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Ask me things here, don't get b& on /co/
Thanks for the thread, but I'm done discussing things now. You've been very helpful.
former /co/ janitor
For the record the one thread that supposedly Redwood was in that Google's managed to cache while foolz is on vacation has no modposting in it whatsoever.

So, how's the current position about pony related stuff at /co/?
And, why the WOMYN TUMBLR SJW threads aren't banned yet? Those have nothing to do with /co/ and are pretty much /pol/ shit.
Was Roasted Bread just Redwood fucking around?

Why is Digimon allowed?
It's not really, the majority of threads like that or the WOMYN TUMBLR SJW or the "which animal fetish is your waifu" threads are just taking advantage of the fact that /co/ is a very very lightly moderated board that the staff don't care about, like always.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
The fuck's up with mods/janitors getting hardassed about furry content?
Mister Twister
How is a janitor's job done? Are they still doing it for free, or did m00t finally decide to pay them?
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What happened?

(was it you or them?)

Also, I guess it would be a good time to ask about my assumptions; are mods/janitors a lazy bunch except for like three people who ban everything vaguely against rules? Do any openly hate specific groups?

What's your /j/ like?
former /co/ janitor
hey sorry i was gone, i figured everyone had bailed. Everything I can tell you is a year old at this point.

The only dude earning any dosh from the site is moot and possibly some sysadmins.

>Was Roasted Bread just Redwood fucking around?
Redwood's nowhere near that clever.

>The fuck's up with mods/janitors getting hardassed about furry content?
Global 3. When an anthro thread turns into turkey tits you're dangerously cheesy

>So, how's the current position about pony related stuff at /co/?
>And, why the WOMYN TUMBLR SJW threads aren't banned yet? Those have nothing to do with /co/ and are pretty much /pol/ shit.
I literally became a janitor to address that cancer back in March 2012. The astute among you will notice that's not during the application season, I harassed moot on AIM about it until he finally gave up and made me a janitor (which wasn't my intention). FYI that's pretty rare and no most of the janitors and mods are not his personal friends because that would require moot to have personal friends.

>(was it you or them?)

I loudly disagreed with the policy change preventing OPs from deleting their own threads. We weren't warned, the reason was specious as fuck and even the mods that day were blindsided by it. I left the janitor IRC before I lost my cool, I had to return on business to help another janitor who couldn't get into IRC to pass a message along, and a mod asked me to explain my disgust which I should have answered in PM. moot didn't take kindly to being called an idiot and cut me off without a warning.

>Also, I guess it would be a good time to ask about my assumptions; are mods/janitors a lazy bunch except for like three people who ban everything vaguely against rules? Do any openly hate specific groups?

Most janitors are not lazy. They're regulars from their assigned boards, they're not outsiders or outliers. This is maybe the only insult that annoys me because it's really not true. As far as "openly hate specific groups," they openly hate shitposters of all stripes and ban evading trolls.

I can only think of one who outright wants his board removed, and I'm not saying which one. If you had to janitor it I think you'd be hard pressed to disagree, let's leave it at that.

>What's your /j/ like?

/j/ is hella dull. It's not a conversation board, it's mainly adding the names of ban evaders to an ancient thread full of them, informing staff that you're going to be unavailable for a month and asking for someone else to pick up the slack, reporting broken features in the janitor interface, occasionally suggesting new features…

The handful of "what do you really hate, /j/?" threads die off quickly mainly because there's an IRC channel to talk to other janitors for that. Also, mentioning that channel's name on 4chan is an instaban. I assume the mod channel is as well, janitors don't even know its name.
former /co/ janitor
Also to answer whether mods are lazy, I'm not a mod so I can't speak to that. In theory most mods are janitors who've been reliable for over a year and got relieved by incoming janitors for the same boards. In practice it's messier than that because 4chan operates on a skeleton staff. It has nowhere near enough janitors for its boards and its training consists of throwing the janitors into the deep end of the pool because at any given moment moot has an excuse to be too busy to manage this and hasn't given the mods any guidance to do it either.

Janitors can be let go at any moment for any reason or none whatsoever. Until recently only moot could do that and I wouldn't be surprised if he's rescinded that authority from the mod he gave it to: in the last 3 years, mods' privileges have declined sharply while janitors' are still pretty much the same they ever were. Because of how many retarded stickies there have been on boards made arbitrarily, only one mod is allowed to even make them any more (also this eliminates any bad blood from one mod removing another mod's sticky).

I've seen completely chill, nonthreatening janitors be kicked for minor reasons or none at all. In 2 years of janitoring I remember moot asking our opinion on something once, and he drifted off as soon as we answered his question largely because we didn't give him the answer he was expecting us to parrot.

Literally the only privileges a janitor has are no captcha and no time limit between posts. That's it. They don't have any metadata visible to them you don't see, they can't tell who's samefagging and who isn't (with one particular exception), and the thing you hate them for the most is the thing they're supposed to be doing.
Mister Twister
That was quite informative.
Your thoughts on Homestuck, Frozen, and Fairly Oddparents.
What is moot looking for in a janitor application?

Do you have to have contact with moot on IRC and AIM?

What is moot's AIM? Is it mootchat?
Did you leave?
Did you enjoy or hate your time in the shadows as a janitor?

Can you tell us if you quit or got fired? No need for reasons if you you don't want to say.

How many janitors did /co/ have when you left? How many mods?

Did you ever lurk the /co/nami threads? I'm sorry for posting so much Soul Eater porn behind spoilers if you did. What is/was your stance on Toonami gen being on /co/?

Can regular posters uses italics or bold? Is that a janitor/mod thing only? If it isn't a janitor/mod thing only, how do I do italics and bold?
What's your take on the entire GamerGate situation? It's really gotten out of hand quickly and a lot of dissent could be quelled if moot just answered a few questions/it was contained to 1 thread on /v/ or /pol/ with a 'no dox' rule.

Seriously, /v/ has always been shit as has been /pol/, but the shitposting is reaching unreal proportions.
It's basically the same fucking thing as the radical parts of tumblr, except on the right side of the political spectrum. Emotionally unstable and vulnerable people getting lured in by a sense of belonging and unity, who then just end up magnifying each others fears and weaknesses to drag each other in a neverending downspiral of paranoia and persecution complexes, painting anyone as malevolent enemy who doesn't share their twisted and radicalized views.
Woops, I thought this was the "Speak your mind" thread. Don't mind me. I'm not the janitor. Sorry.