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image:145711869100.png(19kB , 560x435 , ghostbusters-30th-anniversary-logo.png)
Given that the trailer is finally out. ( //youtube.com/watch?v=w3ugHP-yZXwyoutube thumb )
Its high time for Ghostbusters to have its own thread!
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Via Film Crit HULK:

Oh man, that definitely is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Wouldn't give me full confidence in the film but it would've been encouraging nonetheless.
I often find that the less a trailer makes your film look like a minstrel show, the better.
I'd have cut most the "Ghost Vomit" scene. More intimidating less overlong puke like say a quick slime blast that knocks her on her back at most.


"Ghost Wispers"

"What's she trying to say?"

"Ghost continues to whisper."

"Go on and get closer."

Bickering between the three

"All right FINE!!"

Gets closer and closer. Holds out the mic cringing.

Ghost leans in to the mic as she opens an eye slightly.

Cut away and see a few trails of slime as *SPLAT* she's utterly slimed and the camera cuts back to her pasted to the floor with slime and the sound of the ghost cackling as she fades away.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Actor defends upcoming production/Stand up defends bit

News at 11
Complaints are now hitting this film from all across the spectrum. And the dislikes are still tracking just about double the likes.

So given how strongly Sony wants a Ghostbusters Tentpole and this film doesn't look like it'll hit close to the numbers its wishing for. How fast will they fast track the film the script writer wants to be an indirect sequel.
Considering how the film crew's pushing the "don't read the comments" and potential antagonization, they were well aware of the pushback. I really don't think this is making a dent.
If nerds bitching about movies in Youtube comments were enough to make a movie fail, there would have been no successful movies since Youtube was launched.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Some actual good points raised about Leslie Jones’s role:

Not really? Again it relies on her own testimonial for the conclusion, and actors are generally not credible sources about their upcoming projects.
Although even if they were, you would discount her opinion because it runs counter to the narrative.
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image:145722588900.png(52kB , 289x319 , BCdh-8WCcAAkfO9.png large.png)
>the narrative.
We got a "liberal media agenda" truther here.
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image:145728408100.png(594kB , 1258x539 , latest-2.png)
Such an intresting process.

>Initially, the Jogger Ghost was photographed to look very white and extremely bright. But it was decided he would be toned down and more contrast would be added. The jogger became a study in how to use contrast mattes and how to extract contrast from the negative when it wasn't there.

Which is something to note with this film. Ghost shouldn't be as solid as they appear and a lot more ethereal translucent.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Even if you ignore the racism, the use of the library ghost indicates an astounding level of creative bankruptcy.
Wait, what racism?
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image:145730414600.jpg(324kB , 550x367 , tmp_8586-h_butoday_Castle_Ghostbusters-2100921785.jpg)
Well it's not the "Library Ghost" Per Se it's a "Museum Ghost". Same purpose but not as funny a build up.
Reminds me of the shitflinging over ships in The Force Awakens, where you've got the Finn/Poe fans accusing Finn/Rey fans of being motivated by homophobia and the Finn/Rey fans accusing the Finn/Poe fans of being motivated by intolerance for positive black male/white female relationships, rather than being willing to accept that the other group's ship represents something good.
>"All the other women are doctors and the black woman isn't? That's Racist."
>"But she's got skills they others don't being a MTA Worker so she know New York like they don't (watch them never go into the subway at all after the initial scene) she has "Street Smarts!"
>"She's got "Street Smarts!!" that's even more Racist!!"

Really there is no way to win this. Cept not play.

wow, yes a wide variety of arguments, anon.
Just giving an example of the usual back and forth.
>ship represents something good

Ships never represent anything besides masturbatory fetishes.
Not necessarily. I gave up on shipping Korrasami because of how horribly it was executed and how toxic the fanbase got but I was still glad to see it happen anyway because it's good seeing people like you shown onscreen good to see people like me depicted as a "proper" couple treated with seriousness as opposed that type of stuff having to be vaguely hinted at or or limited to fanfic, which like you said is mostly the realm of masturbatory fetishes.
>Ships never represent anything besides [something super great]

I gotta get in on this stuff.
The reason I stopped going to /co/ (the 4chan one) is that every time I went to talk about a cartoon, ANY cartoon, the threads always invariably were arguments about who fucked who. Every goddamn time, every goddamn thread, every goddamn cartoon, nobody in the fandom ends up giving a shit about anything but pairing up the characters. Hell, Frozen had a continuous presence on the frontpage for several months, thousands and thousands of threads, and it was basically a huge circlejerk of people arguing that "Elsanna" was the very peak of human achievement.

So yeah, I agree with the other anon, shipping ruins everything.
T4 was here
>shipping ruins everything.
What was the Adventure Time episode about this called again?
I would like to recomend it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
That’s why I only really ship a handful of couples, and only from older shows (i.e. Chip × Gadget, Goliath × Eliza).

…so! Howsabout that new Ghostbusters film, eh?
Looks bad.
Need to know more. Right now I got concerns that it seems that Kate McKinnon's character is just going to be doing random bullshit because she's zany regardless if they are on down time or on a job.

Which if is the case hurts the idea they are dealing with something "Strange in the Neighborhood" an Unknown that could very well be hostile.
Probably not the trainwreck naysayers claim it will be but I highly doubt it'll do the original justice. I'd like to think it's because of bad trailer editing though.
Its not going to make anywhere near what Sony will be looking for in a franchise leading Tent Pole just going by Feig past films.
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image:145740413100.jpg(224kB , 1200x900 , 21c72e384328d72672f6225b25946e876dd83e00.jpg__1200x900_q85_crop_upscale-2.jpg)

So Rundown on the Equipment.

Finally get a look at the actual Trap. Better than a Bear Trap still not so good as the box IMO. And I still like the RGB PKE Meter more than either forms.
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image:145745954700.jpg(649kB , 901x900 , schematics-1.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=VayXii8HtyEyoutube thumb

I can buy the upgrades. But it had better be treated as a good score more dangerous. Each one is not only carrying a unlicensed nuclear acclerator now but also upgraded to the same guts as the Large Hadron Collider.

//youtube.com/watch?v=ZJVgfDnjkkoyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=jyaLZHiJJnEyoutube thumb
So just about the same as the Total Protonic Reversal least given the extreme talk if something went wrong at the LHC. Though in this case it could be four black holes or four big bangs.

Regardless decades more advanced particle flinging means they should be equally more dangerous.

Be a shame if they tout all this and it ends up being nothing but set dressing and stuff done off hand in the background and never really a topic of discussion among them.

That and my biggest bug is they look unfinished without some kinda protective casement on them. Accurately any stray debris right into that open particle accelerator or cutting their super magnet cooling solution and everyone is fucked.

oh dear. Looks like there is going to be a lot more pressure on this film to preform than thought.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
The international trailer is a damn sight better than its domestic counterpart:

//youtube.com/watch?v=h8Lt02D6xnoyoutube thumb
Is that ever not the case? Why are domestic trailers always shit?
oh they should air that here. All the women getting giggly over Nerd Thor that failed crowd surf along with that goofy bit having him attempt the logo design.

But do they then pick up the design from someone tagging or does the ghost come from that and then they model the design on that? And it has to come relatively early since they have a design.

And of course the most important part of these films. Who gets Kevin or does he have the "surprise Girlfriend/Boyfriend" at the end.

Well, that trailer just moved me from "I'm not that interested but it looks like it could appeal to some people" to "I hate this with every fiber of my being." I never thought sexist and racist were two words I'd use to describe a Ghostbusters movie, but here we are.
Still not great, but it's not the hot garbage the previous trailer was either, and like the other anon said, the crowdsurfing and secretary bits actually made me smile a little.
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image:145756236100.jpg(44kB , 298x640 , 3757734-jgb.jpg)
I guess I'm just really pissed off that they took sharp-tongued city gal Janine, who was one of my favorite characters, and turned her into "durr I'm the dumb handsome guy i love big boobs!"

Whatever. I got my real Ghostbusters, this remake can go fuck itself.

Its a funny woman movie. You've gotta have the oblivious hot dude.
I must be one of the few straight(ish) women on this planet who doesn't find Chris Hemsworth all that hot.
You people are remarkable.

To note that I believe she's also one of those not making a cameo appearance. Which is a shame since she could have been the temp agency boss they could have hired Hemsworth through. Wonder if it was a case of she wasn't asked or like Moranis. Asked but turned it down as she didn't get the point.
My mother finds Chris Hemsworth the least attractive main actor in the Marvel films.

On the other hand, according to her the hottest guy in the bunch is Jeremy Renner, so I dunno lol.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

As a bi guy: Cap > Hawkeye > Tony > Bruce > Thor

Hemsworth definitely looks better in non-Thor roles, though. The beard really doesn’t suit him.
What's Renner's appeal to you? He's not the worst looking man ever but the nose, droopy eyes, and general froggishness make him below average for me and my mother has the same opinion of him.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Hell if I know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well at least Ghostbusters won't have a bit focused around his penis. Least I hope not.
Considering the franchise history, maybe he'll get a ghost blowjob.
Pratt > Evans > Hemsworth = RDJ > Ruffalo > Renner >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pablo Honey
>What's Renner's appeal to you?

The man has a GLORIOUS ass.
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image:145769984200.png(398kB , 500x500 , tumblr_mc27xzZgKI1r7k9y5.png)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Goddamn, he does have a nice—OKAY BACK TO GHOSTBUSTERS.

caught ya mirin!

So she's meant to be the one to steal the show, great. As much as people say Ghostbusters was/is a Bill Murray film. It still wouldn't have worked if it hadn't been for the rest of the SNL Alum.

So I hope she's not being pushed that hard since that was originally McCarthy's role.
That's an unbelievably transparent ass covering maneuver holy shit.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
It's a pretty blatant lie but what do you really expect them to do, cancel the film?


Some good level dissection of what is known and what is being setup talent wise. Some will probably give Kevin Smith grief about the humor in the trailer.

So thoughts on that from those that have seen Feig films. His stuff isn't my speed really.
Yet you're pretty keen on following the guy.
I'm keen on trying to figure out what the humor of this film is. I've no clue since I didn't care about Freaks and Geeks and still don't care about whatever Feig is doing now.

I'm not one too see certain things just because "such in such" is in it.

Ghostbusters The Board Game II coming out. So it'll likely have pieces from the new film along with new pieces based on the new mechanisms being introduced in this version. Though I hope the stretch goals get all the pieces from the original set in the Kickstarter size.
T4 was here
I hope to have the money for that if it looks good.
Im more fond of the second movie anyway do to having it on tape (even if was missing the first 20min and had ads. Home recordings tfw) at home when we only rented the first one.

