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image:139975989700.jpg(53kB , 640x479 , bn.jpg)
info from on high: anonex says dreamhost migrated the server and lost files uploaded between may 12th around 4:30pm pacific, and this morning may 14th around 10:30am pacific

this affected all of plus4chan including the old boards, but i've cleaned up most of the mess here on the new boards

if you see a post you made with "file: deleted" and the post time is between the times above it was only deleted because the file was already gone and so that you won't get conflicts when trying to re-upload

board transition thread
post bugs here

i won't do any changes to the layout or cosmetic fixes unless it is a severe bug, anonex is going to reskin it eventually

i copied over starchan's radio, you can get to it here: //boards.plus4chan.org/rad.php
it just scrapes all boards for audio, mp3s are turned on for /baw/ and /mtv/

oekaki is turned on for /baw/ and /draw/ and /pco/ and /cod/
get Marcello's JTablet for a better oekaki time

if you have trouble with oekaki, latest java update blocks a lot of stuff for increased security.to add an exemption follow the official instructions OR

on windows go to start>programs>java>configure java
click on the security tab
click edit site list
add "http://boards.plus4chan.org"

a lot of people probably don't know the dicerolls filter
[roll 1d20] rolls 1 die with 20 sides, [roll 2d6] rolls 2 dice with 6 sides each, etc
[roll 1d12+2] rolls 1 die with 12 sides and gives it +2 modifier, also works with minus
[roll 1d20vs10] rolls 1 die with 20 sides and compares it to 10 and displays win/loss/tie, modifiers on rolls with vs work the same way, [roll 1d20-4vs10]
dice are enabled on /baw/ and /cog/ and /z/

created bbcode wordfilters and enabled them on all boards since you guys used them before?

[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] = spoiler
[b]bold[/b] = bold
[s]strike[/s] = strike
[i]italic[/i] = italics
[u]underline[/u] = underline

for the oldfag impaired, #fortune goes in the name field (except on forced anon boards, then it goes in the email field)

fortune is turned on for /baw/ and /z/ and /pco/ and /draw/
I'm having trouble with playing webms and mp3 on firefox.
Not sure if I'm the only one.
And the oekaki isn't working for me as well, though that's firefox being annoying.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Just MP3s for me. Webms work fine on my end.
secret ## secret
depends on the browser handling <audio> and <video> elements but both ff and chrome have like no indication that it's actively buffering before it will allow it to start playing, if you let it load it'll start

i'd put the flash player back but this probably falls under things anonex will redo in the reskin
secret ## secret
it's probably also dependent on filesize and how soon your browser thinks it can begin playing without playback being interrupted

will probably start playing almost immediately because it's so small


could even take upwards of a minute before it starts if you have a slower connection
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
I don’t have a super-fast connection, but MP3s used to start right off the bat for me a day or so ago.
secret ## secret
i haven't changed anything with the mp3 handling since early on in the plus4 version when i swapped out the flash player for <audio> element, so it is a mystery

i'll put the flash player back if a lot of people are having problems, <audio> is way more elegant in the code, but i like how the flash player looks anyway
secret ## secret
also oekaki not working is likely a java issue, you have to allow exceptions for it even on ssl/tls since it's an old applet and isn't signed

latest java update blocks a lot of stuff for increased security.
to add an exemption follow the official instructions OR

on windows go to start>programs>java>configure java
click on the security tab
click edit site list
add "http://boards.plus4chan.org"
You can't upload mp3s on /mtv/. I suppose there's a thread for it here on /baw/, but it would make sense to let people post them on the board most specifically related to music.

