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Treasure Sharing ThreadAnonymous
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image:143798537800.png(2.14MB , 1067x800 , treasure.png)
The rare, the out-of-print, the unreleased, the ridiculously expensive.

If it's impossible, next to impossible, or just very hard to obtain, share it here. After all, if the above is true, you are not hurting anyone.

I shall start with one of the greatest albums never released:
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image:143802862900.jpg(589kB , 1584x1977 , Splashdown promo photo.jpg)
The above link is now dead, because I killed it. Here is the replacement:
Mister Twister
God fucking dammit........ I made a terrible mistake.

If any mod (who is alive and reading this) can delete this, it would be great.