I like the cognitive dissonance that comes from the second film. Ghost are no longer a problem so the Ghostbusters just fade away and those that remain become more a sideshow.

I'd like to have seen that in the new one. Its been 27 years since the last Ghost Convergence the "Hero" (Tully) has long since become a recluse from public life.

Those alive now just take the existence of "Liberty Times Square" Say one of the Ladies has a flashback to seeing Lady Liberty stomping downtown back when she was young. Would have been a great thing for Leslie Jones's character to see that say on her 21st birthday and College Graduation.

Swears up and down to this day that she saw Lady Liberty walking. But the cognitive dissonance has convinced rest of the city that it was just being moved to where it is now.

Sequel could have worked so well.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I like the cognitive dissonance that comes from the second film. Ghost are no longer a problem so the Ghostbusters just fade away and those that remain become more a sideshow.

That's actually one of Ghostbusters 2’s big issues: despite New York at large having seen the ghost invasion that ended with Gozer’s attempt to overrun Earth, people eventually wrote off the Ghostbusters as frauds and jokes. This setup required us to believe people would’ve forgotten about the invasion or treated it as a mass hallucination. It also served the sly purpose of starting the Ghostbusters back at zero—or near-zero—so they’d have a first act arc of “becoming the Ghostbusters again”. (I believe Film Crit HULK refers to this as an "X minus Y" move, though damned if I can find the column where he first mentions that idea.)
But it's something that makes sense and would be something that Ray Stantz would comment on if this had been a sequel.

"But I can remember you guys "driving" the statue of liberty. Why doesn't anyone else remember?" Leslie Jones starts dancing while singing "Higher and Higher".

Ray is pulling out a copy of Tobin's putting it among other research material.

"You can thank our old friend cognitive dissonance for that. Egon was doing research on phenomena. The results were... troubling."

Cut to "on the street" footage a couple years prior with what sounds like Egon asking people about the origin of "Liberty Times Square" majority responding with fanciful but mundane explanations as to why and how the Statue of Liberty was moved.

Cut Back as Peter chimes in.

"Yea, turns out if the people of this city aren't having the bejesus scared out of them by specters and spooks constantly. They just forget about us."
My big problem with Ghostbusters 2 is that the stakes are simply not what should be. In the first movie you have an angry extradimensional Sumerian deity about to take over earth and basically murder the hell out of us. In the sequel, the big problem is the return of a asshole regional tyrant. Pfffft, big deal, like we have a shortage of those nowadays. I kinda like Vigo, but they should have made him a WAY bigger threat.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>In the sequel, the big problem is the return of a asshole regional tyrant. Pfffft, big deal, like we have a shortage of those nowadays.

The implication was that he'd be powerful enough to actually be a threat by virtue of his supernatural abilities and the pink slime. But implication aside, yeah, Vigo was a shit villain.
T4 was here
Atlest he has more charima then most marvel villain.
//youtube.com/watch?v=GP2JPwbtq0gyoutube thumb
Also an "all powerfull" wizard showing up in modern day with an army of ghosts and maddening slime would still a problem.
Just saying.
But your right, its not one-uping the first one.
You'd have to watch the cartoon for that.
//youtube.com/watch?v=nEfk5KAOOwoyoutube thumb
He was a powerful wizard while he was alive, and yet he didn't exactly conquer the world back in his day. And he WAS killed by normal, angry people, arguably wielding little more than farming tools. His plan was to return in flesh with a new body, which means, a simple bullet to the head would do the trick.

Also, Vigo's endgame did not make much sense. He wanted to possess Dana's kid, but by that time of the movie such plan was a known fact. Even if he had succeded, he'd be powerless in the body of a baby, .

And speaking of the cartoon, Ragnarock N' Roll is an episode that does "human villain using the supernatural" in a much better manner, and he was THIS close from ending the world.
Ragnarok and Roll was some epic Lovecraft style story. Dude had his heart broken and then searched the world for the means to end it all. Full metamorphism.

Crazy stuff from that syndicated batch.
//youtube.com/watch?v=QFcNhrNf6hQyoutube thumb

Little extreme response form Staypuft. But damn that is a nice looking Slimer at the end. Nice and creepy.
Best part was the team realizing that there was NOTHING they could do this time to stop the end of the world, and the best they could do was to bid farewell to each other and blow evertyhing in a half mile radius, with the vague hope that perhaps that could take the bad guy. Pretty dark stuff for a kids show.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Kinda sad that kids shows are only now moving back towards trying to scare kids half to death.
//youtube.com/watch?v=HSuzHQq3yWAyoutube thumb

still one of the best guitar solos when shit was getting sad and serious.
Dumping the supposed synopsis here before its deleted from /co/ 4chan.

Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), a physics teacher at Empire State University, has her opportunity to receive tenure jeopardized when her old friend, amateur paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), publishes a book they wrote together several years young, positing the existence of ghosts. Erin visits Abby and her new partner, nuclear researcher Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon), to ask Abby to remove her name from the book, and is persuaded by Abby and Jillian to accompany them to the Aldridge Hotel to investigate claims of paranormal activity. Arriving there, the trio encounters the ghost of Madame Aldridge, the hotel's late owner, who vomits ectoplasm on Erin. Abby records the encounter, including a terrified Erin claiming that ghosts are real, and uploads it to youtube and reddit, leading to Erin being fired. Abby then persuades Erin to join her and Jillian in opening a ghost-chasing business they call "Ghostbusters".

Meanwhile, subway worker Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) runs into Rowan (Neil Casey), an introverted engineer who has created a machine that amplifies paranormal activity, intending to open a breach between the world of the living and the world of the dead and release an army of ghosts to destroy the human race. After an encounter with a ghost that Rowan releases on the subway system, Patty seeks the Ghostbusters and volunteers to become a member and lend her street-smarts to the team. They also hire a dim-witted receptionist, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), and set up a base of operations in a chinese restaurant and two vehicles, Ecto-1, a hearse lent to them by Patty's uncle; and Ecto-2, an old motorcycle.

Despite the government's attempts to discredit them, the Ghostbusters become increasingly popular as they capture more ghosts unleashed by Rowan, and ultimately confront Rowan himself, who chooses to commit suicide rather than let himself be captured. With his death, paranormal activity in NYC subsides, adding credence to the government's claims about the Ghostbusters. Going through Rowan's belongings, Erin and Abby learn Rowan attended the same school as them and his obsession with ghosts was born out of their own fascination with the subject.

Rowan returns as a ghost and swears revenge on the Ghostbusters, possessing Abby and attempting to kill Jillian. After Patty beats him out of Abby's body, Rowan possesses Kevin, steals the Ecto-2 and heads to Times Square, where he activates a second machine he had secretly built, opening a portal between the two worlds and raising an army of ghosts that begin wreaking havoc in New York City, while also powering up Rowan's ectoplasmic form. To display his dominance over them, Kevin/Rowan leads the ghosts in a performance of "You Should Be Dancing" by the Bee Gees.

The Ghostbusters intervene despite the government's attempts to stop them, venturing into the evacuated area in the Ecto-1, and Erin manages to exorcise Rowan out of Kevin's body. Rowan demands that the Ghostbusters choose a form for him, and Patty absent-mindely thinks of a spraypainted ghost she saw on the subway line. Rowan becomes a towering version of the graffiti ghost and begins rampaging.

The Ghostbusters fail to defeat him by crossing their streams, and instead Erin and Abby venture into the portal, with ropes tied around their waists, and trick Rowan into directing his forces into the portal. Jillian and Patty then close it, but manage to pull Erin and Abby out, while Rowan and his army become trapped in the world of the dead and Rowan's machine is destroyed.

The government once again discredits the Ghostbusters and they don't receive any recognition for saving the city, but manage to use their savings to buy a new base of operations in an old firehouse. Erin and Kevin develop a relationship, and while analyzing tape recordings during the battle against Rowan, during which paranormal activity was at its peak, Patty finds several cryptic warning about the arrival of Zuul.


Bill Murray at a skeptic who questions the Ghostbusters on the news, and is killed by one of Rowan's ghosts.

Dan Aykroyd as a taxi driver who refuses to obey the evacuation order during Rowan's attack, claiming "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

Ernie Hudson as Patty's uncle who lends the Ghostbusters the Ecto-1.

Annie Potts as a receptionist at the hotel Rowan works.

Sigourney Weaver as Jillian's old college professor and mentor who disapproves of her career choice, but comes to respect it in the end.
T4 was here
The view full button is busted...
T4 was here
T4 was here
>>45516 Had to open it in a new tap to see it but...
That dont sounds so bad.
>written by Michael Straczynski

No wonder it was a good ep.

Someone that claims to have seen the rough cut or something similar. Seems to sync up with a lot of the current rumor material.

Though again don't know how much is true this feels a lot like Fan4 changing things for the sake of changing things with nothing that really adds to the plot compared to the old one.

So the Russo Bros Ghostbusters film shelved because Feig closed the deal first. Juding from emails he had an inside track. So the Russos are off to head up the Infinity War and from what I've heard maybe a couple Star Wars films.

Also Ghostbusters 4 seems to be up in the air until the current film comes out and they see where it stands.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>the Russos possibly doing a Star Wars film

My body is ready.
Shoulda been them doing 9 instead of Trevorrow. They've clearly shown themselves to be able to work with an ensemble cast and get to develop them in the same movie before.

I liked Jurassic World so I think it'll be fine. Keeps both the lines alive.
>Just a few months later, it was rumored that a Ghostbusters Animated Movie is happening at the studio, and earlier this month, the project found a director, with Fletcher Moules, best known for directing the animated Clash of Clans commercials, coming aboard to direct.

This already sounds more interesting to me than Lady Ghostbusters.

Those commercials are pretty entertaining.

Always liked the pig riders
>This already sounds more interesting to me than Lady Ghostbusters.

I wonder why that is.
Can't speak for him, but for me a movie with the oldschool 'busters (even in animated form) obviously takes the cake over any reboot with a new team. I hope you are not automatically assuming the worst and thinking "because they are women".
>assuming the worst
it is indeed the worst fucking idea to reboot it with women
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
oh do tell
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Only if you’re fundamentally opposed to the idea due to a sexist mindset.
Not wanting to really get into the argument but from where I stand it's falling into some of the same pitfalls as Robocop. Keeping a lot of the same looks but changing the story up in a way that is different but in comparison just not as good.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Can't tell at those resolutions.
Problem I think is either uncanny valley models looking too much like an actual person. Or from what I saw of the subways group ghost scene is that they are extras in blacklight makeup with some post cgi overlays
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image:145903028400.jpg(39kB , 620x372 , ed9d8d86-7538-4bbb-be0b-0af88c961820-1020x612.jpeg)
>looks like vidjagame
>implying thats a bad thing
the key point being that it looks like a BAD video game

Pretty much Haunted Mansion level effects.
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image:145932467600.jpg(943kB , 3000x2004 , Ghostbusters7.jpg)
Those wands look very awkward compared to the originals. From many other supposed things in this movie I do believe they are upgraded at some point to more traditional comfortable models. Least I hope so.
>Those wands look very awkward compared to the originals.
They look like dicks, held at roughly waist height.