...Not that I wasn't going to use it for something terrible like an episode of Ursula Hitler's Head processed through The Wub Machine.
secret ## secret
allowed now
And now webm and mp3 it's back to normal.
Get your shit together Firefox!
Will this board system open to other web, like 4chan?
or it'll be on GitHub to become an Open Source?
secret ## secret
koba will probably always be closed source, it's a special case that i'm letting anonex use it for plus4

as nice and fast and clean as the interface is, i wrote it from scratch in less than a month years ago, and the guts are a bit of a mess

but i do sometimes contribute to other developers and occassionally show pieces of it to help people along in their own projects
Just IMO, I obviously don't speak for everyone, but this layout is godawful compared to the old one, and if the old boards are archived before this is changed, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys see a drop in traffic.
lol is this a joke? This layout is 1000% better than the old one and I hope that when Anonex does the theme for it that it's closer to this one than the old one.
The old boards have been averaging between 200 and 280 posts a day, and the new boards are already averaging over 290 according to http://boards.plus4chan.org and that will undoubtedly increase as the stragglers make their way over. This is much easier to browse so lurkers are also probably higher here.

I honestly hope the layout isn't changed very much.
I don't like how the replies are pushed closer to the right.

I would prefer that the thread posts be pushed closer to the left so that the replies are centered.

Also the font for some reason is hurting my eyes. I don't know whether it's because it's smaller or because it's not black anymore.
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image:139984327500.png(21kB , 678x348 , font color.png)
Alright I hate to sound like a baby but I just checked out how the font looks like in black with the firefox inspector (CTRL-SHIFT-I), and I don't feel any eye strain with it. With the blue font my eyes are tearing and feeling sore.

Please change the default font color to black, I can't be the only one experiencing eye strain from this.
secret ## secret
i vastly prefer the dark blue
added extra style at the bottom called babby which is the same as buri with black text, but i'd suggest trying out machine for easy on the eyes
Considering there's an important change affecting every user and prompting them to comment, and just looking at the rule34 threads being remade and dumped into on /pco/, I wouldn't take the post count on the new site as an indication of happy user integration.

Babby does look more reasonable, though personally it's looking like ghost might be my theme of choice. Any chance of making the content area wider for wide screens?
secret ## secret
>Any chance of making the content area wider for wide screens?

the new theme will probably be responsive and expand up to a certain amount depending on window size, it will be up to anonex.

i already made this wider than my original koba.compact because two people kept complaining about it when the test boards were up, and if you look at how kusaba renders posts this is wider than almost all cases for the old board already, just that kusaba has everything all the way over at the left.

imo if the postboxes get much wider than this it's a chore to read long lines of text.
>this is wider than almost all cases for the old board already
I don't know, it renders all across the screen for me.

I understand that long lines of text bother some people so having both as options like 4chan does with its settings would be ideal, I reckon.
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image:139986736400.png(208kB , 1908x1611 , kusaba_koba.medcompact_koba.full.png)
i could tweak this style, but anonex is reskinning the whole shebang and none of it would end up being used. and i definitely wouldn't use any of the changes on starchan, so it seems kind of pointless.

have some faith in anonex, his new theme when it arrives will probably be just fine for you.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Hey anonex, if you're out there: slightly larger text on your final theme plz.
secret ## secret
[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] = spoiler
[b]bold[/b] = bold
[s]strike[/s] = strike
[i]italic[/i] = italics
[u]underline[/u] = underline

if that's what you guys had before
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image:139987400600.png(30kB , 820x328 , ughh.png)
Every since I failed to realize this song was larger than 7MB, it's ghostly presence has haunted all of the attempts to post. It's not really a problem, it goes away if I select a file and remove the selected file and it doesn't mess up my posts at all if I don't

secret ## secret
we already fixed this in irc, but for anyone else having the same problem clearing cookies from boards.plus4chan.org fixes it

haven't found exact cause but probably has something to do with uploading a file that's bigger than what dreamhost apache is configured for, and sometimes also throws "board did not exist" when trying to post the too-big file
Oh certainly, I'm just putting it in the suggestion box.

I can't view spoiled text in Safari on my iPad. Plus it cuts off the bottom of any unspoiled text above it.
Stupid question possibly.

Why are there post ids on /pco/ and the like when the other boards don't have them?
secret ## secret
edit: ids off, artists can use trips
secret ## secret
works on longpress on my ipod touch, but i guess i could do some sort of javascript click toggle
Another stupid question.

