679409474.862985 - 0.038585 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396626

1679409474.863002 - 0.038602 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396631

1679409474.863018 - 0.038618 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396636

1679409474.863040 - 0.038640 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396637

1679409474.863057 - 0.038657 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396639

1679409474.863088 - 0.038688 (0.000031s): rendering reply 396641

1679409474.863108 - 0.038708 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396642

1679409474.863127 - 0.038727 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396643

1679409474.863166 - 0.038766 (0.000039s): rendering reply 396644

1679409474.863188 - 0.038788 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396645

1679409474.863217 - 0.038817 (0.000029s): rendering reply 396646

1679409474.863236 - 0.038836 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396648

1679409474.863252 - 0.038852 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396649

1679409474.863274 - 0.038874 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396651

1679409474.863291 - 0.038891 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396652

1679409474.863308 - 0.038908 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396653

1679409474.863327 - 0.038927 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396660

1679409474.863360 - 0.038960 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396667

1679409474.863381 - 0.038981 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396668

1679409474.863400 - 0.039000 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396669

1679409474.863416 - 0.039016 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396670

1679409474.863449 - 0.039049 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396671

1679409474.863466 - 0.039066 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396679

1679409474.863496 - 0.039096 (0.000030s): rendering reply 396682

1679409474.863518 - 0.039118 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396684

1679409474.863541 - 0.039141 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396685

1679409474.863558 - 0.039158 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396686

1679409474.863574 - 0.039174 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396687

1679409474.863595 - 0.039195 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396689

1679409474.863612 - 0.039212 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396696

1679409474.863630 - 0.039230 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396701

1679409474.863648 - 0.039248 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396702

1679409474.863666 - 0.039266 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396703

1679409474.863685 - 0.039285 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396704

1679409474.863702 - 0.039302 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396708

1679409474.863722 - 0.039322 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396710

1679409474.863739 - 0.039339 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396711

1679409474.863775 - 0.039375 (0.000036s): rendering reply 396712

1679409474.863795 - 0.039395 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396713

1679409474.863812 - 0.039412 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396716

1679409474.863835 - 0.039435 (0.000023s): rendering reply 396717

1679409474.863852 - 0.039452 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396718

1679409474.863880 - 0.039480 (0.000028s): rendering reply 396720

1679409474.863919 - 0.039519 (0.000039s): rendering reply 396723

1679409474.863938 - 0.039538 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396728

1679409474.863957 - 0.039557 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396731

1679409474.863979 - 0.039579 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396733

1679409474.864013 - 0.039613 (0.000034s): rendering reply 396735

1679409474.864034 - 0.039634 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396736

1679409474.864067 - 0.039667 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396737

1679409474.864088 - 0.039688 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396742

1679409474.864108 - 0.039708 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396743

1679409474.864124 - 0.039724 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396745

1679409474.864140 - 0.039740 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396746

1679409474.864158 - 0.039758 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396748

1679409474.864175 - 0.039775 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396750

1679409474.864190 - 0.039790 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396751

1679409474.864210 - 0.039810 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396752

1679409474.864242 - 0.039842 (0.000032s): rendering reply 396753

1679409474.864263 - 0.039863 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396760

1679409474.864293 - 0.039893 (0.000030s): rendering reply 396761

1679409474.864314 - 0.039914 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396767

1679409474.864332 - 0.039932 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396770

1679409474.864350 - 0.039950 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396773

1679409474.867616 - 0.043216 (0.003266s): rendering reply 396774

1679409474.867676 - 0.043276 (0.000060s): rendering reply 396775

1679409474.867695 - 0.043295 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396776

1679409474.867716 - 0.043316 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396779

1679409474.867733 - 0.043333 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396781

1679409474.867750 - 0.043350 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396785

1679409474.867825 - 0.043425 (0.000075s): rendering reply 396786

1679409474.867846 - 0.043446 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396790

1679409474.867876 - 0.043476 (0.000030s): rendering reply 396791

1679409474.867898 - 0.043498 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396793

1679409474.867930 - 0.043530 (0.000032s): rendering reply 396794

1679409474.867950 - 0.043550 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396807

1679409474.867981 - 0.043581 (0.000031s): rendering reply 396809

1679409474.868000 - 0.043600 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396817

1679409474.868022 - 0.043622 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396818

1679409474.868068 - 0.043668 (0.000046s): rendering reply 396819

1679409474.868090 - 0.043690 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396820

