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Keep all tournament talk ITT.


►VOTE: https://forms.gle/zUzmPL6ZSuu1qHJ59

►Nominations Results:
Check to see if your character is included.
►Qualifier Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cHmkNcbQdXeuOM5JXZIaRo9y3w-kcT_2n4NJm27y7F8/edit?usp=sharing
►Round 1 Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebm41J8v_CDmRpD3LEXa6aWIW17li8-XA3spayNQwqqGHyqQ/viewanalytics
►Round 2 Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfaw0-tfA-2OD-t4wJTV9aJNMc14pqMGqef4X83misphHv-kg/viewanalytics
►Round 3 Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfV85DslHNu-hCuKVjHnDUXK9Qk3MMlOKuJ8PI7MJPeXUR6Fg/viewanalytics

►Bracket: https://challonge.com/oqwxsptp

Read before asking questions.

►Basic Eligibility Requirements
It is preferable for a character to be from a comic or a cartoon of Western origin.
Characters of any gender are eligible.
Any character making their first debut in the entirety of the previous month is ineligible to compete.
Previous winners of the mainline /co/ tournaments are ineligible in an effort to keep things fresh.
Real-life people, OCs and Board-tans are not allowed.

►OC (Upload to this booru)

Hope Corgi

>Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
Post your elite eights.
I really liked the sfm videos.
Cartman has been good, but Kingpin has been better.
>Green Goblin
Could go either way.
>Master Shake
Ruber has been a blast and I would have voted for him against anyone else, but I have put way too much time in Shake to let go of him and I love making those mock graffitti art images and video edits.
>Lord Farquaad
I like Farquaad and his campaign more, but I will say Dr. Domino is someone I did not expect to to this far in a good way. Congrats.
Also could go either way.
Let him cook.
I have loved this guy's run, I like his show, and I have helped from time to time with his campaign so I would feel bad for ditching him now.
My elite 8:

>Yzma (I could go either way, but I'd rather go with someone who hasn't made E8 yet)
>Kingpin (better villain, but I wouldn't mind Cartman either)
>Green Goblin (best Spider-Man villain to be here)
>Ruber (FUCK this one's tough, but Ruber is more villainous)
>Lord Farquaad (the last DreamWorks villain standing, has a great campaign, and a Mr. and Tag Team snub, I say he's earned it)
>Lex Luthor (great campaign and if DC is getting in E8, it should be him)
>Thanos (I could go either way though)
>Voltar (League of Super Evil is criminally underrated and I'm glad Voltar is making a darkhorse run with funny campaigning to boot, Marvin already made E8 too and has a better chance in Mr.)
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image:169283395585.jpg(324kB , 2048x1029 , IMG_3152.jpeg)
Ugh, huh, am I alive? Yesss I am. IAGO will pay for this treacherous deed once I fi- wait, what? *Looks in mirror* Oh no…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
>(Betrayed and trapped in the shitty game dimension)
>FUCK this one's tough, but Ruber is more villainous
I'm willing to die on the hill that Master Shake is worse. Ruber killed a guy and attempted to kill a few others to take over Camelot. Shake nuked the entirety of humanity to make the world more like his favorite tv show, bullies and tortures his neighbor literally retarded brother, killed a bunch of innocent animals by microwaving them, and is overall a lazy and selfish moocher.
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image:169283427346.jpg(97kB , 488x750 , 90b34a00cdf4467728be3337896efecd.jpg)
Well Victor, I finally got to meet you. You might be one of the most powerful men alive, but not even you can do anything against the Infinity Gauntlet. Instead of instantly defeating you, I'm gonna wait. Don't want to finish this too fast.
and literally retarded
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image:169283432272.png(56kB , 195x254 , Voltar_confidence.png)
And YOU wish to be evil just to serve a queen? HA! REAL evil villains serve only themselves!
>Skeletor vs Yzma
Oh fuck right off
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image:169283450742.jpg(73kB , 837x463 , IMG_3153.jpeg)
Do not vote for the sentient shake! I have achieved greater things! I have defied one of /tv/‘s greatest gambles, even their dark meme magic wasn’t enough to be ultimately struck down by the sword in my hands! And that sword is EXCALIBUR!!
One of the last Disney villains standing and skeletor already had been in the elite eight many times, I’ve decided to go with her this round
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image:169283466577.jpg(28kB , 400x306 , 0F9B333C-496B-4959-8096-C907A037D02D.jpeg)
I see I'm up against an opponent that isn't small but approximately 2% of my body mass is phat, the rest is pure muscle so despite the boy's pudginess he won't survive the weight of my phat and muscles
Could go either way since I like both equally, but I like Yzma's source material more so it gives her the edge.
One of my favorite Marvel villains, and he fits better than Cartman. Also that Broly Culo piece last round sent my side into orbit.
>Oogie Boogie
Also could go either way.
See above.
>Lord Farquaad
He's been hilarious in this.
>Lex Luthor
He's been fun to writefag for, and is the perfect candidate to represent DC in the E8.
Both have been good but I like Thanos just a bit more.
Again, could go either way. I just haven't seen Voltar's show in forever so I barely remember anything about it.

This is a damn good top 16. I wasn't expecting so many hard choices.
It's the hardest match for me this round.
She is the last one unless you want to count the Marvel villains as Disney.
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image:169283482046.gif(145kB , 220x165 , blah-blah-blah-blah.gif)
My god! Will you shut up? Next you're going to say "Thousands of years ago" or some crap!
Like I said in last thread, Skeletor can always make E8 in /co/. Plus I think Yzma and Kronk are legitimately great.
Could go either way, but for now I think Cartman would be a more unique/fun addition to E8.
>Oogie Boogie
I liked his campaign more, Goblin has been kinda on and off.
MS might be a giga asshole, but Ruber is more of a traditional villain, plus it's been a long time coming.
This is probably gonna be a stomp. I don't know anything about Dr Domino and I imagine neither do most people here.
Ren would be funny in E8, but I think Lex fits in better.
Thanos is alright too, but Doom's my favorite Marvel villain.
Marvin can probably get into E8 again, and it's been cool seeing Voltar get this far.
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image:169283492499.gif(2.29MB , 498x280 , nightmare-before-christmas-bats.gif)

Isn't this cute? A little goblin wants a piece of the Boogeyman. Hope you're not scared of creepy crawlies because that's gonna be the last thing you'll ever see after I'm finished with you.

