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Cartoon Aminals 2020 #2: Thinking Hippo EditionMister of the Twist
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image:158937162574.png(585kB , 971x813 , really makes King think.png)
Though I am (not) the king, can we cut down on waifu posting a little? Preemptive thanks.
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image:159598161372.jpg(316kB , 1200x1824 , batman 579-07.jpg)
Yes, they used the same design as in Nightwing. She looked different before.
I seen her appear with Croc in those comics, but did not see it mentioned. Was she in the games too, or just the spinoff comics? Man that kid must have looked weird.
In the regular DC her name was Grace Balin, a marine biologist paralyzed from the waist down. She experimented with killer whale DNA to cure herself and turned herself into Orca - at first, the change was not permanent. She wanted to support the local poor people and stole from a rich gothamite lady, who tried to have her killed, it turned into a hunt for her, and Batman tried to keep both parties from killing each other. In the end after the lady shot Orca, Batman gave her the serum to save her, that turned her into this form permanently.
She only appeared to die afterwards, when the Tally Man killed a lot of obscure/forgotten villains (KG Beast, Ventriloquist, Magpie) trying to frame a now cured Harvey Dent. It was revealed Orca largely left crime behind, and even had a human husband.
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image:159598167955.png(1.66MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (51369).png)
From Robot Chicken. They call her Felicity Hoppman... if that's a reference to something I don't know what.
>I seen her appear with Croc in those comics, but did not see it mentioned. Was she in the games too, or just the spinoff comics? Man that kid must have looked weird.

I don't know about the games.
In the comics, they were both part of the suicide squad, fitted with exploding chips in their heads, and then Raʼs al Ghul made them his lackey using the same chips. Ra's goal in the comic was about trying to save endangered animals, going so far as threatening to destroy the human civilization that endangered them. After Croc and Orca married, Ra's deactivated the chips as a wedding present, as they are bringing a new and unique life to this world, which is what his entire crusade has been about. They ate Ra's immediately afterwards.
Barbucci's new work, The Gremillet sistersAnonymous
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image:158233260799.jpg(184kB , 543x720 , Les Soeurs Gremillet- Le reve de Sarah.jpg)
So Alessandro Barbucci is joining the scenarist from Monster Allergy,Giovanni Di Gregorio to make this new series
Dont understand much of it, but it seems to be a fantasy book for young people, about 3 sisters that discover that their mother (no longer with them) had a secret.
First tome is coming out 27 of march.
there are some pages in french here

Mister of the Twist
>Kitty (Is Not a Cat)
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image:159493234130.jpg(595kB , 1203x1600 , RCO001_1594832232.jpg)
This is out now in english as The Grémillet Sisters #1, thanks to Europe Comics.
Read this last week.
It's about 3 sisters trying to find out an important secret their mother has been hiding, from before they were born. Given how the story builds up (the girls are led on the path through repeating dreams), and how Barbucci's stories usually go, you'd expect that the secret would be something like being the guardians of an ancient relm using magical powers hidden from humanity... but it's something much more down-to-earth. It was a pleasant surprise from all the anime fantasy books I've read, I forgot that stories like this also exist.

This is the kind of book I'd TRULY recommend to children, simply because it deals with such a realistic story.
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video:145303302000.webm(6.4MB , 1920x1080 , Julith arrives.webm)
Dofus/Wakfu Thread

New scenes from the upcoming movie

Joris and Lilotte working at the store
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apparently the duck was there but they removed it once it was spotted.
So they apparently hit some record about European kickstarters - and yeah, now both extra episodes are unlocked.
hey does anyone here have a place to DL the translated comics? the Tumblr that was made for it is long dead and the current project thread is a continuation with no old links, so itd be rad if someone here had like a MEGA or something to help out
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image:139965698200.jpg(128kB , 659x1000 , Original_Sin_1_Ed_McGuinness_Variant.jpg)
Marvel Thread#1 Who Watches The Watcher Watch The New Board?

I guess.
Haha, I forgot about that series. Asshole Stark was the best Stark.

forced meme bullshit, but t got a good team so it inexplicably ended up as a good book. Also it had Batroc so I can't hate it.
Lame, pointless.
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image:159430937722.png(1.02MB , 1494x1478 , 1594308653448.png)
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image:139967470000.gif(1.99MB , 352x240 , 1399523086352.gif)
gif thread

Gif thread anyone?
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audio:159107776665.mp3(9kB / 00:02s / 323kbps , 48kHz / oink.mp3)
sounds you can see
Mister of the Twist
I either forgot, or never seen that episode.
This is creepy in a sort of janky animatronic fashion
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image:157792033098.jpg(478kB , 895x1385 , 2020 new years 01.jpg)
SIR posted another one for 2020.
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image:159100785067.png(78kB , 900x1108 , ms pain.png)
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image:159197284970.jpg(463kB , 800x1000 , 23234324.jpeg)
Seems relevant enough to the thread.
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image:159416182609.jpg(133kB , 658x800 , 1380938146088.jpg)
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image:159193955970.jpg(1.9MB , 1540x2040 , 82052061_p5.jpg)
>My, anon, you're looking worn. Not to worry; I've got just the remedy for that. Well, think of it as more of a consolation prize. Of course, I think you can agree when I say we'll both enjoy this...

