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image:145076722600.png(217kB , 400x300 , Fear.png)
Speak Your Mind: Post-Transfer Edition

Hey, uh...whoever's in charge up there in the plus4 Flying Fortress...do you think we can get the plus4 favicon on all the boards now? Just a thought. ANYWHO. SYM, fuckers!
moose ## Admin
Yeah, I'll put it on my to-do list.

Transfer is more-or-less done now. I probably broke some things, so let me know here or via e-mail (anonymoose.chan@gmail.com)

Domain is plus4chan.net for the moment due to hosting fuckery. Will revert to plus4chan.org in a few months.

I'll do some news post that no one will read in a week or so, but for now I'm going to bed.
Urgh... feels grotty. These few months will be weird.

But seriously, that was a smooth reboot. Good job.
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image:145084057900.jpg(7kB , 405x348 , 1382483639180.jpg)
Good job moose on the whole move ordeal. Could you take a gander over at the banners thread and see if there are any new ones that strike your fancy? I particularly like >>402076 and >>402176 as there are the only animated .gif entries I've seen so far.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I
All hail Moose!
I concur. Whoever made those banners should be praised.
Mister Twister
Disliking a popular YouTube video is like pissing in an ocean of. . . ocean. Or voting in american elections.
Says the Russian
Mister Twister
I haven't lived in Russia since 2007.
And yet you are still Russian
Mister Twister
And you're still Mongolian.
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image:145100014500.jpg(123kB , 980x659 , Han Solo delivering letters to Santa Claus.jpg)
Needed to get this out of my system. Sharing with you, cause who doesn't want cynicism for Christmas?


Merry Christmas, you goofy fucks!
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image:145100158000.gif(861kB , 300x169 , 1384802856555.gif)
Nice opinions. I just hope you don't expect to enforce your elimination of Santa from modern GLOBAL culture.

Merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
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image:145100365200.png(836kB , 1280x718 , always christmas in philadelphia.png)
Merry Christmas, nerds.
How and why do mobile games like Clash of Clans and stuff make fully fledged TV commercials with big names like Christoph Waltz and Arnold Schwarzenegger? It just seems so big-budget for mobile games.
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image:145100641100.jpg(233kB , 960x720 , image.jpg)
Happy present day
Mobile games are mostly cheap garbage but they make big bux $$$$$$

Plus with development being so cheap they can spend most of the money on ads instead of new games.
Mister Twister
Well of course! It's just opinions.

And speaking of your GIF, here is something fresh and related:

I wish my phone had a caps lock.
Does double-clicking uppercase work? That's the Apple shortcut.

And happy Boxing Day to all.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Man, posting on post-transfer plus4 has been faster than ever.

One suggestion for you, moose: change the CSS for spoiler text so it displays inline instead of as a block.
In just a little over a months from now I'll be getting my very own pad and I'll never have to live with fucking roommates ever again. This might be the most giddily excited I've been in two decades.
You have my congrats and my jelly.

My current roommate is probably the best I could hope for in a roommate and causes no problems at all, but I would still prefer a place all to myself.
Anonymous ## Admin
...It already should? This is a penis sentence.
moose ## Admin
Yeah, that checks out. Do you mean inline instead of inline-block? inline-block gives some extra control over display (particularly CSS properties that would be ignored when applied to an inline element), though I don't know if that's necessary here. It's something I can mess with when I do new(ish) CSS revamp.
My work plays the most annoying fucking music and I hate listening to it all day.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, inline instead of inline-block. Inline treats a span of spoilered text as regular inline text, whereas inline-block treats the same span as a block. The latter can result in spoilered text breaking up a paragraph and making the text formatting look weird. I use a stylesheet hack to make spoilered text display as inline around here.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Whoa, front page went freaky weird back in time.
It my birthday.

And Tora Dora's, yesterday maybe.
Happy birthday, Slowpoke.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

Happy Birthday, Poke!
Not to be self-deprecating, we all know how impenetrable my ego is, but it's actually really surprising to me to see people on +4 wishing me well. Same with /pol/-kun calling me the nicest person in the politics thread.

Thanks though guys. I spent today recreationally picking up very heavy things and putting them back down. It was a really good time.
Happy New Year

Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I
Here's hoping we all have a good year!
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image:145159425900.jpg(1.82MB , 1668x1113 , night_time__by_ryky-d9kkh6r.jpg)
2016 will be better than 2015, in every regard. More good things will happen.

Mark my word.
William Shatner will die.
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image:145163496400.jpg(411kB , 1024x1484 , happy_new_year_2016__by_kawaiiplum-d9ma8z8.jpg)
For the first time in. . . a long time, I visited DA's front page by clicking in the place.

First image was this.
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image:145164089200.png(2.12MB , 2300x1700 , 54331779_p0.png)
Happy 2016 plus4!
May the witching times of the Mahou Tsukai Precure be with you!
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image:145164325700.png(168kB , 1334x750 , image.png)
Glad you all survived the Third Impact
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image:145167717400.jpg(56kB , 600x780 , End of Soul Eater.jpg)
Eh, I wouldn't have minded Third Impact.
Mister Twister
I don't think I cared for poets or poetry in years. I get all my poetry needs from songs now.
spoiler: talking about scabs, etc.
I think I scratched the outer part my ear canal at least two months ago and it just gets so itchy and annoying when it heals that I pick out the new skin/liquidstuff within a day or two. Hopefully this time I have the willpower to let it heal once and for all. Fuck I hate this.
It really is a great feeling when you have a pleasant impromptu exchange on 4chan.
You know what else is a great feeling? Finding a surprise 50 bucks in one of your wallet's million compartments.
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image:145176007300.jpg(213kB , 618x865 , bmi_chart_girls_by_age1.jpg)
I know this is kind of obscure but I'm into reading obscure articles. The largest ever study on male sexual preferences has just been completed, and the results are hilarious.
Over 90% of men prefer girls with a BMI in the illegal zone.
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image:145176617400.png(111kB , 256x180 , Lalli startled.png)
>a really good artist I follow just favourited something I drew
>May 2000
I think you attached the wrong image. Can you link the study?
Being sick sucks.
Mister Twister
Tomorrow I am finally returning to my kung fu school, if only for a month.

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image:145186762400.gif(993kB , 319x224 , No, it's fine, honest.gif)
>get invited to a New Year's Eve party by a friend of mine
>"Oh, by the way, it's in another county. Also, I'm staying a few days, but you can leave whenever"
>... okay, sure, I'll stay for a few days too, might be fun
>get everything ready on the 31st, including a magazine to read on the train, some books to read if the place has no wi-fi, and charging my phone
>switch my phone on, turns out I had a text a few hours ago
>"The host has a near-alphabetical list of medical conditions, and she's not feeling well, so the whole thing's off"
>... Oh. Well, you can come to my place for New Year's...
>"Thanks, but I already have a Plan B."
>... Okay, have fun!
>mfw he posts about it on facebook later, and everyone had a great time, while I spent New Year's playing Gemblo with my parents

I realised immediately after sending my last text that I could have asked if I was invited, but by the same token he could've invited me along, or at least checked to see if it was okay to bring somebody else.I later found out the party was in another part of the city, and I just don't know why I was invited to Plan A, but not Plan B.
Mister Twister
The downside of friendship. Sometimes it doesn't work out.
I really don't know why I get to know my friends on a deeper level. It just ruins things. If nobody in the world ever talked publicly about their political or religious views, everyone would be happy.
My hands are ruins after painting my room.
Part of me wants to talk to him about it, but I don't know how to even begin; I've never known him to do anything like this before (he'd invited me to a Halloween party at a rock club he sometimes goes to back in 2015) and I don't want to get all passive-aggressive about it.
Mister Twister
Life taught me this much. If something is bothering you, it will bother you forever until you deal with it.

If you don't want to appear passive-aggressive, then don't be. Be concise, simple, up-to-the-point, and be quick about it. Tell him it is bothering you how things went. Don't blame him, and don't blame yourself. Just say "this really sucked". If he is a good person, you will sort it out. If he is NOT a good person, then you have a problem.

But if you do nothing, and say nothing, it will bother you forever and never go away.
You can tell you're growing up by the way snow goes from fucking amazing to a mild inconvenience but still kinda nice to the worst fucking thing ever.
Mister Twister
I never grew up then.
I grew up fast, then.
/z/ is dead
THE OLD MOE ARCHIVES ARE BACK UP! I never noticed but the backup has been implemented on Desustorage.

I'm so happy.
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image:145223392500.png(198kB , 640x480 , how embarrassing.png)
After read some of my old posts here, I realized how many of them are missing words to make coherent sentences or convey my (already vague) intentions incorrectly.

It was only a matter of time. I'm honestly surprised it survived this long.

