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image:149981646100.png(1.08MB , 736x725 , Summer 2017.png)
Speak Your Mind: S U M M M E R edition

Please remember to brush and floss your teeth.

Old thread here ==> >>411618
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image:149981766700.png(10kB , 408x286 , 1410579896687.png)
I finally got around to making that tumbr I've been debating making for a long time. I lost all my bookmarks of tumblrs I wanted to follow, so I'm working on that. I'm also debating if I should have separate tumblrs for my fanfictions and general purpose tumblr.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Compartmentalize whenever you can.
The guy on the ground in this scene is basically what happens when you tell Tarantino not to make everyone die after only one gunshot.
//youtube.com/watch?v=RZRkzg-WqXMyoutube thumb
Jesus Christ so much of what serial killers do gets so incredibly edited down it worries me just how much 6 documentaries won't tell you.

I kinda fell down Deadbugs docs, his racist schtick is a little hard to handle but no one else in gonna tell you about deformed pedophile cannibals, shit eating torture killer futon salesmen or a serial killer who mutilates children into saw horses he has necrophiliac sex with.

//youtube.com/watch?v=5ORmjTITQr4youtube thumb
>no one else in gonna tell you about [all that shit]
Because all of that is stuff you really don't need to know unless you get off on it. None of that information is helping anyone in any way.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Just like 90% of the evening news.
I disagree, the public deserves to know the difference between a guy who kills people and a guy who makes sex dolls out of corpses.
And as said, it only makes a difference to people who love to jack it to imagining that shit.
Drinking neat scotch while watching children's cartoons. It's a nice juxtaposition.
>None of that information is helping anyone in any way.
Abnormal psychology is an important field of study that advances our society in many ways. By learning about harmful people and analysing their behaviour, we can learn to help or at least diagnose their mental disorders and reduce their immediate risk.

Also, not that guy but it sounds fascinating in a morbid way. Similarly to how I enjoy checking posts in the WAT thread or how I ask 4chan users about their fetishism.

Three Facebook newsfeed items in a row were unrelated people changing their profile pictures to them near the edge of a cliff. Is this a trend anyone else is seeing, or simply a coincidence?
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image:150078835600.png(153kB , 1076x400 , clickbait.png)
What the fuck is this clickbait bullshit.

Coco is for hugs
The Back to the Future script or at least the edition I read) is wildly different to the final film. Doc doesn't hit his head hanging a clock this time: he hits on a girl and gets glassed in the head with a beer bottle

so I masturbated to his waifu as a sign of respect but I started cramping at the end so it was kind of mediocre >>415229
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image:150130614800.gif(1.30MB , 320x213 , 1501133719479.gif)
My economic situation might go from really bad too really good, all due to no action on my part.
Oh, that sounds pretty good. Care to explain?
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image:150140426900.png(7kB , 454x66 , I never played any of the newer Crash games, but I opened a walkthrough play and recognised this guy 0.6 seconds in.png)
>tfw you recognise a voice actor in an unexpected role
Feels good man
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image:150143302300.png(1.37MB , 2560x1440 , Screenshot_20170404-115814.png)
I won't go into too much detail, but I will say this. After barely being paying bills for a few years now (because of reasons I will not explain), an uncle of mine has become rich. He will pay for me to move to a hueg farm he is planning on buying. He will also pay off my debts and give me a job to work there aswell. It's mind boggling to say the least.

The big snarl at the moment is not me moving, but my parents. And oh boy, do they have a tonne of garbage that needs to be thrown away. Not literal garbage, but they have storage units fill with stuff they haven't been able to go through for years. I will not move all of that shit, and I know I will be the one to help move it as I'm the last kid to not move far enough away. We are currently going through said storage slowly.
aaaaah this thread is growing faster than I can read it help
Suggest you move to the farm. Plan regular trips to assist in cleaning out locker. I did that as my parents aged, and finally passed away. I lived 1600 miles away.
Go at it intensely while you are there. If you find things parents want to ditch, if of value, you get first pick. Pics to siblings so they can state a desire to have an item. Make them come get it.
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image:150211257000.png(151kB , 500x281 , tumblr_inline_omp7szD7ag1t39tws_540.png)
Just make me a mod already, I don't want to spend my goddamn day being the only janitor cleaning out bot posted CP spam when I could just ban these fucking things.
You know who's great?
I'm great.
So fuck off all y'all not-me-s.
Stop making everything worse.
Nurse is gone, Maya's gone, Othar's gone, so are Moe, Bea, Bones, Ice, Coela, and pretty much everybody. Stone, the two Dudes, and Rodyle, that's all right?

I mean okay Moose is nominally the admin I guess but he's as rare as Anonex used to be.
If we could get some events going and clean up draw we could get a lot of them back, our problem is "why come here?" It used to be for the amazing community that liked to draw, then it turned into porn and no cares anymore.
I didn't know Kanye liked cartoons or comics
>then it turned into porn and no cares anymore.
People moved on and no-one filled the gap. We don't really advertise, and it's mainly the porn board that does get shared.

There are still a bunch of drawfags in /pco/ IIRC.
>I could just ban these fucking things.
If it's like the other ones, they use a large range of IPs.
moose ## Admin
>I mean okay Moose is nominally the admin I guess but he's as rare as Anonex used to be.
I don't post or browse regularly, but I do try to check the reports at least daily. The janitors have been (thankfully) shitcanning these as they come up, but because of how the board software is set up that means I can't get the IP to do bans.

I'll try to keep a close eye on the boards for a while here to catch the next spree and see if I can't nip it.

>Just make me a mod already, I don't want to spend my goddamn day being the only janitor cleaning out bot posted CP spam when I could just ban these fucking things.
Per the logs you are actually one of three. Also, request granted.
Dope, won't let ya down boss.
I never really created enough of a presence here to be one of the "big guys," huh?
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image:150225231900.jpg(21kB , 297x306 , 128512937212.jpg)
The question is why anyone would want to be one of the "big guys?"

The answer is that those people want attention and really like having an identity, sometimes even if it's bad. Tripfags and namefags like to defend their attention whoring with glamorous statements like "taking ownership over what we post" or whatever, but that's complete bullshit to anyone who puts an amount of thought to it. In a sea of anonymous posters, where every post made must be able to carry it's own weight if it wants to be acknowledged, tripfags and namefags have an innate desire to make their opinions have more validity and be immediately recognizable. When you get down to it, it's vapid and shallow.

But honestly, who the fuck wants to be a big fish on a website that everyone but it's ten users has forgotten about? The names listed in that post aren't deserving of praise - being "popular" on this website is a goddamn mark of shame. If that's something anyone here strives for, they really need to sort themselves out and get their priorities in order.

Except Moe. He was cool. He was still a tripfag, though.
No I just happened to not list you and didn't know you were still around.

I mean Twister is still around I guess but

that's Twister

I confess I might be identifiable sometimes by my avatarfagging with reaction images, but it's not an intentional declaration of identity.

Tripfags and namefags are the equivalent of people who post walls of text on twitter, where the whole perk of the site is the 140 character limit.
Plus4chan isn't 4chan
Anonymous !FapssPENnY
And what's your point? 4chan didn't invent anonymous imageboards nor is it unique in that aspect.

The majority of users here remain anonymous, and most of the people who aren't are artists posting art on /pco/ (or who used to post art on other boards). Having a name is not a cultural thing here, we just tend not to give "Fuck off Boco" responses to those who do.
>Having a name is not a cultural thing here
It was when the board had users.
Mister Twister
You literally replied to a wall of text.
Yes but this isn't Twitter so it's not a faux pas of any sort.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
We, uh…we still haven’t gotten the favicons back on the individual boards.
Darc Discordia !!VzpfrKjhXFf
I know what you mean, most of the people I really remember haven't been here in ages. Man, I spent an obnoxious amount of time on this site back during its heyday, mostly lurking since I very rarely had anything to actually contribute. I still keep the link in my Chrome bookmarks bar, in the same place it's been since like 2010, even though I just sort of poke my head in every couple of months for a few minutes.
How did I not hear about this?

United Passions (2014)

>Sara Stewart of the New York Post described it as "hilariously ill-timed". The soccer website Goal.com said of United Passions: "The portrayal of FIFA is farcical from start to finish", and added: "Films believed to be among the worst of all time are watched by thousands of people eager to see just how bad they are. This piece of cinematic garbage belongs to that list." On Rotten Tomatoes, United Passions currently has a rating of 0%, based on 16 reviews, while on Metacritic, the film currently holds a score of 1 out of 100, based on 9 critics, and is on their list of the all-time lowest-scoring films.

>United Passions was also a box office bomb, becoming the lowest-grossing film of all time in American history (with $918), surpassing the previous record held by I Kissed a Vampire ($1,380) in 2012,
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>the lowest-grossing film of all time in American history

That…may depend on how one determines how a film can hold that particular record If we are talking about the opening weekend gross, sure, United Passions takes the cake. But if we are talking about full-theatrical-run gross? That honor goes to a different film:

>Zyzzyx Road was shown once a day, at noon, for six days (February 25 – March 2, 2006) at Highland Park Village Theater in Dallas, Texas, a movie theater rented by the producers for $1,000. The limited release was deliberate: [producer and actor Leo] Grillo was uninterested in releasing the film domestically until it underwent foreign distribution, but needed to fulfill the U.S. release obligation required by the Screen Actors Guild for low-budget films (films with budgets less than $2.5 million that are not for the direct-to-video market).

>The strategy had the side effect of making the film at the time the lowest-grossing film of all time, earning just $30 at the box office from six patrons. Unofficially, its opening weekend netted $20. The $10 difference is due to Grillo personally refunding two tickets purchased by Sheila Moore, the film's makeup artist, who saw the film with a friend.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Hey, plus4 overlords: Any way of adding something to the spamfilter that can curb this CP spam? For that matter, does plus4 even have a spamfilter?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Hrm. I would like to help if I could. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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image:150277392600.jpg(108kB , 1280x842 , 1421036346037.jpg)
It sucks watching my parents slowly die to Alzheimers.
Mister Twister
That only makes me realize: all those treatments for illnesses we have now, they cannot heal those in the past who have died. And future treatments will not save the people of today.
>theists believe God(s) created man
>athiests believe man created gods
I never really thought about it like that.
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image:150320327700.png(308kB , 494x360 , Spyro tells you you did it.png)
>finally gathered enough willpower to do a small yet significant thing I put off for months
>as I am halfway through doing it, a weight gets lifted off my chest (literally, I could immediately breathe freely, and felt lighter)
>done the thing, happy as fuck, almost crying
You should try this "stop procrastinating" thing, you won't regret it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Mister Twister
Expected sun to go black, total darkness for at least a minute.

