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LoK Book 3 Anticipation threadAnonymous
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image:140032189200.jpg(9kB , 220x360 , Book 3 Change.JPG)
Legend of Korra's first 2 episodes have names.
>The Legend of Korra : 201, A Breath of Fresh Air.
>The Legend of Korra : 202, Rebirth.

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image:140034239500.jpg(627kB , 764x1012 , book 3 art hq.jpg)
Shouldn't it be 301 & 302? Also your links are really confusing.

Reposting the art book cover. Now the actual HQ version.
No, it's supposed to be 201 & 202.

Apparently, Book 1 & 2 only count as one season of LoK, with Books 3 & 4 counting as a second season.
I don't know why Nick ordered the show that way but they did.
Sharkman Jhones

I think it's just the nature of how many episodes they ordered vs. Nick's usual way of doing things. To them, ~22 is a season, even if the story has that many episodes spread across two.
This sounds like it could get interesting.
Mister Twister
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image:140160717400.png(755kB , 838x940 , Anakin, you're podracer a shit.png)
Anyone feels that we are a little too lucky? I mean, mere 6 years after TLA ended, we got a sequel. And then a second season. And now a third. I mean, it is just too good to be true.
Considering how the show was popular, one could say it was inevitable.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Specially with the new forms of bending that are supposed to come about. Damn I wish this could be talked about on /co/ without that damned hate brigade showing up and then bunch of trolls joining in.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Word is they are now finishing up the last bit of book four production now.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Spanish site accidentally put some of the episodes up early. Someone grabbed some screens before they got blocked. http://baelor.tumblr.com/post/88115838799/i-took-a-bunch-of-screenshots-from-episodes-3-6-of

more caps
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Looks like a lot of earth kingdom world building going on just in this handful of episodes.
And for those who have that itch the want to scratch sooooo badly they want any amount of Korra RITE MEOW, here you go. The links to the Book 3 Espanol leaks.

S03E03 - The Earth Queen

S03E04 - In Harm's Way

S03E05 - The Metal Clan

S03E06 - Old Wounds

I haven't tested any of them yet, just scalped the links over from the mothership. So, yeah.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Eh I'm fine. I wanna know the lead up to those four episodes. Great some people are making Zuko their spirit animal since he's also pissed a Korra.
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image:140226874900.jpg(83kB , 640x490 , Spoiler image)
Spoiler alert!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Though now people can't unsee Earth Kingdom Mexico
Aaaand subtitles for those who weren't already tempted or the already dedicated. You're welcome.

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image:140230628300.jpg(57kB , 500x284 , Spoiler image)
Intriguing... As are some of the other details I've seen floating about.
Mister Twister
I actually intend to not watch the leaked episodes. I have patience and other things to watch/read.
First off is this real?
As in, all of these caps have been verified?
Looking kinda Moribito there Korra.
We've seen the clips the cap is coming from. If it's not real, the hoaxers have a budget comparable to the real deal.
I know there are people here who have no want/need to spoil themselves yet. But here are the actual links in posted form because I noticed that the links over in >>117205 were deleted, so here are the links for those who didn't grab them off /co/ and/or missed the reddit post.

>S03E03 The Earth Queen subbed

>S03E04 In Harm's Way subbed

>S03E05 - The Metal Clan subbed

>S03E06 - Old Wounds subbed
Has the trailer been posted yet?
The Legend of Korra - Book Three Traileryoutube thumb
That's a fanvid made from the leaked episodes.
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image:140250773400.png(37kB , 589x239 , korra-prediction.png)
It would be interesting to see Nick take a Netflix-like approach for the new season, but they would also take a lot of heat for hiding away a show with a prominent female protagonist.
Book 3 Trailer


The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Official Traileryoutube thumb

Bumi is an airbender?
Holy shit all of those airbenders!
Lava bending? WAT!
Those freak benders. Waterbender pulling a Nui Harime!
Jinora is now poltergeist. Young Lin looking sexy as hell.
Metalbending Korra. Asami rescuing Korra.

