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Venture Bros Thread.Anonymous
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image:142173902700.png(48kB , 533x399 , image05.png)


Moomin is great.
I wish I could find the original moomin comics in English. Or even the ones published in Europe in the 80s/90s.
Good to know, so it is not cancelled?
They really should do a kickstarter. If Peepoodo and the Super Fuck Friends could fund a season, so can they.
The series really started to go downhill towards the end, never mind the ridiculous long breaks between seasons. Would be happy with it being put to rest entirely.
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image:160381072461.png(828kB , 1048x768 , 3xrJ3Ek.png)
Giggity, giggity.
goddamn niggers get off my lawn.
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video:156492520584.webm(5.51MB , 720x405 , how he became scar.webm)
I guess the first webm thread is full of webms, time for a new one~
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video:160582647972.webm(5.82MB , 1280x720 , Coyolxāuhqui.webm)
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video:160582650016.webm(5.73MB , 1280x720 , Coyolxāuhqui2.webm)
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image:158528495960.jpg(85kB , 820x820 , i could never.jpg)
Hi guys im a newfag from original "4chan", can we have an owl thread?
So basically this is just another cute loli show?
Dammit /pco/!
I did have an idea about there being places of potent power that could be used for human style casting of magic, the materials luz used tend to be whatever she has access to right? So what if she finds some form of a cut or bleeding wound that has the titans blood running through it and that's used for the runes she makes.
The Cartoon Series Sharing ThreadSwift
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image:143803053700.png(677kB , 768x576 , Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - S01E09 - Annushka's Winter Tale.mp4_snapshot_02.05_[2015.07.27_22.52.28].png)
I think it's hard to find download links here, so from now on, post your links to any hard to find or obscure stuff here. ;)

Let me start with one right off the bat - Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. I managed to purchase a 6-DVD-set of it - and luckily it had czech AND english audio tracks. Oddly enough DVD1 starts with Episode 9, so we'll see what's in there.

Episode 09: Annushka's Winter Tale
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image:159061079644.jpg(324kB , 1280x720 , The Adventures of T-Rex 27 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'.mp4_snapshot_10.24_[2020.05.27_21.59.39].jpg)
Well, episode 27 took me a loooong time. See, there is no english dub for this episode anywhere online. But thanks to someone from Kametsu years ago, I did get a swedish dub of the episode, with (sadly built-in non-extractable) subtitles in english. So I spent the past few days painstakingly creating timestamps and making a subtitle for the episode (and I had to check both video files as sadly, they are not the same length due to cuts, so I could not use the same time codes).

So, please find the french audio episode with english on Nandato!
And yes, this one has the Chain Gang and Flo in one of their more major roles.

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image:159576700829.jpg(182kB , 640x480 , T-Rex.S01E31.FR.mkv_[2020.07.26_12.58.01].jpg)
For any french people here - Amazon Prime now has the Adventures of T-rex (or rather, episodes 27 to 50) in french.
Sharing my FoxKids DVDrips of Eek the Cat. Full S1-2, most of season 3. Rest will be included as well soon from other sources.
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image:154898291152.png(1.16MB , 1024x1720 , 1539818873408.png)
Have you watched this cute comfy show or readed the comics, anon?
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image:160083349242.png(266kB , 1121x683 , hildacomic1.png)
Hilda flips off her local mexican
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image:160083358358.png(273kB , 1155x713 , hildacomic2.png)
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image:160083372096.png(143kB , 849x715 , hiltrev.png)
betaman: tactical waifu simulatorAnonymous
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image:157931472003.jpg(116kB , 848x1200 , waifubot_01_001.jpg)
I'm posting magi's comic here because 4chan captcha makes it fucking impossible to do a storytime.

note: I'm not magi.
Any updates on this?
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image:159992682945.jpg(232kB , 848x1200 , waifu_tactics_28_wip_2020MAR21.jpg)
I have no update at the moment, I am focusing on finishing a porn fan comic right now. Although its become slow because I have trouble coming up with how I am going to take the story next, there is a broad outline at the moment, but I haven't find an interesting way to connect the dots right now.
OK, cool. It's great that your other projects are actually progressing now, so with that in mind I don't even mind that this is on hold. It's better for your workflow.
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image:159934022750.png(66kB , 188x319 , ERMNMd_WsAEDl5z.png)
Dexter's Lab thread?
Mstr Twstr
It's not the execution. It's just that Daxter and Deedee are both unlikable fucks.
Fair enough.
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image:159936565407.png(529kB , 1000x1153 , DextraDance.png)
Joe Hill's comics (Basketful of Heads)Tiki
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image:158719948808.jpg(966kB , 1988x3156 , RCO014_w_1575090678.jpg)
June Branch is an A+++++++++ female protagonist.
That picture just makes her look like your usual overly brutal Harley Quinn wannabee. Except she has an axe she likely stole from some Warhammer convention instead of a baseball bat.
#7 is out, for those reading this.
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image:159597374053.jpg(724kB , 1987x3056 , 67hrnro8khh41.jpg)
I've read Plunge lately, turns out it's also by Joe Hill, with art by Stuart Immonen (probably what got me interested). It's about a salvage operation of a direlect ship, where they find intelligent alien bugs with a hivemind who took over the crews bodies, driving them like zombies, they want the salvage crew to open the hatch under the derelict where there's a giant egg for the bugs to mate with. So far. The book is not yet complete.

