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Heroes of /co/: Round 1Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
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image:169077035937.png(22kB , 1008x360 , 169075639761.png)
Keep all tournament talk ITT.

—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-the-round-1-of-heroes-of-co-to-end-ejpx

►VOTE: https://forms.gle/nAEuaQLqPqnTyXGU8

►Nomination Results:
Check to see if your character is included.
►Qualifier Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TyFkWMk0NM_W8mJQ9wSUCiaROctCXzuY1gyfrGRvlW8/edit?usp=sharing

►Bracket: https://challonge.com/8uhyrbvd

Read before asking questions.

►Basic Eligibility Requirements
It is preferable for a character to be from a comic or a cartoon of Western origin.
Characters of any gender are eligible.
Any character making their first debut in the entirety of the previous month is ineligible to compete.
Previous winners of the mainline /co/ tournaments are ineligible in an effort to keep things fresh.
Real-life people, OCs and Board-tans are not allowed.

►OC (Upload to this booru)

Hope Corgi

>Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
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image:169077052477.png(1.51MB , 1400x700 , Hulk-Rage.png)
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video:169077052784.mp4(2.67MB , 1280x720 , B survives Qualifiers.mp4)
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image:169077052860.png(959kB , 960x738 , Gabby (2).png)
Happy round 1 everyone!!
Remember to consider each match up carefully.
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image:169077055759.jpg(32kB , 640x480 , 6731A621-5739-4114-9D5F-95E1CD566523.jpeg)
great to see you again
Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
The good news is that Coayy most likely will be available for help with this part in Villains. This was my last attempt at doing this alone for the foreseeable future.
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image:169077070056.png(529kB , 1280x720 , B has a history of dealing with Chefs.png)
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image:169077070335.png(1.02MB , 862x577 , triangle man.png)
square up, fools
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image:169077071561.png(253kB , 724x407 , Duo-inyourdreams4.png)
C: Wow, I actually qualified! I'm not used to being the one participating, so this will be interesting.
E: Good job, little buddy, I knew you could do it!
C: Thank, Earl! Anyway, I think it's time to explain the rules of the tournament!

The tournament consists of seven rounds of where each contestants are matched against each other in 1v1. Each round, half of the contestants get disqualified until only one person is left standing, who will be the one to be crowned "Hero of /co/ 2023"! What do they win, Earl?

E: The only prize is the satisfaction of winning!
C: Oh, sorry, folks! I hope you weren't expecting to get something out of this.
Now it's time to get into the action!.. Of which I can't explain, as what happens between contestants is anything goes! I expect everyone to play fair, of course.
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video:169077077048.webm(2.4MB , 960x540 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - Sword Travels in the East S01E01 (BDRip 1080p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v4-[17.36.646-17.43.319]-audio.webm)
Thunderboltfantasyyoutube thumb
>A sheriff? I hope you're not working with the lawmen of Seiyuu.
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image:169077086417.jpg(28kB , 500x375 , mehtimmy.jpg)
And now I'm up against the 2nd popular hero? At least Jimmy is helping me out a bit.
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image:169077090631.jpg(1kB , 882x440 , Grom32114.jpg)
>First matchup I ever get in these tournaments and its a woman playing cowboy *sigh*. I hate fighting other lawmen, should be a good brawl at least.
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image:169077092455.png(282kB , 578x300 , Space-ghost_card.png)
Greetings, earthlings, and welcome to round 1 of Heroes of /co/! My first guest tonight is Timmy Turner! Now, I don't know about you folks, but I hate children, so this is going to be a pretty miserable interview for me. However, I am a fan of Drake Bell, who plays Timmy in the live action Fairly OddParents movies, so maybe this won't be too bad. If you don't know who Drake Bell is, he was the fat kid on Drake and Josh.

So, Timmy, why don't you tell the audience a bit about yourself?

Ignore this folks, it's obviously Zorak rigging the bracket against me to make me look bad. I do not have that on my computer, nor do I even know what that is, and you should vote for me anyway.
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image:169077102931.jpg(43kB , 435x435 , bfb5b5cf1817b81725091347991476b8.jpg)
Now, I'm not looking for trouble, Edd, so let's try something different: The baseball season's about to start, and my team could use some training. How about you get your friends, and we have a baseball game, so we don't have to fight?
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image:169077112332.jpg(123kB , 1080x1080 , gadget gun.jpg)
I'm better than you are, so I should be the superman!
Who's Gimberly?
>Ruby Rose vs Derp
It's like a mirror match!
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image:169077119388.png(1.98MB , 1600x900 , 1684684050487.png)
So, gentlemen, how do we advance the puppet cause?
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image:169077130672.gif(423kB , 500x370 , harvey gangman.gif)
It's perfect that Harvey is up against a gorilla immediately as it means I can post one of the best episodes of his show:
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image:169077132103.jpg(75kB , 319x590 , IMG_2591.jpeg)
The monster king knows no bounds
childish puns mean no dice
He is a father of one
yours is on Ice
>have to choose between losing comic rep or losing kermit
'Scuse me, Mr. Gadget, but I can't help but ask: How do plan to stay on duty like always while doing this tourney?
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image:169077145464.jpg(486kB , 1207x1120 , IMG_2592.jpeg)
Under normal circumstances I would vote for kermit for he is one of my mains, however as this is a bread for heroes I’d gotta go for spidey this time around
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image:169077148846.png(98kB , 600x600 , Luke.png)
As long as you're not here to cause trouble, I think we'll get along just fine.
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image:169077154839.jpg(32kB , 530x750 , __snufkin_street_fighter_and_2_more_drawn_by_k_suwabe__0c048892f41ba0ce556ddb7afa1f3f15.jpg)
Muumimetallia 12: Dansuyoutube thumb
>Nu får vi ändra lite på hur vi talar... What are you? You remind me of stinky, but you don't look as terrible.
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image:169077157977.png(266kB , 458x687 , Hank -The Grill- Hill.png)
It looks like that Neutron boy is starting things with the Kids Next Door that put me on their "evil adult" list and already accused that Space Ghost guy of that disgusting crime instead of me. Mr. Birdman is still working on clearing my name, but I'm just glad to mostly stay out of that ruckus for round 1.

So, Mr. Hale, how do you like your steak?
Yeah I keep trying to keep that in mind. I love so many of the characters here but I'm trying to choose based on actual heroic feats.
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image:169077163259.gif(1.08MB , 320x180 , mll8f2.gif)
Here we go...
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image:169077174078.png(12kB , 291x403 , annoyed ruby.png)
Well, this is underwhelming. I'm not gonna fight a completely average normal guy. You wanna go out to get something, Derp?
Was this a compliment? Thanks, or screw you if it wasn't.
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image:169077175992.jpg(2kB , 194x259 , IMG_2594.jpeg)
And here he comes
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image:169077177360.jpg(9kB , 180x180 , 1579317552249.jpg)
Quiet you sick freak!

I see now there's a conspiracy against children in this tournament. I, the most vigilant pursuer of justice against adult tyranny left in the running, have been pitted against one of my few allies and a valuable whistleblower against the disgusting adult perverts in this competition. The adults seek to silence one of us, but I won't let them. Vote for Numbuh 1 to support my crusade!
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image:169077178796.jpg(145kB , 564x831 , A4EDCC22-EF9F-4E90-AE6F-C0B4E4E3669C.jpeg)
if you do good to others you too can be a Superman
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video:169077178785.webm(2.83MB , 1000x540 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - The Sword of Life and Death M01 (BDRip 1036p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v5-[43.14.165-43.49.951]-audio.webm)
>Glad to hear it. In that case, who may you be? I'm not from around these parts, so I'm not really up to speed with who's what. You know anything?
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image:169077185537.png(375kB , 1280x720 , Minecraft_with_Gadget_by_Mike_Matei_2-27_screenshot.png)
You're awake, superman? Do you want to play this game... Mineycrafta? It has these green brix from krypton!
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image:169077188600.gif(1.07MB , 498x498 , seriously-timmy-turner.gif)
(Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this...)
I'm just your average kid that no one understands, I guess. I definitely don't have fairy godparents with me no matter what my teacher says. Yep, nothing important here!
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image:169077196243.png(143kB , 392x400 , Popeye13.png)
I's don't haves da time fer yer dancin'! Dis ain't no ballet!
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image:169077199146.jpg(145kB , 622x879 , __moomintroll_moomin_drawn_by_k_suwabe__6e7d1151a6e6a2f575a5eb8b40c073c7.jpg)
>Hej du, hunden. Varför är ni så skraj? Det är sommar, så det kan ju inte vara för att det är kallt ute.
Some youtubers animation tutorial helper
Who is Gimberly? - Doodleyyoutube thumb
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image:169077204454.jpg(271kB , 1132x1376 , IMG_2595.jpeg)
What, I say what am I gonna do against a former elite eight member? No worry this Chilean guy ain’t as relevant as them chicken hawks.
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image:169077206521.gif(38kB , 499x563 , astérixetobélix.gif)
A: Hey Obelix, we both got in! That's great, ready to do a bit of fighting?
O: Yeah, but I don't know who I'm fighting.
A: Well it says here that you're against "Samurai Jack", have you seen a samurai anywhere?
O: What's a samurai?
A: I don't know. Anyway, you should go find the guy and give him a shake, he might be sleeping or something. I have to go fight some monster, really scary apparently.
O: I want to fight a monster...
A: Win this round and you might face one, good luck!
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image:169077208462.jpg(2kB , 206x305 , wordworry.jpg)
Tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.
>Ex: Worgirl is hesitant to engage in a battle with the polite mouse Stilton.
Things aren't looking good for Shrek reps here. Round 1 and already up against such a fearsome opponent. Oh, and I guess Batman is in the other match too.
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image:169077216482.jpg(9kB , 225x225 , Alex.jpg)
Oh c'mon people, I have to fight this little rascal again. I already got my ass handed back at Tag-Team 2022; I'm not sure if I could even do this.
Shou and Luke fit suprisingly well, since Shou's a vagabond in a place that was basically run by bandits. Only difference is that it's fantasy Wuxia instead of a Western... Maybe I'll draw some OC of them tomorrow.
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image:169077224266.png(86kB , 214x467 , F99EABA5-BEDE-4B72-8442-C8ED64C65530.png)
while in a different scenario it'd be logical to vote for you Number 1 but in this one where a number of competitors in this tournament have a large amount of illegal content on their computers and I'm the only one capable of exposing them with my invention it'd be more logical to vote for me
I’ve got a message from the penguins. They say he’s not as powerful individually and you’re a lion. Trust me
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image:169077241320.jpg(53kB , 400x718 , LukeGun2.jpg)
I'm not from here either. The name's Lucky Luke, fastest gun in the west, but you can just call me Luke. Now, how about you tell me a bit about yourself, friend?
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image:169077243673.png(564kB , 800x714 , 1688157234443.png)
Great an imaginary friend, alright creep come along quietly. I don't want to strain my back killing you.
A good brawl indeed! ave you SEEN this lady before?! This is Calamity Jane! She can crack a whip so hard it breaks the sound barrier. And don't even think about give her so much as one bullet, she can oneshot ya with her hands tied!
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image:169077251241.jpg(107kB , 696x470 , space-ghost-coast-to-coast-9-Main.jpg)
I'm too tired to work on it now, but I'll be able to get the video out tomorrow provided I don't run into any snags getting the Birdman assets in objection.lol. If I do, then I'll writefag the trial instead.
Moltar, call an ambulance for this child. He obviously has some sort of undiagnosed tumor considering his attitude and appearance. I'd feel bad for him, but I have an interview to conduct, and besides, he's not my opponent.
Fairy Godparents? Interesting. Have these "Fairy Godparents" appeared out in public before?
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image:169077252331.jpg(152kB , 951x1072 , 1op.jpg)
now loading:
kids next door mission