(what's it taste like?)
First, tell me what the fuck I'm looking at. Is she a giantess or is she just putting her foot on my face?
Are the mods asleep?
this thread is stupid but technically not rule breaking.
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image:158637997274.jpg(17kB , 244x173 , edward.JPG)
was Eddie Brock a chad or a cuck?
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image:158959753167.gif(49kB , 271x297 , jameson more pictures.gif)
Post more pictures!

Pictures of JJJ!
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image:159355452514.jpg(74kB , 720x649 , jjj nudes.jpg)
The incriminating kind!
Knowing him, he would still just order MORE!
CARTOON TIME, /co/!Anonymous
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image:157698880293.png(859kB , 800x600 , CB31.png)
It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated And So Much More: eps 37-39
Into The Spy-derverse: eps 29-30
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Space Cowboys: eps 22-23
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Not sure what the point of his streams was, anyway. I can find all these shows on Kimcartoon or Watchcartoononline for free anytime already.
Mstr Twistr
Streams exist so you could chat with other viewers as you're watching. Which is something that goes out the window the moment you need to register. Screw that.
I thought you need to have some account for streams too. But I dunno why some people find it so hard to register a junk mail account on Yandex for example and just register with that on Disqus? Better keeps track of conversations too. I dunno about you but when I watch something I prefer to watch that show, not chat about it while watching. I will add my comments afterwards.
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image:140657435300.jpg(2kB , 190x181 , stock-illustration-20578460-typewriter-line-drawing.jpg)
Hi, I got into the mindset lately of writing my own cartoon. Whenever I listen to music or read new articles, all of a sudden I picture a setting with distinct characters and plot points for no real reason. I thought to myself that this would be wasted if I didn't do anything about it.

I'm new to writing and can't really draw but animation is really the only thing I watch and really love (next to video games). I don't know if this the right place to do it but if you guys think it's a good idea to share and improve my story here, I'll gladly do that. Thanks.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea sure if you feel comfortable with it, nice to have a place to spitball some ideas.
So, uh... did you ever think of it?
Mstr Twstr
OP almost definitely immediately gave up. Wanted attention, didn't want to actually do anything.
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image:139967879800.jpg(439kB , 1152x648 , tumblr_n58kx18AWZ1t0t09yo1_1280.jpg)
Alpharius a go go
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image:150431905400.png(681kB , 1275x975 , 1504308716893.png)
so uhh how about that HBO series huh?
Damn this thread is ancient.

First episode airing in 3 days. Seems like it will be decent though I don't have much interest in BMO. Mostly just waiting until the Finn and Jake episode comes but that will probably take another 10 months or something.
The Glo Friends threadPixipus
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image:159137008824.jpg(436kB , 2048x2048 , Drk3tVSX4AAHM2I.jpeg)
Anyone remember them. Give your thoughts if you've seen the show as a kid, or in later years.
There was so much of shit like that in the 90s. SO MUCH. No wonder people loved Yoshi's Island.
Yoshi's Island had great gameplay, music, unique looks, and did graphical things on the console that made it look like a game from a newer console - and combined all the gimmicks with gameplay elements too (for ex. the rolling boulder will start moving if you step on its side, the weight of Yoshi causing the boulder to roll).
As anon 2 says, there were soooo many shows like this. I remember one called the Flying Bears or something, that was almost the same, just with fairy bears.
The Little Flying Bearsyoutube thumb
Looney Tunes:Laff RiotAnonymous
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image:159121520893.png(59kB , 720x351 , Screenshot_20200603-204444~2.png)
What a fucking asshole
How come WB haven't sued his ass yet?
What's the tl:dr; on this?
>wanting subscribers, of all things
I've got over 5K. It doesn't mean shit.
And what is Laff Riot, anyway? Got a link to this guy's youtube page?
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image:159090181018.jpg(109kB , 1920x1080 , angela-balzac-rakuen-tsuihou-expelled-from-paradise-0105 - Copy.jpg)
The Busty B’s Edit Thread Revisted
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image:154319905600.png(38kB , 589x781 , 1543011901209.png)
Mlaatr/Jenny/XJ9 thread?
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video:158812930807.webm(7.78MB , 864x864 , Soviet Jenny.webm)
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image:158959776204.jpg(526kB , 800x508 , jenny wants your hard drive.jpg)
why are you not posting more Jenny?
Robosexuality is wrong and offends robo-jesus