>She is the last one unless you want to count the Marvel villains as Disney.
Oogie Boogie is Disney too, even if he originally wasn't.
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image:169283500191.png(397kB , 716x528 , skeletor.png)
>I really liked the sfm videos.
It's Gmod, you dense-headed buffoon! Since you say that you've been campaigning for Master Shake, it appears to me that both you and the characters you campaign for have mush for brains! Why don't I take that beverage you love so much, and blow it to smithereens?! What would you think of that?!
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image:169283506174.jpg(54kB , 500x500 , 1517554547251.jpg)
Steempy! Where in the hell are we?
...and who's the suit?
Right, I forgot Disney owns Nightmare Before Christmas.
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image:169283534946.png(279kB , 600x450 , Lex_Luthor_(STAS).png)
Welcome to Metropolis, my hairless friend. This is a bustling city, filled with some wonderful architecture, plenty of activities to participate in, and so much more. I am Lex Luthor, founder and CEO of Lexcorp, the city's biggest conglomerate business. Tell me, what brings you here to Metropolis?
He always was but they put TNBC under the touchstone pictures label with the assumption kids would be too frightened by the film, that didn’t stop them from going to see it and enjoy it.
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image:169283551837.jpg(59kB , 735x480 , 0df800558950d7262728808598ad754b.jpg)
Ah, Thanos. The mad Titan, the end of everything... And other nonsensical titles. You do not deserve the Infinity Gauntlet. You do not have what it takes to shape the universe in your image. And this is not just my opinion, you and I both know that. After all, every time you lost, was it not because you subconsciously gave up at some point and thought of yourself as unworthy, your resolve faltering? Doom would never. And unlike you, Doom would remake the universe to be a superior, just place, rather than waste such power on delusions and asinine idolization of death.

This power... Will be DOOM's to wield!
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image:169283562517.png(1.38MB , 1600x1076 , 1385358_gummyng_ren-stimpy.png)
>S: My pal Ren here is looking for his next oppo-a-nent! If you would be kind as to show us to them if you can...
>R: Yeah, maybe gimme the number that chick over there while you're at it!
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image:169283562652.jpg(56kB , 837x463 , IMG_3154.jpeg)
Ann I see you too are a..being of culture, I don’t need explanations, let’s get on with this duel!
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image:169283578663.jpg(132kB , 1124x599 , 1665366782706.jpg)
I cannot express my gratitude enough, people of Duloc! A source has informed me that the chimpanzee I was to be facing had been imprisoned before the round had begun! Coincidence or folly on his part? Who cares! What matters is that I emerged victorious and surpassed my run in Mr. /co/lympus 2022! Also, word is that Thelonious has taken the monkey from the Townsville prison system and will immediately be placed in the torture chamber. Oh, he will be so disappointed about the lack of bananas!

Now, I've reached my fourth opponent. A mere doctor, I hear he specializes in.... I don't know really, all he ever seems to care about is dominos, enough that his entire persona is themed around this childish activity. Is this one even a real medical practitioner? Never mind that, let's just say that this one is yet another strange opponent for me to conquer!

The dominos have been set in place, and there's only one tactic left to do! The dominos may be knocked down, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make. Victory is in sight, Dulocans! Vote for Lord Farquaad and secure my place in the Elite Eight! For the glory and honor of Duloc!
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image:169283584452.png(194kB , 1705x1269 , lordus.png)
>not one single support for Dr Domino ITT
I smell trouble.
Stilt-Man guy here. As much as I love silly villains, I think it's kinda hard to roll with a guy who only appeared once, both for his campaigner and for voters. At least Stilt-Man had a bunch of material to go off of.
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image:169283613751.png(241kB , 1200x675 , Shake's Guitar.png)
I'm glad to meet someone who finally recognizes my genius. Frylock, you hear that? I'm a being of culture. I shall play the music of my people now. Now listen to my wonderful melody! Nude Loveyoutube thumb
He kinda cruised into R4.
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image:169283621822.png(39kB , 435x640 , Noid_Neutral_b.png)
save file
image:169283641281.gif(388kB , 640x468 , superman-cartoon.gif)
"Well, you see, little one, according to my sources, you are no longer in this tournament. It appears you've been disqualified due to cheating earlier in the tournament with your red friend there. I'm afraid you'll just need to pack your bags and leave."
>"As for my number, sorry, honey, but I'm taken."
I'm gonna draw Marvin again soon. Thanks for the support
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image:169283676064.jpg(154kB , 1600x1200 , leagueofsuperevil.jpg)
Since Voltar made it this far I suppose now's a good time to post the first episode of League of Super Evil.