But it adds just another layer of creepy with every single new issue, solving part of the mystery but making it deeper and worse. I really like the timing of each issue; it gives you what you want and also makes you want to have more.

Are the rest of Joe Hill's comics like that too? I might have to start checking them out, which one would you recommend?
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image:146014321800.png(92kB , 800x645 , CfdZmCNVAAmskY.png)
Powerpuff Girls Thread
For discussion of all things Powerpuff, even the reboot
I hope the ridiculous blur effect on his glasses is just screenshot artifacting as opposed to them being that lazy.
From the thumbnail I thought this was art from Bleedman.
Cartoon Aminals 2020 #2: Thinking Hippo EditionMister of the Twist
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image:158937162574.png(585kB , 971x813 , really makes King think.png)
Though I am (not) the king, can we cut down on waifu posting a little? Preemptive thanks.
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image:159598161372.jpg(316kB , 1200x1824 , batman 579-07.jpg)
Yes, they used the same design as in Nightwing. She looked different before.
I seen her appear with Croc in those comics, but did not see it mentioned. Was she in the games too, or just the spinoff comics? Man that kid must have looked weird.
In the regular DC her name was Grace Balin, a marine biologist paralyzed from the waist down. She experimented with killer whale DNA to cure herself and turned herself into Orca - at first, the change was not permanent. She wanted to support the local poor people and stole from a rich gothamite lady, who tried to have her killed, it turned into a hunt for her, and Batman tried to keep both parties from killing each other. In the end after the lady shot Orca, Batman gave her the serum to save her, that turned her into this form permanently.
She only appeared to die afterwards, when the Tally Man killed a lot of obscure/forgotten villains (KG Beast, Ventriloquist, Magpie) trying to frame a now cured Harvey Dent. It was revealed Orca largely left crime behind, and even had a human husband.
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image:159598167955.png(1.66MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (51369).png)
From Robot Chicken. They call her Felicity Hoppman... if that's a reference to something I don't know what.
>I seen her appear with Croc in those comics, but did not see it mentioned. Was she in the games too, or just the spinoff comics? Man that kid must have looked weird.

I don't know about the games.
In the comics, they were both part of the suicide squad, fitted with exploding chips in their heads, and then Raʼs al Ghul made them his lackey using the same chips. Ra's goal in the comic was about trying to save endangered animals, going so far as threatening to destroy the human civilization that endangered them. After Croc and Orca married, Ra's deactivated the chips as a wedding present, as they are bringing a new and unique life to this world, which is what his entire crusade has been about. They ate Ra's immediately afterwards.
Barbucci's new work, The Gremillet sistersAnonymous
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image:158233260799.jpg(184kB , 543x720 , Les Soeurs Gremillet- Le reve de Sarah.jpg)
So Alessandro Barbucci is joining the scenarist from Monster Allergy,Giovanni Di Gregorio to make this new series
Dont understand much of it, but it seems to be a fantasy book for young people, about 3 sisters that discover that their mother (no longer with them) had a secret.
First tome is coming out 27 of march.
there are some pages in french here

Mister of the Twist
>Kitty (Is Not a Cat)
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image:159493234130.jpg(595kB , 1203x1600 , RCO001_1594832232.jpg)
This is out now in english as The Grémillet Sisters #1, thanks to Europe Comics.
Read this last week.
It's about 3 sisters trying to find out an important secret their mother has been hiding, from before they were born. Given how the story builds up (the girls are led on the path through repeating dreams), and how Barbucci's stories usually go, you'd expect that the secret would be something like being the guardians of an ancient relm using magical powers hidden from humanity... but it's something much more down-to-earth. It was a pleasant surprise from all the anime fantasy books I've read, I forgot that stories like this also exist.

This is the kind of book I'd TRULY recommend to children, simply because it deals with such a realistic story.
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video:145303302000.webm(6.4MB , 1920x1080 , Julith arrives.webm)
Dofus/Wakfu Thread

New scenes from the upcoming movie

Joris and Lilotte working at the store
message too long. Click here to view the full post.
apparently the duck was there but they removed it once it was spotted.
So they apparently hit some record about European kickstarters - and yeah, now both extra episodes are unlocked.
hey does anyone here have a place to DL the translated comics? the Tumblr that was made for it is long dead and the current project thread is a continuation with no old links, so itd be rad if someone here had like a MEGA or something to help out
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image:159193955970.jpg(1.9MB , 1540x2040 , 82052061_p5.jpg)
>My, anon, you're looking worn. Not to worry; I've got just the remedy for that. Well, think of it as more of a consolation prize. Of course, I think you can agree when I say we'll both enjoy this...

(what's it taste like?)
First, tell me what the fuck I'm looking at. Is she a giantess or is she just putting her foot on my face?
Are the mods asleep?
this thread is stupid but technically not rule breaking.
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image:158637997274.jpg(17kB , 244x173 , edward.JPG)
was Eddie Brock a chad or a cuck?
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image:158959753167.gif(49kB , 271x297 , jameson more pictures.gif)
Post more pictures!

Pictures of JJJ!
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image:159355452514.jpg(74kB , 720x649 , jjj nudes.jpg)
The incriminating kind!
Knowing him, he would still just order MORE!