>Penis-Envy: The Movie.
Let's not pretend the special effects were really that amazing in the original film. They're okay.
Special effects that after 30 years look "okay" vs special effects made this very same year and yet looks equally "okay".
What the other guy said, thats a long time to show no improvement and if the new stuff is inferior that is even more damning.
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image:145946440700.jpg(79kB , 910x702 , protonPack_1.jpg)

Okay it looks like a more finished version of the pack appears later in the film with a better thrower.

Also Egon is credited with the development of the tech?
//youtube.com/watch?v=RPAklIlov-Ayoutube thumb

Background information feels like this is heading to just being a train wreck.
T4 was here
Well fuck me I guess...
>3 men and 1 woman all in theirs 20s.

We could have been getting a fucking Extreme Ghostbusters movie, man.
Is that enough men for you, though?

>"At first I let myself read a lot of it and then I realized it wasn't doing me any good," Dippold said at Canter's Deli this month. "It's interesting to me that some people want it to fail. What if you watched it and loved it? Why would that be bad?"

Still thinking many misunderstand negative opinions. Aside from the masochist that want to be proven right that its shit and shouldn't have been created. I think many just see it as something that shouldn't have been done as a reboot. Sequel maybe but not a film that acts as if the original didn't exist which upsets a good amount of fans.

The bullshit excuse being "well its not like those films aren't still out there." But the fans ire coming from as far as the Ghostbusters franchise goes forward those films are no longer canon and that is where that anger comes from. Thirty years that amounts to nothing as far as the new film is concerned.

So even if its "good" they are still not going to like it because of what it does not because what it is or whom is in it.
>Sequel maybe
isn't it exactly that
This is the only rebooted franchise I've seen that's actually gotten this ire.

I know people are like "It isn't veiled sexism" but holy shit does it just... feel like it on every turn.
I don't know, it's near the Powerpuff Girls reboot for me. Definitely not worse though, so anger beyond that level is definitely misplaced.
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image:146153759800.jpg(128kB , 630x630 , Ghostbusters-banners-1.jpeg)
No. As confused as the marketing has appeared it's not a sequel of any sort. Just a straight reboot.

Robocop got shat on when it rebooted. Sucker is buried now even with its ending teasing more and proper OCP and Delta City action.

That's the line the film production has used out of the gate to deflect and the angle that trolls picked up on. I could have cared less about it being women if it shared the same tone and not full of actresses who's primary motivation seems is "to be funny".

Film could have had a few older veteran SNL Alumni (Jane Curtin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) that would have been great without their shtick being jokes leading one right into another.

>Robocop got shat on when it rebooted.

But never to a magnitude this great over things so minuscule. I doubt this film would garner the same hatred if the cast was all-male.
>The proton packs look different! Will the sins never cease?!

That's true, because if the cast was all-male people wouldn't deflect criticisms with claims that they are sexist.

It's a feedback loop. You push people and they push back. They say the movie sucks, you say they're sexist, they push back harder on why the movie sucks and start picking it to pieces to justify to you why they think it sucks. This in turn gets read as "more hatred than usual" and is attributed to sexism.
It's a twosided coin. You also get less trolls shrieking about SJW and political correctness and quotas and unfunny women jokes to make them concerned about potential sexism in the first place.
Are you being self aware right now

Are you?
I'm still kind of blown away by that minstrel show character they put it.
That was supposed to be McCarthy's character at the start but I get crossed signals as to if Jones wanted to play that role or they thought it was funnier for Jones to be in the role so they rewrote it for her.

People did as questions about it for a bit but then went quiet.
>That was supposed to be McCarthy's character
This was something they made up after people objected to the role.
Well that just makes it worse. She could have been an out of work History Professor that had to take the Subway job and then talked peoples ears off about their stops and the old tunnels.

More than what they gave her is what I'm getting at.

Everywoman role would have worked, but they can't call what they've written her Everywoman that just does it for the paycheck like Winston was.

Its like trying to go back to what they had said Winston was going to be in the earlier drafts and not really getting it right.
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image:146167081800.jpg(96kB , 741x960 , empire-ghostbusters-subs-cover.jpg)
So cool later model throwers design change to be more traditional. Probably after a film time skip after they've been working for a while.
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image:146170889700.jpg(89kB , 741x960 , Empire-cover.jpg)

More on Kevin the receptionist. Another Empire cover this one with slimer. Also Ecto Cooler looks to be hitting the shelves in a month or so. Both in classic juice boxes and cans.

Neat, though don't know if the movie will fare better putting the classic out fresh in people's minds. But it's nice this is going to be in theaters again.


Still better that Winston was a dude looking for work I think. Mainly because it seems kinda awkward with Patty going "Hey you need *blank* that is why I'm here because I can get you *blank*."

Also trailer right now is the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube.

Finally found an article on that that didn't try to tie the negative numbers to misogyny over the cast.

It's kind of amazing that you take that number seriously. It's so obviously sandbagged.
I just find it interesting how many use it in articles last few days do take that number seriously to highlight the dislike towards the film and parse it with men hating on women. I mean a lot used that as part of a headline tying it to supposed misogynistic anger towards the film.

Tons of articles that could be listed that use that angle and this is the only one that seems to keep a level head not going whole hog into it.
>And while I slowly join the angry mob, the Bloody Disgusting community has been venomously against the project since the first teaser dropped. I think it’s safe to say that Ghostbusters is among the most hated films I’ve ever covered here on the site (in 15 years), and each story I post shrouds me in such rage that I’ve had no choice by to slow my coverage to a near-halt. I hear ya.
> I mean a lot used that as part of a headline tying it to supposed misogynistic anger towards the film.
There's nothing "supposed" about it.
Yeah, every person who dislikes the reboot, does so because they hate women.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Let’s be fair here: there were people who were going to dislike this rebake no matter who starred in it because it’s a Ghostbusters rebake. But even in that group, there could’ve been some people who might’ve been swayed to give the rebake a chance because of the cast—and the all-female casting could’ve definitely convinced a few of those people to rescind that chance. And within the group of people not predisposed to dislike the rebake, the all-female casting definitely set off something of a firestorm; the people who hated the idea of an all-female Ghostbusters team were going to trash this film no matter its quality. (Fury Road was one of the best action films ever, and MRAs still got their tighty-whities in a twist over the fact that Furiosa wasn’t just a damsel in distress for Max to save.)

No, not every person who dislikes the rebake does so because they hate women. (I personally think it’s trying too hard to “moderinze” the original film and also has no real “life” to its jokes or action sequences. The casting is irrelevant to those issues.) But if you’re denying that there’s a healthy contingent of people opposed to the rebake largely because of—or even specifically because of—the all-female team, you’re ignoring reality.
Well yea that is true. There are always those MRA goons that are going to be that way. Casting the secretary to be little more than a dumb Ken Doll whom Wiig's charcter literally thrists for doesn't help matters.

Female leads and a Pretty Male Sex Object for them to fawn over.

They parse it that Kevin is better since he's got ambitions to be a Ghostbuster tough I question why he wants to be an exterminator and the way its talked about its more a boy playing dressup to tag along with the grownups.

No way in hell they'd set up Kevin to getting credit and being the hero like what happened witht the second movie into the comics and Video Game (Third Movie) with Tully.

I never said every, I said there's no "SUPPOSED" misogynistic anger, that's a very real element of the critique and appears in this very thread.

The film looks unfunny and racist as hell but let's be straight about this.
True and from some things it looks ilke that is the response they want. They want this to be a women's film more than anything else it seems. All other males in the film are stunted manchildren while the leads are strong smart women.

The film is being produced by Amy Pascal who from rumor has pushed Ivan Reitman out from having any power in film production. She's apparently also been real focused about making women centered films of an aggressive feminist nature.

Its been a whole part of the marketing to show how much women are in control of this film.

I've got no problem women taking leads into production and acting.

I just think making a Ghostbusters that focuses so heavily on the gender of their characters wont really work. Takes the focus away from what should be the focus. Ghosts and the goofballs that run an extermination business to get them.

Some think that may lead to the films success making the film so derisive.

Though since this is a reboot and not only a sequel you've split the available audience pool into a maybe quarter of what would be possible.

This is bad for a supposed Ten Pole.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I've got no problem women taking leads into production and acting. I just think making a Ghostbusters that focuses so heavily on the gender of their characters wont really work.

From what I’ve seen of the trailer, the gender of the new Ghostbusters team isn’t even really a plot point, so much as it’s a sidebar to the real plot (which is a rehash of the original movie’s plot with a modern slant and, if the spoilers are true, an actual sequel hook). And even if it did focus on the gender of the team, so what? That doesn’t even really fucking matter compared to the fact that this is a rebake of a film that didn’t need a remake and a franchise that didn’t need a reboot. The new team could’ve been four black guys, four Indian women, or four asexual trans Asians for all that it matters; the underlying idea—“rebake” Ghostbusters—would’ve still sucked ass.
>I've got no problem women taking leads into production and acting.

It's funny way of showing it, focusing entirely on the fact that women are involved and repeating rumors started by misogynists.

>Feig has been busy putting the finishing touches on the film for months now, conducting test screenings and other last-minute additions, including a scheduled day-and-a-half of reshoots in downtown Los Angeles that concluded Monday morning with his four leading ladies.

Reshoots I'd guess being interior shots from the firehouse in LA which provided the interior to the No. 9 Hook and Ladder New York exterior. So maybe some end of film stuff.
I can't wait for producers to start using this as an example of how Audiences Don't Want Female Protagonists.
save file
image:146236887800.jpg(401kB , 1024x683 , 3573477168_3eaf22d3ec_b.jpg)

Shame they went for the gag that the Firehouse was too expensive a place to setup shop. Its a rather pretty building on the inside.

And unlike this exterior its not in service at the moment. Just a pseudo historical meeting place.
>I can't wait for producers to start using this as an example of how Audiences Don't Want Female Protagonists.

Whatever failures it had on its own merits, a lot of angry nerds started their crusades against this movie as soon as it was revealed the protags would be female. Then the other nerds piled on the miso-nerds bandwagon once they started seeing that things were different from the original.

So the producers wouldn't be exactly wrong.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

That was already a thing thanks to Catwoman and Elektra.