Lightning Liz / The Bank Job | League of Super Evil - WildBrainyoutube thumb
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image:169283736412.jpg(26kB , 400x400 , SZjk3ZhN_400x400.jpg)
Cheating?! Now that can't be right...my friend here's a very fair man, and if he was cheating earlier, he would've been disqualified just as early!
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image:169283757297.jpg(39kB , 750x375 , 166187772791.jpg)
So much drama!
We have a bunch of good fights here for the Elite Eight!
Skeleton vs Skeleton!
Fat Ass vs Fat Ass!
A couple of freaks in costumes duking it out!
Two Powerhouses with the biggest amount of votes in victory!
I don't know how Fuckwad and Dr Domino are connected... maybe Markiplier?
Two raging bald homosexuals!
Marvel's Biggest Villains!
And finally we end with Midget Wrestling! Who doesn't love Midget Wrestling!?
I'm off to vote now fuckers!
Maybe a bigger report tomorrow!
Here's looking out for you kid!
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video:169283921872.mp4(2.41MB , 1280x720 , Dr. Weird's Latest Creation.mp4)
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image:169283993188.png(279kB , 600x450 , Lex_Luthor_(STAS).png)
Nonsense, cheaters are always allowed to continue. Aren't you forgetting Ms. /co/ 2020, or Ms. /co/ 2022, or Queen /v/ 2021?
You seem to forget to mention Miss /co/ 2019
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image:169284022925.jpg(20kB , 400x300 , 5b84a4ab6d8d17593bd08baf79151544.jpg)
Because it was perfectly legit?
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image:169284029210.jpg(102kB , 1200x675 , lex.jpg)
Listen, I understand that this is a tournament for villains, but what happened then was simply too evil to speak about.
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image:169284113320.jpg(55kB , 837x463 , IMG_3156.jpeg)
Why it’s unbelievable! You’ve recreated the chicken bladebeak without the usage of my witches potion! How did you do that?
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image:169284279232.png(530kB , 1280x720 , Weird creates Shake.png)
Because I'm crazy! BEHOLD! I was the one who created the monster you're facing right now using parts of my own body for his brain! Hahahahaha!
save file
image:169284302822.jpg(95kB , 837x463 , IMG_3158.jpeg)
Well if he’s the one who has conquered death itself [Puts on helmet and cape becoming the infamous red knight while welding Excalibur] then allow me to be the one who wrangles him
I’m still shocked that Domino was even able to beat both Wuya and Venom, guy has been the secret dark horse this entire tourney.
...for Peru standards.
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image:169284366359.png(704kB , 1896x1035 , kronk-and-yzma.png)
>"Hey, Yzma, look at this: your opponent this round kinda looks like you!"
"Oh, be quiet, idiot! I'm not that old! Anyways, his magic is nowhere near as good as my potions!"
>"I'm not sure about that, Yzma. I mean, your potions work wonders, but Skeletor is the most feared sorcerer around."
"I don't care about that! All I care about is winning this and proving how I'm much more fit to rule than Kuzco!"
>"Okay, but after this, can I go take a dip in Kuzcotopia?"
"No! Only if we lose will we subject ourselves to Kuzco's humiliation."
I Remember that thread he was in too that featured paper man and how underrated they are as wonder women never really had a fully developed rouge’s gallery
Can I get a seed count?
save file
image:169284678458.png(548kB , 998x715 , The Fume Arrives.png)
[puts on mask] Fume powers, activate! Now suufocate! Any second now... Just wait for it...
Another cycle of tourneys is beginning soon. Who are you RP'ing this year?
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image:169284719465.jpg(799kB , 1600x2000 , thanos__infinity_gauntlet_by_bielero_dcfs5yh-fullview.jpg)
I thought you were supposed to be a smart man, but what you said isn't. We both know you don't deserve to use the Infinity Gauntlet. I use it so prolong the life of the universe, and to impress Death. You'd only use it for petty reasons. God knows how many times you'll use it just to torture Reed. It doesn't matter anyways. Not only will you never get this gauntlet, you are not even strong enough to wield it. Using this to snap away half the universe almost killed me. It would probably disintegrate that human body of yours.

This is my power and mine alone.
save file
image:169284724355.jpg(16kB , 481x354 , Mark_Thresher.jpg)
He might become my top pick if he somehow manages to qualify
Skeletor insulted me for a mistake? I am honored.
save file
video:169285328139.webm(2.26MB , 480x360 , 1445937628434.webm)
But now this webm is finally appropriate, and I can take it easy again
I can't believe Bejita betrayed me....
save file
image:169285514570.jpg(26kB , 609x615 , Spoiler image)
you're lucky it wasn't me who BETRAYED you
save file
image:169285566923.jpg(188kB , 1000x773 , ae6e1205cdbe5cd37738d1e14d930c00607f6420.jpg)
But Bejita lost?
save file
image:169285672205.jpg(199kB , 805x1102 , c54.jpg)
I miss him already...
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image:169286211577.png(229kB , 271x265 , Dr.Domino6.PNG)
Finally, after 3 obnoxious round of having to deal with the paranatural I finally met with a honest challenge, I've heard you display similar frustrations with all things mystical and I can see why.
Though its unfortunate that you believe yourself to be the one to begin this chain reaction when in reality it has started a long time ago.

And my doctorate is entirely false by the way, I've never even set foot inside medical school.
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image:169286702942.png(1.35MB , 1024x1024 , dfxn28d-24b3bacc-c10f-4076-831b-9537dbf3bcc7.png)
I'm still curious of Voltar is even human.
It's never mentioned, so he could be anything.
I voted Yzma with my dick.
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image:169287652466.png(27kB , 600x617 , Untitled.png)
Let those fools continue to dream, The domino effect is far too strong to stop now.
Makes sense, she's the only character from The Emperor's New Groove with a Sexypedia page after all.
I might still try cosplaying him later as a tribute. He was great in this.
>He-Man eats pineapple pizza
Horrible. I can't believe this VILLAIN was in Heroes of /co/.
So I can't be the only one who noticed that since Round 1, this tourney has been kind of slower and generally less active than Heroes. If anything, this so far is the slowest Heroes/Villains tourney, which is bizzare for something as hyped as villains of /co/. The post counts are lower, there's less OC and a lot of camapigns feel same-y, since they just consist of different flavors of RP. I wonder what could be the reasons behind this. Did we lose that many active campaigners during Qualifiers? Are people getting burnt out from the Heroes and Villains tournaments? Are people waiting for Ms. /co/ and don't want to blow their load on a side tournament so shortly before the main one?
save file
video:169288566031.mp4(3.79MB , 1280x720 , a bump in the night.mp4)
save file
image:169288577950.png(404kB , 1047x589 , IMG_3166.png)
By quiet negative peasant
This wouldn't have happen if CIA won
I assume it's a combination of
>Semester being over
>Burn out (i'm feeling it)
>A lot more personal campaigned characters getting knocked in qualifiers than usual
I like Baneposting, but CIA's not a villain. I wouldn't have minded him getting into E8 of Heroes. His anon probably nominated him for Villains so that he could be in one tourney with Bane, but then Bane didn't qualify either way. I think Discord would've been a better oddball pick for the Villlains E8, but that's its own can of worms.
Even though it's slower, I feel like it's still better than Heroes.
CIA was kind of a paradox character for two reasons, first he wasn’t even remotely a villain but was a villain in the baneposting meme as bane was the protagonist of those, secondly he’s neither a cartoon nor comic character as he originated from the dark knight rises. At least Robbie rotten is somewhat “animated” to a degree
save file
image:169288713831.jpg(153kB , 1280x720 , lazytownbook.jpg)
Not to mention Robbie's first appearance was in a storybook that preceded the LazyTown show and the stage plays before it. CIA had no such luxury.
True, also I think there was a bit of lost potential in this tournament, I had a pretty big campaign ready to be set up for the Saturday cartoon villains once they got qualified such as Decepticon shenanigans and full scale COBRA funposting, but none of them(except skeletor, his anon isn’t me) got qualified so I prioritized on the Disney villains (namely jafar) instead. Still his tournament must’ve done something right if I’m enjoying it more than heroes which was already really good.
he definitely wears a mask so we don't have a Strong Bad situation
Threads are getting slow, so I'm taking requests to pass the time.
Voltar and Marvin height comparison
Farquaad and Thelonious beating up Dr. Domino
Thanos and Doom in a cool fight or in a cooking contest, whichever you prefer.
Magic comparison between skeletor and yzma
I imagine burnout from this being the fourth tournament in three months has to do with it. I also wish I could've done more OC beyond RP and writefagging in both this and Heroes of /co/, but I've been busy with IRL stuff during this and I lost my two biggest sources of OC in the switch from /v/ to /co/.
save file
image:169288860825.png(32kB , 1920x1080 , 1535056562003.png)
This template with Shake in the middle and Meatwad and Frylock as the two next to him.
save file
image:169289066075.jpg(35kB , 600x450 , CIA SU.jpg)
>His anon probably nominated him for Villains so that he could be in one tourney with Bane, but then Bane didn't qualify either way
I actually nominated him as a drive-by funpost, then he turned out to be the only character I nominated that got in so there wasn't much left to do other than go all in on planecoin.
I didn't really notice that Bane had been nominated until round 1 either.
Not nearly enough footdives

