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Who will be the one? Who will be the one to spark the digital and computer revolutions for their world? Will it be Varrick, one of his descendants, or perhaps someone different entirely?
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Hm, I'd say probably Asami down the line with input from a lot of other people. Considering the first proper computer was built by Alan Turing and the other Bletchley Park folk in the 1940s, I'd say it's conceivable that the first computers'll be appearing within the Korra cast's lifetime, what with their pseudo-1920s aethetic and all.

From what we've seen of Asami thus far, she seems to be more of an engineer than a mathematician, so chances are a Turing-ish character* would be needed to at least start things on the road to getting a programmable digital computer.

*Computer scientists/theorists existed prior to and at the same time as Turing, though his work codified and extrapolated from existing work in such a way that he was able to lead to the creation of Colossus, the world's first digital computer.