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I've taken into consideration to create the first ever tournament to take in /a/ in a long while. I thought this would not go anywhere but to my surprise a huge majority agreed and were agreeing on creating a tourney much like /co/ and /v/.

>So who am i
Nobody. But, for now i can be known as /A/non just because i am hosting the /a/ tourney.

>Why am i making this thread?
Because I just realized how many things i actually need to do to actually have a tourney up and running.

Now don't take this as incompetence on my part, as I actually went on to every tourney had every rule written and plan organized on how to theoretically create a tourney.

>What's the problem?
1. Time zones. I live on a European time zone and I've realized that i don't have enough time to actually manage every thread on my own. Especially when an american time zone is waking up. So I literally cannot help myself but have an extra help when half of the world is sleeping

2. Actually making the character polls. So I've meddled with quite a few polls and I've realized that I don't actually understand how to make a proper one with a password and everything. Especially the nominations where you need to vote for qualifiers.

3. I've never hosted a tourney before. Yes this seems foolish but you cannot do something without first trying it, so i wanna actually do a proper tourney for once.

4. I don't want this tourney to end up in the shitters. I wanna properly host this tourney, and not right now, tomorrow, or after tomorrow. I want this to be hosted on Monday where the elite eight will be choosen on friday night and the finals on sunday. I want this to be a properly run tourney goddamn it, not like the recent Mr. /co/ or Tag-Team.

I vow to not be a whiner and rigger on the tourney. I simply want to host and see the results, I don't want to be a special guest there. I am a nobody who is hosting a tourney.

Everything I'm asking right now it's some type of help, everything goes from templates, programs, or just someone else to help.
I know there was a good google doc someone made that goes into how to host a good tournament but I can't find it at the moment.

I never hosted any /co/ or major character tournament, but have a few small ones before, and here's some tips I seriously have for someone considering this since I know what it's like.

1. DO NOT rush yourself into starting this until you mastered google forms, google sheets, how to make a timer, how to take nominations and find all the fully-supported characters, what the rules are, how to trip, what the bracket seeding is, how to get the full results from google poll which is harder then it seems (see >>4503 for the easiest non-bot way to do it), etc. The absolute #1 reason tournament hosts fail is they get over their head and think hosting this shit with no experience is easy. You will be eaten alive if you don't. Even if it takes you months until you're ready, everything will go far better if you master how to do it

2. Know what you're getting yourself into. This is a tournament that will have at least 1000 characters nominated for qualification, hundreds of voters, need for threads to be made right when the other archives by you, brackets that you need to know where seeds are supposed to be. If you mess up even once you will be hounded hard, and it's very easy to miss something.

3. Don't invest yourself too heavily into the results, because that's when you fuck it up. Don't nominate anyone or care that your favorite is gone.

4. If you have any friends that can help you collect the nominations make sure to do so, especially if they can get shifts you're sleeping. Don't let them affect results at all though.

5. You will be constantly harassed, be told are rigging shit, people screaming at you about everything because they get really invested in this shit. Do not let it get to you and do not reply to them, because that's how hosts have unraveled before. Only bring up official stuff like new threads or final results.

6. Do not let anyone on /tnt/ help you host because Tourneyanon will come in and fuck your tournament.

If I can find that doc I will share it. Just know this would be an all-out commitment for something as big as an /a/ character tournament and you have to be ready for it. If you are it will go wonderfully.
eat shit you /co/ tourist kike nigger
drink piss you /a/ resident bike rigger
i'll be watching here with interest. if the tournament goes through, i'd like to help on the nominations (assuming OP lives on north america).
im overthinking a lot of possibilities here OP, but here are some suggestions for a potential /a/ contest:

- IMO it should be S/a/imoe and SaiGAR for historical reasons; /a/ had Saimoe threads during the 2000's, and the board held their own male SaiGAR tournament in 2007-2008 (which was cancelled because of "lol proxies").

>should a character have to appear in an animated adaptation?
- if yes, then that rules out some popular manga series in /a/ like Punpun, Fire Punch, and Fap Master Kurosawa
- if anime-less manga and LNs are allowed, then that might complicate the FOTM rule or even render it useless altogether, as some manga series may be heavily favored if their anime happens to debut near the tournament. (e.g. Chainsaw Man, Oshi no Ko in the near future).

>should /vt/ubers be allowed?
- short answer: probably not.
- Hololive personalities appear in the web shorts Holo no Graffiti, and I've seen similar anime contests where they qualified just because of that. But given their negative reputation outside their home board, they won't be welcomed on /a/.

>FOTM Rule
- unlike /v/ and /co/, there's a defined schedule for /a/ releases since many are released at the beginning of each season (January, April, July, October), so you can adjust the rule to restrict characters who first appear in the last season (or last 4 seasons, equal to 1 year).

