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Heroes of /co/: Round 3Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
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image:169093371492.png(47kB , 416x631 , 169092347688.png)
Keep all tournament talk ITT.

—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-3-of-heroes-of-co-to-end-pg7e

►VOTE: https://forms.gle/7fYfkRZSpT613Usu8

►Nomination Results:
Check to see if your character is included.
►Qualifier Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TyFkWMk0NM_W8mJQ9wSUCiaROctCXzuY1gyfrGRvlW8/edit?usp=sharing
►Round 1 Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYEqCFBbtW7rqoENLNR3qwX0rO73gVd6cCuowqH-yqC_Hvwg/viewanalytics
►Round 2 Results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScr5FjCud9_xRmfPjwGtKhBJYNcz34kHQGEdiXjbxGSO7BFEQ/viewanalytics

►Bracket: https://challonge.com/8uhyrbvd

Read before asking questions.

►Basic Eligibility Requirements
It is preferable for a character to be from a comic or a cartoon of Western origin.
Characters of any gender are eligible.
Any character making their first debut in the entirety of the previous month is ineligible to compete.
Previous winners of the mainline /co/ tournaments are ineligible in an effort to keep things fresh.
Real-life people, OCs and Board-tans are not allowed.

►OC (Upload to this booru)

Hope Corgi

>Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
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image:169093387497.jpg(93kB , 1280x720 , Mordecai_Rigby_Defeated.jpg)
Owwww......well Rigby, it looks like this is over for us.

This is bull, why can't they give us good opponents to fight?
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image:169093389836.png(1.51MB , 1400x700 , Hulk-Rage.png)
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image:169093395668.jpg(105kB , 848x1199 , shou puppet.jpg)
>The next contestant... You look sort of like that Lucky Luke fellow I met some rounds ago. What may your name be?
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image:169093404420.jpg(187kB , 838x708 , Whatatournament.jpg)
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image:169093410570.gif(26kB , 222x450 , daredevil.gif)
Tell me about Gary. Why does he fight the demons?
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image:169093414771.png(282kB , 578x300 , Space-ghost_card.png)
Greetings, and welcome to the show! My guest for this round is famed journalist Tintin! Don't worry, folks, he doesn't write for a site like Kotaku or Polygon, at least, I don't think so. Why don't you tell the audience what you write about, Tintin?
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image:169093420595.gif(2.6MB , 498x373 , one-more-thing-uncle-chan.gif)
One more thing!
Fat man have jaundice! You will vote for someone not sick like Uncle!
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image:169093427436.png(86kB , 644x570 , B makes the Freakmobile operate underwater.png)
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image:169093429121.jpg(57kB , 605x403 , A6B3476A-421C-42C9-9E95-7FFC3898B944.jpeg)
hey B do you play B-Ball?
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image:169093430455.jpg(49kB , 576x960 , a919e7106c991c1e612294275877de87.jpg)
Rest easy, king.
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image:169093435395.jpg(102kB , 896x896 , tintin (forma de sam hyde).jpg)
Bonjour monsieur. I write about lots of things, but I have a penchant for adventure. Me and my dog usually wind up on them, sometimes we tag along with one Captain Haddock, too.
I'll try to come up with something more comprehensive tomorrow, god I'm tired
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image:169093451648.jpg(1.2MB , 1999x3000 , FBEFEFE5-2C85-40E8-AF28-0F58BB9141E9.jpeg)
>Marvel vs DC
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image:169093453728.jpg(241kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0004.jpg)
>...To add to this, you've been running your mouth and awful lot from what I've seen. Are you one of those pranksters who don't know when things will blow up on 'em, or do you just have a lot of funny ideas in your head?
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image:169093456382.jpg(1.09MB , 1602x1242 , B4C733C9-8EEE-4FB1-8476-F1EB6084ABA9.jpeg)
Hear ye!
Hear ye!

I’ve rigged up some pretty massive explosives while everyone was distracted with their bland hero business and upon the suing round the explosives will detonate and take with them half of the rooster.
So, I ask thee, which one of our mighty heroes will ye save from the explosion?
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image:169093457126.jpg(106kB , 1188x711 , sleepyasterixobelixdogmatix.jpg)
You know what they say: If you can't beat them [up], join them!
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image:169093459593.png(2.56MB , 1280x2880 , B's Inventions.png)
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image:169093470133.jpg(88kB , 400x609 , Super-Soldier_-_Man_of_War_Vol_1_1.jpg)
One fusion dance later:
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image:169093473348.png(266kB , 458x687 , Hank -The Grill- Hill.png)
Well, kicking the asses of that whack-head Australian and that dog was easy, but can I get some gotdang opponents that aren't gotdang tired?

Anyways, Mr. Wayne, I hear you do your community proud by getting those bad guys. Despite that, you're still some trust fund city boy underneath that suit, and the criminals still keep 'em coming. Real superheroes in my town sell propane and propane accessories to those who need them, those heroes are called "assistant managers" I tell you what.
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image:169093481039.jpg(88kB , 956x720 , planet of hollywood.jpg)
How intriguing. This Captain Haddock sounds like quite the man. Now, you should put that gun away. I don't think the network would like seeing one of those.
No worries, I'll have to look more into Tintin myself before I continue. Take it easy.
You rigged up a what?
I recommend the old animated series if you want material that's easy to digest. Might take a chunk out of your day though, but should get you an idea of his character at least. It's a bit inconsistent, but essentially serves to facilitate his adventure.
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image:169093492152.jpg(5kB , 849x710 , __marceline_abadeer_adventure_time_drawn_by_megrocks__sample-69417a5a47cc21e81709a2084eb5a469.jpg)
Huh. I guess you beat me after all, Ruby. To be honest, I don't really think I should've been here in the first place. I mean, I'm not evil, but... I'm no hero either. I don't have that spark people like you or Finn do. By the way, pretty cool how he beat that giant monster in his sleep, huh? Maybe you two will meet eventually.
Adventure Time? More like Bed Time.
Thanks, I'll give some of it a watch tomorrow
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image:169093521893.jpg(29kB , 640x291 , f4ffae2a0ddac512697bc2409d7111ca.jpg)
Show me my next opponent, Señor Kuzco!

I Puss in Boots, demands a duel against this emperor!
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video:169093533705.webm(3.84MB , 854x480 , IT'S CALLED BEING A DAMN HERO.webm)
Funfact: In literally every /tnt/ tourney except /v/ heroes, I had to face down (relatively) silent campaigns until round 3 or 4, and then lose immediately.
This is probably the exact same case here. So at the very least, I'll try to make it a good finish to compensate for my shit luck.
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image:169093535758.jpg(41kB , 539x562 , kuzco.png)
Oooooh. Hey ENA, check it out, they let cats participate in this tournament. Reminds me of a certain someone in the palace. Speaking of which, I'm gonna sneak into that "secret lab" later and see if I can find anything to use on this. What animal should I try to turn him into? I'm thinking a llama would fit well for him.
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image:169093537837.png(643kB , 1280x720 , Scott Confessional 2.png)
I don't get it. How did B win? I told every furry on here that Tom Ruegger's creations were in trouble. I don't care if Freakazoid isn't an anthro, your God made him!
Wait, I thought you were the Torres anon?
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video:169093555924.webm(3.88MB , 960x540 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - Sword Travels in the East S01E12 (BDRip 1080p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v3-[08.12.549-09.04.251]-audio.webm)
I AM! Mima faced silents until Kefka, so /v/illains doesn't count, even if I won!
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image:169093564690.jpg(51kB , 370x300 , IMG_2644.jpeg)
Alright little vicking fella, deal with the opponent that bested thee, gotta prepare in 2 months for the big tournament
Hold up. Are you not Torresanon? Anyway, I'll probably end up voting for Shou Fu Kan. As much as I love Hugh, you have been working even harder.
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image:169093569376.jpg(485kB , 2007x1242 , C2A8798A-63B7-44F6-B999-355E3D1E842F.jpeg)
I rigged with the riggers
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image:169093572790.gif(1.74MB , 392x386 , Finn-Eating-Drinking-Sleeping.gif)
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image:169093575093.jpg(232kB , 2133x1200 , Spoiler image)
Go on, tell me more.
It was the opposite for me. Most of my mains went up against silent campaigns for the first three rounds of /v/ heroes, while the other tournaments here, I've had active opponents throughout the whole tournament.
Who was your /v/ heroes main if you don't mind me asking?
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image:169093576628.jpg(25kB , 300x300 , 300.puss.lc.102411.jpg)

I have an idea, why not turn yourself into a nice ass? So I can kick you out of this tournament.
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image:169093583765.jpg(1.12MB , 1914x1242 , 3759FE1D-4D7E-43D1-874D-6F1CF6057E1F.jpeg)
I rigged some explosives.
Half of you will be wiped out.

That’s what I’ll tell and nothing more.
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image:169093594495.jpg(68kB , 1280x724 , Spoiler image)
Anything related to the host of the tournament, perhaps?
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image:169093601397.jpg(574kB , 877x1239 , TOUHOUBOLT FANTASY.jpg)
Heroes doesn't count cause I lost immediately. It was running Sanae, then Marisa, then I just threw my support there and there. If I remember correctly, I was also having a busy week.
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image:169093615591.jpg(1.09MB , 2030x1242 , 687FD2E5-24E8-4E79-AF18-ADE8214CE73D.jpeg)
Oh, well you mention it He’s walking the plank begging for mercy
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image:169093644721.png(606kB , 1175x700 , Spoiler image)
Alright, you're worthless. Thanks for your time.
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image:169093653220.jpg(47kB , 564x706 , 5421fa72e6b45407fec315375637ed83.jpg)
Don't beat yourself up Marceline, it was really cool to fight someone badass like you. And I'm sure you have what it takes to be a hero too.

