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image:145937199800.png(101kB , 460x460 , Soundcloud.png)
Soundcloud thread

Link stuff, and also maybe upload what you've made here as well.

recently made thing: https://soundcloud.com/user-404162053/clickity-clack-get-off-of-my-track
This is the only thing I've listened to on Soundcloud, and that was years and years ago

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image:165077799184.jpg(42kB , 552x552 , moon-musiq-logo.jpg)
moon musiq is a netlabel that puts out compilations of industrial, dark ambient, and noise from a diverse set of underground artists. Take a listen


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image:166100503917.jpg(188kB , 1200x1200 , a1150603248_10.jpg)
Check out my new album...

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image:140689005000.jpg(63kB , 680x340 , expendables_large.jpg)
Are you ready for another round of grumpy old men with guns???
//youtube.com/watch?v=4xD0junWlFcyoutube thumb
what the fuck is plus4chan
It's the chan where your grandpa used to shitpost.
Grumpy old men you say?
Samaritan - Official Trailer (2022) Sylvester Stallone, Javon “Wanna” Waltonyoutube thumb

But instead of guns and action heroes its old Stallone as an old superhero
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image:140091381300.jpg(276kB , 420x600 , Watching landscape by JadeGL.jpg)
Let us dedicate a thread to the awesome music of the 80s!

Not the meh; the awesome!

I'll start:
Men At Work - Still Life (1985)youtube thumb
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Mstr Twstr
I neglected the thread, and so will do something about it. Radio hits can go away, non-mainstream is where it's at:
Intimate Strangersyoutube thumb
Why can't Tesla or whoever just license the Pontiac Firebird Trans-am car design, cram all their self-driving car tech inside, and put it on the market like that as a KITT replica? It would be nothing less but the dream car for hundreds of thousands.
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image:139963910500.jpg(109kB , 600x430 , pretty polly.jpg)

Let our love be a flame not an ember
Say it's me that you want to dis-member

Vandaveer - Pretty Polly (Official Video)youtube thumb
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So many reports of people passing on, this board is more like an obituary section...
File deleted
Giant Everything & Godzilla General!
Godzilla Week Day #1 - TOP TEN MOVIES!youtube thumb
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image:164706731595.jpg(163kB , 1920x816 , Gigan vs Anguirus.jpg)
50 years old.
What Could Have Been: BATMAN in filmAnonymous
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image:163416945296.jpg(23kB , 372x503 , Batman Murray.jpg)
BATMAN by Tom Manciewitz

>Originally, Mankiewicz had wanted an unknown actor for Batman, William Holden for James Gordon, David Niven as Alfred Pennyworth, and Peter O'Toole as the Penguin. A number of filmmakers were attached to Mankiewicz' script, including Ivan Reitman and Joe Dante. Reitman wanted to cast Bill Murray as Batman, Michael J. Fox as Robin, and Eddie Murphy as The Joker.

>The original script was written by Tom Mankiewicz, an on-set writer for the Superman movies. It bores little resemblance to the final movie, and was made to keep the project alive as directors and creatives looked at it and either showed interest or passed it on.
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image:163418754971.png(1.09MB , 962x1200 , The Scarecrow.png)
BATMAN UNCHAINED by Mark Protosevich

>BATMAN UNCHAINED is the unproduced sequel to 1997’s BATMAN & ROBIN. The script featured Batman fighting crime alone once again after Robin leaves Gotham due to disagreements about Batman’s methods and Batgirl returns to England to complete her studies. Meanwhile, biochemist Jonathan Crane, who wants revenge on Bruce Wayne for cutting his research funds, joins forces with toymaker Harley Quinn, who wants revenge on Batman for the death of her father, the Joker, and they expose Batman to the fear toxin and lock him up at Arkham Asylum.

>At Arkham, Batman is put on trial by hallucinations of his past enemies – the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face and the Riddler – but ultimately conquers his fears and manages to escape. He then makes amends with Robin and they join forces to prevent Crane, now calling himself “Scarecrow”, from spreading the fear toxin through Gotham. Harley, who doesn’t want to hurt innocents, betrays Crane and helps the heroes stop him. Crane and Harley are arrested, and Batman leaves Robin – now calling himself “Nightwing” – to protect Gotham while he goes on a spiritual journey to the Middle East.
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image:163418835381.jpg(131kB , 400x607 , 198461-142368-man-bat.jpg)
BATMAN DARKNIGHT by Lee Shapiro and Stephen Wise

>Lee Shapiro and Stephen Wise submitted a spec script called "Batman: DarKnight". In it, Bruce Wayne has abandoned the identity of Batman, while Dick Grayson attends Gotham University, where he meets Psychology teacher Dr. Jonathan Crane and Biology teacher Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Crane is the head psychologist at Arkham Asylum, and creates a fear toxin, using the inmates and his students as test subjects. Once Langstrom finds out about this, he confronts Crane, who throws him against a series of chemical products, including an experimental formula based on DNA of bats that Langstrom had developed to cure genetic deafness.

