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image:143850215100.png(347kB , 720x720 , EP054 - Pearl - Done With Your Shit.png)
Speak Your Mind: Pearl is So Done With Your Bullshit Edition

There’s shit going on in the last SYM thread that should stay there. Don’t bring it into this one.
worst gem honestly
I've never watched SU because I'm 80% sure it won't appeal to my taste, but that gem seems like a qt. My guess it that she is an annoying voice-of-reason character tho.

How wrong am I?
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image:143852139700.png(2.49MB , 571x1906 , gih.png)
You couldn't be more wrong, if anything she's the voice of irrationality.

ALSO WELCOME TO WINDOWS 10 FUCKERS, IT'S...a smooth transition with many satisfied customers enjoying a product infinitely superior to the previous version.
Still impatiently waiting for my number to get called for Windows 10.
If you can ignore the horrible privacy issues and forced updates, it does seem decent.
Anyone a content creator/poster on youtube?
Are there any good ways to discourage people reposting your stuff on their channel in addition to reporting it, or should I not care, considering how commonplace it is?
Yeah, the privacy shit is a little worrisome, the updates are good though and I'd rank it a solid letter grade ahead of all the every other OS, so much easier to multi-task.
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image:143856751900.jpg(791kB , 1920x1280 , hitsun1438184485.jpeg)
I'm leaving for Canada on Friday, my first time out of the states, hooray! I really don't want to work this week because of it though... I just want to get there. I'm off all next week but damn why can't I just be off all this week too?
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image:143858558900.jpg(53kB , 712x576 , Holly thanks you.jpg)
God bless the furries. The information network they have established is truly astonishing. Just scroll for a bit through a furry's Twitter feed, and find out about 5 cool things you never knew about.
>Are there any good ways to discourage people reposting your stuff on their channel in addition to reporting it, or should I not care, considering how commonplace it is?
I took it as a compliment when some kid stole my clip. However, I posted a comment on the video telling him that I didn't want him to steal my video. Got the reply "Sorry i like this video" and he switched the comments to 'approved only' so that I couldn't post again or answer people's questions like the song name (which he answered incorrectly).

>any good ways to discourage people reposting your stuff on their channel?
if a comment won't get you anywhere:
1) call their bullshit in a video
2) add a watermark or something

Afro black chick was my second guess

You can just turn all the privacy shit off. There are some features that won't work without them but nothing anybody should care about.
You can't turn it off before they've already used it on you though.
You can turn them off during installation.
Not all of it. You still have to go to settings and turn off quite a bit once it's been installed.
I'm glad I put it on an unimportant laptop before doing my desktop since I can't seem to get Rocksmith working with it.
She's not either, I can't even begin to tell you about her, but though she tries to be she's really not.
Not the voice of reason so much as the voice of get back to work already.

I'm sure you're getting up to some truly noteworthy usage during the five minutes between installation and getting to the settings screen.
Within those 5 minutes, they'll already know what's on my machine.
Ah, yes, they'll be sending a full ghost image of all your harddrives and the current contents of your optical drives, created and uploaded in five minutes.
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image:143867876400.jpg(16kB , 250x287 , angry Anakin.jpg)
I am starting to really hate computer n00bs. Because of them, the standards of the industry are getting lower and lower.
Oh no! Accessibility and intuitive design is being focused on? How will the world cope?!
muh- muh startup settings
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image:143869114500.png(1,012kB , 1300x944 , I love sand.png)
I was referring to the quality of individual components getting worse and worse. Newer computers tend to break faster. And "intuitive" can easily become "primitive" (and giving the user less control over technology).
It pisses me off so much how the word "retarded" is considered inappropriate and offensive now. People lump both it and "faggot" as if they're on the same level as nigger, when in reality it took that word over a century to become socially unacceptable. This happened in just 5 years.
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image:143872172900.jpg(18kB , 230x301 , Warren bloody Ellis, you bollocks.jpg)
>put an ad on CraigsList, because I am that desperate
>get one reply that seems at least 95% on my wavelength
>still haven't met up, and she's going to be out of the city for the next week or so
>tell her that I've got Asperger's Syndrome, because the sooner she knows the better
>mfw that was a few hours ago, and she still hasn't replied

I want to believe she's just processing the information, I really do.
I feel that words like faggot and retarded should only be avoided when talking to a stranger that legitimately fits that description (like, an actual homosexual).
Political correctness is stupid and contradictory. There is nothing wrong with being polite or appropriate to your setting, but to demonise the use of certain words is just retarded.

Then again, taboo just makes it more rewarding to say.
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image:143873663000.png(26kB , 640x360 , rf Lindsay thumbs up 2.png)
This is so accurate, it hurts.
You're not really saying anything that's wrong here, you can just thank the retards that can't even make the distinction of when to use it and when not to for it becoming generally unsavoury regadless of the situation.
>I feel that words like faggot and retarded should only be avoided when talking to a stranger that legitimately fits that description (like, an actual homosexual).
Which if homosexuality was an inherently visible trait like skin color, would be entirely practical, but I'm not about to expect people to trade demographic profile cards before communicating.
Times change. Adapt or die.

I still use the word retarded but only within my circles. It doesn't bother me that it bothers some people. I don't feel the need to take a stand on something.

It's for this reason that so many words the internet throws around today have no fucking meaning. If you want a recent 4chan example, what the fuck does cuck even mean anymore? Nothing (on 4chan, that is--I imagine the word still has use on more intelligent parts of the internet), because it gets used to describe literally everything. And that use of "literally" in my previous sentence isn't even hyperbole.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Don’t forget “autistic” and “meme”; those words have lost meaning on 4chan as well. The former is even used to describe things like fictional narratives (e.g. “this show is fucking autistic”) instead of people with actual autism.

4chan is where meaning and context go to die in a gutter.
Times aren't supposed to change as fast as tumblr are trying to force them to.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

What law says that?
Mister Twister
I don't think it's wise to blame a website for anything. It's the people who do things, be it right or wrong. 4chan is merely a gathering place, where some of the brightest and the dimmest individuals come to post stuff.
The goddamn human condition.
>all these tips on looking photogenic in photos talk about making yourself look less fat
but im underweight
Then do the opposite. Take your pictures from below so it looks like you have a double chin. Wear baggy clothes to make yourself look bigger. Eat food with lots of salt and then drink lots of water before you take your picture.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’m not blaming the website for “destroying” those words in general. I’m saying that on 4chan, those words no longer have any real meaning because 4channers “destroyed” their context and meaning by overusing them and using them in nonsensical ways.
Well, maybe I won't be going to Canada. T-thanks, passport agency.
>i got a quads get
>on /fit/
hahahahaha oh wow
Mister Twister
Well, that's what you get when thousands of people simultaneously try to prove that they "can say whatever they want". They end up saying everything at the same time, devaluing words at the speed of light. I actually wrote an "article" on this issue (not identical but similar):
There's an owl sitting outside of my window and just kinda staring at me. This is the coolest shit.
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image:143880075400.png(15kB , 330x186 , 1436249374141.png)
>mfw she was just busy getting ready for a trip she's going in, and does actually have some experience of what autistic people are like, even acknowledging that it's about 50% awesome times, 50% being stuck with a douchebag

Wow, I'm going to have to do something really stupid to fuck things up with this lady!
Progress, hooray!
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image:143880746900.png(299kB , 371x501 , rf trash.png)
>find a new webcomic
>it looks kind of cool
>decide to check the author's profile
>personal pronouns
>nonbinary panromantic
So enjoy the art and not the artist.
Mister Twister
That crap seeps into the art every time the artists is crazy like that. And since comics are impossible without characters, the comic's characters will exhibit the things the author believes in. I never seen a single exception to that.
>I never seen a single exception to that.
And as long as you keep boycotting works created by people with different lifestyles than you, by god you never will!
So enjoy the art and not the artist until the artist turns the art into a personal megaphone.

That's what I did with Sinfest.
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image:143882344900.png(208kB , 522x365 , Hulaballoo.png)
I must say, this was really interesting:
Mister Twister
If your goal in life is achieving some sort of future reward, might as well give up. The only way to be happy is doing something you like, and enjoying the process. Happiness is not in the future, happiness is now.

Just a thought.
Please elaborate.
>doing something you like
That is the future reward.
Although to continue that thought, I am often happy in general anyway, despite being prone to frustration.
Also, if it's not in the future then how is it a goal?
So you're arguing in favor of mindless hedonism.
Mister Twister
I didn't make a claim that unhealthy life practices can make you happy. Booze can take away your worries, but they will return, more worrisome than ever.

Examples of happy activities:
>having a picnic with friends
>drawing stuff (if you're an artist)
>listening to music you like
>putting your talents to use (having a dream job)
>watching a cartoon
>reading a comic
But the point is that you're arguing people should put immediate gratification over long-term happiness.
>taking mt seriously
It's 1am and I can't fucking sleep because it's so fucking hot. Fuck summer. Right in its humid stuffy asshole.
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image:143890298300.png(519kB , 690x406 , bear advises you to follow his advice.png)
I never said that. Happiness is finite, and exists in short moments, which end. You cannot be happy all the time, nor you should be. Besides, one can find happiness in being busy, find happiness in work.

This thread is starting to have too many replies. This should not be a discussion thread, and the purpose of posts should not be to change people's minds. Just come here, make a post, and more on. Or, read somebody else's post, do not reply, and make your own unrelated post instead.
That sounds like a bad idea.
Twister, you aren't the boss. I'm just speaking my mind, bro
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>This should not be a discussion thread

Too late.
god damn i need a fucking dick in my ass.
Mister Twister
I find it ironic that angsty teenagers are the butt of many of the jokes on 4chan and ED, despite them being the majority of the userbase.
holy shit i need to stick my dick in someones ass
I have an idea
I think I have the same idea! Quick, you get the lederhosen, I'll start teaching these frogs how to play the trumpet.
These are some nice videos. Makes me think I ought to write down my ideas on the classical elements and write some fiction already. Or use aether theory to design a video game physics engine, when I've been meaning to do one based on relativity for a while but then whoops no interest in graphics drivers. Just got to the superstitions in science video, and as always I find it annoying when someone acts like they know what I'm thinking when they don't even if what they say makes sense and applies to most people. TFW cold reading is used on me even though I'm a freak, basically.

In any case, I thusly feel as though I should record my guess before going onto the next video to show my lack of superstition in the matter. In a spoiler, since he says to make your own guess before looking up an answer: Wormholes, if they existed, wouldn't allow for time travel, even if put in a Roman ring configuration, but also might not exist if it means spacetime doesn't bend. He specifically pointed out how time travel in the relativistic sense isn't allowed by ether physics to allowance of a preferred frame in an earlier video. I don't know if a rocket could, it aether theory, travel fast enough to create Cherenkov radiation from traveling faster than light in the medium between solar systems, as I didn't get a chance to learn the math in school and haven't taken to online courses. They're all video and I prefer being able to read.
Oh right, of course! I'll write a story about a a blind underwater race of the abyssal planes from the perspective of one of its members, who discovers that there are things traveling faster than sound despite their society having a belief in physics where the speed of sound is treated like the speed of light in relativity.
>she asks me how many women I've been with
>I know damn well lying will not go well in the long run
>I tell her straight out that I've not gotten that far before
>she stops e-mailing me
Mister Twister
I swung at a moth on the wall, and it fell right on a newly build spider's web.
You'd think you'd get the hint when she DIDN'T ask you IF you've been with a woman before.
Mister Twister
12 year olds who do not know what "correct aspect ratio" is need to be banned from the Internets and forced to take a crash course on basic media technology.
I don't know why people take Dragon Ball seriously when it has two villains named Freezer and Cooler, a character named after the word vegetable, a boy named after the word food, and a girl named after underwear.
The goofy theme naming goes even further than that--everyone in underwear girl's family is named after underwear--Bulma (Buruma/Bloomers) Dr. Briefs, her son Trunks and her daughter Bra. All the pureblood Saiyans are named after vegetables--Vegeta, Kakkarot(carrot), Brolly (Broccoli), Bardock (Burdock), Raditz (Radish), Nappa (Nappa Cabbage). The new villains are Beers and Whis (short for Whiskey). One of the major early villains was Emperor Pilaf. There were a trio of magic-related creatures who are called Bibidi and Babidi, and both were trying to claim as their servant a magical monster named Buu (Bippity, Boppity, Boo)

Dragonball started off as a gag series. And in my opinion, being a gag series made Dragonball far more likeable than Dragonball Z.
Go back to /g/
Mister Twister
Go back to middle school, 12 year old.
Really pumping out those misses lately.
>dog taken to be put down today
>was not informed
>not offered to see him one last time

I seriously fucking hate my dad. This is all his fault. He doesn't care about animals except for how "useful" they are so doesn't understand why anyone would be attached to one.
I am so sorry man. I had to put mine down a few months ago but I couldn't imagine not being able to say goodbye.
Mister Twister
Many parents look at their children that way: only useful to keep the family business/legacy going.
She just got back to me;. Nothing to tell; "Thanks for being honest, but you're not what I'm looking for", which is fair enough.
I'm sorry your dad is such a shit.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
It is hard as fuck for me to work up the courage to even write down ideas, let alone flesh them out.


Your father is an asshole.
Mister Twister
Welcome to the club. I have the same problem, only with art. I have like a hundred ideas, but too many doubtful thoughts preventing me from finishing them.