Was disappointed.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
"If you give me an opportunity to interact with a #brand that's popping into my timeline without my consent, I'm gonna get weird."

Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Did you know that you can buy your way onto the New York Times bestseller list—even if your book is not available to the general public?


Well, now you do.
Mister Twister
Found a dead bug with an erect bug penis on the floor. What the fuck.
Just shows how New York Times is not above corruption.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And that some fucking idiots will do anything for fifteen minutes of fame—or infamy—even if they know it is a bad idea.
To be clear, they didn't bribe NYT, they just bought their own book at a bunch of stores that report to NYT to game NYT's stat taking. When it was brought to NYT's attention they removed the book from the listings.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
>people pay shitloads of money to see Mayweather vs McGregor
>people think it will end in some sort of dramatic knockout
>it ends in a TKO in the ninth round after Mayweather lands a few solid punches that makes a tired McGregor go all wobbly-legged

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope everyone who paid to watch that fight feels robbed.
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image:150386257300.jpg(54kB , 1132x628 , this is an animal.jpg)
wtf I just got Rickrolled.
>watch lecturer's tutorial video in hallway
>lecturer in the tutorial walks past me
That felt weird...
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image:150416469000.png(2kB , 114x43 , Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 03.30.03.png)
In other news, YouTube® had updated its layout again. Nobody asked for it, nothing good came of it.
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image:150416795400.png(107kB , 1093x686 , Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 04.22.15.png)
RIP old design.
>In other news, YouTube® had updated its layout again. Nobody asked for it, nothing good came of it.
I saw that change. I was not happy either.

In other news, I now have to click on videos to start playing them on desktop. Is this normal?
They really nailed that shitty cheap bargain bin look.
Thankfully, the feedback form is quick and easy to use.
Getting alot of likes and retweets and replies on a random twitter comment is oddly addictive, after a few days of regular new notifications I'm somewhat compelled to check in with my twitter account to see if more have came in.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Congratulations on your new drug of choice.
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image:150458966500.png(75kB , 1474x1258 , what the fuck even is this shit by nfhas.png)
Disgusting shit is one thing. But sometimes you stumble into something that makes NO sense. Stuff that isn't even gross, just weird.
I am sorry I am never here anymore +4. I miss the good ol' days and wish we could make a come back but I think the age of the image board is over. We will always have the memories though.
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image:150461192300.jpg(47kB , 714x480 , mpv-shot0001.jpg)
While I appreciate the apparent absurdity of that image, I think it makes more sense than it doesn't:
>Kim Jong Un
>PeongJang (Pyongyang?)
>Seul (Seoul)
All Korean.

Toyota and Playstation (Sony) are both Japanese. I reckon there's a readily-decipherable pattern there.
Mister Twister
It takes effort to be a part of the community.

When apathy kicks in, you just leave.
Have you considered testing out their new trial features and giving feedback on them?

By the way, there is still a button to revert to the old design.
Just found a lost wallet with $350 cash and a ton of cards, including a travel card. He left it on top of the toilet paper dispenser. Don't be him.

no I didn't steal from it, I gave it to campus security
What the fuck. I just walked into a room and for three seconds saw a weird effect, like imagine rows of ants moving in foot-long straight lines, except instead of being black, they were a displacement map.

It looks like the room is full of bugs and I can see how that freaks people out.
Alpharius a go go
It's looking like I'm gonna have a good couple of months in the near future. I have monies and my family life has simmered down. If only I could be focused enough to write those stories I've been planning on writing for years now.
>If only I could be focused enough to write those stories I've been planning on writing for years now.
It always feels like when you finally have time to art, you can't.
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image:150571573200.png(678kB , 720x840 , His Smugness is going to kill you in your sleep.png)
Bought a bunch of things for myself. I am a dirty capitalist piggy.
Consumerist slave would be more accurate.
Alpharius a go go
There is a certain je ne sais quoi to stock sound effects that make me enjoy them.
There is no need to put 15 emojis after your comment, even if you are 12. It's the new '!!!!!!!!1!!!one!!!'
All my fucking fruits rotted away in a day thanks to one of my nectarines having a dent. Now I had to eat a chocolate bar for breakfast and I feel like shit.
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image:150702224600.jpg(43kB , 640x480 , disappointment.jpg)
The Betoota Advocate is letting their political views affect their work.
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image:150729191800.jpg(184kB , 600x1068 , Spoiler image)
I masturbated to origami last night. It was truly an eye-opening experience.

Don't worry, I won't post the NSFW ones.
Mister Twister
Trees are just very slow organic lightning bolts reaching for the sky.
I have attempted to unpin the sticky and create a new thread, but I can't see any results. Hopefully it fixes itself before I wake up.
Anyone know what's up with that Russan(?) thread in /coc/?
I reported it because it seemed like spam to me.
Occasionally we get Russian link spam. Thanks for reporting.
Oh so that's who Cr1TiKaL is. I remember a heap of anons saying that a /f/ voiceover sounded like it was him.
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image:150814374400.png(311kB , 496x452 , some weird mix of disgust, confusion and awe.png)
>upgrade your brain's entire operating system to the best computer chips available
I shitpost regularly and I can't even compete with this shit.
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image:150829435900.jpg(140kB , 650x650 , aXm110xjU.jpg)
Well, I'm inspired.

This reminds me of a person who believed that they could filter feed off the microscopic organisms in the air. So said person went out into the woods and tried eating air for a week to prove that it worked. They found him dead a week two dead in his tent.
Or the time that drilling a hole in your head was a good way to get oxygen to your brain to make you smarter.
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image:150831914100.jpg(58kB , 480x480 , TrepanationOfTheSkull.jpg)
>Or the time that drilling a hole in your head was a good way to get oxygen to your brain to make you smarter.
That said, trepanation still has occasional medical uses.
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image:150870134100.png(204kB , 356x276 , Elric is disgusted.png)
>stumble upon a hentai pic
>well, that's pretty hot actually
>inspect closer
>tiny arms AGAIN
Baby crocodiles have a pretty cute cry.
So this show used white Impact font with black outline for opening credits, but it was in 2003 before that shit became overused.

It's an abstact kind of distaste.
Decade old fan-art is making me feel old. I can only imagine how I will feel looking back on the fan art I made for shows still airing.

Relevant nostalgia comic:
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image:150894458800.jpg(528kB , 2048x1364 , bs-md-ci-urban-exploration-20160331.jpg)
We're back with more Dan and the boys in.....just the worst motels.

//youtube.com/watch?v=QFbtQTJPbSgyoutube thumb
Fight Club might just be the epitome of "films with replay value". At least in the mainstream.
I just had an impacted wisdom tooth removed a few days ago and it seems to have gone super well.

Not all that much pain during the operation once I got enough local anesthetic stuck in, the sound of the drilling and then snapping as sections of the tooth were yanked off were easy to ignore. Discomfort and some blood for the rest of that day but after that I've been fine, no pain or swelling.
Jawbone feeling ever so slightly tender compared to the other side of my face if I actually touch it.

Was really worried about it since I've never actually had any sort of surgery before.
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image:150914536500.jpg(244kB , 1371x1080 , legfish.jpg)
Good to hear that went well, Anon.
I want my fat stupid neighbor and her drunk obnoxious friends to fucking die.
Just stumbled into a door and splashed a glass of hot water all over my face & chest. Wasn't hot enough enough to scald but it stings and my face is reddish. Ran face under the cold tap and it should all be fine but feel like a fucking retard.
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image:150922895900.png(324kB , 608x464 , Sailor Sailor.png)
Sea faring becomes less romantic once you start imagining all those brave sailors shitting in the ocean.
For the record, they would likely have a toilet or at least a bucket to go in first.
Hey, websites. Having a giant fucking screen-blocking graphic telling me to disable adblock will never make me disable ablock. It will, however, make me not visit your site again.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Same goes for any site that has a pop-up modal about subscribing to a newsletter or making an account on said site (coughmediumcough). If that shit interrupts what I went to that site for, that shit also gives me the perfect reason to put a site-wide block filter in my personal uBO filters.
Good taste.
Mister Twister
Apparently, a world famous ringtone was a classical composition(??)

If so, does anyone know what the hell it is?
Mister Twister
I never knew that. Nice.
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image:150947372700.jpg(233kB , 767x1080 , 1467687568629.jpg)
Happy Halloween! Is anybody getting dressed up for the occasion? If I head out I'm going as low-budget Bloodborne.
haha I have exams. I accidentally lost 5kg so I could have gone as a skeleton.
I mistook the two threads, moving it now.
>oh no, I have to eat breakfast right now even though I'm not particularly hungry or there won't be enough time between breakfast and lunch before I need to head out and I need both breakfast and lunch or my body will hate me for the rest of the day
Getting old sucks ass.
Vampires are the fucking worst.

Every time I see some bunch of pukes pimping their new vampire-based project I want them to fail.

They are even more played out by zombies, but at least people aren't glorifying and worshiping the rotten corpses.
Where do you find them? I'm fortunate enough not to browse areas where they get shoved in my face.
>there is probably some form of alien life, but it's so distant that we will never be able to meet it
It's probably for the best
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image:151010184100.png(1.30MB , 1440x1080 , 1468642056405.png)
If the projected "everyone is busy with their significant others" holds true, this years Thanksgiving dinner won't be as stressful as last year.
>loval train-line graffiti finally begins to show artistic merit
>gets painted over by council
Reminds me of 4chan, actually. The ephemerality of it all.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
Damn it, I lost the log in for being a mod, can somebody send it to my email and I'll help clean this garbage up.
The url I mean, not my actual password and such.
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image:151081789900.png(242kB , 1290x430 , oryx teaches you perfection.png)
8chan can be pretty awesome.