Of course. But it'll show they understand things need to change going forward if they can parse the garbage from the legit criticism and not be like the Remember Me game was and blame their poor reception wholly on that (Beyond Good and Evil says "hi!")

Just using that example since they were calling out misogyny before the game was released as a defense, because the game was a shambling mess of ideas.

And top criticism for the film of it being a remake instead of a sequel for no reason other than just wanting it to be their own and not really giving anything new to the story that makes it better.


Wonder if Marvel will be able to beat the trend.

>“There’s been a lot of recuts and editing in recent weeks as concerns are growing over the movie,” we’re told. Even Bill Murray, who had top billing in the Ivan Reitman version of the poltergeist-pursuing classic — and supposedly a small part in the new one — has insiders wondering how “Ghostbusters” will play with audiences when it opens on July 15. The 65-year-old living legend doesn’t appear in the film’s official trailer.

>“I’ve never been involved in a project with so many different edits, re-edits and story alterations.”


While I don't want Blockbusters Ghostbusters I would like it to be back in popular culture. I think its got promise.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Any film has “promise” until the moment shooting starts. From there, it’s a matter of whether everything surrounding the film—the script, the acting, the directing, the editing, and so on—comes together in a competent way. Given all the rewrites and such I’ve heard about this film undergoing, I don’t trust it to “work” on the same level as Ghostbusters II, let alone the original Ghostbusters.

I get the feeling that the "It feels like a series of SNL skits" complaint that came from the trailers reviews is the reason for the heavy editing and re-editing. Maybe even the additional shoots in New York and LA. Trying to bring all of this back into some narrative structure.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

It’s what I’d guess. A film without any sense of structure won’t work, even if said film has the best acting and directing and CGI ever.
Alpharius on the move
>without any sense of structure
>the best acting and directing and CGI ever.
I don't know about you, but I love me a artsy as fuck movie. Not that Ghostbusters 3 is going to be an artspiece.

They've got a couple of months. So something has gotta work. Hope Annie Potts doesn't get cut from the final edit.

Be great if her line echoes back to the original.

Rowan comes into his apartment building go to the back room franticly searching through a pile of old paper refuse. Comes out exasperated.

"Were... are the old copies of the Post?"

She looks at him over her glasses.

"Haven't you heard?"

Holds up her tablet showing an article on the rumored "Ghostbusters".

"Print is dead."

Rowan makes a strangled choking noise and runs off screaming to his apartment.

She sighs and goes back to reading

"I've quit better jobs than this."
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Artsy-as-fuck movies don’t make millions of dollars at the international box office, tho’.

Does Ghostbusters have a presence on the international market? More I think about it that is a question that Sony didn't ask.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Why do you think this is a rebake? No need to bring up the old films, so no need to worry about non-Americans potentially having little-to-no knowledge of the original movies.

I'd like to see what he comes up with in tracking down the path that lead us here.
His statement is entirely reasonable and I don't see how anyone could have a problem with it.

They will. They'll somehow make this into him being sexist even though that part of the film has nothing to do with this reasons for not wanting to take part.

Though he's right that they should have done like Star Wars. New adventure with a new cast but having the old cast be there to wrap up their legacies before passing it on to the next.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>The remake of GHOSTBUSTERS became a proxy battlefield for political posturing pretty-much the minute it was announced because that’s the world we live in now, and that’s always a frustrating phenomenon because it involves weighing two equally true facts against eachother – Fact #1 being that issues like feminism, progress, social-justice etc are, objectively, more important than whether or not a movie is good; but Fact #2 being that the only fair way to judge a work of art is based on its intrinsic merits and not which “side” of some bigger, more important argument its quality or lack thereof backs up.
James bringing in some headlines by just declaring that he's just not going to watch movies that likely will suck ass.
That was their own making posturing the other film being written as "The Male Ghostbusters Movie" when it wasn't and been hammering since last June how many women were working on the film and how important they were to its production.

They wanted this controversy. Thought the exact reasons for that are speculative.
>Thought the exact reasons for that are speculative.

Because it's free publicity. As long as it puts people in the theater seats, it doesn't matter if they are there to hate the movie.
//youtube.com/watch?v=t6hlkIlGFCIyoutube thumb

New trailer. Still trying to appeal to old fans making them think they are in the Firehouse as their movie HQ instead of just last bit when Patty hears some voice say Zuul when listening to EVPs (According to a leak earlier) but knowing more shoots in LA that could have changed as that is the actual LA Firehouse interior.

Lot more of the ghosts and a lot more ghosts than the original.
>I'd like to see what he comes up with in tracking down the path that lead us here.

A whole lot of Sony dicking Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman around, and Bill Murray vacillating on whether or not he wanted to do it a lot.
save file
image:146366286700.png(579kB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-3541-03-11-17h00m17s746.png)

I look forward to it. He's certainly got media attention with a number of sites either referencing him in an article about the new trailer or making him part of the headline.
save file
image:146369411400.png(272kB , 605x599 , Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 4.39.47 PM.png)
I do wonder if he'll be a job or just a cameo.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Holy shit, this trailer is actually good. Why wasn’t this the first trailer?
Looks like they've refined some things. That ghosts look a bit cleaner and better detailed not as foggy and overly done. In short better.

As for why this wasn't the first trailer. According to sources they keep editing the film over and over trying to get things right.

Which maybe means they give damn to get the tone right, I hope.

>From the Studio


So they want to push this more as an action comedy?
Honestly, Spider-Man might not be a good comparison, but the original MIB was not THAT far from the right tone for Ghostbusters anyway.
Its just to give this movie cred since it likely won't draw the same crowd as a Paul Feig McCarthy film usually does (which begs the question why even hire those two but I digress)

But yea to line up with a MIB type film it should be the interactions with the ghosts that drive the humor. Which could work well with Ghostbusters in any iteration.

"Okay this is a Class IV infestation we're looking at. Owner died some fifteen years ago and his diner was then sold and renovated into a upscale restaurant."

While this conversation is going on we see waiters taking out trays of Burgers, Fries, Shakes and other Diner type fare much to the chagrin and commotion of the customers. One of the Ghostbusters picking a few fries off a plate as they head back to the kitchen.

"So we just go in and zap'em and trap 'em."

"Its a little more complicated than that."

Open the kitchen and there's a big bloated ghostly mass of a classic Short Order Cook lording over a expensive stove like it was a grill ectoplasm dripping everywhere.

A prep table near the front has been hastily cleared and an ethereal bell set on it. Another ghost flies up to the table depositing a plate of burgers and fries, dripping in ectoplasm.

*ding* "Order Up! HA HA HA."

Ghostbuster that grabbed the fries now gagging and expelling in the background.

"He brought friends."

Course this would be one of the bits where we don't actually see the trapping and maybe not much of a ghost fight. Some reaction shots maybe something of the head ghost throwing a cleaver and narrowly missing someones head some of them colliding and smashing though hanging pots.

But most of it just being light and sound seen from outside the kitchen and the expressions of the patrons and staff as explosions and smoke start coming from the kitchen.

And then all is quiet and then *BAM* the kitchen door is kicked open and our rolls the desert trolley laden with smoking full traps.

"Alright, who ordered the catch of the day!"

"You might want to close up for a couple of days. Maybe a week."

"Things got a bit hectic."

"We'll send you the bill."
save file
image:146394757500.png(502kB , 605x660 , Screenshot 2016-05-22 at 3.02.50 PM.png)
Lego not sending them the new Ecto-1 sets?
save file
image:146411247100.gif(230kB , 490x176 , tumblr_o7o0w5GvB41qhccbco1_500.gif)
T4 was here
10/10 would play.

Going from right to left going by the trailer their base weapons would be

Photonic Shotgun
Photonic Fist
Dual Photonic Pistols
Photonic Gatling(?) Didn't see a bit with Patty using a secondary weapon.

End boss being a For way split life bar. Depending on the number of people in your team how quickly you can weaken them for capture.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Damn, he does good shit, yo.
Articles saying Sony is stepping up marketing and I'm like "WHERE?"

Very cool article on all the effects from the original movie.

>The neutrino wands (aka 'the thrower') had a flash bulb at the end so the special effects guys had something to queue the start of the stream from. The streams (important safety tip: never cross them) were a mixture of explosions that were shot off stage, and mixed with classical animation. The idea behind this was the concept of 'rubberising light'.

>The proton packs weighed 30lb 'fully loaded', but there were a few different versions. For stunts, some were made of rubber, whilst others didn't have batteries, for when they weren't firing the guns.
//youtube.com/watch?v=GixfiDGhSlkyoutube thumb

More from Midnight's Edge.
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image:146437230400.png(42kB , 581x94 , enhanced-22293-1457116795-1.png)
I have yet to see a "This is the REAL reason why sexi--er, I mean general public hate the new Ghostbusters" video that didn't come off entitled, condescending, or so painfully monotone in delivery.

>Despite the trailers receiving generally good coverage, I'll just say everybody hated them
>Women everywhere hate it, but I won't provide any examples
>There are a few misogynistic comments, but everyone is right in hating this movie they haven't watched yet
>Ghostbusters was my favorite film growing up
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And the last one is arguably one of the big reasons this rebake is getting so much shit. If this was some '80s comedy that nobody really gives a shit about these days—think Police Academy—a female-heavy rebake of that wouldn’t garner nearly as much hate. But Ghostbusters is one of those movies that endures beyond the ’80s because it’s that goddamn good; any reboot/remake/rebake of that film was gonna catch shit regardless of its cast.

It’s really an ingenious little ploy: sexist assholes get to trash an action-comedy film featuring four female leads while hiding behind the general public’s seeming predisposition to disliking this film.
And then the production team play up the misogyny to deflect from actually discussing the problems people have with the film.

If they would just talk about the other comments and concerns rather than deflecting everything with "you just hate women." then the film wouldn't be accelerating towards being a radioactive shit pile nobody is going to want to touch in the end.

And that isn't what you want from a prospective Tent Pole.

People have a massive problem this being a Reboot because the original was a really good movie. Discuss that point dammit instead of hiding behind women.
>But Ghostbusters is one of those movies that endures beyond the ’80s because it’s that goddamn good; any reboot/remake/rebake of that film was gonna catch shit regardless of its cast.

Unless Adam Sandler was cast as everyone in the new film, I doubt the hatred for the new Ghostbusters would be equal to what we're seeing now.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

That’s kind of my point: people were predisposed to disliking the new Ghostbusters, and sexists are using that as cover to lash out at the filmmakers for casting women as the new Ghostbusters team. If the new team had been all-to-mostly male, the hate would still be there, but I’d wager it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.
save file
image:146438667400.jpg(93kB , 500x562 , tumblr_inline_nsie9fB0H11shsvef_500.jpg)
>And then the production team play up the misogyny to deflect from actually discussing the problems people have with the film.

