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image:149089909700.png(313kB , 640x360 , batgirl_1280_720_81_s_c1.png)
DC General: Beware the Batgirl Edition

Why Batgirl? Because Warner Bros. has apparently decided to give Joss Whedon a shot at writing, producing, and directing a Batgirl film: http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/03/30/joss-whedon-will-direct-batgirl
So they going to put this out before or after the proposed Gotham City Sirens movie?

Because Stand Alone sans Batman I can see but Stand Alone sans other prominent females in Gotham I do not.
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image:149090986900.jpg(43kB , 500x384 , 1284552723295.jpg)
Batgirl + Whedon? This I might actually watch. But I will wait for reviews, like I tend to these days.
As long as they put a leash on him compared to Age of Ultron.
Dolph signed on to Aquaman. I'm cool with it. Again I hope it all works out. Cool that he's in that and Stallone is over in Marvel.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Welp, that should be the end of that.
If only they hadn't screwed with the original it really could have worked. Civil Court cases against Superheros about damages. We could have Harvey Bridman'd this show. it could have been funny and great. Instead of a shitting disaster of failed Batman jokes.
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image:149425573100.jpg(92kB , 1280x720 , WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer].mp4_snapshot_00.58_[2017.05.08_11.00.00].jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=VSB4wGIdDwoyoutube thumb

So we've got Wonder Woman Trailer out and its the Final One. Plus is that we've got conformation that Doctor Poison is in the film.

Problem is that the CGI is still terrible and the composite shots look unfinished. They really need to get someone else to be their CGI guys.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Man. After a couple of actually good trailers, this one feels underwhelming. Not-so-good CGI, giving away practically the entire story arc of the film, the weak-ass song choice…bleah.
Well we know Doctor Poison will be overshadowed by Ares since Wonder Woman has to kill a god.

That is a Chekhov's gun if ever there was one.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Just for the record: “Powerless” has officially been shitcanned.
Yea. I do feel bad for them as the original was so much better. Wonder if anyone from that convention will leak a cam of that.

I mean normal people struggling to get on an equal footing with Superheros sounds like like a great gimmick.

Just the mental picture of some poor sap trying to get the Amazons to settle up in court and they call in fucking Themis to represent them. It just makes me smile.

Hell you could make it so that an entire season builds up to just the case because one would expect it to be really fucking hard to get a Superhero into the courtroom. Heck four episodes alone could be the plot of just trying to get to Paradise Island and serve the papers.

Also I'd tap Ambush Bug to be part of the cast as the B plot would be him working to get various D and Less Lister to settle up on lesser insurance matters. Part of me would want Ambush Bug and Lobo duo but that's maybe too much.
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image:149498629300.jpg(617kB , 900x1273 , itifr2b3dwxy.jpg)
Chinese poster for Wondies upcomming film.

I think at this point I'll go see WW in theaters if any of my friend or family decide they want to go see it.

Damn. Well best to him and the family in getting through this.
Wow. That really fucking sucks.

Also with some irony, apparently Joss Whedon will be taking over for what's left of Justice League.
Which doesn't bode well least for a tonally consistent film. But hey maybe Joss can weave some narrative between all of Snyder's cinematic moments.
Justice League finished filming months ago. Whedon will be directing a few planned reshoots (because that's the craze nowadays) and complete the post-production, but the finished product will be 99% Snyder's. I *seriously* doubt Whedon is going to change things noticeably, especially given the circumstances.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Snyder finished directing the principal photography. WB has already released trailers. Whedon cannot change anything major about the film at all at this point. At best, he can add a few minor scenes and maybe tweak some dialogue in what will likely be green-screen-heavy reshoots. The film already has a direction and a tone and all that; Whedon coming in to wrap things up cannot and will not change that, especially with studio execs looking over his shoulder.
Well... that's exactly what I said, but with more words!
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
The Alamo Drafthouse in NYC decided to run a women-only screening for “Wonder Woman” during the film’s opening weekend. The response to this from certain corners of the Internet (read: the women-hating caves of MRAs and their PUA brethren) was so strong that the Drafthouse took decisive action—by adding another women-only screening to the schedule.

Fucking beautiful.
Also it should be noted said women-only screenings are meant as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood more than anything else.
Well the critics seem to like it take that as you will. We'll have wait and see what the public comes out of this thinking.

Company wars trolls over on /co/ are being insufferable.

It'll get worse if this craters in the box office. I mean I hope it does well. Just everything I've seen Gadot still isn't that good. She seems enthusiastic I guess. Maybe it'll work out.
Won't watch it until next week but my friends are also saying it's good. A little conventional and the third act is what you come to expect from these kinds of movies but it's solid and well made, not an editing clusterfuck like Suicide Squad and less melodramatic than the Snyder films.

One of the things I read is that she actually acts like a hero. Which appears to be a massive positive.
rasputin_zero !!e9Z+3lbULwW
Who woulda thunk, people actually like there to be heroes in their superhero movies.

I haven't seen it yet, but knowing Diana dancing with General Ludendorff is in it has doubled my enthusiasm to do so.
Boy this wanted to be Cap 1 so fucking bad
Which is good because Cap 1 is one of the better Marvel films.