Who said anything about fighting? You're both good with words, so...AHA! How about a spelling bee?
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image:169077262403.jpg(49kB , 1280x720 , drbeeso.jpg)
Did somebody say bee?!
In case you need some ideas for courtroom OC, Primal can be accused of spamming "this again?" on /co/ and also of being a duplicate of Prime, who's already in the tournament.
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image:169077265388.jpg(541kB , 1358x1028 , Profile_-_Sulley.jpg)

Hey, may the best fighter win.
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image:169077276619.png(62kB , 922x518 , shou (forma de name spelled in chinese).png)
Kill Don't Ikill-Fueyoutube thumb
>The name is Shou Fu Kan, and I'm a wanderer from the country of Seiyuu. I came here escaping a bit of trouble, and to get rid of it too. ...Well, there's only so much I can tell, it's a bit of a dangerous errand and I'd like for bystanders to not be involved. Now... Fastest gun? In the WEST? ...Tell me, do you know where we are? I don't recognize this place.
>Max Goof vs. Hal Jordan
Max's dance moves are stronger than any powerlevelfaggotry. He's got this.
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image:169077282619.jpg(51kB , 1200x628 , kuzco point.jpg)
I can't say that I know what "Chilean" is, but I don't really care about that. So tell me, do you like pools? I ask because I'm thinking of building Kuzcotopia on your farm.
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image:169077292973.png(351kB , 640x480 , hughnutrin.png)
You show 'em, son! By the way, have you seen Space Ghost's match-up? He's currently facing your bucktooth friend from Dimmsdale, which can NOT be a coincidence! It's a good thing you're spreading the word about these disgusting individuals, there are a lot of creeps out here in this world, Jimbo!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got myself a bouncing tiger to catch by his toe. Hi there! Do you like ducks, or pie?
Thanks, I'll try and do one or both of those ideas after I finish the Hank thing tomorrow.
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image:169077301312.jpg(32kB , 600x600 , 040227b7c526da2ad9d8f4b5595f5e97.jpg)
>Hej, snusmumriken. Varför är de så tysta?
>Vi gick en bit för att komma hit. De kanske blivit anfådda? I alla fall bör lära dig att tala med dom.
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image:169077304591.jpg(8kB , 260x194 , Wilt.jpg)

Hi there, care for a nice basketball match with me? I needed some quick exercise after waiting so long for the first round.
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image:169077309757.jpg(72kB , 943x943 , asterixwink.jpg)
Don't bring yourself down already, you've still got a chance to win!
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image:169077347215.gif(1.15MB , 498x311 , tigger-bounce.gif)

Tiger? I'm no Tiger, I'm TIGGER!

Tigger | The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers | Disney Sing-Alongyoutube thumb

Ducks? Pie? YUCK! Tiggers don't like ducks and pies, only Heffalumps and Woozles like them.
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image:169077348205.jpg(152kB , 640x640 , ab67616d0000b273787dd8343545025252cf3f22.jpg)
Ghostface Playa - Why Notyoutube thumb
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image:169077352407.png(11kB , 362x400 , uncle.png)
One more thing!
You will vote for Uncle instead of Viking lady! As Viking lady is useless in first round, magic must defeat magic!
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image:169077357118.png(436kB , 721x1109 , LukeArt.png)
A wanderer? Never heard of Seiyuu, sounds like it's not too great if you're escaping the place, doesn't seem too different from where I came from. As for this place, I'm not sure either. It looks like a bunch of people from different places came here for a tournament that we've both managed to enter, not sure what it is for, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.
Is anyone else glad that none of the mascots qualified? I have no idea why the hosts thought they should be allowed, both here and in the main tourneys. Most of them weren't funny or interesting. I hope they eat shit in Ms. and Mr. too.
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image:169077374680.jpg(18kB , 365x277 , Numbuh_1.Op.IT.jpg)
You're a valuable asset Jimmy, but you're a civilian. I've been fighting adult tyranny longer than anyone can remember, like 3 years at least. It has to be me.

As reminder to everyone, cast your v.o.t.e.s. for kid heroes to purify this tournament. If there are no kids in a matchup, just use this simple handy rule.
>kids > kid animals & kid robots > adult animals > adult robots > superheroes > teenagers >>>>>>>>> crap >>>>>>>>>>>> adults
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image:169077374801.jpg(52kB , 500x372 , a00cadaa49d149b37c36e268ef06f572.jpg)
Good luck in th' tourney, ya big lug! We'll need it th' next time that bottomfeedin' Silver shows his ugly mug!
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image:169077379058.png(194kB , 480x320 , timmy-turner-played.png)
Nope, not that I'm aware of! They're just a bedtime story that my crazy teacher happens to believe.
ok eggman
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image:169077385995.jpg(218kB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0002.jpg)
>That's the interesting part, Seiyuu lies to the west! The place you came from- whatever you call it, is also to the west, right? Then there's something terribly strange going on. It'd be like we're in a separate "space", if I may call it that.
Also, I'll need to sleep now. Hopefully I'll do this round some justice, cause I don't think my main will stick around for long in this tournament
>I have no idea why the hosts thought they should be allowed
It wasn't the hosts. Your fellow voters specifically voted for that. And now they're voting in a match your favorite character is in.
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image:169077421433.jpg(12kB , 206x305 , p1682009_e_v7_aa.jpg)
I see, you must come from a world where fairy tales are real! What an interesting guest to start of the rounds! So tell me, are there any other fairy tales that are real to the people of Dimmsdale? Are there witches living in gingerbread houses or princesses with super long hair living in towers?
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image:169077423203.jpg(208kB , 1221x437 , Max_vs_GL.jpg)
>Meanwhile at match 7

>Hey kid, quit trying to taunt with all that dancing. You're making me angry.

What's wrong man? You can't handle the awesomeness of my groove. Your puny glowing ring can save you from this mess.
brown bricks
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image:169077433079.jpg(451kB , 1899x927 , duel.jpg)
“Looks like you’re facing a fairy.”
“A bard fairy no less! I'm actually looking forward to meeting her. Maybe she could teach me sonomancy, and in exchange I could show her some sigils. Ooh! and maybe I can get some fairy dust!"
"Well lucky you. Ive got to face The Critic. uegh."
"Oh-ho, wow, I don't envy you!"
"Is he even qualified to be here? Where are the rules?
"Don't fret, Amity! Behind the memepower's he’s just a film reviewer. Show em’ witches’ rule!"
“And what about your book?”
“I didn't forget!”