Will we be getting the expand all images feature back?
secret ## secret
yes, i've been busy lately but there is some kind of bug i haven't been able to track down that's only happening on plus4 and not starchan, so i disabled expand all for now.

anonex's new theme will have an even better feature than expand all, but when i get time i'll try to track down why it's buggy on here and fix it.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo
Is there a way to give this more than a third of my monitor to work with?
please read the thread before posting

>i won't do any changes to the layout or cosmetic fixes unless it is a severe bug, anonex is going to reskin it eventually

>i already made this wider than my original koba.compact because two people kept complaining about it when the test boards were up, and if you look at how kusaba renders posts this is wider than almost all cases for the old board already, just that kusaba has everything all the way over at the left.

Jesus people. If the size of the boxes are that big a deal and you can't wait for an official layout update, just make a User Stylesheet.

Here, I'll do it for you:

#bannerboard, header, footer, nav, table, form, section, #announce, #allowance, #custom, #unique, .intranav, .t, .p:first-child, .bancard { width: 90%; }
.t form, .p { width: 90%; }
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, so, Dreamhost apparently migrated us far later than they said. And lost some stuff in the transfer. Main boards will be back up when DNS propagates, Cloudflare means boards.p4c should be fine.
I know we just got back on but the ids are back on /pco/.
secret ## secret
holy crap, that was a while ago, i hope it didn't undo all the changes i've been making to the board code
>>391896 ~ >>391898
It looks like the boards got rolled back. Not a huge problem now but is it possible to restore them in the future?
secret ## secret
what a mess, it did revert a bunch of the board files i've been working on, and the ftp isn't working so i can't even go in to try to restore them

as for the files who knows
secret ## secret
anonex got the ftp going so i can at least start putting back the latest board files, it's not like anyone besides staff would notice the differences anyway, the biggest loss is probably a bunch of files dreamhost borked?
That's ok, I was just wondering if I should restart a thread or two or not.
secret ## secret
looks like db is intact so posts are all current, but uploaded files cut off around the 12th at 4:30pm or so
secret ## secret
koba files restored to latest version, banners reuploaded, i don't have any of the other uploaded files saved though so i can't restore them

i was digging the more recent mp3s on the radio too
secret ## secret
most of the dreamhost mess has been cleaned up, here on the new boards at least

edit: going to delete all the broken files so people can re-upload
So images will need to be reuploaded?
secret ## secret
yes, i'm deleting all the messed up files first so people won't get duplicate file errors first
Hey secret. I uploaded a bunch of junk on/pco/and /cod/ and now they're all gone. I don't have to report all of them do I?
secret ## secret
no i'm just going to delete all broken files, it'll be easier for everyone that way
Appreciate it.
Deleted music still listed on the radio, not sure how that'll effect re-uploading since I didn't upload anything that got lost.
secret ## secret
fixed. was only in the radio code, shouldn't affect re-upload
Can someone ELI5 why do whe move the board? And why does the new one is so bloody short as opposed to a nice and wide previous one?
please read the thread
the old boards were constantly breaking and are too slow for moderators to use, the new board is slightly narrower for better readability
secret ## secret
the short answer is "because anonex asked me to"

the long answer is because kusaba is a chore to moderate, and the current instance of kusaba that the old boards run on is incredibly slow for end users and staff alike, throws errors sometimes, and will time out for moderators deleting posts sometimes multiple times before it works. and anonex refused to instate more janitors to take care of the cp/spam problem because kusaba doesn't have a way to revert malicious janitor deletes.
secret ## secret
Your fortune: Godly Luck

expand all images returns for your convenience, icon in the upper right of first post with the hide thread/reply/report/delete buttons

expand all expands all images

collapse all images collapses all images

it's actually still weird on plus4 like the old boards, both buttons just end up toggling the current state of images like kusaba did, o well
Please, bring back the old fucking layout.

Or at least make it an option somewhere.

The change broke 4chanGrab, and I like to read text all across my screen, not just in a little rectangle in the middle.

The buttons are kinda ridiculous too.
please read the thread
The good news is Anonex is working on it.
The bad news is Anonex is working on it.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
For anyone seeing random threads being locked on the old boards, I'm outright locking any threads that get spam of any kind (especially on /baw/, which is still getting porn spam, but it doesn't look like CP spam). Hopefully by the time they're all locked we'll have the new layout...?

