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image:145285518100.png(489kB , 960x672 , 1452806018093.png)
Xcom 2 is almost upon us, info on aliens and classes being thrown down left and right.

Who else HYPED?
Why did they suddenly switch from 2d art to 3d art
Previews for the Firaxis marvel game are starting to come out.
It seems really weird in that it is more focused on being a Marvel story game than it is being a tactical strategy one.
Midnight Suns Gameplay Impressions - Not What I Expected At All!!youtube thumb

Neither Marvel nor Firaxis are known for their ability to write an RPG, seems like a bad idea.
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image:166932781427.jpg(187kB , 1280x720 , XCOM Legends.jpg)
Just found out recently that XCOM has some ridiuclous low-quality phone game.
Has a bunch of nonsensically-designed original characters to gacha for.
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image:166475964998.png(291kB , 631x365 , rukodiora___monster_hunter_frontier_by_vulcemthelonewolf_d4n8bwo-fullview.png)
Discussion of all things Monster Hunter
What's your stance on the current MonHun Games?
What would like to see Return or Cut?
What is your current Armor sets?
What was your First experience with MonHun and how did you find this series?
If you were to play the series for the first time whats the best game to jump in on?

The newest one or maybe one of the older games.
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image:166912651758.jpg(1.92MB , 1500x3944 , Q8BHwWL.jpeg)
World and Rise are the newest ones and are the easiest to get into, so consider those. If you can deal with jank and some harsh difficulty spikes, then check out one of the early ones. Check out pic related for a more detailed guide despite it being a little outdated. The best ones are the G rank games since those have the most content.
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image:160841686713.png(247kB , 613x613 , 1287474729681.png)
concepts, model sheets, and artworks drawn by artist that work on the games
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image:166726394806.jpg(2.17MB , 3840x2160 , Disco Elysium Three Year Anniversary art.jpg)
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image:166894000743.jpg(53kB , 3778x2260 , simple farmers.jpg)
Would you want to be a humble Agrarian Worker in the Imperium of Man?
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image:166932609112.jpg(209kB , 1280x1020 , zy3rye3kcy1a1.jpg)
This is interesting, some very cool stuff that could have been though I don't have much verification for them all beyond the image.

Only exception is a link to the alpha footage of Samus in MUA.
Samus in Marvel: Ultimate Allianceyoutube thumb
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image:143608238700.png(418kB , 1685x793 , Kickstarter.png)
Video game kickstarter thread

What are your feelings about it?

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image:166585228786.png(43kB , 818x280 , Untitled.png)
Guns Undarkness campaign over and it did well for itself.

Interesting looking Tabletop RPG involving kamen rider-inspired transformations.
Has just over 10 days left to go in the campaign, hit its goal long ago.
The goal amount asked for was pretty modest, they've managed to exceed it by multiple times.
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image:140789374300.png(175kB , 500x279 , tumblr_na7t7rqHYh1qiz4ulo5_500.png)
Silent Hill thread I guess

boggles my mind why someone would waste so much effort on those assets to make something so crap.
The internet has alot of people on it, with alot of time on their hands.
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image:162602335263.png(16kB , 1231x1080 , logo.png)
As the Subject line indicates this is a thread for mentioning and discussing vidya that have explicit sexual, erotic and overall pornographic content.

I feel they've become much more mainstream in more recent years with things like porno games with actual budgets and gameplay appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.

Corruption of Champions is a mostly text-based erotic game and CoC2 appearing on Steam is an instance of something that caught me extremely offguard considering the degenerate content of them
Not correct. There were several.
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0197343/ - Carnal Olympics
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0134960/ - Sexual Olympics 1
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1411919/ - Pornolympics: the Anal Games
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image:166893202389.jpg(175kB , 1920x1080 , ss_74d9277f53d293182446931c5f63edddd6aebe0d.jpg)
Why is there so many games popping up on Steam nowadays that use the combination of nudity/sex and the torturous afterlife realm of Hell to try and sell themselves?
Random Videogame Image Humour content threadAnonymous
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image:164518209191.jpg(525kB , 1920x2180 , Bullshit.jpg)
>The Garland Heresy
Get to actually posting /cog/boys
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image:166921669426.png(684kB , 640x888 , 1669216687147922.png)
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image:165876818840.jpg(1.34MB , 1800x1800 , Nintendo Direct.jpg)
We used to have a thread for stuff all about Nintendo, should we have another one? >>201563

Not quite sure what I should put in the opening post, here's some recent Announcement videos Nintendo has put out.
Mario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
Kirby's Dream Buffet - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
Bayonetta 3 - Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
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Indie World Showcase 11.9.2022 - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
Do people really play Nintendo consoles for indie games?
Prior to the invention of the steam deck, a console that could also be a handheld was the best place to play such lightweight games.
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image:166854716408.jpg(714kB , 1280x1702 , Nintendo_Power_Volume_1.jpg)
Pretty much the whole run of Nintendo Power has been scanned and uploaded to the internet.
Thought someone might be interested.

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image:148556363700.png(51kB , 650x723 , Spoiler image)

So taking all bets, taking all bets on "Redfield," I wanna say it's revealed he was his brother the whole time but that seems too logical for Resident Evil.

Also, the game is really good. i mean, not 100+ dollars (if you include the season pass) good, but good.
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image:166726388155.jpg(212kB , 1380x1080 , 1667242907029643.jpg)
At what point will they stop making remakes for their existing games?