>>Chapter 2: The First Encounter, Musa of Melody
>>>And so the qualifier came to pass. A showcase it was of song, dance, weaponry, interviews, and defensive maneuvers against plundering villains! Many were the great her/co/es that were culled! The seeder and feeder, the princess of power, plumbers, explosivas, magic mirrors and the talking donkeys, even the infamous purple unicorn unseen for over 12 years – all fallen in the treacherous trial! Some were sad, some were happy to leave; they all returned from whence they came.
>>>Yet, riding staff and shooting spells, the good witch Luzura and her cotton candy maiden prevailed! They feasted on the victor’s prize party of pizza. But celebration was swift and short, for soon (or in roughly five hours) the threads rolled on and they were parted to face the second and tougher trial: Round 1.
>>>The grounds were set for battle – the sacred ring of champions known to the layman as the google form! Anon’s from /co/, even those from /v/, of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and operating systems crowded the stands to see the parade of duels to take place.
>>>As Luzura approached the gilded google form she saw standing center none other than the pretty fairy Musa – hailing from the realm of Melody, of the Alfea College for Fairies! “Cute you may be," said Luzura, "and melodious in your skills, but trump you I must, for only one her/co/ can ascend from this round!" Luzura raised her palisman, and Musa, confident and graceful, fluttered to the air, raising her own ancestral wand.
>>>Mighty was the battle of her/co/es, fierce and fast! Who would prevail? Who most noble and brave?
>>>But hark! Over the hills loomed the great ugly beast Bumnuts! Roaring with vengeful intent! The duels were halted, the google form put in grave jeopardy! The her/co/es must band togeth-”

“Are you sure that’s where you wanna go with this, Luz?”
“Right, right… scratch that last part.”
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image:169077443904.gif(14kB , 194x294 , IMG_2596.gif)
Now hold on I SAY now hold on there son I was just making a quip, now I know how we sometimes go charging in like a bunch of bulls getting in on the action but believe me here son is a friendly competition Thats a joke guys, I’m really gonna give him the Texan twister
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image:169077453073.jpg(145kB , 1232x2037 , LukeWalk.jpg)
The world is a big place, Seiyuu may just be in a different part of the west.

I think this match is pretty even. I also will be going to sleep now, so don't worry about the match being one sided while you're away.
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image:169077457985.jpg(18kB , 362x322 , angry_wilt__fhfif__by_nicolevega14_degmuwr-fullview.jpg)

I'm sorry man, but that's seriously uncall for!

I was just tryin' to be nice here and you treat me with this? How rude!
save file
image:169077463602.jpg(223kB , 1000x1528 , MV5BMjA5MTM3MDUtOWNhNC00OWZhLWE4ZjYtZDA3ODBhMGMyMDcyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjM5NDQzNTk@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg)
I am performing a number of additional calculations to take action to intimidate the cause of me needing to be on duty to go on a break.
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image:169077467898.jpg(8kB , 225x225 , Sulley.jpg)

Just trying to be a good sport here; nothing personal.
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image:169077473865.png(91kB , 729x613 , hughangry.PNG)
Well, you seem like a bunch of fun, fun, fun, fun, fun rolled into one Tigger! I think we'd get along quite wel- YOU WHAT?!?!

But...ducks and pies... are my everything... well besides Sugar Booger, Jimbo, and Goddard of course... but they're still my EVERYTHING! You're no fun at all, you're just a big phony! I don't even know what "Heffalumps" and "Woozles" are, but I know for a fact I'm neither of those! I'm Hugh Neutron, patriarch of the Neutron family!

This is the last straw! From now on, the Neutrons and Tigger are mortal enemies! We will have nothing to do with Tigger or anyone else named Tigger or anyone who's ever tigged! You know what to do, anons, vote for me and never let this "tiger" go if he hollers!
Kek. Nice.
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image:169077494789.png(204kB , 727x405 , Duo-inyourdreams15.png)
E: Infinity Train? Think we can catch a ride?
C: I don't think this is something we want to get on. I like trains as much as anybody, but I don't want to be stuck on one forever!
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image:169077503705.jpg(57kB , 1280x720 , IMG_2597.jpeg)
>AH, oh dear, Fozzie, gonzo. Could I speak with you guys with a moment
F:So what seems to be the trouble kermit?
>well you see, under normal circumstances I’m usually quite confident in here matchups but his time I’m up against(turns paper), Spider-Man
G: *GASP* Your facing Spider-Man? Well why didn’t you tell me?! The great gonzo would’ve loved to interact with Spider-Man!
>With all honesty these matchups are randomized so I have no idea who I’m facing off against first, and I don’t want to hurt him or provoke him as myself, what do I do?
F: OHHHHH, IVE GOT IT. Why don’t you disguise yourself as a hero, say, the emerald amphibian
G: or maybe the Leaping salamander
>Sheesh, I’ll just stick with the rambunctious rana, wish me luck
Let's get Spongebob to Elite 8 so that in villains we can get Monarch to Elite 8 and they can be paired up together :)
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image:169077524794.png(56kB , 250x292 , 8FC904E0-9052-4A10-AB07-C01F84618313.png)
anon that's not a good reason to vote for me despite how much I like the idea
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image:169077525196.jpg(34kB , 650x400 , timmyturnercharacter.jpg)
If by "witch" you mean "evil babysitter that torments me while my parents do nothing about it", yes! Not too sure about the gingerbread house, though. I can't say anything about a princess living in a tower, but I have met alien royalty before!
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image:169077537205.png(261kB , 670x768 , oh fuck you.PNG)
Not matter who wins, we lost
Seeing R3 after all is said and done is gonna hurt
We might get the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour in round 2
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image:169077554283.png(745kB , 1280x720 , hugh yakuza.png)
This post inspired me to make this stupid image so here you go, Hughanon. Hope your guy goes far.
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image:169077557192.png(561kB , 787x1181 , Asterix2.png)
Alright, Sulley.
Say, do you know what a samurai is? My friend is against one right now but we have no idea where he is. Have you seen the guy?
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image:169077563286.jpg(11kB , 225x225 , images (3).jpeg)
making food for tick
Kek. Hugh has been on fire in this.
save file
image:169077580521.png(595kB , 1000x679 , panicattack.png)
Puss will survive, that's all that matters
save file
image:169077587224.jpg(33kB , 540x407 , hughchristmas.jpg)
Now THAT is one cool-looking dude!
Kek, great work, and thanks anon. Hugh won't be going down that easy.
save file
image:169077623601.jpg(13kB , 1005x1080 , space ghost angry.jpg)
Babysitter, huh? Well, Timmy, I'm the babysitter now, and I say go to your room! I want to watch movies and cry about how alone I am, and I can't do that when children are awake!
I am going to bed tho, it's late. I've got more planned for this match, so stay tuned.
save file
image:169077630277.png(302kB , 531x732 , 1674536322080749.png)
Well Nostalgia Critic, I hear you've made some positive comments on The owl House. "Kiki's Delivery Service fused with Beetlejuice" were your words, am i correct?
Perhaps you'll... uh, give me a free pass on this one?
save file
image:169077654573.jpg(191kB , 2048x1536 , 009EFB94-EFA1-419A-B04C-DC72AFA63EA9.jpeg)
a civilian maybe but a boy genius I definitely am, if Timmy somehow gets taken out by that pedophile poltergeist I'll be able to turn him into spectral swiss with my cheese ray
save file
image:169077704481.jpg(37kB , 635x480 , 1504652959783.jpg)
But it's not even my bedtime, not when a high-stakes tournament is happening! But fine, cry about being lonely all you want, I don't blame that mantis if he really is messing with you.
At least if Space Ghost beats me, he'll have another kid to face...
save file
image:169077724512.jpg(79kB , 800x800 , ObelixSleep.jpg)
Can't find him, guess I'll sleep.
save file
image:169077731384.png(409kB , 898x1297 , Philip-J-Fry.png)
At least my opponent isn't a giant sloth this time, I can't imagine having to face one right off the bat.
save file
image:169077789583.jpg(229kB , 687x639 , B06D9FE5-5D4F-4C8E-BC74-68697FA8A16D.jpeg)
I haven't heard of this "Mineycrafta" game but I'll go and check it out on my Super Computer
save file
image:169077790370.jpg(67kB , 720x562 , IMG_2598.jpeg)
Reporting live at the scene. It appears that the monster king isn’t dealing with the pun making child at the moment as he has decided to…sleep. How unexpected but it seems like in order to prevent him from taking advantage, he has sent his two finest companions Rodan and anguirus to handle him in his place on his behalf until morning. Is that even allowed? Like they weren’t even grandfathered in let alone qualified in this tournament at all. Whatever here they are
save file
image:169077792208.jpg(55kB , 600x600 , open-uri20160811-32147-17s1hlu_1184a257.jpeg)

C'mon Anons, why would you not vote for a happy-go-luck creature like myself? I'm full of fun and excitement, and he's some boring man in a boring town with a boring life.

Tiggers like me bounce around in a nice forest and explore around the vast wilderness whatever they please, does HE ever do that? Of course not, he's just a duck kisser who eats pie everyday and gets cranky every time someone points it out. What kind of person does that? What a drama queen! I bet he sleeps in his ducky underwear every night and wastes his money on pie delivery. Does that sounds like a fun guy at all?

Vote for the real fun guy around here, TIGGER! T-I-DOUBLE-GUH-ER!

save file
image:169077860720.jpg(29kB , 700x400 , 95f2dcf5f17c59125547cc391a15f48e.jpg)

Hey Donkey I hope you can still see this right now since you couldn't make it in this tournament.

