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image:168696403160.png(66kB , 300x189 , Agent_47_&_Battler_Trailer.png)
Keep all tournament talk ITT.


►VOTE: https://forms.gle/LqjeF35wSYbXCKodA

►Nomination Results:
Check to see if your character is included.

Read before asking questions.

►Basic Eligibility Requirements
It is preferable for a character to be from a video game.
Characters of any gender are eligible.
Any character making their first debut in the entirety of the previous month is ineligible to compete.
Previous winners of the mainline /v/ tournaments are ineligible in an effort to keep things fresh.
Real-life people, OCs and Board-tans are not allowed.

►OC (Upload to these boorus)

Samus Aran

>Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
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image:168696426101.png(565kB , 320x1415 , sissel first enters the tournament.png)
Vote for Sissel. He needs to get his memory back before the round is over.
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image:168696428853.png(812kB , 1301x727 , doctalkingtolittlemac.PNG)
Listen up, Mac, you've been successfully nominated to participate in the Heroes of /v/ tournament. You've fought many fighters in the past, but this ain't like your usual matchups over at the WVBA. This time you’ll only be facing good guys from all over the world, or at least those who have shown acts of heroism throughout their careers. You best hope they don’t hide horseshoes underneath their gloves like Aran Ryan, hahaha!

But don't get too excited yet, Mac baby, as you've still got the qualifiers to go through. Remember, this is a 128-man bout, and 162 of these suckas all want in on the game. Superheroes, Christians, higher powers, and goody two shoes as far as the eye can see. Yet, no matter how many times I ask, these saints won’t ever share their chocolate bar with me.

Don't let that discourage you, son. You were the kid that took down Super Macho Man, Mr. Sandman, Donkey Kong, and even Iron Mike to claim your title like it was nothing back at the Big Apple. With an unbelievable record like yours, you'll have this tourney in the bag in no time!

