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Sup guys?
I'm in my mid thirties, matured, and have a stable life.
It's me: NEET. By definition no longer NEET age wise, and gee, the first thing I thought about was you guys. To the oldfags in here:

How has life treated you? Achievements, Failures? What's up?
Not much, just trying to deal with the fact that every community I've been part, or every media I consumed, has either dried up / disappeared or turned into something I dislike. I have trouble finding new things to have fun with, so I try to occupy myself with work, but that doesn't work because I am very bad at keeping attention at work. Meanwhile I notice more and more chances that I passed by due to laziness, and due to age, I may never have the chance to make up for those.

I think it's what people call a midlife crisis?

Work is okay and I still have awesome luck to get by on, but perhaps I should put more effort into saving up for my old age. Right now I only make enough to get by, but primarily because I work much less than I could.

In short life could be more eventful, but I'm too lazy to actually pursue things.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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this is mine.
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I arrived before the switch to the centre-aligned site. Does that make me oldfag enough? I'm 20

Life is still bittersweet. An odd mix, almost too much good luck. Overall things are going well. I'm not sure how long that will last. I can only wonder what my next autistic obsession will be.
In some ways I was very mature as a child, but in just as many ways I will be very childish as I age. My strange life experience won't ever cease to fascinate me.

I thought at this time in my life I would have become a drawfag, but I never did. I had other priories and lacked the discipline to fulfill that fantasy. There's just something magical about them.
User 9
>Not much, just trying to deal with the fact that every community I've been part, or every media I consumed, has either dried up / disappeared or turned into something I dislike.
Oh, I thought it was just me who specifically went around to communities and web comics that immediately go dormant/on hiautus soon after I arrive. Though, I guess that's because the alternative is often that they become so active I end up feeling crowded out of them.
Oh, I don't mean that, I mean that the places I visited for years all changed or closed or have no users anymore. Makes me wonder, where did everyone go? Do people really just use twitter and facebook and discord even for more niche subculture discussions? Is there another site out there which is like 4chan used to be in the mid 00s?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
>Is there another site out there which is like 4chan used to be in the mid 00s?

Not really, no.
Confirmed oldfag.

I remember Mr. Stone!

Don't worry, if your under 30, that's completely normal.

Enjoy that shit as much as you can. Long-term goals should set in after you graduate and tried out a few things.

This site's appeal has always been it's community and slow pace.

Not that I know of.

Well, I'll let you be the judge.

I can afford a place of my own, 2 meals and a six pack a day, I don't have a car because everything is within walking distance, IRL I got maybe 50 friends, then family, but if SHTF I can rely on about 3 friends and my parents (Hey that's not bad for an introvert).
I'm going to inherit my Mom's land, so right now I'm saving up to build a house there.
I'm still single. I did some dating, lost my V, and everything, but... I don't even like it when my folks come over. Living alone is too awesome.

How did I do?
Meister Tweister
Let's see what happens within 7 days.

It's been over 7 days.
What was supposed to have happened again?
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did he died?
Meister Tweister
A good thing happened.

Err... no, and no.

It was unlikely I'd have all my shit stolen, lose my savings, and be evicted for no reason in 7 days in the first place.
I know this thread isn't for me, but is there any archive where I can find posts from the mid 00s? Most archives I can find end at 2013 or 2011 if I'm lucky, and I'd like to lay my own eyes upon the culture.
There are a couple of random user-made archives floating around but most of them are from the turn of the decade.
The ones I know of are:
Yotsuba Society Archives - 4chan archive.7z


Beyond that, your best bet is to use the wayback machine and point it to an old capture of the classic 4chanarchive.org (the one that worked by voting and scraping).
… but that one seems to have only started around 2007 too, plus all the images are missing. On the up side, it does have a few gems, like the original Chaptor thread.
Thanks bro. It'll be nice to see a culture I was too young to even know about unfold, even without the images they posted. I hope you and all the other oldfags here have your memories, and cherish them long. In the end, they're all we have, right?