This is very good news! Now I can catch up on my dredging on the archives.
Finally found a JAV where the girl looks like she's enjoying it, yet she still makes those fucking squeaky sounds. Goddammit, Japan. I love you, but I hate you.
"I've never been to /pol/" - /pol/kun 2015
A person's Porn Name is calculated using the following formula:
(First Pet's Name) + (Name of Street You Grew Up On) = Porn Name

What is your Porn Name?
Ginger Shields.
I sound sexy, I'd probably jack off to me.
Mister Twister
Fima Idontfuckingknow

I sound like a fucking transsexual.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

>Romeo Butler

I am a debonair power top.


I resemble that remark!
Depends for me:
1) Moved 2 times so address depends
2) Do 30+ tadpoles count as pets?

By choosing the pet and house that we had the pet in:
>Uno Gardere
>Bella Tamba

I sound like an Italian girl. (I'm neither)

Niqqa are you trying to phish me?
"I've never been to /pol/" - /pol/kun 2015
You can be an Italian girl with a penis.
How can people be so good at making children shows fucking scary as fuck? Especially with the uncanny valley aspect.
A lot of cartoonists are pretty fucked up people.

Which cartoon in particular has nettled your Nestle?
Not really one in particular, but I was reminded by a newspaper article someone else was reading about "10 kids shows I never want to watch with my kids" which included LazyTown and Dirtgirlworld and other shows the writer hated for various reasons. That Dirtgirlworld one has a horrible art style though. Putting detailed human faces in animation (especially in incorrect proportions) is extremely hard to do well.

>tfw grew up mostly on shitty canadian/australian cartoons. the best animation was probably Soup Opera, which no-one ever knew the name of
I just remembered I can hide threads on this site.

Goodbye, politics thread.
Braids are really really cool but dreadlocks are likely the ugliest possible way to wear your hair at all ever.
I don't think I'd mind living in an RV, as long as it's a nice one with a shower in the bathroom and a kitchen. I could just use a relative's address for mailing and the like, nearly anything urgent is done over email nowadays anyway.

I'd probably have to switch parking lots almost every night to keep from getting towed or ticketed or something, but that wouldn't be much of a hassle.

Biggest issue would probably be with stuff breaking down, but if maintained well enough it would still last a considerable amount of time and cost less than paying rent or buying a house+car.

The more I think about this the more I consider actually doing it. I don't know if it belongs here or in the crazy ideas thread.

I mean, I'd do proper research before just going out and buying an rv, but living in one instead of a proper home just seems to make more sense financially based on what I've looked at so far.
I'd like to live in a rooftop shack in the city, seems like an alright way to go as far as broke bachelor pads.
Haaaaa my workplace is going down in flames. And I'm damn well going to stay here until I finish my fucking coffee, cause my depression, fear, and self-doubt keep me from thinking I'm worthy of a job anywhere else.
I just ate Day 11 of my Christmas advent calendar. Maybe I do have an eating disorder.
Mister Twister
"Cute" is a horribly overused and misused word.

Not even going to argue, can disagree all you want.
That's cute.
I somehow didn't realize that all of my subscription services would run out in January. I really did pick a pretty bad time to move. On the other hand it let's me review what I actually want to continue paying for.
Mister Twister
Years roll by, and yet Amazon users still don't know how to review products.
My internet is back!

roll 1d20+10:17+


= total 27
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image:145286833400.gif(274kB , 500x341 , 1358731913060.gif)
Mister Twister
Well, I finally done it.

I had successfully posted a comment on a website centered around sex stories.
I keep glorifying the idea of having a tolerable low pay job as opposed to a well paying one where I have to work hard.

The idea of dropping out of school and just saying fuck it to everything sounds really appealing even though I know I'd probably regret it.
I just called someone the wrong name while saying bye to them. They glossed over it like it didn't happen but it did.

I feel like such an asshole.
Mister Twister
I think I learned something today.

It is sometimes necessary to make your words (including written words) brief and open to interpretation. You need to trust people to interpret them the right way.
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image:145336728300.png(231kB , 540x361 , Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 04.06.41.png)
Quality Tumblr posts.
In porn, I love how some porn directors/writers are self-aware and embrace porn's bad acting as parody

>guy is naked, balls deep in gf's mom
>"I-ii-it's not what it looks like!"

>husband walks in on wife cheating
>dude dodges punch, pushes husband on the table and then they fuck on top of him

>//youtube.com/watch?v=1fy_uGMwlI8youtube thumb (no genitals or nude)
Mister Twister
I don't watch porn with bad plots. Only with semi-bad.
>Watching The Lives of Others, notice Dreyman has codename "Lazlo" (or "Laszlo" depending on translation)
>Google "Lazlo" to see if the word was meaningful
>Camp Lazlo comes up
>thats cool, search "Lazlo -camp" to remove results from the show
>get Camp Lazlo vore images
fuck this shit
My latest roommate might just be the worst person alive. She's the kind of haughty white bitch right-wing fucks love to point at to discredit social justice movements. She's constantly getting on my ass for eating meat and saw fit the other day to ask my other roommate to consider his privilege when he was refuting her points, not realizing that he's trans (oh, what a sweet moment that revelation was). At the same time she's constantly watching TV at an inhuman volume in the middle of the night, never doing the dishes, actively stealing others' food from the fridge and constantly having her ex with her dog over, even though we were pretty adamant about not wanting animals in the apartment. I'm so fucking glad I'm moving out next month and at the same time feel kinda bad for leaving my other roommates with this human garbage.
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image:145358943500.jpg(42kB , 443x332 , image.jpg)
NoFap February is a day longer this year.

>steals food from the fridge
Bait and spike, you know the drill. Put inedible quantities of chilli, laxative, sand and/or other deterrents in random food and advise roommates to do the same. The downside is cleanup.
I'm not wasting food just to be vindictive.
But it's getting wasted by being eaten by the shitty roommate instead of by you.
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image:145372701300.jpg(91kB , 700x394 , a russian with a sense of humor.jpg)
If you live in a temperate zone, and you have no snow in winter, you're fucking missing out.
save file
image:145377985400.gif(81kB , 200x210 , 1364442160401.gif)
Missing out on waking up at 4am to shovel snow? Missing out on putting chains on the tires of my car? Missing out on having the electricity go out or the water pipes freeze over? Missing out on decreased visibility and increased car accident chance? No, I am not missing out.
godfucking damn it, my cat has a perfectly large, clean, useable litter box what is HIS OBSESSION WITH PISSING BEHIND MY BED.
Mister Twister
I have two cats, and none of them do that shit. They don't shit anywhere except the shit place.
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image:145382969300.png(124kB , 913x663 , Disney is a genre.png)
Should have posted this a month ago.
Your imagination is just one big ol' fuckin lie.
Sometimes it's good to desymbolise things.
True dat.
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image:145384851500.png(95kB , 400x300 , brain.png)
And how is your conception of my imagination constructed, if not by your own imagination?
save file
image:145386008400.gif(987kB , 200x150 , wrestle face.gif)
My conception of your conception is a lie tho
I'm debating whether or not to save porn on my computer.

I have found many images, gifs and webms that I like very much. I wish for them not to be lost like tears in the rain.

On the other hand, if someone ever found the stash I'd build they would be sickened and it would ruin our relationship. Or they would make fun of me constantly and it would ruin our relationship. Because I'm into weird shit.
My wife found my stash back when we were still dating and bullied me for it, since I've got some pretty awkward tastes myself :(

That said, if you're really paranoid, save it in a folder, zip the folder, then either password the zip folder or change its file extension (not_porn.zip -> not_porn.jpg) or both. That's what I did when I kept a diary.
Mister Twister
Most people still look at porn, or at least pictures of pretty people, EVEN AFTER marriage. Your significant other must understand.

If you don't want people to find out, encrypt, do not name the files, hide them well, and. . . first and foremost, NEVER get a gf that will dig through your computer. If she does not respect your privacy and private space, she should not be a part of your life.
I don't even have a gf so that's not a problem. And the folder containing everything is hidden behind a .bat file. And every image is named with either a single letter or acronym standing for what kind of image it is and a string of random numbers (a picture of tits would be named T362737289 or something).

Precautions have been taken.

I'm doing it. Im making this happen.
Well, if you are going to watch it either way, then saving it isn't a big deal.

Do what I did when I was ultra paranoid: make an encrypted volume disguised as another file (there's a TrueCrypt to working mp4 script around if you're really scared) with a 50+ character password. There wasn't even anything that bad lol.

Just know the dismount hot key and don't leave your computer unattended. Honestly though, even simple obfuscation is enough.
I have a bunch of porn saved to my reference folder. The filenames are the names of the models, and they're right next to my Landscape folder and Architecture folder.

I don't get why people are paranoid about that stuff, I even use like 90% of it for work.
The only downside I've ever really encountered when it comes to saving porn is the simple fact that those folders usually end up being the largest collections on my computer, which just ends up making me feel awkward about it.
A query and a concern. Person is an introvert to a point where it makes them sick from time to time and ends up withdrawing and limiting contact for periods of time. Lives a good amount away. Is there anything that can be done to help them?
Like, their isolation is making them sick?