My god this trailer is loaded.

All pretty much spoiled for me by /co/ threads, except the Bumi thing, which is neat.
Citation needed.
Mister Twister
Actually, most/all of that was in the official trailer.
Hey, neat, the Villainous Waterbender has no arms! Out of curiousity, can we talk about the things mentioned in the trailer without adding spoilers, as long as they're not strictly outlined in the leaked episodes (which I haven't seen)?

Like the Four Nations Team from the trailer, or how people seem to have powers that they didn't have normally?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
So far that is up to speculation and some think its due to spirits now working to correct the imbalance that was caused by that whole airbender purge. Or maybe unblocking the spirit portals not just allows those with the ability to do so and everyone just has the talent they just have to train it.
When will there be border patrols established by racist humans who hate the spirits and wish to deport them back to the spirit world?
Sooo Book Three premiere's June 27th at 7.00? That was kind of sudden.
Holy shit, some warning would've been nice!

Has there been any advertising on Nick at all about this?
No it's pretty obvious it's because of the leaks.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Hooray for Nick, so instead screwing over Avatar for just the last book. We'll have two books of their shenanigans. Fun.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Bet they were going to dump the lot on Netflix, had Viacom not really boned that deal.
Could be worse, they could only show half the season and dump the rest on Toonami at 3 am.
>Zuko pissed off at Korra
If true, this pleases me, since it does indicate that Zuko is the Iroh 2.0 that the fandom often seemed so desperate for him to be back in the first two books of Korra.

Seriously, I want grumpy old man Zuko.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I find the stacking of events to be interesting. Amon leads anti-bending movement which results in a massive power shift in the seat of the republic and the Bender lead council is dissolved and a Non Bender Elect is put into place. This make things harder when the next evil is on the rise as Korra no longer has clout with them as she would have and and results in things escalating to the point they did. I don't really see the show as bad I just think it could benefit from a couple of extra episodes here and there to help decompress some issues.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

5 min Sneak Peek
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image:140366576500.gif(733kB , 600x600 , 1403656636986.gif)

>Bryan admits that the final battle between Korra and UnaVatu was not supposed to make sense. It’s supposed to be symbolic and fun on an emotional level. The battle is symbolic in that it’s a reference to the light battle between Aang and Ozai and the duel between Zuko and Azula.

>Bryan explains that he has no idea what Jinora did during the Book 2 finale; he left it up to fans to create theories of their own. Bryan’s theory is that Jinora harnessed energy she found in the Spirit World and used it to re-energize or trigger the last sliver of Raava, which allowed her to reveal herself.

So it seems that Bryke put as little thought into Season Two as their critics expected.

How does that make you suckers feel?
Bryke are basically a two-man George Lucas.
Not putting much thought into something != leaving things open to speculation.

Can we please cut down on the shitposting? The site is barely usable as it is.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
PLATINUM HAS BEEN MAKING A KORRA GAME!!!! Yea its a downloadable third person fighter but that is something big it being Platinum.

This could be a shot in the arm the series has needed.
So they basically pulled an Uncharted 3? Aww.

That's so CUHRAZY it might even work.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
And even though its Avatar staff writer doing it the team is either Revengeance or Madworld team and either one sounds like this is going to be fucking sick awesome.
Aren't all their major releases third-person fighters though? That's like their specialty. Okami is the only major exception.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Pretty much Guess someone had a brain to just to the wildcard with the RTS and then go all in for a solid Fighter. Shame the budget couldn't have got to Platinum and Atlus. Persona style Avatar game.
Can't handle the truth?
Such a witty response.
Sharkman Jhones

Yeah, no. We're not doing that.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

So better on a leaked schedule or Tease it at the Comic Con and do nothing for at least a month afterward
That guy is retarded.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think a good amount of it is ignorance of how bad Nick usually handles this. Korra Book 2 went swimmingly compared to the utter disasters of ATLA books 2 and 3 airing schedule. Specially Three. I really hope they still have something at SDCC like a panel or something.
Well that was fun. Got a lot of plot moving at once, complete with intriguing new villains and actual repercussions from the ending of Airbender, neato!

