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According to a Korean on 4chan in Book 4 Korra will hallucinate in ep 1, in ep 2 she will walk with metal bending, and in ep 3 Korra will be fine so the Red Lotus can attack her.

Also it will end with Korra and Mako getting together, also Asami will get with Bolin.
Last bit all based on a piece of cropped art that tuned out to be tumbler originated and not actual stuff.
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>According to a Korean on 4chan

I'd give more credibility to the piss-soaked hobo living under the bridge nearby.
We'll find out soon enough, but I don't believe this. We already know season 4 won't be red lotus-centric.
I've also noticed Korra moves her legs a bit in the preview, so she's not paralyzed.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

I'd say some serious PTSD and some physical stress from the posion and fight to her body. But not not permanently crippled.

Asami likely been watching her freak like that for the last couple of weeks, hope she has some insight into that. Maybe that will be the bit with her father, flashbacks to when her mother was killed and his reactions.
> Also it will end with Korra and Mako getting together, also Asami will get with Bolin.

So Bolin’s leftovers now?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
no its all fake, just someone trying to start stuff with a cropped pic, saying it was part of a larger pic that cropped out Bolin and Asami along with Tenzin and family.
>Asami likely been watching her freak like that for the last couple of weeks
Do we actually know that or is this just more crazy shipper fantasizing?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
it's just a guess based upon the given pattern of book 3. Asami is almost always at Korra's side or watching over her. That and her devotion to helping Korra deal with her problems.

I've actually had the thought that Asami might be someone who worships the Avatar.
Well, as dumb as the "spoilers" sound I guess you could consider Bolin and Asami's paisho game to be some sort of personal bonding time that shippers could draw from, even if it's kinda minor and not quite flirting either.

>I've actually had the thought that Asami might be someone who worships the Avatar.
What even.
We don't. Chances are the entirety of the Krew shared the job of checking up on Korra when she was asleep.
We will never get Korrasami, do we?
We knew that when we started shipping it. It is a fun ship to imagine, but Nick wouldn't have the balls to let Bryke make it canon even if THEY had the balls (or desire) to make it canon.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
eh they'll put down something probably. Leave it open so either can go for it. VA interviews sounds like she remains single at the end.

But hey why not, nothing to lose at this stage in the game for Nick at least. It's going to be online and some show is going to do it sooner than later.

Heck I'd thought the ship was just a fun idea but then this last season and that preview. They are at least playing to it. If it does I could see this going with at least Asami showing she has feelings for Korra and the Korra leaving it open.
Unsurprisingly, it was just bullshit.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Things have been getting aggressive and mean in the shipping stuff lately. Another Korrasami site got hacked and possible just a few more that are just fans and don't produce anything. I'm really wondering what is with all the aggression.
Well the Korrassami folks aren't too innocent either, they've thrown around quite their share of hate and fanaticism too. They aren't straight up victims or anything like they like to pretend they are. While I feel bad for the Korrassami shippers who aren't completely rabid or delusional, there's blame to go all around on both sides.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Its true whole lot of people could really chill out. Nobody knows what is going to happen especially with such a large Time Skip in play. Everyone has changed a lot in the show now.
>I'm really wondering what is with all the aggression.
It's the last book so it's the last time either ship will have a chance at being canon, so tensions are high. Makorrans are obviously hoping for Makorra, and I think most Korrasami people are just hoping Korra doesn't end up with anyone.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think the biggest bit keeps it from happening is its seen as more mature material. We can have a guy and a lady kiss but same sex affections and suddenly that is "too much" I just don't get it.
I'm more concerned that despite having 3 seasons and a few steps in the right direction Asami still remains a mostly blank slate who could've easily been replaced with just about anyone else in 75% of her scenes. Good for shippers because it allows them to self-insert or do literally anything when it comes to fanfic and fanon, but as someone who doesn't care about it either way it makes her a weak character.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Maybe this is her season, Asami basically is the show in that she was rewritten and then they've worked out find a spot for her beyond the original plans. Time Skip should be interesting and maybe we'll see what Asami does in that period..

Its been noted that Gunnerkrigg Court has a similar problem in that Paz really has no reason to be there in this current arc save she's Kats girlfriend, and Asami falls into a similar bit. Asami is there because she's Korras friend and is close to her. She supports Korra but not the overall story. But hey maybe both of those will surprise and this will be their time to shine.
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There are suggestive frames from the show like this.
That's a manip.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Bryke at IGN Talks Pairings in Book 4 Interview

(M) Interviewer: "Now, you mentioned the fans and, when you have something like this, that has such a passionate fan-base, obviously, it becomes kind of overwhelming at a certain point; everyone has their opinion. I’m really curious what you guys think about the whole ‘love story’ thing -"
(F) Interviewer: "Korrasami."
(M) Interviewer: "When you go online, it’s soo funny because there’re tumblrs devoted to all these potential, or romantic, pairings you’ve done, and then there’re people going ‘I don’t want any romance on this’.