For some reason, it doesn't work on new /coc/ (post 50693)
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

oh weird, i bet that was from the dreamhost mess, filters were turned off on three of the boards

should be on again now

Thanks! It works now
Is posting back?
>for better readability

Well, "better" is a personal feeling. You might like it, I don't. So, how to resize it?
User stylesheet.
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
Any chances we get the oekaki in /cod/ in the future?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Outlook good

You mean worse readability, look at all this wasted space, shit.
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image:140043563600.jpg(2.03MB , 1919x974 , wastedspace.jpg)
>look at all this wasted space

I can't tell if the people complaining about the layout are actually serious or are just dumb.
The old text stretches on my monitor? But I usually have my internet browser as a column on one half of the screen while writing up papers or doing something else on the other half.

Unless people are running ultra wide or multiple monitors, I'm not sure how things are massively different.
Stretching to fill the width available is bad from a typographical perspective, and when the old board did it, it was ugly. It's the reason newspapers use columns instead of just filling the whole paper. In web page design, negative is generally preferable, though in that case the negative space would be better off being on one side or the other, rather than on both sides.

The people whining about the size issues are mostly focusing on tangible details without realizing the reason they're actually disliking the new layout, which is largely 1.) status quo has changed and this is terrifying to people who are overly reliant on routine and 2.) the fact that the layout is centered causes the whole thing to feel "floaty." Whitespace to the right would probably be the better design, maybe with a slight increase of width but definitely not to the point of expanding to the full width of the page. Possibly some sort of minimalist background image or pattern could fill some of the whitespace on the right.

It might also be worth doing to make the rightmost margin of replies to a thread further to the right than the rightmost margin of the parent post in threads. This has the dual benefit of increasing the space available to replies and making the empty space feel less restricting.

But with all that said, none of it is anywhere near the priority all this bitching is making it out to be.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

as much as i enjoy design discussion, this thread is for actual bugs (and maybe board tweak requests)
from here on take all layout talk to >>391994

your cries for or against my sense of style may yet be heard
Here's a bug, this layout sucks ass.
User was banned for this post
Here's another bug: I can't strangle the guy above me.
No look, see?
This current layout seems extremely optimized for small-resolution devices like mobiles and tablets. Could we have a full-width layout for us old grandpas who still use desktop computers to browse the internet instead of ipads?

A bit higher font size would also help. This design is close to unreadable on my 23" 1920x1080 monitor unless I zoom in by 150% (and then I would need to zoom out to view larger images). Again, this is not a problem on tablets and mobiles which use higher DPI settings nowadays, but it is an issue on normal desktops.

The centered design doesn't really feel fortunate for an imageboard. The previous layout indeed wasted space on the right side; but that was "reserved" for bigger images that needed it. This current design wastes space on both left and right, and images awkwardly flow out of post boxes.

Some other considerations:
- The image filename is broken to ellipses extremely early. Please consider making it longer; the "download" property on links is not universally supported in browsers so some people may want to copy the filename directly.
- the "expand all images" button was very handy. I can understand if it was removed because it causes excessive server load, but please do consider adding it back (if the server can take it). Perhaps set it up so it opens three images only and moves to the next three when they are loaded.
- Very annoying problem: make images have a max width of what is the page window, so they don't create vertical scrollbar.
please read the thread
If I ever do a thing, remind me to change how it looks all the time so people don't fall in love with it, features and background stuff be damned.
There are 150 users on /pco/, next highest is /co/ with 80.
By posts, /pco/ has over 1000, /co/ has just over 300.
Not a complaint, just observing.
Not using the original interline space for the font gives pretty ugly results when you highlight some lines. I would suggest either fixing the inter line space, or use a font that has a smaller one.

Also with as much complaining as is going on I'd just like to say I love this layout.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

there's actually not much complaining, the majority of it comes from just 3 people who haven't really posted anywhere else on the new boards
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image:140060977800.png(55kB , 1349x140 , exemple.png)
I mean this. It's ugly and makes the board looks buggy and unfinished.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

what browser/os are you using? it doesn't do that in chrome firefox opera on windows, android stock browser or chrome android, or safari on my ios devices that i've tested
i haven't done real extensive mac osx or ios testing though
Not that guy but it happens due to line-height and font-size mismatching. You can fix it by adding line-height:normal to the .message rule (koba.compact.css line 118). It has the effect of making text a but further apart but that is really not that unwelcome. Generally, it is the best to use the same values (and same type of values) for both font-size and line-height, unless you want some funky text positioning.