Also, Major Grom? Are you there? You don't happen to have any superpowers, do you? I don't really want to beat up a hardworking police officer. Hmm... Maybe you could use your awesome detective skills to help me find out who is behind the mystery of half the contestants being asleep? Then we could beat them up together!
I blame myself for Marisa's loss because I started the UNO game without her
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image:169093667058.png(351kB , 640x480 , hughnutrin.png)
When that quackin' crazy samurai came swingin', I came rockin' the house! Yeah, Hugh Neutron, baby!

Now with that excitement out of the way, I'd like to take a moment and talk about how strange these sleepers are for this round. Take my fight with Samurai Jack, for example, all he did was yap, yap, yap about raping Captain America while funposting those reaction faces! There were none of those cool sword skills that Jack-O sliced and diced those kooky robots with! Yet despite all this, I only won the match with only 4 more votes! Well, I suppose my pep talk to him did cause him to fall back to sleep, but 4 votes?! That's truly a quackin' crazy phenomenon! Well, on the bright side, it puts me up there with Daffy Duck (YES!) to best that wacky samurai in a one-on-one fight! For the other matches, Raven nearly defeating Tintin was odd, but good thing it was better late than never for the 'ol journalist. Meanwhile, where is Tulip during all of this? Probably just some scheme from your silent /co/ waifufags, but she's been sleeping all day! Anyways, back to Hugh Time.

What's poppin' puppet man? I'm Hugh Neutron, patriarch of the Neutron family! Don't you worry about a thing either, I haven't done a single prank since I made it in the tournament, unlike these sleepyheads. It's a good thing we're up against each other after I've dealt with some smack-talking tiger man and that perverted powerhouse, so you seem like a nice change of pace.
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image:169093680490.jpg(69kB , 640x427 , DfSKku2XcAU2lYZ.jpg)
>imagine voting for ruby rose
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video:169093708221.webm(2.68MB , 890x480 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - The Sword of Life and Death M01 (BDRip 1036p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v5-[57.11.167-57.33.656]-audio.webm)
>I've been trying to stay out of tall grass to avoid some ticks, but that's about all I've been doing since shaking hands with Lucky Luke. Now, smack-talking tiger? They wouldn't happen to be some deranged martial artist hiding behind an animal name, wouldn't they? I've got some experience with those.
>I see you're also talking of a Samurai... Some kind of nobility? What'd you do to tick him off?
I'm gonna need to sleep. I'm also doing some errands tomorrow so I hope I'll be able to catch up in time. But let's make this fun when I'm back up.
Also, Shou is a bit ignorant of "tropes" and real-life stuff so I'm playing him a bit off of that. Example being that TBF has no Japan, so Samurai to him would just be the word itself.
Who cares, where's Goku?
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image:169093744702.jpg(11kB , 480x360 , hqdefault (4).jpg)
Who cares about Goku, where's PIZZA!?
Wulin Warriors: Scar Talking about Pizza 🍕youtube thumb
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video:169093747997.mp4(2.11MB , 1280x720 , B survives Round 2.mp4)
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image:169093778673.png(182kB , 443x540 , Scott Unamused.png)
I wish you would save us all the trouble by making your first words "Candle Jack", B. If you were gone, we would all b-
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image:169093779308.png(345kB , 900x2013 , IMG_2645.png)
Well mao mao, it seems like you’re going up against the strongest man in the universe next. Best me in a fair duel with swords only and your feat in heroic’s is truly up there!
>But he-man! Don’t you think you’re a little too strong for a small cat?
I wouldn’t worry orko, he’s more than he looks, but I’m not holding back either.
>Oh well, seems like he-man has this in the magic bag.
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image:169093780637.jpg(28kB , 500x375 , 7DC1DF2F-0F4B-4B87-AD90-02461D55C36F.jpeg)
so you're a silent type? well at least you're not asleep
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image:169093784869.png(1.42MB , 1280x720 , 0912309123.png)
JOBku will die
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image:169093803613.jpg(55kB , 663x1080 , let me guess.jpg)
Well, I don't know any animals called asses, so maybe I'll turn you into a guinea pig. It could be fun to see you run around the palace as something that small.
This reminded me of something
Only ONE being can defeat Supermanyoutube thumb
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image:169093835815.jpg(32kB , 701x438 , Samurai.jpeg)
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image:169093855873.jpg(104kB , 539x574 , 1559573778972.jpg)

We got some leftovers here if you want.
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image:169093859921.jpg(236kB , 1200x675 , 1200x675.jpg)
*blink* Good job, Silver. Everything is going according to the plan.
You're welcome, Hamtaro
Speaking of Aku, going by how safe and milquetoast each #1 seed in these tournaments has been so far, I fully expect him to get #1 seed in Villains.
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image:169093861326.gif(453kB , 500x375 , D73D8C6B-618D-4939-8307-859843C8A8BE.gif)
the ass of America is unrapable, now bend over Samurai you lost like always
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image:169093887346.jpg(21kB , 477x643 , Wolf.jpeg)
If Kuzco fails to deliver me that Gato's soul I will succeed in what that hag called Yzma and his dimwitted minion failed. I have thre- I mean two souls collected so far.
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image:169093888074.jpg(127kB , 1024x759 , 1689958813493.jpg)
I must say, great work defeating The Tick! He's been quite the sleepyhead alright, and a tough nut to crack too. Also, no, I don't believe that tiger was a fighter in the first place, but he was quackin' crazy alright. He kept calling me a duck kisser and mocked both my fashion and sleeping habits! Now *that's* a mouthy prankster if you were asking for one. That Samurai wasn't noble at all, either! All he did was talk about doing yucky things to that Captain, who was also super close to committing a crime! I guess my promise of serving him breakfast must've set him off! But he should be tired by now and going back to bed after losing.
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image:169093895486.jpg(7kB , 700x525 , 63b87ef6d1c5130019f97124.jpg)

That would be useless amigo; even as a smaller criatura, my warrior spirit still lies inside me.

A big mistake indeed.
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image:169093900969.gif(49kB , 351x248 , Spaceghostcoast.gif)
Forget about #1 seed. #2 seed is where it's at.
I've had one of my mains be the #2 seed in three tournaments here and I think that's a weird coincidence.
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image:169093935619.png(83kB , 300x392 , popeye.png)
Ye's supposes to be some's sortsa lawsman? I ain'ts commitingsk no crime! I's always obeys da rules!
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image:169093938738.gif(31kB , 364x594 , 20180220201421-d84005f7-me.gif)

I'm sorry but it's all true.

Sometimes I wondered why anyone would support a boring duck-kissing man that eats pie everyday. I can't imagine how your wife and kid could live with someone like you.
No matter what his seed will be, he'll either lose in round 1 or silentfag his way to round 4.
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image:169093949752.jpg(62kB , 1280x720 , hughsoda.jpg)
See what I mean?!
Stuff like Tintin making it further than Spider-Man is only possible on /tnt/.
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image:169093992889.gif(1kB , 455x680 , 20180220200801-7f81a394.gif)

Well I gotta go now!

TTFN; ta-ta for now!

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!
How would /co/ handle the Hank vs. Courage match in round 2? Courage beat Hank for 3rd place in 2019, yet Hank completely slaughtered Courage by 80% here.
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image:169094012536.jpg(2.64MB , 2346x2622 , 169092958561.jpg)
K: "You know, I gotta say, despite your weird way of talking, you make for one very good guard."
E: "O-Oh, I g-g-guess the Emperor doesn't like *LIKE* me..."
K: "No no no, I don't mean like that. Uh, I mean it in a good way. Helps you stand out among the rest of the guards. Well, that and you're not some 7-foot tall hunking mass of a man."
E: "Yay! The emperor likes me! So, emperor, what's next for you?"
K: "Let's see, apparently I'm up against some cat now. Aww, look at him, he thinks he's human with those boots and hat. Well news flash buddy, you're not, and now you're up against royalty. In a way, you're lucky to be up against the emperor of the Inca Empire, as it means you're at least not losing to some nobody, but you're still gonna lose."
E: "Oh, yes he will, your majesty! How could some stupid cat beat you?" "Oh, b-b-but what if the emperor loses?? I don't know *what* will happen to meeeeeeeeee." "But there's no way the great emperor Kuzco will lose!"
K: "You know, we really gotta see what those mood swings are all about. Maybe Yzma has something in her lab for that. Actually, hold on, I wonder if we could use these mood swings as a weapon."
E: "What do you mean, emperor?"
K: "Simple. We use your out of control emotions to take out that cat, and take me to the next round! Man, I'm such a genius."
E: "Well... I guess we can try. Will it hurt?"
K: "Oh no, it won't hurt you. It'll hurt my opponent though."

