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Hi all. I was wondering if it's possible to delete a thread from the archive? It has a bunch of old art I'm kinda ashamed to have up somewhere and would much rather it was just all gone haha
Nothing can be truly removed once it has been put on the internet.
The archives have no database whatsoever, so deleting anything from it would end up throwing a bunch of errors unless all the html files are manually edited out.

And on general principle I wouldn't want to revise the past.
That's fair. Ah well, I figured I'd ask
Technically it COULD be edited out, but the archives are also checked by the wayback machine and google, and updating them will just flag them as a newer page, and then they would get ranked higher / get archived again, which is kinda not what you want. Getting re-crawled means people can compare the old and new content and see that your thread got removed.
Oh and you'd need to tell us what you want edited out in the first place, and then people would know that they should check your old art.

tbh we get so low traffic that you really don't have to worry about it. The archives mostly get linked to in offsite comments made 10 years ago. I don't think anyone will find them unless they specifically search for "{artist name} plus4chan archive".