I have one, but it's from the first round so I don't think it's going to fit.

Still, would it be okay?
I think that guy is already overwhelmed with requests as is
It's all those factors. Plus maybe schooling starting for some.
And for the record I'm the guy that nominated Bane and I was planning on doing stuff with him (CIA included), but I was under the assumption he'd fairly easily qualify.
save file
image:169289361124.jpg(30kB , 480x480 , 3028865-lord-farquaad-shrek-0.85.jpg)
What an amusing coincidence, my opponents have been peculiar as well. The three of them thought they could outdo me, but alas, they knew their place and were out of my way. However, the mystic beings that I have dealt with in the past are far more gruesome than what you've encountered. All those fairy tale creatures, what a pile of filth beckoned to be disposed of. To make a long story short, they have been "sleeping with the ogres" since I've intervened.

You say you have no medical experience? If anything, this must mean that you are a fraud just like my prior opponents. You approach me as an individual who likes to play make-believe, just like the rest of that fairy tale trash. I assure you that there's no pretending on my part, the perfect ruler of Duloc is as genuine as ever. You've lost from the very beginning, "Doctor", for this is no game; this is a duel of villainy!
Discord unironically should've went forward. His polling was very strange, like getting a lucky pass against an SU character then beating TYR'AHNEE somehow but then getting utterly destroyed by Cartman.
save file
image:169289407407.png(485kB , 775x533 , latest (12).png)
You should've told me anon. We could've collaborated!
I voted for Cartman because I didn't want My Little Pony to go further, simple as.
save file
image:169289452301.gif(460kB , 256x192 , skye-snacks(c).gif)
If this is the main reason he lost then it's doubly ironic because /mlp/ (in general) doesn't really like Discord and he is always an early spitevote in their own tournaments.
really? he got the best fan song out of all of them though
save file
image:169289464370.png(500kB , 387x433 , Dr.Domino5.PNG)
How odd, I thought you of all people, a so-called King without any real royalty to speak of would understand the gravity of self administered titles.
Only fools work for their names, a true villain simply takes it.
Why? He's the best character imo and the only one i'd really vote for.
SU is SU, and Tyr'ahnee's reputation seems to be on the decline (losing to Chel, the spite in Tag-Team and now this). That probably contributed. But yeah, I would've liked to see him proceed too.
/mlp/'s flesh and blood is 95% waifufags, so the male tournament is kind of a shitshow where a character from the show is actually extremely unlikely to win. There are a lot of factors that go into this. There's the fact that most people generally don't care for male characters as much, the fact that the board has a lot of Faust-era purists and ironically most notable male characters got introduced into the show after she left. If you go to a Mr. /mlp/ tourney, you'll see that most nominees that go far are various board OCs and memes from 10+ years ago.

In Discord's case in particular, he has a lot of spite from two factors: 1) being close to yellow horse and often shipped with her, causing people that waifu her enormous seethe, 2) being ultimately redeemed and forgiven for his crimes, while some of anons' villain waifus weren't so lucky and were killed/imprisoned, which naturally generates a lot of seethe too.

