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State of Chans in 2022Anonymous
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Most alternatives are slow and hard to come by, Kuz is buying up more and more sites and becoming a monopolizer, and /pol/ is doing a history revisionism and becoming the dominant culture of most imageboards opened in the last few years. I have no clue what could become of these kinds of sites, but I hope something better comes along for imageboards in the near future. What do you think?
Is this an actual thread posted and not some kind of bot? Just kind of an odd topic.

I mean imageboards all pretty much fucking suck now, I only browse a couple of boards on the actual 4chan anymore and have to hide most of the threads for being such obvious garbage or shitposts to manage that.

Plus4chan is nice but thats probably because its empty and doesn't have enough posters to attract such shits.
Like we had that weirdo furry image spammer but he's gone now.
plus4chan kind of lives in its own time and space, unaffected by whatever happens to other chans (even our 4chan baaaaw thread gets no activity, but I guess people just consider it a given that 4chan has horrible moderation now). As such I've no clue what is the state of other chans. The only one I sort of follow is wherever /cake/ moves to whenever the site dies under it, because that board has a lot of drawfags.

I think /pol/ is becoming more influential because it is the only place where people are allowed to talk about politics freely. So /pol/ gets a higher influx of users as well as a higher influx of people spammers who want to influence the political view of the people there. Meanwhile the other board suffer from atrophy because anyone who wants to discuss some non-political topic can do it easier on a bajillion other websites, reddit, facebook, discord, whatever.
So it makes sense that it is becoming more and more dominant.
I'm not a bot, and I apologize if it is an odd thing to bring up on here. I just can't help but feel a certain atrophy when trying to use the websites I enjoy in modern times. They still exist, certainly, but I don't want them to go away ever.

Aside from Discord, those websites lack the sense of community that messageboards or forums have. The centralization of the internet has its benefits sure, but such a sacrifice of community is sad to see. Again, federated places regain this lost element.
That's okay, we just get weird bot posts in /baw/ sometimes so was kind of wary.

Wasn't fully convinced it was one since you hadn't random links to go with it.
Communities that "we used to visit" are going away, because we grew up and have different interests now, and any new users are not the tech-savvy nerds who used to populate message and image boards in the early 00s. The internet is not counter-culture anymore, it's mainstream. Old internet communities die off or change. Even plus4chan is missing most of its old community, because they all moved to discord.

Federated places are basically webrings, which rely on each other for advertising themselves because google does not return fuck all results now. This is because all the sites are tiny. If any one of them would grow big enough, it would swallow all the users from the smaller ones and those would die off, the same way discord and reddit swallowed smaller local message boards and IRC servers.
Pretty much. I see it as both positive in some regards and negative in others. It would be nice to regain that element of community again, not revive old communities that once existed.
Meester Tweester
I don't think, I know. 4chan Prime is still king, complain about it going downhill all you want. Plus4Chan is still the best sister site, this won't change.