Sorry if I messed up ENA's speech. I haven't seen much of her stuff.
Funny part is I switched my vote to Tintin in the last hour because of the joke about him waking up.
Kuzco has easily been one of my favorites in this.
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image:169094039313.jpg(68kB , 320x320 , Harvey_Birdman.png)
Well, that's good! Keep up the good work, sailor!
I have an idea where Harvey exposes Popeye's spinach as an illegal performance-enhancing drug, so I might get around to it later tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow.
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image:169094058765.png(149kB , 338x450 , Portrait.popeye.png)
I's be keepin' my eye on ya.
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image:169094082352.jpg(13kB , 1400x700 , 5FD8C32E-33AF-4E2F-B915-AAAFDA35A179.jpeg)
Glad you like his stuff. I'll try and stop by for Mr. /co/ this year to do stuff with him again.
I blame the recent comics
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image:169094167075.png(15kB , 400x300 , xra.png)
Fritatta, glad to dump that 'puter virus in-toucan the In-can. That one took a whole lot of squawkin' to grind the gears of this meat grinder.
save file
image:169094198997.jpg(64kB , 628x360 , Spoiler image)
Xavier's gonna be in villains right? If so, I might try my hand at some stuff for him since I plan on campaigning for another Adult Swim character there.
I could see Hank taking it over Courage due to the latter making having just made Elite Eight again in the last Mr. /co/, but it definitely wouldn't have been a blowout like that.
save file
image:169094259935.png(89kB , 636x562 , Made improvements. Now will start B vs Optimus.png)
Yeah, I'll be nominating him by then. I was super close to getting him in Heroes but then I immediately concluded that he had better OC potential and interactions for Villains after remembering the Hades match. He was simply too big (both the mind and the eye) to play with the boy scouts this time around.
I can't wait to see McGuirk too btw.
save file
image:169094275074.png(399kB , 700x917 , 1.png)
Got a letter here, addressed to a Mr. M Mouse
save file
image:169094361740.gif(753kB , 500x345 , spaghetti time.gif)
Probably a pretty good idea to save him for that one. Here's hoping he gets some fun matches.
He's got a lot of potential and would be a ton of fun to campaign for, so I hope he can go far. I might also campaign for either Myron Reducto or Phil Ken Sebben.
save file
image:169094474005.gif(574kB , 320x320 , 4bfbe25ce8324bcfa5689c95d5d10d122307f970_00.gif)
Thank you so much Fry! It was a great effort, I'd feel definitely fine if you won too. I'll be rooting for Bender too, but I'll also be keeping a close eye on him, if you don't mind. I'm also gonna try to catch that rabbit freak next, after meeting up with a genie. I'll see you around.
>Death still seething over the song that never ends
All together now...
Funny that Mickey, despite being arguably the most popular toon character ever, might have his only shot in a side tourney.
He's up against Wallace, this will either make or break him.
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image:169094567633.png(464kB , 513x394 , Grom2.PNG)
The only super powers I need is my charming good looks and the multiple martial arts I know.
This sleeping abnormality is rather strange, my first thought is some kind of sleeping gas attack but that doesn’t explain why some individuals are affected while others aren’t. Unfortunately this needs to be tackled on a case by case basis which is gonna take a lot of paperwork so as much as I like your respect for the law and authorities this may need to be done off the book, otherwise the tourneys would be over before this can be investigated.
poor Mickey is now being threatened
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image:169094603097.jpg(55kB , 1280x1015 , 086300cb8bd7263528109c4cdff22288 (1).jpg)
Well guys I'm finally not late. Let's see who I'm up ag-OH MY GOD IT'S HE-MAN! I'M A HUGE FAN OF YOU! YOU'RE DEFINITELY A TRUE HERO OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!
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image:169094622262.gif(1.15MB , 640x536 , pumpkin-rabbit.gif)
>Numbuh 1
>Charlie Brown
>I welcome you again my dear children. Oh no, would you look at that? These results aren't looking good, at all. I will have to punish you all for being such misbehaved little bunnies.

>Don’t worry, you all won’t feel a thing and you’ll get to be with us. Wouldn’t you like that, little bunnies?
What are you doing here?youtube thumb
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image:169094670737.gif(2.71MB , 498x348 , lich-king-fall.gif)
Isn't Oswald an adult? He has 420 kids.
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image:169094680180.jpg(55kB , 663x1080 , let me guess.jpg)
Let me guess, you never read the threads.
Is this seriously the best you villains could do?
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image:169094683508.jpg(73kB , 681x850 , 85223.jpg)
I don't know why you guys are still here, but it doesn't matter. It's only a matter of time before I find you.
ENA is trans so the rabbit has a point.
Its actually another one of bluto’s plots in spiking his spinach with traces of illegal super weed to frame him as a crook in order for him to lead a victory in the villains tournament
Kuzco vs Puss is gonna be the Mac vs Sly of Heroes of /co/, isn't it?
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image:169094925578.jpg(82kB , 512x512 , 1654481270825.jpg)
Pretty chomsky move for a carrot chomper. I don't need any feds to catch this peds, as only a wise cracker such as myself is able to crack this nutcase. I intend to get to the bottom of this bunghole who promised barrels of fun to these gullible child-lings.

When we're illin' for the Villains, I'll bust this nut and release those kids!
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image:169094929119.jpg(49kB , 417x417 , 1614182238506.jpg)

Who is this, and how does he keeps getting more kids than we do?
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image:169094969845.png(315kB , 726x408 , Earl-xcqankly18.png)
Hmm, that's not the way I would've said it, thankfully this isn't a family show!
Yeah, but I voted for Kuzco and Mac for both.
Is that Heroes of /v/? What happened there?
What, the guy vs animal guy fight?
snubbed nominee vs dashing anthro with powerful campaigns?
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image:169095150181.png(1.72MB , 1920x1080 , ComforterSmile.png)
You fool! Some people find the sound of bees relaxing!
save file
image:169095179839.png(343kB , 305x511 , Grom1.PNG)
Not if I can do anything about it, as the Americans say its time to rock and roll!
Move Like a Devil (feat. David Mead Jr.)youtube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=UrZxIx64pUgyoutube thumb
save file
image:169095266987.jpg(62kB , 317x501 , micksad.jpg)
Well gosh… A fella can't even take a little power-nap around here without gettin' PG-rated death threats. I haven't seen anythin' that dark since the Door to Darkness…

But ya good ol' traditional cartoon fans have my back… Right? I made your childhoods! Gee, I don't s'pose all ya swell voters out there would be willin' to help keep a poor, humble, innocent mouse from bein'…
...Exterminated? I sure could use ya support right about now, I'm in a real fix, I tell ya… Say, I'll bet those no-good mystery yahoos are fixin' the vote against me as we speak!

Don't be a louse, vote for the mouse.

Mickey Mouse Club Marchyoutube thumb
save file
image:169095315616.png(532kB , 800x1080 , ComforterLeaving.png)
I did say the sound, not the presence of them. Unfortunately for you, posting bees does not make them present.

Anyone who listened to my sleep-inducing music is already far too relaxed or asleep to listen to those!

Anyway, my job here is done for tonight, bye-bye!
save file
image:169095343638.jpg(47kB , 563x541 , tumblr_5f3b439a06acee6b3a6c2198070172a9_9cc729c6_640.jpg)

Mark my words you rat; you may have won this battle, but I'll be back for revenge!

>What are you doing here, should you be planning for the other tournaments next?

Not now Fone, can you see I'm trying to warn this rat that our feud isn't over yet. He can act so innocent all he wants, but he'll never earn my respect.

>Oh dear...
save file
image:169095373638.png(61kB , 731x425 , Grom3.PNG)
Damn, if only there was some way to stop him and his snooze-related antics.
save file
image:169095410352.png(261kB , 732x554 , mickcute.png)
Naww, shucks, what are ya doin' with all that hate in ya heart when ya heart would be a heckuva lot better filled with Disney™© magic?

save file
image:169095474092.jpg(36kB , 231x334 , Phoney_Bone_(2).jpg)

Magic? Please, you gonna have more than that to stop me the next time we meet again.

So long rat, I have some planning to do.

>But that was I...never mind.
Is there a detective in the house?
save file
image:169095551330.jpg(136kB , 1280x720 , Spoiler image)
Maybe that note is from Samaritanon, I'll keep it in mind.
The only thing worrying me are the matches for Uncle. They have been uninteresting. Not Uncle himself, he's actually been campaigning and is a pretty cool character but at this point his current and next opponents are basically ghosts.
save file
image:169095659568.png(163kB , 498x361 , Simpsonmg.png)
>"What is this guy talking about? I've been plenty active!"

"Homey... You thought the previous round was Round 1 due to sleeping though everything else."

