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According to a Korean on 4chan in Book 4 Korra will hallucinate in ep 1, in ep 2 she will walk with metal bending, and in ep 3 Korra will be fine so the Red Lotus can attack her.

Also it will end with Korra and Mako getting together, also Asami will get with Bolin.
Sharkman Jhones

Wierd, I've said Zutaran plenty of times.
I've primarily seen "Zutaran" too. Didn't know "Zutarian" was even a thing.
I think the official spelling is ZutarIan, or at least the most commonly used back in the lj/da days.
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Itunes sales.
Not bad.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its always done really well there. No surprise that remains true.
Any numbers from other Digital Platforms?
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IGN Interview About the Finale, the Upcoming Korra Game and Book Four

Stuff revealed thus far,

The videogame will be released on October 21st/22nd.
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Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Doesn't have to be another jump into the future the way we see it. Just have it be like This is their happy medium for technological advancement. Just have like Star Wars it be more a change of style across the centuries than actual more technology.
The Book 4 trailer just hit 5 million views on youtube. :D

Pretty damn good for 6 days!
I'd like to see some sort of scifi fantasy series a la Xenogears and Blade (not Saga though, that setting was crap). Doesn't have to be Avatar necessarily, but most series I see trying that are too heavily biased towards one or the other rather than striking a balance.
The Last Airbender Film ThreadAnonymous
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Seeing as the thread on the "old" board is locked, FIRST FOR SHYAMALAN!

Was there anything in the movie adaptation you liked?
Was there anything in the movie adaptation you preferred?
M. Night has a script for the sequel completed, what do you think he has/had planned?
Do you think the failure of TLA played in Nick's decision to pursue more seasons of LoK rather than produce an animated version of the search for Ursa?
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Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
, film was part of his downfall and he ended up being the scapegoat, dang that is sad. Maybe he can get another chance with the series with the success of Turtles.
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Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
just as planned. Though really if they can keep the executive meddling out of it. Could be good if he's given the right support. Since Korra is a lot more emotion bound personal story.
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You guys think Korra could defeat Stardust?
A Kirby Style Korra could be neat.
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Funny thing, the SpongeBob comic did a homage/parody of Stardust.

//youtube.com/watch?v=e2DwVyCLW1kyoutube thumb
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Korra would make a good parody as well.
Season 4 Villain Concept ThreadAnonymous
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So what do you guys think the villain(s) of season 4 will be like? Human? Spirit? A new Dark Avatar? Something new perhaps?

Just post whatever comes to mind whether they be final boss or mook. Have fun with this
We never did find out what those "leaked" x-rayish images that people prior to Season Three said were the villains did we?

Someone on tumblr did some digging around with some photoshop and found that x rayish pic is from the scene when Zaheer announces the earth queens death to baa sing se with ming hua and p'li at his sides
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An army of "peacemakers" from the spirit world that have come to instill order in those that have escaped to cause havoc on the material plane. However, with the spiritual and physical maiming of the Avatar, they decide that it's high time they took over for the good of all as both spirits and humans seem incapable of taking care of themselves.

Spirit-Human relations are a big part of the book. Neither side is laudable as Spirits are usually full of themselves to the point of conceit while Humans can be casually cruel. Last half of the season is basically both camps trying to overcome their differences and find a way to defend themselves against this powerful army that would judge them all.
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A thought occurs.

What if Amon and the Equalists had decided to set up shop in Ba Sing Sei first, instead of Republic City? There is clearly a more prominent divide between rich and poor there, in addition to an actively malicious government as opposed to a merely inept/indifferent one like RC has? Hell, even when things were at their worst under Tarrlok, he never disappeared people in the middle of the night for being inconvenient either. Additionally, the Dai Li wouldn't be much good against Amon's powers for the most part either, so there's less chance of him being abducted before the movement could get going...

...Though on the other hand it appears that a level of indoctrination is in place in the city, as shown by Mako and Bolin's grandma praising the Earth Queen's statue, so maybe RC was a better target as its comparitively liberal setting allowed him to set up shop easier? Like, I don't think that the Equalists could get away with protesters in Ba Sing Sei, for example.
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It would depend upon how many non-benders were in high positions. If the Earth Queen and most of the ministers were non-benders then Amon wouldn't be able to claim that benders are oppressing non-benders.

Though Amon could claim that rich non-benders are using benders to oppress poor non-benders and try to get the poor to support him by weakening the Dai Li the Earth Queen would probably respond much more harshly than the RC Council.
It was fitting for Noatak to try to succeed where his father had failed.

I don't think that he was intentionally trying to live up to his father's legacy though, circumstances just lead him into the same kind of direction he'd have gone if he hadn't run away from home.
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Zaheer has a message to send to Korra, and it's up to the Bending Bros to make like the Postal Service and deliver. But what is his message?! We'll find out in this penultimate week of Book 3 releases. Finale next week!

Check it out at 12 Noon EST on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads), Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Xbox ($1.99 per episode).

For those with Amazon Video, they in fact did release last week's episode at 4AM EST again. So if any night owl east coasters want the ep it should be up by then if they hold to this pattern. West Coasters check out Amazon at 1AM local time. I was able to watch the last two episodes in High Def on my Wii U at 4AM and was able to avoid online spoilers :3
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
"They took Tenzin. Oh I really hope its that. If he dies, it'll be something.
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Korranation just posted this and even though it's so short and vague I think it still warrants being put under a spoiler.

Looks like he's yelling someone's name? At first glance it looks like 'Ming-Hua' but it could be P'li.

Looks more like "Aggggh!".
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All of our heroes are in custody of separate forces! Everyone's making a bee-line back to Ba Sing Se, shit's about to get super fucking real!

What's in store this week? Find out at 12 Noon EST on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads), Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Xbox ($1.99 per episode).