At least, you can watch me beat up this lame guy til he shoots some delicious tears out of his eyes after he loses.
save file
image:169077863293.png(245kB , 686x940 , B Boy (I'll make B vs Mung art soon).png)
save file
image:169077865316.jpg(28kB , 704x728 , cmon.jpg)
ENA is gonna blow DM tf out hard
save file
image:169077871276.png(619kB , 1280x771 , drbees.png)
Haha, YES!
save file
image:169077881832.jpg(15kB , 350x191 , 30460F2D-1146-42FB-A7FB-DEEC750C7AAE.jpeg)
I hope you weren't dumb enough to fall for my nice reviewer routine back there that's an act I put on around my fans, the truth is I'm a mean bastard and proud of it
I think you're ugly, I'm gonna shoot your ass so hard you'll walk home with a limp or maybe I'll kill you instead yeah, and throw your bones in a bag and hand them to your fat and also ugly mom
save file
image:169077887467.jpg(16kB , 206x305 , p2766581_e_v8_aa.jpg)
>At least if Space Ghost beats me

...Oh. You mean in the match. Well, rest assured, a tip from an anonymous source has placed Space Ghost near the top of the KND's most wanted list. I'm rallying the kid vote as we speak. In fact, the KND has authorized me to recommission voters to gather support for our cause. You can't lose.

But maybe, for the time being, avoid being in a room with him alone...

Interesting technology. In the right hands, it'd go a long way in fighting back the adult scourge. The hands of a trained agent of the Kids Next Door!

But for now, apparently it's past my "bedtime", one of the most insidious forms of adult oppression ever devised. I will end adult swim this time! A kid WILL be crowned the heroest hero of /co/! You can count on it!
>my nice reviewer routine
NC's schtick is being nice? Since when?
save file
image:169077899182.jpg(22kB , 330x283 , Confused_Sulley.jpg)

Sorry, I have no idea what a samurai is, or where he's supposed to be.

I guess he might've left after waiting too long for round 1 to began.
What did Douge mean by this?
save file
image:169077937741.png(22kB , 796x1500 , asterix.png)
Well that's fine, it means my friend is sure to win, then. He might be a bit disappointed to not have a-and he's asleep, never mind.
save file
image:169077959458.jpg(19kB , 413x395 , kek.jpg)
>...Oh. You mean in the match.
save file
image:169077972930.jpg(63kB , 460x276 , Puss-in-Boots-in-Shrek-2-001.jpg)
Hola señores y señoras! For I, Puss In Boots, have arrived!

Now, bring me this Brak man to me and I shall give him a taste of my rapier.
He's gone senile lol
save file
image:169077987025.jpg(17kB , 480x360 , 7C04F293-A067-4AE5-8C74-B0E2D7DA3EAC.jpeg)
senile? I haven't gone senile I'm dating the truth
save file
image:169078021772.jpg(268kB , 724x931 , 1682566343659320.jpg)
Yeah? Well.... I'm unsubscribing.
save file
image:169078025458.jpg(19kB , 1400x1400 , Spoiler image)
You better get your defense ready, Samaritanon, things aren't looking too good for you.
save file
image:169078046475.gif(1.33MB , 498x334 , mordecai-getready.gif)
Psst please, this Barbarian dude doesn't look so tough. Hell, he can't even swing his sword right. This is definitely gonna be an easy fight for me.
save file
image:169078115433.jpg(31kB , 720x405 , 69bf585314f6123daf86a784cf8f60a7c6d2ea96f3202fe10002c98930fb9734._RI_SX720_FMjpg_.jpg)

You're not the only one who has an easy opponent here, Mordecai. This sponge dude doesn't even have muscles inside him and can't even lift two freaking marshmallows.

Looks like I'll might be joining you at the next round.
save file
image:169078191280.png(434kB , 1058x1078 , Screen-Shot-2022-04-20-at-2.30.43-PM.png)
Hehehehehe......everything's getting good so far.

I'm here at the first round of the tournament and all I have to do is beat some guy in a stupid-looking suit. He can't defeat me; I'm THE BEST!

>Umm Phoney, just wanted to remind you the fact that this guy is no push-over. He has some sort of power that makes him stretch and even transform his entire body. Are you sure you can do this?

Yeah yeah, I know what you're saying now, but I fought beings more fearsome than him.

>Whatever you say, just don't get killed out there.

Why are you still here Fone? Get out of here already!
save file
image:169078208256.png(3kB , 400x400 , Spoiler image)
Professor Gadget is incompetent.
save file
image:169078230592.jpg(41kB , 391x504 , Go-GoFuckYourself.jpg)
It's Inspector Gadget, you dumb bitch.
Is there a joke I'm missing here? Is Beatrice trying to add Inspector Gadget to her harem?
save file
image:169078270041.jpg(19kB , 400x400 , He-Man-Masters-Universe-portrait-featured.jpg)
It seems I'm up against a dragon-riding warrior for my first bout. Your bravery is commendable, but don't think I'll go easy on you for this round.
Nah I just found this on /i/ and thought it was funny lmao
save file
image:169078364813.gif(907kB , 500x280 , BYkH.gif)
Olá Jake o cachorro!

Can your silly dancing outstand my superior moves, you louco?
save file
image:169078390064.png(204kB , 555x771 , E415D092-51AB-4B40-ABE2-E2EE848F0967.png)
nobody is being forced into a harem on my watch, not even my opponent
save file
image:169078407887.gif(2.42MB , 480x360 , Spoiler image)
so you want muscles?
save file
image:169078425203.png(9kB , 238x211 , Rigby_Smirk.png)

These don't even look real you dumbass, so nice try attempting to imitating me man.
save file
image:169078435996.gif(811kB , 307x230 , F067182D-FFF9-4070-8DB9-91F732381155.gif)
is this more convincing?
save file
image:169078482302.png(9kB , 225x225 , Rigby_Raccoon.png)

Hey that ain't bad, but I beat up bigger guys than you so I still got this match in my hands.
save file
image:169078547827.jpg(148kB , 1146x716 , 633468E8-98D8-4568-9E70-0F8CB2F6FA57.jpeg)
I just need to get bigger
save file
image:169078549302.jpg(8kB , 590x730 , 1655611334832.jpg)
Uhh, yeah, speaking of that, a lot of people have been saying I'm this "Lois Lane" girlfriend of yours lately. What's up with that? Big fan btw.
save file
image:169078561968.png(2.4MB , 1920x1080 , krab.png)
>Squidward lost
save file
image:169078577630.jpg(79kB , 673x974 , B43E2006-3617-41BF-BE1E-BBA39012589F.jpeg)
at least I won a rent free apartment in your head
save file
image:169078623094.png(922kB , 1500x1500 , eugenekrabs.png)
Ye best watch for the chaser when you go to the toilet, SHITward!
save file
image:169079115038.jpg(23kB , 640x480 , aeee9f0c-6b66-4538-a933-60eb2587a945_screenshot.jpg)
save file
image:169079121639.jpg(17kB , 299x299 , 9ke3Kj7n.jpg)
Hello Puss in Boots, my name is Brak!
save file
image:169079229218.jpg(72kB , 1280x720 , where.jpg)
>Mansley, what the FUCK do you mean I didn't get nominated but the giant did?!
>Sir, we can still do everything in our power to rig him out!
save file
image:169079352012.png(1.29MB , 1708x1080 , Aladdin-disneyscreencaps.com-4174.png)
>So Gromit huh? Nice to meet you friend, your owner must be proud of you having to deal with a genie in the first round, tough boy. Did I mention I can make your wishes come true? I can grant you THREE! (Nope, you can't wish for my death, that's against the rules and it's cheap)
>This is what the Monarch is ditching
save file
image:169079556336.jpg(19kB , 662x360 , KcLy1QHXYTPKre83.jpg)
I'm literally doing the same thing but it looks much worse. Man... Guess I won't finish it.
save file
image:169080045290.png(337kB , 480x803 , vagabond shou.png)
>Maybe, but if we both ended up here, they'd be quite far apart. ...I've never seen your style of clothing either. ...Well, I'm feeling a little safer now, so I can be a bit open.
>Now, what does gun really mean? Is it some kind of title, perhaps?
save file
image:169080155433.gif(2.93MB , 500x281 , BiodegradableInbornDorado-size_restricted.gif)
>It's so strange that the person who's supposed to matching me in this tournament has never even spoken a word.
save file
image:169080213121.jpg(51kB , 426x600 , actor-inspector-gadget-1983-250793_large.jpg)
You mean your computerbook?
Do you like to build brown bricks in minecrap?youtube thumb
save file
image:169080340861.jpg(301kB , 1600x901 , space ghost desk.jpg)
Folks, there are less than 12 hours left in this round. I hope you all have made the right decision, which is voting for me, obviously. Why would anyone want some child to progress over me? This child is also sleeping in right now instead of getting up for school, which isn't heroic in the slightest. It's so unheroic that I have to look for someone else to interview. Let's see, this nerd will do.
Greetings, nerd. I heard there was some drama involving you, Batman, and a credit card. Mind elaborating on that?
Maybe he means that "NC is just an act" is an act within of itself, and in truth Doug is the act, NC is the real persona.
save file
image:169080452026.jpg(66kB , 700x400 , film reel.jpeg)
Hey, hi, uh, just a reminder that this guy is not me, so you shouldn't vote for him, okay? Got it. So just tick my box, and we can resume the movie.
save file
image:169080530960.gif(115kB , 500x400 , dc90cb13061866ceb8b4b1238c8fb806.gif)
>Sorry, too busy being a hero and saving an entire kingdom, again. So what do you wanna talk about? Any heroic things you've done lately?
save file
image:169080680152.jpg(156kB , 1280x720 , entrevista con el vendaval enigmatico.jpg)
Greetings, talk show host. Have you perhaps considered voting for puppets this year?
save file
image:169080757279.jpg(12kB , 206x305 , p1682009_e_v7_aa.jpg)
Quiet, Zorak. I'm in the middle of an interview. Besides, you're disqualified from these tournaments due to winning, so I get the last laugh! HA!
Brak, get off my set. Don't you have your own set you can use? You did have a moderately successful spin-off in the early 2000s, even if it couldn't compare to my show, not to mention how you took over my variety show.
Puppets? Hmm, maybe. Due to these cheap animators, I move in a very stilted manner, just like a puppet. Sure, why not? I'll vote for puppets.
save file
image:169080806774.png(274kB , 597x720 , Trustworthy Scott.png)
We must make sure B is round 1 fodder. Did you guys hear he actually liked CN Real?
save file
video:169080996799.webm(2.61MB , 1000x538 , enigmatic vapeduck.webm)
>Puppets? Hmm, maybe. Due to these cheap animators, I move in a very stilted manner, just like a puppet. Sure, why not? I'll vote for puppets.
save file
image:169081189385.png(632kB , 853x360 , IMG_2599.png)
Well that went better than expected, he has awoken
save file
video:169081464812.mp4(2.42MB , 1280x720 , Where B's opponent is.mp4)
save file
image:169081483693.png(52kB , 625x430 , snufkinmoomin.png)
>I'm not exactly an immoral person, but I wouldn't call myself actively heroic either. ...Förstod du det där, Mumin?
>Ja. Jag skall försöka tala snart, men jag behöver lara mig lite mer först.
I'd still like to see it
save file
image:169081544919.png(509kB , 1500x1000 , greatmightypoobelch.png)
mung daal? more like dung maal
save file
video:169081597867.webm(3.06MB , 890x480 , Enigmatic Jester who tells tales.webm)
Salutations, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Kicchou!
I am but a traveling jester who wishes to entertain the folk I meet.