And IMO, the "World War" aspect in Wonder Woman was better handled and more interesting. One of things that I didn't like in First Avenger was that after Cap frees the soldiers, almost all the WWII action is left in a 2 minute long montage.
WW1 movies written like WW2 movies are suffering
Agreed. WW also used its Howling Commandos equivalents much better too. It was right at the point you mentioned that Cap 1 started to fall apart. Overall I think I still prefer Cap 1 better but WW was more consistently good even if it didn't reach the highs of Cap 1.
Something I did like better in First Avenger was the climax. Cap Vs Red Skull wasn't exactly an incredible action scene by any means, but I did appreciate that it was a very oldschool fistfight. WW vs Ares is yet another generic CGI lightshow, pretty much any of the earlier action scenes were more exciting and in fact I consider it the weakest part of the film.

... actually, now that I think about it a lot of Superhero films do suffer from that, weak final confrontations between the the main hero and the antagonist.
Yeah. Also they were fighting to take control of the bomber whereas in this movie it feels like they just fought because they felt the movie needed a big bad guy fight. Though I think Ares was fine until they went full CGI. Part of me wishes they used more to get rid of that stupid looking mustache.

Squad ran into that as well. Third act just being there for someone to trigger their super move and battle the villains.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Also, new “Justice League” trailer: //youtube.com/watch?v=bEQ7GalI9dQyoutube thumb
Word around is that Whedon's influece in Justice League will be a lot deeper than just the expected "he's just carrying post-production duties", specifically he allegedly shot new scenes with Cyborg to make him less grimderp.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Ten bux says he now comes off as something closer to cartoon!Cyborg than whatever Snyder had in mind.

We'll get a BOO YAH though likely as he puts down a baddie or something.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

That was likely to happen anyway. Now it's all but guaranteed.

The actor playing Cyborg's dad confirms that they are changing Cyborg's character.

Also, word is that the reason for the extensive reshoots is because the early cut of the film was considered unwatchable by the WB people.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>the early cut of the film was considered unwatchable by the WB people

These people let “Suicide Squad” end up like it did. If “Justice League” is “unwatchable”, I can only imagine how bad it is in comparison.
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image:150279984500.jpg(232kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>considered unwatchable by the WB people
I tend to believe that studios will never pull anything for reasons other than legal issues and taboo/swearing issues. If they pull something on quality control, it must be seriously messed up.
I'm worried, but it depends on what they consider unwatchable, because I'm led to believe Suicide Squad would've been better left alone than with the hackjob editing job it got.
Dunno Snyder kept becoming more and more disjointed so they very well could have been even less narrative cohesion then BvS. It very well could have felt like a few smaller films than one large cohesive piece.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And as if WB needed more problems, it is now planning to make a “Joker origin story” movie.


Well, uh…at least it couldn’t be any worse than Catwoman, right? 😅
Isn't the whole point of Joker that he has no "true" origin story?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The closest anyone ever got to giving him one was The Killing Joke—the comic, not the animated film—and even that did not ultimately stick. But yes, the mystique surrounding Joker’s lack of a true origin is the largest part of what makes him a compelling character. Any attempt to pigeonhole him into a “definitive” origin or pre-Joker identity makes the character less compelling.
Even in the context of the comic, the "origin" presented in Killing Joke isn't definitive, it's there to leave you thinking if there is any truth to that sob story or if it is just something the Joker made up. It was stupid that later writers attempted to validate that origin in canon, since it would rob the subtlety of that plot point.
Given the recent revelations about Whedon and his old script for Wonder Woman I'm now terrified for the Batgirl film and its astronomical likelihood of turning out to be self-insert waifu garbage.
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image:150353545200.jpg(57kB , 729x488 , Starfire.jpg)

In other news related to female DC characters, the upcoming live-action series Titans has a Starfire: Anna Diop, whose recent work includes 24: Legacy, The Messengers, and Quantico. She joins Teagan Croft, who will be playing the role of Raven.
Writers need to understand that mysterious characters are cool because... well, because they are mysterious. Trying to shed light into the mystery often at best adds nothing of worth to the characters, and at worst ruins them. You have to be a really, REALLY good writer to pull it off.

Seeing Boba Fett as a dumbass kid didn't make him any cooler, knowing that the Xenomorphs were created by a crazy robot from earth only made me ask why the title is still "Alien", and the realization that Michael Myers was the product of some wacky celtic conspiracy gave me a headache. And certainly, I don't give a damn about what's the Joker's true origin. Some questions are better left without an answer.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Michael Myers was the product of some wacky celtic conspiracy

I thought we agreed, as a society, to never again speak of any Halloween films outside of the first two.
I can forgive them if it ends up being a Rashomon type deal where Joker's backstory(s) act as a backdrop to characterize DCEU Gotham's underworld and the other Batvillains as a whole, but I don't trust them to be that capable.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I don‘t trust them to even know what Rashomon is.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Took ’em long enough.
That they didn't realize it earlier on when everyone was screaming in their faces is facepalm-worthy, but better late than never, especially if it means their future movies are as good as Wonder Woman.
Well if Flash movie is used as Flashpoint lead into to a soft-ish reboot it could work. Just don't go retelling everything again.

Go with Rebirth model. It happened just a bit differently.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Just don't go retelling everything again.

Warner Bros. shoehorned the base-level origin story of Batman into BvS. It will retell everything again because it thinks audiences are morons.
>new Justice League trailer
I really wanna like Cyborg, but man i can't get over his atrocious design for these films. Flash neither but he has the luxury of taking his suit off.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

On the flipside: I love Aquaman's look, but FUCK, why did they have to make him a “bro”?
So Affleck is getting tagged in the Hollywood casting couch kerfuffle.