/tech/ especially is a cool guy. You will never guess who did this banner.
>copyright-infringing entries will win the LibreOffice competition

Also, I put out a claim for an abandoned board almost a week ago and still haven't gotten a response
Mister Twister
/ghost cars/?
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image:151082693900.jpg(489kB , 997x997 , ir̀regular polar̛i͞ty.jpg)
hahaha I got personally invited to a psychedelics spiritual subreddit. I've never done drugs in my life.
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image:151105438600.png(9kB , 284x261 , why.png)
>someone is literally blackmailing Speedy saying leave /trash/ or they'll dox him
what the fuck

For those who don't know, Speedy is an annoying clingy requester with a ton of trolls worse than him.
Mister Twister
In the game of "out-edging the last poster", doxxing is the logical conclusion.
I've just tried to get some night time ambience sfx with crickets chirping. I know crickets are noisy fuckers, but all these "Relaxing Sleep Noises - Summer Night with Crickets" videos are fucking bombardment. The only way someone could consider this peaceful is if they have tinnitus (which to be fair is a reason why people watch said videos). I've only found one good one. //youtube.com/watch?v=2MLgI1E60AMyoutube thumb
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image:151124611900.png(278kB , 434x428 , you got Torn super mad.png)
>I will never see those
>watching the Doors 4 collab by Pluto (possibly the biggest stick figure animation collab, beautiful series)
>one entry for the collab was a collab itself
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image:151161603300.jpg(545kB , 1239x907 , Screenshot_20171126-001755.jpg)
>love-at-first-sight/infatuation scene in cartoon
>all symptoms shown are reported effects of cannabis use
Really makes me think.
Mister Twister
>a poster on lulz.net made the best post I read in a month
Well shiet.
Please share. We need something to lighten the mood.
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image:151236257600.png(284kB , 928x345 , Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 23.38.42.png)
Besides being surprised about virginity, I absolutely agree.

Also it's interesting to see how the brony hate has subsided. The fandom has gotten less pervasive in a good way (but I still cringe whenever I see an unnecessarily ponified version of a meme, and the same with Pepes).
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>it's interesting to see how the brony hate has subsided

The show has been considerably less of a "thing" since around the third season. The fanbase calmed down as a result.
I feel that the more you listen to your voice, the less you hate it.

Either that or marginally increased social contact has made me speak better.
>track is ironically named "Have You Guys Watched Rick and Morty?"
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image:151311423100.jpg(52kB , 500x377 , kids give you a thumbs up.jpg)
>artist blocks you on an art site, no explanation given
>spend months frustrated, trying to figure out what went wrong
>suddenly not blocked anymore
I don't know what happened, and what made it un-happen, but I am happy now.
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image:151315734900.jpg(17kB , 242x251 , Hey dorks,.jpg)
>look up "Hey dorks, my name is Kevin and I hate every single one of you" in hopes it exists
>it exists
>but it was written by an autist who actually cites episode numbers in the middle of the fucking copypasta
5/10 wouldn't copy nor paste
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image:151315749300.jpg(30kB , 330x339 , sorry.jpg)
He probably thought you was a circus midget.
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image:151366772800.png(182kB , 396x376 , Robert McCall you amuse me.png)
>finally won something
this isn't twitter. you can keep typing.
Mister Twister
I wanted to be vague about what I won, leading you to keep guessing for many years.
Master Hurricane
>leading you to keep guessing for many years
You deeply overestimate my attention span.

Was it an argument on the internet?
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image:151382377300.png(1.28MB , 1439x1081 , ''We promise.''.png)
There really is an art to making something seem subtle but actually making it obvious.

Immediately available example is scene related. While never explicitly shown, it is implied she is crossing her fingers behind her back while making a promise. The action of hiding the hand is probably so big you can't miss it, but it is brief, is off on the side of the screen and the finger crossing is never directly shown so it almost seems as if you could blink and miss it, but it's actually clear as fuck if you are familiar with the gesture.
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image:151418794800.jpg(440kB , 800x609 , 1332418621533.jpg)
4chan is going down and that hit me hard, it made me release how alone I am on the internet. I do have some online friends but I met all of them in 4chan. I tried to leave the site the day that thing happen but I could not live without it for a whole day. I feel that the other aons are my friends, I can't leave them behinde.
Right now I feel like I'm in a stalemate, the fuck I do when 4chan shits the bed? Where do I go? Reddit, tweeter, tumblr or facebook don't seem to be any better and I just can't wrap my head around on how do they work, the biggest issue is replacing /co/, there simply isn't another place like it on the internet, all other comics communities have very narrow scopes and are run by power tripping mods the same goes for animation communities plus the fact that they're full of autists and no other place mixes both.
I feel that I should start nesting somewhere else, get comfortable there and maybe let 4chan fade out of my life or be a place where I can start fresh.
Right now I want to know where does the people who were channers and then left go, how could they leave?
>I feel that the other aons are my friends, I can't leave them behinde.
Wrong. You had so much fun at 4chan, that you got addicted to the place. And now you struggle because you are not having as much fun there any more, but if you can't let go either. All you are is addicted. That's all.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if you are still having fun there? Or are you just clicking through the threads because you are used to doing so? Think about that.

For me, it took me until recently to realize, but 4chan hasn't been like it used to be for a long time. It takes me longer and longer to find good threads. This is true for other boards too, half the time I spend on them is finding good threads. And I don't NEED to look for good threads often, because all the boards have centralized into generals. New threads come in slower, big threads last longer, depending on the board they can last anywhere from a day to weeks. Even on /pol/, the fastest board, the same threads can stay up for hours and hours.

So once I realized that /co/ isn't the place I liked anymore, and that I don't NEED to check it constantly, it has become easier to let go. I now only check it a few times a day, and only stay if I see anything interesting, or to see if any watched threads got any new posts.

The other thing you need is a hobby to keep you occupied while you lose your addiction, but really all that does is make it easier.

>all other comics communities have very narrow scopes and are run by power tripping mods
This is true for /co/ as well. Threads and posts get deleted constantly, you just don't see it because so much content gets nuked silently.
>>all other comics communities have very narrow scopes and are run by power tripping mods
>This is true for /co/ as well. Threads and posts get deleted constantly, you just don't see it because so much content gets nuked silently.
I was going to say this too. /co/ has a big moderation issue, and has had it for many years.>>416724

>how could they leave?
We browse other websites too. I don't have a dependancy on any website (although it would be sad if some of them went down).
Not gonna sugar coat it, you sound like a heroin addict.

The other Anons are Anon. You likely wouldn't know if they left and vice versa. The beauty of 4chan is the lack of commitment. You have no account. You have no persistent identity. You can leave the site whenever. In fact, most of the anons (including me) are newfags who have replaced the people you supposedly built up a relationship with. It's fine to respect and enjoy the company of other anonymous users, of course, but you are not leaving them behind. Most of them have other places to go.
>/co/ has a big moderation issue, and has had it for many years.>

All the other boards have it too.
Again, it's just not that well known, because it is bannable to raise voice to it. /qa/ is the only place where it is discussed, and it is about a fourth of the content there (two fourths being lolikon spam and shitposting, the rest is bitching about Hiro or discussing where to go to that 4chan is dying).
I still have fun, I post regularly about many topics and I occasionally make storytimes.
The issue for me is not about quality but where else can I talk about Wakfu, move over to garfield and whatever obscure cartoon is the flavor of the month? I may have never heard about Wakfu without /co/
That's probably what I like the most about /co/, there was always something to talk about and I didn't had to search for it.
As I said all the friends I have and had in recent times I made them there, they will still be there but I'm afraid if their computers are safe. I should talk about them with this and feel secure about them.
The comics I like never got deleted on /co/, the storytimes I made always warmed my heart when the comments were positive.
I do have other hobbies but I'm used to browse the internet while doing other stuff so i always had /co/ near me
I do lurk reddit and tumblr, I have accounts and follow some stuff but never post. Should I start posting, following more stuff and getting tangled there?
I should talk with my friends to see where else do they go.
Maybe I should get used to have a name but that scares me so much, I'm far too used to mix my porn with serious discussion and having two accounts on several sites sounds complicated.
I hope to find them all somewhere else.
>The comics I like never got deleted on /co/
Unfortunately, the cartoon I liked the most was deleted on site half the time and free to post the other half, no matter how SFW the thread was. A lot of discussion has moved to /trash/, which isn't really a bad thing but shouldn't have been necessary.

>Should I start posting, following more stuff and getting tangled there?
Only if you would enjoy it. I occasionally post in the reddit cartoon communities (and moderate a couple) but they are very different. A downside is that most older or smaller shows don't have a community or have a dead community, whereas on 4chan you can bring up any show you want and have the same size audience see your post. Also, many or most of them will delete NSFW content. It's definitely not the same, but has benefits.
>I should talk with my friends to see where else do they go.
>Maybe I should get used to have a name but that scares me so much, I'm far too used to mix my porn with serious discussion and having two accounts on several sites sounds complicated.
Well honestly, you can just use one (but I don't always use one). I've been using sites with accounts and identity for a long time, so I guess I'm used to it, but if you don't let anyone you care about know your account name and don't reveal personal or sensitive information (or just create a 'throwaway' (ie. temporary) account to do so), you might as well be anonymous. Sure, someone can look at your post history, but so what? It only matters as much as you value it. Being on 4chan a lot, you will probably be able to ignore petty bullshit like online reputation. Just check the rules, lurk for a few minutes and you should be able to fit right in to those communities.
I remember a couple of LPS threads getting deleted because the mods thought it was MLP but not much else.
Is not a matter of enjoying it, I need to be busy online, reading posting and discussing, that is why I felt so empty when I tried to leave 4chan. I really don't know where to go, I'm inclined towards tumblr because of the blogs that I already follow and I feel i can expand what I see there with ease but i never had a discussion on tumblr but i imagine how could that go.
I haven't had a pseudonym account in years but i see what can i do, the best plan is to keep clean and dirty stuff on different accounts.
>I need to be busy online

This is the mistake you are making. You don't need to be "busy online".
Get yourself a hobby to help pass the time. That's all there is to it.
save file
image:151427303200.png(11kB , 295x461 , reviews for Cardiacs - Sing To God.png)
>but due to the ongoing neglect and disdain of the band by the British music press, one of the only original reviews was an infamous review in Vox, who rated the album a score of 0/10
>Over time, music critics have re-evaluated Cardiacs and their albums, and today Sing to God is considered a masterpiece

thanks /mu/
save file
image:151433938000.jpg(121kB , 1366x768 , 1415166006912.jpg)
I already have tons of hobbies, I just like to talk with people online and go from casual chit chats to deep stuff. earlier today I was wondering where can I get tech support without /wsr/ for example. Where else can I post my nonsense and have people engage in it?
I been into chans since 2009 and before that the internet wasn't so centralized or commercial, I used to post on forums but those are dead.
I can just silence my self after so many years
Now I'm thinking about migrating to tumblr.
save file
image:151477844400.jpg(75kB , 960x720 , 1514539435072.jpg)
>scrolling through random thread
>some anon used your reaction image
Never fails to make me happy.
save file
image:151515534600.jpg(49kB , 352x352 , for fucks sake.jpg)
>notice that I've entirely been able to avoid seeing r34 of a certain character (pure)
>literally less than a second later scroll into an entire thread dedicated to porn of that one character
motherfucker. it physically hurt.
haha I swear that post number was a fluke
I miss when Rule 34 was specifically about finding porn of character x, which was actually very difficult, since there were no microblog sites dedicated for sharing your artwork. Unless an artist had his own site and gallery set up, you were limited to wwoec and oekaki boards.