Thankfully, this is solvable. Now, if I had my hands cut off by a chainsaw, then it would be a permanent problem.

Somewhat related, but your drawing is not forgotten. Just cannot bring myself to finish the lineart. After that, add some simple colour, and it's done.
Talk to your doctors about anxiety and depression. It sounds like failure anxiety is preventing you from enjoying things that you allegedly like doing. You don't necessarily need to get on prozac for it (though that's helped me, personally--everyone's brain chemistry is different so the fact that it's helped me in so many areas of my life doesn't mean it'll do the same for you) but talking to a therapist or getting involved in a group or something might very well be exactly what you need.
Mister Twister
I know about my own problems, where they come from, and what must be done about them, thank you very much.

If this was real life, I would have gotten very angry at you for insulting me, but this is online so it's okay.
Mister Twister
And to explain my weird response, unless you are a nihilist like many kids these days, telling "a pill will take away your fears" has a high chance of provoking anger.
I didn't say "A pill will take away your fears." And you have a really messed up view of mental health.
Mister Twister
You know what? Pretend two two posts never existed. And things are always messed up from someone's point of view.
>from someone's point of view

You don't get to play this game when you really have a poor understanding of mental health. That's not how this works. If we were talking about something like your favorite video game, yeah, you can play the "different points of view" angle, but we're talking about mental health here.

Don't write off talking to professionals.
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image:143941439800.jpg(4kB , 500x600 , 7e94030740fc5be5ab4d662bafd328e7.jpg)
>spent the day shopping with christian-conservative grandmother since I don't see her very often
>tell her the plot behind this video as a funny story
//youtube.com/watch?v=4lPsNyXiLNkyoutube thumb
>doesn't find it funny
>spends 10 minutes trying to convince me why it wasn't racist
People who just can't admit they're racist are the worst.

What's worse is that it's not a fucking terminal disease. Even if you are racist and you don't like that label, *you can change*
Mister Twister
I have contempt for those "professionals". It's a long story, and let's leave it at that.
She even literally said "I'm not racist but...because of black people" word for word.
Mister Twister
Addressing this to that one poster I was rude towards. While I apologize for that, I won't take back what I said. I have deep contempt for the modern nihilistic approach to psychology.
And due to that, you seem to also have deep contempt for people with mental illnesses.
Dr Goblin
That's cool. I have contempt for medical professionals in general!
Did they ever figure out what was going on with your brain?
Dr Goblin
Nope. I eventually have figured out most of it. My limbic system is misfiring in response to chemical trauma. I'm trying to treat it now with a combination of fitness, diet management, and congitive based therapy stolen from PTSD treatment (which effects a similar portion of the brain, but is caused by psychic trauma).

I'm not at a point where I can work a regular job yet, but I'm getting in crazy good shape, which is a huge relief from not being able to walk. I still have days with chronic pain.

The thing that pisses me off about medical professionals isn't that they couldn't diagnose me, it's that once they realized they couldn't diagnose me, they hated me. Once they didn't have a category for me, they just did not want to deal with it or hear about it in any way.

They refused to talk about how my illness would effect my life. At one time my doctor thought I had a tumor, and that that tumor was causing damage to my body the longer it went on. And he didn't tell me.

I've had multiple doctors tell me I don't need disability, based on their assessment of my financial status (spoiler warning: Not good, cannot afford to eat sometimes). I've had doctors dismiss my complaint that I can't receive over the counter medicine as again, something I don't need. And when I've raised concerns about how if I end up in a hospital, and there's this massive list of foods that will hurt me, and how do I deal with that, especially if I'm not conscious or they think I'm being troublesome, I'm told I'll deal with that when the time comes.

Incidentally, my brother was in medschool. He had pretty much the same assesment of these people's characters and dropped out over it. In his opinion these were "stupid" people, who "weren't interested in any of this" and only cared about securing a good income.

I looked back on the dozens of doctors I've seen and tried to figure out who the best one was, and I thought I had a clear answer until I realized that wasn't a doctor I was remembering, that was a secretary, who sat and talked to me for an hour because the doctor had a late lunch. And that person who had an associates stuck in my mind as the best doctor.

Out of all of them, one Gastro-interologist struck me as basically decent and willing to treat me as a person. It's not just freewheeling spite here. I think the entire system we have of teaching, accrediting, and employing "medical professionals" today is fundamentally unsound, and basically sucks in terrible people, and drives off the good ones, mostly.

Now the best 'doctor' I've found is my kickboxing coach. He's done more to work with me and help me on this than any 'medical professional' I met.
Mister Twister
I prefer to not call it "mental illness", since I do not believe in the concept of mental illness.

Which may seem weird, but then again many people believe in one God, and that is considered okay.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I do not believe in the concept of mental illness

…and you lost me.
>I prefer to not call it "mental illness", since I do not believe in the concept of mental illness.
So then what do you call potentially fatal physiological peculiarities that, even when they don't kill those afflicted, lower the quality of life of those who suffer from them, and which can be treated with chemicals and exercises with more reliability than sugar pills?
Glad you're at least doing better my dude, I was worried you died for a while.
Can confirm that 99% of doctors are awful, though.
You are authentically stupid, Mister Twister. You're not just a bad poster, you are just plain and pure idiotic, and it really frustrates me. I want you to know that--both of those, actually. I want you to understand, accept, and internalize that you are very far from any possible definition of smart, and that that fact causes me mental anguish.
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image:143945319500.png(548kB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2015-08-13-02h48m55s810.png)
The problem with the concept of "mental illness" is the inability to point where it starts or ends. Are we all ill, are none of us? Is greed a mental illness? Is jealousy? Is stubbornness? Is fear of the dark a mental illness? Is artist's block an illness? Has anyone ever been "cured" of his or her mental illness?

Those are the questions you can ponder on your own when there is nothing to do. I guess I better leave this thread before I am accused of "ruining it" with my madness.
>The problem with the concept of "mental illness" is the inability to point where it starts or ends. Are we all ill, are none of us? Is greed a mental illness? Is jealousy? Is stubbornness? Is fear of the dark a mental illness? Is artist's block an illness? Has anyone ever been "cured" of his or her mental illness?

There is literally an entire branch of medicine devoted to answering those questions scientifically.
Which you unfortunately couldn't name as it is too large to fit within the margins of this image board?
Dropping your name but continuing to post is not the same as "leaving," MT.
I'm not MT, who incidentally didn't say he was leaving. I wasn't even making a rebuttal, just saying actually name the specific branch instead of just sayingl it's out there.
I'm sorry, I thought "Psychiatry" was a well-known enough thing that I didn't have to go to the trouble.
Somehow I thought you meant there was some kind of sub-discipline of psychiatry devoted specifically to questions of when intervention should or shouldn't be required, as opposed to methods of how that intervention is performed.
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image:143954203700.png(425kB , 551x582 , smile.png)
how the fuck do you smile with your mouth open?

I'm insecure about my yellow teeth
I feel like the only reason I care about the people I'm close to is because they benefit me in some way, and the idea of change freaks me out.
>if I don't blow my nose, it will get blocked
>if I blow my nose, I'll get another nose bleed
This is the worst cold I've had yet
When the fuck did smh, tbh and fam happen? It just showed up out of nowhere one day on imageboards like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) did.
They've been on Facebook and Twitter for ages. Not sure what fam is, but the others aren't new at all.
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image:143969655200.jpg(108kB , 720x540 , Tito_hq.jpg)
>Not sure what fam is
As the ancient Hawaiians always said...
>youtube dancing video
>short intro credits on video end with an irrelevant "i hate you jenny / you broke my heart"
>comments filled with "fuck you jenny", "who is jenny", "i hate you too jenny"

short for family?
Mister Twister
I think I figured out the purpose of pets.

Having animals live with you allows you to have a daily reminder that it is possible to simply enjoy life as it happens, to enjoy the moment. That thought alone relaxes you quite a bit. I spent a few minutes playing with our new kitten, and already it feels like this day will be not shit.
There are also other reasons.
Mister Twister
Animals you use for farming, transport, or defense, aren't pets, if that's what you're thinking.
I have a big pregnancy fetish. My mom's work is primarily concerning pregnant women and new moms. I wonder if she would blame her work, if she found out I had this fetish... (which may have come from overexposure, I dunno.)
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image:143979065500.png(12kB , 229x264 , ganonreadshispaper.png)
This last Friday, a coworker of mine non-ironically bitched about "Social Justice Warriors". He didn't go into detail, but he listed it as a source of drama in his life.

For a person who would actually use that term non-ironically and IRL, he is literally everything you would expect. He is fat, ugly, awkward (this nigga seriously almost started talking about hentai at work one time), knows nothing about the world outside of his animu and vidya, has EXTREME problems with women (I mostly try to avoid talking to him, because sooner or later, it's going to lead into him lamenting about why he doesn't have a girlfriend), and just really has no redeeming qualities as a person whatsoever.

Some months back, around March or so, we had a graphic designer in our department that was making a career change. She was gay. And engaged. This dipshit didn't know she was gay, but he DID know that she was engaged. On her last day, he decides to tell her, as she's leaving the office FOREVER that he had a crush on her. On this woman, this woman he knew was engaged. I'm not sure why this dude had to tell her.

This dude is an unbelievable train wreck. He's almost a fucking caricature of a degenerate 4channer (except I don't think he knows what 4chan is--I can't remember what, but something he said made it seem like he was totally oblivious about the site's existence). Having met this guy, I know that there are people on 4chan who 100% take the stupid shit they post seriously.
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image:143979262200.jpg(169kB , 800x500 , giveherthedick.jpg)
No, I'm thinking more companionship, making one feel dependable/wanted, having entertainment, enjoying the feeling of taking care of a fellow living creature (esp. adoptions) and hunting partner.

Mainly companionship though. Some animals are total bros.

pic somewhat related
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Mister Twister
I think I figured it out. YouTube is run by /g/. That is why they care more about updating logos than functionality.

What do you think about the RR thread derailed by anime supremacists?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Got banned for "ban evasion" for some reason. Wasn’t paying attention to that stuff, anyway. Too depressed to give a shit.
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image:143986138600.jpg(11kB , 320x402 , 127231793258.jpg)
RR thread? Anime supremacists?? An explanation and/or context please.

I hope you feel better soon.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Eh, this shit comes and goes.
Mister Twister
It wasn't derailed to Hell, but about about 7 posts or so really tried
How come whenever there's a webcomic or artwork in general that tries to be progressive by depicting a shitton of minorities as its characters, it's always made by a girl?
it's not, but I know that's not going to do anything for your confirmation bias

also, having characters of a ton of different backgrounds is not always done for the sake of "being progressive". some cities and parts of the country actually do have a number of races living together.

don't take it personally, but comments like yours piss me off, as if there isn't a single place in the world where you can find more than just white people around. i'm guessing you come from a place where there are only white people? well regardless of how common it is, areas that are racially diverse DO exist
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Remember: it’s only pandering when it’s done for non-white audiences!
I don't mean showing a black person standing next to a white person. I mean having the main character or important side characters have LGBT traits, having a mix of races that's literally unrealistic for the setting, or having a girl that's completely non-effeminate.

Also I never once even slightly implied that I was calling out SJWs or said they were pandering. That's your inability to not label me as homophobic/racist/misogynistic at the first possible sign of a conservative viewpoint. I just noticed that every time the writer makes a blatant attempt at being progressive, said writer is almost always female. And I wondered why. That's literally all it is.
>That's your inability to not label me as homophobic/racist/misogynistic at the first possible sign of a conservative viewpoint.

dude, i was labeling you out of touch for thinking that the entire world goes by your anecdotes. it doesn't. it doesn't go by mine either, which is why i asked if you came from whitebread, USA.

>I mean having the main character or important side characters have LGBT traits, having a mix of races that's literally unrealistic for the setting, or having a girl that's completely non-effeminate.

literally all of these things have exist in real life. this is why i'm calling you out of touch. just because things are uncommon (or much more likely, just things you personally have not experienced) do not make them impossible.
I was talking to Stone, not you
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>That's your inability to not label me as homophobic/racist/misogynistic at the first possible sign of a conservative viewpoint.

dude, i was labeling you out of touch for thinking that the entire world goes by your anecdotes. it doesn't. it doesn't go by mine either, which is why i asked if you came from whitebread, USA.

>I mean having the main character or important side characters have LGBT traits, having a mix of races that's literally unrealistic for the setting, or having a girl that's completely non-effeminate.

literally all of these things have exist in real life. this is why i'm calling you out of touch. just because things are uncommon (or much more likely, just things you personally have not experienced) do not make them impossible.
>I'll be a smartass, that'll show 'em!
Dude, chill.

What the fuck are we talking about anyway. Do people really think a black-pakistani homosexual girl in Seattle is such a unicorn its only done so in the mythical genre of tumblrcomix?
save file
image:143987175500.png(497kB , 1280x720 , Bitch Please.png)

I mean you have to have a specific mindset behind writing such uncommon character traits. "This has never been done before." Nobody thinks "Oh, race and sexuality, I dunno black and gay?" Whether they SHOULD have that mindset is irrelevant, it simply doesn't happen. Source: writer.
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image:143987255500.gif(5.08MB , 200x180 , giphy-downsized-large.gif)
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image:143987274300.jpg(41kB , 640x815 , 1420539188947.jpg)
>Source: writer.
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image:143987364800.png(557kB , 720x720 , EP001 - Sadie - Wat.png)
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image:143987499900.png(52kB , 289x319 , BCdh-8WCcAAkfO9.png large.png)
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image:143990111100.png(778kB , 768x576 , rf I am tired of this shit.png)
And that's what happens when people decide to treat this as a arguing/discussion thread.