I can make your legends pass to the public consciousness, and you'll become true heroes of /co/!
So, please tell me of your heroic deeds!
save file
image:169081623844.jpg(81kB , 1280x720 , IMG_2604.jpeg)
This boy I SAY this boy is more mixed up than a whirlwind! Believe me son that’s real messed up
save file
image:169081631676.png(291kB , 1280x720 , Scott Thinks.png)
>B is being supported by a literal piece of shit
You can't make this up.
save file
image:169081640804.png(34kB , 896x614 , dd_opponent_assessment_round_1.png)
>A chubby but well-built body. A decent amount of muscle mass, though likely not as much as Fisk. Probably works a physical job of some sort.
>A strong stench of dry caves and wild forests. Reminds me of the Savage Land, but doesn't assault the smell nearly as much. Likely comes from a more controlled and inhabited environment.
>Breathing is ever-so-slightly ragged. Smells like... cigarettes? Of course, that just had to be one of the first things his civilization invented.
>The heartbeat is steady and showing no signs of stress. Possibly due to his relaxed demeanor, or maybe due to his confidence from being a cartoon character and having a seeming advantage over me.
>Didn't notice me touching the fur he's wearing. Thick and smooth, taken from some unknown animal. Probably does a good job protecting from the cold. Won't protect from a strong punch.
>His massive club could do some serious damage if it hits. Luckily, judging by his metabolism, I would be swift enough to predict and dodge any attack he tries to land.
>A careful throw of my billy club aimed at the side of his neck should knock him out quickly and net me the win.
save file
image:169081650023.jpg(99kB , 1280x720 , snufkin.jpg)
>I'm not much of a hero, but every summer I travel down to Moomin valley so I can be in good company with Moomin and my other friends. I'm well-experienced due to my travels, so I would say I can be of great help if we end up on an adventure.
save file
image:169081654329.jpg(37kB , 800x450 , greatmightpoo.jpg)
he's shit
you're a piece of shit
fuck you
save file
image:169081664303.jpg(149kB , 1280x720 , anneface.jpg)
save file
image:169081670543.jpg(29kB , 640x291 , f4ffae2a0ddac512697bc2409d7111ca.jpg)

Another gato?

Not bad, but I was expecting more of a challenge. Now señor Brak, get ready to feel the power of my rapier.



Stay out of this or you'll shall be facing me after this.
save file
image:169081680320.jpg(32kB , 500x375 , harvey explain.jpg)
I have saved many innocents from being put in jail. Take that "Shaggy" fellow who's in this tournament with me. Not only did I save him from a jail sentence, but I also was able to get him to stop participating in gang-related activities! Pretty heroic, I must say.
I wasn't able to get the game assets from the PSP version. I'll try the PS2 and Wii versions, and if that fails, I'll writefag Harvey's trials.
save file
image:169081686005.gif(1MB , 386x296 , BEHOLD.gif)
>Hey Green Dude, I heard you are up against my boy Max and you beat the guy who can beat Ku and Soups making you universal universal multiplication or something. Well it's Hal Jover for you because bare witness to... the Leaning Tower of Cheeza. It's delicious and creative. Uh, kneel and peel or whatever.
save file
image:169081693139.jpg(5kB , 1080x1080 , e65029e140a81b73d6859334f347d0ed.jpg)
Oh? Well that means I should win this round since this is a heroic tournament don't you think? Also I don't understand what you're saying to your buddy here, so you better not talk anything bad behind my back!
I already said it before. In fact, my deeds are so heroic it made me turn up late for this tournament. That's just the kind of hero I am.
save file
image:169081723137.gif(1.14MB , 498x354 , rigby-cool-rigby.gif)

Sure go ahead and grow big as you want, soon you'll be shrinking down after I'm done with you.
save file
image:169081738513.jpg(51kB , 1280x1748 , __snufkin_moomin_drawn_by_uemura_uemuraichilog__4f5827ccf0e1bb6ccc691180db493bf4.jpg)
Snufkin's song throughout the yearsyoutube thumb
>I may not be a traditional hero, but my wisdom's been quite the help to the people of Moomin valley. In that sense, I am at least some kind of hero. And I don't need to wield weapons to enforce that I am of help, too.
save file
image:169081752336.png(155kB , 338x524 , Scott Points.png)
Hey everyone, I heard The Great Mighty Poo is a Battlerfag! He unironically thinks he will win one day and has a folder full of Battler vs. 47 OC!
save file
image:169081762447.jpg(75kB , 1280x720 , 2D81BBD9-8FE1-4DFF-AB60-04410FD00176.jpeg)
seems like I'll have to end you early again ha ha
save file
image:169081772893.jpg(527kB , 1031x1566 , B82B0DEA-F97A-44C3-9D3A-7558D1D90F53.jpeg)
is this Max underage?
save file
image:169081789796.jpg(5kB , 477x497 , tumblr_9fd1295aeb2017c316da0cf5d33d1748_4c2f6162_640.jpg)

Hey guy with the ring, you better destroy this annoying little shit for me; don't let him reach the finals.
save file
image:169081793282.jpg(76kB , 525x625 , ChuddEarl.jpg)
E: I don't think this is true, Chudd!
C: It isn't, nor is it relevant to this tournament.
save file
image:169081800458.gif(696kB , 321x418 , 1687859422583686.gif)
Well now I simply MUST spitevote him! Thanks, Scott!
save file
image:169081830879.png(64kB , 145x347 , scott shock.png)
He's too autistic! He's probably going to complain and cry all thread to derail it! I'm scared, guys.
Mighty Poo isn't relevant either! Gang up on him and B who supports these off-topic antics!
save file
image:169081839410.gif(3MB , 640x360 , mao-mao-cartoon.gif)
Well, I'm sure your wisdom can help those white creatures deal with, being sad or something. But what if, A GIANT MONSTER CAME IN AND WRECKED THE WHOLE TOWN? How will you help then? No better way to help than to save the day by beating it.
save file
image:169081869719.jpg(88kB , 956x720 , planet of hollywood.jpg)
You know, I once applied to be on TFR, but they rejected me because I refused to take off my blasters. They said that hitting opponents with ray beams would end up costing them a ton in medical expenses, so I told OP "Well then you can kiss my ass! I'm gonna go make my own wrestling program, and it'll be way better than yours!"
Unfortunately things fell through since we couldn't get Kevin Nash and Randy Savage, so I reworked it into a talk show. It would've been amazing though. Could you imagine Brak performing a pile driver on Moltar? I'd pay good money to see that.
save file
image:169081871993.jpg(17kB , 480x360 , 157cab1405f13de4309000384611.jpg)
My team and I have successfully fended off countless attacks of adult tyranny, including withholding sweets, unreasonable bedtimes, and unjust spankings. We've defeated the infamous adult villain leader Father on numerous occasions, and helped put an end to Grandfather, menace to child and adult alike. We dropped the Kids Next Door moon base on him! HA!
save file
image:169081901713.png(132kB , 726x407 , Chudd-inyourdreams75.png)
Uh, but you aren't a part of this show either, Scott. You and that mountain are no different currently.
save file
video:169081904662.webm(2.69MB , 890x480 , Enigmatic Jester.webm)
Now, now! Gather around everyone and hear the tales of our heroes!
Snufkin! The wanderer who comes by Moomin Valley! He found it to be terrorized by all manner of nightmarish creatures, who brought terror to the Moomins and the other residents of the valley!
Smiling weakly, Snufkin pressed on, and with the wonderful tune of his music he warmed the hearts of even the coldest creatures! Yes, even the lonely Groke was charmed by the power of his legendary harmonica!
Harvey Birdman! A former superhero who took on the grueling task of being a lawman! A pain I know all too well. Through peerless acumen and study, he successfully free'd the bumbling "Shaggy" from a life behind bars. Not only that, but he restored the good in his heart and brought him away from his life of crime, bringing hope back to the justice system in this country!
A fine medical practitioner who came across the seas! Dr. Livesey is not just a mighty and fearless warrior who struck down the evil John Silver, but also a saver of lives and finder of treasure! The cowardly criminals who roam the seas outside of Tourii should fear for their lives when they hear of him.
Proud and noble Mao Mao, a hero so eager to help people that he came late to this event!
Dispatching monsters, demons- creatures beyond your imagining, just so we could hold this tournament here today!
Beverely "B"! The silent hero who fearless treads across any obstacle, real or metaphorical, to make his presence known! They may cut him off when he tries to speak, but that will not deter him from doing his utmost to be heard. A true hero of the ages!
Numba 1! A rebel against the tyranny of the adults who'd withhold from him the pleasures of life! In slaying of his peerless villains, he brought the very moon down on them to send a clear message to all grown-ups out there not to mistreat their young!