How have they played up the misogyny. News outlets are rightly pointing out the sexism associated with the majority of haters of the movie, and when the production team acknowledges it, it's because they're responding to shitty incidents like pic related.


>But what about that feminism photo


What the hell is wrong proudly showing off feminism?

I swear, Ghostbusters fans are becoming as paranoid as Batman v Superman fans.
save file
image:146438891700.jpg(188kB , 1200x731 , Pixels_Group_Shot.jpg)
That was Pixels basically.

that's a lot better picture than the one that was circulated
>Spawn Camping
Jumpman, tell me this, do you think the AVGN is a mysoginist for making that "I won't watch this" video?
I think he's an idiot for making that video, and acting like the world is dragging him to the theater like a mother would a screaming child. I'm not exactly crying tears over the fact he now has to refer to Ghostbusters as Ghostbusters 1984. There's such a strong whiny vibe to that video.

To be fair Jumpman, you have a well-documented history of giving Sony movies a lot more slack than the general public. I mean I remember when you were here constantly telling everyone here that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was good and downplaying all the criticism people levied at it, so I don't really find it surprising that you'd be on the opposite side of the majority on this movie too.

Me, I'm on the opposite end, I know I have a biased against Sony and consider them a cancer on the film industry as a whole, an broken sewerpipe pumping the most rancid shit imaginable into the marketplace from Adam Sandler to Seth Rogen movies, Angry Birds to Emoji, and now Ghostbusters (reboot). It's a brand that is so far removed from quality in my eyes that I have come to despise it and everything produced by it. They are, as far as I'm concerned, the LJN of the movie industry.
Avoided the question like a champ.

Do you think he is a mysoginist for the opinions he expressed on that video?

He probably had a lot of fans asking if he'd review the movie after he's done stuff like his Ghostbusters game retrospective and played some of the games during his Monday streams.

He's got no interest and just decided to clear the air on that.

Not his fault some sites picked up on that and ran with it.
>I think he's an idiot for making that video

Why? Most people would assume that he would review the movie, and thus he needed to say that he wasn't interested.

>There's such a strong whiny vibe to that video.
And there is such a strong whiny vibe to your post.
save file
image:146447182300.png(306kB , 583x344 , Screen-Shot-2016-05-17-at-3.55.18-PM-compressed.png)
>To be fair Jumpman, you have a well-documented history of giving Sony movies a lot more slack than the general public.

Such as what. I talked about my enjoyment of Amazing Spider-Man 1 and that's about it. I don't remember acting as a poster child for Chappie.

>I mean I remember when you were here constantly telling everyone here that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was good and downplaying all the criticism people levied at it

You have a shitty memory. ASM2 is a hot mess with frustratingly few moments of brilliance.

I would be saying the same things about Ghostbusters if it was by Paramount, Universal, Disney, Marvel Studios, whatever. Speaking of Marvel, just look at what James Gunn's praise for the film conjured up.



Nothing publicly released about the film has justified the ridiculous online hatred from the vocal minority of MRAs.

At its worst, the video is more entitled that sexist. That fact that it's titled "Ghostbusters 2016. No Review. I Refuse" cements that. I don't know AVGN personally (duh), but if I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, I would say he let his nostalgic bias get the best of him and produced a poorly argued video. On the other hand, he willingly hangs out with the shithead known as AlphaOmegaSin, so maybe his shittyness is rubbing off on AVGN.


Regardless, it's just another video of an angry white guy yelling about the new Ghostbusters film because it's "ruining his childhood." And most of those videos do have undertones of sexism - some more blatant than others.

Man, you keep avoiding giving a solid answer to a very simple question.

Do you think the AVGN is a mysoginist based on that video and the opinions he expressed? Please avoid the wall of text, just a yes or no will suffice.
>At its worst, the video is more entitled than sexist.
*corrected the misspelling

Reading can be fun.
save file
image:146448326800.jpg(1.05MB , 1256x1154 , group-1.jpg)
Think part of this concern is what is being lost.

Just to get it al on the same page. Are we losing half of this, or all of it.

Its like Star Wars EU arguments, cept worse since this wipes out the original trilogy as well.

Yea Ghostbusters isn't a Star Wars. But its still "Everything you knew and cared about for the last thirty years. Never happened and doesn't matter."

If Disney had done that or even Abrams had with Star Trek. I think the anger would be the same as it is with this, even greater.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

You’re not “losing” anything. Look, the Lucasarts buyout and Disney-led direction of Star Wars—which resulted in the canonicity of the pre-Disney EU being revoked—rubbed people the wrong way, sure. But Disney’s decision to “wipe the slate” in that regard doesn’t affect whether people can remember, continue to expand, or even acknowledge the existence of the Old EU. (If anything, the Old EU is now akin to Abrams!Trek: an “alternate reality” of sorts.)

And guess what? The existence of a new Ghostbusters film doesn’t “destroy” anything—the original films, the cartoons, your memories—about the Ghostbusters franchise, such as it is. And even if the new film somehow did “wreck” your memories of the original, so what? People change, feelings change, opinions change. If you want to stay stagnant in your security blanket of nostalgia, by all means, stay there—but don't expect everyone else to stay there with you, and don’t get mad when they move on.
what the fuck are these character designs

god I'm glad I never subjected myself to the cartoons
Maybe it all just needs to hurry up like Transformers and Ninja Turtles. Be Rebooted and Rehashed so many times people become kinda numb to the whole experience.

Not like Sony wouldn't just Reboot it again in a decade anyway.


Stylized live action on the left and Real Ghostbusters on the right.
>god I'm glad I never subjected myself to the cartoons

But the cartoons were good.
>Stylized live action on the left
What the fuck is wrong with left Zeddemore?
The hell is wrong with you? The real ghostbusters cartoon was great.
save file
image:146453421900.jpg(249kB , 1873x969 , honor.jpg)

Just the artists affectation with his design. Least he's got all his background in order again. Yea they had a Ninja Turtles crossover as well.
>Just the artists affectation with his design
he looks like he's about to go hang out with fucking Mr. Pop, that is unreal, when the fuck was this serialized?
save file
image:146454261200.jpg(569kB , 1080x1660 , 16.jpg)
It's the ongoing series. Known as Ghostbusters International right now.
They look like the same faces pasted over and over again with only slight tweaking for when they talk or change expressions.
happens when you don't have that much a budget.
and are a racist
That comic clearly needs trigger warnings
He looks like a fucking 50's political cartoon.
save file
image:146470140000.jpg(67kB , 481x382 , Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 5.59.31 AM.jpg)
I find it rather doubtful that the remake will surpass the original as he is claiming.

Remember when James Cameron came up saying "guys, Terminator Genisys is awesome, totally!". Yeah.

I am going to watch the new Ghostbusters and expect to be at least entertained, but Aykroyd is trying too hard to hype it, that kind of needless hyperbole doesn't help.

>butthurt baby men

What a great way to get your opinion instantly discarded by taking cheap shots. It's like when someone has a legitimate criticism with Jason Aaron's Thor, and decides to call it Whor, and now nobody can take anything about the opinion seriously.

But hey, click-bait has to click-bait, I guess.
He's one of the principals for the new Ghost Corps production company that will spearhead the franchise going forward. Course he's going to shill.
It's Jumpman, pal. He probably handpicked the most incendiary report on Aykroid's statement to make people react negatively to his post. That's what he does.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Holy shit, lookit all those comics.
T4 was here
If I only had the money...
Weren't we just saying that the Ghostbusters comics were shitty and racist?
whatever that one with the fucked up Ernie Hudson is seems to be at least
>Jimmy Kimmel will receive a call from Ghostbusters cast members old and new. For the June 8 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts will join new ‘busters Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones to celebrate the anniversary of the first film.

>June 8 is the 32nd anniversary of the original Ghostbustersrelease; in addition to the Kimmel union, celebrations will also include anniversary screenings in theaters nationwide.

>The late-night appearance won’t be the only time the casts mingle in the coming months: Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson, and Potts will have cameos in the new film (each playing new characters and not their original roles).

>“They’re extraordinarily funny and there’s a great chemistry with them,” Hudson said earlier this year about his appearance and what to expect from the film. “I think it’s going to be very good. The script I knew was good. I knew the special effects would be amazing. But I was really pleasantly surprised to see how the women kind of gelled together.”


>Fall Out Boy And Missy Elliott To Cover 'Ghostbusters' Theme For Reboot
>Fall Out Boy And Missy Elliott

Woah, it's like I am really in the 2000.
//youtube.com/watch?v=m9We2XsVZfcyoutube thumb

think they'll release before the movie? Or will they hide it till to quiet any backlash. I really don't wanna think how they'll mess up bassline. Because that was what made it good and creepy like the horror film of the day.
save file
image:146522784600.png(602kB , 1280x720 , Snappy00002.png)

>“We still get called in the press as a ‘chick flick.’ We are always referred to as the all-female ‘Ghostbusters.’

>Man directs mainly female lead movies
>Newest female lead movie is called a "chick flick".

And push off about that "all-female" stuff. They allowed that to happen calling the other film being drafted at the time "all-male" which it wasn't.

In better and somewhat more positive Ghostbusters sports related news. Least not mean spirited and toxic.


That's actually a good bit for Slimer being a heckler. But still a strange NBA commercial.

Wouldn't mind seeing a West Coast Franchise if we can ever get around to a future installment of something. Hopefully a Netflix animated series.
>And push off about that "all-female" stuff. They allowed that to happen calling the other film being drafted at the time "all-male" which it wasn't.
dude will you give it a goddamn rest
This. Both sides need to shut up.
No, shut up, you don't get to do that. You have been gibbering on and on to defend your little buddies for ages. For, might I add, basically no reason because the movie will fail on its own merits anyway. But y'all made the decision to openly attack the movie for the all female cast and now you have to live with that. You could have done NOTHING and the movie would have been condemned to the dustbin of history but instead you decided to shit around. So, again we ask, stop trying to act like this isn't a thing you did, and shut the fuck up.
My "buddies"? What the hell are you yammering about? Your reply is so out of left field, that I am suspecting it is a very poor attempt at ironic shitposting.
//youtube.com/watch?v=FuHSCORFsmkyoutube thumb

Japan trailer showing more final logo ghost and the "Ghost are real" moment that gets put on YouTube.
save file
image:146533176100.png(614kB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-2983-06-03-13h41m50s488.png)
Rowan final form being the icon ghost is a good idea I think.

But that should have dovetailed into the idea that they couldn't come up with a logo and that being a running bit and the Perky Ghost with the bow tie being the mascot for another business and then the setup being similar to how Ray manifested Stay Puft.