Show the world that Little Mac will always come out on top!
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image:168696429918.jpg(754kB , 1900x1080 , MMSC1.jpg)
Gonna repost my comics in case anyone new is joining.
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image:168696434688.png(538kB , 990x1342 , My HEROES.png)
Please vote for my HEROES.
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image:168696444514.jpg(1.16MB , 1275x2130 , vote for hokma and ayin.jpg)
Trust the plAN, anonymous. Vote for Hokma and Ayin.
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image:168696445636.jpg(464kB , 2000x1000 , StoppingTheCount.jpg)
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image:168696454899.png(453kB , 960x574 , preston_garvey_1.png)
After you've finished voting for the people you want to qualify, I've gotten word of a settlement that needs your help. Here, I'll mark it on your map.
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image:168696457797.png(62kB , 366x671 , christian capture.PNG)
>John and Garcia right next to each other
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image:168696465004.jpg(137kB , 1000x500 , john and garcia mugshot.jpg)
I dunno if this meme is still a thing, but either way, here's some OC for the priests.
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image:168696471209.png(101kB , 1500x2000 , BertramDrawn.png)
Vote for the best Fire Emblem character.
When Nohr went astray, Nohr set it right.youtube thumb
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image:168696493211.png(97kB , 533x501 , Anime_Meta_Knight_Artwork.png)
Hm, yes. It appears that all of my anti-Dark Matter allies have managed to enter this stage. Now, we must do our best to acquire votes.
Meanwhile, I should do some sleuthing, acquire information on potential Dark Matter spies. I wonder what Magolor is up to currently through.
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image:168696498503.jpg(43kB , 1151x719 , TWWNN.jpg)
Say anon, what place is this?
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video:168696501807.mp4(3.70MB , 960x640 , objection-5254557.mp4)
A vote for Wright is a vote for justice!
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video:168696535643.mp4(3.51MB , 960x640 , objection-5254712.mp4)
Time to destroy some jobbers at Logic Chess
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image:168696543415.jpg(99kB , 1024x768 , 809ff049eaa1f8900c7ce8d398b3663c.jpg)
<< And... Take off! How is it buddy, to fly in the sky like a bird? It's been 25 years since I did, but I'm doing just fine. >>
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image:168696575070.png(111kB , 480x640 , dlanor and will.png)
>Will walks into the Qualifiers room for the Heroes of /v/ tournament, and takes interest at the various potential contestants.
W: "Well, at least this tournament won't be boring."
>After observing the room carefully, his eye spots Dlanor at the drinks stand. He walks over to her and taps her on the shoulder.
W: "Shouldn't you be in the SSVD Jail right about now?"
D: "The Great Court ordered my release so I can participate in this TOURNAMENT."
W: "How convenient. Well, just because we're friends doesn't mean I won't pick on you when the time comes."
D: "I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T. Now then, would you like something to DRINK?"
>Will looks at the drink table, which is serving nothing but grape juice boxes and Monster Energy Zero Ultra.
W: "I'll take a juice box, I suppose."
D: "Excellent CHOICE."
>Will takes his juice box and says goodbye to Dlanor.
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image:168696578813.png(211kB , 500x500 , willard toast.png)
>Walking away from the drink stand, he goes over near the windows where he sees two portly plumbers, one in red, and one in green.
M: "Hello there! I'm-a Mario!"
L: "And I'm-a Luigi."
W: "Willard H. Wright, nice to meet you two."
M: "Can we a-help you with anything, Mr. Wright?"
W: "I have a question for you, Mario, that I need clarifying. I've heard that you haven't been the same since King of /v/ 2021. Care to elaborate on that?"
>Suddenly, the world around Mario and Will grows dark. All sound and light is slowly snuffed out, until all that is visible are the plumber and the inquisitor.
W: "Maybe I should've saved this question for later."
>Will turns around, but he hears Mario mumble something. When he turns around, he sees that all of the color has vanished from the plumber, leaving him black and white.
M: "Yes, I remember King of /v/ 2021. That was the year I was excluded. The Batter shouldn't have won. It should have been me."
>Will is unfazed by this. Mario doesn't move a muscle and his facial expression is stagnant.
W: "Let me ask you something: you were also excluded in 2019. Why aren't you against Senator Armstrong? Why is all of your hatred pushed towards the Batter?"
M: "That doesn't matter. What matters is that it should have been me. It always should have been me."
W: "This conversation is going nowhere. I'm leaving."
>Will turns on his heels and starts walking away. The room comes back unchanged, like nothing happened. Will keeps walking until he's out in the corridor.
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image:168696583625.png(459kB , 730x548 , willard.png)
>Out in the corridor, he sees a man in a dirty, green blazer and an awful-looking necktie sipping on a bottle of speed.
W: "Good evening, sir. Are you a detective?"
H: "Hmm, maybe. Why, is someone dead?"
W: "No? Why is that the first thing that came to your mind?"
>The man pauses for a few moments, as if he's acting out a conversation in his head.
H: "It just does."
W: "Alright then. I was just wondering since I've seen some people in my force dress like that before."
H: "They have taste. You see, disco isn't just a music genre, but a way of life."
>Harry goes on for ten minutes about how much he loves disco.
W: "Well thanks for that, uh, insight, Harry. I'm just gonna head to the bathroom."
H: "Will, don't forget: Dolores Dei is always with you."
>Harry makes a X-shaped cross over his chest, which Will returns as a gesture of respect.
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image:168696588299.png(492kB , 431x544 , Willard_manga_requiem_vol3_cover.PNG.png)
>In the bathroom, Will sees a man in pajamas who is overly-excited over something.
W: "Uh, excuse me? You're blocking the way to the urinals."
NSA: "Shh! I heard Quint-sama is actually in this tournament! I really hope I can see him! I'm his biggest fan!"
W: "Who?"
>NightShift is visibly disturbed that Will doesn't know who his hero is, but before he can rag on Will, he sees Quint leave a stall, and immediately leaps towards him.
Q: "What is going on?"
>NightShift is on his knees, praying to Quint as if he's some sort of holy figure.
Q: "You there, in the blue coat. Do you have any idea who this is?"
W: "No idea, just that he claims to be your biggest fan."
NSA: "Quint-sama, don't worry. I'll make sure X is banned again in King this year. You should be the only Mega Man character who should get in!"
Q: "I don't even know who this "X" is! Get away from me!"
>Quint jumps out the window to get away from NightShift
>NightShift jumps out after him, but cuts himself on the broken glass, and proceeds to blame X for it.
W: "That sure was something. This looks like it'll be a fun tournament."
Sure, I'll vote for them, except for Knuckles.
What's wrong with Knuckles?
I just don't really care for him as a character
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image:168696676838.png(20kB , 174x272 , GilesCorey.png)
don't vote me I'm town
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image:168696694913.jpg(40kB , 500x500 , artworks-eY7nNnyrYzbu3yyy-WN3k2g-t500x500.jpg)
Okay? If you say so.
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image:168696703930.jpg(78kB , 550x308 , dr2_off_the_record_nag.jpg)
Uh, hey there, anons. I'm a photojournalist reporting on this tournament, and I'd like to hear some comments on why you think your characters should qualify.
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image:168696714313.jpg(115kB , 733x1024 , 1663681594901076.jpg)
Big melons.
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image:168696728891.jpg(109kB , 750x550 , Heroes.jpg)
I think they're neat.
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image:168696741979.jpg(50kB , 500x500 , artworks-000248741028-e9x06k-t500x500.jpg)
Nice of Samaritanon to invite use over for a tournament, eh, Luigi?
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image:168696742111.jpg(145kB , 928x614 , rexfamily.jpeg)
He's a loving family man.
Hey, Mario, care to explain your court appearance today >>37722 ?
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image:168696761830.png(171kB , 460x460 , tysontko.png)
He kicked Mike Tyson's ass.
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image:168696774507.jpg(514kB , 1379x1242 , 3D07007D-88D8-4A92-B5B6-A0E9CC339198.jpeg)
well it seems I've found myself in some cheap side tournament like William Shatner trapped in Star Trek purgatory
well if I'm stuck here ya better be voting for me, yeah baby
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image:168696790212.png(232kB , 680x382 , b89.png)
It's confusing if we consider I'm right now heading to the votation poll with my brother, I can answer that but first we need to talk about parallel universes.
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image:168696802605.png(122kB , 1024x1024 , Castle-3.png)
Just look at him, look at his nice design, and he's reliable. Now this right here is a great robot, none of that "man in a suit" nonsense.
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image:168696815547.jpg(489kB , 1920x1990 , axe kick.jpg)
George is doing it for love. And he's a master of martial arts.
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image:168696844217.jpg(29kB , 500x500 , ayin.jpg)
(This man's ability to evade all danger with his speed could be very useful to my plAn.)
Hey Mario, how would you like a job at my company? We offer excellent pay and can provide protection for Princess Peach.
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image:168696876317.jpg(58kB , 1080x720 , 3D4E8A1E-9F03-427F-8A63-9F1A1133DFF9.jpeg)
I can give you 50 reasons why but I'll just give you one for now
Gecko tastes like chicken
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image:168696877633.jpg(170kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-example.jpg)
Looks like Heroes of /v/ is finally underway! With 162 potential participants, we've got quite a packed party! So much so that a lot of anons here probably have very little idea about some of the lesser-known contestants... But don't worry! Just for this occasion, MTT Network holds a special offer that will allow (You) to raise awareness of your very-special-totally-deserving-of-victory character!