So, finding rule 34 of something was actually a challenge. Especially for something mildly obscure.
save file
image:151547018800.jpg(52kB , 696x528 , mpv-shot0002.jpg)
It's 3:00pm and I still haven't had breakfast.

Ok, I have a problem.
You think you have a problem, I barely even get out of be by 3:00pm.
save file
image:151693871900.jpg(39kB , 1274x422 , 1415833064527.jpg)
Goons scare me
On the refugee chat some people said they lurked on s*a
I hope this place isn't run by goons or full of goons.
Politics goes in the politics thread.
>Goons scare me
More than 4chan users?
It happened again!
4chan is a public site that so anything that they plan can be seen by everyone unlike s'a where only paying members can see what are they scheming, this means that they can organize in secret. paid membership also means they are better off than you.
Goons have a very sadic sense of humor and are very dedicated trolls, channers are very tame next to them.
I just read through a clearly satirical article and didn't even realise it wasn't serious. Now I feel like those people who got mad over that Suzy and Johnny reboot for Johnny Bravo.
the "oh nononono" meme is so annoying.
I'm not familiar with it. Lots of memes are annoying though.
>/trash/ time
>enter some well-chosen threads
>learning shit about life, technology and chill anons
I though I was about to waste today, but I'm actually learning important shit on the designated shitting board. 4chan is beautiful.
Mister Twister
Tumblr staff posts are cancer.
Oh for fucks sake, I just did colour work with F.lux still on.
//youtube.com/watch?v=7OVKJ9Bl2rcyoutube thumb

im like a disease you cant get rid of
Speaking of diseases I can't get rid of, my current obsession has flared up recently. It doesn't seem to make sense why it would happen now, of all times.
What are you obsessing over?
Just a cartoon. I cycle to a new cartoon to obsess over every couple of years. Unfortunately it can just sneak into my mind and annoy me during the day, like regular intrusive thoughts do with people. I guess trying to push them out of my head (by imagining me violently defenestrating or shooting characters) probably isn't healthy so I might just try and live with them this week and see how it goes.
I never had imaginary friends so maybe this is just a copyright-infringing, adult version of it.
save file
image:151882382300.jpg(17kB , 131x131 , mpv-shot0003.jpg)
>2+ hour ironic album of cacophonous literal meme shitposts
>get halfway through
>one track is just a minute-long honest monologue about a friend of theirs who died
i didnt sign up for this
Mister Twister
More often than not, shitposting is a cry for help.
4chan was 100% shitposting from 2004 to 2012, and it is what made the place brutally honest and tons of fun.
Mister Twister
What what (in your opinion) changed after 2012?
I disagree. That said, I'm sure you have a different definition of shitposting than me.
>100% shitposting
Not even on /b/. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was a profound, empathetic and eductional place more often than it gets credit for.
I've never really been into shows that are a continuous chronological series of episodes, but I also get very annoyed at shows ignoring continuity.
What is wrong with me?
That's exactly what the charm of it was. But that type of posting is considered shitposting as of today.
Mister Twister
So, constantly derailing into b8ing on boards other than /b/ is not shitposting?

It's called "having standards". you demand logical consistency from your media.
I forgot that if I watch a large amount of a cartoon series then I get after-images. This could get nasty. I hope I don't have to talk post in the 'dreams' thread tomorrow morning
save file
image:151955253100.jpg(100kB , 878x494 , u wot m8.jpg)
>best of album
>doesn't have the best of
honestly might as well have been randomly generated. i don't think subjectivity is this variable.
Mister Twister
Those albums are made for normies, the majority. It's all about the famous tracks, not the ones you really like.

The reason I don't buy such albums.
If there aren't plans in Hollywood RIGHT NOW to make a heartwarming underdog sports movie about the Garlic Girls there's something wrong with this world.
Sometimes those little coincidences can be truly unsettling.
Mister Twister
Synchronicity is a real thing.
save file
image:151998083200.jpg(34kB , 720x576 , ^_^.jpg)
>things are kind of crappy
>so many things you look forward to either fail or do not show promise
>then one day, you get a little good news here
>the other day, you get a little good news there
>some more little good things happen on top of that
Anonymous (drunk)
I want to fuck the loli in the head with a crowbar and defenestrate that fucker.
save file
image:152008081700.jpg(45kB , 640x429 , Gadget Hackwrench trying to fix the Internet Hate Machine.jpg)
I am trying to describe imageboards. Attempt #1.

Autists calling others autists.
collective autism
Angry nerd hobby club
save file
image:152060856300.jpg(17kB , 640x368 , 1520536017691.jpg)
/pco/ ought to like this. It's rare to see creators comment on this side of fan-work.

It's hilarious because I even recognize the artists of some of those pics.
Is it normal to often not comprehend rap lyrics? Until I see a page of lyrics, all I will ever get is a vague collection of phrases out of the song.
I guess part of it is them not always saying the whole words.
I'd say this is normal for all pop songs too, not just rap.
save file
image:152125954900.jpg(19kB , 700x700 , cover image of a bonus track called Will It Blend on the album Cocksuckers.jpg)
>see pic related without context
>understand it constanza.jpg
I need help
save file
image:152126512900.gif(278kB , 500x281 , Piccolo & Vegita at the Daily Dose Disco.gif)
You need to go and see Doctor Namek for your daily dose.
save file
image:152126612100.png(117kB , 293x363 , cad-20080602-358b1.png)
You're right. I'll go find the doctor.
Someone I follow often posts one-liner quotes, which seem original. However I have looked up two, and both times there have been only a single or maybe a couple of google results of people saying a similar thing or using the same keywords. I don't think the quote creator stole these or even saw these quotes, but simply it is difficult to create anything meaningful yet totally original.
Although 4chan.org was excluded from archive.org, 4chan.net was not and has a couple of entries before it was sold.

On the announcements page:

>WELCOME by moot - 10/01/03 @ 10:36PM EDT

[...lots of welcoming and stuff ...]

>Edit for the world2ch crew: Don't worry, there is no plan to put up several inactive sports and political forums. This will be largely image and comedy based, we have no intention of partaking in intelligent discussions concerning foreign affairs.
Oh boy.
save file
image:152309193700.png(14kB , 390x480 , alt accounts.png)
That's a lot of alt accounts. I think it's a result of soundcloud only allowing 3hr of uploads per account unless you pay.

I figure this is a thing some here people might want to participate in.
Mister Twister
This moon is so yellow, man.....
Some lunar event going on? Cool.
Why have low expectations? Just have no expectations.
save file
image:152506492900.jpg(46kB , 848x480 , [DeadFish] Aria the Origination - 03 [DVD][480p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_07.07_[2015.09.06_21.09.40].jpg)
You can't help but have expectations unless you have no knowledge of the thing you are having expectations about, which is normally impossible without a third party. A third party that will colour your expectations by even recommending anything to you. And completely removing expectations from your decision making will critically hinder your judgement in finding good things, be they movies, video games, books, jobs or significant others.

Lowering expectations is good, as you can always be surprised by your expectations being surpassed. But having no expectations is silly, harmful and basically impossible any way.
save file
image:152550180400.jpg(219kB , 1920x1080 , duhduhduuuuhduh.jpg)
>security article written by a female
>uses male pronoun when referring to an arbitrary computer user
save file
image:152566320800.png(165kB , 292x326 , sick fades bro.png)
>"hairdresser, give me your sickest fade"
save file
image:152578374800.png(276kB , 448x516 , RARE.png)
From the Wikipedia page of East Germany jokes:
>Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. What about Socialism? Under Socialism it is exactly the other way around! (German: Kapitalismus ist die Ausbeutung des Menschen durch den Menschen. Und wie ist es mit dem Sozialismus? Da ist es genau umgekehrt!)
save file
image:152644070000.jpg(34kB , 666x457 , confused final fantasy character.jpg)
If nobody died in wars, I think I might join one, just for kicks.
They used to advertise the adventure of it all, before it was televised.
Paintball is pretty fun so I can't disagree with you.
save file
image:152703405500.png(1.66MB , 2560x1440 , Screenshot_20180523-100303.png)
Well, he's not dead. He's diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, suicidal and homicidal, but he's not dead.
I'm kinda happy about it, but I really dont think he is
I haven't watched cartoons in bed with my laptop in years. Maybe that comfy nostalgia will take the stress away.
save file
image:152827802900.jpg(277kB , 1920x1080 , amaze.jpg)
>it's an 'artist nukes almost all their art' episode
>i saved it all last month
Just a heads up, desuarchive and RebeccaBlackTech are breaking and there is no response from the admin. Luckily we have Fireden for /co/ and Archived.moe or whatever for all boards (thumbnail only) but this is still horrible and there may be permanently dead images.
Good. Nonstop archiving is one of the things that destroyed the uniqueness of 4chan.
>uniqueness of 4chan
That's been dead for over a decade. Now that property belongs to all its forks.
The uniqueness was the fact that the whole site was extremely fast, and topics only lasted a few hours and then disappeared forever. Which is what made the place truly anonymous, not the fact that you could post without a name... there was no logging whatsoever, old threads only lived in the hivemind of the users. This allowed for unique board cultures to develop, since content was not restricted in any way.