It also happens in IE11.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

fixed line-height overlap conditional for ie, there may yet be more ie visual quirks because i haven't done much testing at all for ie and the starch userbase that hits it using ie is something infinitesimal like 0.01%, so i don't get much feedback about it
It's not a mismatching issue really, a lot of us prefer denser text. It's an issue with IE rendering solid boxes for text selection that cover up other text.
FF 29.0.1 here, looks good.
I don't see much if any visual bugs in IE11, unless I open a debugger (which doesn't count).
For the line-height, simply putting it in the css rule I mentioned fixed it. Right now you seem to be using line-height:120%; for .message and line-height:1; for a lot of elements and which is... odd practice? It's one what? Pixel? Em? Percentage? Not really a rock stable style definition, and browsers always take liberties with those (I found Chrome in particular is full of "not defined in standards, so we don't care" type of bugs).

I'm not exactly sure which type of values are considered preferred for line-height as I did not learn css "by the book". But as far as text positioning goes, I found that the most satisfactory results for content text blocks is to have line-height matching font-size in both unit value and unit type. Otherwise one line may be higher or lower than what the font-size would imply.

Back to the board bugs, the bug where "highlighted text overlaps itself on the next line", it also happens not just on .message but on many other blocks too. Such as the red box on the top with the link to this thread, or the first post in this thread with the strong tag on it. It could be fixed globally by using font-size:normal; instead of font-size:1; but then the text wouldn't be as dense in some parts. If people prefer that, there is no point in changing it.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

honestly there's not much point changing any of this, since hopefully anonex will finish his reskin soon, and i probably won't use any of the changes over on starch since they prefer it as it is.

line-height:1 is 100% of the element's font size, you can read more about that kind of thing here if it's your interest

>where "highlighted text overlaps itself on the next line"
it only happens in ie as far as i can tell and only because of the way ie highlights text with solid background color boxes, but it should be fixed for message body for ie users now, and if people are copying the text out of the global announcement frequently i would be surprised
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
I'm on firefox 29.0.1, and got the problem on 2 completely different computers. So please don't ignore the issue because of "it's only IE", because it really isn't.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Godly Luck

os? when did it start happening or has it always happened? i wasn't ignoring it because even though it's trivial it does look kind of shitty. come to #plus4chan for troubleshooting, i can't recreate it

added a moz conditional for greater line-height also even though it wasn't happening for me. post again if something's still up
Getting "board does not exist" and "too many connecting" messages when I try to upload an mp3 at /mtv/.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Bad Luck

too many connections is happening all across plus4, even on the old boards and they're on an entirely different db, and ftp times out for me too so probably dreamhost is being shit

as for board did not exist it's a weird thing happening here when you upload a file that is too big for apache, and the thing that should be happening is you get an apache error page for request entity too large, but that doesn't happen it just sends a blank request to koba which makes it look like you're trying to post without specifying a board, and so it throws board did not exist message

it's kind of misleading that it does that, but it's not any weirder than what happens on kusaba on the old boards when you upload too large of a file, and there's not really anything that can be done to fix it without knowing why apache is doing it in the first place, but i might be able to write something that guesses if the blank request is from apache being weird and at least spit out a more helpful message

limit anonex has set is like 7 or 8megs i think, so if you're uploading a file larger that that, that's definitely it
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Dreamhost has stopped being shit.