Uncle is just fighting ghosts the whole tournament. That's pretty cool.
Literally Jackie Chan Adventures
save file
image:169095802076.jpg(51kB , 394x348 , micksmugashell.jpg)
Active? With a belly like that, huh? Maybe you should head back to bed, pal.
Severely underrated
save file
image:169096190541.jpg(379kB , 734x413 , Spoiler image)
You gotta be fucking kidding me
save file
image:169096211188.jpg(151kB , 498x800 , Marvel-Daredevil-789868.jpeg)
>but at this point his current and next opponents are basically ghosts.
Actually, his next opponent is more of a devil. Or a demon slayer if that one wakes up.
Admittedly I didn't do anything with Daredevil last round because I was focused on my other main, and I guess you didn't see me post in Round 1. Gotta try to make up for that today.
save file
image:169096219051.png(14kB , 300x300 , SatanStatue.png)
Surely this one will definitely be popular for more than a single week at most. For sure. It's not going to be a scam. Definitely.
save file
image:169096250412.png(63kB , 878x910 , plankton_laugh__transparent__by_zetamagnus103_dfy646s-pre.png)
>Squidward and Plankton made it in but not Krabs
Plankton Laughyoutube thumb
save file
image:169096259643.png(69kB , 930x1280 , Uncle_Chan_Render.png)
So, gluttonous spirit finally woken up from his dirt nap? You want Uncle to suffer from jaundice? Yes? Then Uncle must get rid of you! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao!
save file
image:169096284935.png(326kB , 595x556 , Untitled.png)
>a demon slayer
Demon *Hunter*, demon slayers are from that show my Niece watches but Hunters... okay are a lot more sophisticated al' right.
And I haven't been sleeping, in fact I've been looking *into* the sleeping stuff and I'm like.. 98% sure its some kind of demon.
save file
image:169096666166.png(2.53MB , 1854x951 , ruby petals.png)
Don't worry Mr Grom, he can't escape my tornado of rose petals! I'll dispatch this guy quickly and then we can question him on who's behind sending him here. I've heard of a special "champagne bottle" interrogation technique your policemen practice, maybe you can use this guy to show me what it is!
save file
image:169096974679.jpg(382kB , 1920x1080 , deception.jpg)
>I wouldn't want anything to do with ducks either. I feel you.
>You're right, he sounds more like a debauched scoundrel, but that's nobility for you. Where I come from, they're more obsessed with killing their own soldiers than running the country.
>At least he decided it was better to go off and snooze instead of running into a sharpened blade or something.
>He's no martial artist, but he sure is annoying... A thing obsessed with ducks like that can only be the work of one man: The Enigmatic Gale.
>Have you ever heard of him?
I had an idea for a puppet showdown here Flippy fights Shou. You see, in TBF there's a part where they're forced to use a body-controlling sword to defeat a sentinent mind controlling sword, so I can canonically pull a reference AND puppetception on this. It'd be great.
There's a difference between mind control and body control?
save file
video:169097166354.webm(2.56MB , 854x480 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - Sword Travels in the East S01E10 (BDRip 1080p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v3-[14.05.351-14.19.966]-audio.webm)
Yes, it's a very spoilery but one of the swords is a sentient sword housing a demon that charms its wielders and those around them, essentially begetting an endless bloodbath between the wielder and those who look at the sword. This is how it fuels itself.
The other sword is a mere magical sword that turns those it stabs in the heart into puppets, who are controlled by the wielder.

These blades end up matching each other, because the charming light of the demon does not mean anything when it's being overriden by someone puppeteering you away from its light.
save file
image:169097193617.png(534kB , 1200x675 , 1678953299088036.png)
save file
image:169097317154.png(751kB , 3000x3500 , Genie Judy.png)
What if Judy was a genie?
I like how Tom, who's a sleeper and barely a character in the first place, will cruise his way to Round 4 simply due to being matched up against DTVA and fodder.
DTVAnons really should just have nominated Torres, then this wouldn't have happened
save file
image:169097416159.png(71kB , 580x100 , Spoiler image)
save file
image:169097436398.gif(1.61MB , 378x326 , 1662803445533121.gif)
Why are there two of you?
save file
image:169097438255.jpg(51kB , 1200x628 , kuzco point.jpg)
Then I ask for three wishes:
1. That I win this match
2. That I win my next match
3. That I win my match after that

Now, chop chop, those wishes aren't gonna grant themselves.
>loses in the semis

>>53085 Observation
>>53086 Conclusion
save file
image:169097570902.jpg(38kB , 640x359 , EmperorsNewGroove01.png)
I didn't think that far ahead.
Uh, is it too late to take one of those wishes back?
save file
video:169097695007.webm(1.2MB , 854x480 , Nendoroid Kichou.webm)
If you would have it, I can take those wishes off of you!
1. I want the sword known as the "Night of Mourning" in my safe possession.
2. Alter the rules to allow one villain to participate in the Heroes' tournament.
3. Force a random remaining contestant to take on a more villainous approach.
That should do it.
>No Otis or Mikey
>Arnold's grandma of all characters
save file
image:169097802069.png(537kB , 605x788 , 1c7sceafdzy11.png)
Too late. Thank you by the way. I would have to face you during the semis. I'm glad you sacrificed yourself for me.
Nope, too late. First come first served. Sorry I don't make the rules.
save file
video:169097831538.webm(2.13MB , 854x480 , [DeepestBlue] Thunderbolt Fantasy S3 - 06v2 [129B238E]-[08.55.702-09.07.947]-audio.webm)
Aw. So you know of the rules then?
How long does it take for these wishes to reset, or do they run out forever after usage?
save file
image:169097863980.jpg(174kB , 2048x2048 , 1683500624529407.jpg)
Certainly. I'm only a temporary genie. So that means I can only do my thing once. It'll all be over when this tournament is over. The original genie will get back his powers, and I'll be back to normal. You can ask him for wishes then.
save file
image:169097876098.png(174kB , 526x343 , duck nendo.png)
Then the chance for this tournament has passed. Shame as it is, but there'll be others. Thank you, miss!
save file
image:169097900090.jpg(81kB , 1280x1832 , 1680519434848982.jpg)
Sorry B. I would love to grant you your wishes. But rules are rules.
No problem! I'm glad you understand. By the way, what was your name again?
save file
image:169097904366.jpg(32kB , 208x445 , kuzco pout.jpg)
Well fine then. I'll just get my bodyguard to wish that I win the tournament then. Hey, ENA, mind using two wishes to get me to win this? You can use the third for yourself, I guess.
save file
image:169097914251.png(751kB , 600x800 , nendoroid duck.png)
I am Sir Kichou, an aquaintance of Sir Shou. ...Of course, I am not actually here right now. This is a doll that has been enchanted to speak, so that you may never be lonely!
save file
image:169097936575.png(1.2MB , 1063x1595 , 1684565823684336.png)
Your three wishes are up, Kuzco. Just be happy you got into the semis. Most people aren't as fortunate.
I see. Nice to meet you, or not, actually meet you. Now that I'm a genie I know that's there's a very high possibility that that doll is cursed. Nevertheless, have a great day!
Sorry again B! No hard feelings.
save file
image:169097956923.jpg(374kB , 1562x2048 , Fq9xkxmakAAIVMF.jpeg)
>ENA is trans
Yeah, ENA sure is transcendental. But I don't see how does that even make the rabbit have point.
save file
image:169098051013.png(335kB , 1280x720 , Lightning.png)
Scott told us former Rats that if B wins this, we're all losers because he's here and we're not. He was kidnapped by that Candle Rack creep so I'm left here to tell you Lightning ain't no loser and B has nothing but spite towards you now.
save file
image:169098161598.jpg(59kB , 717x426 , emp-6-e1371345998419.jpg)
>Your three wishes are up, Kuzco.
Good thing ENA's the one making the wishes on my behalf.
save file
image:169098274322.jpg(47kB , 480x480 , IMG_2650.jpeg)
There’s no reason to be upset lad, it’s just that I don’t want me bloody cheese stolen by mice
save file
image:169098462942.png(684kB , 541x688 , 1681275541908998.png)
B, is this true?
That means everyone's wishes are up, Kuzco. It's first come first served, and only the first one will be served.
save file
image:169098532138.jpg(7kB , 350x405 , harvey in court.jpg)
Mentok: "Hold on, Birdman, why are you on the prosecution for this trial?"
Birdman: "If this were a normal trial, your honor, I would be on the defense. However, this is not a normal trial. This is a trial fuelled by nearly a century of lies, and these lies must be exposed."
Mentok: "Overly dramatic today, aren't we? Whatever. State your claim."
Birdman: "Your honor, Popeye is mixing his spinach with illegal performance-enhancing drugs."
>The courtroom is silent.
Birdman: "What? No surprised gasps?"
Mentok: "I mean it's obvious that spinach isn't normal, but do you have any evidence, Birdman?"
Birdman: "I do. The police were able to get ahold of Popeye's spinach, and after some tests, they found it to be 56% Methamphetamine, and 44% steroids, which is illegal to use recreationally."
Popeye: "Tha's a bunch o' malarky! Ma spinach is perfectly normal!"
Birdman: "Is that so? Your honor, I'd like for you to test this spinach for yourself."
Mentok: "Ew, gross. Make one of the jury members do it."
Birdman: "Fine then. Jury member nine, eat this spinach."
>The jury member eats it and starts a rampage in the courtroom, making several holes in the wall and tearing off the ceiling lights.
Birdman: "I rest my case."
Mentok: "Alright, jury, you can leave to give your verdi- wait, where is the jury?"
Birdman: "They all ran away during the carnage, which is still happening."
>The jury member is now throwing pews out the window
Mentok: "Well then, I declare Popeye guilty of drug possession."
>Birdman tries to celebrate but he gets hit with Mentok's gavel after the jury member gets into the judge seat.
save file
image:169098540179.png(466kB , 1280x720 , Lightning Glare.png)
It's totally true. He also said he likes Song more than Zooville. Get this sha-show off sha-outta here already!
save file
image:169098598240.jpg(74kB , 665x900 , Daredevil-774622.jpeg)
Can't say I'm too proficient at fighting demons... Though I did go to hell once (don't ask, it's a long story). But as long as they have a heartbeat and body chemistry for me to study, it shouldn't be too hard to find a weakness and take them down.
save file
video:169098640842.webm(901kB , 852x480 , 1690905537194450.webm)
>want to go home and draw after errand
>forgot my key to the apartment insise the apartment
>can't get in without waiting a couple of hours
I’ve got something planned regardless on who wins and who loses but depending on the winner it’ll go differently
save file
image:169098780841.gif(423kB , 500x370 , harvey gangman.gif)
Looking forward to it. Harvey's been doing better than I thought, but Popeye's cool so I wouldn't mind if I lost Harvey to him. I'll probably try and make a push for him in Mr. /co/ this year.
Well are you phoneposting? You could make a doodle on that using some apps.
save file
image:169098819636.jpg(36kB , 500x283 , EE0ShyeU4AEVKY4.jpeg)
Drawing with my fingers sounds like a recipe for disaster.
save file
image:169099005052.jpg(62kB , 451x417 , mickmeh.jpg)
Aww zippity-doo-darn, you oughta be asleep. You're a real pain in the neck, ya know that?
save file
image:169099094007.gif(1.57MB , 498x375 , IMG_2655.gif)
Me? Lazy? I built an entire rocket ship in my own garage to see if the moon was made of cheese. Cracking good adventure we had
save file
image:169099247332.png(88kB , 3000x3500 , Mao Mao meets He-Man.png)
Don't wanna make nothing for Mao Mao and He-Man but I'm also really tired. Have this low effort doodle.
Up your ass
save file
image:169099283589.jpg(172kB , 1200x600 , Kuzco-The-Emperors-New-Groove.jpg)
Sure, okay, but the wishes would still be about me, meaning the first one is still being served, so you should grant the additional wishes. Speaking of which, where is that ENA girl? She needs to guard me from that cat trying to steal my throne.
Oh, she fell asleep with the cat. Alright then, looks like I'm moving on to the next round.
I still like it.
save file
image:169099304040.jpg(335kB , 1200x675 , IMG_2656.jpeg)
In all honesty l couldn’t have done it alone without the help of me good old pal and companion gromit. I’ve got plenty of more adventures to tell if you vote for me!
save file
image:169099363821.gif(73kB , 480x480 , giphy_s.gif)