Looking like Flashpoint is pretty much a given going forward now.
Why isn't Jane Fonda getting any flack? She pretty much admitted that she knew about Weinstein's abuses for years and did nothing about it. Anybody who knew and remained silent need to be publicly ashamed.
Well Affleck its both committing and aiding in the problem and Jane Fonda isn't currently a A list star. But yea its turning out a whole bunch of A listers did a bunch of muscling to keep the media silent on this. Either because they themselves were complicit or didn't want to rock the boat and ruin their careers.

Time for the surviving Cory to shine that light bright.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Anybody who knew and remained silent need to be

…asked whether they stayed silent because they feared retribution from Weinstein, his production company, or his powerful friends. If they say “no”, they should be pushed out of the business for good.
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image:150795912200.gif(368kB , 200x150 , SypDHru.gif)
>be Seth McFarlane
>admit knowing of what was going on with Weinstein

...Also, shouldn't this discussion be moved to the /mtv/ General?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Bob Chipman, aka “MovieBob”, swore that if he were to ever do a “Really That Bad” episode of his “Really That Good” series (mainly-positive video essays about good films and why they are “really that good”), he would do such an episode only for the right movie, and it would only ever be a one-off. Turns out, he found that movie—in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He put out a preview a few weeks ago about his reasoning for the two-part episode and why he chose that movie — //youtube.com/watch?v=_FzzIDgVLm8youtube thumb — and yesterday, he dropped Part 1 of his deep dive into why Dawn of Justice is…well, really that bad:

//youtube.com/watch?v=F9juReoJxI0youtube thumb
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
The original plan for Justice League was making it a two-film story. After Warner Bros. axed that idea (likely spurred by the failures of BvS and Suicide Squad), the one-film story was shaping up to be another two-and-a-half-hour trek through the DCEU. Snyder left the film for a truly heartbreaking reason, so WB asked Joss Whedon to finish the damn thing. And now the reportedly 300-million-dollar film has been cut down into a two-hour story.

How long do you think will it be until WB gives up on the DCEU?
Right now WB has no real reason to give the DCEU the axe, all 4 movies released so far have made a substantial amount of money. BvS underperformed a bit because they were aiming it to join the billion dollar club (don't forget, out of 17 films released so far Marvel only has placed 4 up there, it isn't exactly an easy feat), but still, 873 million worldwide isn't exactly spare cash. Justice League would need to be a disastrous flop for WB to consider giving up the franchise.
Justice league could theoretically flop HARD and they'd still let things play out for a bit longer since wonder woman earned a ton of good will and was a departure from the methods that made most of the other films fall.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>a departure from the methods that made most of the other films fall

Translation: “It wasn’t a Snyder-helmed fuck-up that tried to be deep and ‘complicated’ but ultimately said a bunch of nothing while telling a story with unlikeable characters and less structure than a house made of sticks.”
Didn't he learn from Age of Ultron why trimming down a film to have such a short run time can be a fucking terrible idea?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I would bet that Whedon did not make the call on final runtime. After all, a two-hour movie can be shown more times in a day than a two-and-a-half-hour movie, and more showings means more potential income. Whedon might have that notion in the back of his head as a tertiary concern; Warner Bros. executives, on the other hand…
He claims he wanted to beat a personal record and that's why AoU is exactly one minute shorter than the original Avengers.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I was referring more to JL than AoU, but…good lord, Whedon, you fucking idiot.
Ultron had a lot of executive meddling involved so I can believe it being the studio's fault and Whedon is enough of an egomaniac to try to make it sound like his own idea.
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image:151067615600.png(185kB , 787x342 , 1510645663314.png)
The Justice League Rotten Tomatoes score isn't going to be release until the movie comes out. How embarrassing.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Reminder that WB owns a stake in Rotten Tomatoes, thus making this move look hella-unethical.
From what I hear from friends, the movie isn't that bad. Not great but still surprisingly good and not a total disaster.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The general consensus I have seen from various review roundups goes like this: “It ain’t a great movie, but it is better than Batman v Superman, which was the singular low-as-fuck bar Justice League had to clear.”
The worst part of the movie was the Flash. Everything else was fairly serviceable.
Really? I heard he was one of the better balanced characters.
It wasn't horrible. It wasn't depressing. It was fun. And I enjoyed seeing the characters doing their thing. I am happy.

And I totally wasn´t expecting to see a Green Lantern. Also, that perfect Deathstroke! And Luthor finally looking like Luthor! And that Injustice Gang sequel hook! I can¿t believe I am again excited about these movies!
I almost feel dirty for defending a Snyder film... but there is no reason for the mediocrity of Age of Ultron to have a 75% RT score while Justice League gets destroyed with a 34%. The critics bias is clear here.

Mediocrity is still better than crap. And didn't those same critics push Wonder Woman to a 92% RT score?
It had built-up goodwill towards the characters and universe because of the previous movies. Justice League didn't and this was the first real look at many of the new guys so it's harder to give a shit.
Yes and they also loved LEGO Batman as well. Face it Snyder is just a hack.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Also: Lots of critics have far higher standards than the average moviegoer—which is a side effect of watching/reviewing/critiquing films far more often than the average person.
Gods fucking damn, Ezra Miller is an irritating piece of shit, even in interviews.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

MovieBob continues “Really That Bad: Batman v Superman” with Part 2 of what will now be a three-part series (thanks in part to Justice League):

//youtube.com/watch?v=A8BPzCvrxLYyoutube thumb
Well, unless a miracle happens, it seems that Justice League will end up as the lowest box office performer in the DCEU, not even making Man of Steel cash.
Hearing they're going to use the upcoming Flash movie to soft-reboot the DCEU aside from Wonder Woman via Flashpoint.
It won't fix ths problem, especially not with the flash.
Because Ezra Miller is trash tier.

