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Clarence / Big City GreensAnonymous
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image:158134473703.jpg(133kB , 893x1000 , 1534434274120.jpg)
Discuss about these.
I thought they were just expressing distaste at the immediately dismissive replies

Clarence / Big City Greens
Yet this samefag who's a troll, keeps repeatedly shitposts the same slick ass shit that makes no sense at all
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image:158192360630.jpg(79kB , 1024x576 , 157757523182.jpg)
Let's have a Harvey Beaks thread
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image:158201837076.png(2.02MB , 2650x1536 , 1dad4399f3858847a71eba03c00e0572530cdeb3.png)
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image:140995737400.jpg(27kB , 846x454 , the face thieves.jpg)
Animated Shorts thread

"El Ladrón de Caras", de PrimerFramevimeo thumb
Mstr Twstr
A cat lady unlike no other
Cat Ladyvimeo thumb
She collects stray humans... LOL.
Guess she is a crazy human lady, then.
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image:158172827559.png(742kB , 1920x1080 , shot1_1.png)
Glass Half - Blender animated cartoonyoutube thumb (4K, but YouTube)
https://video.blender.org/videos/watch/64222c8a-c4c7-4b3b-9850-7fb2078edcf6 (1080p, PeerTube)

More info: https://cloud.blender.org/p/glass-half/
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image:139966440400.jpg(111kB , 720x942 , 2014-movie-figs.jpg)
Next gen TMNT thread!
Well atlest the "Undercover" Raph look nice.
Who is that squirrel girl? And I assume this is from the old series? Mirage or Archie?
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image:157943508884.jpg(7kB , 1280x2015 , RCO016_1462454810.jpg)
Never mind, I found it.
April is nothing special, they just reused the same turtle design used for the guys. But Perri the squirrel gal looks pretty great.
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image:157943537774.jpg(304kB , 966x1512 , RCO027_1462454810.jpg)
In the end she stays as a squirrel too since there was only one dose of anti-mutagen and she chooses to cure April.
betaman: tactical waifu simulatorAnonymous
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image:157931472003.jpg(116kB , 848x1200 , waifubot_01_001.jpg)
I'm posting magi's comic here because 4chan captcha makes it fucking impossible to do a storytime.

note: I'm not magi.
Damn I really wanted more. I'm glad Magi is still around and making things, I remember him from like 10 years ago haha.
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image:157936739133.jpg(85kB , 910x608 , TWS_37_WIP2020JAN18.jpg)
Well, I was in that thread, so I posted one of the page earlier on. I have some rough ideas of where I am going with this but how specifically to get there in the page hasn't firm up until recently. It doesn't help after I uploaded the pages on to smackjeeves it then proceeded to shit the bed. I started with the idea in early 2018 when I saw a new report about Paris wanting to ban robotic brothels and discussions around that news.

also technically Mr. So-n-so is not the same betaman as the betaman with the magical girls harem. I really need to start making a point to draw Betaman and Mr So-n-so more differently.

There is still plan to do NSFW with these characters, but I haven't felt the need to get there with them just yet.
>I started with the idea in early 2018 when I saw a new report about Paris wanting to ban robotic brothels and discussions around that news.

I think that was Netherlands, where they did put robot girls in the brothels, and they got removed because there was an outcry amongst the women due to the fact that the robot girls were MORE POPULAR than the women.

>There is still plan to do NSFW with these characters, but I haven't felt the need to get there with them just yet.
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Cartoon Aminals: Cat Jeff Lynne Yelling out of a Window EditionAnonymous
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image:157232666986.png(799kB , 900x629 , CUT THE BLOODY RACKET.png)
Old thread be saging.
Moostor Twoostor
I like porn when it is not sold to me as a show, and I also like my porn to not look like crap. I like my art well drawn, and try to do the same. It is also strange for you to think a furry must be obsessed with porn.
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image:157907195324.jpg(1.41MB , 2560x1440 , 18 - Apocalypse, Part 2.mkv_[2019.04.16_00.45.16].jpg)
I have never met a furry who wasn't. Why would it be strange? Honestly to me you often seem like you are very much into it but trying to tell yourself - and us -that you aren't.
LOL have you even seen the show? It is extremley well animated. It is also very funny, and the porn part is not even the biggest part of the show.
Anyway, it already hit enough for 6 episodes. I also funded them.
Moostor Twoostor
Well, what is sexy for one is not for another. Guess that is the only conclusion we can agree on. And liking ≠ obsession. I like cherries quite a bit, yet I don't eat them every week (or even every month).
CARTOON TIME, /co/!Anonymous
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image:157698880293.png(859kB , 800x600 , CB31.png)
It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated And So Much More: eps 37-39
Into The Spy-derverse: eps 29-30
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Space Cowboys: eps 22-23
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I think the idea is that it's a group viewing rather than simple piracy.
Mister Twister
I tried joining the stream. You cannot comment without creating an account. So I left.
Black Hand ## Developer
If he doesn't want to keep a permanent thread, then he doesn't have to. I don't like it either (sometimes I miss whatever images got posted), but it's his choice.
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video:145303302000.webm(6.4MB , 1920x1080 , Julith arrives.webm)
Dofus/Wakfu Thread

New scenes from the upcoming movie

Joris and Lilotte working at the store
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question to translators:
- if raws were supplied, would you guys consider translating Tangomango?
- did the Kabrok book ever get a HQ release? The only translation I've ever read used very, very poor quality scans. If not, would you guys consider re-releasing that using HQ raws?
>Abraca in December
We are going home bros ...
No we are not going home. Abraca is not connected to Wakfu at all. It is its own thing.