Have actually very few complaints, if any. Most of the stuff I wanted improved from last time (Korra and Asami hanging out and stuff, Korra working at getting better at her job rather than giving up out of frustration etc.) were all there, including some more stuff that I wasn't expecting (the philosophy quoting terrorist dude).

I am curious as to what the terrorists did though, but since they were imprisoned 13 years ago it probably wasn't Aang related like I thought.
I'm gonna (sorta) shit on the Korrasami excitement and say it felt like honest to god ship-baiting with the 'girlfriend' bit, also them laughing at Korra airbending Mako. Mostly the interactions were good, but they have this sort of underlying tone of 'SEE?!? FRIENDS!!'

That said it was nice that Asami got more than five lines, and that she and Korra and Mako seem to be getting along well enough.
Mister Twister
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image:140391837200.png(39kB , 170x210 , THO THOUSAND REPLIES.png)
I expected a two-parter. But instead I got 3 episodes worth of callbacks, awesome scenes, some genuine suspense, new mysteries, ZUKO ON A DRAGON, and the greatest elevator conversation.
Gonna sound like a Debbie Downer, but I honestly don't get the appeal of that ship, aside from pervy fanboys and lesbians who just want to see them make out, or SJW so desperate for "representation" they'll fight tooth and nail to defend a ship just because it has two vaginas in it, no matter how little chemistry they have together in canon.

I mean, if Nick was to suddenly be OK with lesbians and it did eventually happen, and with better writing than what Makorra got, then I'll take my words back. But there's been zero to fuel it before now, and nothing further to make it a possibility without reeking of tokenism/pandering or worse, plain old strangling by red string. It's basically the equivalent of Jotaro/Kakyoin from JJBA.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
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image:140392497600.png(599kB , 1280x800 , tumblr_n7jtptVetx1r5du0ko1_1280.png)
Heh, true but its nice to see them back to bonding again regardless how it pans out. I really missed that.
So I forget, did they ever explain how Korra's spirit waterbending works? They kind of glossed over it in the previous season as just a new technique, without really going into what makes it different from normal waterbending and if it's possible for someone with another bending type.
What makes it special is that it's glowing water and calms spirits. How it works isn't important to the story, all that matters is what it does.
Yeah, but i want to know if the difference comes down to something with philosophical or character development ramifications like the various bending philosophies, such as having a peaceful and serene mind while performing it, or if the difference comes own to a right hook versus a lunge.
If I had to guess it's just some extension of healing.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Book 2 was a hash job attempting to assemble a bigger plot than what they had intended so yea its a bit slop. I think there is a possibility for it to go that way with them. Few shows have dropped hints at such but not really pushed it. I think LoK is a show that could handle it well since its got 26 episodes to build such a thing with and then bonding more is a great start. Overall its because I think they play well off each other when allowed too their personalities and strengths blending better than when either was with Mako.

Yea something the northern water tribe. Maybe the Twins will talk about it some when they show up with Old Man Zuko.
Definitely feel like the current spate of episodes is a lot smoother pacing-wise, and glad to see Korra's development panning out so she's not nearly as obnoxious. The Earth Queen is a little bit too obviously panning out to be a villain so far, but it's the four super-benders I'm more interested in right now.
Obviously it requires a calm mind. Look how both Korra and Unalaq performed it.
So the current Earth Queen is Not-Cixi?
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

>They were imprisoned 13 years ago
>Korra is 17
>Korra was put in the Compound when she was 4

Those crazy assholes tried to assassinate babby Korra
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Who put then on her trail that early? Wasn't that when Tenzen and Company finally found her as well?
Maybe they're the reason why they decided to isolate her at the South Pole, rather than the whole "wandering the earth and learning bending from the cultures that created them" thing Avatars are supposed to so, they decided to keep her in a remote compound not out of a parental need to control her... but because there are a bunch of crazy supervillains who want her dead.