And finally, Shou Fu Ka-
save file
video:169081921910.webm(1.24MB , 960x540 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - Sword Travels in the East S01E13 (BDRip 1080p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v3-[12.35.228-12.36.829]-audio.webm)
>Shut the hell up, man. There's no need to blow all this stuff out of proportion, and you already know it's best not to talk too loudly of me. Now get out of here, you're not even nominated.
save file
image:169081922155.png(274kB , 597x720 , Trustworthy Scott.png)
I need to be here to warn people about B. He's not a hero, just a backstabbing rat. Plus, I heard he thinks Chris and Don are better hosts than you.
save file
image:169081946045.jpg(219kB , 840x1737 , RyofusetsuCrow vs Betsu T Rex.jpg)
>Right, right, Shou Fu Kan. ...Of course I'm not nominated, I have my sights set on more villainous targets, as you know. Given my performance in the /an/ tournament, I think it'll prove quite the spectacle.
save file
image:169081961940.png(215kB , 724x408 , Chudd-inyourdreams89.png)
The guy doesn't even talk! You'll need to work on your lies if you want a chance in the next event.
save file
image:169081973151.jpg(195kB , 588x828 , 773DD515-7B64-4948-B0A4-BBD64E3841F2.jpeg)
oh I'm going to destroy his asshole
save file
image:169081992108.jpg(93kB , 1280x720 , goofs.jpg)
Stay away from my Maxie, you pedophyuckile
save file
image:169081992656.jpg(11kB , 594x594 , IMG_2606.jpeg)
The story of the acceptance of Godzilla, many years ago atomic testing mutated a relative of his, much more malevolent and vengeful to mankind that did this to him. In the end he was destroyed by a weapon non replicated. And then he arrived, the king hadn’t gotten the same picture and man hated him in the same way they hated the first, even a guardian moth(future friend and ally) pinned him against the wall. Then came the three headed one from space and together with mankind fended it off and other alien menace’s. Now he is an ally and friend of man despite what had happened, to live with his deeds, that is acceptance
save file
image:169082007197.png(86kB , 214x467 , 63EBC8B3-A2E7-4310-8DE0-4B31873D8DBE.png)
well I've saved the world plenty of times from sheer destruction and have invented a ton of revolutionary inventions
save file
image:169082021559.jpg(25kB , 200x208 , Maryanne.jpg)

Hello Charlie, are you sure your sister doesn't want a babysitter?

I mean, she could use some little company, maybe I can teach her some knitting.
save file
image:169082035032.jpg(21kB , 170x216 , D9032B8B-B3BE-4191-9FB2-B10AC31F3AF5.jpeg)
oy I'm British, fish and chips while watching the football, Secret Squirrel will never be a woman
save file
image:169082043391.jpg(32kB , 735x413 , a04ed95daef6e6ea796bc279a9e054ef.jpg)
Big mistake not letting me go through. Now there's a green pedophile running around with no one to properly punish him. I'm gonna stay close to this tournament, and I'll be there first thing to do what's right whenever he loses.
save file
image:169082047578.png(208kB , 573x395 , Lumpy challenges you to a knitting battle.png)
save file
image:169082082311.jpg(197kB , 1687x1055 , asterixobelix.jpeg)
A: Hey Obelix, finally awake? Found that guy you're supposed to fight yet?
O: No...
A: Maybe he was too scared to face you and ran away? I can't really blame the guy if that's the case!
O: But that's boring, I wanted to fight someone!
A: There's always next round, I'm sure you'll win this one, I can't see something winning by being a coward.
save file
image:169082082643.jpg(317kB , 727x1369 , ruby_saves_derp.jpg)
A hero always stands up to bullies! Make sure to vote for MY HERO, Ruby Rose!
save file
image:169082083505.png(291kB , 1104x1404 , luzart2.png)
Basically I helped save a magical realm from a puritan witch hunter.
save file
image:169082087871.png(441kB , 1280x720 , Scott and B.png)
I read it in his, What's that thing Dawn is always babbling about? aurora. I read it in his aurora borealis.
save file
image:169082089775.jpg(137kB , 850x1200 , __snufkin_moomin_drawn_by_jextor__5fccf97eb5d0ed9871da7a19b5beb485.jpg)
>A giant monster? While they aren't so common, I wouldn't say I haven't been made acquainted with a few of those. Usually they aren't really as dangerous as you make them out to be, but worst comes to shove, there's always Moominpapa's blunderbuss in storage.
save file
image:169082115341.png(159kB , 559x371 , 10a469900cc7e947bc3f95b0d5090cfa.png)
>Låt oss försöka... Geeze, this dog is so cowardly that he hasn't even showed up! And I wanted this to be good sport, aw...
>spam HH Gregg for weeks
>doesn’t even come close to qualifying
Oh I’m laffin
save file
image:169082126120.png(104kB , 726x405 , Chudd-inyourdreams77.png)
His aurora borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within this tournament?
Who are you voting for, anon?
save file
image:169082147883.png(1.33MB , 1373x1743 , Hugh_with_a_duck_cup_and_a_newspaper.png)
Did I ever tell you the time I helped JimJam save Earth from being destroyed by helping him out on Intergalactic Showdown, the Malvexian Galaxy's most popular game show? I happened to be Jimbo's lifeline for the final question, which was: "How many evil twins were hatched from Dakota's birth sac on the popular daytime drama Andromeda 90210?" I explained that there WAS no answer. It was impossible to answer the question because Dakota's evil twin wasn't hatched-- she was cloned by Dr. Malvac's jealous wife's ex-husband's former love child! Duh! Earth was spared and we won a cool honkin' space car! Oh, and then we had to save the other planets, but we won a space car!

I'm sure there are plenty of other heroic feats from your likable, quackable Hugh Neutron, but those stories could last a whole week without interruption! By the way, you're grounded if you vote for Tigger.
save file
image:169082152014.jpg(63kB , 764x720 , foghorn punched.jpg)
Be sure to vote for Kuzco, that way you won't throw off his groove. Just look what happened to the last person who threw off his groove.
save file
image:169082153792.jpg(114kB , 800x800 , dabnuts.jpg)
Godzilla deez nuts, gottem
save file
image:169082160123.jpg(7kB , 700x525 , 63b87ef6d1c5130019f97124.jpg)

I'm a heroic warrior that saved the innocent lives of people from various dangers that come forth into my village and seeks to destroy it; I have been deeply admired for my bravery and strength.

I may be pequeño for a hero, but I have fearlessly fought many opponent twice my size; some have even feared me for my reputation. My hat and boots are a symbol of my courageous deeds.
save file
image:169082179268.png(291kB , 1280x720 , Scott Thinks.png)
save file
video:169082181506.webm(2.68MB , 890x480 , [ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - The Sword of Life and Death M01 (BDRip 1036p 59.94FPS X265 Main10p Opus)v5-[57.11.167-57.33.656]-audio.webm)
>That thing had a familiar mug. It's sort of a shame it isn't the real thing.
save file
image:169082204351.png(867kB , 720x540 , IMG_2608.png)
Now what in tarnation did I ever do to that poor Aztec kid. Made one silly quip to him and he’s all over me like I just spat on his royal jewels, that ain’t smart. Boy's so dumb, you put his brain on the sharp edge of a razor blade, it would look like a marble rolling down a four-lane highway.
save file
image:169082211598.png(111kB , 724x407 , Chudd-istink20.png)
May I see it?
Honestly, I'm sure what do for my characters currently.
save file
image:169082224373.png(511kB , 853x360 , IMG_2609.png)
That was lame. Lamer than his latest advertising campaign
save file
image:169082227716.jpg(41kB , 960x800 , Popeye.Flex_.jpg)
When da goin' getsk rough, I eats me spinach!
save file
image:169082228442.jpg(108kB , 473x354 , knatterton sleep.jpg)
How do you like the round so far? Favorite campaigns?
save file
image:169082252895.png(35kB , 240x119 , Scott Thinks-1.png)
save file
image:169082300619.png(16kB , 649x547 , ruby thumbs up.png)
>Honestly, I'm sure what to do for my characters currently.
That's the spirit! Sharing your confidence in your next course of action might even inspire others in the thread!
save file
video:169082304962.webm(2.75MB , 640x480 , tab.webm)
Yeah, I can't get the assets. I'll writefag the trials in a little bit.
In the meantime, vote for Birdman and get a free can of Tab.
Of all the words to skip over while writing, "not" was the worse one to forget.
save file
image:169082318292.jpg(15kB , 206x305 , p2766522_e_v8_aa.jpg)
Pro-vegetable propaganda! I once ate spinach, thinking it would make me super strong like Popeye. Never again!
save file
image:169082325928.png(603kB , 853x480 , IMG_2610.png)
Splendid, but you are missing the Dr Pepper ads
save file
image:169082328407.png(13kB , 726x406 , Chudd-amusementpark9.png)
Bang on! Because what you're saying is bogus.
Hugh, Ruby, and Numbah One
save file
image:169082346531.gif(26kB , 385x388 , cliptiggerhappy.gif)

I Tigger, have managed to save my own friends in countless times including that time I rescued them from a huge avalanche that was trying to kill them; I even made a heroic sacrifice to save them until little Roo came in. It's a good thing I taught him how to bounce like me because together, we brought our friends to a safer spot and get away scot-free.