People just cannot look at a controversial opinion and not reply. Nope, not possible.

And somebody will reply to this post, too.
Too bad the first time you mentioned this, you did so as a reply when you only had two responses yourself, and the conversation would have ended there if you didn't reply in the name of no replying.
Shut the hell up.
>>I mean having the main character or important side characters have LGBT traits, having a mix of races that's literally unrealistic for the setting, or having a girl that's completely non-effeminate.
>Nobody thinks "Oh, race and sexuality, I dunno black and gay?"
To say writers base their decisions based on statistics would be to ignore the things writers do that only make sense because they don't base their stories on statistics. Based only on >>399687 and>>399690 I'd think you were just being vague, since "tries to be progressive by depicting a shitton of minorities" could be interpreted as "Well if it's depicting a shitton of minorities for reasons other than to appear progressive it doesn't count." Also, that you're wondering less about the comics by women themselves and more about the lack of politically-motivated comics by men, in which case: Sinfest.

How uncommon something subjectively appears depends a lot on one's personal life, and thus would obviously very from one writer to another. While in a way that might be seen as lending some weight to your argument, if we presume that women might be given more pressure to appear politically correct, it's also possible that a writer just knows a lot of gay and black people for other reasons, which obviously influences their work. It'd be nice if you actually cited specific webcomics and artworks as examples instead of trying to illustrate your point based on hypotheticals. It's not like we can't go immediately check, this is the internet we're using.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yes, somebody will reply to you. I will. Because this is not your thread, your board, or your site—and I sure as fucking hell am not yours to order around. SYM means “Speak Your Mind”; it is not short for “Speak Your Mind in Certain Ways as Approved by One Person’s Vision of What ‘Speak Your Mind’ Really Means”. If/when the mods want SYM threads to be like your vision, they will get the fuck off the couch and slap an edict about it somewhere before going back to their latest Netflix binge.

The rest of us will use the thread however we wish, MT. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can either order or emotionally manipulate people into doing otherwise when you don’t have the authority required to pull either one off.
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image:143991570300.jpg(266kB , 1750x1250 , happy plane.jpg)
Okay. Since you are the king of this thread, I will follow your orders and reply to you.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I am not The King of SYM Threads. What I am, however, is someone who doesn’t like to be ordered around or emotionally manipulated by people who hold no authority over me. Unless you have an edict from the United Nations that says you can make me do whatever you want, you can fuck off with any such attempt.

You use SYM however you want, and I’ll use SYM however I want. If you don’t like how I use it, you have every right to say so—but please don’t let yourself believe that you can make me change how I use SYM.
>complains about arguing
>starts an argument

I just use this thread to vent. That sometimes involves expressing opinions in rebuttal to other opinions. So be it.
If people didn't want other people to respond to their thoughts, they wouldn't air them.
Is it just me or do Indian restaurants have a particularly good atmosphere for discussion? Maybe it's just nice to go places with just my brother again. Either way, everyone I ask says I should start writing fiction, so I'll try to do that tonight. Not like I don't know how to put words to keyboard in volume.
Holy fuck facebook, I don't know these people. Why are they sending me friend requests?

Maybe they should add a friend request feature that includes a message, like skype.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Tumblr’s current staff can’t code for crap.
They're probably spam/nigerian prince accounts. I got a random friend invite from an attractive female and, after seeing a profile that had been used for a bit but suddenly started posting odd things, I messaged them. After a chat of "her" saying things like "i thought you looked interesting", "u seem cute", etc. the person finally got around to saying "And I need help you see I'm on vacation and was fined in Egypt, and they won't let me leave. I only have to pay $X but don't have that, so..."

It was an amusing distraction, and then the blocked me.
The whole place is kind of a big fat shithole in general, but there's the occasional gem to be found so I put up with it.
I've turned off my AddBlock while on YouTube. I wonder if they have learnt how to make their adds less annoying.
Holy fuck, I need to stop farting

>inb4 see a doctor
Drink more water, this allows things that would otherwise escape as fart gasses get passed via urine.
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image:144027292900.jpg(91kB , 305x425 , I learned something today.jpg)
I think I learned something today. When you say something on the Internet, and somebody misunderstands your intentions as """mean spirited""", that's usually where it ends. Only your friends will bother to clear things up. Only your friends will ask what you actually meant. Strangers though? They won't bother.

So online, you need to be extra careful. Read what you just wrote, and think how somebody else could misinterpret it. When communicating online, be extra careful, cause people won't bother what your intentions were. They won't listen, and just ignore you as "that jerk that said that jerk thing once".

So, for all those times you thought I was being an "annoying jerk" to you, I apologize. Still, don't ever assume the person on the other side of the screen is being a jerk. Maybe that's just what you think.
Maybe you should look inwards if you're constantly coming off as an ass.
save file
image:144028973000.png(376kB , 580x480 , rf Geronimo philosophical.png)
I look inwards all the time, don't worry. I actually don't "come out as an ass" most of the time (that I obviously cannot prove nor do I want to); it mostly happens on imageboards.

It all boils down to being a namefag. When you are Anon#486728906, no one knows or remembers those terrible horrible posts you made before. You should know that, since no one remembers any bad post you did (don't try to say you didn't make bad posts). People tend to not remember any good posts you made, only the bad. I don't know why that happens.

Basically, I am no better or worse than an average poster, but you can see all my stupid posts, remember them, and rub my face in them later. Again, just because no one remembers your bad posts does not mean you didn't make them.

At least I was never permabanned from 4chan.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Mister Twister
Which is true. It's only a matter of time before 4chan stop existing and everyone migrates to 8chan.
Mister Twister
Yahoo may be a crappy e-mail provider, but they never lost a single message I got or received, for more then 5 years, and for that I tip my nonexistent hat to them.
>Basically, I am no better or worse than an average poster,
if only

if only
>I think I learned something today. When you say something on the Internet, and somebody misunderstands your intentions as """mean spirited""", that's usually where it ends.
Yeah, they usually move on to other things and don't really care about it much since they don't need to demand an explanation.

I don't usually mind your opinions on things, it's just the recent streak of seeming attempts at being authoritative as to the ideal method of posting. Even then I don't really apply it to your unrelated statements. Like >>399797, that is a good point since hotmail makes you log in every few months or it pay it to keep things form being deleted.
I forgot this site existed for a while. Mr. Stone was Freehaven, right?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Still am in certain circles.
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image:144038136400.png(42kB , 956x138 , Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 21.54.06.png)
It's ironic how people forgot the meaning of "ultimate".

Ultimate was supposed to mean "the very final, nothing else after this".
"The best achievable or imaginable of its kind."
>4chan stop existing and everyone migrates to 8chan.

This is quite possibly the dumbest thing you've said. I mean that. No 4chan knockoff will ever last as long as 4chan, especially not a shitty chan that gets shilled on 4chan all the time because 12 whole people use the entire site.
Doesn't 8chan exist exclusively to cater to bigots who didn't like being told not to bigot so hard on 4chan? Sounds like a real winner of a community.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If /pol/ were all of 4chan, it'd be 8chan.
its basically that and nigh-cp, yeah.
But don't you dare utter a word against it or else you'll be considered 'intolerant of ehebegiebiephiles.'
save file
image:144038634500.png(3kB , 100x100 , Decker.png)
No. It's obviously a chunk of the crowd there, but there's boards that aren't /pol/.
>tfw hollywood and cgi has ruined any sense of "awe" you'll ever have.
>and you'll never imagine an original idea because its shaped by the movies you've seen before.
No one's ever had an original idea anyway. Everyone is shaped by the culture they're brought up in, and every idea builds upon ideas that came before it.
Debatable, but surprisingly true at times.
Also, obligatory mention of 'The Seven Basic Plots' (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/TheSevenBasicPlots)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


No, it really isn't. Every idea is built upon something that someone else experienced, heard, or read. It's more about unique ideas—those one-in-a-million ideas that no one else puts together—than it is about “original” ideas, anyway. As an example: Pokémon is a combination of rock-paper-scissors, RPGs, and elements of virtual pets such as Tamagotchi. Yeah, the idea seems obvious now, but back when it first came out, there was little (if anything) on the market like Pokémon.
I blame the practice of presuming that anyone not exaggerating is actually feeling otherwise and being polite.
>Oh, you're only feeling good? Not great? You have to tell me what's wrong!

I have never supported this impossibly narrow concept of originality, which ignores the entire concept of living in a world of cause and affect where every originating tings itself originates from earlier things even without the existence of ideas. "Original" does not mean "origin-less", it means "origin of", and that included origins of combinations of things. Otherwise you get only one idea because you can describe any concept as a unary number.
No, it happened because moot banned anyone who supported Gamergate.
I thought it existed before that as just a "Let's make a board for every topic" thing and gamergate was just the first board that really got more than a view active posters.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Pretty much, yeah. GG took over the site once they got the mootboot from 4chan. It was virtually unheard of before GG; even anonIB at its peak had better traffic (and probably as much CP spam) than 8chan pre-GG.
Mister Twister
Well, GG is now OVER (it is over, game sites must now report about who is friends with whom). Now it's just about political correctness, which is gr8, but STOP CALLING IT GAMERGATE.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I will when they do.
Looks like my asshole dad indirectly killed my mom. Remember how I thought she was being whiny and refusing to take her meds? Turns out he was lying to me the whole time and trying to pass it off as that when he was basically gaslighting her. Hiding her meds, guilt tripping her, telling her she's weak and "faking it", giving her food he knew she couldn't eat, refusing to let her see the doctor because it would "waste money", basically actively preventing her from getting the help she really needed. I don't want to go into detail but he's had a history of abusive behavior towards all of us but I never thought it would go this far.

And his whole reason for it makes me want to vomit. He always got into fights with her and called her a shitty parent because she didn't believe in being an abusive asshole to me and my siblings like he did which apparently made us too "weak" and "soft" for him (because we're not horribly hateful bigots like he wants us to be), and part of it is because he's an ultra-conservative asshole who already threatened her into surrendering all her legal rights to him then tried to extort money from her side of the family, and now that she's out of the picture he's definitely going to move onto us. Probably me first, because I'm a woman and he's already pissed at me because I'd rather focus on a career instead of settling down and making babies even though I'm barely in my twenties. For fuck's sake the first thing he did after the funeral was feed me blatant lies to guilt trip me about not having kids yet and basically try to trick me into quitting my job and moving back home so he could get more control over me.

I already suspected a lot of this shit back then but I only found out the entire story from my brother now that he's finally away from that murderous piece of shit. My youngest siblings are still too young to live on their own away from him and I am literally terrified for them because of it. I don't care if it's impious, but God I have never wanted a person to die more in my entire life than right now.
What's the difference between cripplechan and voat (aside from URLs obviously)? Is there any?
Mister Twister
Vot. Iz. Voat.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Voat is what the /pol/-esque sections of Reddit flocked to when Reddit decided overt hate speech and harassment were two things it didn't want on the site.
It will be painful, but it sounds like you need to do everything humanly possible to end contact with your father. Get a new phone number, move, etc.

It's commendable if you want to stay in the picture in order to help the siblings as much as possible, though. While it won't be anything close to easy, if you can prove he did all of that to your mom it counts as manslaughter; at the very least, even half proof is enough for CPS to remove your siblings and you can get guardianship over them.
>let's make a board for every topic
Chans like that had already existed for a while.
I never got into the whole GG/AntiGG shitfest. Could someone sum up the basic premise in a non-biased way?

(dont start a fight; rule 1)
People got sick of bias and corruption in the games industry, started a campaign against it. (GG)

Other people felt like they were only attacking minorities and social activists, therefore, were a thinly veiled harassment group. Started campaigning against them. (aGG)
The fact that most of their ire was directed towards indie developers showed us all that they didn't give a shit about actual corruption in the game industry.

Anyone who actually cares about corruption dropped their flags along time ago and took to criticizing shitty company practices by other means.
Mister Twister
One year ago, in the span of 24 hours, most game sites published articles attacking and accusing gamers of the usual things (being racist, misogynistic, violent, etc) Gamers got mad, decided to investigate. Turned out, members of the gaming press were paying one another, and sleeping with one another. In addition to that, to no one's surprise, it also turned out SJWs infested the gaming media. Adam Baldwin (yes, that one) decided to coin the scandal "Gamer Gate", as a reference to Watergate (look it up). Gamers battled SJWs for a whole year.

Eventually, gamers won. Gaming websites are now required to have an ethics policy. GG is over. But people don't want to let go of the term GamerGate, because it sounds cool. Now it's just about fighting political correctness, and nothing to do with GG.

It was a thing for a year, but now it's over.
People have been railing against big developers and game "journalists" for years and years. Don't try to pretend that claims of bad ethics practices were new for coverage of indie devs.
God, you really do get stupider with each post.

Don't listen to anything Twister says. I mean, that should be a given, but the two posts above his are far more accurate.
>People have been railing against big developers and game "journalists" for years and years.