>proposing a social event they may enjoy with few people (eg. camping, paintball) if they are close enough. Try and play to their interests
>outright telling then their isolation is making them sick and offer solutions
Its more she tries to be more social as far as she can as an introvert but then it all collapses back in on itself as her anxiety builds and she feels stretched too thin and starts to affect her health. Right now she's cutting off just about all direct contact through social media.

a situation which rendered her mute seems to acerbate the situation sometimes since that limits her ability to communicate and express as she would wish to.

she's been good as a Twitch streamer for a while has really grown in the last few months getting multiple partner deals and a sizable boost in her followers. She has lots of support and she wants to give back and that seems to be what leads to the problem.

Noted this is what I can ascertain from her messages to her group as she's been closing herself off. Been too busy and the group is now too large for me to be a regular.

I'm just wondering what kind of support one can communicate to a person that they wouldn't feel obligated to giving back and feeding that anxiety.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Let her know you appreciate any socializing she does with you, don’t push her to socialize any more than she wants, and ask her if you can do anything to help (for example, offer to act as a sounding board to whom they can spill her guts). That’s about alls you can do without forcing some sort of “help” on her, professional or otherwise.
I'll keep watch. Give some space right now as she's likely gotten lots of support knowing the group. Did wish her well on her next move last night after she made her megapost about stuff.
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image:145411295700.gif(54kB , 625x626 , I am become bait.gif)
One basic insult that NEVER gets old, and ALWAYS gets you a reaction is:

"the thing you like is bad and you are a bad person for liking it"

Never fails.
Fuck yeah, Kerber
Mister Twister
I don't think there is a philosophy that cannot be corrupted and used for evil.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”
Mister Twister
I am dumb, uneducated, and illiterate. What said it?
Mister Twister
. . . and apparently cannot spell. *Who said it
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The quote is commonly sourced to Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc of Richelieu and of Fronsac — or simply Cardinal Richelieu.
I like that.
Mister Twister
There should be a law that prohibits anyone to create an online account with the pseudonym "whorefucker".
I love free speech.
I hope you are having fun with your 'reverse psychology'. Next you should tell people to NOT jump off bridges.
slutrapist or dickwolf
What about slutrapist or dickwolf?

The current presidential front runner of the Republicans is wearing a suit of those nooses they've tried to hang him with over the decades. Got a new suit just from the ones in the election cycle.
Mister Twister
Make up your mind.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Who’s doing No-Fap February this year? I think I might give it a shot.
Mister Twister
Not me. I can live without fapping, but I don't think it's a sin to actively avoid.
Fuuuuuck that.
And I'm back online again. Lightning 2, me 0.

Started early. I do it every year, it's a nice refresher.
Some doubleniggers are calling in bomb threats to schools, there's been at least ten different schools (including mine) threatened in two school days.

Is this what it feels like to be an American student?

(After a quick search, it seems this has been happening worldwide by various groups and copycat groups)
Well WE sure chose a bad month to launch a porn magazine...
>Is this what it feels like to be an American student?

Yeah pretty much, except that's what it's like all the time.

You get used to it after a while and learn not to let it stress you out. Statistically the odds of you actually getting killed in one of these events is pretty small.
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image:145455468000.jpg(104kB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_08_[C07E826C].mkv_snapshot_03.59_[2016.02.03_18.57.03].jpg)
Diets are the worst. I wanna die.
Talk to me about your diet plan, anon, I might be able to help.
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image:145457163100.png(3kB , 259x246 , my neck hurts.png)
>Noisia, stylized as NOISIΛ ('VISION' rotated 180°)
Also give height and weight and goals, if you would.
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image:145463389900.jpg(12kB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_08_[C07E826C].mkv_snapshot_06.31_[2016.02.03_18.56.16].jpg)
6'2" (~1.8 meters) 190lb (~132 kilos)
My goal is, uh, less, but I don't really have a time limit at least.
save file
image:145463434400.jpg(4kB , 1348x956 , my dieto.jpg)
Oh, and the plan looks something like this. Very vague, nothing too specifically planned time or portion wise. Oh, and I never eat after 4pm if I can.
>190lb (~132 kilos)
One of these is very wrong, 132 kilos is close to 300 pounds. I'm gonna assume you weigh 190 pounds just because you said that one with more confidence.
First things first, never eating after 4 is meaningless. If you consume 2400 calories in 24 hours, it doesn't matter if you eat exactly 100 calories every hour on the hour, or eat all 2400 at once right before bed, it's gonna have basically the same effect. If restricting yourself like that helps you to not overeat, go for it. Some people (like my wife) HAVE to eat pretty frequently or they hate the world and everything in it, so eating a lot of small meals throughout the day is best. Some people (like me) eat a LOT every time they eat, but are fine with only eating once or twice per day, so two big meals is best.

Now, back to the calorie count. This is ultimately what's going to have an effect on your weight. You need to know, more or less, how many calories you burn through a normal day. There are tools to roughly calculate this. Given that you're 6'2" at 190 pounds, I'm gonna assume you're not very active, because 190 at 6'2" is lightweight for an athlete who isn't a sprinter. Age also plays a factor, but only in the sense that metabolism tends to slow down with age, so I'm gonna say you're probably not old enough for that to matter.
Inputting a sedentary 6'2" 190 pound 25 year old male into several TDEE(Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculators yields an average daily burn of 2300 calories.

Given that a pound of human fat contains give-or-take 3500 calories, that means you need to eat 3500 calories under your maintenance level to lose about a pound. This is obviously best spread out over time. The average cut is 500 calories under your TDEE every day, to lose roughly a pound per week. That would put you at 1800 calories per day. If you'd prefer to eat more, you can eat at -250 daily, so 2050 calories per day, and lose a pound every two weeks, etc.

Now, you can eat basically whatever you want to hit those calorie counts, and use the MyFitnessPal app to keep track(it has a barcode scanner, super convenient), but WHAT you eat will make it easier or harder. You should start the day with protein and complex carbohydrates, which will provide slow, lasting energy. I eat 4 eggs and a serving of oatmeal every morning. Around lunch you'll need a pick-me-up, so eat some fruit and more protein. I eat peanut butter on rice cakes(would just be a PB sandwich but gluten makes my guts try to void my soul), a banana, and a protein shake every day for lunch. Mid-late afternoon, you'll hit a slump. Eat something kind of sugary--an apple, a little bit of honey on toast, a few prunes, something. Lastly, dinner is basically just "whatever's left," its only goal is to tide you over until bedtime. I have a week's worth of dinners that I cycle around. Use this as an excuse to get your veggies. Basically just eat a ton of vegetables and some meat.

If you want help making an exact meal plan to suit your needs, I can do that for you too, but otherwise that's all you really need to know. Good luck, brah, we're all gonna make it.
at 190 pounds 6'2", eat 1800 calories per day to lose a pound per week or 2050 calories per day to lose a pound every two weeks.
Use MyFitnessPal to keep track of EVERYTHING you ingest--not just the eggs you have for breakfast, but the butter you smeared in the pan to cook them in too.
It's literally that easy.
By the way, if you've been strictly following your diet plan for 3+ weeks and have noticed NO weight change, it's probably safe to assume you're an anomaly for whatever reason--maybe your metabolism's slower than the average person your age or whatever.
In that case, the laws of thermodynamics still don't change--eating 500 calories under your TDEE will still cause you to lose roughly a pound per week on average. It just means your TDEE is lower than the calculators thought. Take however much you HAD been eating and subtract 750, 500, or 250 from it, and continue on like that.
I actually had to do this myself when I began my most recent cut, I lost no weight at all for close to a month before deciding I had probably considered myself too active and had to cut back a bit more.
Certified /fit/ user.

Was there a fitness thread on this board, or was it on old plus4chan?
Actually, I meant 290lbs. Sorry. I'm prone to dyslexia-ly typing one word important word wrong. I apologize for making you type all that out assuming only 190 lbs. I would appreciate if you wanted to amend some what you just posted, as it look like you definitely know your stuff. I wish I was sedentary, I actually have a outdoors job and I get so exhausted from essentially hiking because of work that I'm poopdead once I get off. Being exhausted really curbs my desire to go get even more exhausted by going to the gym. Actually talking to someone about my diet is really helpful and fills me with determination.

Also, how the hell did you correctly guess my age?

I don't actually go to fit. I happen to find that image on /ck/, back when I actually lurked /ck/ more than I'd like to admit. And I don't recall a /fit/ board ever on plus4chan. I've been here since summer '08 (or was it summer '09???) but then again I don't have the best memory.
Good news: going to the gym is only required if it's a goal of yours. If you don't care about getting bigger, stronger, or more athletic, only about losing fat, gym is completely unrequired. Losing fat is only like 15% exercise, 85% diet.
Average TDEE for your weight is about 3200.
Losing 1.5 pounds per week is 2450 calories per day
1 pound per week is 2700 calories per day
1 pound per 2 weeks is 2950 per day.
Once again, these are only estimates, monitor your weight to see how fast or slow you're losing weight and adjust accordingly, but do note that the body doesn't know what day it is and won't be exact. I've gone like 10 days while actually slowly gaining weight on a cut only to suddenly drop 3 pounds one morning. It's kind of an average long-term per-week deal.