That being said some kind anon uploaded the first season raw to mega

The Cartoon Series Sharing ThreadSwift
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image:143803053700.png(677kB , 768x576 , Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - S01E09 - Annushka's Winter Tale.mp4_snapshot_02.05_[2015.07.27_22.52.28].png)
I think it's hard to find download links here, so from now on, post your links to any hard to find or obscure stuff here. ;)

Let me start with one right off the bat - Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. I managed to purchase a 6-DVD-set of it - and luckily it had czech AND english audio tracks. Oddly enough DVD1 starts with Episode 9, so we'll see what's in there.

Episode 09: Annushka's Winter Tale
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image:156796241992.png(8kB , 175x217 , password.png)
>Please tell me how. What do I type?
Sorry. I assumed this HighQuality guy who started contacting me there around the same time you asked here for Oliver Twist was you... Since he told me:
"Hello, again! I'm the guy from boards who has looking for Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. Do you have the complete series in English? Or only the DVDs from Czech Republic? I'm waiting news from you. Thanks! "
Anyway, maybe search for Oliver Twist? I mentioned you also need to register and make a post in the introduction topic before the download section will be visible. It's their defense against bots.
But if all this really does not work for you...
Do you have the Oliver Twit episode Night Odyssey in English?
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image:153005723300.png(699kB , 616x748 , lobo yes.png)
We need some good old fashioned fun, and what is more fun than the Main Man, Lobo? I'll post here some of his achievements, whenever I'm reading his comics.
Did Lobo invent the Dab?
Mester Twester
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image:Spoiler image(81kB , 1119x612 , Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.10.23.png)
No, this is the first dab in history.
That's not dabbing, that's just taking a bow.
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image:157240081679.jpg(31kB , 768x512 , serveimage3.jpg)
Hello Boos and Ghouls, it's the time where monsters and frights come out and while 8chan is down that doesn't mean we have to miss out on the annual fun. IT'S THE ANNUAL MISCHIEF NIGHT STREAM! One day early cause Craig and Skeletal already called dibs on the 30 and 31st. You can either vote for these three movies:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween (1978)
Or you can throw caution to the wind and SPIN THE WHEEL OF SPOOKS.
Vote now.
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image:157240164511.jpg(81kB , 600x338 , serveimage.jpg)
Our first movie of the night is Ghostbusters 2
Voting to spin the wheel
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image:157240791114.png(407kB , 1348x697 , serveimage.png)
Our next movie of the night is Ernest Scared Stupid
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image:156484283542.jpg(136kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_16.24.21].jpg)
Seems the max response limit was reached for the previous thread.

Well FINALLY! Only reason I was watching that show to see if the Outsiders finally return.
Just rewatched Lion King 2 today, incidentally. There are some nice extras / making of video on the BR, including design sheets shown. If anyone is interested I can share.

All I know is that animal people in anime is treated as "kid's stuff" or serving as a metaphor for unattractive foreign people. Artist that draw the furry porn in Japan are much more popular in the west than in asia.

Personally I think it's a side effect of their racism or a sort of close mindedness..
New thread: >>421738
I do feel too that's the case. Same how they treat otaku too, as if they are scum of the earth but they have to cater to them because there is a whole industry serving them now. I forgot which anime was it (has an anthro lizard butler and his wife who only appears in transition shots though) where the Japanese government sends over a giant otaku nerd and pays him in manga and anime (literally) with he idea to get a fantasy kingdom in another dimension addicted to otaku stuff. Yes, that's the plot. That show insulted me by its portrayal of nerds, elves and dwarves too. :D
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image:157145062357.png(702kB , 768x576 , mysterybox.png)
Movie time

Choose from one of these below.

Astro Boy
Mad Monster Party?
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image:157145714067.gif(791kB , 320x240 , flight of the hulk.gif)
Voting for Ted since I have nothing to flip for
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image:157145718679.jpg(109kB , 896x299 , __chihiro_chief_navigator_kagura_kaori_jean_coq_de_raltigue_and_etc_fushigi_no_umi_no_nadia_and_etc_drawn_by_emoncake__82242e462)
Voting Astroboy
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image:157145719155.png(97kB , 600x177 , 1566101144708.png)
Ted box
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video:148679946100.webm(3.77MB , 512x384 , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.webm)
ITT: we discuss the opening sequneces/intros to cartoon. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give ratings and analysis. Disagree with idiots. Post webms. Whatever.

Warning: opinions will appear in this thread
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I don't know, Men In Black always gets the props.
//youtube.com/watch?v=mVAePIyC4kQyoutube thumb
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video:157099087389.webm(4.05MB , 1280x720 , Lastman 1 clip1 vp9.webm)
Lastman intro, testing VP9 encoding
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video:157099484136.webm(15.99MB , 1280x720 , Lastman 1 VP9 intro OP.webm)
16 MB version
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image:157084597116.jpg(301kB , 768x576 , 1567217007421.jpg)
Alright, you all know how this works... You can choose one of the following

Mad Monster Party??
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image:157085349018.jpg(74kB , 600x900 , fdXDer9FDZFzfFAS70epZklTJl1.jpg)
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image:157085349326.png(15kB , 480x320 , black_leather_naughty.png)
Ted box
Ted Fufu
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image:157085381123.jpg(21kB , 480x360 , Bedclown.jpg)
Tonight's second movie is Clownhouse, where a child is bullied by clowns and his older siblings who are also bullied by clowns.