Which would argueably save retread some of the stuff from the last season in a more positive light, but at least it wouldn't make Tenzin and Korra's dad look like possessive assholes.

On an unrelated note, goddamn the animation was just so much better!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its that solid Mir animation. But yea it likely was "Oh shit as soon as we found out she was the Avatar someone sent a kill squad to take her out, welp gotta seal this place up tight".

Kind of makes you wonder whether they're on some kind of Righteous Quest, a la Amon, or whether their actions somehow play into the Earth Queen's scheme. Like, did she try to kill wee!Korra so that the Avatar reincarnation cycle would immediately move onto the next nation, making it more likely that they would be one of her subjects she could exploit for her own agenda or something.
It also amused me that despite being a world influenced by the 1920s and 30s, they somehow managed to incorporate a Mad Max-ish motorcycle bandit gang in there.

Seems that even in the Avatarverse, people are having trouble getting beyond Thunderdome.
Was that Bryan Konietzko?
Nah that was Ryu [last name unavailable because I don't know it] and artist who works on LOK iirc.

Ki Hyun Ryu, the head of animation at Studio Mir. Voiced by Jon Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite.
Well season 3 started well but all the seasons started well, then started to collapse because their overall plots were weak. Whether season 3 is a hit or a miss depends upon why the Earth Queen was trying to create an airbender army and why the 4 criminals need Korra. If the message is going to be "the Earth Queen is bad and once she's removed everything will be come wonderful" then this season will end up as bad as the others.

I'm worried about the scene in the trailer in which Meelo is leading an army of airbenders. This season will definitely fail if professional benders / an army are defeated by a child and some benders with a few weeks of training.

Also did anyone else find it odd that no one recommended closing the spirit portal to try and get rid of the spirits. I can't imagine the people of Republic City being willing to put up with the spirits for much longer, so they'll probably try anything to try and get rid of them.


Well this makes it clear why then ending was so terrible. Had Bryke put more thought into season 2's ending they might have made a decent season, rather than having to promise that the next season will be better.
This board needs an ignore user function.

That would be a wild but sensible move, kill this Avatar and move it into your control.

>This season will definitely fail if professional benders / an army are defeated by a child and some benders with a few weeks of training.

So ATLA then?
Matt Thermo
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image:140401512100.jpg(858kB , 1059x3633 , Korra1.jpg)
Here's a thing I did because I'm so incredibly mature.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine
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image:140401679800.gif(2.69MB , 200x160 , dbry_tapping.gif)
Download link, anyone?
Considering the Earth Queen was claiming that her father was screwed over by Aang and Zuko in their "stealing" Earth Kingdom land so they could "create their own little empire" in Republic City... I think that it was pretty clearly telegraphed that she's probably intending to use them to take back the land that broke away during the Promise comicbook.

Making it kind of amusing that we've gone from the Fire Nation's plans of world domination, which started out as being powered by "Fire Nation's burden" but descended into a mess of nationalism, fascism and divine right-...ism, to the Earth Queen seemingly just wanting it because it's "her's".

Kind of makes you think that it wasn't her dad that reinstated the Dai Li but her, doesn't it? What happened with her? Did her dad cause her to be sheltered from the realities of the world like he had been, or did the post-Long Feng period of the Earth King taking an active role in running the Kingdom lead to things going to her head?
I'm seeing people claim that making the Earth Queen a jackass is sexist, purely because she's a queen and apparently their idea of feminism is that you can't portray queens as villains or power-hungry or anything short of perfect anymore, even though, well, history shows that quite a few of them were. A lot of writers these days don't do it out of a conscious or subconscious belief that women are inherently autocratic, it's because in the old days men could at least expect to be given titles simply for being born, or were allowed to work so they could at least earn their way up, while women who wanted power didn't have many legitimate ways to get it. So any women who did would probably have become a paranoid scheming mess to succeed in the first place. And a lot of non-historical fiction still operates under those kinds of settings. If you're going to bitch then direct it towards their lack of originality.