And when Gamergate came along, they didn't focus on it as strongly as they should have. Because, like I said, anyone who was smart enough to realize this early on dropped their flags and took to other means.
GamerGate was the logical conclusion of fratboys taking over gaming and trying to remind people why everyone used to bully nerds.
I don't see how you came to that conclusion seeing as the nerds were the shitheads in this case.

And to be honestly, I suspect any of these "fratbro" gamers not to give a fuck about reviews as long as they can get back to shooting their zombies and playing Madden.
Instead of pointing at a post and saying "That's stupid, you're stupid" you could start acting like an adult and write a reply that debunks what he says.
>I don't see how you came to that conclusion seeing as the nerds were the shitheads in this case.

That's what I mean. The nerds were shitheads, thus they reminded us why people started picking on them in the first place. The nerds and the fratboys were the same people in this scenario. Like in Revenge of the Nerds.
Mister Twister
Don't encourage him/her/it.
save file
image:144046906900.jpg(44kB , 409x393 , 1346963862806.jpg)
>"you could start acting like an adult and write a reply that debunks what he says."
>arguing with somebody online
>somebody who intentionally misconstructs arguments and spouts non sequiturs for shits and giggles

There once was an indie developer named Zoe Quinn. She made games that /v/ and /pol/ hated, like Depression Quest. And I don't mean that they thought they were bad games. They hated the very idea of them, hated their very existence. These games were, however, given a much warmer reception by the mainstream gaming press - probably because the mainstream press was engaging with them on a level that wasn't a troglodytic 'but you can't get your girly feelings in muh vidya'.

Anyway, she had a breakup, and her super bitter ex posted a huge rant accusing her of sleeping around in exchange for good reviews of her games. In reality, this is all pretty much hooey. She may or may not have actually been cheating on him, it's not super clear, but the part about doing so in exchange for good reviews doesn't hold any water: the only name on the list about which anything can be confirmed is Nathan Grayson, who never reviewed her games. But it gave a bunch of fuckers who already hated her the excuse they'd been looking for to trash her publically, so they were way too ready to believe it, and they jumped on the smear campaign train, destination Zoe Quinn. Using the banner of journalistic ethics as a paper shield, they launched a sustained campaign of public shaming and harassment against Quinn. Quinn had to leave her home multiple times because of credible threats issued against her. And while they were at it they roped in Anita Sarkeesian as a target too, because they already thought of her as a mortal enemy, so why not, right?

In response to all this noise and bother, a bunch of gaming websites put out articles talking about how 'gamers were over'. These articles were actually about how 'gamer', as an identity, only made sense in opposition to the mainstream - that is, 'most people don't play games, but we do, so we're gamers'. Since fucking everybody and his mom plays video games these days, the 'gamer' identity is now totally incoherent.

Read fairly, these articles weren't really trashing gamers, they were saying 'good job. You won. Games are mainstream now. You can stop acting like you're downtrodden.' But you can imagine how these guys took it. In the middle of THAT fracas, former Firefly actor and consistent right-wing shithead Adam Baldwin coined the term 'gamergate' on twitter, and for some reason or another it stuck. So now this 'movement' had a name.

In the meantime, right-wing puke-funnel website Breitbart started sniffing the air. Their entire business model is posting misleading or straight-up false stories to gin up outrage in the credulous, and then exploiting that outrage for all it was worth. And they smelled a new batch of credulous suckers to exploit. They took up the gamergate cause loudly and proudly, and reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out something from a few years back: get leaked copies of emails professional journalists send each other talking about how they do their jobs, spin it to look like some grand conspiracy, get tons of clicks from credulous morons. And what a lot of credulous morons they found in the gamergaters, ready to believe fucking Breitbart of all outlets. They've since been pretty much the gamergaters' only journalistic ally - 'journalistic' being used quite liberally here, we ARE talking about fucking Breitbart after all.

Beyond this point, things get murky in the way that he-said-she-said twitter slapfights always are. The gamergaters are their usual shithead selves, but from the sounds of things the people in opposition to them haven't been angels either. Some gamergaters have indicated that they've been targets for harassment and threats themselves and I can believe it - although given that Gamergate has been a complete ratfucking operation from day one, and this is pretty much their only way of invoking public sympathy at this point, I'm not sure that I should.

There are definitely people involved in gamergate who are motivated by concern about ethics in games journalism. They've picked poor allies, but they do exist. But gamergate itself isn't about them or their concerns (although they're willing to make use of them). If it was, where was gamergate when Eidos pressured Gamespot to fire Jeff Gerstmann for giving their game a bad score? Why isn't gamergate freaking out over the rampant practice of publishers spending tons of money to get good reviews out of writers - a practice which in places borders on bribery? Instead they remain fixated on indie developers and dumb indie events - you know, the people who don't have any money to corrupt with.

The whole mess started with Zoe Quinn, but it's not really about her either. She's just a convenient emblem they could rally against. What it's really about is: gaming is changing. It's no longer the province of straight while male nerds - and, well, it never REALLY was, but for a long time that was the only audience the people making games and marketing them to western audiences cared about. That's no longer the case, and there's now room in gaming for games about different kinds of experiences: women, lesbians, gay men, people (for lack of a better term) of color. This is actually a great thing, but to some people who were pretty comfortable with gaming being a straight white sausagefest, change is scary. And like most reactionaries do, rather than accept the fact that the gaming world no longer revolves around them exclusively, they'd rather marinate in a fantasy that the scary change is illusory, and everyone is being tricked by an activist media.

That fantasy is gamergate.

Maybe you should consider the possibility that the reason why winning the fight for ethics in gaming journalism hasn't been the end of gamergate is that it was never actually about ethics in gaming journalism to begin with.
Twister may be annoying and naive, but he's still the sanest poster here next to Autonymoose and Jumpman. People who know how to think for themselves instead of shit fed to them via tumblr and the rest of the liberal media.
>but he's still the sanest poster here

Okay, put your name back on, Twister.
save file
image:144047777800.jpg(63kB , 340x565 , 1375932351592.jpg)
You can check the IPs, you ignorant bastard.
Being a shit != insane.
At the very least there's a level of unadmitted self awareness there.
>liberal media.
Holy fuck I knew my post was a bad idea. You can all STFU now. Thanks to those who helped tho.
Nah, this is just our usual MO with Twister here.
>LDR boyfriend hasn't spoken with me in over a week
>is deliberately avoiding and ignoring me, is online
>been together for a year
>has already broken up with me and begged me back after months once before

I left him a message and said that if he doesn't talk to me, I'm going to tell his Southern Baptist parents all about us. I'm not fucking letting him do this to me again.
>this is just our usual MO with Twister
No it isn't, I've been here for years and can spot a samefag a mile away. Give it a rest, or it will get old and forced.

Stop pretending he's more important than other people.
I don't come to /baw/ often anymore because I think this place has a negative impact on my thinking.

But I want to say I wish the best for all of you, and that whatever you might deal with I hope things work out.
I'm on just about the same boat so I feel you.
But hey thanks for the thoughts.
No wonder he doesn't want to talk to you if you're always that manipulative. Just end it and move on, no need to fuck someone's life up.
holy cripes you trash nerds
>pls give objective description, no bias
>No it isn't, I've been here for years and can spot a samefag a mile away.

No, you might want to get that detector checked out.

Mister Twister says dumb shit a lot, and he catches heat every time he does. This isn't new, and he certainly didn't wake up an idiot yesterday.
You are an immature shit. Break up with the dude and go find some business elsewhere. I'm not even sure as to why you think any of that is a good idea. It's unnecessary as fuck and makes you look like you're 15.

And in the future, stop holding grudges against people so hard. Aside from the fact that it's better for your health, you won't end up doing anything stupid, you won't fuck up anyone else's life, and you don't look like a dumb teenager in the process.


who said that
Thing is my dad is such a bastard that he made sure there are no physical records of what he made my mother do re: legal stuff, and it all happened before any of us were born, so it would probably be very hard for any of us to use that against him. In a way that makes it even worse because it means he absolutely knows what he did was immoral instead of just being an extreme but misguided person. But that's one less reason for me to feel any sadness if karma bites him n the ass and anything terrible happens to him.
It was unrealistic to expect anything else given that we're talking about a situation where no one agrees about the actual facts, and being "objective" to some people's minds means ignoring logs and hard evidence so as to appear neutral because god forbid the Golden Mean not be the answer to all life's problems.
>who said that
slowpoke did.
Because he's a little clown that needs to feel superior to everyone else online because he has a small dick.
Put your name back on, Slowpoke.
>sent fan email to TV cartoon writers a few weeks ago
>actually got a response back
I love you, James and Jon.
save file
image:144059093500.png(186kB , 624x352 , your taste in music, and a turd in a microwave.png)
>soundcloud (i'm a house/dubstep guy who likes a bunch of low-level producers)
>listening to remix of song I like
>subjectively complete shit
>comments say 'this is perfect in every way'
>for real? it's actually shit
>mfw i realise this is how i sound to others when commenting on my favourite artists' stuff
>hot coworker wants to sex with me
>I blurt out in the heat of the moment "I can't, you are like a daughter to me."

Brain, you are official fired.
If you feel someone you work with is like a daughter to you, and this is the way you respond to not sleeping with her, it sounds like another part of your body needs to be fired.
I've heard from /adv/ that coworker sex is usually a bad idea anyway.
Yeah, my understanding is that if either side sees it as even a tad more than no-strings-attached sex, office drama can really flare. Don't shit where you eat etc.
Just a reminder that if someone is considering suicide, and if you think they should kill themselves based on nothing but you not liking them or even hating them, you are a genuinely horrible person.
I have been using Winamp for 2 and a half years without realizing it died.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I think whoever bought the rights to Winamp is shooting to have a new version out sometime next year—judging by what I've read on the Winamp forums, anyway.
>complete work well before due date
>night before it's due
>no adrenaline rush of stressing to finish
I'm happy but let down at the same time.
I always work better under pressure.
I had a lot of people push me for laugh's sake when I was suicidal. I'm so not in contact with those folks anymore.
save file
image:144091729500.png(74kB , 200x200 , 1339794581578.png)
>reading a story on literotica
>about a couple happily enjoying a strip club
>out of nowhere a black bouncer comes in and it turns into an NTR story
save file
image:144091998400.jpg(103kB , 442x740 , 100% sad.jpg)
>reading a lesbian story on literotica
>it's dildo time
>stop reading there
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

An old friend of mine hated watching lesbian/girl-on-girl porn if it had dildos in it. Other than "NO DICKS IN MY LESBIAN PORNS PLZ", is there a specific reason for that aversion?
That depends. Was your friend a lesbian or a phallophobic man?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

That friend was a guy, so “no” to the first one and “I dunno” to the second one.
When I was younger, I hated straight porn because it had another dude's dick in it. I was fine with dildos tho. I'm guessing it's a similar thing; she's getting off to a different 'dick' and he is (for lack of a better term) total anti-cuck.
I'm not a fan of dildos in lesbian porn myself. It's not a hatred thing or anything, like I'll watch it and all--I just like it better when it's skin on skin. Skin on skin is hotter to me than plastic/glass/silicone on skin.

The things people find sexy are hard to define, you know?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I can understand that. Hell, I like softcore porn more than hardcore porn—doesn’t mean I won’t watch hardcore stuff, but still.
I think because there's more to sex than Penis Goes In Vagina and reducing lesbian sex to that makes it feel very not genuine?

I don't know. I asked a couple of gay friends that, they both kinda agreed on that point.
some gals are way bigger on the "being penetrated" deal than the "being licked/grinded" thing. I don't think dildos are any more or less genuinely a part of lesbian sex than anything else, just Not All Lesbians.
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image:144099888800.gif(999kB , 319x233 , lolugh.gif)
>I know more about lesbian sex than lesbians
More like
>i have had sex with women
Some don't get off as well to being eaten out as they do being penetrated.

Some men don't dig having their prostate railed, some think it's the best thing ever. It's a little bit awkward that I'm having to explain to you that sex is different for different people--are you old enough for me to be talking about this with you?
how did you even infer that?
>are you old enough for me to be talking about this with you?
Who's the one who's been browsing this site since they were 14 again?
I have recently discovered Gabriel Iglesias and holy shit I love this guy. Like maybe it's just my ADHD but his sound effects and voices are hysterical.

Then I found out he barely has any online fans compared to other comedians and he might die from diabetes in a year.
I'm not even in this conversation, but do you ever post without being condescending? It's not even warranted 90% of the time.
It was warranted there, and I was perfectly polite and humble in the post they replied to, so what's the problem?
>>are you even old enough for me to be talking about this stuff to you
That is condescending as fuck.
Yyyyyeah, it is. You/anon brought up that my condescension isn't warranted a lot of the time. I said, and say again, that it was warranted in that post (but not in the one I made before that, which contained pretty much no condescension).

I'm not seeing the issue.
Dude, you don't have the judgement to tell if its warranted or not literally ever, including now.
That is also condescending as fuck, anon.
Goodness, I'm glad we have a big strong anon like you with a pure and fixed moral compass to tell me when I can and can't be a smarmy douche.
When aren't you a smarmy douche? Do you save that for other sites?
>at Subway
>ask server to add onion
>adds barbecue sauce
I.. w-what?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Dafuq. BBQ sauce on a sub sandwich?
Did you point and mumble/speak quietly?
It's pretty loud behind the counter with all the ovens and machines going, and when customers are too quiet to hear, it's pretty standard to just grab whatever they're pointing too.
Still though, they shoulda verified.
Firehouse makes a fantastic brisket sub with BBQ sauce.
I know right? It was the salami and pepperoni sub (i can explain) so it was already salty before the sauce.
Like, it wasn't horrible, but I'm not getting BBQ again. It goes great on other stuff, but not Subway.