They keep using different logos drawn up by Kevin just taped on the car maybe taking inspiration from whatever job was completed before to create a new one which gets an awkward response from the next customer.

And then after defeating the massive Rowan ghost they then start using the classic logo as sort of a badge of honor.

Just saying since they seem to feel the need to explain the hows and whys of everything in this one.
save file
image:146539828400.jpg(225kB , 2048x1152 , 13346176_1228929553814302_4241339256603915392_o.jpg)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’ve seen a version of that floating around (no pun intended) with a green-tinted ghost!Harold Ramis 'shopped in for full effect.
So much could have been done with a Passing of the Torch film. A good enjoyable film that transitions into the new cast. Instead of a toxic cesspool of derisiveness

But no this had to be Paul Feig's Ghostbusters so it could be his going forward.

//youtube.com/watch?v=fuY8eKf7lhUyoutube thumb

Hearing snippets of the new Theme cover, its not good.

>Siren is generic.

Watching this and reading about the original Ecto-1 (nearly destroyed during the first and second movies, left to rot before being fully restored to promote the 2009 game.)

How great a scene of both the cars rushing into the fray together. And at the end Ray swapping out the plates before they drive off into the sunset.

And the comment

"License plates don't work like that."

"No they do not."
Kinda wish he'd gotten that Flash spot as Joe. He's a damn fine actor in what he does.
Damn, Ernie Hudson looks pretty damn great, and if I recall correctly he is actually older than Murray and Aykroid.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>So much could have been done with a Passing of the Torch film. A good enjoyable film that transitions into the new cast. Instead of a toxic cesspool of derisiveness
>But no this had to be Paul Feig's Ghostbusters so it could be his going forward.
do you ever turn off
save file
image:146559475000.jpg(211kB , 1619x1080 , ghostbusters-2016-kate-mckinnon.jpg)

>Tobin's Spirit Guide


Wonder if Mattel will do prop replica stuff again. New trap might be a problem as it looks a lot like a IED.

And need another company like NECA or maybe MEZCO to make some action figures because Mattel's are just a hot mess.

I really want one of Kate McKinnon's character.
save file
image:146612527600.jpg(522kB , 612x816 , 0004565435-ew-1420ghostbustters.jpg)

//youtube.com/watch?v=hAcDQ_2V1nMyoutube thumb


Your New Ghostbusters.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

You know the old film still exists and you can go watch it any time you want, right?
Yea but I wanted to see that timeline evolve. Take notes from the comics and bring in some form of the XGB crew and other new members. Road Trip with Rookie and Kylie checking out some other hauntings. Bonding as they meet others to form the new four person team. And finally track down the big bad before heading back to the firehouse to be greeted by Janine asking where they were and they've got a backlog of calls that need responding to.

Something that could bring everyone together and generate intrest going forward. Reboots in name only don't work and I wanted to see something that would work and allow this to thrive for a new generation.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Yea but I wanted to see that timeline evolve.

Well, unfortunately, you’re not getting that and it’s way too late for the studio to make that change, so I suggest coming to terms with the reality you’ve been given.
save file
image:146634440700.png(1.54MB , 1272x1404 , AFV.png)

As I plan to by following the path of James and just not participating. Doesn't mean I won't be critical about it when it finally releases.

Baffles me you could force something this hard and at no point someone says "stop, we need to think where this is going.". Guess I'm sticking with the comics and wondering what might have been had they given damn.
Mister Twister
Just play the videogame. It's as close to the original idea of the 3rd movie as you can get.
T4 was here
Hell yeah!
But I'm watching the movie.
I got a coupon I keep forgetting about and GB is the last movie I would like to see before it runs out.
Yea it is. Establishes Rookie as the new member before he heads off on his own to head up the Chicago Branch in the comics. RIP Ramis it was a good one.

Tone and Characterization in this is fantastic and very on point. To anyone that hasn't read them. If you can find the Total Containment collection I'd suggest picking it up. Their backups are pretty good and feed into the main story. Peter's story with the Ghost Trucker is fantastic.
Or you could just say fuck it and not watch the reboot.
Nobody is forcing him to like it, much less give it any attention.

>Ghostbusters: Ecto Force will further expand the Ghostbusters cinematic universe. The series will “focus on a new generation of Ghostbusters in the year 2050 who capture ghosts around the world with help from local teams,” according to a press statement.

>The project is being “creatively spearheaded” by Ivan Reitman and his production company Ghost Corps.

>“We are meaningfully stepping up our level of production, while creating an environment that fosters the best talent,” Kristine Belson, President of Sony Pictures Animation, said in a statement. “Our goal is to enlarge our presence in the animation landscape with a uniquely diverse slate, and our strategy to get there is to let artists drive the movies creatively.”

Huh, sounds a lot like Aykroyd's original pitch script with the bigger organization tied to smaller groups. Kinda interested.
>focus on a new generation of Ghostbusters in the year 2050

I am not too hyped about the remake, but it's kinda shit that the cartoon won't be about the new founding team. Would be like jumping straigth into Extreme Ghostbusters without having The Real Ghostbusters first.
Fact of it is that Female lead cartoons are not really looked upon well in executive circles. That and they usually want to stick to characters closer to age demographic and a team of of women in their forties isn't it.

Also hearing how Ivan Reitman was pushed out of any creative input on the new movie that's also bound to be a sticking point on doing other projects with the film.

>Those who purchase Activision and Sony Pictures' Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle will receive FireForge Games' upcoming Ghostbusters game and a digital copy of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, the companies announced today.

Odd choice puting this deal out there before the film is even out.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Says a lot about the studio's confidence in this film to make bank at the American box office.
save file
image:146662614100.jpg(51kB , 500x494 , 1411343033901.jpg)
Ah yeah baby, my ecto-cooler came in today. Now I just gotta hunt down those twinkies and then my rewatch of Ghostuster 1 & 2 can commence.
save file
image:146663466100.png(292kB , 324x500 , GhostsfromOurPastCover.png)
Product is selling well enough least online from the fact its constantly OOS and restocking at the online retailers.

Nearly three weeks till its premiere and I'm not seeing the marketing push in Merch that I'd expect Sony to be making for a supposed Franchise Tentpole.

That book written about ghosts that they use in the movie is on Amazon but I've not seen anything about it unless I look up Tobins Spirit Guide. Come on Sony have a hokey late night style commercial made for that. Instead of the commercials that are more Clips of the film.
What the fuck
Sony now going with the line that bad press is good press and that the haters are making them money. I'd like to see the sats confirming this. Didn't work for 4stick.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Even if the film underperforms to expectations, so long as it hits #1 on the domestic opening weekend, Sony will refuse to give a shit.
Yea it doesn't really have any challenges that weekend. Unless Secret Life of Pets is a Major Hit and they are able to hold multiple weeks then even low thirties will top the weekend box office.

Unless Sony is utter idiots and think this will be a 500k plus film.

>'Ghostbusters' Tracking for $40M-$50M U.S. Debut

Well it looks like they've got their expectations in order.

New Trailers showing off the newer gear.

Some kinda Ghost Shredder Vac Trap, Proton Gauntlet MegaBuster, Proton Pistols, Proton Grenades.

//youtube.com/watch?v=oh38L4J17B0youtube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=FCDlqVF170Eyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=bwnPA5HUwHoyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=7p1gIOcJVpYyoutube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=hF39e_hnFb8youtube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=b1WLwEQPfx8youtube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=87y_u1M09a4youtube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=xAap45tl1Acyoutube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=UrjcbbyhvsEyoutube thumb

Thanks Youtube for being a source for covers by just about everyone.

If you are going to cover something KEEP THE BASSLINE

Maybe then you won't come up with something that is just about getting universally panned as just bad. Damn song chorus sounds like it was recorded at the end of a tunnel on a Casio mic
T4 was here
Well, I got what I wanted atlest!
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image:146681157500.png(11kB , 505x118 , Survival.PNG)
Because its not about winning its about surviving.
//youtube.com/watch?v=uHv9r28DTUEyoutube thumb

strange they didn't do a new version of On Our Own. Not as memorable maybe but its more fitting how they keep steering this film.
save file
image:146681750500.gif(23kB , 782x1629 , Shoot_myself_Jailbreak.gif)

I made it to 1:50 and could not go any further.

why god. why
Not that bad. Not as good as the original. And that rap part sucks. But not that bad.
Least Ivan Reitman gets to do something. Hope he pulls from the original Aykroyd script. Would love to read that massive tome.
It's pretty goddamn awful, and this coming from a guy who likes Fallout Boy and doesn't mind Missy.
save file
image:146686994800.jpg(47kB , 620x414 , MTM5NjExNzU1NjgzNzg0MTk4.jpg)

Haven't seen a food promotion for the movie. I really like to go for good collector cups.

Cool idea, theoryitself was being discussed in a podcast I listen to a while back.

Idea that the Movie exists as a diverging reality from the other one is a neat one and could line up with the motivations of Gozer as the comics have taken them (wants to finish what it started and nothing will stop them) .

But likely too smart for this film and would run contrary to Feig giving a shit about the old films and not trying to claim the franchise for himself.
save file
image:146690405200.jpg(37kB , 620x414 , MTM5NjExNzU1NjgzODQ5NzM0.jpg)

I just got diabetes by looking at this.
That's Japan for ya. I think those marshmallows are injected with chocolate.

Yea its a terrible game. Typical Activision licensed garbage.

Should have just gone for a HD Remaster of the '09 Game.
>HD Remaster of the '09 Game
...which was also terrible?
I found it to be pretty fine. Written by Aykroyd and Ramis. Had great music and they got everyone back to do their roles. A really good Ghostbusters 3.
You can't be serious, that game was good.
Fuck no. The performances were phoned in, the script was dry (worse than 2), and the gameplay was a knockoff of Gears of all things.
Disagreed about the first two, and while the third point may have some truth, that isn't exactly a negative point. Plenty of good games are derivative of others.
>Plenty of good games are derivative of others.
Gears isn't a good game so
Slam Trapping is pretty fun once you unlock it. And I'm a sap for actually working out the science lore of tech.

Boson Darts, more info that the traps are Muon Particle traps.

Progressive insurance commercial Ghostbusters promo, looks closer to the original in lighting and thematic

//youtube.com/watch?v=WOVQIBCLjaoyoutube thumb

It's just weird.


they are making notes that the commercials outside of the trailers all feature male Ghostbusters.
On the other hand, if that very same commercial had featured a female 'buster and a male ghost, there would be complains of rape imagery!
Oh my god shut up you idiots
//youtube.com/watch?v=4DKS9nvkzNgyoutube thumb

A neat Ghostbusters Proton Pack.
Don't be that guy, it's obviously in jest.
no you see I was being sexist "ironically"

Movie Novelization written by Stacia Deutsch who seems to be a rather prolific Children's Book author. I don't know much about it myself as she's long after my primary school days.

save file
image:146728276800.jpg(153kB , 1600x1066 , Ghostbusters+VR+gallery+3.jpg)

//youtube.com/watch?v=D1MLDWBRQ-Yyoutube thumb


//youtube.com/watch?v=LHI86_0kyqEyoutube thumb

All this promotion with VR and Transportation networks. And I still cannot get any Ecto Cooler locally.