Not only that, I bring joy and excitement whatever I go as I bounce around the 100 Acre Woods. I'm such a fun guy unlike this duck kisser here

So make sure you vote for me, TIGGER!

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!
I also don't know what to do with my campaign, and I didn't have time to draw stuff this round.
Which character are you gunning?
save file
image:169082390012.png(233kB , 853x368 , IMG_2611.png)
Excellent! Don’t know whatever happened to her but from what I’ve heard she found a taste in 7up, something Godzilla doesn’t like so she broke up. Eventually found gojirin but even so she’s been absent as well. Least mothra likes the taste of diet Dr Pepper?
Numbuh 1, Chudd and Hugh have been fun since the start. But for this round specifically, B is cracking my shit up. Sulley is wholesome too.
save file
image:169082409857.png(264kB , 640x480 , Hank_Exercising_and_Determined.png)
Guess this Hale guy happens to be the silent type, and for that, I'm willing to bet he likes his steak well done, I tell you what. Where I come from, real men don't "cut their way through primate Hell" or urinate in a jar. No, in Arlen, real men do their community proud by selling propane and propane accessories. Whatever they've got over at Mann Co doesn't pass the safety inspection, and I've learned that Hale's old man used to run a coal mine while using coal-powered weapons. For that, I will just politely ask him to leave.
save file
image:169082453436.png(2.1MB , 1920x2119 , popeyespinach.png)
Ja just has't ta believe in yerself, kiddo! Spinach cans do anything oncesk ye put yerself to the testk! Unlesk it wasn't spinach at all. If it is, ye's simply don't have da gutsk to eats me spinach! Agagagagagagag!
save file
image:169082464431.jpg(232kB , 1115x1083 , IMG_2612.jpeg)
How’s this numba one
>Spinach has a high antioxidant value. It contains antioxidants like lutein, beta carotene, coumaric acid, and ferulic acid. These antioxidants help prevent chronic illnesses and oxidative damage to the DNA. Lutein and zeaxanthin- two antioxidants loaded in Spinach juice known to protect the health of your eyes, it’s even capable of preventing horrible diseases.
It’s super healthy and makes you strong unlike all that junk food lying around.
save file
image:169082489354.png(301kB , 820x1032 , moomintroll-moomins-snufkin-moom.png)
>De lämnade en bild, men inte ens ett ord, eller ett brev? This dog is such a buzzkill...
save file
image:169082501707.jpg(761kB , 1091x1242 , F653A706-CE34-4AE6-AC60-FF0655C6B078.jpeg)
save file
image:169082507595.jpg(35kB , 640x480 , ramblezoid.jpg)
Okay commissioner, let's get the ol' mastodon outta the room first: I know what you'll ask me to do to that clown man you're so obsessed with, to which I say NO! I wasn't created as that kinda character, you'd be better off asking that armored creep from the /v/ tournaments! But you know what I was created as? An inspiration from the Creeper fella from your own cartoon, who loved to mess with the clown! So what do you say you let me go ahead and in return I'll make sure to rig the clown prince of edge out when his time in villains comes?
>Buzz nominated but not Woody
Did people hate Toy Story 4 that much?
save file
image:169082518063.png(76kB , 272x367 , eatingspinach.png)
He's right! I eats me veggikables to stay heal'ty an' strong! I sez it's so!
save file
image:169082537603.png(2.68MB , 1440x1080 , IMG_2613.png)
Say doc, you know what else contains healthy vitamins and nutrients close to that of spinach? *Crunches* Take a wild guess, hehehehehe
>the other Toy Story character nominated was the Etch A Sketch
save file
image:169082562791.png(1.31MB , 1591x895 , Fog horny.PNG)
Emperor of the Inca Empire, say? Well you'll be crying & running to the Bahamas like a county dog in heat once I'm through with you!
save file
image:169082571234.png(102kB , 350x332 , i yam what i yam.png)
Don't t'ink I's haven't herds of ye carrot-chompingsk, wise-crackingsk adventures! Whys don't ye show that good-for-nothingsk pussycat to eats heal'ty, I's too busy dealin' with his dancing owner!
Batman and Shrek are having an awesome battle in their sleep right now.
save file
image:169082594026.png(699kB , 1025x768 , childhood-amigos-cartoon-network-Favim.com-7185202.png)
Anti-oxes? Beta carrots? Deliberately confusing adult rubbish. It's a common tactic for adults to use made up words kids won't understand to make them feel stupid in comparison and submit to adult authority, but it doesn't work on someone as "in the know" as I am.

I keep my body strong and energized with the sugariest soda and cookies this side of the block. The salt of a potato chip gets my heart racing. I wouldn't use anything else to fuel my crusade.

Glazed carrots are okay.
save file
image:169082601705.jpg(15kB , 200x250 , IMG_2614.jpeg)
Sure thing doc, that no good “pooty tat”(tweety taught me that one) thinks he’s some hero, but I think I’ll show him some slapstick. He already provoked me and slammed his belly right at me so you know what, this means war.
save file
image:169082646328.jpg(78kB , 830x524 , IMG_2616.jpeg)
Say gromit, don’t you think that livesley fella has been awful quiet lately? Either Hes aware he’s not nearly as relevant or he is planning on doing something? Whatever the case is I’m not letting him gain the advantage, and I have a perfect way to deal with gigachads. A new invention of mine that tells their deepest weakness ! What?! You think I’m pulling off a scarecrow? Don’t be so rubbish my pal, this is about weaknesses not fears. No time to chit chat, let’s get this thing cracking
> livesley
Someday /tnt/ will learn how to spell the good doctor's name.
save file
image:169082667239.jpg(9kB , 200x211 , 1676715535007881.jpg)
>5 hours left
I love Livesleigh, he's my favorite cartoon character
save file
image:169082672277.jpg(68kB , 640x832 , 0E08F0B4-F516-475D-93FD-20D021B4FFC9.jpeg)
if I beat that Ogre in his dreams then I'll be sure to win this match
save file
image:169082697194.png(1.35MB , 1280x1440 , THE LAND.png)
This turned out better than I expected
save file
image:169082730387.png(803kB , 880x661 , donutboy.png)
Don't listen to this phony, I can assure you that Tiggers are, in fact, NOT wonderful things! While ducks are real, Tiggers are not! Furthermore, this phone-head isn't even an animal at all, he's just a doll owned by a kid who I'm not even sure is a video game character or not. Tigger comes from a tangled web of lies, I tell you! Only one cop is daring enough to take on this false foe, and I've got his cream-filled double-glazed right here!
save file
image:169082736571.jpg(19kB , 480x360 , c8ae59105351b5d1a0a76aa63f801b12.jpg)
I don't NEED a babysitter, no matter what my brother says! In fact, I'm locking our door so you can't get in!
Very nice
Seeing Tigger in this tournament makes me remember no one nominated Calvin or Hobbes. Well, at least we can get Calvinosaurus into villains.
Hmm, I'm going to nominate Stonetoss for villains
save file
image:169082786093.jpg(23kB , 320x320 , LuckyLook.jpg)
Well done!
I'm a fan of music medleys, so this is great. I'm almost tempted to chance my vote to Shou, and I'm the one who nominated Luke! Even though my vote will still be on him, I think Shou should be the one to win this round, as you are clearly much more passionate than me.
save file
video:169082806273.webm(2.99MB , 958x534 , Shou hatthrow.webm)
Shou is probably one of my favorite characters, but I don't think he could hold for long due to how grey-area he is in terms of boards. Even so, this has been my favorite first-matchup in any tournament so far.
I am actually very nostalgic for Lucky Luke. When I was kid I went to a western theme park of sorts, and they roleplayed Luke, Zorro and all that shit and it was fun to follow around. That said, I can't pass the vote either.
save file
image:169082859625.jpg(7kB , 350x405 , harvey in court.jpg)
Mentok: "Court is now in session for the trial of Hill v. Neutron. Mr. Birdman, give your opening statement."
Birdman: "With pleasure. People of the jury, I can prove to you that my client is innocent of this heinous accusation, as there is no evidence of him having committed the crime."
Mentok: "Mr. Reducto, your opening statement, please."
Reducto: "Yes. You see, people of the jury, I can prove Mr. Hill's guilt tod-STOP MOVING, MR. HILL!"
Hank: "All I was doing was adjusting my glasses."
Hank: "Is it normal for him to act like this?"
>Harvey nods
Reducto: "Now, I would like to call Jimmy Neutron to the stand!"
save file
image:169082862280.png(153kB , 364x681 , hank and jimmy.PNG)
Jimmy: "Hey, that's a cool shrink ray you have there! Can I see it?"
Jimmy: "I just figured that I could modify it so it's more effective"
Reducto: "No! I don't want anyone touching my shrink ray!"
Jimmy: "Alright, fine, suit yourself."
Reducto: "Now, Mr. Neutron, would you mind explaining what's going on in this picture."
Jimmy: "Oh yeah, that's me accusing Hank Hill of having cheese pizza."
Reducto: "Nothing further, your honor."
Birdman: "Your honor, I'd like to call the defendant to the stand."
save file
image:169082865690.jpg(32kB , 500x375 , harvey explain.jpg)
Birdman: "Mr. Hill, what is it you do for a living?"
Hank: "I sell propane and propane accessories down at the Strickland Propane in Arlen, Texas."
Birdman: "And Mr. Hill, would you say that this job keeps you busy?"
Hank: "Yeah, I'd say so. I'm the assistant manager after all."
Birdman: "And what do you do in your free time?"
Hank: "Usually I hang out in the alley with my friends."
Birdman: "You see, your honor, my client is a very busy man."
Mentok: "I know where you're going with this, you know, because of my mind-taking, but say it anyway. I want to see everyone's reaction."
Birdman: "We decided to test just how long it would take to download 500GB of that onto a computer, so we cooperated with the warden of a local prison to get infamous criminal, Yogi Bear, to download all 500GB and time him to see just how long it took.
The answer? Two weeks straight. My client simply wouldn't have the time to download all of that. No further statements."
save file
image:169082869893.png(246kB , 1200x691 , HarveyBirdman-e1557440436461-min.png)
Mentok: "Has the jury reached a verdict?"
Foreman: "Yes, we find the defendant, Hank Hill, not guilty."
Birdman: "Yes!"
Hank: "All right, Mr. Birdman. How about we go get some Alamo beer to celebrate?"
Birdman: "Sounds good to me."
Reducto: "Augh! Unbelievable! You said you were right!"
Jimmy: "I swore I was. By the way, can I still see that shrink ray?"
>Everyone starts laughing like at the end of a sitcom while Reducto has a nervous breakdown in the middle of the courtroom
save file
image:169082887975.png(293kB , 500x376 , tumblr_7b03004b7d3c213768bff8c037795a07_aadce7eb_500.png)
Sorry for the delay. We were having trouble finding your hometown.