I said "holy shit" out loud.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Jesus Christ.
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image:152937909300.png(333kB , 731x570 , tumblr_pajtbixIjm1sl7gimo1_raw.png)
Jesus Christ.
Really fires the neurons.
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image:157512121909.gif(3.6MB , 500x500 , 1575093671589.gif)
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image:161496860636.jpg(334kB , 971x2048 , bahgawd.jpg)
Christ did you faggots hear about Snyder's original plans for Justice League sequels?
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image:161500878640.png(1.38MB , 2673x1750 , 1615003001925.png)
ah, the sonic cycle. It's been so long I've seen that.
When was the last good sonic game?
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video:161502033823.webm(2.98MB , 1920x1080 , just like my japanese animes.webm)
>Full recreation of anon's attempts at having sex with a chick during a Con
>When was the last good sonic game?

Generations which was half the old games remade, and Mania which was basically a fanwank romhack tier game but released as an official entry.
Apparently WB shut down the exhibit these whiteboards were part of and trying to get the images taken down from the internet, due to the response of people seeing them.
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image:161505532482.jpg(83kB , 482x637 , terrible shirt design.jpg)
Would you wear a t-shirt with bat-sperm on it?
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image:161530361287.jpg(28kB , 2048x912 , 1615298625153.jpg)
The fuck is this pic supposed to symbolize?
That thing was an official t-shirt design for charity based on Zack Snyder's justice league scripts.

The tiny wriggling sperm dripping down from the Bat logo represents how he knocked up Lois Lane which was the key to everything that happens.
So if I understand right the pic also means that Wonder Woman and Flash are about mingle their blood, Flash kills Superman, Cyborg is the ex-slave of Aquaman, and Superman stabs Bruce Wayne with six daggers and a sword?
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image:161531187648.jpg(189kB , 928x1530 , b8f1b99a9b1c5e2445c075f38c09766b.jpg)
Makes about as much sense as the actual movies they had in mind.
Its honestly just a bunch of classic mythological symbology crudely ripped off and with a bunch of DC character logos slapped on it.
Because Snyder is a fucking hack.
Does Superman really get cucked by Bruce in Snyder's vision for the trilogy? As in, the son he and Lois had in the future is revealed to be Bruce's?

So the plan was Lois and Batman were fucking while Clark was "dead".

Superman was cucked into being evil in the bad timeline where she dies, but in the good timeline where Batman sacrifices himself to save Lois because he found out she was pregnant with his child Superman instead realizes his reason to live is to raise Bruce's child.

The epilogue of the final movie would be Lois telling the kid who his real father was, because "The World needs Batman" and he goes to Gotham to become the new one
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image:161548939667.jpg(76kB , 720x1004 , Osama Bin Joker.jpg)
Give it another decade or two and this might be the kind of movies they'll make about the war on the middle east.

Also don't forget that time when Joker was the diplomatic ambassador to Saddam Hussein.
It wasn't Iraq, he was the ambassador to the UN for Iran you're thinking of.
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image:161549771575.jpg(1.01MB , 1208x1624 , Bruce Wayne vs Joker.jpg)
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image:161576066832.jpg(34kB , 1792x795 , 4252452.jpg)
In Zack Snyder's world everyone is jesus, because its so deep
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image:161670065178.png(41kB , 611x502 , 58DEr8DAp7HWYocYBfd6gRzsmeUr1sjRgbM5xwRzH2Y.png)
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image:162250506589.png(2.87MB , 1496x1063 , MollyQuinnBabs.png)
I am once again shilling Molly Quinn for Babs.
Babs is a redhead, she'll automatically get cast to a black person.
Didn't they already make Batwoman black?
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image:162283887125.jpg(375kB , 1448x1448 , 1622833858144.jpg)
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image:162298538286.jpg(764kB , 1600x1000 , 1622919233955.jpg)
>What-if Opposite-day
THE SUICIDE SQUAD Final Trailer (NEW 2021) Suicide Squad 2, Superhero Movie HDyoutube thumb

Is shooting Superman with a kryptonite bullet really much of an achievement to wow people? The bullet is doing all the work, a random child could manage that achievement since he's expecting the round to just bounce off him.

Though the suicide squad movies have always been stupid since their purpose is meant to be "We need an expendable super team to take on rogue supermans" and you have people like fucking Harley Quinn on it.
Yeah a dumb bitch with a baseball bat is really an anti-superman weapon.
Babs is the worst batgirl, literally just a token pair of tits in a bat costume and high heels.

That's why she gets passed around the bat family for the sake of terrible romance drama by shit writers.
Why is the actor that played the Flash such an absolute fucking nutter.
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image:165971690236.png(2.17MB , 1536x2048 , 1659670025372495.png)
Funny coincidence that the OP of this thread happens to be that.

