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Are there any chance that are similar to 420 Chan I miss 420 Chan because I value discussion about substances
From what I understand, 420chan wasn't shut down, the owner was just a hippie cunt who fucked off.

I dunno where you'd go for talking about substances, not sure anyone here cares enough about that to talk about it, but you can use >>>/pco/ as an alternative to their hentai board.
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What about this board? Seems like the right place ;)
Wait never mind it’s 7chan that has a drug board my bad
If you can find anyone else who wants to talk about it, be my guest.

7chan is a cool place, I know the admin. Note that it's hosted in the US though.
>>42nNvm this is better than 8chan and 420chan
update, the site was bought by Fredrick Brennan back in april. there has been no update since then though.
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Yeah, Brennan shot themself in the foot and got shot in the other foot........ actually I realized halfway through typing that's a badly chosen figure of speech.
Didn't go with Lynxchan (smart), didn't go with jschan due to a tantrum over a petty licensing triviality (dumb) and went home to write another imageboard with blackjack and hookers. Then some drama and legal complication about their mission to get the server back happened (picrel, late May). And then a month ago they bought another niche imageboard for furries. So I wouldn't hold your breath.