That's why it was cool to get campaign for him here where there isn't so much waifufag autism involved, and I wished I got to do it for a bit more, but eh, it is what it is. I'll probably switch to being more active with someone else now.
So autism then.
Makes me wonder how a pure touhou tournament would go, it'd have like 6 potential male characters and only two of them are meme'd enough to be notable
save file
image:169289591727.jpg(52kB , 355x500 , lord-farquaad-normal.jpg)
Do you assume that I merely had to "work" for this name? The title was simply mine for the taking, as per my destiny to become the perfect ruler. "Without any real royalty?" You're speaking too soon, you shall see that my influence across my perfect world is enough to ensure my royal status is inevitable.
>Faust-era purists
Faust was only around the first season. Weird to stick around a board for 12 years and 10 seasons if that's all you're stanning for.
If a Ms. /jp/ tournament ever happened, then 2/3rds of the bracket would be Touhou, with the rest filled out by VN characters and JAV stars.
That's a common misconception. Faust was actually still involved in most of the second season until the final two-parter. As for why people are staying, autism works in mysterious ways.
A ms. /jp/ would be chaos if you're just allowing anything posted on /jp/ cause it'd invite /vt/ shit as well and that wouldn't go over well at all
probably plenty of * added as streamers try to invade it too
It's probably for the best that it doesn't happen
It's a shame it doesn't cause then the /v/ tourney's would be significantly better with them gone.
How would our heroes react to the current villains?
save file
image:169289726153.png(1.12MB , 493x752 , Dr.Domino4.PNG)
Don't talk to me about influence, I know how to operate without a direct hand. Each cumulative effect working in tandem affecting both people and events so flawlessly that it appears natural, but that appearance is something your influence lacks.
Showmanship, parades, flags and banners are rewarding in the short term but have the downside of putting a face on the source of said influence, and when people tire of said influence they know what to ignore, they know what to reject.
Masks exist for a reason Farquaad.
Probably better to wait until E8 when we see who actually makes it there
>Masks exist for a reason Farquaad.
And if someone pulled one off, would they die?
It'll certainly start a chain reaction...
save file
image:169289826723.jpg(35kB , 900x508 , Hunchback-disneyscreencaps_com-5903-900x508.jpeg)
AH! I just woke up from a horrible nightmare I was having! I was engaged in a ferocious battle with a vile undead sorcerer with the most grating of voices... And he beat me! Phew... But at least I can comfort myself in the knowledge that was a mere fancy of my overactive dreaming imagination.
save file
image:169289833727.png(160kB , 1200x1200 , hunchback-hellfire-pose.png)
Wait... Don't tell me...
Someone grabbed your victory.
They were working for the sorcerer. The skull-faced man.
save file
image:169289966074.jpg(18kB , 307x512 , 64666c8fcb08c93d0712ae43e0eda340.jpg)
Oh, spare me the domino effect rhetoric. What I can tell you is that masks exist to hide hideous abominations such as yourself. You have no legacy to prove, not even as a villain. Surely it makes sense why you're going off on a tangent about "being ignored" when no one is willing to give you the time of day. I'm continuously celebrated by the people of Duloc and lands beyond, whereas your domino run has only reached a stalemate.
save file
image:169289985289.png(1.87MB , 1432x1063 , B76C5D18-5548-4C3B-8B11-3D0F7BDBD0AE.png)
was the boy so intimidated by my weight that he forfeited the match? I wouldn't blame him
It's a big cascade.
save file
image:169290022277.png(119kB , 778x1504 , Playing With Dominoes In Duloc.png)
>Ah, Thelonious?
...for you.
save file
image:169290081714.jpg(23kB , 283x337 , 400_ren.jpg)
Certainly a businessman like Lex would like to adopt a cute and adorable chihuahua such as myself, huh?
you're a chihuahua?
He meant chupacabra
save file
image:169290128183.jpg(71kB , 1280x720 , voltar.jpg)
So, has the Martian taken after his queen and began slumbering during our battle? That was supposed to be MY scheme from the very beginning to qualify! Well, not that it will matter anymore, because starting today.... EVIL NEVER SLEEPS! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
save file
video:169290148742.mp4(2.96MB , 1280x720 , BOMber.mp4)
I don't know what I was thinking last night when I made that stupid scary Frylock one. This would have been way better.
save file
image:169290198055.jpg(76kB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg)
save file
image:169290202902.png(282kB , 265x327 , Dr.DominoChair.PNG)
Oh this domino run isn't stopping anytime soon, each tile before you thought it'll be the one to stop it, that it'll still be standing even when the one before it has just been knocked over. But they all fell just the same.
Change begets change after-all.
Jokes aside, I wouldn't mind if Marvin loses now. He can do well on his own for Mr. /co/ and /cov/ with a good partner. Also I know who Voltar is and he deserves the spot
save file
image:169290210418.jpg(18kB , 400x400 , voltar03_150x150_en_400x400.jpg)
Do you see that? The Martian is not evil AT ALL!
but he is sleepvil
save file
image:169290420252.png(117kB , 350x361 , voltarpointing.png)
Need I repeat myself? EVIL. NEVER. SLEEPS.
Then maybe he is Marvil.
save file
image:169290463971.jpg(75kB , 837x463 , IMG_3172.jpeg)
>After hours of pursuit, ruber still hasn’t found the HQ of the Aqua teen hunger force. But then
You see this?
>(What, it’s just a small little suburban, whatever that is)
NO ordinary town, this is SOUTH New Jersey! Now master shake is mine and I sir ruber will slay his homunculus! Come on!
“This homunculus”
save file
image:169290579520.jpg(55kB , 640x480 , Lex-Luthor.png)
Sorry, but I'll pass. I'm not desperate enough to get a dog to take down Superman. I prefer something more effective, like cloning or green rocks.
Writefagging is gonna be late today. I just got home and need to eat cause I haven't eaten all day.
save file
image:169290681633.jpg(31kB , 481x320 , b18347073d92a3ac715703fd8e63d19a.jpg)
All of my nominees are now out but i'm not gonna be one of those sore losers who quit the tournament after losing all my nominees.
I'm gonna be a good sport and see this thing threw to the end.
I love the movie as well as the show.
Cartman just isn't that good of a bad guy.
>Green Goblin
Based villain who has been fucking up Spiderman's life for decades now even in his death.
More of a villain.
I like Shrek.
I don't know who i should be more loyal to, Lex or Nickelodeon. So i'm just gonna decide this one with a coin flip...
Heads Lex, tails Ren...
The coin chose Ren! (I'm not RPing with this one, i actually used a coin flip irl)
He might have a point. Half of us need to go.
Childhood show, yes i am Canadian.
based picks but I went with lex
save file
image:169290742545.png(203kB , 496x402 , coyote roadrunner.png)
hello Fellow evil doer would you mind capturing tath martian for me ? no matter what i did i couldn beat ihm
apprecate it
save file
image:169290744963.gif(1.53MB , 332x250 , nconjocr.gif)
Dude, there's a slumber party at Lex's hotel. It's gonna last the rest of the tournament.
We're mostly just sleeping but sleeping is fun. It's kinda like time travel if you think about it.
Where's that hot sexy Mercy lady of yours? We need fresh cocktails.
Blame the coin.
save file
image:169290768867.png(155kB , 459x341 , Voltar_Opening.png)
The pleasure would be all mine.... but I must make sure that the alien has slumbered enough! The REAL evil plan occurs when the SLEEPYHEAD starts sucking their own thumb! Plus, Frogg is already working on his capturing device.
save file
image:169290781238.png(519kB , 900x660 , troll slaiyers.png)
I just realized that the troll slaiyer pic almost has enough people for the E8, save for the villain himself
Maybe I should parody it once we get there.
save file
image:169290878624.png(401kB , 563x329 , lex is secretly bane.png)
>Lex is sitting in his office, when he hears someone talk from behind his desk. Looking over, he sees a chihuahua with bloodshot eyes point at him.
R: "You there, eeediot, you're my opponent for this round."
L: "Ah, yes, Mr. Ren. Please, have a seat. I have an offer to make you."
R: "I'm listening."
L: "I need a delivery made over in Uzbekistan. If you deliver this briefcase for me, I'll drop out of the tournament and let you move on to Elite Eight in my place. Do we have a deal?"
R: "Certainly, Mr. Suit."
L: "That's Mr. Luthor to you. Now, I'll have a taxi take you to the airport, where you'll board a private jet."
R: "Oooh, sounds nice."
L: "Indeed it is."