Also, every say, 10 pounds lost, you'll need to eat less.

If you've got any other questions, or just wanna talk about it for motivation purposes, feel free to hit me up. I've said before, diet and exercise is one field I actually know my stuff in, and I do like talking about it.
I meant /fit/ board on regular 4chan, but I also recalled this thread on old +4 : http://plus4chan.org/b/baw/res/369776.html
but back then I didn't care about health.
save file
image:145465307300.jpg(45kB , 912x689 , 1303371483745.jpg)
Wow, I haven't visited the old plus4chan archive in a long ass time.
>Dr. Goblin
I wonder where they are now.
Freeg just posted. >>404370
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

God. Fucking. DAMMIT.
You're literally seeing the only documented cases of me leaving /pco/ and coming here.

I draw porn for a living these days. Hi, hello.
Holy shit, you guys... I'm going to be an uncle.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Thanks! Porn drawin's a pretty good deal.
Mister Twister
>really old man talking to his newfound really old girlfriend
>awkward pause
>he: "... too bad we're really old, otherwise we'd fuck right now."
>she: "We can try!"
>transitions to an awkward 80yo sex scene

My imagination never fails to amaze me.
There is also "everyone in this thread is an [insult]"
That ones my favorite
"Lulz - A Corruption of LOL" is actually pretty good. Thank you Alpharius for reminding me to download it through the radio

I've found that Anons more often than not make a good filter for compilations, whatever kind of media.
save file
image:145487281500.png(5kB , 256x256 , 1318224310715.png)
I'm just glad to be of service.

Speaking of the radio, it's been missing from the top of the page for a while. It'd be nice if the situation is rectified. Here is the link for those who want it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, can we get a link to the radio after the "a" on the topbar?
save file
image:145499416800.jpg(106kB , 1280x720 , [DeadFish] Saint☆Onii-san - Movie [BD][720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_01.22.24_[2015.08.22_21.58.52].jpg)
Thanks for putting the radio back up on the banner.
save file
image:145500001600.png(993kB , 1060x816 , droid tells you that you're awesome.png)
What >>404454 said.
Could we also get a link in the topbar/navigation pane? The banner usually gets changed every so often.
Speaking of the site, I wouldn't mind if plustchan.net had an actual main page on itself instead of having people get here through a redirection from the .org one.
Mister Twister
That was promised, but the people who run this place are few in number, and don't have to much time.
Mister Twister
Watched a Freedom Planet stream. The chat was thinking of new original Sonic fan character names. Included on the list were such gems as "Suck The Cock", "Fuck The Police", and "Shut The Fuck Up".
save file
image:145525311600.gif(479kB , 500x281 , 1325080888365.gif)
Good stuff. What animal would Fuck be anyway?
>on /gif/
>someone posts a .gif, not a .webm
save file
image:145551127500.png(66kB , 600x600 , HONK HONK LATE CHEESY VALENTINE'S COMING THROUGH.png)
You're all fine people to post on a board with.
save file
image:145551195200.png(261kB , 415x473 , Godzilla eats the wizard's wife.png)
... y-y-you too!

It's not Friendship Day though.
//youtube.com/watch?v=nClYDL7jgj0youtube thumb

I think everyone here should know about this. Watch this.
I'm gonna watch this.
Thanks Anon. saved
Well, my headphones are officially toast. And I have 3 days before the new ones come in the mail.
save file
image:145560218400.jpg(55kB , 500x333 , 1401327146914.jpg)
Appreciating the difference would require actually having interaction with Valentine's Day beyond card swapping in Elementary school and having heart shaped candy lying around the house.

On an unrelated note: It's one thing to make a yoghurt-base blue cheese dressing, but to call it chunky blue cheese yoghurt dressing when it clearly has no chunkiness whatsoever is just outright deceptive. It's nearly as bad as how my dad started put garlic salt in an old container of garlic powder instead of usiing one that actually says garlic salt.
I've been without internet for almost a month. Fuck everything about that. I'm so glad it's over.
Welcome back to mildly entertaining nonsense.
Mister Twister
How was it to live a life without instant gratification?
I fed the pigeons of NYC a bunch of pizza crusts today
I have formed a powerful new alliance, they accept me as one of their own
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Beware, for now you have angered the rats.
I found someone on a different board who browsed the same threads a few years ago. Feels good to catch up with old Anons.
I offer the mice sanctuary in winter as long as they don't chew my cords, I do not fear the rats.
>I do not fear the rats.
You will be. You will be...
Harper Lee died. /lit/ should be nuked from orbit.
Mister Twister
I have too much porn that I don't really like just sitting on my hard drive.

I need to take the time and delete it all.
In my experience porn that's not great one day can be the best ever when you're in a different mood.

But I have only just started my collection so maybe I shouldn't talk.
Mister Twister
I guess it's a matter or opinion.

My rule of thumb is to have as few movies on hard drive as possible, since videos take a lot of space. That space normally goes to music and other things I may want to dwnld later.
So, before I go back to bed, I'll note that somehow my room cealed well enough that after getting to bed late at around two or three I woke up at five with a feeling like I heald my breath too long. This didn't stop until after I quickly realised thst I had somehow sealed up my room well enough to run out of air and rushed to the door to open it and let more air in from the rest of the house. No matter how bad the weather is tomorrow I'm going to be spending some time with the window hanging open. I guess the upstairs jsut stayed at such a tempurature that it didn't need to run the fan at all? I wasn't sure if I'd be able to reach the door there.
I'm mildly nervous about going back to sleep since this was just so unexpected. I keep feeling like I have a small burp but nothing's there. I'm wondering if it's something to do with my lungs or having the blanket too close to my face, but I disticntly remember feeling better as soon as I caught some air from right ont he other side of my bedroom door. I'm wondering fi I've been letting the oxegyn in my room get precariously low for years now without noticing, and what likelyhood there was of someone in that kind of situation even being able to reach the door like I did.
Oh, right after I post that, I actually do feel little bits of lodged air release internally. Releivingly, I do feel a little better after that. Then it it felt like I needed to burp again and after releasing air for a bit, it felt for a moment like I might throw up? I'm going to ahve some water and try to get back to sleep, I don't want sleep deprevation either.
I've discovered that if you truly hate somebody, curse words aren't enough. You need to use words like "slime" and "maggoty filth".
Mister Twister
When you overuse words, they lose their meaning and power. Of course you need custom curse words to leave an impact.

save file
image:145601365900.jpg(27kB , 324x311 , doublenigger.jpg)
But it's good to keep in mind there are always new swear words being developed
save file
image:145608270500.png(38kB , 160x170 , rf Raphael disappoint.png)
Apparently, a lot of people who spent too much online had their minds warped in a bad way. They sincerely believe if they act like total assholes:
– it will make other people like them
– it will change the world for the better
This is probably a result of the self-love movement, which at some point got all twisted up to be about treating everyone like they're beneath you and the second anyone makes you doubt anything or calls you out or makes a mistake, cut them out of your lives.

Shame, I'm big on self-love, but this new style of it sucks eggs.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you spend too much time on 4chan.
Mister Twister
Perhaps, although I was referring to angry people talking shit about artists who don't draw free shit for them.
>senior year gets a muck up photo
>three people made large cutout pepe signs
It hurts to live.

On the other hand, I couldn't see who it was but it's probably the shy Chinese girls who don't talk to anyone. I guess that's excusable.
Artists are public servants who solely exist to fulfil my requests.

save file
image:145612978200.jpg(1.16MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg)
Started trying to teach myself how to draw again.

Behold, the face of progress. It is long and shitty, like progress.
save file
image:145612990800.jpg(1.03MB , 3201x2401 , image.jpg)
Stupid phone.
God damn it I JUST edited that to be vertical

Fuck phones
Mister Twister
You actually avoided the common mistake of drawing all the lines of the nose when looking from the front. Good job.
I know this feeling.

I might dump the tutorial thread I saved in old /draw/ to the new site.
Oh yeah, and phones suck ass with the rotation. If you see sideways photos here, half are from me.
save file
image:145618811900.jpg(73kB , 582x750 , sleepy_by_rom_art-d4nctjl.jpg)
I think I used the word "snoozy" for the first time in my life, in relation to myself.

Pretty sure this word did not exist before. I invented a new word!
Huh, I completely forgot I changed the name field to whorefucker.

I think I'll keep it for a while. It has a nice ring.
save file
image:145628392700.jpg(4kB , 140x150 , TALISTEN!.jpg)
Hey guys...Hey...listen. Show some love To Dan Dashly.
Go throw dosh his way. https://www.gofundme.com/DanDashlySeason2
Be cool guys.

You could be fancy and call yourself 'Sir Whorefucker'.
Mister Twister
Best Days by Blur refuses to leave my head.
Lord Whorefucker
I like the way you think. But it needs to be taken further.
Whatever you say, Whorefucker-san.
Lord Whorefucker-Senpai
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Dark Lord Whorefucker-Senpai.
Eternal Dark Lord, don't forget the eternal.