I might have mumbled but I'm usually clear. Like, I've made mix-ups before, shit happens, but I don't even know how the two got confused.
Mister Twister
It's funny how many people don't know music videos are almost never created by the musicians themselves. And therefore good songs gets dismissed for having crappy music videos.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

…there’s still such a thing as music videos?
Mister Twister
Apparently, yes. I gave up on them and been out of touch since 2005, but they still exist even if you don't see them.
Haha, don't get me started on music videos, Twistie.

Occasionally they can be good, but often it is total crap unrelated to the song or meaningless dribble (but then again, lots of songs that have clips are meaningless dribble IMO). I consider songs and their videos two different entities.

-10 points for SFW porn in a music video.
Mister Twister
Someone should make a "good, fitting music videos" thread.
Mister Twister
>go to iTunes store
>see random album with nice cover art
>let's listen
>compressed as fuck
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Man, I’m beginning to think Tumblr’s staff is trying to actively drive people away from the service by “fixing” things that weren’t broken.
That's just the web in general.

Look at Youtube or OKcupid.
save file
image:144125049700.jpg(114kB , 600x400 , laughing chicas.jpg)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


LOLwut. In any case, Tumblr’s design decisions seem rooted in complete idiocy. It widened posts on the dashboard (thus stretching images that had already been designed for 500px-width posts), it made blockquotes uneditable, and now it’s made blockquotes annoying to read (and somewhat harder to tell who posted what). Each “fix” seems designed for mobile devices while leaving people using the desktop “app” in the dust, and it’s those kinds of “fixes” that make other services look more and more appealing. (Or they would look appealing if they didn’t all suck ass or have similar design issues. I’m looking at you, Ello.)
OKcupid's search is more cumbersome than it used to be. I guess I should have explained that one because it's a bit of an obscure example.

That is to say that I'm the only one bothered by the changes.
But honestly, while they need to fix the styling, I like the change they made to the replies, And I'm assuming that's what prompted this. They make long reply changes a lot more readable, like they're in a forum. They just need some tweaking on the stylesheet. I'll bet xkit could do that pretty easily.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

It’s hard for me to put my finger on precisely why the new quote style is such a pain in the ass. Maybe it’s because it’s such a drastic change from the old style to the new, or maybe it’s because there’s no sense of “oh this was a reply chain” with the new style thanks to no indenting (which is why the original quote style worked well). I'm used to the "newest post first" dashboards of both Tumblr and Twitter, so the old blockquotes helped keep things less confusing in that regard. Now quoted posts look like Twitter feeds, and that's confusing as fuck. The change feels like a form of dark UX design—non-malicious, but dark UX nonetheless—and maybe that’s why I feel pissed off at this change.

Christ, I wish Tumblr would've just hired the old X-Kit Guy and put him in charge of designing shit.
save file
image:144126002900.gif(986kB , 500x283 , 1388946641818.gif)
While we're on the subject of bitching about website interfaces; WHERE IS MY NEW FEATURE TO MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTIONS INTO MANAGEABLE GROUPS, YOUTUBE?!?
I think it would be good for them to outdent the first reply then indent the rest, or otherwise use whitespace a little more effectively than they are. But I think the central concept is serviceable.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’d settle for an arrow showing the direction of the conversation or a wider border between quoted posts or SOMETHING that at least tried to differentiate comments from other users in a much more recognizable way. I also don’t like how quotes you make aren’t differentiated from the other posts in any way other than having your username attached.

Yeah, the idea is servicable, but it’s such a drastic change after years of how things have worked that it seems like changing how the blockquote system worked just for the sake of changing it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
This response from Tumblr user johndarnielle sums up why the new blockquote system sucks ass:

>it would be silly to threaten to delete my Tumblr in response to an interface tweak, but I do expect to be using Tumblr a lot less now. this takes one of the site’s essential and unique features – reblogging with commentary in a way that highlights discussion, cross-currents, reaction and response – and recasts it as an Instagram comments thread. that’s not very interesting to me, so I expect that as the new, undemanded form takes hold, the site, too, will hold less interest for me.

>it’s kind of like if somebody hung an old shoe that smelled bad from your rearview and said hey, some people like the shoe, give it a try. driving with shoe! it tested well in focus groups. well: sometimes, you’d still need to drive places, so you’d smear some essential oil on your upper lip and get in the car. but otherwise you’d probably walk more. you wouldn’t throw away your car, that’d be absurd. but getting into it would involve this old shoe smell experience that’d just sort of naturally put you off it.
Is there a cartoon that got better animation as the seasons progressed?

I understand why the opposite usually happens, but is there an exception?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

It's a bit of a cheat, but SWAT Kats had far better animation in its second season.
Dunno if this directly counts as your 'animation' description, but Adventure Time's art direction in general has improved steadily through the seasons. Just stuff like keyframes, palettes, that stuff.
They recently had one by Brandon Graham that looks exactly like a BG comic would look like on the screen.
One of my new roommates is tall, slim and has gigantic fucking tits and it's really difficult to not just blankly stare at them every time she's talking to me. Like, I'm trying to not be a sleazy dirtbag here, but my primal urges just get the best of me. It's not like I even want to get it on with her or something, but those monstrous mounds are just mesmerizing.
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image:144129988800.png(75kB , 536x762 , victim vs person.png)
Victim-fundraising is a thing now.

//youtube.com/watch?v=sw5xdx2ytL4youtube thumb
The Boondocks.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Boondocks.
This isn't /cog/ but that show went downhill as the animation quality went up.

Season 1 had the best writing. Season 2 was decent. Season 3 was passable. And lol season 4.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
As a quick return to the thoughts on Tumblr’s complete fuck-up with its new quoting system: http://vegacoyote.tumblr.com/post/128273901616/
Haha I'm not even watching season 4. The original creator had left at that point anyway.
This is my own thoughts
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Easily the best response to Tumblr’s idiocy:

Venture Bros.

The animation has gotten waaaay better as it's gone on.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit, can’t believe I didn’t think of VB.
Mister Twister
I wonder how many people are totally ignorant about Deep Purple having made tons of great music after Ritchie left.
//youtube.com/watch?v=jpvpvypOjhEyoutube thumb
I've gotta start watching it, it seems right down my alley.
Oh yeah, VB just gets better and better in every department as the show goes on. You'll enjoy it.
I miss comrade.
I think, if anyone ever did fit the phrase "beautiful disaster," it was her.
What happened with her, by the way? I know she was selling pot in seattle so maybe right now thats profitable.
You know, I finally get it. People who cite real life as reasons for stopping doing their hobby don't mean it takes up all the time between eating and sleeping. It means by the end of the day, once you're done with work, you're so tired that doing your hobby seems more like extra work than a fun pasttime.
Spending a few days with family for my sister's wedding. I had hoped that my medication would kick in well if I made sure to be free of other ailments, but that failed and someone drove me back to our rental home because I was just sitting there depressed as fuck. Falling over in a port-a-john in the middle of the evening probably didn't help.

I also haven't fapped in four days, and hoped that the break would also improve my mood (last break I took was like two years ago.) Nope.
selling any contraband to people who can afford $500,000 rent is always profitable.
fucking social media copypastas. Someone posted a chain text thing claiming it helps support people facing social issues.

If you really fucking cared, you would talk to someone with an issue and help them, assist them in getting help, check if they are ok, or donate a dollar to a help service / charity.

If this thread gets 100 bumps, my doctor will treat my chronic cynicism. Like and share!
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image:144184072700.png(143kB , 1000x1000 , scared Moomin by TheOP.png)
>placed my laptop not parallel to the table's edge
>realizing this is the first time I ever did this
save file
image:144185633600.png(106kB , 229x234 , the yellow dot is a motherfucking kitten.png)
When you thought you are done with cat videos for good, comes a cat video that is so mind-blowing that you are forced to admit to liking
//youtube.com/watch?v=w8WFqM9wMrQyoutube thumb
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Wanna do more freewriting, but I tend to drift towards navelgazing bullshit.
Mister Twister
Consider reading something I wrote a hundred years ago:
>going through a 2 year old Something Awful thread
>find a post by Bea
The internet is a terrifyingly small place.
save file
image:144196302100.png(21kB , 640x420 , suckmyfuckingballs.png)
>watch cartoon
>fan disservice; grandpa dick
I always imagine an uptight, straight animator having to animate these scenes, struggling to look at swinging mandick

pic unrelated but related
save file
image:144196790700.png(206kB , 480x360 , This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe.png)
Mister Twister
I think "cringeworthy" is a new buzzword.
It's not that new.
Mister Twister
I saw it used unironically for years, but only recently it seems to be applied in place of [thing I don't like].
I feel like people don't find Louis C.K. funny so much as how right he is about everything he talks about, according to their liberal views.
You mean 'cynical'.
Same thing in the end.
Liberal here! I don't like Louis C.K. at all.
Really? I thought the common complaint against liberals from conservatives was that they were too idealistic.
I find him funny, his Of Course But Maybe skit is one of my favorite comedy bits.
I felt horrible all day today and I don't know why. Not physically, but just emotionally to the point that it was just like the serious depression I used to have. It's been a long time since I felt this bad. Months.

I don't know if I should try to figure out the cause of it or just think of it as a neurological thing because I'm still recovering from depression.
Changing of the seasons, probably. Always makes my depression flare up, like a bad knee or something.
Now that I think about it I have been really uncomfortable any time I've gone out lately. It probably is the weather.

I just spent metric ages trying to figure out the tempo to this song, before figuring out it was in 3/4 time, not 4/4.
Mister Twister
Sonic OCs drawn in MS Paint are not the cancer of DA.

The llama spammers are.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Not too long before I made this post, I retweeted https://twitter.com/darkesword/status/643843089807843328 and joked about how I’d probably just destroy my online persona instead. In a follow-up tweet, I mentioned how it’d been about 15 years since I’d first drawn my furry alter-ego, Sage Freehaven.

On a lark, I dug up that drawing—still have it tucked away in a safe place!—to see what the date was on it. Turns out, it was exactly fifteen years ago this Thursday.

That…that puts a lot of shit in perspective for me. And it makes me think about that whole “destroying the online persona” thing a little harder.
llama for llama, free points for llama!
you know when you download a show and close the videos when the credits start, and then like half way through you realise half the episodes have easter eggs after the credits?
I can not make friends.

It's disappointing.
I didn't know Arrested Development did this until I was almost through watching it the first time.
Mister Twister
Don't force it. Social connections develop naturally, if you don't spend all your time alone.
And actually interact with people. That too. (although some of my closest friends interacted with me first, so YMMV)
I've had chronic sleep deprivation for almost a year and I think I have minor brain damage now.
Mister Twister
Learn to let go of what you fear of losing the most. That will allow you to fall asleep easier.
Wikipedia donations again, fucking hell.

>We have 450 million readers
>but less than 1% donate!!!

jesus, just put ads in and don't adjust your content for them at all. 450 million readers is a great deal for any advertiser.
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image:144248314500.png(36kB , 326x324 , cat lady.png)
Is it anything close to this?
save file
image:144248529800.png(83kB , 277x281 , oatmeal.png)
Yeah, kinda.

but srsly, no. it's the wall of text again
>going to cosplay for the first/probably only time
>looking for possible stuff to tailor into costume
>having lots of fun

I think I get it now

It's probably going to look like shit but I totally get why people do this
damn, I'm feeling bad for no reason today. Not sad, but dull and disinterested. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow when I go outside.

I've even tried hydrating. Everything except fapping; I do NoFap for a few days before parties.
Mister Twister
To truly test the strengths of your mind and will, let a mosquito bite you, and never itch that spot. EVER.
Not that hard. My arms and legs had scars all over them from where I scratched mosquito bites as a kid, so I decided about ten years ago to not scratch any bug bites from that point forward. You get used to it eventually.
Mister Twister
You have a strong will, congratulations.
Just take a hot shower, always gets rid of that itchy feeling for me
I worked out two days ago and felt great the rest of the day and actually got tons of stuff done.

But yesterday and today I woke up extremely sore and haven't wanted to do anything but rest so I've just been procrastinating on everything. I don't have to do anything physical, just lots of homework, but I feel like being a lazy bastard so much more than usual. Damn it.
Yo heads-up: being active will actually make that soreness go away quicker. Not necessarily a full-on workout, but some stretching, some jumping jacks or light jogging.
ALSO if you wait for the soreness to completely go away before working out again, you will get just as sore, and this process will repeat indefinitely. Gotta work out on schedule, sore or not, or the soreness never stops happening.
save file
image:144271920500.jpg(15kB , 400x287 , 126226786362.jpg)
It's been more than a month with AddBlock off for YouTube and I feel like I don't have to turn it back on yet.
I ate meat and then kissed a vegan. Is this bad?
If by kissed you mean deliberately gave them a bunch of chewed up food like they were a baby bird.
No, he means kissed, do you need a fucking dictionary to find out what it means?
Why would you even do that to yourself in the first place?
save file
image:144277805900.jpg(15kB , 426x396 , 1261165221522.jpg)
Because I'm mostly subscribed to small-time youtubers that need advertisement dollars so I want to support them in a small way. And the current youtube ads aren't as atrocious as they were a few months back.
Shit niqqa, does he need to start using irony marks?