Silly amigo, you don't use wishes to win this match.

It appears that you're not a fighter after all, but un pollo like your first opponent.
Changed my vote from this alone, puss is more heroic and not a coward like kuzco
>not a coward
Puss aims below the belt and uses pouting for sympathy.
save file
image:169099482932.gif(1.16MB , 220x220 , who-is-your-favourite-fearless-hero-puss-in-boots.gif)

Muchas Gracias!

Everyone vote for the fearless hero.

Fearless Hero (Hero Version)youtube thumb
save file
image:169099492870.jpg(56kB , 314x429 , mickproud.jpg)
Aww, put a sock in it, clayboy!

Ya wanna talk adventures? Ya barely have half a dozen movies to ya name, butcha'd be old and gray as Steamboat Willie before ya finished watchin' every adventure I've starred in!

Come on! It's not tricky, vote for Mickey!

Let's Have A Party (We Like To Party) - Mickey's Dance Partyyoutube thumb
save file
image:169099513949.jpg(164kB , 1280x720 , Thunderbolt Fantasy Shāng Bù Huàn.jpg)
>Oi, cat. That sword you got, it's not magical is it?
save file
image:169099526207.png(909kB , 675x873 , IMG_2657.png)
Now why would you do that? I never insulted anyone. You have no spirit but a bunch of pounds and fame. You really wouldn’t like it further if you tested me a bit more
You Reposted In The Wrong Trousersyoutube thumb
just kiss already, you both love cheese and being pleasant individuals
6 hours until popeye’s court hearing ends
save file
image:169099566893.jpg(32kB , 720x428 , cc6becf7e8851b01758a88c00f2ef0ee.jpg)
Oh, look, the cat is talking in its sleep. How adorable. Now, if you excuse me, I've got a massage in half an hour down in Kuzcotopia that I have to go to.
>un pollo
I'm assuming that's an insult, but since I can't understand that language, I'm assuming it's a compliment towards me, so thank you, kitty kat.
Guards, this man threw off my groove. You know what to do.
save file
image:169099574816.png(449kB , 1080x802 , 376ED0DA-9C8F-48A2-9BB8-6ADEA59B9D7A.png)
waiting for villains
save file
image:169099578067.jpg(18kB , 640x480 , space ghost confused.jpg)
There's only six hours left, and Tintin still hasn't told us what he writes about. *gasp* You don't think he's writing a scathing critique of my show, do you? Moltar, get me Tintin immediately! If that review gets out, our ratings will plummet!
save file
image:169099584173.jpg(38kB , 509x253 , IMG_2658.jpeg)
save file
image:169099616929.jpg(23kB , 600x898 , 26CD926E-CA52-4299-AB09-91F1C861C00E.jpeg)
don't attack other participants that aren't your opponent
save file
image:169099620377.png(206kB , 494x536 , IMG_2659.png)
Tsk tsk tsk. This guy calls himself a heroic wannabe when he’s legitimately good? That makes his characters as fast as wood. HU HA HUH HU HA HUH HEHEHEHEHEHE, I’ll be more villainous when I get nominated, stay tuned
“Flat as wood”. Who cares Hes fucking nuts
save file
image:169099634457.jpg(37kB , 1440x811 , MV5BOTM0MmVkZDktMjY2NC00MmVmLWIxMjctZmI4YmEwYTdjOTE3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjQwNTA0OTc@._V1_.jpg)
Thank you. It's good to have support from my fans. I couldn't be a hero without you.
>Hulk sorry
save file
image:169099648522.png(2.1MB , 1920x2119 , popeyespinach.png)
I's tells ya! There ain'ts no drugsk in me spinach!
save file
image:169099664778.jpg(98kB , 541x496 , mickrelaxed.jpg)
Pounds? Are ya callin' me fat?

Golly. Ya know, when toddlers throw tantrums like this, usually the best way to calm 'em down is a nice, long nap.
save file
image:169099682707.jpg(78kB , 800x485 , IMG_2660.jpeg)
It’s British money my good fellow. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m reading about the British countryside
>it's only round 3 and activity has already dropped so much
Do you think we'll manage to achieve less than 150 posts in the finals thread? This is gonna have the /tnt/ tourney formula of everyone but the two most successful campaigners gradually dropping off, except this time there are fewer campaigners to begin with so things are gonna get even slower.
save file
image:169099698589.gif(226kB , 500x375 , hankeh.gif)
It's a problem when everyone I face keeps falling asleep on me.
save file
image:169099714596.jpg(94kB , 960x625 , IMG_2661.jpeg)
Some people just be resting lad, or duking it out with another guy
save file
image:169099745099.jpg(41kB , 760x380 , 1142842_Puss_In_Boots.jpg)

Oh, so it looks like you really are a chicken after all. That wasn't a compliment, Señor Kuzco.

Enjoy your break while I claim victory in this round.


No, but only the most honored hero can wield it.
save file
image:169099775919.png(107kB , 860x758 , Spoiler image)
Now Mordecai can go back to his girlfriend who will comfort him!
save file
image:169099805497.png(19kB , 380x170 , tintin-writing@2x.png)
I've simply gotten myself a bit preoccupied, that's all.
Anyway, since you mentioned him, do you wanna know how I met Captain Haddock?
save file
image:169099818791.jpg(83kB , 453x532 , mickhappy.jpg)
Well, it is awful important to get enough hours of sleep every day, don'tcha know.
save file
image:169099824315.jpg(141kB , 1280x720 , 1475270745803.jpg)
>Not magical, but bound by tradition, then? At the very least, you know you're not carrying the real deal then. ...I've ran into quite a few people claiming to have that "real deal" and ending up with duds. Good thing you seem to treat that blade with the respect it deserves.
save file
image:169099835895.gif(2.11MB , 600x360 , 1613447872732.gif)
MY EMPEROR, MY EMPEROR! Please forgive my poor timing! It is just that I was busy having a wonderful dream with that kitty you tasked me to keep away!
save file
image:169099855595.jpg(22kB , 1200x600 , 85255C21-C274-4B81-8AAB-3EAE49F680D6.jpeg)
sorry for the inactivity but I'm trying to figure out how these villains keep showing up
>I’ll bust this nut and release those kids!
save file
image:169099885559.jpg(54kB , 640x480 , FD3B0962-E180-4260-8032-ECD166B9A4E8.jpeg)
it's difficult to have a conversation with an opponent with so few words or lack of words at all
Whoever won Numbuh 1 vs. Space Ghost was going to leave a hole in this tournament and we usually get more active in the last few hours of each round. There is also probably OC being made at the moment since we get a few uploads near the ends of threads. I know the Shou Fu Kan poster has been BETRAYED and TRAPPED outside his apartment so he can't get his stuff done and I'm busy making B OC. I think the drop off is natural and hasn't been too bad. Kuzco vs. Puss has been funny, Space Ghost and Harvey Birdman are still up to their usual antics, and Wallace woke up.
save file
image:169099915307.png(286kB , 520x391 , 169067486280.png)
Well, yes! It is good that he finally went to bed to ground his grouchiness. And boy, lemme tell ya, he was not the sharpest tool in the shed! It probably explains why he would avoid such a sharp blade...
Wouldn't want anything to do with ducks? (keep it together, Hugh, you don't want to start a feud again) That's.... understandable, really. Too many fans of ducks can burn the pie! If one man can reject the ducks, the other can have how many as he pleases! I can't say I know who this "Enigmatic Gale" person is or what he's been working on. Who is this fellow exactly, and why is he such a teaser?
save file
image:169099931846.jpg(88kB , 956x720 , planet of hollywood.jpg)
Yes please. I'm sure it would make for a very interesting discussion. Just be sure to edit that review of yours.
save file
image:169099945673.png(8kB , 210x240 , Hank_Hill.png)
It sure took you a long time to figure this out instead of warning me about it, I tell you what. Why haven't you done something about these villains already like you did back in Gotham? They've been getting on my nerve lately.
save file
image:169099946172.jpg(55kB , 663x1080 , let me guess.jpg)
Uh, what's a chicken? We don't have any of those down here in the empire. We got llamas and alpacas though.
ENA, he's over there trying to get into Kuzcotopia! Throw him out immediately!
save file
image:169099982025.png(331kB , 888x593 , Trustworthy Lightning.png)
B's quiet cause he's mocking you. He said something about Megamantronbonne being better than you and thinking that his own weak little bots are better than the Obots. Show him what a giant robo man can do! Sha-bam!
Look, he's mocking you by posting them!
save file
image:169099991193.png(142kB , 467x354 , kuzco_bird.png)
>Uh, what's a chicken? We don't have any of those down here in the empire.
Oh no no no Kuzcobros... How will we ever recover?