For now.
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
No difference on my main computer. Will check on the second one later today.
You might try opening in incognito mode (or whatever Firefox's "porn mode" is called) to rule out cacheing issues.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

ctrl+f5 also should try to pull latest non-cached version. but it's possible that the cloudflare node serving you has cached old things and isn't updating. usually after a couple hours the cloudflare node near me has updated, but this was yesterday so it should be fresh
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

this is a line of normal text this is a line of normal text this is a line of normal text
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
seems to work now
actually it seems the problem seems to still exist in the posting area. Extremely minor since it's not carried once posted, but deserves to be noted I guess.
Since porn guy is being a dick how long until we have no other alternative but to get capatcha?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Bad Luck

Your fortune: Bad Luck

The cp spam is still going, although only in /baw/ so far.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
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plus4chan is relatively slow and has had large gaps in moderation for a prolonged period of time, it's an easy target and the spam is not likely to stop anytime soon, the best fix is to have consistent moderation team

it's better here than the old boards but looking at the staff activity log there are hours at a time with no staff movement at some points in the day

there have been 32 cp spam posts so far in roughly 17.5 days, moose got 3, bard got 1, collectively the janitors got 10, and i got the remaining 18

if that tells you the need for more staff and staff with more varied time schedules, since i'm not even really staff and just hanging around until i'm convinced the plus4 version of koba is stable with no severe backend bugs
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Good Luck

- spoiler text inside of inline post reference expansions takes on the post reference expansion text color on black instead of staying black on black
save file
image:140123043400.jpg(121kB , 1337x377 , weird thumbnails.jpg)
Weird behaviour with thumbnails, they are poor quality at first but if you expand then get back to thumb they look good. Here's an example with /jam/ because black and white manga pages makes it really visible.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail

inline expansion in koba is different than in kusaba or yotsuba, it's closer to very late life wakaba mods, the low quality is the actual thumbnail, expanding loads the fullsize image, and then since the resource is already loaded i didn't actually have it re-load and swap back to thumbnail on inline unexpand

the right side thumbs are actually the full image just given the thumbnail dimensions again which is why they look nicer

thumbnail quality is in the config and if anonex wants to increase quality of the actual thumbnails he can
Parasite !0IWTTbo3jA
kinda weird, I would expect the board use the same algorithm to generate a thumbnail or reducing its pictures. I mean, the thumbs are still separate files on the server side, right?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Average Luck

the algorithm that i wrote for it takes arguments to change the save quality, for server load reduction and resulting thumbnail filesize, they're currently set to medium high quality png. but that has nothing to do with the inline image expansion

the expansion just swaps out the thumbnail image for the real image and increases to the real image's dimensions, or 90% of the viewport width, whichever is less

the difference with the image expansion here and on other board software is that elsewhere the low quality thumbnail is put back when you unexpand back to thumbnail size

here it just sets the dimensions to thumbnail size without swapping the image back to the thumbnail image

in any case it's all in the board javascript and anonex will probably roll his own when he does the reskin
Curious but are we gonna eventually return to the old layout where you could quote multiple posts just by clicking on their numbers and open threads in their own tabs or is this gonna be the overall new paradigm and layout restoration's just gonna be aesthetic?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Godly Luck

you can quote multiple posts just by clicking their reply buttons, and you can open threads in their own tabs

the behavior is all in the javascript so however anonex ends up wanting to do it if he uses mine or rolls his own
Your fortune: Godly Luck

>Your fortune: Godly Luck
you finally did it
you climbed that whole mountain
nice double doubles friend
Why is the layout so different?
because anonex hates you
So what is the bump limit and image limit for these new boards?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Godly Luck

anonex never got back to me, so from moose's suggestion response bump limit is
500 for /co/, /jam/, /coc/, and /z/
300 for /baw/, and /pco/
200 for /cog/, /mtv/, /draw/, /coq/, /cod/ and /a/

i left file response limit to unlimited for all boards until anonex says otherwise
Autonymobile !x4vv0ZYuAo
I don't recall saying the bump limit for /co/ and /jam/ was 500, but that's fine.

/coc/ should be 500 (maybe that's what I meant?) since spurts of activity can go through 200-post threads quickly.
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

updated /coc/ to 500 response bump limit
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#fortune is taken as a tripcode on boards where it's not used instead of being discarded, despite the name field being both carried over between boards and hidden by default, which makes it easy to not realize you have it on before posting.
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fixed, #fortune is discarded on boards where fortunes are disabled
Just a query, will we get a notice before the old boards are finally archived?