It was killed in around 2011-12 when moot changed a bunch of settings to "encourage higher quality posts".
save file
image:153114166600.png(12kB , 332x264 , Bosh.png)
I thought this dried up in 2010 but it's gone to a whole other level.

(Top 10 Track of 2017)
Top 10 Line Rider Tracks of 2017youtube thumb
Edit: the 2016 one is far better. Top 10 Line Rider Tracks of 2016youtube thumb
save file
image:153118510300.jpg(86kB , 548x480 , why would you even.jpg)
>send youtube inbox message
>youtube immediately removes inbox feature and deletes all private messages ever
save file
image:153331600400.jpg(43kB , 640x400 , anon gets iced.jpg)
Maybe this should be in Politics thread, but this thread seems most appropriate
I am european ("white", I suppose). I do not consider myself racist nor do I have any true interest in racial politics. Three memories come to my mind regarding race in childhood.
In kindergarten, I have a partial memory of a 'peach' coloured pencil (as it said on the label). Most of the class were european so we just called it 'skin colour' because we were kids and skin was something you would colour in when drawing. I remember one day using the word 'skin colour' for that coloured pencil when talking to my best friend who had a south asian parent and therefore had a strong tan, and them saying it wasn't their skin colour. babbies first introduction to race. i guess i just learned that skin colour is relative and therefore not a good name for a colour, then continued not to care about race for the rest of my childhood.
In early highschool (which was about equally asian+indian and european), I was in metalwork class and had just sanded the rust off a metal bar, leaving my hands covered in brown rust. I remarked that I now looked like an indian classmate, to his amusement. another student loudly told me off for saying a racist comment.
Finally, in later highschool, most of the people I hung around (mostly asian and south east european, by coincidence) and myself really only treated racism as a comedic device and nothing more serious. one prankster friend who was chinese would, for example, claim to be vietnamese if you mentioned the vietnamese war and act offended to try and prey on the common fear of being accused of racism. many of them found it hilarious how cautious and nervous white people would be when racial topics came up and honestly it is. a similar thing happens within my friend groups now, where we're all self-deprecatory-racist in a joking way. especially the arabic pilot friend.
as a side note, my full-chinese friend says "nigga" casually to his mother (as in "nigga, are you serious?"). it's almost surreal to see people saying that word in real life without any tension or seriousness.
Sup my Asian Nigga?
>want to engage in fandom
>don't want spoilers
>the show is 15 years old so no chance of avoiding them
save file
image:153369233800.png(1kB , 194x72 , wew.png)
I've never seen a popular video with this even of a like:dislike ratio. I can see why, it's a sensitive topic and also a well-delivered parodic satire.
Australia Day (Piracy parody)youtube thumb
save file
image:153495639800.jpg(86kB , 540x640 , this is an image.jpg)
Meester Tweester
It happens so often, and it is unfortunate every time, the most skilled artists who produce the most amazing art are mentally unstable.
Tell me about it. I just had a talk with a band that had an extremely unstable but talented member who had to be kicked out twice for serious shit. All kinds of messed up.
I believe there is a definite link between quality of art and the abnormality of the artist. That's part of why you always see narcissistic or depressed artists and nuked galleries.
save file
image:153873318900.jpg(67kB , 720x540 , g.jpg)
>looking at old hdds in a drawer
>they're the same size as my current 1TB HDD
>Windows XP
>Windows 95
>3.2GB HDD
and we still manage to fill them up. time flies.
Yeah, used to be that I had to fuck around making space on floppy discs. Now I have 15TB in my desktop and planning on building an extra 12tb NAS.
Technology is amazing, calculators or watches can have more power/memory than the first computers.
Mister Twister
>Rimba Racer thread deleted without reaching 10 posts
>a thread about fucking little boys is left alone
save file
image:153976834800.png(847kB , 800x626 , this is the future that happened.png)
Well, I finally done it. It took a well-timed Discord post to point me in the right direction. Direction of a custom tombstone generator.

Don't worry, the link doesn't bite.
whats a 4chan infinite
Mister Twister
When +4chan was about to die (FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!!), I made a 8chan backup. A month or so later, an unexpected helper showed up, promising to help the +4 owner fix and run the site. So, +4 kept on living, and it still lives, to this day. Making my 8ch backup completely unneeded. Hence the funeral.
Mister Twister
I am literally asking you to have pity. The backup imageboard I put several days of work into is dead.

Post your F there, if you have a <3.
Black Hand ## Developer
>I am literally asking you to have pity. The backup imageboard I put several days of work into is dead.

You lost a few days but gained a few days worth of work experience, making you stronger and/or smarter. That makes it a few days well spent. Past misdeeds are seeds for the ability to make a better future. As long as you have the willpower to act, you will always be able to sieze destiny.
Mister Twister
Eh, I'll take it. Even if that entire paragraph is one big reference.
a reference to what exactly?
Mister Twister
Don't know, but it could be, since it sounded very much like a quote.
Black Hand ## Developer
You try to inspire a guy when he needs it and people think it's a fucking Borderlands quote.

save file
image:154050904600.png(207kB , 640x360 , rf Critic I dunno lol no text.png)
You never know who's serious.
Mister Twister is an idiot. This is known.
save file
image:154056021500.jpg(208kB , 749x701 , Korra derp.jpg)
Yeah, I'm the stupidest.
Hey, now at least you know you've said something so quotable that someone thought it was already a quote.
save file
image:154120796600.jpg(91kB , 853x480 , better than expected.jpg)
>plan on making a change in life
>mostly due to poor life choices fail to make said change
>feel less than perfect about how things turned out
>recently learn that the originally planned change would not have been the best idea
>now feel good about my failure
The change was new computer and OS. It's almost like life is a complicated ball of surprises.
Sup duders. Used to have a name here like 5 years ago. What's going on?
Welcome back, friend.
Reccommened reading: >>>417817
A lot of the site activity died down after 4chan got /aco/ and /trash/ and 8ch rose. Still some semi-regular posting here.
The site almost closed on new year, we now have a new developer and RSS feeds and catalogs. We also got rid of most of the spam.
/derp/ is long gone and /draw/ is dead, but I think /pco/ still has a few artists.
TMC still around? Loved that guy!
You forgot about Discord, which everyone is migrating to for some reason.
Meester Tweester
Which is ironic, since it collects as much user data as Facebook (at LEAST, if not more). But no one cares cause >convenience
What would plus4chan need to make it convenient enough so we could gain back our user base?

Should we have a "make-your-own-board" feature like 8chan?
different anon
>What would plus4chan need to make it convenient enough
Now that the site works, has a catalog, RSS, no CAPTCHA or Tor blocking, etc, I don't think convenience is a real issue at all (except for the fact that we are another separate website to visit, that can't be fixed). We just don't have many attractive features and we don't advertise much.
If /co/ moderation is still as shit as it always was, it may be our best hope at getting traffic. This site is far more lenient than 4chan's /co/ and /aco/.
>Should we have a "make-your-own-board" feature like 8chan?
haha woah, I don't think that is a a good idea:
1) that's been done by many popular imageboards (and many websites) so it's not really a thing that would bring traffic to us
2) any extra boards made would just further fragment our small userbase and be unlikely to introduce more people
3) that is NOT an easy feature to implement, let alone manage and moderate
1) the fact that other sites allow for it but we can't, is something that could be seen as a lack of features on our part. Also, people like to own stuff. They want their own tumblr/twitter blog, their own facebook page, their own discord chat, their own Instagram gallery, their own imageboard, etc. 8chan has so many small boards which are there only because one or two guys use it to post their own content.

2) this is a legit argument: we just don't have the user base for this. And it's my problem with 8chan too, some themes are split along a dozen boards and all with minimal to no traffic.

3) Not that difficult actually, but there are more important missing features to prioritize on right now.
Some interesting polls of Americans. While the commentary appears to hold a small bias towards one political party, there are some interesting results from both sides. Essentially the majority of respondents are dumb and hypocritical.

4chan /co/ is officially dead, there's only 4channel /co/ now.
save file
image:154320198200.jpg(94kB , 960x720 , [internal panic].jpg)

4CHAN /co/

Meester Tweester
Just when you think reality is boring and predictable, amazing shit happens.
save file
video:154363499600.webm(1.46MB , 360x360 , I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.webm)
Only works on an imageboard.
Meester Tweester
New archaeological findings suggest that after massive feasts people took massive shits.
save file
image:154365642700.jpg(97kB , 640x480 , anglebutt.jpg)
You got me.

Seems logical enough.
>inb4 finding ancient holiday recipes through forensic scatology
Meester Tweester
/v/ is best when it goes full /an/
save file
image:154401360400.jpg(79kB , 482x482 , malcontent machiavel.jpg)
someone recorded a live interview and missed half of the best answer
fucking amateurs fuck
save file
image:154471517300.jpg(140kB , 1000x750 , BIKERS_HELP_BULLIED_BOY_DN03.jpg)
You'll never have a cooler dad than this guy - the kid got bullied, so one day his dad brought him home from school with his entire biker posse in tow.
save file
image:154594870600.png(235kB , 435x465 , happy Pewdiepie.png)
YouTube Rewind 2018, but actually GOOD:
YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually goodyoutube thumb
Testing the linguistic skills of sports commentators. The Newscaster one is also good.
Famous Face-Off: The Sportscastersyoutube thumb
Happy 2019, +4
We outlasted 4chan.org/co/
save file
image:154628824200.png(124kB , 2400x2400 , thumbs up vector.png)
Hello plus4chan,

I am doing my every other year feeling nostalgic for the old days visit and thought I would see how you are all doing.

I am always happy to see there are still people posting here even if there are not many people here anymore.
We are doing fine, but there's just not too many people left.

It would be nice if you'd invite more people here, but I think most people just lolnope out of the site the first time they look at it, because 90% of people browse from phones and the site is very phone unfriendly.
Glad it is going well, though sorry to hear it has been dwindling.

