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image:143147270700.png(1.63MB , 1080x720 , civil-war.png)
Marvel General 4
Agent Carter got renewed for a second season, hooray. And it's going to take place in Los Angeles this time.
Also a funeral scene has been confirmed for Civil War, but chances are it's not the one for Steve Rogers.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, Daredevil mostly avoided that trap by including the training montage with the origins of Matt’s “blindsight” ability and such that was frontloaded into the film. It doesn’t even show him deciding to become Daredevil or getting the suit or whatever; he’s just already Daredevil once the frontloading ends and the movie’s story begins. That left open the plothole of how he gets all those things he uses as Daredevil, though—and Marvel can’t make a glaring oversight with something that important.

My guess is that Marvel will shoot for a GOTG-style opening where the origin is frontloaded before the opening title sequence, which’ll leave open a way to transition into the opening title sequence and start the movie’s story.
>That left open the plothole of how he gets all those things he uses as Daredevil

What things? That Melvin dude made him the costume and most likely also the custom billy clubs, so what else is there to explain?
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image:143967193900.jpg(92kB , 500x765 , Books_of_Doom_Vol_1_5.jpg)
I still think they have one more backstory movie in them.
Treasure Sharing ThreadAnonymous
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image:143798537800.png(2.14MB , 1067x800 , treasure.png)
The rare, the out-of-print, the unreleased, the ridiculously expensive.

If it's impossible, next to impossible, or just very hard to obtain, share it here. After all, if the above is true, you are not hurting anyone.

I shall start with one of the greatest albums never released:
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image:143802862900.jpg(589kB , 1584x1977 , Splashdown promo photo.jpg)
The above link is now dead, because I killed it. Here is the replacement:
Mister Twister
God fucking dammit........ I made a terrible mistake.

If any mod (who is alive and reading this) can delete this, it would be great.
/mtv/ General: Blue Steel Edition Anonymous
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image:142601665100.png(473kB , 1000x666 , 542015919cs00009_zoolander__cmyk-1.png)

Surprised at this. Nice way to bring it in.
Looks like it happened here >>/cog/196763

Fucked up post above.
Guys, against my better judgment I went to watch Terminator Genisys, and the moment the movie faded into the credits I ran away because I couldn't bear to be in the theater anymore. Because, holy shit.

Thing is, my asshole friend tells me that there was a mid-credits stinger, but he won't tell me what was on it, because according to him I should have waited. Could any of you fine sirs ellaborate on what did I miss? It would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, I highly doubt that after the weak reception the movie had, anything in that stinger will materialize.
//youtube.com/watch?v=7Cn716jv61syoutube thumb

I don't know what to say. I don't know what I expected.
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image:139987216200.gif(832kB , 500x235 , heigh ho.gif)
Game of Thrones General
Joffrey is Still Dead Edition

holy shit that "trial"
holy shit that "confession"
holy shit I love Tyrion more somehow
To hell with it. Go Team White Walker. The Night's King is the right king.
It's weird cuz all this time I thought he was Coldhands and I don't even thing they've ever brought him up in the show. Though it's possible this is one of the things they're actively straying from the books in.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
This guy wasn't even called the Night's King in the show itself, just a website description that has since been removed, and Martin has specifically stated that the Night's King isn't showing up in the books as anything but a legend.

There's still several possibilities for both the book and show: he might be the Night's King, who actually survived in this version, or just some other guy who became a powerful White Walker in the same manner. If it's the latter, the same guy may or may not be the one behind the Others in the book. Hell, the show staff may have deliberately left it vague when he was introduced because they hadn't decided which yet.
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image:142423169600.gif(5kB , 490x275 , tumblr_njy7d3UPAV1tzp4c8o1_500.gif)

Surprising no one, Wells is confirmed The Reverse Flash, Grodd up in this bitch and FIRESTORM WAS FUCKING AWESOME.
The Sneaky Tiki
Took surprisingly long.
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image:143622639900.jpg(41kB , 618x452 , sgrl.jpg)
Guys, I recently watched the old Supergirl flick for the first time.

Make no mistake, the film's terrible, dreadful, a shitty mess... but dang, Helen Slater was a perfect cast, wasn't she? The right mix of cute, sexy, innocent, and badass. Plus, the Supergirl them Goldsmith composed for the character is (IMO of course) every bit as good, catchy and iconic-sounding as Williams' Superman theme. Such wasted potential, waht a shame.

... I-I am not alone in thinking this, r-right?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

No. No, you are not.
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image:142540715400.png(271kB , 1000x380 , avengers-infinity-war-teaser-thanos-wields-infinity-gauntlet1.png)
MCU General 3: Infinity War

So another trailer for Age of Ultron is supposed to hit this afternoon. Also it looks like Hulk/Black Widow is now a thing, to the delight of seemingly just about nobody.
He's capable of automating suit production at this point and the old suits were low-quality and cheaply hashed out anyway. As for Pepper he said he cured her of it at the end due to how unstable it is. Don't think anything was mentioned about whether she lost the powers as a result or whether he fixed Hansen's formula like she wanted so Pepper could keep the powers.
Even in the first movie, it took him mere hours for the automated process to assemble an armor. By the time of Ironman 3 he probably could have one build and ready during breakfast. Dunno why so many thought Stark destroying all those armors meant he was renouncing being Ironman, it was simply a gesture to show Pepper that he had gotten over the personal issues that plaged him during the movie.
That makes sense. Incidentally, when previews for the movie first came out I was under the impression that Ultron would be an amalgamation of broken suit parts that Tony forgot to tell not to self-repair into some kind of monster while deep under the ocean. How he actually got made is actually a bit cooler, though.
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image:142699297000.gif(1.54MB , 400x280 , ghostrider-ani.gif)
Streaming ghost rider 1 and 2 if anybody want in


http://www.livestream.com/kagato23 rather
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image:141407551000.jpg(81kB , 833x344 , avengersad2.jpg)

//youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Doyoutube thumb

So, rather than save the hi-def release of the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer for Agents of SHIELD next week, Marvel decided to turn the trailer leak to its advantage and released the hi-def trailer for everyone laaaaaaaate last night.
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I thought Rosalina was his waifu.
Sorry. The answer is Money. Money is his waifu.
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image:142535655200.png(321kB , 700x334 , 4263597_orig.png)
We really should make a new thread when we get something interesting enough to front a thread with (and isn't just Jumpman shitposting).
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image:141292022500.jpg(333kB , 950x1200 , ifoundthisongoogle.jpg)
New /mtv/ general as the old one is auto-saging.

