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so what is goin on here?
latest post at 2020/09/16 06:05:53

looks like the site is down. or am i wrong?
What the hell are you talking about?
oh a person hello!

im sayin that noone is around so the site is not that usable in that regard. nice to see someone. look at latest post times, 5 hours earlier etc. or am i missing something?
Plus4chan is slow since all the oldfags left after the site was seemingly going away.

Its stable now and people do post but just slower.

Consider it more a forum than a high-speed imageboard.
this is more like dead. who is going to stick around if noone postes shit am i right?

sad. i cant use 4chan and i need a likewise site. do u know any other 4chan alikes?
You can't even post properly to begin with.
oh? lol what did i do wrong tell me
Even 4chan is not a likewise site to 4chan anymore. hell, if it was anonymous, twitter would be closer to how 4chan used to be (minus /b/).

as for plus4chan, post more often and you get replies more often.
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>Even 4chan is not a likewise site to 4chan anymore
oh really? how is 4chan now?

> twitter would be closer to how 4chan used to be (minus /b/)
maybe i should get twitter then. b is underage fags anyways

>post more often and you get replies more often
sounds like a deal
>oh really? how is 4chan now?
slowed down considerably and prioritizing "higher quality content", which just means that it's easier to shill the site with disinformation, and any post or thread the janitors deem to be low quality will get deleted with zero trace other than the archives. Lots of potentially interesting or fun discussions get axed due to that.

Also everything is archived indefinitely which makes the site considerably less anonymous.

>maybe i should get twitter then. b is underage fags anyways
I would say that /b/ has been purposefully undermined over the decade to make it increasingly irrelevant. It's not even the top three boards on 4chan now, which is telling a lot.
Twitter is mostly cool because every drawfag from tumblr went there. But keep in mind that it's account based so people will be able to look up the shit you posted 7 years ago. So keep different accounts for your different category posts.

>sounds like a deal
A lot of us check +4 more often but simply have nothing to reply to. So yeah.
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>any post or thread the janitors deem to be low quality will get deleted with zero trace
wtf is that? whose idea was that? sounds completely against chans main idea
>maybe i should get twitter
was joking. would rather go to reddit tbh.
>simply have nothing to reply to
oh anon-kun thats never what 4chan was about. you need to keep your spirit up!
>wtf is that? whose idea was that? sounds completely against chans main idea

Seems like you haven't visited 4chan for the past 6 years or so if you didn't knew about it.
It's there because the site needs to look more "presentable", to be able to get advertisers. It's also why Hiro committed advertiser fraud by splitting the SFW boards into a separate domain, as 4chan was blacklisted from nearly all advertisers. So the over moderation is there to keep potentially disturbing posts off of the safe-for-work boards.

But, in practice it means that janitors are on a power trip and run the boards as they like. For example, there's a janitor on /co/ who posts paid referrer links in the win-o threads (reuploads comics into cyberlocker sites which give you a small share for every time someone checks the file). This is explicitly against the rules, but the janitor can clear the moderation queue when his posts are marked, as well as delete any posts that mention this in the thread.
And beyond that if you make a post that a janitor dislikes, it just disappears. No trace, no explanation. If you repost the same enough times, you'll get marked for spamming. There's nowhere to mention this either, on IRC the general consensus is "lol who cares" and on posting on /qa/ is pissing against the wind.

>was joking. would rather go to reddit tbh.
Wouldn't know about the communities there, I check twitter only due to the drawfags. And the shorter posts are reminiscent of the old 4chan content.

unix number passed 16 now, I didn't even notice.
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>haven't visited 4chan
i-ive been off for few years but not 6! didnt know these wohaa! too many informations.. must note!

honestly pretty good tbqh. minus cant be anon but you can get a burner account and use it once. there are lots of subrettids. i recommend. far better than twitter..
I can't figure out how to use either, and Reddits new design sucks so much that I stopped to even bother.
I only check twitter for the drawfags and I use RSS feed proxies to get their new posts instead of "following" them.
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well guys tis been a pleasure but i need to go now

and your site is slower than my granpa so i dont think ill come back


and all i want was some fun


so long, losers! (pls no bully)

And nothing of value was lost!