As a whoring YouTube producer, thank you. I'll double check if I've changed Adblock (I swear I did but I haven't seen an ad in ages)
Mister Twister
Warm weather is cool and all, but sometimes wearing less on a cooler day, allows you to feel the cool breeze against your skin, and it is one of those small things that makes life worthwhile to....... live?
>calling place to try and find wallet
>hold music is Vivaldi - Spring

Follow-up: 404 - wallet not found
Why is it that our society is shifting into one that will not judge you based on: sexuality, gender, race, bodytype, hobbies and personal taste, yet being antisocial is still looked down upon as "having a problem"?
>Why is it that our society is shifting into one that will not judge you based on: sexuality, gender, race, bodytype, hobbies and personal taste, yet being antisocial is still looked down upon as "having a problem"?
When you treat other people badly or fail to care about their feelings, how can you be surprised when they don't want to be around you or celebrate you?
do you mean antisocial, or not social. Because one has an obvious answer.
do you mean antisocial, or not social?
You ever have a nightmare where you try to use a household item, and it works for only a few seconds before stopping? Or you flick a light switch and the light only stays on for a few seconds before fading? There's gotta be a name for that phenomenon.
My only recurring nightmare is one where I piss blood. Not sure what that is about.
Mister Twister
Pretty much that.
I recently changed my major and even though I'm trying hard I'm starting to wonder if this subject is just beyond my ability.
Which major did you pick, anon?
Computer Science.

I think I'll actually be okay once I get to the coding aspect (all those classes were full this semester) but right now I'm in computer repair and learning all of the hardware stuff, and holy shit there's just so much info I need to know by heart.
Good luck with that. I'm actually thinking of going back into CS once I finish my PhD for various reasons.
>ex-favourite porn artist has moved away from my fetishes
Which porn artist?
Which fetishes?
Mister Twister
>listening to an interview
>the host is a faggot
>he talks like a stereotypical faggot
Why do some gays want to be laughed at??
I'm not used to reading 'faggot' as meaning a homosexual. Damnit, 4chan.
Sunibee. He's always done mainly /co/ \ /v/ furry characters and OC but goes hard in the shamelessly curvy women (becoming too big for my tastes). He also loves donut anuses (can't post any of his stuff on phone).
save file
image:144296145600.jpg(15kB , 166x228 , 1377221031515.jpg)
Have you ever thought that it's just normal for them?

But that is a good thing. If MT hadn't said 'gay' in his last sentence I would have not have even bat an eye.
There's no reason it should be normal. Even most women don't talk like a gay stereotype does, lisp and all.
Everyone around me keeps making jokes about how much they fuck up in college, and they laugh and make jokes about how socially awkward they are. And yet in real life, they are total normalfags while I am literally Tomoko levels of fucked up.
Everyone feels more fucked up than they realize they are. I'm not saying you're not more fucked up than them (I have no way of knowing that), but there should be some comfort to be drawn in the fact that you most likely see yourself as more fucked up than most people who don't live in your head see you. I think psychologists call it the Illusion of Transparency, where one tends to assume other people can see the fucked up parts of one's own mind even though one can't see the fucked up parts of other people's minds.

Anyway, the tl;dr is that while you might very well be more awkward than them, they most likely don't see you as being as bad as you see yourself being Take some comfort in that.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
One of my dogs isn’t doing so well tonight. If she makes it through the night, my mom’s taking her to the vet in the morning.
best to you on that, while it may not be pleasant to hear, I've been through enough that if she makes it and the Vet says its chronic and something that will cause long term problems. best to plan to put her to sleep. She'll stay with you as long as she can as dogs are want to do, but the other method is less painful.

Just putting it out there while hoping that things work out for the best.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Oh, no, it doesn’t matter what it is—we don’t want her going through another bout of what she’s going through tonight, so if she makes it through the night, my mom will be taking her to a vet to have her put to sleep. She’s 14 years old, she’s out of shape, and she’s been having problems catching her breath from physical activity for about the past month. Her breathing got really shallow and strained tonight after she climbed up the stairs to our apartment, and it’s basically all we can do now to keep her relaxed. (Some pills from a former vet who’s a friend of my mom’s is helping with that.) We’re thinking it’s a heart issue—during the past few nights, she had to catch her breath after barking a few times—but at this point it really doesn’t matter what’s wrong with her.
Oh, well best making it through all of that.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well, they took her to a vet, and from what my mom told me over the phone, my dog has a heart problem. The vet’s given her some drugs and they’re gonna keep her overnight; if she can get through this rough patch, we’ll probably be able to take her home, and we’ll have to give her a pill or two every day for the rest of her life.
save file
image:144304608500.png(74kB , 302x245 , 667.png)
You ever get that guy who walks into a conversation about shows you and your friends like and he doesn't enjoy ANYTHING and has hipster tastes and oh god why are you such an asshole?
For a while I was constantly living by the edge of my wallet and just barely scraping by, and was pretty much constantly taking stupid risks and frequently breaking the law in needlessly risky ways.

But you know, I was a lot happier living like that. It was fun to constantly scrape by and barely get away with things.

That's probably a warning sign about my mental state or something, because now I'm pretty secure and just going to school and looking for work and having hobbies, and it's driving me fucking crazy. I really need to take some kind of stupid risk.
It's probably the excitement/adrenaline rush/drama that comes with the scraping and the law breaking. If you can afford it, try taking up an "extreme" hobby, like skydiving or something.
save file
image:144313098200.jpg(8kB , 600x300 , DSCN2150.jpg)
The vet we took my dog to called today; turns out that the shit she went through the other night with her heart caused some brain damage. The pills we gave her the other night saved her life, but there’s literally nothing else to be done for her but keep her on morphine or whatever. If she lives until tomorrow morning, we’ll very likely have her put to sleep so she doesn’t suffer any further.

Like I said on Twitter: my family gave her 14 years she might not have had if my dad hadn’t picked her up from the local dump where he found her. I’m sad that it has to end this way, but I’m happy that she had those 14 years with us.

Goodbye, Jersey.
I can't figure out if I've got legit gender dysphoria or if the idea of being a girl is just some weird sense of escapism.

I mean, if I could just switch I would do it in a heartbeat, but there's a lot more to it than that. There's a lot of bullshit that comes along with it and I guess I don't know if it would be worth it because it is a HUGE hassle to actually transition. Plus it's expensive as fuck. And it could be a strain on just about every social tie I have, and would make things weird with my family. Plus I'd still want to date a woman which I guess isn't actually THAT unusual for MTF but still limits the pool of people who would want to go out with me so much that I don't know if I'd ever find someone.

On the other hand, the idea of just hanging around doing the stuff I usually do, but as a woman, sounds really really nice. So nice that it might actually make everything else worth it.

But if I ended up as an ugly or mannish looking woman I'd be fucking devastated.

At 23 I feel like I'm approaching the point where it would be now or never.

I guess the main thing is I don't want to feel like I'm fucked up or like there's something wrong with me, and I don't know if going through all of this would fix that or just make it worse.

I'm gonna see a psychiatrist in a few weeks, not for this but for something else, and I think I'm gonna bring this up to see if I can get it sorted out.

Sorry, this post is even bloggier than is usual for here but I needed a place to write this down and organize my thoughts.
Sorry to hear about your loss. Glad to hear you're able to take it as well as you are though.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’m sad about it, and I’ll definitely miss her, but I’ve come to terms with her passing and all. My mom’s completely broken up about all this, though. She’s always hated to see any of our dogs sick or in pain, and when things got like this for some of our older dogs, she almost always took them to the vet so they wouldn’t have to suffer. These things always hit her the hardest because she loves animals, and that goes double for the ones that are family.
Your dog looked very sweet. I'm sorry to hear about her.

This is going to sound kind of mean and disapproving but I don't mean it in that way.

Would you be able to deal with people looking down on you constantly and still be happy knowing you made the right choice for your own life? I think that's a key question you need to think about. Transitioning is not a bad thing but we're at a point in society where it's not an easy process. If you can brave through it and still be happy then that's what you were meant to do. /notadoctor

I think talking to a psych will help you out. I hope you can sort out your problems.
>Would you be able to deal with people looking down on you constantly and still be happy knowing you made the right choice for your own life?

Definitely not.

I had a wild night tonight. Went to a friend's birthday and got quite drunk. Met a person there who I think was trans or going to be trans. Or maybe just extremely gay, I dunno. The reality is so different from the fantasy, and I definitely don't plan on transitioning.

It was all just too much time in my own head.

Way too much time in my own head.

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1679715955.450174 - 0.000674 (0.000004s): kobak\controls: setting up new instance

1679715955.450181 - 0.000681 (0.000007s): kobak\controls: finished setup

1679715955.450183 - 0.000683 (0.000002s): kobak\modules: setting up new instance

1679715955.450186 - 0.000686 (0.000003s): kobak\modules: finished setup

1679715955.450231 - 0.000731 (0.000045s): kobak\modules: loading module kobak

1679715955.450236 - 0.000736 (0.000005s): kobak\pages: setting up new instance

1679715955.450243 - 0.000743 (0.000007s): kobak\pages: finished setup

1679715955.450245 - 0.000745 (0.000002s): kobak\plugins: setting up new instance

1679715955.450247 - 0.000747 (0.000002s): kobak\plugins: finished setup

1679715955.450379 - 0.000879 (0.000132s): kobak\kobak: setting up new instance

1679715955.450383 - 0.000883 (0.000004s): kobak\kobak: finished setup

1679715955.450386 - 0.000886 (0.000003s): kobak\cache: setting up new instance

1679715955.450388 - 0.000888 (0.000002s): kobak\cache: finished setup

1679715955.450389 - 0.000889 (0.000001s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_cache

1679715955.450395 - 0.000895 (0.000006s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_cache

1679715955.450537 - 0.001037 (0.000142s): kobak\current: setting up new instance

1679715955.450546 - 0.001046 (0.000009s): kobak\current: finished setup

1679715955.450550 - 0.001050 (0.000004s): kobak\errors: setting up new instance

1679715955.450556 - 0.001056 (0.000006s): kobak\errors: finished setup

1679715955.450833 - 0.001333 (0.000277s): kobak\modules: finished loading module "kobak"

1679715955.450853 - 0.001353 (0.000020s): kobak\modules: finished loading 1 module(s)

1679715955.450855 - 0.001355 (0.000002s): kobak\current: creating default rewrite rules

1679715955.450857 - 0.001357 (0.000002s): kobak\current: starting validation of current section

1679715955.450877 - 0.001377 (0.000020s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "before_validation"

1679715955.451039 - 0.001539 (0.000162s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "before_validation"

1679715955.451045 - 0.001545 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished validating section

1679715955.451051 - 0.001551 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished validating prerequisites

1679715955.451057 - 0.001557 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished validating optional inputs

1679715955.451062 - 0.001562 (0.000005s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "validation"

1679715955.451071 - 0.001571 (0.000009s): KOBAK BBS: validating board

1679715955.451121 - 0.001621 (0.000050s): kobak\ban: query: querying posts

1679715955.451131 - 0.001631 (0.000010s): kobak\db: setting up new instance

1679715955.451133 - 0.001633 (0.000002s): kobak\db: Attempting to connect to database

1679715955.451878 - 0.002378 (0.000745s): kobak\db: Successfully connected to database

1679715955.451886 - 0.002386 (0.000008s): kobak\db: finished setup

1679715955.452974 - 0.003474 (0.001088s): KOBAK BBS: loading board specific plugins

1679715955.453367 - 0.003867 (0.000393s): KOBAK BBS: finished loading board specific plugins

1679715955.453379 - 0.003879 (0.000012s): KOBAK BBS: validating thread

1679715955.453386 - 0.003886 (0.000007s): kobak\thread: query: start

1679715955.453395 - 0.003895 (0.000009s): kobak\thread: query: thread mode set, calling posts query.

1679715955.453417 - 0.003917 (0.000022s): kobak\post: query: querying posts

1679715955.465933 - 0.016433 (0.012516s): kobak\post: query: constructing new post objects

1679715955.472246 - 0.022746 (0.006313s): kobak\post: query: starting lookups for thread locked statuses

1679715955.472391 - 0.022891 (0.000145s): kobak\post: query: setting up references/backlinks

1679715955.472886 - 0.023386 (0.000495s): kobak\post: get_posts: querying out-of-thread quotes

1679715955.473308 - 0.023808 (0.000422s): kobak\post: get_posts: applying quote backlinks to posts

1679715955.474993 - 0.025493 (0.001685s): kobak\post: query: finished.

1679715955.475017 - 0.025517 (0.000024s): kobak\thread: query: posts queried, setting up thread object.

1679715955.475038 - 0.025538 (0.000021s): kobak\thread: query: finished.