Now, darling, I want (You) to reply to this post with a picture of your character and a short list of bullet points containing the most important things to know about them. Every submission will be edited onto this here screen behind me and broadcast to the entire tournament audience!

As an example, here is a little dossier on one "Battler Ushiromiya" based on the data I received from one of my [[contacts]] after the last King of /v/. As you can see, very informative and easy to follow!

Of course, the only reason I am doing this is because of my pity for those that have to compete for the crown with the likes of ME! So consider this your chance at convincing others what makes YOUR character worthy to be the hero of everyone's hearts!
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image:168696901638.jpg(130kB , 538x916 , zer0wink.jpg)
You should vote for me
For I am quite the hero
Or so I believe
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image:168696915226.jpg(41kB , 500x500 , hokma.jpg)
-Has an interesting backstory
-Cool design
-Is a man of faith
-Hates Angela
-Loves Ayin
>write Layton and Roxanne's teamnames in uppercase
>Nothing works
I think I'm probably missing a detail here, other than those two and Intellectual Rapists I can't think in another team.
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image:168696929852.jpg(496kB , 3031x4096 , DinahArt4.jpg)
A vote for Dinah counts as two votes. Plus, she's cute.
Vote Dinah.
Each word is uppercased, not all uppercase. The hint is misleading.
Write it as "Puzzle Solving Gentlemen"
Also Dlanor is in this tournament, so it wouldn't be Intellectual Rapists
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image:168696940884.png(74kB , 275x363 , SSU_Kirby_artwork.png)
-Star of the Show
-He's the name you should know
-He's more than you think
-He's got maximum pink
-He's comin' right back at ya
-He'll take your very best shot and send it right back at ya for sure
-Don't be fooled by his size, you won't believe your eyes
-He's the one
Got it. It still feels weird to me I was confident Layton was going to be nominated and just when I forgot nominating DK someone actually did for me
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image:168696965705.jpg(33kB , 400x555 , Leon.jpg)
>No Chris
>No Claire
>No hope for the Redfield bloodline
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image:168696973233.jpg(544kB , 1990x1200 , MMSC2.jpg)
Here's a new comic.
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image:168697010099.jpg(79kB , 606x991 , dfcf26c448c7d2918b5d973286de80b2_2ecee14e_1280.jpg)
-Is the God of Time
-Has an Oppai form
-Has an army of Rare Gohans
-Terrible at cooking
-Loves doing poses
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image:168697024309.jpg(152kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-hokma.jpg)
Looks like we got our first daring soul hungry for fame!
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image:168697028188.png(1.35MB , 1987x1125 , Glamgun Freddy.png)
>Gregory it seems you didn't make the cut, superstar. Don't feel sad, I will make sure your efforts aren't in vain. All you need to do now is to access the poll and vote for me, it's the only way to escape the pizzaplex. I believe in you, superstar
He's got a gun.
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image:168697029260.png(4kB , 592x500 , Quizmo.png)
How about a quiz instead?
In Dead Rising 2, what is the name of the chef Psychopath who calls himself the "The King of Cuisine"?

A) Antoine
B) Phillippe
C) Larry
Easy, it's Antoine.
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image:168697055603.png(1.13MB , 1200x1034 , KRtDLD_Magolor.png)

*Magolor corp owns all Gem Apple trees, please head over to a Magolor Shoppe location to acquire them or use our online service on www.MagoMoney.net to take out a loan of AppleCoins to serve the same purpose
*Magolor Shoppe does not guarantee that Magolornet actually works and reserves the right to deny all refunds
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image:168697059314.gif(8kB , 240x210 , QuizmoCorrect.gif)
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image:168697063028.jpg(162kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-kirby.jpg)
Darling, while I am fairly certain you don't need more recognition, I'm never one to argue with a catchy theme song!
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image:168697083673.jpg(44kB , 350x490 , KENYA.jpg)
Excuse me, /tnt/! Can you do a guy a favor? Can you vote for this Pokémon? He's great.
I didn't nominate much of my mains because I feel that they needed to take a seat of rest. In the meantime, I'll support who I have left. I don't have much time but will try to make the best of it.
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image:168697092133.png(328kB , 589x545 , Viewtiful_Joe_MvC3.png)
Can't think of a better candidate worthy of the title Hero of /v/ than him.
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image:168697094448.jpg(279kB , 1920x1440 , Chadrick.jpg)
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image:168697124897.png(636kB , 647x900 , RelmArt.png)
She's a great artist. She could paint your portrait, or she could take your picture by painting you to take a picture of yourself!
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image:168697128702.gif(1.60MB , 498x272 , the-wonderful101-thumbs-up.gif)