>A few hours later, Ren is on board the plane, which just entered Uzbekistan airspace. A couple minutes after that, he hears Lex radio in.
L: "Boy, isn't it ironic how when we met, you called me an idiot?"
R: "What are you talking about?"
L: "Didn't you find it odd how you were able to wander into my office with no resistance? I could have easily prevented you from entering my office if I wanted to, but I decided to dispose of you in a more secretive way."
L: "That briefcase I had you take is empty. I put you on a plane far from the U.S. as to prevent any investigation there that would lead back to me."
R: "Well, congratulations, you got me away from you. Now what's the next step in your master plan?"
L: "Crashing this plane..."
>The bodyguards have been putting on parachutes during this exchange, and when Lex said that, they opened the cargo door in the back.
L: "...with no survivors!"
>The guards start jumping out one by one. Ren tries going after them, but he's shot down.
>The last guard to jump throws a grenade towards Ren before jumping out.
>The grenade explodes, sending the plane down with it.
save file
image:169290889455.gif(1.26MB , 498x289 , oogie-boogie-dice.gif)
So that goblin hasn't shown up, hmm...

Oh well, there's already snake eyes waiting for him.
save file
image:169290903711.jpg(1.33MB , 2016x1938 , 20230824_162759.jpg)
Sorry I'm late
Absolutely it would!
Hey, Twisted Wonderland is based.
save file
image:169290918988.jpg(112kB , 500x778 , Doctor-Doom-Marvel-Comics-Fantastic-Four-d.jpg)
Please. Doom cares about besting that fool Richards, yes, but Doom's ambitions of conquest stem beyond just that. A world of total peace and control, no aspect of the universe too far away for Doom to command over... It's insulting to even compare Doom's grand design to your utopia of desolation. The only thing your short-sighted plans prolong is your own delusion. Even now you fail to consider Doom's resourcefulness. In the unlikely scenario his body is not enough, he has plenty of contingency plans. I could always use a conduit for power, such as one of my Doombots.

Thus, Doom shall pry this power from your cold, dead hands!
Just noticed that, kek
save file
image:169290950442.png(587kB , 960x720 , Shake Phone Call with Terra.png)
Carl, come over, Terra Patrick is here! If a big guy tries to stop you and asks you to join his mechanical army, tell him you are only loyal to King Arthur because... Terra Patrick is also loyal to King Arthur.
save file
image:169290967708.gif(894kB , 380x298 , big guys.gif)
The fire rises!
>More of a villain.
I said it already earlier this thread, but not really. I'm not saying Shake being worse is the reason to vote for him, but calling Ruber more of a villain is not true.
save file
image:169291100326.jpg(1.47MB , 2149x1764 , 20230824_170056.jpg)
Couldn't do those specific poses, came out weird.
cool consumables
save file
image:169291196396.jpg(76kB , 837x463 , IMG_3173.jpeg)
>Suddenly the doors slam down as multiple barbarians and metal men emerge from the windows, an all to familiar man arrives on his Griffin
Knock knock, the /co/nquers/plunders are here! I’m sorry to barge in but I’ve got business with the homunculus
Thanks. I love how you drew their expressions.
Burnout and saving it for the big leagues are two reasons, but the main one has to do with the fact that plus4chan is a side thing as a whole, and less people know about it. Combine that with the tournament tradition of people dipping once the character(s) they rooted for lose, and...YIKES.
save file
video:169291223817.webm(1.19MB , 640x360 , exploded shake.webm)
I told you I'd do it. This is what you get for making a mistake when praising me!
I've got writefagging for Yzma coming soon. I should have enough time to do it.
save file
image:169291229119.gif(739kB , 498x281 , Markula.gif)
>Suddenly a ghastly creature swoops by
Hey, what are you doing to my property?
save file
image:169291241785.jpg(45kB , 1280x720 , IMG_3174.jpeg)
You know what they say about monster movies, the big bad goblin doesn’t fully pop out until the film’s climax. Now where was I this whole time? Say, weren’t there three kids with you earlier? Lock shock and barrel were their names? Oh I gave them such enough a scare they decided to crawl back to the orphanage! As for you me stinkbug, adults get a nastier treatment, *pulls out pumpkin bomb* now tell me? What does this spooky pumpkin remind you of?
save file
image:169291254627.png(111kB , 481x226 , Fume Powers Active.png)
Little do you know those barrels were radioactive and have once again awakened my super powers! Did you get taller? It's funny how two pieces of Shake related OC have been uploaded while I'm currently working on one.
save file
image:169291261322.png(1.87MB , 1920x1080 , IMG_3175.png)
>And then ruber’s Griffin snatches and eats it
Ugh why? Now that was both uncalled for and disgusting! I didn’t even get to know what that even was mythbreath! But it doesn’t matter since this is my property now
It's not surprising. You are the KING(pin) after all.
It’s what he says, nobody outsmarts the kingpin
If I extinguish that fire, would Ruber die?
save file
image:169291439161.jpg(48kB , 837x463 , IMG_3178.jpeg)
No but it would end up making my dinner cold, COULD YOU STOP EATING THAT STRANGE THING MY PET ITS HIDEOUS
>(I thought it was a drumstick)
save file
image:169291447678.jpg(184kB , 1749x910 , snap.jpg)
In just an hour, half of all the contestants are going to be gone from this tournament. Including my opponent.
Getting bold there Thanus, that is if doom doesn’t snap you first
save file
image:169291463143.jpg(338kB , 1107x1080 , Profile_-_Oogie_Boogie.jpg)

Ahh, but those kiddies of mines are just the appetizers for novices such as yourself; it will take more than a simple fright to scare the Boogeyman.