Will it reach the level that they one day start not only remaking the 'mainline' games but the spinoffs too?
Resident Evil Gaiden Remake would be kind of hilarious.
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image:166805845145.jpg(116kB , 1280x720 , 24326213462.jpg)
Lady D is simply ridiculous in scale. A 3rd person camera just makes this even more visible.
Steam/Video Game Sale Thread: Hide Yo WalletAnonymous
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image:143291387900.gif(939kB , 450x190 , giphy[1].gif)
Looks like Steam Summer Sale dates have been leaked, and they're a bit early compared to previous years:
>The Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 11 and last until June 20, according to a prematurely-revealed social post.
Funny gif that is too big to upload here: http://media.giphy.com/media/3oEduNiXJuU6biIYda/giphy.gif
I'm gonna be sad when Mr Newell dies of being old and fat.
Steam is finally getting what it really needs, to counter all the degeneracy present.

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image:166854725750.png(93kB , 583x210 , steam is a land of contrasts.png)
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image:144664129500.png(322kB , 512x512 , fallout_4_png_icon_by_s7_by_sidyseven-d9acz5n.png)
So although there seems to be an agreement on this game looking awful, discussion in the General thread seems enough to merit a containment thread. This is that thread.
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image:166569852796.jpg(393kB , 1200x900 , Starfield-persusaion-dialogue.jpg)
Will Starfield be better than Fallout 4?
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image:140157706100.jpg(237kB , 1024x768 , Dices_by_Nabucodorozor.jpg)
Next gen Paper & Pen games thread!
>We have life and twilight clerics, a swarmkeeper ranger, an armorer artificier, and two aberrant mind sorcerers
I've not kept up up with D&D for editions now so these terms are just bizarre to me.
Well, you have your main class which is the basic stuff: cleric, wizard, fighter, etc. These offer the majority of functions for a class, usually.

Then there's the archetype, which is usually chosen between levels 1-3 in a class and offer additional abilities. It has different names per class, but that's essentially it. Does the wizard specialize in necromancy, evocation, hitting things with a sword, etc.? That's a decision made at level 2. Fighters decide whether they're a psychic, mage, expert strategist, etc. at level 3. They're also fluffed different ways and can massively impact builds. You only get 1 archetype per class, too. It's a critical decision that can tell you more about a character than their class a lot of the time.

Also, it can muddy the waters somewhat. You can have characters that are warlocks or paladins to the same diety and they'll still play differently, but could have the same fluff because certain archtypes enable that. Saying someone is an Oath of Redemption Paladin or a Warlock with a Celestial Patron just shifts the mechanics a bit.
Don't play D&D the roleplaying game but apparently the development of Baldur's Gate 3 is running into problems, thought it worth mentioning.

Some people say it might get abandoned but that feels a bit extreme in reaction, certainly has had an extremely dragged-out 'Early Access' development period though for a Triple-A game.
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image:161047529661.jpg(24kB , 474x266 , OIP (3).jpg)
For all those Terraria lovers out there, this is where you can now express yourself!
Rules go as follows:
No Minecraft
No Stardew Valley
No StarBound
I always loved Terraria. Here you can share your ideas on new bosses, weapons, armors, ect. And give feedback to people who are still trying to master this complex, sandbox game! Share your experiences in Terraria and remember, Memes are always allowed!!!
I'm terrible at this game and I mean that. Just the fucking worst, but I've found myself a nice little cycle to beat it.

Basically, I'm playing it with my brother and he's really good at every video game ever. So, he advances the game and gets rare and boss items and I handle getting the grindier stuff. It's produced a neat little cycle where we just give each other presents to move further and further through the game. We're gearing up to face the Moon Lord now.

I guess I'll also ask what everyone's favorite playstyle is, too. I like summoner because it lets me tag something and then focus on getting the fuck out of the way. I end up gearing all the stats toward defense and speed. Melee is definitely the easiest, though.
I'm not a fan of multiplayer games so back when I played this would just do everything myself. That was so long ago there wasn't half the content there is now.

Can't remember what weapons I favoured, my home base was basically a tower that reached all the way up to the stratosphere and had a gap tunnel/dry moat beneath it to prevent enemies from getting in because I was worried about all the NPCs getting hurt.
Also carved out a massive tunnel lined with glass along the map beneath it in both directions thick enough to stop Corruption from getting spread to it.
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video:144574774400.webm(3.95MB , 640x360 , Undertale Undertaker.webm)
Not really your traditional machinima, but it’s still pretty fucking awesome.

//youtube.com/watch?v=v7Bf0fel8S0youtube thumb

Attached webm is my favorite moment from this.
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image:140257077000.png(1.57MB , 1280x901 , 20140610184642!Hyrule_Warriors_Official_Art_2.png)
New LoZ thread for the new /cog/

Could talk a bit about Hyrule Warriors. People hyped for the chance to play as other classic characters from the series?
HYRULE WARRIORS E3 2014 Anounc…youtube thumb
Zelda Hyrule Warriors New Trai…youtube thumb
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image:166070821835.jpg(44kB , 828x466 , 4767383689.jpg)
Its rather funny looking into the past like this and seeing BotW described as the "new Wii U game".

Also all the discussion about the at-the-time upcoming/current Hyrule Warriors is nice, was a game I really enjoyed.
Why did Age of Calamity suffer such janky performance in comparison to its predecessor?
Groose was too Based to be in Hyrule Warriors.
02 GROOSE - Soniconda - /v/ the Musical VIIyoutube thumb