Also, whorefucker, please don't become an annoying long-name namefag who uses it for every single post. Tripping in moderation keeps it fresh.
Eternal Darklord Whorefucker-sensei
Don't worry I wont abuse my powers.

If I start to act like a fuck just let me know and I'll dial it down.
Will do, Eternal Darklord Whorefucker-sensei.
Mister Twister
Just don't be silly.
save file
image:145647376100.png(109kB , 490x281 , animeclub.png)
>school again: assembly edition
>three music students decide it's a good idea to perform a song from the soundtrack of No. 6 anime, which according to a Japanese friend was about the characters' "forbidden love"
>one tries to explain the plot on stage
>it's accompanied by an on-screen montage, including guy-on-guy kissing scenes
>my face when
>students in my vicinity's faces when
>principal and guest speaker's faces when
>student's parents' faces when
>mfw vice principal tries to be supportive and says she wishes more of the Chinese community could have seen the performance
save file
image:145653654500.jpg(3kB , 120x117 , contempt music.jpg)
>OP makes a thread about a show he likes only because "the girl is cute"
>someone tells him the "girl" is actually a boy
>OP drops the show
what show
Mister Twister
Well what do you know, the thread did NOT die immediately:
Well, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm going to sit down and watch the original episode that brought me to /co/

Here's to a great year.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

Happy birthday!
Getting sick when you're no longer in your 20s is the fucking worst. Your body just doesn't shrug it off in a few days anymore and you're also expected to just suck it up and get better already. You're not a kid anymore after all.
save file
image:145682145300.jpg(163kB , 540x1473 , birthday skeleton.jpg)

What episode of what show?

Just suck it up and get better already.
I'm thinking of shaving my head and trying a bald look, but I'm afraid I might be too young for it and don't really have the right face.

But I'm so fucking sick of all this hair.

People tell me I look like I'm in my midteens when my hair is cut short, so I don't want to just do that.

It was Gumball - The Kiss (ep 16). I'd always been a fan of animation as an art so this cartoon had a particularly strong impact on me.

Do you ever wish you didn't have any responsibilities?
Every day of my life.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

It's not the kind of life you think it is.
Mister Twister
Wishing for such a thing has spooky scary implications.

Implications that you do not in fact believe that you can handle those responsibilities. That you believe yourself to be weak.

And if you believe you're weak, then you become weak. Mental self-destruction is an ugly process, and you better stop it before it goes to far.
If one day in the not too distant future you are ever struck by a pang of curiosity or animosity and wonder what became of Sneaky Tiki, I'm not actually gone, just teaching ESL in Korea starting next week and will probably have no time to post.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you stay safe and sane.
Sheeit, I just a while ago got back from a 6 month job teaching ESL in China.

If it's anything like my experience was, you're gonna have a great time.

Best of luck, Tiki.
Flu season totally seems to be an international thing. If there's something going around my circle of friends, suddenly Youtubers on the other side of the ocean start catching the same damn thing.
Globalisation is a bitch sometimes.
save file
image:145705841800.jpg(47kB , 226x199 , 1373823912094.jpg)
How would you know? Hmmm?

I wish you the best of luck. Eat a bunch of Korean BBQ for me, will you? It's so good.
Mister Twister
>how would I know
I thought about it for several years, and came to this conclusion.

The whole "I wish I would never have to work" is synonymous with "I am afraid that I cannot do it". Because if you know you can do the job, if you know you can pull it off, why be afraid of doing it? Because you think you're weak and cannot handle it.
Mister Twister
You cannot spell "demonstrate" without "demon".
I got over it.
I'm perfectly happy with my job.
Peace, I'll drop something in once I'm set up.
Good luck teaching Tiki. Have fun.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I
Safe travels Tiki!
I think it's disappointing that I'm not God.

Being God sounds like it would be really cool.

I've been smoking too much reef lately.
Mister Twister
Melissa Kaplan has the sexiest female singing voice on the planet.

There, I said it.
Is Google getting DDoS'd or something? The main site, Youtube and captcha all take millenia to load.
Haven't had any problems with Youtube but google wasn't working for me yesterday. Seems fine now though.
save file
image:145755154500.png(205kB , 652x352 , 128391832781.png)
There is enough discussion/content over on +/co/ that I actually have to go to the second page for threads that fall off of page 0. I am greatly pleased by this.
On the other hand, +/draw/ 's only activity is underage b& who have missed the request threads on the porn boards. Only recently has a second page come into existence.
>one of my prominent online names is in name field
>sign up to website
>homepage shows a feed of comments that include your name
>its mostly vore
I didn't really consider that kind of thing happening until a few years after I adopted the handle. I'm pretty sure a bunch of people think that's my fetish because of the name but it really isn't.
I live again! (in Korea)

I'm on a shit laptop and hope I can get my pc fed exed soon.
Mister Twister
Good job successfully getting somewhere.
save file
image:145777029700.png(65kB , 210x191 , Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 03.09.52.png)
So, this was suggested for me by YouTube.

The last time I watched a video of this sort was probably. . . . never?
I'm starting to get spam and I'm wondering who of the cunts I gave my mail adress to sold it.
Mister Twister
A website.
You just lost The Game.
Mister Twister
Contradictory to that memetastic statement from 2004, you cannot lose a game you don't consent to play.
I won it in a /b/ thread years ago

Feels good.
So uh, does anyone have any recommendations for a decently affordable red wine? I want to have a small glass per night for the health benefits, but uh, I’m having to cut this bottle I just bought with pop, it is INCREDIBLY medicinal, it honestly tastes exactly like cherry cough syrup.

I tend to prefer sweeter, fruitier flavors, if that makes a difference.
there's this uh
really good sommelier app on googleplay.

Don't go for the expensive stuff, its usually needlessly bitter. Only the hashtag connossieurs really care for that.
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

Rad Cab and Daily Red are drinkable, affordable ($15 or less) and sulfite free.
Stop Fucking Putting "Anti-[X]" On Your Twitter Bio 2k16
Neat, thanks y'all.
>and sulfite free.
is that a good thing? I can't overstate my lack of knowledge about alcohol, I've never done this before
Tora Dora !n0CyHpL66I

Some people are allergic or sensitive to them. They're often blamed for the headaches and inflamed cheeks red wine drinkers occasionally suffer. I generally do better on sulfite free wines. Also, cutting wine with water (1:2) like the ancients did helps both for avoiding wine headaches/hangovers if you're having more than one (and taste too, esp. with bitter wines).
You know when you remember a rift or part of a song from years ago and try and remember where it was from?

For me it was this: //youtube.com/watch?v=9E-EAJNbZ8cyoutube thumb
blue red blue yellow
Mister Twister
I don't understand certain people. They act like total assholes and troll absolutely everyone. And when called out on it, they say something like "What? Are you some ass jay dubya or something?"

Those people make it worse for everybody.
Wow, it's almost like trolls and idiots are shitty people.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Those people make it worse for everybody.

That's the whole idea, yes.
I cant be the only one who finds it funny when a solo producer sings in harmony with themself.
Mister Twister
That's some good stuff tbh
Mister Twister
Todd is one of the best musicians on the planet, and his work is measured by the tons (started in the late 60s before he was 2 decades old).
I understand there's good intent but whenever someone gives unsolicited relationship advice I just want to tell them to fuck off.
I wish I lived alone so much.

I like the people I'm with and all but damn, I've lived alone before and just having complete privacy is so nice.
I can confirm that living alone is fucking rad. But it's also pretty expensive.
Quick vent. This was an interesting night.

I (18) just started walking home from a friend's 18th. His elder brother was somewhat intoxicated, and as his relations with his family are not great, he decided to walk home with me so to walk off his intoxication before talking to any of them.

As a younger brother in a stable family who really has no valid reason to bitch about, listening to a person explain a difficult life with serious family issues, who drinks to try and escape despite knowing its not going to help, who wants his parents to divorce, is a hard-hitting experience. Hearing a person with problems on the Internet is one thing, but with someone you know, it's very different, and much easier to empathise with their decisions and opinions. Hearing their thoughts on life, their experiences and everything. And I know he's a great guy: smart, humourous and polite, but just made regretful decisions while trying to do the right thing. I didn't remember to ask but I have a feeling he might have been a browser of 4chan.

Anyway, someone started following us at a distance, who looked aggressive. Friend's bro turned to me, and said that since he promised to walk me home, and actually had experience in fights, he would do his best to protect me. I don't know, the idea that someone betrayed by luck and life, who literally advised me against listening to instinctual morality, was willing to risk his health to defend a near-stranger. It's just a powerful fucking sentiment.

We ended up hiding out the back of the house of an old friend of mine, while I called my parents for a lift. We dropped him off in a safer place for him to continue walking home.

Thank you, M. I hope everything turns out well for you.
I made my wife mad this morning so she got up and ate ALL of my cereal while I went back to sleep.

