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What's the most painful thing that ever happened to you?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Physically? Fractured my left elbow/arm during third or fourth grade.

Emotionally? Pretty much my entire school life up to the moment I dropped out of high school.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Appendicitis that burst when I was 10. Stupid fucking doctors.
My foot got stuck in a train door and the train took off while I was dangling on the outside. They managed to stop the train before he was able to pick up enough speed to kill me, but not before I left a good chunk of the skin of my left leg to the pavement on the train platform. In the moment it was just incredibly hot, but the following weeks were fucking excrutiating. It's why I can't sit down in a train anymore. I need to stay right at the door, so I can get the fuck out the moment it opens.
Also, funny little thing about that little graphic. I found at the highest degree of pain it's back to laughing again. Uncontrollably so. At least that was the case for me.
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image:140859103900.jpg(395kB , 600x800 , 1358125180845.jpg)
Kidney stones. FUCK THAT SHIT. I'd rather experience child birth.

i got an iud shoved into me and afterwards for a month straight experienced the most severe cramps ive ever had in my entire life and found out later it was because i had a foreign body in me that my body was trying to expel by putting me into labor
i had labor pains
Two words: Rectal Prolapse.
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image:140860885300.jpg(11kB , 180x176 , images.jpg)
I broke my back falling down stairs once. It's the only time anyone's ever asked me "Are you all right" and I didn't have an answer. I could *imagine* being in more pain, but I couldn't imagine being in more pain without being on the verge of passing out.
3 rooten molars at the same time...
I had gall bladder stones that gave some bad cramps a over a year ago.
I once fell down a flight of stairs and sprained my ankle. Only sprained, not broken. I passed out from the pain. I've had far worse injuries, like when a vertebral disc exploded on me during football or when a car accident propelled my face into a carseat, but none of them had the same effect. For some reason.
My brother tore a ligament in my right hand while we were fighting when I was around nine. Basically any movement in that hand was sending sharp pains through my entire arm, took around two months to heal.

The only one that comes to mind currently was a couple months ago when my left arm popped out of socket while I was helping move some furniture.
It was only painful for a moment, but then the numbness and nausea hit and I felt like I was going to pass out.

The worst injury that I can't remember at all was having most of the skin ripped off a few of my toes on my left foot by a big door swinging shut on me. I was around three or four.
Idk if it's the most painful thing, but one time when I was four, I was running around the house and accidentally slammed into the wall face-first and broke my nose. Don't ask how or why.
Well, it was probably I got my leg stabbed in a public pool when I was about 7. A missing latter rung made a piece of metal stick out and fucked up my right shin.
I can't remember how much it hurt, but I still have a huge scar on my leg.
Jesus, you people need to learn to be more careful.
Agent of HYDRA
i tripped and sprianed my wirst.

when i fractured my ankle jogging i was running on adrenaline so i didn't even feel it until after i finished my laps and sat down
Leg cramps are pretty fucking bad... used to get them all the time at one stage.
Yeah, they're the worst. I usually get them regularly in the summer, because I dehydrate very easily.
Not me, but a friend of mine once twisted a testicle while dancing at a club.
Testicular torsion? That's one of the most painful things in existence, probably THE most painful thing for a man.
Fuck. I hope that never happens to me or anyone I care about.

Apparently kidney stones are worse than child birth. Isn't it pretty much pissing out rocks?
Today I expereinced a headache so bad it actually made me vomit. That was not pleasant.
Ear infection from a lost bit of cotton from a Qtip. spent a days half paralysed from pain in my bed before getting some strength to actually go to the doctor.
More intense, but less durable, was the pain I experienced after surgery from haemorrhoids, when I had to get the piece of cotton they put in your ass out of there, and it had started to heal around it a bit already.
The Sneaky Tiki
My arm being on fire.
Venkman !kM/YMzVjpI
That probably IS experiencing child birth, only worse cause it's via a much narrow canal that ain't exactly expanding on it's own.
How'd you manage that?
The Sneaky Tiki
Swam through lit gas.

You what?
Purely physical was when I was 11 and broke my arm very badly, it didn't align correctly so the doctor had to readjust it after it had healed for a couple weeks. "Readjust" meant "rebreak". Essentially, he put my arm in a device (it's like an IV-stand with metal Chinese finger traps), took my arm ever so gently and broke the half-healed bone apart. There was an injected anesthetic, but I'm convinced it didn't work at all. There was no shock or adrenaline to temper it like when the initial accident occurred. I screamed like a fucking banshee.

However, if we're modifying it with "crazy shit your brain can do", the worst pain I've been in (several times...) is while having a panic attack. Apparently, everyone's specific flavor of panic attack is different. For example, my father has heart palpitations; I get stabbing pains through my entire gastrointestinal tract, overwhelming nausea that won't go away even if I vomit, and a general feeling of horrible malaise... that lasts a couple hours. I'd imagine that having my intestines pulled out of my torso and slowly roasted over a low fire while being sliced by razor blades would be worse, but only a little. The first time it happened, I was entirely convinced that I was going to die. Actually, that's wrong. Fun thing about a disorder that overrides the logic centers of your brain, each subsequent time I was unable to use "this has happened before, and you were fine later" to stop it. EVERY SINGLE TIME, I was entirely convinced that I was going to die. The only thing preventing me from going to the ER every single time was the fact that I went the first time and the doctors didn't do shit, so there is no point.

Basically, imagine that you get shot in the stomach with a shotgun, and it takes two hours of lying there for you to bleed to death, after which you resurrect. FUN TIMES!
Chaplain Larry Tremaine
Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

Important notes on Tiki:
-little to no sense of self-preservation
-lives in the part of canada with industrial work and wild dogs

Now nothing Tiki ever says will shock you.
The Sneaky Tiki
A boat had overturned and I swam out to assist, gasoline had gotten lit by a short in the engine and I swam through it on the return, by the time we got to shore it had burned so bad that I watched a chunk of my own forearm float away.

By far the worse pain I have ever experienced.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I'm currently waxing all my hair off. That's honestly probably it.
Having 2 infected molars at the same time at opossite sides of my upper jaw, all my face was hurting, even at slight touches, I could not even talk, it was more painfull than when I broke my arm, more painfull than when my knee popped out from its socket.
Getting fired, then an hour later having my fiance break up with me after a year of protracted fighting. I bitched about it on old /baw/ in a long post. It's days like that that make you think "Am I in hell, is hell real and am I in it at this very second?"Physical pain means nothing compared to that.
Inflammatory bowel problems with no known dietary origin, or cause for that matter.
This sentence is intense understatement, as the closest way to describe it is "chronic food poisoning." Or rather, "Chronic food poisoning that eventually, your family and community decide you've relaxed and layed around enough, and now you need to live a normal person life while being sick as a dog."
The condition kind of redefines the pain measurement scale.
Had it twice. Fixed it myself. Not that bad, only 3 out of 10 on the pain scale pussy
when sjws started infecting 8chan/co/ as well