MD: "Yeah; I don’t know why kids want this."
BK: "You can’t make…there is no. Way. To make everybody happy."

(M) Interviewer: “Yeah.”
(F) Interviewer: "I feel like Korrasami’s the way."

BK: "It is ‘A’ way, it is a great way."
MD: "It’s a valid way if you enjoy that…"
BK: "It’s a good way; but there is no way to satisfy everyone and, at the end of the day, you just have to tell the story that you want to tell, and put it out there. If you start second-guessing, like ‘Well, I better see how many tumblr pages are dedicated to this ship.’ And then ‘Well, but wait, there’s fewer of these but they’re a little better quality.’ Like, if that’s how you’re gonna write and create, you’re gonna make a crappy show; so we just tell the story that Mike and I, and the writers, feel we like; and, sometimes people will like it, sometimes they don’t. Everyone in this room probably has a different opinion.”
MD: "And then; then, then, then, then…and then there’re still people who want Mako and Korra to get back together, so,” *grins suspiciously* "you know."

(M) Interviewer: "And there’s fan-fic for all of it.”
(F) Interviewer: "A Bolin curve-ball, maybe."
*skipping some un-related commentary*
(F) Interviewer: "This is the question, though: There’s this one shot in the trailer…when Korra’s in the avatar state, and somebody walks by, and she just disappears. There has been this idea throughout the series as to whether she is relevant or needed: ‘Is the avatar even needed anymore?’, and I’m wondering if that is kinda the big thing that is gonna play out in this season as maybe some voices rise up once again to be like ‘Not really…we don’t need you, we need equanimity?’"

MD: "I mean, I will actually, I’d say, a lot of it is more Korras’ internal voice telling her that. It’s kind of her journey of figuring out ‘What is my role? Am I really needed?’ There’s not as…"
BK: "There’s some of that."
MD: "Yeah, there’s some of that, coming from other people; but it has a lot to do with her own psyche, and those negative voices we all have in our heads telling us we’re ‘not good enough’ or we’re ‘not needed,’ or whatever and so…"
BK: "That we did the wrong ship…"
BK: "It keeps me up at night!"

Yea, knew that going in. Just wish Mako wasn't do depressingly bland. And that he gets Rewarded for fucking up with them. That last part is what really grinds me.
Eh, I don't really have that much issue with Mako anymore. I actually thought Asami was the blander one. Mako is an interesting concept executed poorly, whereas Asami hasn't had any real chances to fuck up but she hasn't really shined either. Just the basic glove and airship stuff, and maybe ~feels~ because she's a nice girl. Not a whole lotta risk, and Varrick already stole most of her potential.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea, as noted it was a lot of that she was rewrite to be part of the team instead of a turncoat, it was just a hope that all this nasty trash reasons of why such a thing couldn't be would finally be dealt a blow and we could all move on. But I guess it'll be some other cartoon with nothing to lose to pull that trigger.
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I dunno maybe this will be the time "we can't make everyone happy" doesn't mean. Lets just ignore the group that is smaller and has less representation.
That just seemed like a big roundabout way of not answering the question to me. You may be reading a bit more into it than is actually there, Bunker.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Probably, its just some peoples opposition to such a thing with the argument "they are a small group why should we give them anything." Puts me a little on edge because I expect better of people in the 21st Century.
Well it's certainly not the first time he's done that.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Yea yea I'm a knob about this. Everyone that is an old timer here has a quirk. An interesting note. Linda Ellerbee is having a Special on the 7th.
'Nick News' Anchor Linda Ellerbee Hosts Nickelodeon Special On Gay Kids


So yea I may be reading off the wrong sheets and their obfuscation of an answer maybe because Nick is about to go full court press on the issue.
Ehhh probably not. Book 3 wasn't supposed to come out until next year while this was probably always planned to air this year. I think it's just a coincidence.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea I remember that, maybe someone decided to strike while the iron was hot and things were still rolling with all this and get it all on the same timetable.

Last one on this topic was in 2002 so its been Twelve years since this topic was addressed last and that was gay and lesbian parent households.

So I'm unsure as they usually don't run these that often especially new ones.

I don't know but this all seems to be a big setup for something. I've had an itch at the back of my head that something was happening this year and maybe this is it.

Regardless its well past time for this topic to be addressed in regards to children and teens. So in that I'm happy.

Other than that its a wait and see.
Are you seriously trying to take this as "proof" Korra/Asami is or was going to be a thing? I didn't want to say anything but it looks like a bunch of people already beat me to it. So just stop. You're starting to sound like a Zutaran with your level of delusion.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine


I thought the proper term was Zutarian? Wut.
Sharkman Jhones

Wierd, I've said Zutaran plenty of times.
I've primarily seen "Zutaran" too. Didn't know "Zutarian" was even a thing.
I think the official spelling is ZutarIan, or at least the most commonly used back in the lj/da days.