Old thread:

In case you somehow missed it, they confirmed a new Ghostbusters film in the making starring a team of hilarious women.
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Here's a Bruce Campbell news thing:


Another one.
T4 was here
Watch it while you can.
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image:142178166700.png(2.33MB , 1550x1097 , bilbo_and_the_dwarves_by_jingster-d5qib2t.png)
The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit


Thank goodness.
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Mister Twister
I will watch that.
I watched the "There and Back Again" edit, and having only seen the first two Hobbit movies, the edit definitely improved upon them. I do have some minor complaints, some that could have been better (the Goblin King's introduction is kind of too sudden, the camera basically zooms into his face abruptly), and some that couldn't be fixed by virtue of taking out terrible scenes (taking out the dumb barrel chase ride scene meant that one dwarf was injured and then sick for no real reason... the audience has to assume he was injured and infected off screen during the barrel ride at some point).

The edit seems to fall apart during the battle of the five armies, there's no real coherence or consistency on what's happening. Example: at the end when Thorin's running after Azog, Bilbo draws his sword, looks dumbfounded, then it cuts to Thorin mowing down orc grunts and taking on Azog, then it suddenly cuts to Bilbo getting knocked out by an orc without establishing he had entered battle first. It's a little jarring.

Having not seen the third movie, I can't tell if this is because a lot of bad scenes had to be cut that tied the good scenes together.
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image:142377139700.png(628kB , 1050x576 , vlcsnap-2015-01-31-14h02m28s5.png)
Watched OP's version. It's pretty much perfect, just needs more polish. Some of the cuts are noticeable. There is nothing missing story-wise, but transitions should be more seamless.
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image:140164428500.jpg(108kB , 1500x400 , nDvndQx.jpg)

Trailers for the upcoming DC shows slated for the fall:

Official Extended Trailer | GO…youtube thumb
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image:142386923800.png(643kB , 1276x718 , Identity.png)
I watch THE crossover.
Love that they could not deal with the speed.
Just the looks of "what the fuck is this" on there faces.
So good~
The Sneaky Tiki
Nice to see superheroes be superheroes again isn't it?
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image:142422967400.gif(101kB , 500x513 , 1424140594908.gif)

I like how this show knows that EVERY SINGLE NEW VERSION OF FIRESTORM IS FUCKING TERRIBLE so they went straight back to 50's Firestorm which IS RADICAL!

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image:139967644500.jpg(8kB , 183x275 , Conchita.jpg)
MTV General

Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a P…youtube thumb

I haven't cried at a performance like this in a very long time.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
If its a sequel then fine. Being a remake would really hurt it I believe. Like Robocop.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Agreed. If this is just gonna be ‘Ghostbusters with women’, what the hell’s the point. I want women who are Ghostbusters instead of female versions of Venkman and the crew.

There’s a good movie to be found here. It can be done and done well. But if it’s going to remake the first film or make the mistake of goddamn near every comedy sequel ever (rely on recycling old gags with a slight twist/nod to the original gag), I’d rather watch Ghostbusters II because at least that has the crazy fucking museum guy (who was the best thing about that film).
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Idea about it, Gillian Anderson is Egon's estranged sister who comes to NYC to deal with things after his passing and immediately butts head with the rest of the original trio since she never believed in what her brother did and considered it a waste of his talents. Maybe get some Spengler family backstory as to why Egon was into it paranormal research and she finally starts to understand.

Who else would be good to round out a quintet? Anne Potts or just allude to some TRGB lore that she did wear the pack for a period of time. I really don't want anyone that is gong to "try" and be funny. That would just be cringeworthy. Slapsticky bullshit would ruin the film.
The official unofficial short-lived dark and eerie music threadAnonymous
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image:141471723000.png(803kB , 568x813 , forest2_by_memipong-d7jedde.png)
This thread will die in a few short days, but let's enjoy it while it's here! Participation is strongly encouraged.

Dream Disciples – Resting Place:
//youtube.com/watch?v=18FhRpC58RUyoutube thumb

Sad Lovers & Giants – Your Skin and Mine:
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image:141477237500.png(1.41MB , 2200x1000 , autumn_day_by_vivzmind-d4ndoou.png)
Anyone here a knows of Wall of Voodoo?

Here is a thing from Andy Prieboy:
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image:139963193500.jpg(27kB , 420x235 , Marvel-Studios.jpg)
MCU General

So, what do you think Marvel has in store for Phase Three?

Is Sony willing to play nice with Marvel Studios?
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image:141306320100.jpg(84kB , 557x850 , 543980f75d2da.jpg)
Concept art of the Daredevil show.

I doubt any of this shit is real. Grain of salt and all that.
Age of Ultron trailer, get it while it lasts!
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image:140976005900.jpg(26kB , 480x480 , Mist Vol 2 Album Art.jpg)

Enjoy the treasures hidden within the Mist.
Damn this is good.
Thanks, OP!