Back in 2017 when I stopped in it was pretty slow, not sure if it is worse than then yet though.

I still talk to a few /co/ and +/co/ people from back in the day. I can see if they are interested in posting here again but I don't know if they would. Image boards in general are just not what they used to be, which has the potential to be a good thing. I would love to have 07-08 style posting back.
I think the people who characterized the '07-08 type posting are all older now and wouldn't post like that anymore, either because they are different people or because they don't have time. And the new generation grew up on twitter and discord and Instagram, what we had back in the day is just not anything special to them.

It's also the fact that comics in the 00s were living a huge renaissance. They went back from the 90s extreme era to the classic settings, and there was still a sense of continuity. /co/ was dropped in the middle of that... we actually discussed the good comics, the old stories that the then-current good comics built on, and it was actually interesting to see where they went, because they were still in the same continuity. It was all the classic stuff but in a modern presentation.

But more than anything, 07-08 style posting was great because everyone was chill. Because it used to be that /b/ was this huge outlet for aggression, so every other board is where you went to if you wanted to have more civil discussions. There was a reason why we used to say that "/co/ is love".
I guess it is kind of naive of me to think we could ever go back. It is nice to dream though.

I never really thought about it but I guess Discord really has replaced chans in general. People can real time talk and post images to it, which was mainly how people treated most chans, there was just the anonymous element for those that liked it. Though I can never understand people that enjoy large Discord chats, there is just too much going on.

The state or cartoons and comics is really divided lately as well. I don't really go to 4chan anymore either but I have been back the last few months a couple times and it is all the same shit I see everywhere, people complaining about wokeness or lack of wokeness. I wish we could just talk about cool shit again.

I am sure I have aged out though and wouldn't really be able to keep up with being on image boards anymore. Maybe I will stick around and see how things go but I am sure this will end up just another nostalgia visit.
Not just discord, but twitter, tumblr, etc., all have the same function now (posting messages and pictures to others). They just have bigger mobile presence and advertisement, and they are free of the inherent vitriol associated with chans, made worse by the current trend of being politically correct. And they focus more on your stuff belonging to you instead of being anonymous, which works because all people have egos. Discord is blooming for the same reason too, everyone can make their *own* chat just by posting a link.

Imageboards are slowly dying not because of this, but because they failed to evolve. Other than ajax functions leveraging a json api, the only innovation was the make-your-own-board feature of 8chan. It's so stupid because if you look at it from a distance, it's just data, grouped differently. Enable user accounts (and the ability to list a users posts/threads only - admin panels on imageboards already have this), and add hashtags (and the ability to list a hashtags posts/threads only), and then only difference between an imageboard and Discord or Tumblr or Twitter is the front end template.

I suppose the difference at this point is money and time. Next to work and life, there's only so much free time people can invest in development. Big social media sites don't have that problem because they have paid developers.
for the sake of the argument, I am VERY anonymous
The only thing that needs to happen for more people to come here is for many of said people to stop believing Discord and smartphones are the coolest thing ever. The advantages of Discord is that what you say and post is a mystery to the world (until someone inevitably leaks it). The advantage of an imageboard is that you can be anonymous, and your images and posts will eventually be deleted, to not "embarrass" your children in 30 years.
save file
image:154772713225.jpg(76kB , 640x480 , are you kidden.jpg)
>and your images and posts will eventually be deleted
You came to the wrong imageboard.
the rest of that post is correct though
>and your images and posts will eventually be deleted

This has not been true for pretty much any imageboard for the entire decade, and I consider it one of the reasons why 4chan went completely down the drain.
Mister Twister
Archives do not count.
Unfortunately they do.
Yeah they kind of do.

Which with plus4 being so slow I see there are threads that are not even in the archive from 4 years ago on a bunch of boards. It reminds me more of an old bbs.

Not to mention a slow board having general threads kind of kills it as well. What is the point of having a whole cartoon and comics board when the first thread on it is a general for ALL cartoons and comics?

Though I guess you do what you can when you have only a handful of people left.
>Which with plus4 being so slow I see there are threads that are not even in the archive from 4 years ago on a bunch of boards.

I, uh, could you untangle that sentence for me please?

>What is the point of having a whole cartoon and comics board when the first thread on it is a general for ALL cartoons and comics?

plus4chan always had slower and bigger threads, because it was made at a time when 4chan had a bump limit of 100. It's just that things have changed - now, 4chan has slow and big threads. With plus4 being even slower now, I'd rather not encourage fast, small threads (as much as I long for those days), because it would start bumping off 4 years worth of content and there's no proper thread archival system.

You can post faster on >>>/z/ if you want though.
save file
image:154783813983.png(183kB , 652x488 , tumblr banned ALL lewd art yet this is still up.png)
Remember when Tumblr banned EVERYTHING lewd? Remember when they were VERY strict about it?

I remember.
Tumblr is still alive after The Purge?
Yeah, and the occasional NSFW content still pops up. But, a lot of purged accounts got taken over by bots who put malicious redirects on the blogs.
The point I was unable to make was, that an image board shouldn't really have 4 years worth of content on a board.
I also really don't think their should an archive for anything other than projects maybe.

However, I do see your point with it being how things need to be with the smaller user base.
I fully agree with that. And I wish we had that type of posting. But right now we wouldn't have the userbase for that. The site is in partial limbo due to several catch-22s affecting it, and this is one of them.

Unrelated to that, but I liked the old 4chanarchive system. A thread needed an amount of votes to be submitted, and then a moderator checked if it was worth archiving. It was only known by those who frequented 4chan, so you didn't have every moron archiving every one of his own threads. A lot of great threads got archived that way. It wasn't perfect, but neither is archiving everything like what 4chan does right now.
Mister Twister
A very easy solution would be for the mods to delete all threads more than 2 years old, save for /coc/. But will they do it??
save file
image:154799204725.png(31kB , 800x800 , pillow.png)
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the final episode:
save file
image:154968874576.jpg(163kB , 929x768 , Board Geeks 1.jpg)
This is a comic that I missed at some point in time.
save file
image:154968927605.png(684kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 2.png)
save file
image:154969180772.png(706kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 3.png)
save file
image:154969292299.png(720kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 4.png)
save file
image:154969387355.png(654kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 5.png)
save file
image:154969637860.png(776kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 6.png)
save file
image:154969659123.jpg(258kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 7.jpg)
save file
image:154969676228.jpg(241kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 8.jpg)
save file
image:154969684797.png(897kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 9.png)
save file
image:154969709916.png(853kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 10.png)
save file
image:154969723678.png(939kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 11.png)
save file
image:154969735640.jpg(279kB , 1240x900 , Board Geeks 12.jpg)
a good /co/ comic? well I never.
When was this made (I'm guessing past three years)? Is it still in progress?
Meister Tweister
I believe it's complete. This MAY be the finale:
board geeksyoutube thumb
Someone used my reaction image!
Sure, they're in a petty debate about politics ruining imageboards, but I'm still happy.
Japan is a trash country

You get removed from existence and society for the sin of using cocaine.
You get slapped on the wrist with a little fine for having tons of literal child porn.
Myster Twyster
If it is drawn porn, then you should not care.

And don't do cocaine.
cocaine actively harms your body and creates an addiction that will force you to break the law to make the means necessary to feed your addiction.

loli manga actually helps to reduce child predatory by giving the sickos an outlet that does not harm anyone.

I think they got at least this part right.
Actual child porn you jackoffs.

And by 'removed from existence and society' I don't mean jailtime, I mean society and the powers that be will go out of its way to Unperson you and your ability to live from that point on.
Master Twaster
Palemoon is just getting better. Use it and Waterfox interchangeably, on a machine ancient in eyes of most people, only 8GB RAM and outdated CPU. Latest Palemoon build for the Maks consumes slightly over 5GB right now, and I have 2 YouTube tabs open (1 ten minute video paused), and the total # of tabs is about 40, over multiple windows. Gotta love them open source independent projects.
RAM usage is not only caused by the browser, it's caused by the content you open in them. You can make any browser, with a single tab only, reach 2+GB RAM by opening a large enough image file. You can make any browser reach the maximum amount of memory they can handle with 2 rows of javascript. And websites today load quite a lot of images and quite a lot of javascript, plus a ton of animations that have to be precomputed and cached, 1080p videos, multiple custom vector fonts to rasterize on the fly, and using GPU to render all of that.

I am not at all surprised that you can get 5+GB with 40 tabs.
>And by 'removed from existence and society' I don't mean jailtime, I mean society and the powers that be will go out of its way to Unperson you and your ability to live from that point on.

This happens in western societies too, just make a nigger, faggot, or kike joke on your twitter.
save file
image:155388767366.jpg(741kB , 1378x1415 , zzjyumvwn0p21.jpg)
Is rl an anime
Master Twaster
Well, we had a RL Hero Hero recently......
save file
image:155396634150.png(130kB , 782x672 , australian banned sites.png)
List of banned sites in Australia.

...we are not on it.
Australia is such a trashfire, its amazing a nation based on convicts is so puritan.
I got onto 8ch.net just fine. Could be a DNS level block though.
save file
image:155412690145.png(1.73MB , 1673x3803 , m75wl.png)
fucking april 1st, man.

Some ISPs blocked it at DNS level only, some at IP level.
Master Twaster
>a site literally named Darkweb
That's NOT how you do it.........
Ridiculous Donations Left At Thrift Stores (r/AskReddit)youtube thumb

Are American charity shops really this fucked up?
So I went to 4chan. Not 4channel, 4chan.
The javascript ad mess is so broken, that the captcha did not load. Unless I disabled adblock, but then it looked like a clickbait scam site from the last decade.
Last time I visited (following a link) it had ads halfway down the page. Final straw for me.
The only two things it is ok for (imo) are a couple of nice comfy generals and historical importance.
So is 4chan worse than 4channel in technical terms?

Pissed at the moment for getting banned on /co/ for posting a robot catgirl that was created by /co/ originally.
save file
image:155519020412.png(147kB , 367x515 , Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 17.15.28.png)
Gay shipping on the front page: what Tumblr was made for.
save file
image:155535217672.jpg(103kB , 768x1024 , D4NE7M2XsAEDeyb.jpg)
Got a retweet popping up in my twitter of a couple showing off their cosplays.