//youtube.com/watch?v=sTdByVnWomAyoutube thumb

//youtube.com/watch?v=1QlbiEpXJKUyoutube thumb

Maybe Sony actually hates this franchise. Maybe they had Paul Feig at like a hitman and just take it out by making a terrible film.

Then see Disney acquire it and spend the next year gathering the talent to actually write an expanded universe that doesn't reek of garbage.

Half this movie look it'll be a comedy of errors as they develop the technology until we get to the final pack design where it works and doesn't make them get all goofy and slapstick.

This seems to be a thing with Reboots. Why do they feel the need to pad out and explain the things that didn't need to be explained in the original film.
//youtube.com/watch?v=qMUf1QDQZl0youtube thumb

One of the many covers they did on the OST. But not the one they decided to headline as their theme song sadly.
save file
image:146787897700.jpg(22kB , 564x296 , tmp_5591-femaleslimer1373073379.jpg)

Pic of lady onion head in question as Sony nuked the trailer. Also that ones appearance is another confirmation that the Reddit poster is right.
//youtube.com/watch?v=jkHA_E1YQkAyoutube thumb and there goes the porn parody. A few days before the movies release.
//youtube.com/watch?v=I4IicQMpxdgyoutube thumb

Big high energy action scene at the ending like all Blockbusters.
save file
image:146798001400.png(1.26MB , 1114x710 , GBWhiteFudgeMarshmallowTwinkiesByHostessSc01.png)
Seen the Green Slime Lime ones. Not the Marshmallow Fudge.
save file
image:146820147900.jpg(59kB , 1073x258 , we-cant-be-wrong-everyone-is-wrong.jpg)
Though even reviews that state "Its a mediocre comedy that gets drowned out by cgi at the end, 3/5" that's enough to boost that Fresh rating.

Fact is few are going to shit totally on the film lest they draw ire from the usual sources.

And the majority of reviews I've seen that don't go total "throw out your Picasso." say it's a very middle of the road film that suffers from the same problems every Reboot does. It can't top the original.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

In fairness to that subreddit, the few comments that submission received are generally of a “the hell’s wrong with you” nature.
Seen a number to find reviews saying Hemsworth is the best and funniest part of the film. Which can't be going over well for some.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Yeah, but the same's true of any given film. Even films with 100% freshness rating, they aren't all glowing reviews calling it a masterpiece. And likewise, reviews that say 'not a bad movie as such but somewhat disappointing' will drag the number down.

Basically, it's not a masterpiece of cinema, but nobody expected it to be. It's also not a shithole clusterfuck, as so many people were convinced it certainly would be from the moment it was announced, well before so much as promo shots were out.
Its a decent comedy and a poor Ghostbusters movie is a line that I'm hearing from the positives. Standouts being the two people seem to talk about most that being Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon who really seem to thrive in their characters.

Overall that's about the only thread of consistency I've found in reviews. Everything else runs to all degrees of the spectrum I can't get a good judge of the film. Other than that "well.. this is a film" and that it tried to stay too closely to the original, which I don't understand at all because other than "four people bust ghosts" Just about nothing is similar to the other film aside from trappings like the gear after a fashion Slimer and Stay Puft balloon mascot.

And so many are critical of it and yet give it a decent review. I'm just confused and I really don't want to waste my time with a film that regardless of score is just going to end up being hot garbage to sit through.

Just watch some edit later of just Hemsworth and McKinnon scenes.
Basically for all its flaws it was never bad enough that it made them feel like they wasted their time either. 'Tis how RT reviews work. Some films are totally competent on an objective level but get really low RT scores because they don't offer anything worthwhile other films all do better. While sloppier films get higher scores because some of the jokes or performances landed well enough to check it out even if everything else is terrible.
And This version of Ghostbusters seems to fall in the latter. And really I can't be bothered and that's a real shame to me. I have fond memories of playing Ghostbusters as a kid and from what I've seen and read this won't endure itself to kids in the same way. They apparently don't spend much time busting ghosts or talking about it and way too much on developing Tech showcases like this was a Iron Man knockoff.

Which I think was the intention much as JJ Abrams used '09 Trek as a showcase for his Star Wars bid. Cept Feig isn't on that level in any shape or form no matter how much he wants to do an action film series. He's apparently tried for both Bond and Bourne and been turned away.
Thinking on it Edgar Wright could have done a really good Ghostbusters movie. His style and humor would have been a pretty good fit.

Damn shame its going to be banished from film after this.
>I'm just confused and I really don't want to waste my time with a film that regardless of score is just going to end up being hot garbage to sit through.
I thought you said that most of the reviews were saying it was a decent comedy.
That's the thing. I don't really care for Paul Feig style humor. I could endure it if this was a decent to good Ghostbusters film and felt like it. But overall reviews even the ones that give a lot of leeway say it isn't a good Ghostbusters film so there is nothing good I can get out of this.
Yeah, Paul Feig definitely seems to have smeared his fingerprints all over this, right down to the repetitive casting hechooses for side characters.
I'm not a huge McCarthy fan, but it's Feig that's killer the movie for me. Treats the property like a damn parody of itself because that's all he's done in the past. Parody films that took themselves seriously.
Feig and Amy Pascal cut Ivan Reitman out of any creative control for the film. My guess is banking on that a Purely Feig film would have greater success.

Problem is none of those films reached a benchmark for what would be a Franchise Starter.

And the Ghostbusters film will not have a China release that so many films bank on nowadays which will also have an impact.

Already seeing adjustments in theaters (choosing their smallest rooms for showings, only having it in one theater).

Regardless how glowing the reviews paint the film. Its not going to go over well. And I really don't see how they build a sequel other than now aping the second act of the Original Ghostbusters setting up Zuul Keymaster stuff and then in the Third fighting Gozer stretching a one movie plot way too damn thin like the fucking Hobbit.

Scrapped track for Ghostbusters The Video Game.
save file
image:146850942300.jpg(260kB , 1280x1237 , ramis-violet-ghostbusters.jpg)
>So let’s take a page out of the Ghosthead’s book and not restrict the Ghostbusters universe from extending as far and wide as it possibly can. Let’s be generous and make room for all of the visions and interpretations of what Ghostbusters can be. I still get annoyed when I see blond cartoon Egon, but who cares?! It’s a 20-year-old cartoon! The new movie is not the original and it’s not trying to be. Give it a chance and go see it! Or don’t, that’s fine. But resist the urge to hold on so tightly to the past that you choke off new life. I reserve my right as an almost 40-year-old to mutter about how everything was better when I was young, but let’s let this generation have their own Ghostbusters. Let’s give my nine-year-old daughter a chance to put on a proton pack and feel like a badass. In the spirit of my dad and his love for movies and comedy above all, I’ll be there for Ghostbusters 2016 opening weekend with my kids, eating popcorn, wearing my Egon Spengler tribute pin, cheering on the new crew, and laughing loudly, from the heart.

Would have been nice instead of the polarizing trash heap that we got.

Star Wars passed the Torch. This film lit it's own and demanded the other one be put out.

Though I wouldn't mind a Egon tribute pin.
>This film lit it's own and demanded the other one be put out.
Oh, I was unaware that they stole your old Ghostbusters DVDs and set them on fire.

Just that universe won't be continuing in film. Stuck with the lesser one. If this actually succeeds. Though really either way ended up on the wrong side of this cross dimensional rift. Either its dead or directed and written by someone with a mediocre handling of the medium and no real love for the franchise.
That doesn't destroy your Ghostbusters, it just gives a new generation their own Ghostbusters.
save file
image:146856595900.gif(109kB , 500x281 , Despair.gif)

>new generation gets a shitty new Ghostbusters to go along with their shitty new Star Trek, shitty new Robocop, shitty new Total Recall, shitty new Evil Dead, and shitty new Star Wars

this kills me inside
>shitty new Star Trek
>shitty new Star Wars

Nice b8 m8
Star trek is always going to be divisive, but force awakens, for as much as I like the new actors, is following the same media blitz as the prequels.

Hopefully Rogue One will be good.

Compared to the originals they're based off of, they are pale imitations.

They are different but at least they built a story to drive further development. Given Darkness was shit at aping Kahn with some Tweest.

Those films actually want to tell a new story with the known characters and their spiritual successors even if in a different way.

This was just a poorly edited mess stretching out the original narrative to fit across multiple films and not even following that well and blundering what it tried to add in.
We were specifically talking in response to >>46539. Which you're showing yourself to be exactly the sort of person it was wagging its finger at with your purist bullshit.
Movie was kinda meh.

The worst part? I never bought these people as being science buddies, colleagues, FRIENDS. The chemistry between the characters simply isn't there.
Did you REALLY feel like Venkman was friends with Egon and Ray, though? Venkman felt like the Cartman of their group where you can't even really explain why they're friends with him.
Actually yea. He's the well meaning asshole type. He dicks around with them and his nature helps keeps the other two grounded and from doing really stupid things. Like drilling a hole in ones skull and he also pushes them forward when needed at certain points like talking Ray into putting a mortgage on his parents home to get their starting capital.

I can get that he has some familial affection for the other two even if I don't directly see or understand it.
>Did you REALLY feel like Venkman was friends with Egon and Ray, though?

If you have to ask, then you don't have a Venkman/Cartman in your group of friends.
So trying to understand this by watching spoiler reviews.

Trap is used once to capture a ghost and then opened to show the Murray cameo and then lead to his death, and then they never trap again and just "kill" them by blowing them up and throwing them around

So turns out Holtzmann (McKinnon) is gay in the film and has a thing for Gilbert (Wiig) who in turn was all fluster and swoon over Kevin (Hemsworth)

Though I don't know what speaks to in the way of character development since that was apparently revealed by Feig and not something someone could pick up on in the film.

I feel like it's just a last desperate attempt to garner some niche support. "Look, we have a gay character in our movie! Please support it because it's an Important minority!" regardless of whether the character's sexuality actually plays out on screen. If the character's sexuality isn't part of the story you're telling, why does it matter? I never laid in bed at night wondering if Egon secretly wanted to plow Ray's hershey highway.
Might have been part of one of those many cut scenes they've been talking about. Scenes that seemed to be more character development and less awkward jokes.
Dang, Kevin was a terrible character.
Supposed flip of the dumb blonde secretary trope. Which the original Ghostbusters used. Oh wait, they didn't.