>And we STILL don't know where we are!
save file
image:169082910255.jpg(56kB , 1024x682 , LukeSittingOnABigGun.jpg)
Luke's a classic, I love his comics, shows and movies; but I think the Daltons are funnier and I prefer them. I am going to nominate them (as one) in Villains, of course.
I don't think the "grey-area of boards" matters much, it's shouldn't cause him to lose (else he wouldn't be qualified). He's got my vote if he wins this round.
save file
image:169082915011.jpg(22kB , 500x281 , Creeping,follow,gif,marceline,thanks4following,the,adventure,time-3e113160abaaa02eee7bf0b8d3afb3e2_h.jpg)
Hey kid, you know what happens to amateur failed wannabe heroes where I'm from? They usually don't live long. Oh yeah, they get eaten alive, or torn to shreds, or pummeled into paste by the first real threat they encounter. Have you heard the tale of the evil vampire demoness that preys on young inexperienced heroes like yourself? They say she mercilessly consumes their blood and their soul, leaving their body a hollow husk to rot and get absorbed by the soil, forever forgotten by everyone!

Well, luckily for you, this is a heroes tournament, so I'm a good girl and none of that's happening today. How much you wanna bet you can't lift my axe bass?
save file
image:169082918971.png(655kB , 1247x668 , shou goes to 4chan.png)
You're good sport. I'm gonna try to get a drawing ready before the round ends.
save file
image:169082949306.jpg(24kB , 2147x2104 , LukeThink.jpg)
Good luck. I don't think I'll be drawing anything before the end, no ideas are coming to me.
save file
image:169082954700.png(298kB , 400x608 , hulksmash.png)
save file
image:169082968297.jpg(8kB , 210x240 , 1574df274f8b8973316095918646.jpg)
What the heck was that?! This trial was a sham! The jury is bought! The prosecution is in the pocket of Big Adult! The adult conspiracy runs its slimy tentacles through every corner of this corrupt tournament! It's time for kids to RISE UP and overthrow this crooked regime! Deploy your v.o.t.e.s. for every kid character on the ballot! It's the only way!
save file
image:169082998899.jpg(39kB , 375x600 , homerisdead.jpg)
Did you guys know Homer Simpson is in the tournament?
Based and Redpilled.
Cringe and Bluepilled.
Hes just a kid, they’re naive at a young age
wrong homer qualified
save file
image:169083022641.gif(31kB , 364x594 , 20180220201421-d84005f7-me.gif)

Tiggers are cuddily fellows, awfully sweet, marvoulous chaps, and there's no way I came from a tangle of lies; you're obviously just jealous of the wonderful things about me.

Correct-o, I'm a doll who brings joy to the little ones while you're just a no-fun man who's too busy kissing ducks and licking pies just like what Heffalumps and Woozles do. You know, it's kinda funny that you say that and yet, you probably cuddle to your duck plushies in bed while wearing your ducky undies. Now, what kind of man does that?

Now you wasting your money on donuts? Geez, you really need to use your money for something important.

Now vote for TIGGER everybody!

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!
save file
image:169083037397.png(251kB , 346x427 , IMG_2619.png)
Something about this made me almost burst out laughing, it’s so in character
save file
image:169083039587.jpg(13kB , 860x980 , Ruby thinks.jpg)
Oh, this was a stealth Red vs. Blue battle all along? Then I gotta support team Red, they're my color after all. Plus I think the kid doesn't approve of "my kind" either way.
save file
image:169083045181.jpg(171kB , 731x1026 , amitywall.jpg)
So, Critic, I understand that you have a favorite album?
That bitch is /v/
save file
image:169083067209.png(566kB , 456x675 , bob_larkin_hulk.png)
save file
image:169083068878.jpg(75kB , 600x451 , harvey-birdman.jpg)
I could use another assistant since Peanut is on vacation. How would you like a job, Ms. Rose?
Saxton first appeared in the TF2 comics, not the game.
save file
image:169083098802.jpg(83kB , 1280x960 , 169074569592.jpg)
I would never take your adult mind control "pills". Only gummy vitamins. Sometimes regular chewable ones, but never cherry flavored! Cherry is how they get you!
save file
image:169083141260.jpg(117kB , 1024x1024 , into_the_open_air_by_sunnypoppy_deo9i6i-fullview.jpg)
I mean, I'm not usually much for paperwork... I prefer a more hands-on approach, you know? But if I can help save innocent people without unnecessary fighting, then sure, I'll do it.

...that's what we'll be doing, right? You're not some kind of corrupt lawyer that defends bad guys, are you?
save file
image:169083149704.jpg(6kB , 346x719 , 2C13330B-9491-47F6-97FC-8CE679E0BE7F.jpeg)
THE WALL!?!? I fucking hate The Wall but not as much as your fucking girlfriend, she's a dingleberry yeah
and she's also a bed wetter
save file
image:169083196292.jpg(38kB , 349x473 , 1559569606164.jpg)

Don't be so stubborn Sally; babysitters can be really fun to be with. I bet you're getting real lonely in your house all alone with no one to play with.
save file
image:169083212841.jpg(68kB , 320x320 , Harvey_Birdman.png)
But of course! I'd never defend a villain, even if my life depended on it. Just be sure to stay away from Phil. He tends to get handsy with women.
How many characters are sleeping at this point?
save file
image:169083269209.jpg(32kB , 720x720 , 1685728902596945.jpg)
You LOVED The Wall like you LOVED The Owl House. It's okay. I know it. You just have a funny way of expressing yourself. Like that time you almost made The Wall destroy your career.
This is very out of character for Nostalgia Critic. There's no three-minute skit where he makes fun of the producer and is filled with seven movie references.
Like half of them, if not more.
It's like a hundred. Vocal campaigners are a minority in any tournament, and in these small ones there's no way they could sustain an entire 128 character bracket themselves, especially if they're going all in on particular characters.
save file
image:169083306980.png(83kB , 908x895 , ozzy.png)
I'm getting worried about Oswald. In the past he's had excellent campaigns.
save file
image:169083311858.png(2.22MB , 1920x1080 , 1651311179328.png)
The silent majority...
save file
image:169083316108.gif(837kB , 396x310 , the-goofy-movie-max.gif)
Hi guys, I hope you all voting for me for this round.

I got the best dance rhythm around here and I'm gonna be dancing my way up to the top. I bet you guys can't beat me in a dance-off; my moves are out the charts.


Hiya Mr Pickles, do you like my groove so far? It's too bad you didn't made it in because I always wanted a rematch against you.


Nah, you probably don't even have the best footwork around here.
save file
image:169083318393.jpg(31kB , 602x563 , 86c6ca2c3ad0105f19e7afa84549fe9d3d67e912_hq.jpg)
Good to know! Well, not the handsy guy part, but you get what I mean. You will have Ruby Rose's assistance for the duration of this tourney!
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that's it Black Man, Lady, get in here we're skitting this pile of shit that I'm up against
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Seems like the Critic's giving you trouble, Amity. I think you could use a new "card" up your sleeve. ehehehe
A good chunk of the thread is campaigners trying to start a back-and-forth with their silent opponents. The best part is that the silent opponents will probably win half of those matches.

Someone said this tournament had much more filler than Heroes of /v/, which might've been true before Qualifiers ended, but now it has a ton of characters that are genuinely popular but aren't campaigned by anyone.
A lot of the popular characters are the filler.
This one has as much filler and silent characters as Heroes of /v/ and /v/illains. I don’t know what some of you guys are on about.
That's a pretty wild concept.
I think those had more activity altogether, so it was less noticeable.
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footwork huh? thanks for the tip
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