Their costumes are generally very good but this particular shot of the two in these outfits give off a distracting vibe, oh dear...
Had to comment somewhere to get it off my chest.
Master Twaster
Apparently the french could not afford a couple of these (or did not have such advanced technology):
Airplane bombing house on fire 2010 / как БЕ-200 потушил домyoutube thumb
That was used on shack in the boonies, not one of the most notable churches in one of the biggest cities of Europe. Using such a plane in a dense urban area may be prohibitive (it seems to fly really low), and there's no telling if it could do more damage than good.
It seems gmail is getting more and more trash, it purposefully breaks pop3 access every other week now with security alerts to force you into logging in to their web panel.

Anyone knows a decent email alternative? Hotmail and yahoo was never good, and the only other I know of is cock.li.
Master Twaster
I use it with Palemoon and Waterfox, no problems aside from occasionally being slow.
I use cock and it runs fine, could be worth considering protonmail or disroot but I can't vouch for them personally.
One thing to watch for is in the past year or two I have had one sent mail go to junk/spam (cock domains are more easily abused by spammers)
>I use cock and it runs fine
I too frequently use cock when on my computer. Could be better but in the end can't complain about how it performs.
Master Twaster
save file
image:155682888381.png(32kB , 693x543 , tumblr 2018 statistics.png)
>Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr after squandering its potential

I can't stop laughing.
Update: Pornhub is interested in buying Tumblr from Verizon and "restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content”
Muster Twuster
Pornhub is using MEMES to gain POWER. As one should.
I wonder what it would be like if 3DPD sites like Pornhub had the same autistic-grade tagging of e621.net or certain other boorus.
Even just reliable sexuality tags like "gay male" for all homosexual men videos, or "-male" to remove straight videos and male homosexual videos.
save file
image:155691234930.png(485kB , 811x553 , omg wow.png)
>female -male clitoral_orgasm she_is_totally_not_faking_her_orgasm_we_checked
That would be heaven.
Muster Twuster
>we at /v/ are so much better at filename threads
>yet /v/ mods keep deleting filename threads
Muster Twuster
Well well well, look what got the most (you)s:
The Sneaky Tiki
Wow, Blackhand, you've been kicking ass here.

Also I'm gonna be hanging out here more occasionally.


Here is a discord for anyone who would care to join and hang out.
lol, russian spambot hit a bump-limit'd thread (>>404541) so no-one even noticed.
Black Hand ## Developer
That happens quite a bit actually, but right now our moderator team removed it before I could.
How does Jontron make money off his videos, all of them involve buying and/or breaking alot of props and he seems to have a whole group of people working on his stuff.

His latest video is literally buying alot of expensive dumb crap off the internet as its topic, is he independently wealthy?
In order from most likely to least likely: he's either a rich asshole, a percentage of stuff he destroys is donated, has various sponsorships for additional income, or his videos really do make that much money.
save file
image:155997612685.png(712kB , 1190x624 , Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 02.41.19.png)
>that one time when /co/ was a bit more furry than usual
save file
image:156053352006.png(1.36MB , 1891x932 , 1560391160667.png)
/b/ is being invaded, apparently.
Is that because /b/ is no long as glorious a shithole as it once was?

Whats all this about antiporn and the colour yellow?
Apparently it's a discord raid but I just don't know. What I don't understand is, why is this even noteworthy? It used to happen every other day in the 00s, on nearly every board. And why even have the moderators trying to clean it up, the entire point of the board is that everything goes, and that includes spamming - just leave it as is, people will get bored of it eventually.
Meester Tweester
Well, now filename threads are deleted on /co/ after only a few hours.
We should try spamming something that /co/ likes, until the mods start permabanning it on sight. A guy at /g/ managed to block discussions of some topics entirely using this tactic.
Also, anchor posts in drawthreads are not allowed either, which is something I cannot fathom.
What is an 'anchor post'?
When you have 240 posts making requests in a drawthread, and only 10 posts with art, then it can be tiresome to wade through all the reposts and find the new art. So the artist can link to the anchor post. Then you can just go through the pics linked to the anchor to see the new art only.
save file
image:156067483836.jpg(104kB , 960x718 , fortune teller.jpg)
I actually found a good Tumblr that's worth following IN 2019:
Yeah, except you need to wade through some GDPR checks every other access, then you need an account, and then you can't browse it except from the dashboard, and RSS is broken so you can't even get a feed of new content.

I mean that blog might be worth following, but that's hard to do if it's on tumblr.
I have three devices and the colors look different on ALL of them. How the fuck do you make something barely visible on everyone's screen?!?!
I think the one I calibrated myself is one of the worst.
I noticed that too at work. There are some tools to calibrate them, but I don't particularly give a shit anymore, since I can just copy the colour codes and it'll look the same as what the designer intended. And if you are designing stuff that needs this, just aim for the contrast or the general impression of the colours - their ratio and such will be the same on all devices, as long as they are not extremely miscalibrated to the point of missing entire colours.

The more funny thing was when I used to have a TN panel monitor at work. The designers sometimes gave designs with a subtle shade or shadow for some elements, which did not show up on the TN panel AT ALL. Some years later we finally got some new monitors which did not have this issue (either VA or IPS, don't know which).
Twitter is about to ban all porn.


So where will the adult artists go after this happens?
Myster Twyster
Ban porn, go to Hell.
Gotta keep the internet pure.
Twitter is a shit site for it. Hopefully people who care can push the exodus to a worthy site.
So I put a watercooling loop (AIO) in my computer, hoping it would keep temperatures down for the summer, so my computer does not generate so much heat and blow it into the room.

Well it keeps some specific parts of the hardware inside cool... but now there's a 40C radiator emitting heat into my room (or into the case, depending on where I position it). Basically, the inside of the computer is an oven, but the gpu is kept at a nice 35C idle, 50C load - previous stock cooler was 45C idle, 80C load, but it pushed all heat out of the case itself.

The 10GbE network controller also creates a lot of heat.
Mustur Twustur
Another amazing thread:
you should be using the HTTPS version of the site.
Mustur Twustur
And adding a letter to the URL will magically make the traffic secure?
It makes the traffic encrypted instead of unencrypted so yeah.
Mustur Twustur
I get that much. But what DOES the encryption? There has to be a program, a script to do that, built-in the site.
The server sends encrypted data and your browser decrypts it.
Pretty much, except without the magic.
HTTP and HTTPS are different protocols. HTTPS is an extension of HTTP, the S literally stands for 'secure'.
Your browser and the server software both already understand how to communicate with each other using the HTTPS protocol, so both will encrypt and decrypt messages. Some sites don't have HTTPS servers but most do by now, it's standard.
Of course, it's not perfect magic. Lots of sites enable CloudFlare's reverse proxy, which means CloudFlare sees the unencrypted message, checks it and can choose to re-encrypt it. There are also various attacks on HTTPS.
>t. has eavesdropped on HTTP traffic. It's piss easy.
>t. has eavesdropped on HTTP traffic. It's piss easy.

You pretty much just listen to the packets. They are unencrypted.
Mustur Twustur
That makes more sense. I tried adding S to one domain, and it broke the site.
Not all sites have https enabled. You need a certificate installed on the server. But you can even get those free now - not sure how the free certificates are as far as security goes, but some encryption is always better than no encryption.
>Not all sites have https enabled. You need a certificate installed on the server.
Yeah, that's a more accurate explanation.
>Lots of sites enable CloudFlare's reverse proxy, which means CloudFlare sees the unencrypted message
I should have mentioned: I'm reasonably sure +4 is doing this.
Usually this is done so that CloudFlare (for example) can check for known suspicious activity and try to block it. If the message is encrypted, that really limits what information they are able to analyse.
soft music sounds like shit with tinnitus
It seems sadpanda is closing doors.
Yup, it's gone.

The admin had enough and shut it down. E-hentai will follow when it expires.
The admin knew it was going to happen all year and didn't bother to notify anyone only giving people 12 hours notice. The entire site was like 4-5 terabytes too, using a data scraper script people could easily make backups of the entire thing, but the servers couldn't handle it over a 12 hour period. I hate it when people get so full of themselves they act like whatever project they're in charge of needs to be destroyed the moment they aren't able to manage it anymore.
Mustur Twustur
>if I cannot have you, no one will!
Leaving up a longer "warning" period may have potential legal ramifications, considering the material in question.
The reason the site is going down is because he doesn't want to be arrested for SeePee, and murdered in prison.
I have literally never seen a single piece of cheese pizza on that site in the decade I've been using it. Does anyone have any actual proof it was being used for that? Because there are tons of other sites that have and they're still around.
Reminder that some countries consider this site to host it. Drawn counts.
Many retards that exist in our world think 2D lolis is SeePee.
And they eventually end up pushing some legislation in that vein, and it is 100% guaranteed to pass because not supporting it is a career suicide for every politician - and all politicians are career politicians.
I hear specifically the problem is related to the Dutch that the site is going away?
The problem that triggered it was apparently a change in the Dutch laws, combined with personal problems of the owner, but it's very likely more complex than that.
Windows 7 is coming to an end at the start of next year, not looking forward to switching over to a new system.
The only reason to upgrade to windows 10 is if you're using new hardware that isn't compatible with an older operating system. Even without any official microsoft support it won't change your overall experience. "But what about security updates!?!?" people will say. Well I went through the entirety of Windows7 without ever downloading a single update and I never got a virus. A virus doesn't spontaneously appear in your hard drive, you have to download it from some stupid attack site first. As long as you use adblock and stick with known websites and don't download stupid shit you'll be fine. If you want to be extra safe you can use noscript on firefox. It breaks every single website and you have to go through a long process figuring out exactly what you want to allow but its worth it.

But if you really do want to upgrade to windows 10 heres something you NEED TO KNOW. Get a decent solid state drive and at least 8 gigs of ram, windows 10 runs like 100 fucking processes at launch and a mechanical hard drive can barely keep up. Combined with forced updates the effects of "windows rot" hits a hell of a lot harder than any other OS out there. Microsoft is seemingly aware of how shitty it is and introduced a new "start fresh" feature to pseudo re-install windows without messing with everything else.
>windows 10 runs like 100 fucking processes at launch and a mechanical hard drive can barely keep up

This is incorrect. What happens is that on old versions of Windows, most services were combined to a single service host task executable. By windows 10, the average computer had 4 cores minimum and buttloads of ram, so they set each service to use it's own, separate host task. It's why you have 60 or so svchost.exe's running in the background.