To celebrate your pick making it to qualifiers, have them don the mask and join the ranks of the Wonderful Ones! Be sure to have a fitting name to go along with it as well (for example, Wonder-Plumber for Mario).
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image:168697130497.png(571kB , 1052x760 , wondereyes.png)
Mask template
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image:168697141107.jpg(179kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-chronoa.jpg)
Chronoa sure sounds like she could benefit from watching MTT Network's hit show "Cooking With A Killer Robot"!
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image:168697146299.png(336kB , 367x501 , spbo8.png)
Of course we can, that is very promising and good for our princess, we will leave no leaks on sight after we finish our work.
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image:168697175440.jpg(75kB , 1200x675 , Dg4FvIWX0AAp65Z.jpg)
Okay so now that everything is said and done,
Which one of you posted this? Because It wasn't me.
I don't even remember taking this photo...
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image:168697178995.png(151kB , 500x500 , wonder-manager.png)
Presenting Wonder-Manager!
The Unite Morph he'd use would be Unite Bomb since you can pause time in LobCorp.
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image:168697190949.jpg(159kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-erdrick.jpg)
...you know, this is still more words than what I got out of the last silent protagonist I met.
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image:168697208617.png(83kB , 1314x218 , halo.png)
You need to be remembered of what we must protect, the covenant must not win.
Nightcore - Blow Me Awayyoutube thumb
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image:168697239890.png(136kB , 228x257 , Tails.png)
I'm confident it was just a sick trick to make you look bad, but don't worry Sonic! You can count with my help.
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image:168697255129.png(443kB , 640x480 , wonder-inquisitors.png)
I'll give you a two-for-one deal: Wonder-Inquisitors!
They would use Unite Sword.
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image:168697255732.png(1.92MB , 1920x1080 , WonderSquad.png)
Wonder-Brave! Wonder-Goddess! Wonder-Rock! Wonder-Jew! Wonder-Knight! POYO!
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image:168697308236.gif(3.63MB , 498x498 , lethal-omen-gemini-home-entertainment.gif)
You did vote for Lethal Omen guy right?
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image:168697313977.jpg(241kB , 1920x1080 , CodsworthBowler.jpg)
Covenant? That small settlement? I don't see what's so wrong with it, that place seems quite nice, ignoring the prison walls.
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image:168697320941.png(1.17MB , 900x900 , frank case west.png)
-He's covered wars, you know.
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image:168697336708.jpg(82kB , 865x760 , ayinstrong.jpg)
Leon, come work for me. You'll be protected from Chris and get paid well. All you need to do is inspect these Abnormalities.
Perfect. Now, tell me, how efficient are you when it comes to harvesting energy?
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video:168697347343.mp4(1.91MB , 632x478 , George and Battler Heroes Intro.mp4)
Vote for George Ushiromiya. I guess Battler too.
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image:168697376502.png(710kB , 857x1000 , Firebrand.png)
Like a large predatory bird, the wings of the Red Arremer led to him perching on a stone perch, from there he could overlook the gathering. This was a tournament of heroes and while he was the Hero of the Demon World, he knew that title meant little to them.
Not that he cared, he never cared what anyone else thought of him. In the world of demons strenght meant all and as the mightiest of a mighty species he was more than capable of bringing order to that chaos on his own.
Yet still, this would be a rare opportunity to tangle with the Heroes of the Earth, especially that Arthur. He had killed many of his bretheren, through it was never an easy task. Oh, yes, his kind tended to frustrate those they fought, their aerial agility confounding attempts to attack from both melee and afar.
The Scarlett Blaze sat and waited to pounce, to strike and dissapear into the sky.
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image:168697382532.jpg(123kB , 850x1390 , __hilda_pokemon_and_2_more_drawn_by_hood_james_x__sample-f58425286de36d61b1a408358c2f172d.jpg)
Here are some interesting facts about Hilda from Pokemon:
- she's hot
- you will vote for her because she's hot
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image:168697407532.png(314kB , 605x642 , Ryufromstreets.png)
Did you know? His favorite things are:
-Jumping into light fierce
-Stale bread
-Water without any ice
-The newest season of The Simpsons
-Aaaaand dirt
-He was seen in Street Fighter V, everybody!
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image:168697411166.gif(1.41MB , 800x470 , 1566317840494.gif)
Harvest it? I'm the guy who punches energy out of blocks!
save file
image:168697420780.png(5kB , 450x438 , KleinGrinning(Mog).png)
-a mogwai, creatures that are able to take a more human form
-a Cat Sith, mogwai who specialize in healing
-yin phase (without going deep into mogwai biology, this basically means female)
-loves girls
-likes gambling
-polite and cat-like