I've never been so savagely owned.
Sometimes you just need to shave your ass so you can feel clean.
A shaved scrotum is 200% worth it as well. At least once in a while.
I understand completely.
I'm full on lumberjack-mode though. Full bodybeard. Takes forEVER to do any manscaping, like I legit run out of hot water in the shower before I'm done and have to finish the next day.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I only ever really shave what little hair grows on the back of my hands.
The phrase "pop culture" makes me cringe.
Mister Twister
It existed for decades. Did you cringe from birth?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Not unless he was born with Parkinson’s.
Does the phrase "sub culture" make you cringe aswell?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Bluh. After having spent more than a decade not worrying about this whole "coming up with a character" thing, trying to make one now is a mental disaster for me.
Type in a year in wikipedia and look at the people that died in it. That should give you some inspiration.
Fuck, I didn't know it was that easy. Bump keying locks to get through (certain) locked doors.

//youtube.com/watch?v=131j0htYIoUyoutube thumb
save file
image:145857821200.gif(1MB , 500x225 , thing.gif)
I don't know. I keep imagining it being said by people like pic related. It's embarrassing, especially when I hear it in that sponsorship for LvlUp:

>Seeing as you clicked on this video, you're probably into video games and pop culture.

Things like that become uncool once you start talking about it in such a professional and business-like way.
Picking locks is really easy too, and you can buy a lockpicking set online for like $10.
Not worth starting a thread and I'm in a bit of a hurry to type. Does anyone know of some webcomic/comic/cartoon characters that have a indubitably magniloquent representation, to the point where you believe the writer owns a veritable myriad of thesauri?

(aka characters who use heightened language often)
Mister Twister
I don't know........... Ergo Proxy? It's very philosophical and half the cast grew up in weird futuristic isolated societies with lost of education but not enough play time.
save file
image:145860271500.gif(5kB , 650x450 , ps240.gif)
The works of Andrew Hussie go in that direction at times. A handful of characters in Homestuck write/talk in fairly obtuse vocabulary. Rose Lalonda, Andrew Hussie, Kanaya Maryam and Doc Scratch to name the ones that come to mind.
I had a dream I had the chance to have a threesome with a very attractive couple. And then I Noped the fuck out.

Wonder what that says about me.
Duane of Unsounded
Mister Twister
It probably says that you are not very gay.
>tumblr gifs
>have a quote written at the bottom but the person in the gif only ever says one or two words of it
whats the fucking point? I'd rather a static image.
>look at stick figure animation video I just remembered from when I used to visit FluidAnims (now merged with another site)
>its a birthday present for an animator I looked up to
>mfw now I'm a year older than he was
>mfw he's in his twenties now
>mfw I cant animate for shit and I still think he was a pro
This is a thread for just venting whatever right?

I was spoiled recently on later books/plot details of a series I started reading (after picking the first one off the shelf at work) and it sounds like the dumbest shit ever which has seriously pissed me off, I guess I should be grateful that I heard about it now so I can stop buying them but its still a bitch.

Its Skulduggery Pleasant, I'm just near the end of book of 2
I Remenver reading a few of those, they were good.

Don't worry, other people; the spoiler text isn't the actual spoiler
Man, thats kinda nice though, isn't it? Borrow a book, read a third and then read the tvtropes page to get the rest.
There's at least 12 books in the series, thats alot of time for it to get stupid.

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1679303046.208171 - 0.000771 (0.000002s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_cache

1679303046.208178 - 0.000778 (0.000007s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_cache

1679303046.208333 - 0.000933 (0.000155s): kobak\current: setting up new instance

1679303046.208339 - 0.000939 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished setup

1679303046.208342 - 0.000942 (0.000003s): kobak\errors: setting up new instance

1679303046.208347 - 0.000947 (0.000005s): kobak\errors: finished setup

1679303046.208615 - 0.001215 (0.000268s): kobak\modules: finished loading module "kobak"

1679303046.208619 - 0.001219 (0.000004s): kobak\modules: finished loading 1 module(s)

1679303046.208621 - 0.001221 (0.000002s): kobak\current: creating default rewrite rules

1679303046.208623 - 0.001223 (0.000002s): kobak\current: starting validation of current section

1679303046.208631 - 0.001231 (0.000008s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "before_validation"

1679303046.208655 - 0.001255 (0.000024s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "before_validation"

1679303046.208660 - 0.001260 (0.000005s): kobak\current: finished validating section

1679303046.208671 - 0.001271 (0.000011s): kobak\current: finished validating prerequisites

1679303046.208679 - 0.001279 (0.000008s): kobak\current: finished validating optional inputs

1679303046.208686 - 0.001286 (0.000007s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "validation"

1679303046.208698 - 0.001298 (0.000012s): KOBAK BBS: validating board

1679303046.208737 - 0.001337 (0.000039s): kobak\ban: query: querying posts

1679303046.208745 - 0.001345 (0.000008s): kobak\db: setting up new instance

1679303046.208747 - 0.001347 (0.000002s): kobak\db: Attempting to connect to database

1679303046.209503 - 0.002103 (0.000756s): kobak\db: Successfully connected to database

1679303046.209511 - 0.002111 (0.000008s): kobak\db: finished setup

1679303046.210175 - 0.002775 (0.000664s): KOBAK BBS: loading board specific plugins

1679303046.210503 - 0.003103 (0.000328s): KOBAK BBS: finished loading board specific plugins

1679303046.210510 - 0.003110 (0.000007s): KOBAK BBS: validating thread

1679303046.210515 - 0.003115 (0.000005s): kobak\thread: query: start

1679303046.210519 - 0.003119 (0.000004s): kobak\thread: query: thread mode set, calling posts query.

1679303046.210533 - 0.003133 (0.000014s): kobak\post: query: querying posts

1679303046.219296 - 0.011896 (0.008763s): kobak\post: query: constructing new post objects

1679303046.223982 - 0.016582 (0.004686s): kobak\post: query: starting lookups for thread locked statuses

1679303046.224076 - 0.016676 (0.000094s): kobak\post: query: setting up references/backlinks

1679303046.224404 - 0.017004 (0.000328s): kobak\post: get_posts: querying out-of-thread quotes

1679303046.225311 - 0.017911 (0.000907s): kobak\post: get_posts: applying quote backlinks to posts

1679303046.226095 - 0.018695 (0.000784s): kobak\post: query: finished.

1679303046.226114 - 0.018714 (0.000019s): kobak\thread: query: posts queried, setting up thread object.

1679303046.226131 - 0.018731 (0.000017s): kobak\thread: query: finished.

1679303046.226163 - 0.018763 (0.000032s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "validation"

1679303046.226229 - 0.018829 (0.000066s): kobak\current: Template file found

1679303046.226233 - 0.018833 (0.000004s): kobak\current: setting up HTML vars

1679303046.226238 - 0.018838 (0.000005s): kobak\html: setting up new instance

1679303046.226260 - 0.018860 (0.000022s): kobak\html: finished setup

1679303046.226264 - 0.018864 (0.000004s): kobak\current: setting up per-page HTML vars

1679303046.226272 - 0.018872 (0.000008s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "setup_html"

1679303046.226344 - 0.018944 (0.000072s): kobak\plugins: finished running 4 actions for hook "setup_html"

1679303046.226346 - 0.018946 (0.000002s): kobak\current: finished setting up all HTML vars

1679303046.226348 - 0.018948 (0.000002s): start rendering html

1679303046.226397 - 0.018997 (0.000049s): loading thread

1679303046.226420 - 0.019020 (0.000023s): called header.php

1679303046.226425 - 0.019025 (0.000005s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "header_meta"

1679303046.226516 - 0.019116 (0.000091s): kobak\plugins: finished running 5 actions for hook "header_meta"

1679303046.226598 - 0.019198 (0.000082s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_banners

1679303046.226604 - 0.019204 (0.000006s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_banners

1679303046.226891 - 0.019491 (0.000287s): rendering thread 403617

1679303046.226897 - 0.019497 (0.000006s): rendering reply 403617

1679303046.226941 - 0.019541 (0.000044s): kobak\kmedia: setting up new instance

1679303046.226945 - 0.019545 (0.000004s): kobak\kmedia: finished setup

1679303046.226977 - 0.019577 (0.000032s): rendering reply 403619

1679303046.226999 - 0.019599 (0.000022s): rendering reply 403620

1679303046.227013 - 0.019613 (0.000014s): rendering reply 403636

1679303046.227045 - 0.019645 (0.000032s): rendering reply 403643

1679303046.227060 - 0.019660 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403644

1679303046.227072 - 0.019672 (0.000012s): rendering reply 403650

1679303046.227093 - 0.019693 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403652

1679303046.227120 - 0.019720 (0.000027s): rendering reply 403661

1679303046.227137 - 0.019737 (0.000017s): rendering reply 403662

1679303046.227152 - 0.019752 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403663