Amazon put up last week's episode at 4AM EST. I'm going to keep an eye out for another early release.
Just a warning: it looks like zaheerforthepeople is gearing up to leak another episode.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Heh what language are their leaks?
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Our heroes are hot on the trail of that damn deceitful Aiwei, However away from the protection of Zaofu they put themselves at risk of the hunters becoming the hunted!

What's in store this week? Find out at 12 Noon EST on Nick.com (free with ads), the Nick mobile App (free with ads), Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Xbox ($1.99 per episode).
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Anyone got a link to the leaked episode in high quality? I'm still planning on watching the episode when it comes out tomorrow but I want to know what happens before I get spoiled any worse than I already have.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

If you don't mind torrents http://pirateproxy.in/torrent/10717928/The_Legend_of_Korra_S03E10_Long_Live_the_Queen_%281280x720%29_%5BCRiME
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I just came to the realization that Nickelodeon has a bunch of moras working for them.

Why does it have to be a this or that situation?

>Only on Television
>Book Three Continues Right Here on Nick.com/Korra
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Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Combo of those that hated Korra because it violated their headcanon of post ATLA events, those that hated Korra because she was brown and/or a woman. Those that just hate action shows in general or because it wasn't the action show they wanted from Nick. Those that hated it because it ruined their headcanon for what they thought Amon would be. Cripes the amount of toxic bile especially just he plain hate for Korra herself. Like she was some personal affront to..something. Dunno how much of that leaked out to other places, but it just wasn't a nice place to talk about Korra.

But overall Nick needs to be slapped in the face for being so shit with their lack of a block for these shows. Did someone actually cut a insane deal that they had to air all those shows by themselves in a sea shows that don't fit!!! One episode of power rangers sandwiched between FOP and Spongebob, what madness is this? Nicktoons has a more coherent schedule, least they fucking air ATLA and its bookend by similar shows. I just don't understand.

Hell I'd gladly watch Nicktoons over Nickelodeon oh wait its not in any basic cable package (last I checked and that has been a few years since I gave a damn)
A New Spiritual Age
>Combo of those that hated Korra because it violated their headcanon of post ATLA events
Except it really didn't. Like I said, autists.
>those that hated Korra because she was brown and/or a woman
Definitely autists.
>Those that just hate action shows in general or because it wasn't the action show they wanted from Nick.
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Just so much hate. And now with Nick clearly being neglectful of their shows and just in it if the show can keep it together long enough to make a profit for them but otherwise uncaring and won't lift a finger to help. It's frustrating that Korra may make it to the final curtain but the franchise is dead since Nick just couldn't be asked to help in any capacity to make it successful. Unless Platinum brings a miracle boon, least we'll get games then.
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Zaheer's crew is itchin' to start some trouble for our heroes! Shit's about to get real!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Interesting, I like the sand shark.
So when do the new episodes go up Friday?
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Noon EST, 1 episode each Friday except the 2 episode Finale.
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Who will be the one? Who will be the one to spark the digital and computer revolutions for their world? Will it be Varrick, one of his descendants, or perhaps someone different entirely?
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image:140636772000.jpg(97kB , 500x331 , Colossus.jpg)
Hm, I'd say probably Asami down the line with input from a lot of other people. Considering the first proper computer was built by Alan Turing and the other Bletchley Park folk in the 1940s, I'd say it's conceivable that the first computers'll be appearing within the Korra cast's lifetime, what with their pseudo-1920s aethetic and all.

From what we've seen of Asami thus far, she seems to be more of an engineer than a mathematician, so chances are a Turing-ish character* would be needed to at least start things on the road to getting a programmable digital computer.

*Computer scientists/theorists existed prior to and at the same time as Turing, though his work codified and extrapolated from existing work in such a way that he was able to lead to the creation of Colossus, the world's first digital computer.
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Old Wounds & Original Airbenders are being served up for us this week. Looks like we might find out what's been the divide between the Beifong sisters.

The production crew has described Book 3 as being very "gritty and emotional", looks like a tidal wave of feels is approaching. Brace yourselves!

As much as I genuinely like Korra, I am kind of psyched for what comes afterwards, if they decide to franchise it Star Trek style (so Airbender is to TOS, Korra is to TNG etc.). Will they go to the next Avatar in the cycle, and move their anime-influence from Miyazaki to stuff like Akira and Ghost in the Shell? Or will they go to one of the Avatars prior to Aang got go for the more old school fantasy stuff, like Wan's adventures?

I'd kind of like to see the adventures of the older Gaang, like Toph's time as a policewoman, Aang's time as Ghandi-Lincoln etc.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Indeed a Series with Aang as he grows into a statesmen and leader or the next series with an Earthbender working to bring peace and maybe bring his people into the republic
Episodes 1 through 5 are up on google play.
LoK Book 3 Anticipation threadAnonymous
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Legend of Korra's first 2 episodes have names.
>The Legend of Korra : 201, A Breath of Fresh Air.
>The Legend of Korra : 202, Rebirth.

message too long. Click here to view the full post.
I was referring to the 3 books when I said seasons. So book/season 3 would be Change.
>Since its June 27 premiere, The Legend of Korra has been troubled with low ratings. From as high as 1.5 million on the first episode to as low as 1.1 million on the fourth and fifth episodes, it was only a matter of time before episodes were either rescheduled or pulled completely.

>Now, the network has started pulling the episodes completely. After seven new episodes of Book Three’s 13 have aired, Nick has pulled one episode from this Friday as well as all four episodes from August 1 and 8.

Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea no shocker, Seven episodes in and they still have people wandering in some the wastes "whu its back on, when did that happen?"

Friday has never been a good night for the show. Whomever decided it was needs to be kneecapped.