[HEARTBEAT OST] 63 - Close Your Eyes and Dream (Klein's Theme)youtube thumb
This is already a pretty surprising amount of OC for a small tournament.
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image:168697446291.jpg(9kB , 480x360 , 1686971565466699.png)
Lethal Omen Guy
>Protagonist of the hit video game Lethal Omen
>Is also every single enemy grunt in the hit video game Lethal Omen
>Plays an unwitting part in the invasion of earth
>Will not survive
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image:168697462469.png(2.69MB , 3250x2286 , 2604688_slima11_ace-a-kirby.png)
save file
image:168697502917.jpg(86kB , 900x900 , whiteruncrossed.jpg)
Whiterun's under my protection. You watch yourself, now.
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image:168697524265.gif(739kB , 498x278 , poyopals-poyo.gif)
The ultimate proof
There's some great stuff too, so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with later on.
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image:168697552547.jpg(10kB , 341x318 , notshane.jpg)
-His name's Not Shane, kid.
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image:168697563426.png(196kB , 411x1166 , A_wful2.png)
Excellent, I think we'll get along quite well. I'll have you assigned to the Central Command Team ASAP.
If you know what my name means, then you'd know that I'm not evil.
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image:168697567456.jpg(14kB , 498x498 , P03smug.jpg)
I simply want to play a game, a GOOD game.
save file
image:168697578375.png(89kB , 300x227 , 300px-Meta_Knight_Anime.png)
>Meta Knight stayed to the shadows as he watched over everything going on at the tournament.
>William H.Wright was walking about and checking out some of the contestants
>Through most of them seemed as usual, through he'd have to watch Quint a bit more
>Little Mac was getting a pep-talk from Doc Luis, fairly normal
>It seemed that Mettaton was running some kind of news show
>Mario seemed to be in some kind of job interview
>And Magolor already got to shilling, great
>But otherwise everything seemed fine, but when he looked over to the cliffside outside, he saw a flap of wings out there
>Someone was watching him
MK: "I will need to investigate that."
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video:168697586382.mp4(1.25MB , 558x640 , doing the not evil dance.mp4)
What OC is your favorite so far?
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image:168697602368.png(2.23MB , 1378x1751 , ViPoster.png)
She's hip.
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image:168697618328.jpg(142kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-frank-west.jpg)
Always glad to see a fellow action journalist! Mainly because that means I'm not the only one who's thought of filming dead people for ratings!
Probably either the writefagging for Willard H. Wright or the courtroom OC.
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image:168697658430.png(1.97MB , 1757x3000 , wonder-boxer.png)
He also uses Unite Hand
save file
image:168697682917.png(1.10MB , 1332x1000 , Kiyotaka Masked.png)
save file
image:168697722437.jpg(156kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-hilda.jpg)
Ah yes, I believe this may be an example of what we in the industry call "subliminal messaging".
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image:168697765689.png(191kB , 485x420 , Ñ.png)
Hola, ¿votaste por mí? Está bien si no lo hiciste, es tu elección. No estoy aquí para convencerte de que votes por mí, solo estoy aquí para advertirte sobre ciertas personas aquí por las que probablemente deberías evitar votar.
Sobre todo Steve, no es un buen tipo. No solo hace lo que quiere egoístamente, sino que solo ingresó a este torneo para molestar a Banjo. Además, terminará robando el lugar de otra persona, alguien que puede ser bueno, y probablemente no tendría un mejor rendimiento esta vez. Si ya ha votado por él, por favor reconsidere.
Entonces, aunque Scout ha sido amable en el pasado, no puedo decir lo mismo de su amigo. No parece ser el buen doctor y sus intenciones tampoco parecen ser buenas. No sé mucho sobre él, pero no he escuchado cosas buenas.
Esas son las únicas dos personas que vi que no parecen ser buenas personas, pero es posible que haya extrañado a alguien. Algunos de ellos no parecen heroicos, pero no me parecen malos. Tenga cuidado al votar, este torneo es para buenos, pero un villano podría estar tratando de infiltrarse.
save file
image:168697836190.jpg(355kB , 1200x1708 , George_Portrait.jpg)
-Destined to be the next head of the Ushiromiya family
-Fuck you, Natsuhi you old man humping, roast beef curtain, cliff chucking, bitch! Your daughter didn't even get nominated! Get fucked! Even if my precious George gets 3-ruled, you're definitely not making it in yourself! You should kill youself, NOW!
save file
image:168697856831.png(655kB , 596x1106 , 0A98EDCD-B770-471A-B342-83CCFC5CE265.png)
>a catchphrase machine that won't shut up
>a gecko and geckos are cool as Vanilla Ice in a mini fridge
>can do many things with a tail
>loves TVs just like you
save file
image:168697978527.png(12kB , 162x173 , image~2.png)
It is currently 1 in the morning so I cannot make my OC without a good night's rest, have a tease for it instead.
If you can somehow guess who these are then I'll give you a shite ms paint drawing
first prize and sayori
save file
image:168698192946.jpg(45kB , 466x466 , 61667312361.jpg)
-The last of his kind
-The only member of the core four that is interesting
-Sonic's best rival
-The echidnas' lore
-Real-life echidnas have four-headed..... I recommend searching that information at your own risk
He's just grumpy, but he has the duty to protect the emerald and keep every single creature in Angel Island safe
save file
image:168698239498.jpg(43kB , 642x350 , cooper.jpg)
He specializes in stealing from criminals. There's no honor, no challenge, no fun in stealing from ordinary people.
save file
image:168698254802.png(534kB , 1017x920 , Wonder Witcher.png)