Now if they portray the Earth Queen as evil just because, then you *might* have something to go off of. But the fact that the Fire Nation is ruled by a woman and doesn't seem to have these problems, the series has various other sympathetic female figures of authority to balance things, and the fact that we've seen how awful Earth *Kings* can be, means it's more likely just general shit writing than misogyny, and these people are still grasping at straws to be outraged. Besides, in a feminist world wouldn't you WANT there to be female villains, so long as they are fleshed out as much as the men? Women being equal to men means they're just as likely to suffer from the same weaknesses of character as men do.
So what's the deal with Eska and Desna's mom and how come we haven't seen her yet? I'd have thought she would still be around to be a co-regent which tends to happen a lot in monarchies with teen rulers.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Wasn't she stated to be a non Water Tribe so she couldn't be the next leader or something.
>the greatest elevator conversation.

Got to admit, thus far, I am actually looking forward to this plot quite a bit. initially I figured Zuko's return would just be blatant pandering to the fans, much like Iroh II, but they've actually made it fairly interesting thus far.

That could just be because I'm enjoying the character interaction. The segment with the prison is already one of my favourite Desna and Eska moments
Digging Old Zuko's beard. The previous pic of him as a young adult looked kinda serpentine.
Snake Zuko was hilarious. It also really hammered home the fact that he was the least trustworthy 'good guy' in the original show.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Always the chance he would have sold them out at the drop of a hat to get back into good graces
Season 1: Aang spends most of it running from the Fire Nation and was only able to defeat the navy with the help of a giant water spirit.

Season 2: Azula + Zuko + Dai Li did beat Aang and Katara.

So the Gaang wasn't able to beat armies all the time.

In real life there's a lot of conflicts between people simply because they believe the land is their's. A recent example is Kosovo which wants to be independent but Serbia wants this region to be part of Serbia.

The Earth Queen may be based on Empress Xiaoquancheng, who ruled via her son and nephew during the opium wars. In this case her character would be accurate, especially if she attacks Republic City.

I suspect Zuko has returned in order to explain something to Korra.
>The one-hour premiere from 7-8pm scored 1.504 million total viewers. The new half-hour at 8pm scored 1.298 million.

>Of course, Nickelodeon only has themselves to blame. The new season’s premiere date was only announced 7 days before it aired.

>This wasn’t a series low – but both were very close to it. The only episode that has ever scored lower on Nickelodeon was last Book’s “Peacekeepers” on 10/4/2013, which had 1.103 million viewers. The next highest was the “Beginnings” hour special on 10/18/2013 with 1.726 million viewers.


Good job, Nick.

Korra was also competing against Zapped and Girl Meets World on Disney.

Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
That and they don't have the Itunes store part setup for the book either. So yea complaints all around for Nick being a dingus about how to actually promote a show again. You don't go head to head with the mouse.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Adding to that after watching Nick after all these years I've learned a lesson I shall take with me as I become a person that writes and pitches animation shows. If the show has the tiniest amount of action in it, don't take it to them. It may not be immediate but you'll get shat on eventually.
And it was the day the new Transformers came out.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Oh yea, damn. Did pretty well putting it all in that perspective. Hub wins by Proxy.
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image:140418197900.png(24kB , 649x360 , korra s3 open.png)
Illustrated with charts.

The program before the premiere was a Spongebob rerun btw.
At least this point I think it's obvious Nick isn't planning on cancelling the show itself. Videogames might be canned though.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Hope not, such a game will have its own hype amongst another segment, at least the Platinum one will. The RTS I could see getting canned. Sides I think most of this they really need to put it back to where Book 1 was strongest on Saturday or bloc it with a similar show or shows. I mean you've got Ninja Turtles, Kung Fu Panda and this and they aren't all part of a solid bloc, that is kinda messed up.
Interesting to note that Spongebob is down a lot from its prior position as well.

Canning the series didn't stop them releasing the Young Justice game.
>Zuckerman: So here we have the sad, but definitive, clear break-up of Korra and Mako.