However the services still write to disk the same amount, so having more processes makes no difference speed wise. What it does make a difference in, is stability: when one service makes a fatal error and crashes its own host, you won't have 1/8th of all Windows services crashing at the same time.

And the "Start Fresh" feature was always there; it was just a feature on the installer disc.

As for an SSD, that one is a no brainer. I've been using once since almost a decade (9 and half years), and even the slow-ass models of that time made gigantic differences compared to standard HDDs. Every time someone brings me a slow laptop, I just put an SSD in it, and it gave me a reputation as a computer magician. Windows 7 would be equally slow with a HDD, that one is not a Windows 10 thing.

The "windows rot" is just you acquiring too much shit on your computer and user account over time. It's the same as when you switch to another browser; it'll be super fast because the one you regularly use has too much user info piled up, slowing it down. When IE9 came out, it felt bloody light speed to all the new users, Chrome feels super fast to long time Firefox users, Edge or Opera feels super fast to long time Chrome users etc etc etc. Just learn how to do regular maintenance and windows 10 isn't any worse than windows 7 or even windows Vista (if you knew how to configure it, Vista had zero issues after it got its first service pack).
>As for an SSD, that one is a no brainer.
Yeah but thousands of NEW systems are being released without an SSD. Combined with the endless windows updates and you have people complaining about not being able to use their computer for hours at a time. With a new SSD it takes seconds. People don't realize this so why are you so dismissive? People complaining about windows update freezing their computer forever spiked in popularity when 10 became the new standard. It wasn't an issue as big of an issue before.

>The "windows rot" is just you acquiring too much shit on your computer and user account over time.
No its really fucking not that simple. Before they ended support on XP I tested it myself with an old system I had reformatted but never used afterwards as I had built a new system for Windows7. I let it download and update every single thing microsoft claimed I needed and when it was all finished the system took significantly longer to boot and was barely responsive when attempting to open folders. Every single update WILL slightly slow down your system bit by bit and people always shift the blame to every other thing EXCEPT microsoft. Yeah other programs do terrible things too, one third party browser toolbar and your system is crippled. But lets not pretend Microsoft is innocent in the matter.

>Just learn how to do regular maintenance and windows 10 isn't any worse than windows 7 or even windows Vista (if you knew how to configure it, Vista had zero issues after it got its first service pack).

In reality its way more complicated than that. Vista sucked dick because the average computer at the time could barely run the operating system by itself, let alone any other programs after that. I would see low end systems with as little as 512 megs of ram being advertised as "vista compatible". Microsoft was literally sued for false advertising when making up the minimum requirements for Vista. Windows 7 is basically a reskinned windows vista, but released later so the average computer at the time had better hardware.
>Yeah but thousands of NEW systems are being released without an SSD.
HDDs are still cheaper per megabyte, and OEMs make more money off of selling cheaper crap at a higher mark up. That's all there is to it - people buying cheap machines.

>Combined with the endless windows updates and you have people complaining about not being able to use their computer for hours at a time.
Windows updates only happen once a month, barring critical security issues. What really slows the computers down is a combination of data fragmentation, and morons installing everything at a whim which causes dozens of unnecessary applications running simultaneously.

>People complaining about windows update freezing their computer forever spiked in popularity when 10 became the new standard. It wasn't an issue as big of an issue before.
This is not the fault of Windows 10 itself, but Microsoft kicking out all their experienced developers and replacing them with cheap Indian labour. If the current team was working on a Windows 7 service pack, that too would get hard drive nuking problems. But Win7 issues don't even make it to the media now, so it probably has it's share off issues, you just don't hear from it.

And don't forget that Windows is now getting major updates bi-yearly (well, only yearly now, they recently changed stances on that). Previously, service packs came out 2-3 years, unless something really needed it (Vista SP1). More updates + worse dev team = more frequent problems. But as long as you delay the platform updates, you should be fine.

>No its really fucking not that simple.
Yes it is.

>Before they ended support on XP I tested it myself with an old system I had reformatted but never used afterwards as I had built a new system for Windows7. I let it download and update every single thing microsoft claimed I needed
Okay, you are making several mistakes in your test case. One, you are using Windows XP, which received extremely major under-the-hood changes during lifetime, partially because it was so broken initially, and partially because it was in service for two to three times its intended lifespan. The original release of XP was only slightly more than Windows 2000, it could run on something like 64MB RAM with ease. After three service packs, it received a completely new management console, policy editors, a firewall, kernel support for several new modern hardware (USB 2.0 being a major example, but also Bluetooth, Firewire, better multi-core cpu support, NX bit support, IPv6...), they introduced the system file checker (sfc.exe) which verified the integrity of system files, there was the Microsoft antivirus, I forgot how many versions of .NET and Visual Basic runtime libraries, and eight years worth of monthly DirectX library updates. Windows XP, up to date, is a several times bigger OS than Windows XP, vanilla. It doesn't even use the same kernel! They had to change it to the Server 2003 one, after XP got 3 major worldwide infections in the summer of 2003.

The fragmentation caused by running so many updates alone would cause huge problems (nearly all of the system files have been rewritten), but you also have several extra tasks running post-update, plus a virus checker running a full background check.

An SSD alone would defeat a lot of those issues, though.

>Vista sucked dick because the average computer at the time could barely run the operating system by itself
This is only a third of the truth, and it was only half of Microsofts problem. It is true that MS were too lenient with the Vista "compatible" badges. The bigger issue was that a lot of vendors simply did not release drivers for older hardware. Players as big as Nvidia were advertising DirectX 10 support on the 8800 card when they didn't have drivers ready yet. They did not support nForce3, leaving a large portion of people running top-of-the-line hardware with buggy or no Vista support (I ran into that myself, and met several people who couldn't update due to using that chipset). I'm fairly sure Nvidia got sued for one of those. Creative were left orphaned after hardware support got removed too (but to be fair, their drivers were already legendarily bad). I could also mention the lack of gameport support, but the X360 pad came out just then and it was brilliant, so they saved some face with that. Hardware acceleration of Aero was difficult to get working, again due to driver problems.
The Vista installer itself bluescreened if you installed it on an nForce3 motherboard, once it got to the part where it measured your videocard performance.

The other major reasons were Vista having some major under-the-hood kinks which they could not iron out due to the expedited shipping; it was an ambitious project that had to be restarted from scratch, with clear goals in mind rather than a collection of experimental technologies. The competition was stealing too many of the ideas seen in the Vista "Longhorn" prototypes, and shipped them before Vista did, so they had to rush Vista. This resulted in more bugs. On release it had issues like file copying being unusable slow. The first service pack came out unusually fast to address so many issues.

And finally they introduced a new, necessary security concept, already familiar in Unix systems. The concept of separating user and system permissions. Before Vista, every application ran as an administrator by default, and very often they indeed did whatever they wanted on the system. Vista did not allow applications to access anything but the User space, unless the user specifically granted them permissions. This was known as the User Account Control, and it was a huge bane of many people because the Windows ecosystem was wholly unprepared for it. Vista was made a laughing stock due to asking if the user really wanted to do that for nearly every application.

>Windows 7 is basically a reskinned windows vista, but released later so the average computer at the time had better hardware.
Windows 7 had a good kernel with all the major bugs ironed out of it right from the start. Hardware support became better as more legacy hardware was phased out either due to people normally upgrading, or by necessity due to Vista incompatibility. And the application ecosystem has gotten used to the new separation of user and system space, resulting in more modern programs not nagging users so often.

I'm not just parroting this either, these are all personal anecdotes, as I've had to deal with all of this. I still have my monthly updates from 2003 when XP ate itself in a month. I remember dual booting Vista when it first came out, for until a year when it was unnecessary anymore as it became stable enough. Had to switch out a nForce3 board to a VIA K8T800 one due to Nvidia fucking me over with lack of drivers - the XP drivers worked fine for a while, until I switched from a passive Geforce 7600 to a Radeon X1950 Pro, funnily enough. Windows 7 included an entire Windows XP VM for hardware compatibility reasons, and that was the only way I could use my scanner.

Compared to all of that shit, Windows 10 is infinitely easier to use. Just stay away from the bi-yearly platform updates, until they iron out the issues from it, and you are set. There are some apps like 7 Tray Tools and WinAero Tweaker which can make it more usable or work more like what you are used to with older Windows versions.
and I forgot, Windows XP didn't even have usable Wi-fi support until SP2 or so.
>A virus doesn't spontaneously appear in your hard drive, you have to download it from some stupid attack site first.
[citation needed]
0days exist, especially useful for widely used, unmaintained OSs like XP and soon Win 7. They can pose as legitimate updates, for example. Or a drive-by download in your browser from a pwnt, previously-trusted website. Browsers are a very big target.
If the writer/s of the hack are good enough, you won't even know you have a virus.
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He is probably too young to remember the Blaster Worm.
seems its back open now.
Yeah I've been seeing people say that too
There was another mass shooting, this time at El Paso.

As a consequence (the person posted frequently on 8chan), cloudflare terminated their contract with 8chan, and now the site is (temporarily?) unavailable.
I'm split:
- 8ch has a few good communities among the trash and some helpful things I should have saved
- 8ch is a cesspool with major issues and politics creeping into too many places for my taste
- If I were to visit or post on 8ch, I would prefer not to have a MITM like Cloudflare involved. Fuck them.
- Since Cloudflare dropped them, the site has been unavailable
Mistir Twistir
8chan is necessary, despite its ugliness.
Why are so many movie stars cultists?

I mean, scientology is a collection of them, but even Gwyneth Paltrow has her own snake-oil company that also has its own culty scam seminars
Because stardom makes their lives hell. They can't do as much as go down to the groceries without people flocking over them. Cults are a place where that doesn't matter, and it gives them a sense of belonging too, so when the join they feel a level of appretiation they do not feel elsewhere.

It is one place where they can go to and meet people without stardom being a problem.

That, or they are just scammers who know that people go to cults for that reason, and they try to take advantage of that.