1679409474.868109 - 0.043709 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396821

1679409474.868126 - 0.043726 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396823

1679409474.868143 - 0.043743 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396824

1679409474.868173 - 0.043773 (0.000030s): rendering reply 396825

1679409474.868192 - 0.043792 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396828

1679409474.868209 - 0.043809 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396841

1679409474.868229 - 0.043829 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396842

1679409474.868244 - 0.043844 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396843

1679409474.868276 - 0.043876 (0.000032s): rendering reply 396844

1679409474.868297 - 0.043897 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396845

1679409474.868314 - 0.043914 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396846

1679409474.868332 - 0.043932 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396848

1679409474.868351 - 0.043951 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396870

1679409474.868368 - 0.043968 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396872

1679409474.868389 - 0.043989 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396875

1679409474.868408 - 0.044008 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396876

1679409474.868424 - 0.044024 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396877

1679409474.868440 - 0.044040 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396879

1679409474.868457 - 0.044057 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396885

1679409474.868474 - 0.044074 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396891

1679409474.868510 - 0.044110 (0.000036s): rendering reply 396894

1679409474.868529 - 0.044129 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396895

1679409474.868547 - 0.044147 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396896

1679409474.868566 - 0.044166 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396897

1679409474.868582 - 0.044182 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396899

1679409474.868599 - 0.044199 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396901

1679409474.868616 - 0.044216 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396907

1679409474.868631 - 0.044231 (0.000015s): rendering reply 396909

1679409474.868647 - 0.044247 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396911

1679409474.868665 - 0.044265 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396916

1679409474.868682 - 0.044282 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396917

1679409474.868698 - 0.044298 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396920

1679409474.868717 - 0.044317 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396923

1679409474.868734 - 0.044334 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396924

1679409474.868750 - 0.044350 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396925

1679409474.868770 - 0.044370 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396926

1679409474.868792 - 0.044392 (0.000022s): rendering reply 396927

1679409474.868812 - 0.044412 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396928

1679409474.868847 - 0.044447 (0.000035s): rendering reply 396929

1679409474.868895 - 0.044495 (0.000048s): rendering reply 396930

1679409474.868915 - 0.044515 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396931

1679409474.868931 - 0.044531 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396932

1679409474.868955 - 0.044555 (0.000024s): rendering reply 396933

1679409474.868972 - 0.044572 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396934

1679409474.869004 - 0.044604 (0.000032s): rendering reply 396936

1679409474.869023 - 0.044623 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396937

1679409474.869054 - 0.044654 (0.000031s): rendering reply 396938

1679409474.869073 - 0.044673 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396939

1679409474.869091 - 0.044691 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396940

1679409474.869110 - 0.044710 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396941

1679409474.869127 - 0.044727 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396942

1679409474.869190 - 0.044790 (0.000063s): rendering reply 396951

1679409474.869210 - 0.044810 (0.000020s): rendering reply 396954

1679409474.869226 - 0.044826 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396956

1679409474.869294 - 0.044894 (0.000068s): rendering reply 396957

1679409474.869310 - 0.044910 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396959

1679409474.869344 - 0.044944 (0.000034s): rendering reply 396963

1679409474.869361 - 0.044961 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396964

1679409474.869394 - 0.044994 (0.000033s): rendering reply 396970

1679409474.869413 - 0.045013 (0.000019s): rendering reply 396971

1679409474.869429 - 0.045029 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396978

1679409474.869450 - 0.045050 (0.000021s): rendering reply 396981

1679409474.869468 - 0.045068 (0.000018s): rendering reply 396986

1679409474.869484 - 0.045084 (0.000016s): rendering reply 396989

1679409474.869501 - 0.045101 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396990

1679409474.869518 - 0.045118 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396993

1679409474.869535 - 0.045135 (0.000017s): rendering reply 396994

1679409474.872507 - 0.048107 (0.002972s): rendering reply 396995

1679409474.872565 - 0.048165 (0.000058s): rendering reply 396997

1679409474.872585 - 0.048185 (0.000020s): rendering reply 397006

1679409474.872606 - 0.048206 (0.000021s): rendering reply 397008

1679409474.872625 - 0.048225 (0.000019s): rendering reply 397009

1679409474.872675 - 0.048275 (0.000050s): rendering reply 397013

1679409474.872831 - 0.048431 (0.000156s): rendering reply 397015

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