>Bryan: We talked about that in previous commentary, the Asami Mako break-up, maybe a little too vague, so we thought we’d make sure it’s very clear. Put a button on this one.

>Zuckerman: Put a nail in. The cool thing though is that, as sad as it is, it’s very kind of real.

>Bryan: Yeah.

>Zuckerman: It feels, you know… [Korra and Mako kiss. Korra’s hand on his face.] Especially with that hand.

>[Korra and Mako touching foreheads, a tear goes down Korra’s cheek.]

>Bryan: I was very particular about them leaning their foreheads together after the kiss.

>[Korra walks away from Mako.]

>Bryan: And then I like the lingering hand-hold…

I know we don't talk about shipping once but this was one of the "big" things about the book 2 commentary, as we can see now they did not say Makorra is [permanently] done.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Though they would have to do a lot to fix him up to the point of it actually working well. Mako just doesn't fit. He's like a square peg for a round hole. His personality just isn't there and doesn't connect with either the audience nor Korra really. He just sounds so damned bored it when it comes down to being with Korra. Bolin at least had some pep for wanting to be together. I despise the aloof badass bullshit.
Mako's not an aloof badass.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
No but it seems to be some kinda shallow attempt at the type. Overall just a poor character that doesn't really work stretched over an entire series.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Mako's not aloof. He's an socially stunted dork who can't get in touch with his feelings. When confronted with conflict with loved ones he, internally, pulls an Aang and avoids it all costs. The boy would rather sleep under his police desk than live with his amicably parted ex and his brother at Tenzin's house. When he eventually does interact with Korra he turns into super-formal Policeman and distances himself from all emotions.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think his best bit would be for him and Bo Lin to stay in the City when Korra moves on.
Well yeah, if you don't like Mako of course you're gonna think anything that keeps him away from Korra and off of the show (I notice you didn't mention Asami even though she has less character than both of the brothers) is the better course of action, but it's not going to happen. It wouldn't even be what's best for him, his problem is, as highlighted in >>117411 is that he avoids conflict and in the process just makes things worse. He can't get over that flaw if he stays away from Korra and Asami.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea okay I see that. only reason I didn't think of removing Asami is we've seen her without Korra and she doesn't get much out of it while Mako seemed to at least get some trying to be a cop.
To be fair, even as someone who likes Mako, I think that he should have stuck around in Republic City. There's not really anything he adds to the grouping aside from babysitting Bolin, whereas keeping him back in the City would of given them more time to explore how the spirits are changing things for the everyman, showing Mako responding to various disturbances that spirit/human interaction is causing. Then he could be brought into the main plot later, where he can act as counsel for Korra when she has to deal with the spirits and people.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Ohhh, damn I wish Nick hadn't been such an ass with this and the episode amounts. Couple episodes with Mako and a couple of other dudes doing some Ghostbuster type action. Something happens and they all end up living in the police station responding to domestic spirit calls. Damn that would be fun.
Honestly, NOBODY in the Krew (besides Korra obv) really adds anything to the group, and this is coming from someone who generally likes all of them. The show could just be about the adventures of Korra + old people + Jinora.

As for using Mako to see what's going on in RC, we don't need him for that and it doesn't offer anything for him in terms of character development. Mako's not going to learn anything Korra probably doesn't already know from staying in RC and watching the spirits.
Except it does give Mako some potential development - we've never seen him have to work as the peacekeeper before, which he'd have to do when he keeps getting called to deal with freaking out airbenders and a group of pissed of spirits/citizens.

It also handily leads into the development concerning his tendency to run from problems in his own personal life - he's constantly being forced to deal with problems that he can't ge tout of using his street smarts or firebending, and ones where he has to actively engage with people rather than flee from them. It builds the groundwork for letter development when he's forced into interacting with Korra again.