There's more to show than to tell why I should qualify. Those quick portraits of yours are a much better alternative than Dandelion's exaggerated song and tell. Come to think of it, there are some other matters to capture as well.
>self-reliant mostly
>one of the few to make it through a life threatening mutation and lived longer than the average human
>fucked a tons of women of all kinds
>great card and dice player
>beheads anything in helicopter style while carrying a heavy sword tirelessly
>earned enough coin to make nations jealous but chooses to keep his purpose intact mostly
... I guess mine Wonder-Witcher it is.... I just like the sound of it.
From one monster hunter to another we should know the answer to that.
save file
image:168698317541.jpg(22kB , 331x390 , not on my watch.jpg)
Stealing is still stealing. Hands where I can see them, Sly.
save file
image:168698322786.png(430kB , 1120x718 , Pikmin Extinction Log.png)
Olimar feels sorrow and pain over every Pikmin lost. Not only that, there is an official song where the Pikmin openly admit they willing sacrifice themselves. Pikmin Ai No Uta English Lyricsyoutube thumb
save file
image:168698342878.jpg(325kB , 1080x1440 , MetaKnightvsFirebrand.jpg)
save file
image:168698374341.jpg(21kB , 225x350 , raidou dis.jpg)
>Demi-Fiend not in the list
Serves him right for not complying to the Demon Summoner club rules.
save file
image:168698433100.jpg(60kB , 1280x720 , lmac.jpg)
When he's in the ring, he always makes sure to follow traditional boxing standards while fighting batshit insane boxers who break every rule in the book. He's pretty much one of the positive embodiments of the American Dream, too.
-Minor Circuit champion
-Major Circuit champion
-World Circuit champion
-Special Circuit champion
-Title Defense champion
-Dream Fight winner against Mike Tyson
-Fought Donkey Kong and won
save file
image:168698504976.gif(1.86MB , 398x498 , fnaf-freddy.gif)
It's against my programming.
-Lead singer
-Friendly giant (in a sort of way)
-Always caring to who needs him
-Has sick moves on the dance floor, he's stated he can't control himself
-He can celebrate your birthday
-The face of Fazbeart Entertainment
save file
image:168698810755.png(175kB , 361x526 , 1686344548046048.png)
tbh looking at the noms this is more king /v/ lite
save file
image:168699954349.png(293kB , 1132x1000 , Smallimar draws Olimar.png)
Wonder-Explorer has crash landed.
save file
image:168699995743.jpg(164kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-ryu.jpg)
Ryu from Streets™ seems like such a role model. I think we should all aspire to have a wide range of interests like him!
save file
image:168700032020.png(867kB , 1272x1800 , Clownpiece (Hirasaka ver).png)
>The REAL strongest fairy in Gensokyo
>She's a lampad from hell
>Brought terror and torment to the Lunarians on the moon, hence the flag
>Saved all the other fairies by defeating the evil goddess of backdoors
【東方ヴォーカルPV】三妖精SAY YA!!!(Vo:あやぽんず*,あよ)【森羅万象公式】youtube thumb
save file
image:168700193346.jpg(326kB , 743x444 , Pixy sketchmodo.jpg)
Larry Foulke, also known as "Solo Wing" Pixy
>Mercenary pilot
>Wanted to reset this twisted game, but got better
>Called "Solo Wing" due to landing with one wing left, now paints it red
>Normally flies an F-15, once flew an experimental plane and jousted with it
>Loves flamenco and has a wicked theme song featuring it
>His plane's 3D model was used for AI training by the US Air Force once
save file
image:168700205524.jpg(104kB , 831x644 , pixy coldsteel.jpg)
And now, hopefully...
<< It's time. >>
Ace Combat Zero - Zero (Beta Version) Fullyoutube thumb
save file
image:168700225490.png(1.91MB , 1460x913 , nobattler.png)
/V/illians gonna save this tournament real quick.
save file
image:168700241556.png(136kB , 433x480 , 1671140133996585.png)
>Remember - no faggots.
save file
image:168700290926.png(660kB , 721x787 , Kiyotaka.png)
>A self-made man
>Has few friends due to not knowing how to start conversations and his emotional outbursts
>His life revolves around order to the point he made it his talent
>Is only here because he was tricked into believing this tournament is a exercise on politics and not just for fun
>He would be the one guy that reminds the teacher about they're homework
>Is probably crying over something mundane right now like using the wrong their
save file
image:168700291731.jpg(176kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-klein-gremory.jpg)
Here you go, Klein Gremory from a... quirky pixelated indie RPG... with funny animal people in it... You just made me openly promote competition on this channel, didn't you?
save file
image:168700360195.jpg(164kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-lethal-omen-guy.jpg)
Analog horror? In my /v/ tournament? It's more likely than you think!
save file
image:168700442366.png(1.50MB , 1412x1706 , Plokline Miami.png)
-You dumb fucking cretin
-You fucking fool
-Absolute fucking buffoon
-You bumbling idiot
-Fuck you
save file
image:168700501943.jpg(143kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-not-shane.jpg)
What a legend. Though don't blame our channel if someone thinks your name is Billy-Bob instead.
save file
image:168700512236.png(125kB , 469x500 , 1671145412277288.png)
>Remember - I'm Battler!
save file
image:168700588081.jpg(207kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-george-ushiromiya.jpg)
I love family drama. Always makes me feel less bad about how I treat my own siblings.
save file
image:168700673891.jpg(251kB , 1460x913 , no battler.jpeg)
Let me tweak that for you
save file
image:168700773507.png(106kB , 356x471 , PC_George.Sprite_28.png)
Why are you people so obsessed with bullying my younger cousin? Can't we try being civil for once.
save file
image:168700785717.png(259kB , 750x750 , evatrice seething.png)
I just wanted to make this
save file
image:168700801572.png(5kB , 450x438 , KleinConfident(Mog).png)
Correct, this is a pixel indie RPG with Cryptid-people that, despite its look, has some dark stuff.
You should play HEARTBEAT, it's a good game.