(sees pumpkin)

That Jack Skellington think he can go ahead and gain himself a victory with that green friend of his, but the Boogeyman won't be intimidated by this bag of bones no more once I claim my victory here. Sorry, your little pumpkin is just a little fruit in the eyes of the Boogie.
save file
image:169291475109.jpg(33kB , 640x360 , IMG_3179.jpeg)
If you’re not so intimidated and this is just a fruit, let’s play a game called catch. YOU FIRST
save file
image:169291531470.jpg(68kB , 1280x720 , yzma and kronk.jpg)
>While on their way to the palace, Yzma and Kronk run into a blue-skinned man with a skull for a face.
S: "MNYEH! It is I, Skeletor! Prepare to be vaporized by my magic!"
K: "Woah, no way, I remember you from Mr. /co/ 2019!"
S: "What?! It's you again?!"
Y: "Kronk, do you know this fellow?"
S: "He's the reason I got 5th place that year! Had he not eliminated me in the quarter-finals, I could've potentially won!"
K: "Well, hey, look at it this way: 5th place is still way better than He-Man will ever do."
S: "Huh? Why, yes, that's true! That blonde idiot will never make it to Elite Eight, let alone twice in a row!"
Y: "Exactly, and with Mr. /co/ coming up soon, you'll be able to get to Elite Eight again there. Think about it, isn't it better to get Elite Eight in a tournament He-Man can enter than one he can't enter?"
S: "I suppose that's true."
Y: "Very well. We'll be on our way. Ta-ta."
K: "Yeah, see ya later, Skeletor!"
>Skeletor watches as they run towards the palace.
S: "Wait a minute, did I just let them walk into the Elite Eight for this tournament? That moronic musclehead got the better of me! I'LL WIN MR. /CO/ THIS YEAR, KRONK, JUST TO GET AT YOU AGAIN!"
K: "Looking forward to it!"
save file
image:169291610128.png(654kB , 514x729 , Infinity_Gauntlet_from_Blockbusters_of_the_Marvel_Universe_Vol_1_1.png)
Doom can't do anything against me. Nobody can.
save file
image:169291630239.png(433kB , 600x500 , lord-farquad.png)
Half an hour left and this blockhead is still rambling on about dominoes. You did vote for me, yes?
save file
image:169291643083.gif(759kB , 1041x930 , You want Pride I'll bring it to ya.gif)
Okay Shake, once again it's round four.
Calm down and you can beat all this tournament lore.
Show the board that beating Ruber is something you can.
You got this man.

Let me tell you about war and violence.
You think you're a better villain, but I have done more.
I've said it before, but I have caused a nuclear war.
All you've done is kill someone at the Round Table conference.

Years from now no one will bother to recall your bad Plunderers and you will no longer shine.
Everything you see before you and every last bit of it will be mine.
This tournament is something I could greatly define.
Winning this after Carl failed would make me feel so rightfully divine.
save file
image:169291653359.png(156kB , 800x1200 , IMG_3181.png)
Say what you want fuckwad but in the end even if I do fall know this, once you enter the elite eight the odds will be stacked against you and then bit by bit, they too will fall. The chain reaction begins with your ascension and soon will fall, just like a domino.
save file
image:169291672338.png(760kB , 1189x667 , quaad.PNG)
What can I say? Keep falling back on dominoes and you will fall just like your row.
save file
image:169291681556.png(279kB , 600x450 , Lex_Luthor_(STAS).png)
It appears that chihuahua hasn't been heard from ever since he left for Uzbekistan. Well then, with him not around, I'll go to Elite Eight in his place. It wouldn't be right if one of the Elites didn't show up, after all.
save file
image:169291682181.jpg(23kB , 400x400 , scUCrbTb_400x400.jpg)
Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth round of the Villains of /co/ tournament. We're just one round away to the quarter round or as they call it, the Elite Eight! Who's gonna made it to that round? Let's find out!

At match 1, Skeletor seems to be playing fetch with kitty Yzma with his magic orbs as she desperately tries to dodge them as much as possible. Yzma tries to pounce on the sorcerer, but she is blasted away by his scepter. Is this an easy victory for Skeletor, or will the cat lady come back with extra lives stored?

At match 3, Oogie-Boogie just sent out a swarm of locusts towards Green Goblin as he flies around the stage. He then tosses a few pumpkin bombs right at the Boogieman, but these insect seems to be distracting enough to mess with his aim as he still tries to hit him. These two creatures of Halloween are impressive, but who will be victorious?

At match 4, Master Shake uses his powers on Ruber as he shoots out globs of milkshake at the warrior but unlike Plankton, the warrior managed to cut away the goop as they hit him. Ruber charges forewards at the giant shake with his sword, but Shake breaks out his familiar breakdance moves to ram onto him. These two are very popular with the tournament fans, but only one can leave in victory.

At match 7, Thanos lands a punch or two at Doom as the latter tries to blast his opponent away with his energy blast, but Thanos survives with little problem at all. Is it all doom and gloom for Doom, or will he remove Thanos from the tournament?

At match 8, the two little men are having a fight-off as they start hitting at each other. They are punching, kicking, headbutting, and....taunting? It looks like they really want to see who is the evil one around, but the answer will arrive sooner or later.

Who will be the eight contestants to reach the elite? Vote now!
save file
image:169291687191.jpg(56kB , 837x463 , IMG_3182.jpeg)
Oooh now that’s the stuff. You have caused so much insanity and chaos, such actions could never be done in a ruberian age! Listen here homunculus, I haven’t come here for nothing, I came here to be a winner, one filled with pride and even the elimination of my good old friend silver hasn’t mitigated that same pride. Something you don’t have. DO YOU FINALLY SEE THIS GLORY!! THE ELITE EIGHT IS MINE!!
I dunno, I quite like this Domino man person.
save file
image:169291715851.png(420kB , 600x600 , de98e251875adebddc7376cb253126d8.png)

(Dodges pumpkin)

So, it's a game you want, eh?