We don't need Mako to show us what's going in Republic City, that's ture, but it's a task his job actually makes him well suited for and actually gives him a chance to develop in a manner that isn't totally reliant upon Korra.
As someone who's pretty indifferent to Asami (you'd have to be the most butthurt of shippers to actually dislike her at this point), I think she would benefit the most from coming along with Korra because of the characterization it would bring her, plus she doesn't have Mako's issues or Bolin's buttmonkey status to drag her down. Her fandumb has serious issues with projecting and seems to be more in love with the IDEA of her (or of Korrasami) than the actual character herself, so it's high time she got some fleshing out to justify her popularity instead of remaining a "nice lady who has some fighting skills" cipher.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think she's the best qualities to be Korras right hand and best bro she just needs more time to be around her. I could totally see them going with a Sheppard and Garrus vibe
> we've never seen him have to work as the peacekeeper before
>It also handily leads into the development concerning his tendency to run from problems in his own personal life
>personal life
See, THAT's the thing. He needs to learn to confront his own problems in his PERSONAL life. I'm trying to figure out how, by being a cop, where he regularly deals with problems that are not his own and do not require a personal attachment to, would help him learn to confront conflicts within his own personal group of friends. You're just basically trying to reinforce what he said about feeling like he doesn't belong with the group, which regardless of how you personally feel about, know that it isn't true. He's part of the Krew. Korra and Bolin (and probably Asami) want him around and in their lives, and you know from a meta standpoint what's actually best from him is going to be staying with them.

>NickelodeonVerified account ‏@NickelodeonTV

>@reiko4509 At the moment, the schedule is slated to have two new eps air every Friday starting on July 11 at 8pm/7c

Nickelodeon can eat out my asshole
On one hand I can see this sort of fixing the 'pacing issue' the show has. On the other, we're basically going to be done with Book 3 by what, the beginning of August?

Alternatively, since book 4's art book has a release date of January they might want to air book 4 in the fall.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Good grief, and still at the shitty time to compete with Disney.

Yea but the game everyone is looking to isn't going to be done till December if not later.
I think part of the problem with the Krew is that they had specific roles in season 1 that didn't translate well into later series.

Bolin has been adapted the best throughout the 3 seasons as his happy-go-lucky character means he can easily join in whatever new thing has been introduced (pro-bending, Water Tribe romance, movers, learning metal bending). This lets the writer flesh out new characters such as Varrick and Opal.

The writers have had some problems adapting Mako to the later seasons. When Equalists were targeting benders it made sense for Mako to be worried about his brother and for him to assume a leadership role when leading a probending team. However in seasons 2 and 3 when Korra and Tenzin are taking the lead there isn't much for him to do. In season 2 he was a detective no one believed, despite all the evidence that he presented; while in season 3 he doesn't seem to be doing anything besides looking after Bolin. The writers need to think more about what Mako is meant to be contributing to the Krew.

While Asami doesn't directly contribute much as a character, her company's resources mean she can play a role in the story. In season 3 they're trying to make Asami and Korra gal pals which may give Asami some character development but probably won't make her more useful to the plot.

I feel that making Korra a head-strong leader removed many of the things that other characters could contribute. For example in ATLA Sokka would create plans, Aang would mainly do what seemed fun, Katara would try to help people, Toph made snarky comments, and Zuko tried to regain his honour and when this failed underwent a journey of discovery. In the new series Korra makes the plans and tried to help people, while Bolin does what's fun. This doesn't leave much for Mako and Asami to do.
There is a third season?
I was referring to the 3 books when I said seasons. So book/season 3 would be Change.
>Since its June 27 premiere, The Legend of Korra has been troubled with low ratings. From as high as 1.5 million on the first episode to as low as 1.1 million on the fourth and fifth episodes, it was only a matter of time before episodes were either rescheduled or pulled completely.

>Now, the network has started pulling the episodes completely. After seven new episodes of Book Three’s 13 have aired, Nick has pulled one episode from this Friday as well as all four episodes from August 1 and 8.

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Yea no shocker, Seven episodes in and they still have people wandering in some the wastes "whu its back on, when did that happen?"

Friday has never been a good night for the show. Whomever decided it was needs to be kneecapped.