1679715955.475087 - 0.025587 (0.000049s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "validation"

1679715955.475146 - 0.025646 (0.000059s): kobak\current: Template file found

1679715955.475149 - 0.025649 (0.000003s): kobak\current: setting up HTML vars

1679715955.475154 - 0.025654 (0.000005s): kobak\html: setting up new instance

1679715955.475177 - 0.025677 (0.000023s): kobak\html: finished setup

1679715955.475180 - 0.025680 (0.000003s): kobak\current: setting up per-page HTML vars

1679715955.475190 - 0.025690 (0.000010s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "setup_html"

1679715955.475294 - 0.025794 (0.000104s): kobak\plugins: finished running 4 actions for hook "setup_html"

1679715955.475296 - 0.025796 (0.000002s): kobak\current: finished setting up all HTML vars

1679715955.475298 - 0.025798 (0.000002s): start rendering html

1679715955.475357 - 0.025857 (0.000059s): loading thread

1679715955.475419 - 0.025919 (0.000062s): called header.php

1679715955.475426 - 0.025926 (0.000007s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "header_meta"

1679715955.475491 - 0.025991 (0.000065s): kobak\plugins: finished running 5 actions for hook "header_meta"

1679715955.475578 - 0.026078 (0.000087s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_banners

1679715955.475583 - 0.026083 (0.000005s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_banners

1679715955.475846 - 0.026346 (0.000263s): rendering thread 399429

1679715955.475851 - 0.026351 (0.000005s): rendering reply 399429

1679715955.475914 - 0.026414 (0.000063s): kobak\kmedia: setting up new instance

1679715955.475917 - 0.026417 (0.000003s): kobak\kmedia: finished setup

1679715955.475963 - 0.026463 (0.000046s): rendering reply 399432

1679715955.475984 - 0.026484 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399437

1679715955.476001 - 0.026501 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399438

1679715955.476031 - 0.026531 (0.000030s): rendering reply 399439

1679715955.476050 - 0.026550 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399440

1679715955.476068 - 0.026568 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399442

1679715955.476085 - 0.026585 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399445

1679715955.476101 - 0.026601 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399446

1679715955.476120 - 0.026620 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399447

1679715955.476155 - 0.026655 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399448

1679715955.476181 - 0.026681 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399449

1679715955.476199 - 0.026699 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399450

1679715955.476214 - 0.026714 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399453

1679715955.476227 - 0.026727 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399454

1679715955.476242 - 0.026742 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399456

1679715955.476260 - 0.026760 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399457

1679715955.476291 - 0.026791 (0.000031s): rendering reply 399458

1679715955.476310 - 0.026810 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399459

1679715955.476323 - 0.026823 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399461

1679715955.476341 - 0.026841 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399462

1679715955.476360 - 0.026860 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399464

1679715955.476374 - 0.026874 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399465

1679715955.476405 - 0.026905 (0.000031s): rendering reply 399467

1679715955.476420 - 0.026920 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399468

1679715955.476432 - 0.026932 (0.000012s): rendering reply 399469

1679715955.476472 - 0.026972 (0.000040s): rendering reply 399470

1679715955.476488 - 0.026988 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399471

1679715955.476516 - 0.027016 (0.000028s): rendering reply 399472

1679715955.476533 - 0.027033 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399473

1679715955.476550 - 0.027050 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399474

1679715955.476574 - 0.027074 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399475

1679715955.476589 - 0.027089 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399476

1679715955.476603 - 0.027103 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399477

1679715955.476616 - 0.027116 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399478

1679715955.476637 - 0.027137 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399479

1679715955.476657 - 0.027157 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399480

1679715955.476676 - 0.027176 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399481

1679715955.476692 - 0.027192 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399482

1679715955.476706 - 0.027206 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399483

1679715955.476719 - 0.027219 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399484

1679715955.476735 - 0.027235 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399485

1679715955.476753 - 0.027253 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399486

1679715955.476767 - 0.027267 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399487

1679715955.476781 - 0.027281 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399488

1679715955.476795 - 0.027295 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399489

1679715955.476813 - 0.027313 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399490

1679715955.476828 - 0.027328 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399492

1679715955.476875 - 0.027375 (0.000047s): rendering reply 399493

1679715955.476893 - 0.027393 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399494

1679715955.476926 - 0.027426 (0.000033s): rendering reply 399495

1679715955.476944 - 0.027444 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399496

1679715955.476959 - 0.027459 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399497

1679715955.476972 - 0.027472 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399498

1679715955.476987 - 0.027487 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399499

1679715955.477079 - 0.027579 (0.000092s): rendering reply 399500

1679715955.477109 - 0.027609 (0.000030s): rendering reply 399501

1679715955.477129 - 0.027629 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399502

1679715955.477149 - 0.027649 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399503

1679715955.477171 - 0.027671 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399504

1679715955.477186 - 0.027686 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399505

1679715955.477209 - 0.027709 (0.000023s): rendering reply 399506

1679715955.477228 - 0.027728 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399507

1679715955.477246 - 0.027746 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399508

1679715955.477286 - 0.027786 (0.000040s): rendering reply 399509

1679715955.477319 - 0.027819 (0.000033s): rendering reply 399510

1679715955.477336 - 0.027836 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399513

1679715955.477355 - 0.027855 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399514

1679715955.477373 - 0.027873 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399515

1679715955.477394 - 0.027894 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399518

1679715955.477407 - 0.027907 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399519

1679715955.477420 - 0.027920 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399521

1679715955.477436 - 0.027936 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399522

1679715955.477449 - 0.027949 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399532

1679715955.477468 - 0.027968 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399533

1679715955.477486 - 0.027986 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399536

1679715955.477504 - 0.028004 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399537

1679715955.477530 - 0.028030 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399543

1679715955.477551 - 0.028051 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399544

1679715955.477566 - 0.028066 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399551

1679715955.480008 - 0.030508 (0.002442s): rendering reply 399554

1679715955.480047 - 0.030547 (0.000039s): rendering reply 399556

1679715955.480068 - 0.030568 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399557

1679715955.480087 - 0.030587 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399558

1679715955.480101 - 0.030601 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399559

1679715955.480114 - 0.030614 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399561

1679715955.480128 - 0.030628 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399570

1679715955.480143 - 0.030643 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399574

1679715955.480155 - 0.030655 (0.000012s): rendering reply 399577

1679715955.480172 - 0.030672 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399583

1679715955.480191 - 0.030691 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399585

1679715955.480206 - 0.030706 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399595

1679715955.480222 - 0.030722 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399596

1679715955.480238 - 0.030738 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399601

1679715955.480253 - 0.030753 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399604

1679715955.480267 - 0.030767 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399605

1679715955.480280 - 0.030780 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399608

1679715955.480298 - 0.030798 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399609

1679715955.480318 - 0.030818 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399613

1679715955.480378 - 0.030878 (0.000060s): rendering reply 399616

1679715955.480401 - 0.030901 (0.000023s): rendering reply 399617

1679715955.480421 - 0.030921 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399618

1679715955.480437 - 0.030937 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399620

1679715955.480451 - 0.030951 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399622

1679715955.480464 - 0.030964 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399624

1679715955.480478 - 0.030978 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399625

1679715955.480512 - 0.031012 (0.000034s): rendering reply 399627

1679715955.480536 - 0.031036 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399629

1679715955.480551 - 0.031051 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399630

1679715955.480566 - 0.031066 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399631

1679715955.480582 - 0.031082 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399632

1679715955.480596 - 0.031096 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399633

1679715955.480626 - 0.031126 (0.000030s): rendering reply 399634

1679715955.480643 - 0.031143 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399640

1679715955.480658 - 0.031158 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399641

1679715955.480674 - 0.031174 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399642

1679715955.480694 - 0.031194 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399646

1679715955.480715 - 0.031215 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399647

1679715955.480729 - 0.031229 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399650

1679715955.480758 - 0.031258 (0.000029s): rendering reply 399651

1679715955.480784 - 0.031284 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399653

1679715955.480806 - 0.031306 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399657

1679715955.480821 - 0.031321 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399660

1679715955.480847 - 0.031347 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399661

1679715955.480883 - 0.031383 (0.000036s): rendering reply 399663

1679715955.480921 - 0.031421 (0.000038s): rendering reply 399667

1679715955.480938 - 0.031438 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399670

1679715955.480953 - 0.031453 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399672

1679715955.480967 - 0.031467 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399673

1679715955.480982 - 0.031482 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399675

1679715955.480995 - 0.031495 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399677

1679715955.481023 - 0.031523 (0.000028s): rendering reply 399678

1679715955.481072 - 0.031572 (0.000049s): rendering reply 399679

1679715955.481097 - 0.031597 (0.000025s): rendering reply 399681

1679715955.481114 - 0.031614 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399683

1679715955.481134 - 0.031634 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399684

1679715955.481170 - 0.031670 (0.000036s): rendering reply 399685

1679715955.481191 - 0.031691 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399686

1679715955.481210 - 0.031710 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399687

1679715955.481271 - 0.031771 (0.000061s): rendering reply 399688

1679715955.481296 - 0.031796 (0.000025s): rendering reply 399689

1679715955.481320 - 0.031820 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399690

1679715955.481355 - 0.031855 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399691

1679715955.481382 - 0.031882 (0.000027s): rendering reply 399692

1679715955.481406 - 0.031906 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399694

1679715955.481429 - 0.031929 (0.000023s): rendering reply 399695

1679715955.481447 - 0.031947 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399696

1679715955.481466 - 0.031966 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399697

1679715955.481507 - 0.032007 (0.000041s): rendering reply 399698

1679715955.481533 - 0.032033 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399699

1679715955.481572 - 0.032072 (0.000039s): rendering reply 399700

1679715955.481604 - 0.032104 (0.000032s): rendering reply 399701

1679715955.481643 - 0.032143 (0.000039s): rendering reply 399703

1679715955.481676 - 0.032176 (0.000033s): rendering reply 399709

1679715955.481712 - 0.032212 (0.000036s): rendering reply 399710

1679715955.481746 - 0.032246 (0.000034s): rendering reply 399711

1679715955.484406 - 0.034906 (0.002660s): rendering reply 399713

1679715955.484488 - 0.034988 (0.000082s): rendering reply 399714

1679715955.484529 - 0.035029 (0.000041s): rendering reply 399715

1679715955.484558 - 0.035058 (0.000029s): rendering reply 399717

1679715955.484609 - 0.035109 (0.000051s): rendering reply 399718

1679715955.484633 - 0.035133 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399721

1679715955.484652 - 0.035152 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399722

1679715955.484673 - 0.035173 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399734

1679715955.484704 - 0.035204 (0.000031s): rendering reply 399737

1679715955.484729 - 0.035229 (0.000025s): rendering reply 399743

1679715955.484749 - 0.035249 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399747

1679715955.484780 - 0.035280 (0.000031s): rendering reply 399748

1679715955.484802 - 0.035302 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399768

1679715955.484831 - 0.035331 (0.000029s): rendering reply 399777

1679715955.484849 - 0.035349 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399783

1679715955.484901 - 0.035401 (0.000052s): rendering reply 399787

1679715955.484926 - 0.035426 (0.000025s): rendering reply 399789

1679715955.485025 - 0.035525 (0.000099s): rendering reply 399790

1679715955.485052 - 0.035552 (0.000027s): rendering reply 399791

1679715955.485087 - 0.035587 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399793

1679715955.485102 - 0.035602 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399794

1679715955.485119 - 0.035619 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399797

1679715955.485140 - 0.035640 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399798

1679715955.485154 - 0.035654 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399801

1679715955.485168 - 0.035668 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399804

1679715955.485191 - 0.035691 (0.000023s): rendering reply 399809

1679715955.485209 - 0.035709 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399811

1679715955.485228 - 0.035728 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399813

1679715955.485263 - 0.035763 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399814

1679715955.485294 - 0.035794 (0.000031s): rendering reply 399815

1679715955.485323 - 0.035823 (0.000029s): rendering reply 399816

1679715955.485358 - 0.035858 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399817

1679715955.485384 - 0.035884 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399818

1679715955.485401 - 0.035901 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399819

1679715955.485414 - 0.035914 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399820

1679715955.485442 - 0.035942 (0.000028s): rendering reply 399823

1679715955.485462 - 0.035962 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399824

1679715955.485497 - 0.035997 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399826

1679715955.485514 - 0.036014 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399827

1679715955.485532 - 0.036032 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399829

1679715955.485565 - 0.036065 (0.000033s): rendering reply 399830

1679715955.485588 - 0.036088 (0.000023s): rendering reply 399832

1679715955.485608 - 0.036108 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399833

1679715955.485626 - 0.036126 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399834

1679715955.485643 - 0.036143 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399835

1679715955.485664 - 0.036164 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399837

1679715955.485681 - 0.036181 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399838

1679715955.485713 - 0.036213 (0.000032s): rendering reply 399839

1679715955.485728 - 0.036228 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399840

1679715955.485744 - 0.036244 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399841

1679715955.485765 - 0.036265 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399842

1679715955.485794 - 0.036294 (0.000029s): rendering reply 399843

1679715955.485820 - 0.036320 (0.000026s): rendering reply 399844

1679715955.485845 - 0.036345 (0.000025s): rendering reply 399845

1679715955.485901 - 0.036401 (0.000056s): rendering reply 399846

1679715955.485938 - 0.036438 (0.000037s): rendering reply 399847

1679715955.485959 - 0.036459 (0.000021s): rendering reply 399849

1679715955.485976 - 0.036476 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399850

1679715955.485991 - 0.036491 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399851

1679715955.486036 - 0.036536 (0.000045s): rendering reply 399854

1679715955.486053 - 0.036553 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399856

