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I just had a dream where I was watching Book 4 of the series and out of nowhere it ended up with Korra being poisoned to death which shocked everyone besides the other characters. This also wasn't the final season as there was a Book 5 which showed a baby being born thus implying the new Avatar and confirming the previous one's death. While most of the book focused on the characters cooping without their friend, the new Avatar was put through the items test by the White Lotus Society and soon training with his earthbending.

This new Avatar is just as headstrong as Korra was leading to some interesting confrontations with the other characters, especially Tenzin who was probably devastated the most by the news of Korra's passing. Jinora doesn't believe the news so she does her spirit body trick to go see for herself. Suyin who was present with the other characters for whatever reason said she was currently in the infirmary of Zaofu. Then something weird happened, Jinora's spirit body was unable to pass through the walls of the building which lead her to come back only to hear Suyin say something about how the type of metal used for the walls of the city buildings were so strong that it can keep out spiritual energy. I think they even said it was a layer of platinum, lead, and silver for whatever reason leading to me questioning why the hell silver is always used for supernatural elements. Suyin tells Jinora to go through the flooring as it was constructed using very basic metal.

Next we see Jinora trying to get through to the infirmary by sinking into the ground trying to get passed the thick walls buried beneath until finally she was able to make it through only to see Avatar Korra laying their in bed motionless without her stomach expanding and disbanding. It was then Jinora knew the news were true. She took a moment to kneel beside her friend as she started to cry as she reached her hands out to Korra's before she returned to her body.
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I hope this doesn't mean SJW are going to throw a fit about Bryke viewing brown people as low as dogs or some other ridiculous extrapolation.
A New Spiritual Age
>implying Tumblr are people
They kinda did back when book 1 was airing.
A New Spiritual Age
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Why was this episode cute?
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Posting in a cute thread.
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Why does it feel like the relationship between Tenzin and Korra has advanced to that of Obi-Wan and Anakin?
They seem to be standing on equal ground now.

Did it take Korra learning about what it means to be the Avatar from Wan and Tenzin learning from his father to not be his father to make this happen?
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Does anyone still draw Avatar art?
T4 was here
They sure do!
On /pco/~
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July 11th, 2014: In Harm’s Way & The Metal Clan

Kai has found himself in deep doodoo and Korra has been okie-doked while trouble is brewing in the North Pole! What will happen next! We'll find out on Friday night.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Aang took him on as his pupil maybe before he settled down into a family. I'd like to see what drove them apart. Could be a show in itself.
Didn't he get arrested 13 years ago? You'd think if he killed Aang they'd have done their damn best to capture him ASAP, not after he tried to off the next Avatar.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I think maybe a Clone Wars type series could work quite well. if Z turns out to be someone Aang trained for a few years in his early adulthood.
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> tfw you'd never go on a life changing spiritual journey much like Korra did
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

Had to post these while covering teh screen.

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But I am on a life-changing spiritual journey. My life is currently changing from crap to slightly less crap.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Best most of us can hope for really
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You know, for a show that didn't have enough time to go into character development much like it's parent did. After re-watching Books 1 and 2 in 2 days I am suddenly feeling like I'm going to miss these characters when the show concludes in Book 4. How is this possible?
You apparently have very low standards for what counts as character development if you consider "Getting interested in one single case but not changing your personality even one iota" to be character development. And he was always interested in other people. C.f. how he went to his landlord's performance for no other reason than that his landlord wanted him there.

He DID change his personality though, he went from being invested mostly in himself (and bowling) to getting invested in other people, even ones that he really didn't have much of a stake in.

Would the Dude at the beginning of the movie be bothered to help the older Lebowski back into his wheelchair after they knock him onto the floor during the "Accusing Parlor" scene? In the beginning he was more concerned with getting a new carpet and possible some additional cash, later he gets invested for reasons other than just getting a paycheque.
>Would the Dude at the beginning of the movie be bothered to help the older Lebowski back into his wheelchair after they knock him onto the floor during the "Accusing Parlor" scene? In the beginning he was more concerned with getting a new carpet and possible some additional cash, later he gets invested for reasons other than just getting a paycheque.
Yes, he would. He was shown to be willing to do things just because they made other people happy or more comfortable in the beginning of the movie, when he went to his Landlord's show. The Dude was the same person from beginning to end, like *most* Coen Brothers protagonists--the Coen Brothers are one of the most clear modern examples of storytellers who understand that character development isn't necessary to a good movie.
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Oh yeah, this character is going to be a lot of fun.
Daniel FUCKING Murphy, Hitting Machine

He got captured by The Dai motherfucking Li. He's going to go through some changes really quick. *Shudder*
Does anyone else think Korra was reminded about what she learned of Avatar Wan upon meeting the boy?

To good for 'em, I say! *waves cane in the air*
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As the penultimate season of Legend of Korra approaches, it goes me wondering. If Bryke were to make a third Avatar series, what would it be like?

Would it continue the linear progression from the previous two shows, from the proto-steampunk world of Aang to the dieselpunk world of Korra to a possibly cyberpunk world of the Avatar that follows her? Or would they go backwards, as the Wan two-parter established that there is also a ton of potential in the Avatars prior to Aang and Korra that they could go with?

Personally, I think that considering the influence of Miyazaki in the prior seasons, particularly in Airbender, it would be interesting to see Akira and Ghost in the Shell influences in the Avatarverse. Plus it would fit with the logical progression of the series, with science and technology slowly surplanting the mystical as time marches on. And maybe it combines in odd ways, maybe new spirits emerge from the environment, so rather than like panda-spirits they end up with gremlin-ish things that adapted to intefere with machinery or something.
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Avatar the Last Airbender wasn't steampunk at all.
The Legend of Korra would be the steampunk series by all definition of the word.
>all definitions

Really? LoK seems to definitely lack the 'punk' elements if you ask me.
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image:140385499400.png(918kB , 1280x720 , 13374602156.png)

Airbender was starting to undergo an industrial revolution, with the introduction of increasing amount of steampowered devices, such as the Drill, that car thing Azula used in the Chase, the jetskis from the Painted Lady episode, the airships etc. etc. Thus they were heading into a world with steampunk technology, even if they weren't wearing the quasi-Victorian clothes that were associated with the genre (because people are lazy and assume that all steampunk is either American or English-based).

Legend of Korra was deliberately based in a world set in the 1920s and 30s, and the tech there had moved on from the steampowered stuff of Airbender (bypassing the bulk of its implimentation) and straight into a world powered by electricity and petrol (such as the radios, cars, mech, planes etc. etc.) The subgenre this is normally associated with is dieselpunk, and examples of this include Captain America: the First Avenger, Bioshock to an extent, the Rocketeer, Laputa: Castle in the Sky etc. etc. etc.
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Avatar AMV ThreadAnonymous
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Found this nice Korra AMV set to Portal 2's Exile/Villify

Legend of Korra AMV - Exile, Vilifyyoutube thumb

Pic semi-related
This song was from Portal 2?
Avatar AMV Thread

It played on several radios in areas where Rattman drew messages for Chell.
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image:140360876500.jpg(128kB , 893x587 , Legend-of-Korra[1].jpg)
Does anyone know of any good AMV tributes for Wan, Aang, and Korra?
Maybe even a good one dedicated to all three of them?

There should be something to honor the three Avatars who changed their world in big ways.
Pic is unrelated.
Oh and favorably any that use songs from the Kick-Ass (first one) soundtrack.