(Mod edit: merged OP 421059 into this thread)
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JESUS look at this mod playin with my posts!

how bout you merge my dickk in ur boipussy huh?

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in this ITT we post replies instead of not existing

alright here we go anons, do your best!
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>im the only person on this whole site.. yare yare daze
Anonymous ## Mod
Please keep it in one thread, would ya?
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keep what in one thread? my all posts? thats ridiculous!
Calm your tits. +4 is built to have fewer but bigger threads with actual discussions in them, instead of having lots of small threads made constantly.
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im tryin to take the attention of the community here. this site is deader than a rock
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hold up hold up

there is furry and cartoon types of all kinds here. lots of buenoworthy stuff. and lacking in actual good qaulity pron


im starting to get scared
i typed c r i n g e worthy. nice code
Your posts are terrible, the website would be better off dead than spammed.
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>Your posts are terrible
>Your posts are terrible
>Your posts are terrible
>better off dead
>better off dead
>not getting 100 replies in 10 minutes

Fuck off.
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at least im after improvement both in quality and quantity. and contributing. what you do anon? other than callin me bad names?
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>at least im after improvement both in quality and quantity.
Well, if you indeed are after improvement, you will hopefully learn and improve from what we have to say:
When you come into a new website, or any new community, take a bit of time to understand and respect their history and culture. Failing to do so is an easy way to generate hate and earn bans.
We did reply to you in the pinned/stickied thread, not sure if you saw that or not. This is not 4chan. This is not 8chan. We are a slower site and we value the comfy atmosphere. An increase in quantity is not our main goal, and we strive to maintain or improve quality. More posts can be good, but only if the posts add value to the community.

Making a thread with no real direction (>>421079), making new threads that should be put in existing threads (>>421035, >>421074 and >>421090 all go in the Speak Your Mind general thread, which I admit may not be obvious anymore), making posts that suggest you have ignored our replies (>>421036, posted after >>421025,>>421027), calling our site 'unusable' and 'dead' (>>421038, >>421041), showing complete disregard for the site's purpose, insulting it and proposing no remedy (>>421090) and unnecessarily insulting our community (>>421059) all create a bad impression. Some of it is playful fun, some of it may be an accident, some is naïvety after coming from other sites, but all this put together is why you are getting so many rude replies.

This isn't to say 'no fun allowed'. Fun is certainly allowed, but creating drama and diluting board quality is a real threat to our community. You have come in here expecting it to be something else, and complain about it not being that something else, after we told you it is something else. You have made a couple of good posts that promote discussion, and those are valuable to us, but the rest are insults, filler or 'train of thought' posts that don't warrant a new thread. This place isn't enjoyed for giving people an adrenaline rush like 4chan or 8ch did.

Three of your posts have even been reported as spam. If you don't make an effort to put quality over quantity, I'll start having to treat them like spam.

"lurk moar"
- Anonymous, circa 2003
Anonymous ## Mod
I merged the other threads here since they are all from the same person treating the board as a chat room.

Which is fine, but at least keep it in one thread.
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>take a bit of time to understand and respect their history and culture
>We did reply to you in the pinned/stickied thread
that person wasnt me
>quantity is not our main goal
takin notes
>lurk moar

mendokuse na..
i guess ill have to comply, if thats your wish
Mstr Twstr
Dare I say it, based moderation.
Yeah but I think you scared the guy off.
It seems dead tho
That is not dead which can eternal lie.

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Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/t([0-9]*)\.(html|json|rss)(?:\?.*)?$/ index.php?section=thread&board=$matches[1]&thread=$matches[2]&ext=$matches[3]
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/posts_feed\.rss$/ index.php?section=posts_feed&board=$matches[1]&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/threads_feed\.rss$/ index.php?section=threads_feed&board=$matches[1]&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_posts\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_posts&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_threads\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_threads&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_nsfw_posts\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_posts&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_nsfw_threads\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_threads&ext=rss

rules in htaccess format:

RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/0.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/1.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/(\d\w*)s.png$ /$1/thumbs/$2s.png [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)/(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/([0-9]*)\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1&pagenumber=$2 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/catalog\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=catalog&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/t([0-9]*)\.(html|json|rss)(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=thread&board=$1&thread=$2&ext=$3 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/posts_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=posts_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/threads_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=threads_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA]

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