Hai everyone. I'm a niggertits vet but I just found out about this place recently.
I'm enjoying plus4chan community a lot, and even tho it's smaller than the 4chan counterpart I must say that plus4chan community is much stronger and more united.

With that said, I have some question regarding how this site operates.
Mainly, how uploading pics in /pco/ works.
What are oekaki tokens? How do I get them? How do I use them?

Thanks in advance
Do the mods not care about what's being posted on the old boards anymore? Is plus4chan dead? There's still CP and CP link spam being posted and it isn't getting taken care of.
I recall the old boards had some sort of inefficient system that made them hard to moderate en masse, although at the time of this post I see one case though there's more regular spam. Probably time to make the transition with everyone else.
anonex wouldn't add more staff to the old site for some reason, and the only reason this place is clean is because when secret set it up he made anyone a janitor that asked for it
Why are the old boards still going anyway? Just freeze the old boards so you can't reply to the existing threads and archive everything already. Make the new boards the only place you can go to.
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One of the old board mods is gone for a few days. I don't know what the others are waiting for, especially given that spam has been up for days, and the only way to navigate from the front page to the new boards is through the old ones.

The old board either couldn't support janitors or couldn't keep track of who deleted what, so they'd all have to be mods and trusted more than was Annonex was comfortable with.

Only Annonex can do that I think, and I don't know exactly what our mysterious admin wants or the obstacles in the way of getting it.
These boards actually have the same format as 4 prime, which is "boards.[site name].org/[target board]". Took me a couple days to adjust my muscle memory, but it wasn't so bad.
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While I can do that, it is possible for us to get new visitors every so often, and they likely won't really notice the link to the new boards before seeing what's on the old ones. Not a great first impression to give them.
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I assume this is the thread for asking questions, since /z/ is full of dick.

In some threads more than others, there are a few comments lying around that are really... stupid. I'm not gonna be subtle about it; they contribute nothing and many look like a horny twelve year-old typed them. Stuff like dirty-talking to the characters in images or really non-contributing stuff. Should this stuff be mod-deleted or ignored?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
it's up to the moderation team, but it doesn't appear to have ever been deleted on the old boards
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over zealous incong fans probably, saw them trying to derail threads in favour of gwen quite a few time. Some people just don't like the idea that others aren't into their stuff.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo ## Admin
Ignored, at least for now. If they fill the thread you can report them/mention it again, but we don't try to mod on quality unless posts like that hit a critical mass of sorts or someone is trolling.
Alright, thanks for clearing that up.

Yeah, probably. Other threads have their share of low-quality posts but I really think the over-the-top incog fans take the cake.
Just to be nosy I have to ask. Is Fappo still the head mod in charge of /pco//coq/and/cod/?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo ## Admin
He's a global mod now, but IIRC his main focus is still on the promotion boards, so sure.
Fappo! !PYqqa6XuBA
I'm usually not invoked unless I did something. What'd I do?
Fappo! !PYqqa6XuBA ## Mod
Oh, that's how you do it.
Just wondering. Haven't seen him lately. The promotion boards wouldn't be the same without him.
Can you just delete the old boards, or freeze posting on them? This site is heavily fragmented. Even though I dislike this new interface, having just this is better than having two separate boards for the exact same subjects.
no, nobody can remove or lock the old boards except anonex, and he doesn't want to
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo ## Admin
I've been thinking about that, but I've been holding out hope for a new layout; I'll bite the bullet and do it this weekend.

While only Anonex can properly lock them, there are other ways...
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You mean like the time when Bard accidentally banned everyone, including himself, from the site for a month or so until someone finally got Annonex's attention and fixed the problem?
I haven't forgotten that, Bard!
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
That wasn't my plan, because it blocks all viewing, making it impossible for people to know about the new boards. However, if it comes to that...
I'm just noticing it now, but thanks for the "i am gay" setting for the board styles.

Does babby just reset it back to buri?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
is the front page down for anyone else? Is it part of the migration?
Can you please remove the font size increase in "i am gay"? The older boards did not have font that large.
the person who asked for full width also asked for larger font
and yes it did
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