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image:151475945000.png(611kB , 700x700 , DannyElfmansOingoBoingo48.png)
This is the end, dear
The time of night when we delight in turning in
But, please remember
It's not goodbye, but just until we meet again
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image:151475962200.gif(271kB , 360x200 , Danny_Elfman_Satan_Forbidden_Zone.gif)
Until this evening
I sat there dreaming
Now I see you so clearly
And all my dreams come true
As I sing to you
Lalalala lalalalalala
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image:151475979500.jpg(47kB , 261x400 , laughing elfman.jpg)
Oh listen Tender Lumplings
Let me take your little hand
I'll take you from this hell-hole
To the promised land
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image:151475990400.jpg(21kB , 258x400 , Laughing Elfman 2.jpg)
But don't blame me, oh children
If the promises don't keep
Cause promises, like lies
Can be bought so very cheap