1679715955.486068 - 0.036568 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399857

1679715955.486084 - 0.036584 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399858

1679715955.486106 - 0.036606 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399859

1679715955.486122 - 0.036622 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399860

1679715955.486167 - 0.036667 (0.000045s): rendering reply 399863

1679715955.486203 - 0.036703 (0.000036s): rendering reply 399864

1679715955.486221 - 0.036721 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399865

1679715955.486237 - 0.036737 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399866

1679715955.486257 - 0.036757 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399867

1679715955.486292 - 0.036792 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399868

1679715955.486314 - 0.036814 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399869

1679715955.486331 - 0.036831 (0.000017s): rendering reply 399870

1679715955.486366 - 0.036866 (0.000035s): rendering reply 399877

1679715955.486412 - 0.036912 (0.000046s): rendering reply 399879

1679715955.486431 - 0.036931 (0.000019s): rendering reply 399880

1679715955.486453 - 0.036953 (0.000022s): rendering reply 399881

1679715955.486471 - 0.036971 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399882

1679715955.486489 - 0.036989 (0.000018s): rendering reply 399883

1679715955.489377 - 0.039877 (0.002888s): rendering reply 399884

1679715955.489432 - 0.039932 (0.000055s): rendering reply 399886

1679715955.489456 - 0.039956 (0.000024s): rendering reply 399887

1679715955.489476 - 0.039976 (0.000020s): rendering reply 399888

1679715955.489491 - 0.039991 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399890

1679715955.489507 - 0.040007 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399891

1679715955.489520 - 0.040020 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399899

1679715955.489534 - 0.040034 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399903

1679715955.489548 - 0.040048 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399906

1679715955.489561 - 0.040061 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399907

1679715955.489600 - 0.040100 (0.000039s): rendering reply 399912

1679715955.489616 - 0.040116 (0.000016s): rendering reply 399915

1679715955.489630 - 0.040130 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399922

1679715955.489645 - 0.040145 (0.000015s): rendering reply 399927

1679715955.489658 - 0.040158 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399929

1679715955.489672 - 0.040172 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399930

1679715955.489685 - 0.040185 (0.000013s): rendering reply 399932

1679715955.489699 - 0.040199 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399937

1679715955.489713 - 0.040213 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399940

1679715955.489727 - 0.040227 (0.000014s): rendering reply 399961

1679715955.489739 - 0.040239 (0.000012s): rendering reply 400047

1679715955.489767 - 0.040267 (0.000028s): rendering reply 400049

1679715955.489793 - 0.040293 (0.000026s): rendering reply 400050

1679715955.489810 - 0.040310 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400051

1679715955.489824 - 0.040324 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400053

1679715955.489838 - 0.040338 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400054

1679715955.489853 - 0.040353 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400068

1679715955.489937 - 0.040437 (0.000084s): rendering reply 400071

1679715955.489953 - 0.040453 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400074

1679715955.489971 - 0.040471 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400076

1679715955.490002 - 0.040502 (0.000031s): rendering reply 400077

1679715955.490034 - 0.040534 (0.000032s): rendering reply 400078

1679715955.490050 - 0.040550 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400082

1679715955.490063 - 0.040563 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400083

1679715955.490078 - 0.040578 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400086

1679715955.490092 - 0.040592 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400088

1679715955.490106 - 0.040606 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400106

1679715955.490122 - 0.040622 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400114

1679715955.490137 - 0.040637 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400118

1679715955.490152 - 0.040652 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400120

1679715955.490168 - 0.040668 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400122

1679715955.490181 - 0.040681 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400124

1679715955.490196 - 0.040696 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400127

1679715955.490210 - 0.040710 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400128

1679715955.490242 - 0.040742 (0.000032s): rendering reply 400137

1679715955.490268 - 0.040768 (0.000026s): rendering reply 400138

1679715955.490285 - 0.040785 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400140

1679715955.490300 - 0.040800 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400141

1679715955.490316 - 0.040816 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400142

1679715955.490336 - 0.040836 (0.000020s): rendering reply 400144

1679715955.490350 - 0.040850 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400145

1679715955.490367 - 0.040867 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400146

1679715955.490381 - 0.040881 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400148

1679715955.490396 - 0.040896 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400151

1679715955.490413 - 0.040913 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400155

1679715955.490426 - 0.040926 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400161

1679715955.490440 - 0.040940 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400162

1679715955.490486 - 0.040986 (0.000046s): rendering reply 400163

1679715955.490521 - 0.041021 (0.000035s): rendering reply 400164

1679715955.490542 - 0.041042 (0.000021s): rendering reply 400165

1679715955.490556 - 0.041056 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400167

1679715955.490570 - 0.041070 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400168

1679715955.490588 - 0.041088 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400169

1679715955.490612 - 0.041112 (0.000024s): rendering reply 400172

1679715955.490628 - 0.041128 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400173

1679715955.490644 - 0.041144 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400175

1679715955.490663 - 0.041163 (0.000019s): rendering reply 400176

1679715955.490677 - 0.041177 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400177

1679715955.490690 - 0.041190 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400178

1679715955.490706 - 0.041206 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400181

1679715955.490718 - 0.041218 (0.000012s): rendering reply 400182

1679715955.490744 - 0.041244 (0.000026s): rendering reply 400191

1679715955.490773 - 0.041273 (0.000029s): rendering reply 400198

1679715955.490787 - 0.041287 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400203

1679715955.490804 - 0.041304 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400204

1679715955.490818 - 0.041318 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400207

1679715955.490833 - 0.041333 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400209

1679715955.490850 - 0.041350 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400210

1679715955.490893 - 0.041393 (0.000043s): rendering reply 400213

1679715955.490916 - 0.041416 (0.000023s): rendering reply 400214

1679715955.490945 - 0.041445 (0.000029s): rendering reply 400215

1679715955.490963 - 0.041463 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400216

1679715955.490981 - 0.041481 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400238

1679715955.490998 - 0.041498 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400247

1679715955.491012 - 0.041512 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400248

1679715955.491025 - 0.041525 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400249

1679715955.491064 - 0.041564 (0.000039s): rendering reply 400257

1679715955.491084 - 0.041584 (0.000020s): rendering reply 400263

1679715955.491101 - 0.041601 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400333

1679715955.494551 - 0.045051 (0.003450s): rendering reply 400341

1679715955.494604 - 0.045104 (0.000053s): rendering reply 400350

1679715955.494654 - 0.045154 (0.000050s): rendering reply 400354

1679715955.494686 - 0.045186 (0.000032s): rendering reply 400370

1679715955.494705 - 0.045205 (0.000019s): rendering reply 400373

1679715955.494719 - 0.045219 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400381

1679715955.494735 - 0.045235 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400384

1679715955.494765 - 0.045265 (0.000030s): rendering reply 400385

1679715955.494807 - 0.045307 (0.000042s): rendering reply 400386

1679715955.494825 - 0.045325 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400387

1679715955.494839 - 0.045339 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400389

1679715955.494852 - 0.045352 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400461

1679715955.494902 - 0.045402 (0.000050s): rendering reply 400462

1679715955.494926 - 0.045426 (0.000024s): rendering reply 400463

1679715955.494944 - 0.045444 (0.000018s): rendering reply 400466

1679715955.494988 - 0.045488 (0.000044s): rendering reply 400523

1679715955.495003 - 0.045503 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400534

1679715955.495015 - 0.045515 (0.000012s): rendering reply 400551

1679715955.495031 - 0.045531 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400552

1679715955.495045 - 0.045545 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400553

1679715955.495057 - 0.045557 (0.000012s): rendering reply 400555

1679715955.495071 - 0.045571 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400561

1679715955.495084 - 0.045584 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400565

1679715955.495100 - 0.045600 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400568

1679715955.495114 - 0.045614 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400584

1679715955.495128 - 0.045628 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400585

1679715955.495142 - 0.045642 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400587

1679715955.495156 - 0.045656 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400595

1679715955.495172 - 0.045672 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400597

1679715955.495192 - 0.045692 (0.000020s): rendering reply 400612

1679715955.495208 - 0.045708 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400613

1679715955.495222 - 0.045722 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400617

1679715955.495235 - 0.045735 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400619

1679715955.495250 - 0.045750 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400621

1679715955.495291 - 0.045791 (0.000041s): rendering reply 400622

1679715955.495326 - 0.045826 (0.000035s): rendering reply 400628

1679715955.495342 - 0.045842 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400631

1679715955.495357 - 0.045857 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400635

1679715955.495376 - 0.045876 (0.000019s): rendering reply 400636

1679715955.495397 - 0.045897 (0.000021s): rendering reply 400637

1679715955.495410 - 0.045910 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400641

1679715955.495424 - 0.045924 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400642

1679715955.495439 - 0.045939 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400646

1679715955.495453 - 0.045953 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400658

1679715955.495484 - 0.045984 (0.000031s): rendering reply 400659

1679715955.495499 - 0.045999 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400660

1679715955.495515 - 0.046015 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400661

1679715955.495536 - 0.046036 (0.000021s): rendering reply 400662

1679715955.495550 - 0.046050 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400664

1679715955.495576 - 0.046076 (0.000026s): rendering reply 400670

1679715955.495592 - 0.046092 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400687

1679715955.495606 - 0.046106 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400703

1679715955.495625 - 0.046125 (0.000019s): rendering reply 400706

1679715955.495642 - 0.046142 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400709

1679715955.495659 - 0.046159 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400710

1679715955.495673 - 0.046173 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400711

1679715955.495686 - 0.046186 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400712

1679715955.495701 - 0.046201 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400714

1679715955.495714 - 0.046214 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400717

1679715955.495727 - 0.046227 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400729

1679715955.495743 - 0.046243 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400732

1679715955.495755 - 0.046255 (0.000012s): rendering reply 400733

1679715955.495769 - 0.046269 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400740

1679715955.495783 - 0.046283 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400751

1679715955.495796 - 0.046296 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400752

1679715955.495809 - 0.046309 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400759

1679715955.495825 - 0.046325 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400760

1679715955.495838 - 0.046338 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400761

1679715955.495851 - 0.046351 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400768

1679715955.495896 - 0.046396 (0.000045s): rendering reply 400770

1679715955.495912 - 0.046412 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400775

1679715955.495925 - 0.046425 (0.000013s): rendering reply 400777

1679715955.495942 - 0.046442 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400778

1679715955.495956 - 0.046456 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400780

1679715955.495970 - 0.046470 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400781

1679715955.495995 - 0.046495 (0.000025s): rendering reply 400804

1679715955.496009 - 0.046509 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400805

1679715955.496023 - 0.046523 (0.000014s): rendering reply 400822

1679715955.496049 - 0.046549 (0.000026s): rendering reply 400828

1679715955.496066 - 0.046566 (0.000017s): rendering reply 400830

1679715955.496096 - 0.046596 (0.000030s): rendering reply 400860

1679715955.496128 - 0.046628 (0.000032s): rendering reply 400861

1679715955.496144 - 0.046644 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400866

1679715955.496160 - 0.046660 (0.000016s): rendering reply 400867

1679715955.496175 - 0.046675 (0.000015s): rendering reply 400869

1679715955.496217 - 0.046717 (0.000042s): rendering reply 400883

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time taken: 0.00104403 SELECT *, ( SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT `kobaboardban`.`boardid` ORDER BY `kobaboardban`.`boardid` SEPARATOR ',') FROM `kobaboardban` WHERE `banid` = `id` GROUP BY `banid` ) AS `active_boards` FROM `kobaban` WHERE ( (`iplong1` = '22efad90') OR (`iplong1` <= '22efad90' AND '22efad90' <= `iplong2`) ) AND `type` IN(-1,0,1,2,3) AND (`id` IN ( SELECT `banid` FROM `kobaboardban` WHERE `boardid` IN(1) ) OR `global` = 1) ORDER BY `type`,`expiration` DESC no rows found or affected (prepared query)
time taken: 0.01245594 SELECT p.*, r.time r_time, r.reason r_reason, r.ipmd5 r_ipmd5, r.ipcrypt r_ipcrypt, r.password r_password, r.userid r_userid, s.total_posts, s.total_files, s.total_image, s.total_audio, s.total_video, s.total_swf, s.unique_ip, s.unique_user FROM `kobapost` p LEFT JOIN `kobareport` r on p.boardid = r.boardid and p.postid = r.postid LEFT JOIN `kobapoststats` s on p.boardid = s.boardid and p.postid = s.threadid WHERE p.`boardid` = '1' AND p.`postid` = '399429' AND `parentid` = '0' AND `deleted` = '0' UNION ALL SELECT p.*, r.time r_time, r.reason r_reason, r.ipmd5 r_ipmd5, r.ipcrypt r_ipcrypt, r.password r_password, r.userid r_userid, null as total_posts, null as total_files, null as total_image, null as total_audio, null as total_video, null as total_swf, null as unique_ip, null as unique_user FROM `kobapost` p LEFT JOIN `kobareport` r on p.boardid = r.boardid and p.postid = r.postid WHERE p.`boardid` = '1' AND `parentid` = '399429' AND `deleted` = '0' ORDER BY `parentid`,`postid` no error (prepared query)
time taken: 0.00038910 SELECT `boardid`, `parentid`, `postid` FROM `kobapost` WHERE (`boardid` = 1 AND `postid` IN(396536)) AND `deleted` = 0 no error


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