What with the Batgirl movie being cancelled after all this time.
People who worked on it are leaking stuff.
This saga just gets more and more ridiculous

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image:166231159987.jpg(377kB , 1080x1600 , 345763686438876.jpg)
yeah I've been meaning to re-watch Batman Forever.
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image:166568473191.jpg(158kB , 1080x1349 , 286157028_380529667386805_6302633487923651342_n.jpg)
Is the Black Adam movie any good?
I mean the Rock is just another egotistical former wrestler gone hollywood and they don't tend to star in good movies, though the movies CAN be fun ones.
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image:166571899431.jpg(228kB , 1170x1249 , 1665690692038225.jpg)
It's capeshit so it's a watch once, then forget type of CGI Fuck Fest. Also the super cute spunky Cyclone fell victim to Hollywoods hate for redheads which is a definite minus. The upside is that Rock is physically the closest to perfect as they could get for the role.
As for the Rock, he is actually a decent actor, but they keep typecasting him in c-grade action movies, so he never has a chance to show it. Watch some of his movies that bombed (Hercules comes to mind), and you'll see that there's more to him than showing off his pecs and raising his eyebrows - but that's what the audience always expects, so if he tries acting better, the movie bombs. It's kind of like how Arnie had to get a speech therapist to re-learn his "oozee nine millimetah" accent, because that's how everyone expected him to speak.

with that said, I did not see Black Adam yet.
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image:166603798616.jpg(45kB , 780x438 , 221017113317-ezra-miller-arraignment-1017-exlarge-169.jpg)

There's a different law for the rich and famous than there is for the poor and mundane
tl:dr; it's a mediocre movie which "only" made 400 million in theaters, not enough to recuperate its 200 million budget + 80 million marketing. Rentals will make it break even, but it's not the billion dollar seller that Marvel always makes.

is this AI generated?
DC movies just don't seem to be doing well.
They never did. Except for maybe the original Superman.
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image:167127657946.png(276kB , 589x843 , RockShock.png)
This whole Black Adam thing might have revealed the Rock to be a bit of a cock.

Like he tied so much of his ego to the character he was playing in the DC movie he committed fraud to try and make the movie appear to do better than it did.
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image:167154984408.jpg(4kB , 508x356 , gotta make it like the movies.jpg)
Why are major comicbook companies so shit?
Being drawn by The Rock actually fits Black Adam rather well. They should just not forget that he is, well, a genocidal maniac from ancient times.

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1679306887.423213 - 0.000713 (0.000124s): kobak\kobak: setting up new instance

1679306887.423218 - 0.000718 (0.000005s): kobak\kobak: finished setup

1679306887.423220 - 0.000720 (0.000002s): kobak\cache: setting up new instance

1679306887.423222 - 0.000722 (0.000002s): kobak\cache: finished setup

1679306887.423224 - 0.000724 (0.000002s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_cache

1679306887.423230 - 0.000730 (0.000006s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_cache

1679306887.423371 - 0.000871 (0.000141s): kobak\current: setting up new instance

1679306887.423377 - 0.000877 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished setup

1679306887.423379 - 0.000879 (0.000002s): kobak\errors: setting up new instance

1679306887.423385 - 0.000885 (0.000006s): kobak\errors: finished setup

1679306887.423632 - 0.001132 (0.000247s): kobak\modules: finished loading module "kobak"

1679306887.423635 - 0.001135 (0.000003s): kobak\modules: finished loading 1 module(s)

1679306887.423637 - 0.001137 (0.000002s): kobak\current: creating default rewrite rules

1679306887.423639 - 0.001139 (0.000002s): kobak\current: starting validation of current section

1679306887.423646 - 0.001146 (0.000007s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "before_validation"

1679306887.423666 - 0.001166 (0.000020s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "before_validation"

1679306887.423671 - 0.001171 (0.000005s): kobak\current: finished validating section

1679306887.423677 - 0.001177 (0.000006s): kobak\current: finished validating prerequisites

1679306887.423681 - 0.001181 (0.000004s): kobak\current: finished validating optional inputs

1679306887.423685 - 0.001185 (0.000004s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "validation"

1679306887.423693 - 0.001193 (0.000008s): KOBAK BBS: validating board

1679306887.423727 - 0.001227 (0.000034s): kobak\ban: query: querying posts

1679306887.423734 - 0.001234 (0.000007s): kobak\db: setting up new instance

1679306887.423736 - 0.001236 (0.000002s): kobak\db: Attempting to connect to database

1679306887.424291 - 0.001791 (0.000555s): kobak\db: Successfully connected to database

1679306887.424297 - 0.001797 (0.000006s): kobak\db: finished setup

1679306887.424888 - 0.002388 (0.000591s): KOBAK BBS: loading board specific plugins

1679306887.425223 - 0.002723 (0.000335s): KOBAK BBS: finished loading board specific plugins

1679306887.425229 - 0.002729 (0.000006s): KOBAK BBS: validating thread

1679306887.425233 - 0.002733 (0.000004s): kobak\thread: query: start

1679306887.425238 - 0.002738 (0.000005s): kobak\thread: query: thread mode set, calling posts query.

1679306887.425249 - 0.002749 (0.000011s): kobak\post: query: querying posts

1679306887.428940 - 0.006440 (0.003691s): kobak\post: query: constructing new post objects

1679306887.430979 - 0.008479 (0.002039s): kobak\post: query: starting lookups for thread locked statuses

1679306887.431021 - 0.008521 (0.000042s): kobak\post: query: setting up references/backlinks

1679306887.431156 - 0.008656 (0.000135s): kobak\post: get_posts: querying out-of-thread quotes

1679306887.431530 - 0.009030 (0.000374s): kobak\post: get_posts: applying quote backlinks to posts

1679306887.431938 - 0.009438 (0.000408s): kobak\post: query: finished.

1679306887.431947 - 0.009447 (0.000009s): kobak\thread: query: posts queried, setting up thread object.

1679306887.431959 - 0.009459 (0.000012s): kobak\thread: query: finished.