(though to be fair, this is from the TV series that's somewhat less-known than the movie)
I have a very good reason for not posting a lot:
I'm trying to do Malkuth's fourth mission in LobCorp but it's taking forever.
I prefer Paul Rudish's Mickey since he has actually funny cartoons
save file
image:169100019249.jpg(59kB , 717x426 , emp-6-e1371345998419.jpg)
That filename says bird, not whatever this "chicken" thing you people keep talking about is. ENA, after you deal with the cat, throw this guy out too for ruining my groove.
I never saw the TV show so this is my first time seeing this.
>ENA throwing anons out windows
Some would probably thank her.
save file
image:169100048250.jpg(82kB , 735x899 , ena has a gun.jpg)
save file
image:169100059253.jpg(472kB , 2048x1536 , shou swords.jpg)
>The Enigmatic Gale is... somehow associated with ducks. I don't really understand it. But it's this guy with blue robes that keep following me around everywhere.
>I've kind of realized at this point that I'm not somewhere in my world, so I might as well explain... I've this collection of 36 swords on me that I try to safekeep away from some dangerous nutjobs in my country, but eventually I ended up with this... "Enigmatic Gale" following me around. He tells me it's cause he wants to prey on villains, and since I'm their target, that makes sense, right?
>Problem is, he causes more harm in his schemes than good. Worst of all: He insists that he's doing it just for amusement. Bastard almost ended the world once and he keeps at it. Can't deny he's been some help sometimes, but I can't stand him. All the more reason to never go bad.
save file
image:169100065947.jpg(39kB , 800x610 , 2EDAC186-B714-4165-9917-073640E78C15.jpeg)
well he doesn't seem to be mocking me seems he's just showing off his own robot
save file
image:169100203196.jpg(49kB , 736x736 , 95c00296f52dd1590ea50e71821f6f41--time-art-adventure-time-wiki.jpg)
Gather one and gather all
And gander at this goose's call
To tell the feats of a boy named Finn
Who yet competes while sleeping in!

Punching buns since just a babe
He sends evildoers to their graves.
Demons, monsters, creatures, fiends,
He even fought the Vampire Queen!

He slew The Lich and proved his better
Wielding nothing but a girly pink sweater.
When the Lich returned after besting Billy
Finn turned him into a big fat baby.

Isn't that silly?

Fast forward to his latest foes
The first of which, a fighter, Po.
The Warrior of Dragons, to be specific
Sleepy Finn sent him back 'cross the Pacific.

His next opponent, still from the east,
The King of Monsters, a fearsome beast!
Across the land the raging lizard lumbered
Til he tripped!
Toppled over Finn while he slumbered!

Finn's current rival, a star from Gaul.
Asterix is what he's called.
Can he be bested? Does Finn have the means?
Perhaps, maybe.

In his dreams!
save file
video:169100210902.webm(3.42MB , 640x360 , Spoiler video)
Also, my drawing is now going along fine. Hopefully you'll like it when it drops
save file
image:169100251415.gif(1.76MB , 600x338 , clapping_thumbs_up.gif)
Holy mother of kino
save file
image:169100281482.png(908kB , 882x656 , hughpondering.PNG)
That's one quackin' crazy nut if I ever heard one! I always assumed this "Mysterious Wind" was just an intense force of nature that allows the ducks to go on high-speed flights, nothing satisfies a duck aficionado more than a thrilling chase across the skies! Still, a blue-robed weirdo was another possibility, I suppose.
So what about pie? Are there any other evil-doers who happen to love pie?
save file
video:169100379296.webm(3.85MB , 640x360 , Spoiler video)
>The one positive thing I could say about him is that he's reliable when you need him to do some good, sometimes... I had him use one of my swords to make me a "puppet" once, since I'd be shackled to a cursed sword if I weren't. Thankfully, that worked out well.
>And... pie? I don't really know what pie is. From my own experience, "pie" hasn't exactly been the determiner of which crazy decided to put things into jeopardy at that time of day. More usually, it's always about swords, swords! And all that crap. ...I WISH it was about food, but it isn't.
save file
image:169100428132.jpg(6kB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg)

This is precious; you're too scared to face against me, so you bring in your own servant to do your dirty work. Admit it, you are a coward.
save file
image:169100578221.jpg(9kB , 480x360 , hughpies.jpg)
Well, pie always puts people in a better mood just from the scent alone! I can already imagine how many criminals forgo their crimes once they set their sights on pie! You should try a slice one day, it's all the food you could ever need in one package.
Speaking of which, I have a friend I'd like to introduce you to! You wanna meet him?
save file
image:169100616212.jpg(94kB , 539x507 , mickcomeonnn.jpg)
You want funny, pal? I'll give ya funny! I was BORN funny! Uhhhhhh…

Why was the magic broom from Fantasia late to the tourney? It over-swept! Get it?

Boy oh boy, ain't I just Dis-knee-slappin' funny? Right fellas? Right? I'm not boring! Ya won't find a bigger laugh riot than Mickey Mouse, no siree! I'm funny! I'M FUNNY!
save file
image:169100626427.jpg(49kB , 264x375 , harvey.jpg)
Mentok: "Court is now in session for the trial of Trump v. Count. Will the lawyers give their opening statements?"
Reducto: "Yes. You see, your honor, Trump is a lying fraud who accused my client of the heinous act of rigging, when there is clear evidence of him rigging as well."
Birdman: "Your honor, my client is completely rig-free."
Reducto: "Hmm, we'll see about tha-STOP COUNTING YOU FOOL!"
Count: "Ah ah ah! Counting is what I do!"
Reducto: "Anyways, people of the jury, here is clear evidence of Trump rigging the polls: In Mr. /co/ last year, Dracula qualified for the first time, yet he lost the first round narrowly to Rattlesnake Jake."
Birdman: "Objection! What if people just really like Rattlesnake Jake?"
Reducto: "Unlikely, as he lost the very next round to Spongebob Squarepants. Dracula, what are your thoughts on the matter?"
Dracula: "Dracula think the whole thing rigged! Dracula also thinks that dummy over there with the Birdman is the one who did it!"
Reducto: "Which brings me to my next piece of evidence: In Co-op, Dracula and Death just narrowly lost to Simon and Richter Belmont despite the former team being thread favorites. Dracula, what do you think?"
CVDracula: "It's obvious that Trump feared my power, and in his refusal to pay me tribute, he proceeded to rig me out of the tournament so I couldn't be Elite Eight before him!"
Reducto: "No further comments."
save file
image:169100628873.jpg(32kB , 500x375 , harvey explain.jpg)
Birdman: "Your honor, I would like to call the defendant to the stand. Mr. Trump, would you rig the Count out of a tournament?"
Trump: "Of course not, okay? Look I love all vampires, all right. Vampires, they're great people, you know. I would never rig out a vampire."
Dracula: "Dracula calls baloney on that!"
CVDracula: "Yes, I would have to agree!"
Count: "I count one, two, three Counts against Trump! Ah ah ah!"
Birdman: "There are explainations for both pieces of evidence against my client. For the first one, the one that rigged Dracula out of Mr. /co/ wasn't Trump, but it was in fact Kevin Nash, as he saw him in the form and got reminded of a certain event 31 years ago."
Reducto: "Yes, and where is this Mr. Nash now?"
Birdman: "He is currently in the hospital after having a run-in with a black Italian plumber."
Mentok: "I believe it."
Birdman: "For the other piece of evidence, it was revealed during that trial that Philemon and Nodens rigged the polls for themselves and the Belmonts by shitting in the ballot box, not because of Trump."
Mentok: "Now that's just putrid."
Birdman: "I rest my case."
save file
image:169100632274.png(246kB , 1200x691 , HarveyBirdman-e1557440436461-min.png)
Mentok: "Has the jury reached a verdict?"
Foreman: "Yes. We find the defendant not guilty."
CVDracula: "Ridiculous! Have at you, jury!"
>Dracula burns the entire jury alive with a hellfire
Dracula: "Man, Dracula bummed. Dracula thought we'd get that guy in jail."
Reducto: "There's always next tournament, Dracul-I SAID STOP COUNTING!"
Count: "I count one, two, three, four people upset with this verdict! Ah ah ah!"
Birdman: "Yes! We did it, Trump!"
Trump: "That's good, that's very good. You know, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies. It's called Kickassia. I loved the part in it where they become the nation of Kickassia, and Nostalgia Critic, the great Nostalgia Critic, he makes this great speech..."
>Trump then rambles about the Channel Awesome movies for two hours
Mentok: "I don't get paid enough for this job."
save file
image:169100643791.jpg(387kB , 957x2155 , shou faget.jpg)
>I guess I should... And sure, why not? There's not much else to do here anyway.
save file
image:169100765863.jpg(22kB , 288x225 , IMG_2662.jpeg)
Out of the four characters I nominated that qualified, three of them lost Round 1 and the only one left has had terrible matches and part of me wants him to lose now.
save file
image:169100785840.jpg(98kB , 790x413 , kuzco credit card.jpeg)
Oh yeah? Would a coward have this? I never leave the palace without it. I bet I could buy your entire movie series ten times over.
Sorry it's not that good, I had to rush it somewhat.
save file
image:169100819241.png(1.68MB , 857x891 , flippy.PNG)
Alright, Mr. Puppet Man, feast your eyes on Flippy! He's just like the Flippy from before only not completely destroyed or locked up in a cellar. I've been using him to practice my ventriloquist act which works well with Jimbo's career day!
>Beats hanging by a thread!
You said it, Flippy!
save file
image:169100846712.gif(977kB , 480x360 , C8905ECE-DFBA-45B4-BB32-10A67A295FF9.gif)
I see the emperor has his own personal credit card just like I
Cash Register (Kashing!) - Sound Effectyoutube thumb
save file
image:169100852719.jpg(7kB , 225x225 , download2.jpg)
feast your eyes on WHAT?!?
save file
image:169100916104.jpg(26kB , 500x492 , hankfacepalm.jpg)
I've always wondered why Gotham's crimes keep on climbing.
save file
image:169100976402.png(108kB , 720x482 , B creates Nuclear Prime.png)
save file
image:169101013252.jpg(231kB , 2048x2048 , Spoiler image)