Already posted regular one, so here's the battle one.
[HEARTBEAT OST] 64 - No Knead for Doubt (Vs. Klein)youtube thumb

There is a third one, but that's spoilers.
Well now I feel even more stupid for not staying "You should disappear and die, NOW!" instead.
save file
image:168700849835.jpg(170kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-gex.jpg)
That's right! Gex loves TV as much as YOU, the audience! Be sure to show your love for our network with your generous donations!
Eva would tell Natsuhi to kill herself though
save file
image:168700965741.png(874kB , 1400x700 , whiterunguard3.png)
If you want music, go talk to Mikael at the Bannered Mare.

The Streets of Whiterunyoutube thumb
Dragonsreachyoutube thumb
Caught off Guardyoutube thumb

Hey, your kind isn't allowed here. Turn around and go back the way you came.
save file
image:168700978849.jpg(45kB , 618x629 , zettai yuru sanae.jpg)
Sanae Kochiya!
>She's the Moriya Shrine Maiden and part god, part human!
>A good girl! Unlike R*imu!
>Has jewish symbolism!
>is a meme on Futaba channel!
>Is actually from the outside world!
>Dislikes freaky t-shirt weirdoes and saves Gensokyo!
>Also makes a fair share of incidents along with her gods!
>Frogs go mlem mlem
>Snakes go pbbppbpthpbthppth
Mlem Mlemyoutube thumb
MoF Stage 5 Boss - Sanae Kochiya's Theme - Faith is for the Transient Peopleyoutube thumb
save file
image:168701008411.jpg(174kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-knuckles.jpg)
...please do not disturb our advertisers like that anymore.
save file
image:168701103418.png(46kB , 256x256 , Bertram.png)
-the best character in the entire Fire Emblem franchise
-he has a lance
-that's all he needs
-he's all you need

Fire Emblem Fates OST - 77. Dance in the Darkyoutube thumb
Fire Emblem Fates OST - 38. Conquestyoutube thumb
Liberty Bell Marchyoutube thumb
save file
image:168701110792.jpg(202kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-geralt.jpg)
This guy's life sounds incredible! Someone should write a book about him or something.
save file
image:168701222158.png(7kB , 270x270 , Quizmobit.png)
I don't have a theme, but you what I've got? Kaaaa-wiiiizzz!

Trivia Introduction - Paper Mario (N64) Soundtrackyoutube thumb
Out of these three songs, which one is NOT from Paper Mario 64?