>The chemicals turns Langstrom into the murderous vampire Man-Bat. Shortly afterwards, Crane's criminal activities are exposed and he is fired. Infuriated, Crane adopts the identity of the Scarecrow and controls Man-Bat through the fear toxin, forcing him to eliminate Crane's superiors who wronged him, while Crane descends into madness and decides to spread the fear toxin through Gotham.
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You certainly like your Batman movie trivia.
What's the best Caribbean music genre?Anonymous
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image:162188016638.jpg(903kB , 1000x1000 , snow-52964117ac08c.jpg)
I'm trying to get into Caribbean music to please my mother and I don't know which genre is the best.
I mostly listen to prog if that matters
You weren't the one that posted it.
Why are you replying?
silly guy, we are all anonymous here.
Isn't that guy dead
Nah, the law got him and he proved to be a cowardly little bitch who snitched on all his pals for a reduced sentence. Somehow his street cred survived being the very embodiment of "everybody is a gangasta until..." and is still selling his music, but hey I guess if you are a fan of a guy like him you can't be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
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audio:139978645200.mp3(3.42MB / 04:13s / 113kbps , 44.1kHz / 12 - Pendulum - Witchcraft.mp3)

We have a radio again. So like... post cool songs for it here, ya dig?
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audio:161263274022.mp3(5.99MB / 06:30s / 128kbps , 44.1kHz / The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Blood and Rockets- Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too the Moon.mp3)
A Primus / Beatles crossover exists (Les Claypool and Lennon's Son) and has existed for a few years now AND I'VE ONLY JUST LEARNED ABOUT IT.
Mister Twister
John Lennon's son ≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠ The Beatles though.
No, but his voice is very close to Lennons and the musical style of the band is very similar to Beatles too.
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image:149556155700.png(182kB , 600x314 , Roger Moore.png)
/mtv/ General: “Farewell, Roger Moore” Edition
Previous Thread: >>47158
He died as he lived: not aging.
Watched the Cloverfield trilogy the last few days.

First movie is... a monster movie but with that goddamn stupid "shaky hand cam" style like the Blair Witch project. I consider this a horrible idea, especially when I was hoping for a monster movie. It's not bad as a movie though, there's suspense, catastrophe and bloodshed. I just don't like this direction style. And the movie kind of has no ending whatsoever.

Second movie (Cloverfield lane) is much better, and makes for a good thriller, even if it is somewhat predictable. The aliens in the end kind of ruin the movie sadly, they should've played a bigger role earlier on. Goodmans character could've had proper radio and some cameras set up too in his bunker, not just a VHF radio that wouldn't detect anything. The apocalypse scenario of it all should have been more emphasized, because without that the ending felt really out of place. The main character goes from a fashion designer to fighting aliens with Molotov cocktails in a span of ten minutes.
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image:161369042724.jpg(367kB , 662x960 , p694fry76bi61.jpg)
So how about them live action disney movies huh?

Just coming and coming and coming all over the publics faces.
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image:160394295531.jpg(5kB , 1280x720 , 715F7F4A-D770-48DE-9538-56DFB49A5A09.jpeg)
ITT: Characters that shaped your personality for years (and they still do)
How old is that movie even?
Very. I remember reading the comic in the 00s, and the last volume was yet to have been released when the movie was made (and had a different ending).
Bootleg thread!Anonymous
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image:141116171100.jpg(115kB , 400x400 , rf Roger Waters is not sure how to feel.jpg)
Since nobody comes to this place anyways, what better time to make a new thread? Share the great and the valuable fan recordings and unreleased songs from the great musicians who lived at some point in history.

To keep the FUN going, please refrain from posting links to material that is commercially available.

I'll start with the overall greatest recording of the Radio KAOS tour by Roger Waters:
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Also you might want to consider checking the site first, since it seems to be already dead. URL only shows a "temporary unavailable" message.
I hope it hasn't been taken down permanently.
They really had some great stuff.
It's possible that although the domain was paid for, the hosting was not.
Songs that charge you with OPTIMISMAnonymous
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image:153146401200.png(237kB , 338x310 , Commander Kitty optimism.png)
Roy Wood - Lion's Heartyoutube thumb
not you, the other guy
That sounds like a lovely song! What band performed it? :)
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image:153338683400.png(723kB , 849x960 , d666b7681960baf19fbf83887e95e1d1.png)
What TV series is /mtv/ following nowadays?
What good, short (2 seasons or less), TV series does /mtv/ recommend?
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image:153449296000.jpg(65kB , 2550x1700 , 27_vikings_tv_show.jpg)
Wrong person to answer that (I mostly watch older stuff), but currently watching Vikings. It's not super new, but the episodes I'm at were done within the last 5 years. The writing is a mish-mash of sagas, as well as creative liberty. What happens in the show and what the actors do on-screen is very realistic regarding actual human nature, with only mild romantization. The only flaws are an unnecessary blue tint on the camera and just a tad too much pointless drama (realistic, but I could use less).

Vikings is essentially Game of Thrones, with more realistic and down to earth.
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image:153451416900.jpg(114kB , 960x720 , static is actually an improvement.jpg)
>What TV series is /mtv/ following nowadays?
I'm stuck in a time warp watching 2003 cartoons and 90's CN. Most free-to-air TV in my country is downright abysmal.
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image:151321759100.png(1.79MB , 1012x750 , guardians_of_the_galaxy_vol_two_ver4_xlg.png)
Now that the dust has settled, which was the superior Disney neo-Star Wars sequel kino?
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image:152097303000.jpg(155kB , 1920x1080 , snapshot20180313172815.jpg)
Maybe it's what the next show is about.
Next show takes place during the Resistance right around TFA timeline
Mister Twister
Which is....... a problem.