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/co/nfessions ThreadAnonymous
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General Confession General. No confession is too small.

If I pee in the toilet at work and it's clear, I don't bother flushing. I did this three times last shift.
I'd post in these threads if I wasn't afraid I'd get reported and arrested for what I confessed.
/co/nfessions Thread
We've all done illegal stuff. You don't have to confess the more edgy stuff, such as making explosives and lighting some in national parks. Just stick to ticket evasion. I ticket evade a lot. Or cartoon porn. A lot of material on this site is illegal in my country. I don't fap to it for irrelevant reasons, but some of it is pretty hot.
I doubt the po-po care, so long as you don't post specifics about the crime (location, person, posting pictures, etc.) Without that, they can't know what is an actual confession and what is just some anon getting his rocks off with fantasy.

Other anon might berate you for the act, but I'd be surprised if any reported it.
A cousin and I accidentally set a good chunk of forest on fire when we were young because we were playing with matches.
I just bought music.

I don't feel bad about it.
Bones has an enormous playlist of all legally-obtained music.
That boy spends more on music than I do on food.
You mean
you mean DIGITAL music?

I can understand spending on Vinyls which can work as both furnishing a living space wall, collector's items and high-quality sound storage systems but...
paying for an mp3?!
Mister Twister
>what is supporting the artist
And don't tell me that "not giving back is for cool kids like me".
Lotsa indie labels actually print vinyl. Its part of their... hip counter-culture image.

If its digital only, that's another story though.
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I don't actually hate bae. I don't even remember why I did even any more. I hope she is doing well with her webcomic.
I posted this earlier, but I guess I had connection problems. Oh well. Sorry if I double post.

I'm into really rough, abusive porn. Like I downloaded a ton of Facial Abuse/Latina Abuse last night. I hardly ever mention this because I don't want to run into/come off as a misogynistic asshole. I just like my shit rough. I also happen to be a switch, so I enjoy abuse that comes my way, too. And for the record, the hottest porn videos are when the woman clearly gets off at being manhandled.

I also identify as a sex positive feminist. I feel like this is at odds with me. And it's mostly not because of how I feel. Shit's weird.

Also, I'm not above getting some racial abuse in the bedroom. But it's just in the bedroom. I don't put up with that shit anywhere else.
>I also identify as a sex positive feminist.
There IS such a thing as having kinks.
Like, shit, isn't that what BDSM is anyway? And its like, treated as the forefront of feministic porn shit.
I mean, there's real life and then there's your sexual life, dude. Of course there's boundries but there is a difference.

I mean shit, I like boxing, doesn't mean I like it when people legitimately punch eachother in the face.
Yeah, understood. I think my issue is more what everyone else thinks as opposed to what I think. This is a hell of a personal issue, I realize. I don't know why it bugs me.

Also, as a non sequirter, boxing is tits. I'm not the hugest fan of what longterm boxing does to the brain, but watching a good boxer is fucking poetry in motion.
>[The] issue is more what everyone else thinks as opposed to what I think
Fetishes in a nutshell. Source: ex-Furry
That's intriguing. Why ex?
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image:142987474000.png(81kB , 524x513 , Disasterpeace - Atebite and the Warring Nations - cover.png)
I've bought digital music. But the reasoning for that is the CD was a limited print and it was an old album from an artist who has already made a ton of other music since and probably won't reprint that album. Picture related.
I haven't been in the community for almost three months. I'm trying to leave porn behind (for personal reasons, mainly health and mindset) and porn the main reason I visited the fandom, apart from /co/-related stuff.

That said I would still grab me some blue cat so maybe ex isn't technically correct.
>for personal reasons, mainly health and mindset
3DPD wasn't doin' it for ya. I getcha.
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image:143016003500.jpg(4kB , 441x289 , ninja party.jpg)
Between 2009 and 2013 I used to bump threads I liked with this image, and then quickly delete it.
At weddings and other such events, I like to take pictures of professional photographers while they take pictures of other people.
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image:143025158500.jpg(3kB , 320x240 , gutfcc7782.jpg)
I'm constantly sucking in my gut in public
Seems somewhat healthy, actually. I mean obviously being overweight doesn't, but constantly sucking in your gut should keep you sitting/standing upright and strengthen your back and stomach muscles.
Mister Twister
I absolutely hate the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I recognize Flea's talent as a musician but all their songs are identical and they're all just garbage. I can tolerate most bands for just one song but I will change the station if the RHCPs come on.
I used to do a thing where if I liked a song, I downloaded the band's discography. Their one sucked.
I use LMAObox in TF2.

I fucking hate Big Bang Theory and I'm constantly trying to convince my mom to stop watching it.

I've been trying to hook up with people on f-list for 2 years now.
John Frusciante is a quite talented lad methinks.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I've been trying to hook up with people on f-list for 2 years now.

…have you tried an actual dating site? (I’m kidding, I’m kidding.)
F-list allows me to live in a fantasy world where I'm not obese and losing my hair.
One of those is completely under your control. I started losing my hair when I was 20, and I was also 260 lbs. I'm not obese anymore, and even though I'm gradually going bald I feel better about myself than before.
You could always go for the british Skin'ead pubcrawler look.
Back when I was moving out, my mother taught me how to sew. But whenever an essential button comes loose from one of my pieces of clothing, I just throw the whole damn thing away instead of sewing the button back on.
I am secretly relieved whenever Prequel doesn't update.

I mean, updates are cool and all, but when they happen part way through exams it kills me.

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