1679306887.431986 - 0.009486 (0.000027s): kobak\plugins: finished running 1 actions for hook "validation"

1679306887.432033 - 0.009533 (0.000047s): kobak\current: Template file found

1679306887.432035 - 0.009535 (0.000002s): kobak\current: setting up HTML vars

1679306887.432040 - 0.009540 (0.000005s): kobak\html: setting up new instance

1679306887.432057 - 0.009557 (0.000017s): kobak\html: finished setup

1679306887.432060 - 0.009560 (0.000003s): kobak\current: setting up per-page HTML vars

1679306887.432068 - 0.009568 (0.000008s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "setup_html"

1679306887.432145 - 0.009645 (0.000077s): kobak\plugins: finished running 4 actions for hook "setup_html"

1679306887.432147 - 0.009647 (0.000002s): kobak\current: finished setting up all HTML vars

1679306887.432149 - 0.009649 (0.000002s): start rendering html

1679306887.432193 - 0.009693 (0.000044s): loading thread

1679306887.432219 - 0.009719 (0.000026s): called header.php

1679306887.432225 - 0.009725 (0.000006s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "header_meta"

1679306887.432278 - 0.009778 (0.000053s): kobak\plugins: finished running 4 actions for hook "header_meta"

1679306887.432365 - 0.009865 (0.000087s): kobak\cache: loading cache file: kobak_banners

1679306887.432370 - 0.009870 (0.000005s): kobak\cache: checking cache file: kobak_banners

1679306887.432624 - 0.010124 (0.000254s): rendering thread 47827

1679306887.432630 - 0.010130 (0.000006s): rendering reply 47827

1679306887.432702 - 0.010202 (0.000072s): kobak\kmedia: setting up new instance

1679306887.432706 - 0.010206 (0.000004s): kobak\kmedia: finished setup

1679306887.432742 - 0.010242 (0.000036s): rendering reply 47829

1679306887.432765 - 0.010265 (0.000023s): rendering reply 47830

1679306887.432796 - 0.010296 (0.000031s): rendering reply 47834

1679306887.432814 - 0.010314 (0.000018s): rendering reply 47864

1679306887.432830 - 0.010330 (0.000016s): rendering reply 47902

1679306887.432848 - 0.010348 (0.000018s): rendering reply 47903

1679306887.432875 - 0.010375 (0.000027s): rendering reply 47926

1679306887.432907 - 0.010407 (0.000032s): rendering reply 47928

1679306887.432922 - 0.010422 (0.000015s): rendering reply 47929

1679306887.432935 - 0.010435 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47937

1679306887.432950 - 0.010450 (0.000015s): rendering reply 47942

1679306887.432963 - 0.010463 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47944

1679306887.432989 - 0.010489 (0.000026s): rendering reply 47960

1679306887.433003 - 0.010503 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47964

1679306887.433016 - 0.010516 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47965

1679306887.433030 - 0.010530 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47967

1679306887.433043 - 0.010543 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47968

1679306887.433059 - 0.010559 (0.000016s): rendering reply 47969

1679306887.433072 - 0.010572 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47972

1679306887.433086 - 0.010586 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47979

1679306887.433100 - 0.010600 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47980

1679306887.433113 - 0.010613 (0.000013s): rendering reply 47986

1679306887.433125 - 0.010625 (0.000012s): rendering reply 47987

1679306887.433140 - 0.010640 (0.000015s): rendering reply 47988

1679306887.433154 - 0.010654 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47994

1679306887.433168 - 0.010668 (0.000014s): rendering reply 47995

1679306887.433184 - 0.010684 (0.000016s): rendering reply 47996

1679306887.433196 - 0.010696 (0.000012s): rendering reply 47998

1679306887.433208 - 0.010708 (0.000012s): rendering reply 48000

1679306887.433226 - 0.010726 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48001

1679306887.433246 - 0.010746 (0.000020s): rendering reply 48003

1679306887.433263 - 0.010763 (0.000017s): rendering reply 48089

1679306887.433283 - 0.010783 (0.000020s): rendering reply 48155

1679306887.433301 - 0.010801 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48156

1679306887.433318 - 0.010818 (0.000017s): rendering reply 48157

1679306887.433334 - 0.010834 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48159

1679306887.433348 - 0.010848 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48166

1679306887.433366 - 0.010866 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48169

1679306887.433384 - 0.010884 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48172

1679306887.433415 - 0.010915 (0.000031s): rendering reply 48174

1679306887.433439 - 0.010939 (0.000024s): rendering reply 48175

1679306887.433453 - 0.010953 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48182

1679306887.433470 - 0.010970 (0.000017s): rendering reply 48186

1679306887.433492 - 0.010992 (0.000022s): rendering reply 48187

1679306887.433511 - 0.011011 (0.000019s): rendering reply 48188

1679306887.433526 - 0.011026 (0.000015s): rendering reply 48189

1679306887.433538 - 0.011038 (0.000012s): rendering reply 48190

1679306887.433570 - 0.011070 (0.000032s): rendering reply 48191

1679306887.433586 - 0.011086 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48192

1679306887.433602 - 0.011102 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48193

1679306887.433616 - 0.011116 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48194

1679306887.433634 - 0.011134 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48258

1679306887.433653 - 0.011153 (0.000019s): rendering reply 48259

1679306887.433671 - 0.011171 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48261

1679306887.433694 - 0.011194 (0.000023s): rendering reply 48262

1679306887.433717 - 0.011217 (0.000023s): rendering reply 48285

1679306887.433734 - 0.011234 (0.000017s): rendering reply 48286

1679306887.433749 - 0.011249 (0.000015s): rendering reply 48288

1679306887.433769 - 0.011269 (0.000020s): rendering reply 48290

1679306887.433783 - 0.011283 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48293