//youtube.com/watch?v=u7yYfSJEBOgyoutube thumb

Hell that shit hasn't been used in decades. Least not to the level this movie pushed it. Seen "they are a model and/or don't speak english." But not where they are legit developmentally challenged.

Interesting that people are either endured by the antics of Kevin and Holtzmann or they find them the most cringing wastes of space in the film.

Checking some of the trailers I can see how some of McKinnon interaction with Wiig could be seen as "flirty" but she's such a mugging spaz doing that stuff ALL THE TIME IN EVERY SCENE that its never focused enough to actually work.

Now maybe if she'd been more reserved like Egon and been a bit passive aggressive like torturing Kevin with various behavioral response experiments. Maybe to a send up to the test Peter did in the first movie.

//youtube.com/watch?v=fn7-JZq0Yxsyoutube thumb

But then they'd all have to have Psychology backgrounds along with their other discipline ... which doesn't appear to be the case in this film.

Her more outstanding quirky moments could have worked especially she she'd played it deadpan overall.

Like the Wig and Hat bit. Had she been just deadpan and doing it in the odd idea that it would release tension to the situation, that would have been funny.

But as it stands that moment is just lost in the cacophony that is her character, for that there is of it.

Heck they could have even mentioned her sexual orientation is a subtile way. She's such a weirdo that she's shit at dating.

Say have some women coming out of their place of business making some offhand apology (classic "its not you its me")

Gets out of the building a few feet and then starts excessively celebrating ("FREEDOM!!") doing some kinda dance.

McCarthy just walks by McKinnon and goes "lost another one huh?"

McKinnon wearing a pair of jewelers magnifiers working on some circuits looks up her eyes magnified giving an eerie puppy dog look and says "yea, think there is something wrong with my approach?"

McCarthy goes "No sweetie I'm sure its fine." Woman is still celebrating outside.

McKinnon shrugs and goes back to work. McCarthy just walks away slowly shaking her head.

Judging by Feig's tone, Sony didn't seem keen on the idea, so it had to be snuck in.

>If the character's sexuality isn't part of the story you're telling, why does it matter?

Better question is why get angry over a non-straight character being included in the first place? If a gay character isn't prominently gay throughout the film than he or she should just be straight? That's a terrible mentality to have.
>Better question is why get angry over a non-straight character being included in the first place?

Is it anger over a non-straight character being included, or is it anger over attempting to use a non-straight character as a marketing prop? One of these suggests an issue with gay people in general, the other suggests an issue with the crass commercialization practices.
>marketing prop
>character's sexuality is never mentioned in any of the marketing
>director has to hide it from Sony

Uh huh.

>Director giving interviews saying a character is totes gay when in reality it isn't shown in the movie
>Attempting to garner support from the gay community so "we can see Feig be less coy in a potential sequel"

Mm hmm.
So, any opinions on the actual movie?

For all the heated debates we have had in the past few weeks, it's odd that only one poster seems to have watched it.
>an interview
>interviewer was the one that brought it up and was able to decipher that gay actress that flirted with women in film was gay

And again, you failed to understand marketing, because her sexuality was never brought up. But it's obvious you're looking for any little thing to OUTRAGE about this movie, so I doubt anything I say will convince you. Whatever. Discussion over.

I didn't get to see it because my fridge was getting repaired. Will see it this weekend, though.
Ready to endure Feig and his 3.5 hour ultimate cut?


Maybe they'll actually put a ghost in containment in that version. You know actually be Ghostbusters and get actually paid instead of handwaving "Government Employees" ending.
Well, in the movie they destroy the ghosts, so no need for containment.

Movie acted like a cartoon yet even the cartoon said why that wouldn't work.

Heck both cartoon and comic working on different universes told why that wouldn't be possible. Physics, the laws of conservation.

Exactly how much technobable was in the film from those who cared to see it.

I don't mean scribbling down something and then someone remarking "Wow, that sure is some science." Or just bullshitting around with tech without saying anything about how they work.

And speaking of the comics apparently they are forbidden from using the '16 Stuff. Thank Gozer for small graces.

I do love when actual educated film makers pick apart shitty films. And get utterly drunk while doing it.
Really hope lack of trap scenes isn't something stupid like "well the prop really looked nice but it wasn't something someone could feasibly carry." Because that would just be careless prop design.
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image:146907372900.jpg(78kB , 600x734 , 462684.jpg)
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image:146907400600.jpg(90kB , 600x600 , 07-SDCC-Preview-Night-One12Ghostbusters-e1469049123492.jpg)
Likely costing about the same amount as one of these Mezco 1:12 Collection Figures.

Soft Goods and Six Inches. A favorite line of mine since Batman and Dredd.
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image:146914855600.png(443kB , 604x597 , Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 7.47.30 PM.png)
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image:146915175200.jpg(66kB , 1000x682 , Blitzway-Ghostbusters-Tease.jpg)
Not heard of these guys before but Blitzway is also putting out a line of 1:6 and 1:12 Ghostbusters.

Also 1:6 Ecto-1

Never heard of them before so I'll watch out. Really don't want another Shocker Toys Situation.
Shame the Firehouse is so massively expensive.
Since we're on the topic of toys...

>Mattel is reporting strong early sales for its line of toys based on the female-led “Ghostbusters” — from both boys and girls.

>In keeping with the tagline “Everybody wants to be a Ghostbuster,” Mattel’s retail strategy was to sell the female-led Ghostbusters action figures in the boys’ toy aisle. The sales figures at the top retailers in the country have exceeded expectations, the toymaker reported Friday.

I read that but Literally none of the stores around here were carrying even the play action (packs and traps) stuff. Places that have the sea of pink barbie aisle along with the Monster High and Ever After Mattel stuff.

Though now I'm waiting out to see if one of the Premium Figure makers put out some. Since the seen price point for Mattel was too high for the compared quality of other similar priced lines.
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image:146929624800.png(963kB , 798x1000 , 4-Castewar-2.png)

>Have a top line FX company build Slimer/ette animatronic suits.

>Scrap it all in the final film replaced with CGI garbage and leave them out of the credits even though you model the CGI stuff after their physical effects work.

Nice Work Sony.

Also check the page as it has actual tests of the Slimer. Damn it looks good. I'm a sucker for good Physical Effects. Had that stayed in, I'd be tempted to actually watch the film for those scenes.

Apparently it used a system very similar to the one they made for Ghostusters 2 except a lot more refined.

//youtube.com/watch?v=8Da5lXWrHCQyoutube thumb
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image:146933231200.png(908kB , 1227x1200 , tumblr_oae4ax8NAX1qjulcao1_1280.png)
Finally saw the film. I enjoyed it.

There are some things present from most modern comedies that annoyed me in Ghostbusters, like scenes either ad-libbed or looked like they were going on to long (the flipping the bird scene), but overall I had fun. I liked all the characters and the chemistry among them. Jillian Holtzmann was the best. Chris Hemsworth's character was also great. The gag involving Hemsworth's character designing logos was meh, but everything that followed was hilarious. The sandwich gag at the end was my favorite.

Ghostbusters does try to establish a lot of the trademarks too soon; hurting the flow of the film and sacrificing potential character development. Patty Tolan didn't have much of a reason to join the group. The feud between Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert was underdeveloped. I was expecting some tension between the two after Erin disobeyed her and opened the ghost trap, which resulted in Bill Murray's character death, but there was nothing. And because of this, the ending where Erin goes off and saves Abby from the portal doesn't have much value.

Loved Slimmer, and the callbacks weren't too pushy.
Most of that seems to be cut during editing for some reason. Very much like BvS things that would have explained some strange jumps were left on the cutting room floor. Though Ghostbusters had a lot more of those I think just how it was shot since quite a few have pointed out jarring day to night transitions within scenes.

Also seems either you find Holtzmann and Kevin tolerable to endearing or either the worst wastes of space in the film.

Watching that Hearse scene in the Half in the Bag review. Damn that was on too long and didn't need each of them shooting off a joke. Just Patty and Holtzmann back and forth would be fine for that scene. Not everyone coming out there to crack wise.

Personally I think Kevin is played way too damn stupid.

Also was there any lead up to Kevin being interested in being a Ghostbuster to setup that scene. Because from what I'm reading either a lot of people missed it or it was another piece that was cut.

>“The new CFO has got his knife out,” said one source. “It would have been helpful if ‘Ghostbusters’ got off OK.”

>Sony Corp. CEO Kazuo Hirai told The Hollywood Reporter in June that it will take “two to three years to produce results” at the studio.

Ah crud. Hope Ghost Corps survives.
>“Most of the senior vice president titles and above are going,” said one source familiar with the moves. “The parent company is taking over. They don’t need a corporate structure in the US.”

That's better than I expected, I figured it would all come crashing down on the lower employees and the managers who made the bad decisions would get off scott free.
Nickelodeon did something similar couple years back. Eliminated a few of the executive positions and shifted to a more production team oriented structure. If this shifts more power to the Ghost Corps production house and back to Reitman and Aykroyd then this could be a positive thing.

I'd say Sony wouldn't mind something other than their game division showing some profit. Dunno if they'll have a sequel but maybe get something but it does sound like they have a plan to get things back on track with the Studio. Though I feel Sausage Party is going to setup a new line of hurt for them.

Hope they don't scrap the Animation Department over it and maybe just let Genndy Tartakovsky assume control of the whole thing.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few Ghostbusters shorts or projects done in his style.
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image:146967991200.png(302kB , 704x400 , disgust2.png)
>Though I feel Sausage Party is going to setup a new line of hurt for them.

Let's not forget the "Emoji movie" that's coming down the pipe
And Sony Japan just dissolves all executive positions at that time.
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image:146994879800.jpg(55kB , 640x480 , CorNZhSUIAEOEJF.jpg)
T4 was here
Saw it.
Liked it.
Still more hyped for Ecto Force.
//youtube.com/watch?v=UWROBiX1eScyoutube thumb
A little retrospective on Ghostbusters 2016.

>Reported 70 Million loss on the film

Had they not spat in the eye of half the fanbase and it may have done better and getting past that most seem to think the writing and directing was crap.

But hey they are still going forward with the Ecto Force project Animated Series that seems to take from Dan Aykroyd original Ghostbusters script. Also an Animated Theatrical in 2019.

Put Genndy Tartakovsky on the film and I think you'll have a good chance of making something great. A man with a damn fine understanding of comedy and dramatic action.
>Had they not spat in the eye of half the fanbase
The movie went out of its way to homage the OG movies.

"Half the fanbase" is referring to the gender politics engaged by the marketing, director, and production staff, which has nothing to do in regards to making references to the previous movies.