>/v/ series in /a/
- many vidyas and visual novels are better known for their /a/daptations (e.g. Fate, Steins;Gate, Uma Musume), but even then, you have to expect some characters becoming eligible because of technicalities like having an entry in AniDB or MyAnimeList. I'm talking about someone like Captain Falcon on SaiGAR because he appeared in F-Zero: GP Legend.

Also Yotsuba should be banned IMO because she's the mascot of 4chan, and it wouldn't be fair to other girls. I can't imagine what /a/nons will do to the girl who happens to defeat her.
if we ban Yotsuba we should just make her the trophy/symbol of the tourney straight up
>if we ban Yotsuba we should just make her the trophy/symbol of the tourney straight up
yeah i strongly agree with this.
i find it funny that a character as innocent as her gets to represent an event which is expected to be anything but that.
I appreciate the insightful help you're giving me, and i'll really appreciate if >>8967 managed to deliver the google doc.
what date is it?
If we can agree on banning Yotsuba due to her status, I think Guts should be banned from participating as well since he is the winner of the original SaiGAR.
I've taken it back on the general release date. I actually planned it to release it this Monday but i saw how much work it took and i saw my schedule and i realized that I don't exactly have the best time for it. So don't expect anything these coming weeks.

That seems fair enough, we can make them the main symbols of the tourney.
btw is this what you're looking for /a/non? "Emergency Tourney Kit"?
as much as I want both to compete, they'd easily win and if they somehow lost there would be a massive shitshow so I guess this is best
OP what is your stance on outsiders potentially brigading the /a/ contest? It's a controversial issue that's become an unavoidable part of popularity tournaments.
According to Lurkmore's entry on GAR, the original SaiGAR had voters from /m/, which helped Master Asia reach the final.
Miss /co/ has a well-documented history of brigadiers like the Spinel and Peru fiasco in 2019-2020.
/a/ however, has spawned several related boards (chiefly /m/ and /jp/) which i think might influence the results if they decided to join voting on the /a/ contest. Some characters also have the potential to become "rally-bait" from social media sites because of their dedicated fanbase (e.g. Misaka, Zero Two, Evangelion, etc.). Should rumors / evidence on outside rallying arise during the tournament, what would you do about it?

reposting this link, made by NightShiftAnon. is this what you're looking for?
The original thread got deleted so isn't this dead now?
it's currently on hiatus like Jester
if we're totally serious we'd ought to message the mods on IRC like how radioanon did just so they know not to delete the threads on a whim
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image:165291663877.png(59kB , 383x95 , agni plate sample seed.png)
/a/ tournament format is still unconfirmed, but i think we can just re-use the character plates from /co/ (pic related is an example). i could make the bracket image if the tourney goes through.
is dropbox the most reliable website to upload / store images on the web? i might try and use it

the discussion will continue as long as /a/non continues to respond here
>Annoying mods again and risking /co/ tournaments if IRC is needed again this year for fucking /a/ who has never wanted these things
Why are you people like this?
are you retarded? dunno how you came to that quote
all I'm saying is if a janny is gonna prune any /a/ thread just like they'll prune threads we make on /co/ or /v/ then why not ask them in IRC? It's not 'annoying' the mods by asking a simple question and coming to an agreement
I’m very much still alive. But just to make one point clear: There ain’t going to be no tourney in the upcoming weeks. Several of these factors include me being busy as fuck in these said weeks, testing the first polls and sheets and making a somewhat comprehensive pastebin. As i meantioned I don’t want to half ass this, because this might be the first time in eyars we hold a tournament in /a/

Realistically? Nothing.
There’s absolutely nothing you can do if there is a brigading going on. If i’d intervene I’d just make it even worse. So, there is nothing better to do than just doing nothing. Spitevoting is a thing, but I don’t like it but as i said, I will not do anything. I’m here just to host the tourney, not cause chaos.

You’d be a godsend in this case. If i get towards hosting it, I’ll be sure to contact you.
>It's not 'annoying' the mods by asking a simple question and coming to an agreement
you'd be surprised how easily annoyed the mods are
They're annoyed by everything because they don't wanna do their jobs
bumping to see if /a/non is still active
would it be okay for you if the tournament started at december / january, timed with the holiday season? the date would also provide a good reference point for enforcing a possible FOTM rule to encompass a whole year.
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image:165875532548.jpg(37kB , 457x430 , yang and reinhard.jpg)
If this does actually happen, who will you be supporting? Personally I'm rallying behind these two.
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image:165878532675.png(2.27MB , 2048x2048 , 377.png)
Supporting my girls.
The girls everyone wants.
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image:165887527802.png(2.78MB , 1600x1255 , panty and stocking.png)
Those two are probably the most likely winners but I will 100% support the slutty angels
When is this tournament?
if this tournament ever happens I'll get a tattoo of a naked loli on my chest
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>3. Don't invest yourself too heavily into the results, because that's when you fuck it up. Don't nominate anyone or care that your favorite is gone.

Only if they fucking listened.
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bumpin for Hayase