1679306887.433799 - 0.011299 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48294

1679306887.433814 - 0.011314 (0.000015s): rendering reply 48295

1679306887.433847 - 0.011347 (0.000033s): rendering reply 48324

1679306887.433881 - 0.011381 (0.000034s): rendering reply 48338

1679306887.433900 - 0.011400 (0.000019s): rendering reply 48342

1679306887.433913 - 0.011413 (0.000013s): rendering reply 48343

1679306887.433926 - 0.011426 (0.000013s): rendering reply 48345

1679306887.433942 - 0.011442 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48346

1679306887.433955 - 0.011455 (0.000013s): rendering reply 48350

1679306887.433969 - 0.011469 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48351

1679306887.433983 - 0.011483 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48352

1679306887.433996 - 0.011496 (0.000013s): rendering reply 48355

1679306887.434008 - 0.011508 (0.000012s): rendering reply 48375

1679306887.434035 - 0.011535 (0.000027s): rendering reply 48376

1679306887.434049 - 0.011549 (0.000014s): rendering reply 48377

1679306887.434128 - 0.011628 (0.000079s): rendering reply 48378

1679306887.434150 - 0.011650 (0.000022s): rendering reply 48379

1679306887.434167 - 0.011667 (0.000017s): rendering reply 48380

1679306887.434183 - 0.011683 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48382

1679306887.434204 - 0.011704 (0.000021s): rendering reply 48385

1679306887.434220 - 0.011720 (0.000016s): rendering reply 48386

1679306887.434233 - 0.011733 (0.000013s): rendering reply 48388

1679306887.437102 - 0.014602 (0.002869s): rendering reply 48389

1679306887.437156 - 0.014656 (0.000054s): rendering reply 48390

1679306887.437179 - 0.014679 (0.000023s): rendering reply 48391

1679306887.437205 - 0.014705 (0.000026s): rendering reply 48396

1679306887.437225 - 0.014725 (0.000020s): rendering reply 48422

1679306887.437243 - 0.014743 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48423