I'll give you a game, alright.

(Sent out a swarm of spiders)

Let's see if you handle these little guys!
save file
image:169291745545.gif(1.51MB , 498x277 , voltarexcited.gif)
I get a free win if the Martian doesn't wake up in under 10 minutes!
save file
image:169291749153.jpg(79kB , 600x315 , main-qimg-139e1bb679e709a2d8e8b9acaf9c35db.jpg)
That remains to be seen!
save file
image:169291770129.jpg(49kB , 640x475 , 34B71DB6-E3DF-43A4-88DC-2FFA1343B1A3.jpeg)
save file
image:169291773950.gif(764kB , 320x240 , Master Sleeper.gif)
You're still talking? I'm going to go back to sleep after you quite rudely banged on my house!
save file
image:169291777530.jpg(1.95MB , 1537x2344 , clean (1).jpg)
Better savor these last precious minutes Doom. There's no going back after I've done the snap.
save file
image:169291782234.jpg(46kB , 550x282 , IMG_3183.jpeg)
Times running out, you know how bugs have short lifespans? Well…TIMES UP
save file
image:169291789311.jpg(58kB , 837x463 , IMG_3184.jpeg)
And once you wake up, you’ll be bowing to a new king, ME
save file
image:169291789603.jpg(29kB , 673x470 , kronk contemplating.png)
I don't think I should wake Yzma up again after what happened last round. I still have nightmares from what I saw.
save file
image:169291793906.gif(1.42MB , 498x310 , oogie-boogie-the-nightmare-before-christmas.gif)

We'll see about that, little imp.
save file
image:169291802198.jpg(126kB , 1200x644 , IMG_3185.jpeg)
Wrong creatures! ZAP
save file
image:169291848502.png(182kB , 360x450 , Farquaad_portrait.png)
At last! The Elite!
save file
image:169291851482.png(453kB , 598x335 , God_Emperor_Doom-kills-Thanos.png)
That appears... untrue.
save file
image:169291855494.jpg(65kB , 837x463 , IMG_3187.jpeg)
save file
image:169291858352.gif(3.95MB , 498x277 , league-of-super-evil-voltar.gif)

...that's grammatically correct, right?
save file
image:169291858902.jpg(376kB , 1920x1200 , lex luthor.png)
I told you, Ren. I own plus4chan.
save file
image:169291860791.jpg(43kB , 1200x675 , IMG_3188.jpeg)
Wait, this wasn’t supposed to happen
save file
image:169291862289.jpg(28kB , 400x306 , 049F98CC-6EDB-432C-9171-046826B03515.jpeg)
it's true, my weight intimidated the boy making him flee making me the victor by default
save file
image:169291865165.png(397kB , 716x528 , skeletor.png)
I may have been bested here, but I'll be back for Mr. /co/! Just you wait!
>the results are the same as canon
save file
image:169291874304.png(1.21MB , 991x708 , thanos stoned.png)
Including... ME?
save file
image:169291878877.gif(2.29MB , 498x280 , nightmare-before-christmas-bats.gif)
Well little goblin, I hope you love spiders because they're just dying to see you. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna be moving up to the big boys now.

save file
image:169291883427.png(704kB , 1896x1035 , kronk-and-yzma.png)
"I may be Elite Eight, BUT, I still need to make it to semi-finals in order to out-do Kuzco!"
>"Yeah, maybe you'll even out-do my performance too!"
"You idiot, you can't do better than winning the whole tournament!"
It makes me happy that League of Super Evil of all things is our only TV show rep.
Here is your elite eight of villains
>Lex Luther
>Dr doom
>Oogie boogie
>Lord farquaad
dayum wasn’t expecting such a big blowout against Shake. Ruber looks like he’s pretty much set to win tbh.
Yeah. I’m a little sad to see the results, and I’m not one to normally vote for Shake. His OC here was very good.
I honestly feel really bad for his campaigner. If he wasn't up against Ruber I'd definitely vote for him.
save file
image:169291911184.gif(3.07MB , 640x340 , thanos-avengers-endgame.gif)
I refuse to let myself turn into stone.
*Thanos does another snap before he's fully encased in granite, turning him into dust*
Welp, I had fun campaigning for him. I'm glad I got to campaign with you. Also glad he lost to another Marvel villain that I equally love, so that's cool. Good luck Doombro. Time to prepare for Ms. /co/!
>Domino lost
I wasn't going to let Farquaad lose to a one-shot joke character
Thanks, I liked your campaign. I'm currently finishing some OC since it felt wrong not to do anything for this match. Will probably post it next thread.
save file
image:169291938321.jpg(69kB , 618x463 , IMG_3189.jpeg)
Now then, my first real and legitimate elite eight, who shall my opponent by, FINALLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME, A REAL THREATENING MONSTER TO SLAY, LORD OF BUGS, YOUR END IS NEAR WITH PRIDE
No problem. I would like to do OC myself but y'know, Ms. /co/ is already about to start and I'm prioritizing that. Can't wait to see yours.
save file
video:169291955407.mp4(185kB , 512x384 , Master Shake Campaigning.mp4)
I hope you enjoyed my magnum opuses. Now I must go... to bed so I can become one with the silent majority for Mr. /co/. Sorry I didn't do graffiti art for Grim. I was busy and already behind on OC.
Now I sorta feel bad for making Skeletor blow him up. I was expecting a very close match between those two.
He was a good dark horse represent, never would’ve thought he’d reach the top 16. I think his design helps
>Farquaad made E8 before Shrek and Spider-Man
save file
image:169291985382.jpg(307kB , 1920x1157 , IMG_3190.jpeg)
>Oh that ain’t right!
Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
save file
image:169295068395.jpg(5kB , 250x121 , jrking finner.jpg)
>Ladies and gentlemen, I have the unfortunate responsibility to let everyone know that Mojo Jojo was reduced to monkey soup, here tonight
>Sopa de Macaco, JR! Uma Deliiiiiiiicia!