1679303046.227163 - 0.019763 (0.000011s): rendering reply 403671

1679303046.227191 - 0.019791 (0.000028s): rendering reply 403672

1679303046.227219 - 0.019819 (0.000028s): rendering reply 403675

1679303046.227250 - 0.019850 (0.000031s): rendering reply 403685

1679303046.227266 - 0.019866 (0.000016s): rendering reply 403687

1679303046.227298 - 0.019898 (0.000032s): rendering reply 403691

1679303046.227388 - 0.019988 (0.000090s): rendering reply 403710

1679303046.227411 - 0.020011 (0.000023s): rendering reply 403715

1679303046.227434 - 0.020034 (0.000023s): rendering reply 403717

1679303046.227496 - 0.020096 (0.000062s): rendering reply 403727

1679303046.227547 - 0.020147 (0.000051s): rendering reply 403729

1679303046.227582 - 0.020182 (0.000035s): rendering reply 403732

1679303046.227603 - 0.020203 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403733

1679303046.227624 - 0.020224 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403734

1679303046.227648 - 0.020248 (0.000024s): rendering reply 403735

1679303046.227672 - 0.020272 (0.000024s): rendering reply 403736

1679303046.227699 - 0.020299 (0.000027s): rendering reply 403748

1679303046.227727 - 0.020327 (0.000028s): rendering reply 403749

1679303046.227748 - 0.020348 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403751

1679303046.227772 - 0.020372 (0.000024s): rendering reply 403753

1679303046.227798 - 0.020398 (0.000026s): rendering reply 403757

1679303046.227819 - 0.020419 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403784

1679303046.227843 - 0.020443 (0.000024s): rendering reply 403785

1679303046.227918 - 0.020518 (0.000075s): rendering reply 403788

1679303046.227961 - 0.020561 (0.000043s): rendering reply 403791

1679303046.227983 - 0.020583 (0.000022s): rendering reply 403796

1679303046.228027 - 0.020627 (0.000044s): rendering reply 403798

1679303046.228057 - 0.020657 (0.000030s): rendering reply 403800

1679303046.228095 - 0.020695 (0.000038s): rendering reply 403802

1679303046.228135 - 0.020735 (0.000040s): rendering reply 403807

1679303046.228362 - 0.020962 (0.000227s): rendering reply 403813

1679303046.228381 - 0.020981 (0.000019s): rendering reply 403814

1679303046.228397 - 0.020997 (0.000016s): rendering reply 403815

1679303046.228410 - 0.021010 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403816

1679303046.228423 - 0.021023 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403818

1679303046.228455 - 0.021055 (0.000032s): rendering reply 403819

1679303046.228502 - 0.021102 (0.000047s): rendering reply 403820

1679303046.228532 - 0.021132 (0.000030s): rendering reply 403821

1679303046.228555 - 0.021155 (0.000023s): rendering reply 403828

1679303046.228573 - 0.021173 (0.000018s): rendering reply 403829

1679303046.228594 - 0.021194 (0.000021s): rendering reply 403830

1679303046.228639 - 0.021239 (0.000045s): rendering reply 403831

1679303046.228662 - 0.021262 (0.000023s): rendering reply 403833

1679303046.228675 - 0.021275 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403834

1679303046.228689 - 0.021289 (0.000014s): rendering reply 403835

1679303046.228706 - 0.021306 (0.000017s): rendering reply 403837

1679303046.228722 - 0.021322 (0.000016s): rendering reply 403839

1679303046.228735 - 0.021335 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403840

1679303046.228747 - 0.021347 (0.000012s): rendering reply 403843

1679303046.228759 - 0.021359 (0.000012s): rendering reply 403846

1679303046.228774 - 0.021374 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403868

1679303046.228786 - 0.021386 (0.000012s): rendering reply 403915

1679303046.228813 - 0.021413 (0.000027s): rendering reply 403920

1679303046.228826 - 0.021426 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403954

1679303046.228841 - 0.021441 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403955

1679303046.228856 - 0.021456 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403956

1679303046.228887 - 0.021487 (0.000031s): rendering reply 403957

1679303046.228901 - 0.021501 (0.000014s): rendering reply 403958

1679303046.228917 - 0.021517 (0.000016s): rendering reply 403968

1679303046.228930 - 0.021530 (0.000013s): rendering reply 403975

1679303046.228942 - 0.021542 (0.000012s): rendering reply 403982

1679303046.228957 - 0.021557 (0.000015s): rendering reply 403984

1679303046.228971 - 0.021571 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404001

1679303046.228982 - 0.021582 (0.000011s): rendering reply 404003

1679303046.228996 - 0.021596 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404004

1679303046.229008 - 0.021608 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404005

1679303046.229019 - 0.021619 (0.000011s): rendering reply 404014

1679303046.229033 - 0.021633 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404022

1679303046.229045 - 0.021645 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404039

1679303046.229057 - 0.021657 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404040

1679303046.232559 - 0.025159 (0.003502s): rendering reply 404041

1679303046.232655 - 0.025255 (0.000096s): rendering reply 404046

1679303046.232673 - 0.025273 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404051

1679303046.232696 - 0.025296 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404052

1679303046.232741 - 0.025341 (0.000045s): rendering reply 404076

1679303046.232759 - 0.025359 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404077

1679303046.232774 - 0.025374 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404102

1679303046.232786 - 0.025386 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404189

1679303046.232800 - 0.025400 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404190

1679303046.232827 - 0.025427 (0.000027s): rendering reply 404202

1679303046.232852 - 0.025452 (0.000025s): rendering reply 404203

1679303046.232885 - 0.025485 (0.000033s): rendering reply 404213

1679303046.232903 - 0.025503 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404220

1679303046.232920 - 0.025520 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404228

1679303046.232953 - 0.025553 (0.000033s): rendering reply 404245

1679303046.232970 - 0.025570 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404252

1679303046.232983 - 0.025583 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404254

1679303046.233010 - 0.025610 (0.000027s): rendering reply 404256

1679303046.233035 - 0.025635 (0.000025s): rendering reply 404258

1679303046.233051 - 0.025651 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404260

1679303046.233065 - 0.025665 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404262

1679303046.233089 - 0.025689 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404263

1679303046.233103 - 0.025703 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404264

1679303046.233116 - 0.025716 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404265

1679303046.233129 - 0.025729 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404266

1679303046.233242 - 0.025842 (0.000113s): rendering reply 404271

1679303046.233274 - 0.025874 (0.000032s): rendering reply 404289

1679303046.233292 - 0.025892 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404290

1679303046.233313 - 0.025913 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404291

1679303046.233327 - 0.025927 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404296

1679303046.233341 - 0.025941 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404297

1679303046.233360 - 0.025960 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404301

1679303046.233377 - 0.025977 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404303

1679303046.233390 - 0.025990 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404305

1679303046.233408 - 0.026008 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404306

1679303046.233423 - 0.026023 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404307

1679303046.233442 - 0.026042 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404308

1679303046.233457 - 0.026057 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404313

1679303046.233477 - 0.026077 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404316

1679303046.233532 - 0.026132 (0.000055s): rendering reply 404318

1679303046.233552 - 0.026152 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404319

1679303046.233575 - 0.026175 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404320

1679303046.233607 - 0.026207 (0.000032s): rendering reply 404321

1679303046.233631 - 0.026231 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404322

1679303046.233645 - 0.026245 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404325

1679303046.233661 - 0.026261 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404326

1679303046.233677 - 0.026277 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404328

1679303046.233691 - 0.026291 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404331

1679303046.233715 - 0.026315 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404335

1679303046.233733 - 0.026333 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404342

1679303046.233752 - 0.026352 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404344

1679303046.233768 - 0.026368 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404351

1679303046.233782 - 0.026382 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404352

1679303046.233805 - 0.026405 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404354

1679303046.233840 - 0.026440 (0.000035s): rendering reply 404355

1679303046.233875 - 0.026475 (0.000035s): rendering reply 404358

1679303046.233895 - 0.026495 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404365

1679303046.233915 - 0.026515 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404366

1679303046.233931 - 0.026531 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404370

1679303046.233951 - 0.026551 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404374

1679303046.233967 - 0.026567 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404410

1679303046.234000 - 0.026600 (0.000033s): rendering reply 404411

1679303046.234020 - 0.026620 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404412

1679303046.234044 - 0.026644 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404413

1679303046.234061 - 0.026661 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404414

1679303046.234089 - 0.026689 (0.000028s): rendering reply 404415

1679303046.234119 - 0.026719 (0.000030s): rendering reply 404417

1679303046.234141 - 0.026741 (0.000022s): rendering reply 404418

1679303046.234161 - 0.026761 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404419

1679303046.234179 - 0.026779 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404421

1679303046.234194 - 0.026794 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404422

1679303046.234211 - 0.026811 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404423

1679303046.234226 - 0.026826 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404424

1679303046.234243 - 0.026843 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404425

1679303046.234270 - 0.026870 (0.000027s): rendering reply 404426

1679303046.234287 - 0.026887 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404427

1679303046.234301 - 0.026901 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404428

1679303046.234315 - 0.026915 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404429

1679303046.234336 - 0.026936 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404430

1679303046.234350 - 0.026950 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404432