1679306887.437261 - 0.014761 (0.000018s): rendering reply 48439

1679306887.437274 - 0.014774 (0.000013s): rendering reply 417260

1679306887.437287 - 0.014787 (0.000013s): rendering reply 417263

1679306887.437328 - 0.014828 (0.000041s): rendering reply 417264

1679306887.437350 - 0.014850 (0.000022s): rendering reply 417382

1679306887.437386 - 0.014886 (0.000036s): rendering reply 417530

1679306887.437422 - 0.014922 (0.000036s): rendering reply 417532

1679306887.437457 - 0.014957 (0.000035s): rendering reply 417533

1679306887.437476 - 0.014976 (0.000019s): rendering reply 417534

1679306887.437494 - 0.014994 (0.000018s): rendering reply 417537

1679306887.437533 - 0.015033 (0.000039s): rendering reply 417538

1679306887.437556 - 0.015056 (0.000023s): rendering reply 417539

1679306887.437575 - 0.015075 (0.000019s): rendering reply 417540

1679306887.437612 - 0.015112 (0.000037s): rendering reply 417541

1679306887.437638 - 0.015138 (0.000026s): rendering reply 417542

1679306887.437655 - 0.015155 (0.000017s): rendering reply 417543

1679306887.437671 - 0.015171 (0.000016s): rendering reply 417544

1679306887.437690 - 0.015190 (0.000019s): rendering reply 417545

1679306887.437731 - 0.015231 (0.000041s): rendering reply 417546

1679306887.437761 - 0.015261 (0.000030s): rendering reply 417547

1679306887.437795 - 0.015295 (0.000034s): rendering reply 417548

1679306887.437836 - 0.015336 (0.000041s): rendering reply 417549

1679306887.437857 - 0.015357 (0.000021s): rendering reply 417550

1679306887.437890 - 0.015390 (0.000033s): rendering reply 417551

1679306887.437919 - 0.015419 (0.000029s): rendering reply 417552

1679306887.437944 - 0.015444 (0.000025s): rendering reply 417554

1679306887.437968 - 0.015468 (0.000024s): rendering reply 417606

1679306887.437993 - 0.015493 (0.000025s): rendering reply 417607

1679306887.438010 - 0.015510 (0.000017s): rendering reply 417613

1679306887.438022 - 0.015522 (0.000012s): rendering reply 417614

1679306887.438050 - 0.015550 (0.000028s): rendering reply 417615

1679306887.438097 - 0.015597 (0.000047s): rendering reply 417623

1679306887.438121 - 0.015621 (0.000024s): rendering reply 417821

1679306887.438138 - 0.015638 (0.000017s): rendering reply 417822

1679306887.438179 - 0.015679 (0.000041s): rendering reply 417861

1679306887.438206 - 0.015706 (0.000027s): rendering reply 417865

1679306887.438221 - 0.015721 (0.000015s): rendering reply 417886

1679306887.438251 - 0.015751 (0.000030s): rendering reply 417890

1679306887.438268 - 0.015768 (0.000017s): rendering reply 417891

1679306887.438282 - 0.015782 (0.000014s): rendering reply 417894

1679306887.438301 - 0.015801 (0.000019s): rendering reply 417907

1679306887.438329 - 0.015829 (0.000028s): rendering reply 417908

1679306887.438345 - 0.015845 (0.000016s): rendering reply 417938

1679306887.438369 - 0.015869 (0.000024s): rendering reply 417939

1679306887.438398 - 0.015898 (0.000029s): rendering reply 417940

1679306887.438416 - 0.015916 (0.000018s): rendering reply 417944

1679306887.438443 - 0.015943 (0.000027s): rendering reply 417980

1679306887.438458 - 0.015958 (0.000015s): rendering reply 417981

1679306887.438472 - 0.015972 (0.000014s): rendering reply 417983

1679306887.438488 - 0.015988 (0.000016s): rendering reply 417984

1679306887.438500 - 0.016000 (0.000012s): rendering reply 417987

1679306887.438526 - 0.016026 (0.000026s): rendering reply 417988

1679306887.438553 - 0.016053 (0.000027s): rendering reply 417989

1679306887.438640 - 0.016140 (0.000087s): called footer.php

1679306887.439027 - 0.016527 (0.000387s): kobak\plugins: checking actions for hook "footer_meta"

1679306887.439090 - 0.016590 (0.000063s): kobak\plugins: finished running 8 actions for hook "footer_meta"

1679306887.439092 - 0.016592 (0.000002s): completed rendering most of the html

1679306887.439119 - 0.016619 (0.000027s): starting debug

1679306887.439549 - 0.017049 (0.000430s): starting debug_t

1679306887.44031100: end

SQL statistics:

time taken: 0.00054502 SELECT *, ( SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT `kobaboardban`.`boardid` ORDER BY `kobaboardban`.`boardid` SEPARATOR ',') FROM `kobaboardban` WHERE `banid` = `id` GROUP BY `banid` ) AS `active_boards` FROM `kobaban` WHERE ( (`iplong1` = '03eeca4c') OR (`iplong1` <= '03eeca4c' AND '03eeca4c' <= `iplong2`) ) AND `type` IN(-1,0,1,2,3) AND (`id` IN ( SELECT `banid` FROM `kobaboardban` WHERE `boardid` IN(5) ) OR `global` = 1) ORDER BY `type`,`expiration` DESC no rows found or affected (prepared query)
time taken: 0.00364590 SELECT p.*, r.time r_time, r.reason r_reason, r.ipmd5 r_ipmd5, r.ipcrypt r_ipcrypt, r.password r_password, r.userid r_userid, s.total_posts, s.total_files, s.total_image, s.total_audio, s.total_video, s.total_swf, s.unique_ip, s.unique_user FROM `kobapost` p LEFT JOIN `kobareport` r on p.boardid = r.boardid and p.postid = r.postid LEFT JOIN `kobapoststats` s on p.boardid = s.boardid and p.postid = s.threadid WHERE p.`boardid` = '5' AND p.`postid` = '47827' AND `parentid` = '0' AND `deleted` = '0' UNION ALL SELECT p.*, r.time r_time, r.reason r_reason, r.ipmd5 r_ipmd5, r.ipcrypt r_ipcrypt, r.password r_password, r.userid r_userid, null as total_posts, null as total_files, null as total_image, null as total_audio, null as total_video, null as total_swf, null as unique_ip, null as unique_user FROM `kobapost` p LEFT JOIN `kobareport` r on p.boardid = r.boardid and p.postid = r.postid WHERE p.`boardid` = '5' AND `parentid` = '47827' AND `deleted` = '0' ORDER BY `parentid`,`postid` no error (prepared query)
time taken: 0.00035501 SELECT `boardid`, `parentid`, `postid` FROM `kobapost` WHERE (`boardid` = 5 AND `postid` IN(46400)) AND `deleted` = 0 no error


before_validation actions: 1 start: 1679306887.42365000 end: 1679306887.42366300 took (total): 0.000013
footer_meta actions: 8 start: 1679306887.43903000 end: 1679306887.43908700 took (total): 0.000057
header_meta actions: 4 start: 1679306887.43222700 end: 1679306887.43227500 took (total): 0.000048
setup_html actions: 4 start: 1679306887.43207300 end: 1679306887.43214300 took (total): 0.000070
validation actions: 1 start: 1679306887.42368700 end: 1679306887.43198200 took (total): 0.008295

Rewrite/redirect rules:

Redirect /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/0.html(?:\?.*)?$/ $matches[1]\/ 302
Redirect /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/1.html(?:\?.*)?$/ $matches[1]\/ 302
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/(\d\w*)s.png$/ /$matches[1]/thumbs/$matches[2]s.png
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/?(?:\?.*)?$/ index.php?section=index&board=$matches[1]
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/([0-9]*)\.html(?:\?.*)?$/ index.php?section=index&board=$matches[1]&pagenumber=$matches[2]
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/catalog\.html(?:\?.*)?$/ index.php?section=catalog&board=$matches[1]
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/t([0-9]*)\.(html|json|rss)(?:\?.*)?$/ index.php?section=thread&board=$matches[1]&thread=$matches[2]&ext=$matches[3]
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/posts_feed\.rss$/ index.php?section=posts_feed&board=$matches[1]&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/threads_feed\.rss$/ index.php?section=threads_feed&board=$matches[1]&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_posts\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_posts&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_threads\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_threads&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_nsfw_posts\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_posts&ext=rss
Rewrite: /^latest_nsfw_threads\.rss$/ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_threads&ext=rss

rules in htaccess format:

RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/0.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/1.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/(\d\w*)s.png$ /$1/thumbs/$2s.png [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)/(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/([0-9]*)\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1&pagenumber=$2 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/catalog\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=catalog&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/t([0-9]*)\.(html|json|rss)(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=thread&board=$1&thread=$2&ext=$3 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/posts_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=posts_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/threads_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=threads_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA]

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