Then why don't you face me in a combat, maybe perhaps you're too scared that this will happen to you?
save file
image:169101041694.gif(13kB , 720x540 , shou & friends (and... the enigmatic gale i guess).gif)
>It looks like it's been cursed, almost. ...Wait, did it speak on its own? Eh?
[Unbeknowst to them both, the ENIGMATIC GALE had recovered a funny chip, through his legendary thievery skills, and installed it into Flippy. Such was his thirst for an antagonist!]
>You sure this thing is safe?
Don't give up, anon. You can always turn things around. I had to deal with silent opponents until this round and still found ways to make it work.
save file
image:169101061542.jpg(51kB , 487x388 , 1613983299969.jpg)

Hey Charlie since your sister doesn't want a babysitter, would've been okay if we babysit you instead?
save file
image:169101073618.png(142kB , 390x299 , 2F322EAE-30BD-4FD2-B732-131595BE9699.png)
Cap where are you?
If he wins this round, he'll face someone who isn't silent, who will also win that round.
save file
image:169101086915.gif(583kB , 434x480 , tintin.gif)
Sorry for the wait. I needed to finish writing.
Back in the day, I was trying to help detective Dupond et Dupont to find the culprit of a certain smuggling and kidnapping. The first lead was a can of crab. So I set off trying to find what they'd been shipped with since it was so close to the harbor. Turns out that the nip who was hanging around the harbor had ended up on the ship I was looking for! But of course, it keeps going!
Me and Milou went aboard, but got ourselves captured by the smugglers. This is when I had the bright idea to leap out the window and climb up- after they'd left the harbor, no less. And there he was, Captain Haddock. Drunk as can be, but that's sometimes not so bad.
Push through, anon. I was surprised to see my main qualify and yet he's still here.
fucking Jack in the ass
Truly a legendary battle for the ages.
save file
image:169101135641.gif(1.12MB , 400x300 , 8D299B60-2D3C-4C64-BF5D-9D50E73250AB.gif)
that's an impressive robot you made, great work
Make sure he’s a skrull this time
save file
image:169101162919.jpg(87kB , 1434x1080 , MV5BYWJlNTAzZTMtNmM2YS00MGQ5LWE0MjktN2RmZTlhOTI2MzRhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTIyMTQzODM2._V1_.jpg)
Nope, that was the good 'ol Hugh Neutron magic that made this dummy speak smarty! So Flippy, why don't you tell us a joke for the crowd?
>What's something that will end in a cliffhanger?
What is it?
>A duck hater.
Wait a minute, I didn't have this in mind at all!
>You better believe it, porkpie, this is Flippy's territory now!
save file
image:169101176461.jpg(154kB , 1920x1080 , shou cursed thing.jpg)
>Something ain't right here. ...What did you do with Hugh?!
[Shou points at the puppet. It was unlikely he could get through to Hugh, cause Shou didn't think he was a puppet himself.]
save file
video:169101189008.mp4(236kB , 480x360 , ENTER Theme Song Guy.mp4)
There's one thing this cat forgot. Kuzco is the...
save file
image:169101219343.png(1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot__2817635_29.png)
>So, looks like the REAL dummy wants to play! The big guy's just takin' his nap that he accused the others of. I bet he couldn't help but take a little breather, wonder who's gonna join him!
save file
image:169101240965.png(1.1MB , 1280x720 , ruby_grom.png)
"Good thing I decided to follow that guy and see where he'd go after fleeing the tournament grounds. I didn't even know there was a secret underground bunker here."
>"Are you sure about exploring it all alone? This must be the hideout of whoever he's working for. You could be walking into a trap."
"I followed him around for quite a while before knocking him out, and it seems there's no one here. And hey, better use me as a scout than you, I'm the one with superpowers."
>"Not sure if to call this brave or reckless. Reminds me of myself when I was younger. Are you sure you didn't see who our guy was contacting?"
"I think this place wasn't supposed to be a hideout, rather a contact point of sorts. He stood in front of the panel with the large screen trying to input some code but it seems like he forgot the correct combination and got angry. That's when I got him."
>"Then it looks like I'll have to get the info out of him during our little talk odin-na-odin. Keep reporting on what you find."
"Roger! I'll be sure to find who's behind putting half the participants to sleep, not to mention all those villains that kept breaching the tournament grounds."
>"...well, that last part may just be because most people like villains more than they do heroes, so they've been letting them in secretly."
"You're too cynical, Mr Grom! Plenty of people like us. They just may not always know how to express it."
>"It's hard not to become at least a little cynical over the years in my line of work. Still, you probably have a point."
"Hold up, I found something in one of the rooms. There's a tiny chip on the floor under one of the desks. And there's an image engrained... I think it's some sort of a robot head with horns."

This might age poorly if B proceeds to the next round instead of Optimus
save file
image:169101249814.jpg(51kB , 1200x628 , kuzco point.jpg)
No need to fight when you've got wealth, status, and Kuzcotopia like me.
Exactly that, theme song guy. See, kitty cat, you don't even have a wonderful theme song like me, let alone someone to sing it.
save file
video:169101255283.webm(1.96MB , 854x480 , NIGHT OF MOONLIGHT MOURNING.webm)
>Real dummy? If you wanna go at it like that...
Yare yare.
>Rin Setsu?! Are you behind all of this again?
If you want to free your contestant, then you've got to get through to him somehow.
>You're really maddening, you know that?!
Hm hm. Now, if we were able to use the "Night of Moonlight Mourning" to turn you into a puppet- Hugh might view it as his puppet being beaten.
>You just wanted to get your hands on that blade again, did you not!?
It is a wonderful blade, but... circumstances take priority.
>Hmph. Whatever.
[Shou retrieves the NIGHT OF MOONLIGHT MOURNING and throws it to Kichou.]
>Get it over with!
Yes, yes. Here we go!
[ >>53207 ]
Thunderboltfantasyyoutube thumb
Now, "Flippy", was it? What would you consider the most precious thing you have right now?
save file
image:169101259646.png(143kB , 392x400 , Popeye13.png)
Don't listens to dis oaf! His jus' lyin' ta get with me sweet Olive by lyingsk about me spinach!
save file
image:169101260787.gif(1.33MB , 478x286 , emperors-new-groove-moonwalk.gif)
save file
image:169101269937.gif(843kB , 300x222 , hughguitar.gif)
If you're looking for cool, you're looking for him.
save file
image:169101278336.png(1.08MB , 1280x720 , Shou taste.png)
Shou Fu kan, "enemy of all demon kind!"
save file
image:169101284155.png(334kB , 896x614 , dd_opponent_assessment_round_3.png)
>Sweat and cheap deodorant. A hint of the suffocating stench of... office. Dust, laminated wood, burnt coffee.
>The kind of average, non-athletic build you'd expect from a middle-aged man like him. The main source of danger seems to be the sword. It's permeated with some sort of mystical aura that makes me feel dizzy just trying to sense it, almost like static. Come to think of it, there are traces of it all over his body.
>Heartbeat is slightly faster than expected. This man lives a stressful lifestyle, constantly on edge. Facing two sleeper opponents before me no doubt contributed to that.
>Something feels off about his brain, not unlike that of mutants like Charles Xavier. Possible telekinetic abilities? This could turn unpredictable.
>Gotta aim for his radiocarpal joints to disarm him as soon as possible. The sword's mystic powers could possibly put his strength and reflexes on par with mine, but with enough precision, I should be able to knock it out of his hands and finish him off with a single strike.
save file
image:169101284825.png(282kB , 578x300 , Space-ghost_card.png)
Fascinating. So, this captain, is he some kind of pirate?
save file
image:169101289753.png(11kB , 362x400 , uncle.png)
One more thing!
You must vote for Uncle to make round 4!
Take Brak seeing as Space Ghost and Death don't want him
save file
image:169101297637.png(326kB , 896x614 , dd_opponent_assessment_round_2.png)
And since I missed round 2, here's Clover as well.