1679303046.234374 - 0.026974 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404433

1679303046.236832 - 0.029432 (0.002458s): rendering reply 404438

1679303046.236881 - 0.029481 (0.000049s): rendering reply 404439

1679303046.236944 - 0.029544 (0.000063s): rendering reply 404445

1679303046.236960 - 0.029560 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404447

1679303046.236992 - 0.029592 (0.000032s): rendering reply 404448

1679303046.237009 - 0.029609 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404454

1679303046.237049 - 0.029649 (0.000040s): rendering reply 404456

1679303046.237099 - 0.029699 (0.000050s): rendering reply 404457

1679303046.237114 - 0.029714 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404468

1679303046.237128 - 0.029728 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404470

1679303046.237168 - 0.029768 (0.000040s): rendering reply 404500

1679303046.237183 - 0.029783 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404501

1679303046.237216 - 0.029816 (0.000033s): rendering reply 404503

1679303046.237251 - 0.029851 (0.000035s): rendering reply 404532

1679303046.237268 - 0.029868 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404537

1679303046.237293 - 0.029893 (0.000025s): rendering reply 404538

1679303046.237319 - 0.029919 (0.000026s): rendering reply 404539

1679303046.237340 - 0.029940 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404543

1679303046.237354 - 0.029954 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404557

1679303046.237377 - 0.029977 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404561

1679303046.237406 - 0.030006 (0.000029s): rendering reply 404562

1679303046.237434 - 0.030034 (0.000028s): rendering reply 404564

1679303046.237464 - 0.030064 (0.000030s): rendering reply 404565

1679303046.237484 - 0.030084 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404566

1679303046.237503 - 0.030103 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404584

1679303046.237521 - 0.030121 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404585

1679303046.237541 - 0.030141 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404586

1679303046.237561 - 0.030161 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404590

1679303046.237587 - 0.030187 (0.000026s): rendering reply 404605

1679303046.237606 - 0.030206 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404612

1679303046.237635 - 0.030235 (0.000029s): rendering reply 404620

1679303046.237655 - 0.030255 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404621

1679303046.237676 - 0.030276 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404622

1679303046.237697 - 0.030297 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404623

1679303046.237716 - 0.030316 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404624

1679303046.237749 - 0.030349 (0.000033s): rendering reply 404625

1679303046.237771 - 0.030371 (0.000022s): rendering reply 404632

1679303046.237791 - 0.030391 (0.000020s): rendering reply 404633

1679303046.237823 - 0.030423 (0.000032s): rendering reply 404641

1679303046.237961 - 0.030561 (0.000138s): rendering reply 404660

1679303046.238001 - 0.030601 (0.000040s): rendering reply 404661

1679303046.238018 - 0.030618 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404662

1679303046.238035 - 0.030635 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404677

1679303046.238056 - 0.030656 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404683

1679303046.238071 - 0.030671 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404684

1679303046.238084 - 0.030684 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404685

1679303046.238114 - 0.030714 (0.000030s): rendering reply 404686

1679303046.238138 - 0.030738 (0.000024s): rendering reply 404687

1679303046.238155 - 0.030755 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404688

1679303046.238169 - 0.030769 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404689

1679303046.238182 - 0.030782 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404690

1679303046.238197 - 0.030797 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404701

1679303046.238222 - 0.030822 (0.000025s): rendering reply 404712

1679303046.238238 - 0.030838 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404717

1679303046.238268 - 0.030868 (0.000030s): rendering reply 404719

1679303046.238285 - 0.030885 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404721

1679303046.238299 - 0.030899 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404735

1679303046.238320 - 0.030920 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404739

1679303046.238338 - 0.030938 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404740

1679303046.238354 - 0.030954 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404741

1679303046.238371 - 0.030971 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404744

1679303046.238386 - 0.030986 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404746

1679303046.238399 - 0.030999 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404751

1679303046.238411 - 0.031011 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404757

1679303046.238439 - 0.031039 (0.000028s): rendering reply 404767

1679303046.238466 - 0.031066 (0.000027s): rendering reply 404771

1679303046.238482 - 0.031082 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404772

1679303046.238495 - 0.031095 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404836

1679303046.238510 - 0.031110 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404837

1679303046.238527 - 0.031127 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404838

1679303046.238556 - 0.031156 (0.000029s): rendering reply 404839

1679303046.238617 - 0.031217 (0.000061s): rendering reply 404840

1679303046.238635 - 0.031235 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404843

1679303046.238649 - 0.031249 (0.000014s): rendering reply 404859

1679303046.238666 - 0.031266 (0.000017s): rendering reply 404860

1679303046.238678 - 0.031278 (0.000012s): rendering reply 404861

1679303046.238691 - 0.031291 (0.000013s): rendering reply 404862

1679303046.238721 - 0.031321 (0.000030s): rendering reply 404875

1679303046.238753 - 0.031353 (0.000032s): rendering reply 404876

1679303046.238776 - 0.031376 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404884

1679303046.238799 - 0.031399 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404903

1679303046.238820 - 0.031420 (0.000021s): rendering reply 404904

1679303046.238839 - 0.031439 (0.000019s): rendering reply 404910

1679303046.241761 - 0.034361 (0.002922s): rendering reply 404916

1679303046.241841 - 0.034441 (0.000080s): rendering reply 404917

1679303046.241903 - 0.034503 (0.000062s): rendering reply 404918

1679303046.241926 - 0.034526 (0.000023s): rendering reply 404927

1679303046.241942 - 0.034542 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404928

1679303046.241958 - 0.034558 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404944

1679303046.241973 - 0.034573 (0.000015s): rendering reply 404964

1679303046.241991 - 0.034591 (0.000018s): rendering reply 404966

1679303046.242007 - 0.034607 (0.000016s): rendering reply 404968

1679303046.242021 - 0.034621 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405005

1679303046.242034 - 0.034634 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405038

1679303046.242070 - 0.034670 (0.000036s): rendering reply 405041

1679303046.242085 - 0.034685 (0.000015s): rendering reply 405042

1679303046.242100 - 0.034700 (0.000015s): rendering reply 405044

1679303046.242115 - 0.034715 (0.000015s): rendering reply 405048

1679303046.242129 - 0.034729 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405051

1679303046.242156 - 0.034756 (0.000027s): rendering reply 405060

1679303046.242170 - 0.034770 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405065

1679303046.242184 - 0.034784 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405075

1679303046.242200 - 0.034800 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405076

1679303046.242212 - 0.034812 (0.000012s): rendering reply 405077

1679303046.242225 - 0.034825 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405083

1679303046.242241 - 0.034841 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405084

1679303046.242259 - 0.034859 (0.000018s): rendering reply 405085

1679303046.242273 - 0.034873 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405087

1679303046.242287 - 0.034887 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405092

1679303046.242301 - 0.034901 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405095

1679303046.242317 - 0.034917 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405138

1679303046.242331 - 0.034931 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405146

1679303046.242344 - 0.034944 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405148

1679303046.242358 - 0.034958 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405150

1679303046.242371 - 0.034971 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405156

1679303046.242383 - 0.034983 (0.000012s): rendering reply 405173

1679303046.242398 - 0.034998 (0.000015s): rendering reply 405181

1679303046.242412 - 0.035012 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405185

1679303046.242425 - 0.035025 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405191

1679303046.242439 - 0.035039 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405197

1679303046.242453 - 0.035053 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405203

1679303046.242466 - 0.035066 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405204

1679303046.242482 - 0.035082 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405249

1679303046.242494 - 0.035094 (0.000012s): rendering reply 405310

1679303046.242507 - 0.035107 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405318

1679303046.242520 - 0.035120 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405324

1679303046.242533 - 0.035133 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405325

1679303046.242546 - 0.035146 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405328

1679303046.242560 - 0.035160 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405329

1679303046.242573 - 0.035173 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405333

1679303046.242586 - 0.035186 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405336

1679303046.242599 - 0.035199 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405338

1679303046.242612 - 0.035212 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405339

1679303046.242624 - 0.035224 (0.000012s): rendering reply 405353

1679303046.242639 - 0.035239 (0.000015s): rendering reply 405359

1679303046.242665 - 0.035265 (0.000026s): rendering reply 405360

1679303046.242679 - 0.035279 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405373

1679303046.242695 - 0.035295 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405374

1679303046.242723 - 0.035323 (0.000028s): rendering reply 405375

1679303046.242750 - 0.035350 (0.000027s): rendering reply 405402

1679303046.242774 - 0.035374 (0.000024s): rendering reply 405403

1679303046.242787 - 0.035387 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405404

1679303046.242801 - 0.035401 (0.000014s): rendering reply 405405

1679303046.242826 - 0.035426 (0.000025s): rendering reply 405408

1679303046.242842 - 0.035442 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405417

1679303046.242858 - 0.035458 (0.000016s): rendering reply 405427

1679303046.242884 - 0.035484 (0.000026s): rendering reply 405429

1679303046.242897 - 0.035497 (0.000013s): rendering reply 405430

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