>The kind of woman that is hell to be around. A nauseating, overwhelming fragrance of perfume. The floral stenches of lotus, hibiscus, and God knows what else invading my senses and making me feel like I'm drowning in a flowery sea. Without even trying, this girl is as terrible for my senses as Elektra was.
>A slim, healthy body type for a young woman her age. Should be capable of acrobatics and fast movement, but she lacks my experience and years of training.
>A quiet yet fast-paced heartbeat. Likely prefers a more casual lifestyle and is annoyed from being woken up to face me.
>Her catsuit is made of peculiar material. Reminds me of the texture of the unstable molecules clothes Richards and Pym use, though doesn't seem as potent. Should be more durable than it looks, but won't replace proper body armor.
>The backpack contains complex machinery. Can't quite make out what exactly. This could be a problem, for all I know one of these gadgets could disrupt my senses.
>Just in case, I'm going to try to lure her into a dark area to even the playing field, then ambush her with a quick attack to the back of her head to prevent any nasty surprises.
save file
image:169101301453.png(193kB , 344x306 , tin-tin-land-of-black-gold-1211.png)
Well, I'd love to go on an adventure as a Carribean pirate, but that age's long gone I'm afraid. Nowadays, if I were to be a pirate I'd probably hang off of the African coast.
No, Captain Haddock is simply a humble sailor, but a bit of a drunkard as I said. Me and him did our best to try and escape from the ship after I woke him up to his circumstances- he was being manipulated by the drug smuggling crew. So we took a rowboat, but then some bastard flew in with a plane, shot at us and caused us to flip over... Thankfully, it was a seaplane, so when he landed, we got the jump on him!
save file
image:169101303562.png(35kB , 696x390 , Spoiler image)
Doesn't matter, if the host doesn't like the results, he'll change them.
save file
image:169101308318.png(381kB , 632x480 , 931DB0C3-1BE4-4150-9AFA-12B293761C4D.png)
vote for the hoops
save file
image:169101313079.jpg(48kB , 800x450 , Spoiler image)
Knatterton dachte über die unbeweisbare Einschätzung der Maus nach. Angesichts seiner Hartnäckigkeit könnte es an der Zeit sein, seine Lizenz als Detektiv zu überprüfen!
save file
image:169101316444.jpg(12kB , 206x305 , p1682009_e_v7_aa.jpg)
While this Captain Haddock fellow is very interesting, I have one issue with what you said.
>Well, I'd love to go on an adventure as a Carribean pirate, but that age's long gone I'm afraid.
Nonsense! It's never too late to be a pirate! Come on, we're gonna go on a pirating adventure right now!
save file
image:169101326207.jpg(172kB , 660x1002 , 3572BE5E-1A95-48AB-B013-C189C70B9B91.jpeg)
if you don't leave now rat I'll rape you, second stage Pokémon are practically teenagers meaning you're my type
save file
image:169101332650.png(739kB , 1710x900 , Spoiler image)
The girl that understood what you said isn't here anymore but that doesn't matter since you're probably not saying anything important just like before.
save file
image:169101333621.jpg(45kB , 280x369 , mickbeg.jpg)
Ya just gotta vote for meeska, mouska, Mickey Mouse! And hurry!
save file
image:169101346951.png(264kB , 640x480 , Hank_Exercising_and_Determined.png)
Since Wayne keeps flopping his "Bat credit card" around instead of taking this match seriously, you have no other choice.
Vote for Hank "The Grill" Hill
Fuck off with your shitty rape meme, this same joke is getting old.
save file
image:169101356226.png(11kB , 240x214 , logo-tintin-240.png)
You mean you're taking me to a theme park, right? Sounds a bit strange for a talk show host.
save file
image:169101371378.gif(1,007kB , 300x225 , 9BA0F861-E1D9-4F91-9885-195AAA5B94B6.gif)
vote for these dance moves
save file
image:169101380627.jpg(99kB , 500x1080 , 46AC3947-719A-4B84-AAE8-EAAC2986677F.jpeg)
that's it I'm raping you
save file
image:169101390003.gif(1.16MB , 220x220 , who-is-your-favourite-fearless-hero-puss-in-boots.gif)

Why me of course! Unlike that emperor, I am a...

Fearless Hero (Hero Version)youtube thumb


I don't need anyone to sing it because I have such a bonito voice that is built for music. Why would I let it go to waste?
save file
image:169101396846.jpg(107kB , 696x470 , space-ghost-coast-to-coast-9-Main.jpg)
No, I mean we're gonna steal a boat and go sailing in the Caribbean, getting into all sorts of mischief along the way. What do you say Zorak, Moltar, and Brak? Wanna join me and Tintin for some pirate shenanigans?
save file
image:169101401610.jpg(81kB , 1432x1080 , MV5BZjliODhiMzAtYWYyMS00MWQ0LTkxODItMzMxNDI0ODM0MjFhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTIyMTQzODM2._V1_.jpg)
>The only thing precious to me is my precious sense of humor, buttercup! Unlike your butterknives, I'm the real deal when it comes to my sharp wit! Does it now make sense with whose brain I've got right now?
One hour left until popeye’s verdict comes in
save file
image:169101405881.jpg(41kB , 960x800 , Popeye.Flex_.jpg)
I's always obey da law!
save file
image:169101421828.jpg(369kB , 800x967 , 87451199_p0_master1200.jpg)
Vote Ruby!
>Puss basically admitting he has no friends to sing for him
Oh no.
save file
image:169101423069.png(2kB , 600x526 , Shou meets the Enigmatic Gale.png)
Your precious sense of humor, eh? Sir Shou here has plenty of sharpness, he just decides not to use it. But that's something that can be solved.
[ Kichou transforms his pipe into his sword, and throws it to Shou. ]
Have you ever wondered where that sharp wit of yours came from?
Impressive double repost
save file
image:169101436447.png(2.79MB , 1332x2300 , tintin_investigating_the_note.png)
After staring at this long enough, I finally realized why some of the letters on the note look familiar. The D in "day" is quite obvious but many others are cut from none other than Disney properties. Mickey also said himself that the threat was rated PG, almost like whoever had written it was contractually obligated to never say anything too unfamily-friendly. Also, unlike everyone else who have been trying to wake each other up the whole time (Dr. Bee's attempts to encourage snoozing are few and foiled by B), Mickey is oddly desperate for everyone to stay asleep. My theory is Mickey mailed the threatening note to himself in an attempt to garner sympathy against his toughest opponent yet, and either he simply wants to steal the spotlight or he perhaps knows more about the tournament sleepers than he's letting on. Wallace did imply he sent the note, however, everyone knows Anti-Pesto is a humane pest control service thus he wouldn't be conducting any exterminations, and he later said he never insulted anyone while the note clearly refers to Mickey as "vermin". I think he just took the credit for the note because he wanted to spook Mickey, but Wallace honestly meant no harm.
I also tried to work out if the Disney letters are an anagram for something.
The clearest words I can get using all these letters, and number, are:
DO 2
What could be the meaning of this?
vote for Superman since he doesn't rape
save file
image:169101445290.png(215kB , 1900x1900 , tintin-motobike.jpg)
I mean... Wait, stealing? I'll have to tell the police about this!
>Dr. Bee's attempts to encourage snoozing
That's the Comforter, Dr. Bee's mortal enemy, doing that. Also, kek.
so Mickey wants Mickey dead? is it because Mickey was nominated with his white skin design so flesh skin Mickey (also known as desperate Mickey) wants him dead and replaced?
save file
image:169101460643.png(159kB , 316x360 , flippy.PNG)
>Gee, what do ya think? You could also ask the big guy if you wanted to, that is if he isn't being idly dull while I'm in control! This is my mind now!
I formatted the original post wrong, soz about that.
save file
image:169101462383.jpg(61kB , 500x500 , dr.bee.jpg)
>Dr. Bee's attempts to encourage snoozing
save file
image:169101468265.jpg(22kB , 259x309 , 1614113592971.jpg)

Sorry, we're not pet-sitters.
save file
image:169101498401.jpg(193kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0008.jpg)
>Haha! What do I think? Well, I'm glad you asked! That chip is something I put on you! And now, Sir Shou here will take it back.
[ Kichou gestures with the Night of Moonlight Mourning, and puppet Shou begins to move for a strike! His blade changing from the silver and blue of its usual hue into something more golden. ]
I forgot the formatting again, but fuck it. Let's roll.
Waluigianon here. I'm gonna keep it honest, I lost interest on drawing the Genie quickly and right now I don't know who to support.
I have an OC idea for Hank but I won't be able to get it out before the round is over. If he wins then I'm totally doing it.
support one of the unsupported but not silent guys
Wait, hold on, give me a few minutes and I can do it.
I think Hank's got one of the best chances here so you might as well do it
Who do you like?
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Only half an hour left to vote for your favourite heroes, folks!
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>Think you got the guts to take a stab at me, Twinky? You'll never get my awesome power back!
>Slept in and almost missed the vote
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Hugh is a good choice
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It's not about guts, Flippy, it's about being better at puppetry- something I think at this point, might have been stolen from you.
Sincerely what happened? The nomination and qualifier rounds made this out to be /tnt/'s biggest bout, but we're still in the low triple-digits...
/co/ is just more autistic in general
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Wait a minute, hold ya horses! I got one word for ya, pal: Circumstantial!

So can the conspiracies, ya clown! What kinda sap would believe the brand mascot for one of the richest corporations in the world would ever do a darn thing crooked? No way, no how!

Little ol' me? Gee, I don't want anybody dead, I'm tryin' not to get whacked myself.
Easiest and hardest matchup this round?
Nominations has a lot of posts because it's the Nominations and the Qualifiers has more posts because plenty of character that didn't qualify got campaigning.
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But I have a beautiful partner to dance with; something that emperor lacks.
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Done. Be sure to vote for Hank.