Trivia Game - Paper Mario (N64) Soundtrackyoutube thumb
A) March Ahead
B) Hey You!
C) Fight Fight!
save file
image:168701366432.png(418kB , 682x964 , HYOUSHI2.png)
Hi, I'm Mina Hayase! Please vote for me, and I'll take off my school uniform when I qualify.
This is why men are the better candidates.
save file
image:168701485808.jpg(391kB , 1997x3000 , il_fullxfull.1797825451_erfr.jpg)
Do I need to explain? Just look at him! He's the most loving person I know! Perfect fit for a king.
save file
image:168701506205.png(84kB , 288x419 , mario lobcorp.png)
Mario is my newest agent at Lobotomy Corporation. I don't have the Central Command Team unlocked yet for this cycle, so I'm putting him on the Control Team. I'm sure he'll get along well with Hod.
save file
image:168701559498.png(1.29MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (127).png)
I'll let you decide for me, anonymous. Which Abnormality should Mario go inspect?
save file
image:168701667172.jpg(591kB , 675x1000 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_huyusilver__76a13fbfeee6a6698799685a12fb5ead.jpg)
Cards? Ah, spellcards, you mean?
save file
image:168701715318.png(216kB , 695x574 , P03.png)
Spell? You mean Magickal cards? Those are terrible, Magnificus seriously needs to get better at making cards.
save file
image:168701721885.jpg(51kB , 1024x576 , download (3).jpeg)
Getting desperate again for votes as usual, I see?
save file
image:168701739371.png(116kB , 550x533 , P03hmm.png)
Your inclusion to this tournament is forced.
save file
image:168701799334.jpg(99kB , 600x600 , __kochiya_sanae_and_kishibe_rohan_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_hayaneko_ceceragi__622743d722a8062a0bbe77cca1690996.jpg)
Spellcards! They are used to represent single sets of danmaku under the spellcard rules. Or are these "Magickal Cards" actually ability cards from the last incident?
save file
image:168701842578.jpg(170kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-little-mac.jpg)
Note to self: try not to get matched up against this guy.
save file
image:168701855367.jpg(19kB , 500x500 , Mad.jpg)
What are you even saying?
save file
image:168701855493.jpg(162kB , 956x681 , Galm 1 & 2.jpg)
I already posted it in the post you replied to, so I might as well toss out some from the missions he's in.
Ace Combat Zero Soundtrack - Glacial Skiesyoutube thumb
Ace Combat Zero Soundtrack - Mayhemyoutube thumb
Ace Combat Zero Soundtrack - The Round Tableyoutube thumb
save file
image:168701871317.png(118kB , 800x550 , 1687003278787.png)
...You really don't have spellcards? What cards are you talking about then? Do you play something like Yu-Gi-Oh with them?
save file
image:168701878746.jpg(168kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-glamrock-freddy.jpg)
Ah, Freddy! Remember when our franchises were at each other's throats? Good thing that's all in the past now. I am definitely not jealous of your NINE GAMES and BOOKS and a MOVIE DEAL and EVEN A GODDAMN VICTORY IN CO-OP. Not at all, darling.
save file
image:168701910815.gif(375kB , 1280x1472 , p03bored.gif)
Yougi-what? No, the game is Inscryption, get it right. I use gems, that's the closest to "spells" you're gonna get.
save file
image:168701923444.jpg(925kB , 2000x833 , __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_izayoi_sakuya_kochiya_sanae_mutou_yuugi_and_3_more_touhou_and_3_more_drawn_by_heran_hei_mao__a1827fc941e1c552a2e8f1517919db20.jpg)
Alright, but where do I buy cards for my deck?
save file
image:168701970238.png(264kB , 663x348 , 7b10668fe8f5725be4efa1beeee5c5a0.png)
DDC Wakasagihime's Theme: Mermaid from the Uncharted Landyoutube thumb
save file
image:168701983224.gif(243kB , 498x498 , p03speen.gif)
You can buy the game here, the cards are included.
save file
image:168701992486.jpg(1.38MB , 1063x1500 , ENTER THE MILLENNIAL GAMERHU SANAE.jpg)
Then it's time to duel!
save file
image:168702008809.jpg(168kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-clownpiece.jpg)
A servant of hell wearing an American flag? I feel like I'm being goaded into controversial commentary. Sorry, darling, this is supposed to be a politics-free report!
save file
image:168702047766.jpg(14kB , 498x498 , P03smug.jpg)
Yeah, yeah, we'll duel. Just buy the game.
save file
image:168702066778.png(38kB , 177x226 , john_priest_2.png)
You're not trying to avoid our Uno game, are you? I already planned to duel you, Geralt, and anyone else here willing to play.
save file
image:168702069619.jpg(218kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-pixy.jpg)
As a fellow soul operating a killer machine: don't ever let anyone shame you for expressing yourself. Destroy them all if you have to!
save file
image:168702081460.jpg(24kB , 212x445 , Sanaemememe.jpg)
Uno? You have UNO!?
save file
image:168702109107.png(272kB , 750x375 , Metta Peterson.png)
https://voca.ro/1a7gnetC3YnA (Without Echoes)
save file
image:168702131108.jpg(72kB , 750x618 , john reverse.jpg)
I do. I also know a bit of Gwent from when I did missionary work in Temeria.
save file
image:168702132133.jpg(104kB , 900x900 , P03blanksmug.jpg)
No, don't worry, I'm not.
But now that you mention it, there's probably plenty of other people here that would play with you.
save file
video:168702149929.mp4(18kB , 348x312 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_isu_is88__2665a8f5132b41d60815d743443bd53e.mp4)
You look like a man of faith. Would you be interested in praying at the Moriya Shrine sometime?
save file
image:168702235943.jpg(207kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-kiyotaka.jpg)
Oh, this one would make for a great comedic foil! Look at him, it's like he's about to punch the part saying he's been tricked!
Holy kino darling
save file
image:168702259690.png(47kB , 250x292 , john holding bible.png)
Hmm, most likely. I'll have to get the church game room set up soon.
I'll set up an online game to play in a browser soon since it doesn't look like I'll be getting any replies on my LobCorp post
I'm not well-versed in Shinto, but sure, I can stop by and pray to the Lord. Tell me, have you read the Bible?
save file
image:168702280914.jpg(163kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-plok.jpg)
...I truly have no idea what to make of this one.
Which did you prefer the one with or without the echoes?
save file
image:168702295757.jpg(45kB , 500x500 , artworks-gaYGBTmiVmKAyVxh-otz26Q-t500x500.jpg)
Excuse me, miss. Could you paint me a picture of Sir Ayin? I would like to hang it on a wall on my floor.
save file
image:168702311719.png(184kB , 1024x431 , firebrand-ultimate-mvc3-full-victory.png)
Kekeke, as if that skyfaggot will even bother hearing you.
save file
image:168702334982.png(275kB , 876x758 , john praying.png)
>he doesn't know
save file
image:168702347368.jpg(67kB , 500x500 , RelmArt6.jpg)
Sure!... Who?
save file
image:168702367620.jpg(155kB , 901x960 , FirebrandMvC3.jpg)
No, I'm pretty sure being schizos who hear voices that aren't really there discribes every priest I've met.
Why would people even want to go up there anyway? It's all just clouds and diaper wearing flying babies.
Down here is way cooler, you can get do whatever you want if you're strong enough.
save file
image:168702372597.jpg(194kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-sanae.jpg)
Not to rain on your parade, but I feel like half the major characters in your franchise have memes on Futaba channel.
save file
image:168702413911.gif(4kB , 336x280 , John.gif)
Too warm and they don't have air conditioning is why I don't want to go to Hell.
save file
image:168702419242.png(196kB , 411x1166 , A_wful2.png)
Him. Sir Ayin was a wonderful man. I still have faith that the world he dreamed of will one day come true.
save file
image:168702426966.png(272kB , 750x375 , Metta Peterson.png)
save file
image:168702435435.png(351kB , 700x617 , 1452288570469.png)
>I'm not well-versed in Shinto
That's not a problem, the gods of the Shrine are happy to introduce themselves!
>Tell me, have you read the Bible?
I'm somewhat familiar, but I'm not exactly kirisuto-kyoto...
save file
image:168702445389.png(547kB , 606x680 , DinahsArt3.png)
-essentially two characters, but both are Dinah
-demon girl with an angel girl inhabiting her body
-demon is the main girl, but the angel can take control
-demon is rude, angel is kind, but both are good
save file
image:168702506224.png(1.15MB , 1024x998 , RelmPaintingAyin.png)
Oh, okay, I can do that!
save file
image:168702554762.jpg(254kB , 800x1061 , A9520B93-6AB5-4309-BC4E-07BAD78DF8A9.jpeg)
I've got tunes so catchy it'll make your grandma get up to dance
Gex OST - Main Theme/Title Screenyoutube thumb
Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - Menuyoutube thumb
Gex: Enter the Gecko OST - It's Tail Time! (Bonus Material)youtube thumb
save file
image:168702560805.png(1.09MB , 1137x1516 , galm 2.png)
<< You're clearly no demon that I know. The heaven he flew in was on fire. >>
save file
image:168702599374.jpg(85kB , 800x551 , Castle-3SummerArt.jpg)
Under five hours left, remember to vote!
Male characters are just better.
At least all of my female nominees got past the Nominations.
save file
image:168702729707.jpg(7kB , 259x194 , download (1).jpeg)
>People are making OC of my characters
Well this is a weird feeling.
Who are your characters?
save file
image:168702807993.png(349kB , 500x350 , MORIYA STEP.png)
True, but the japanese internet is special!
【東方】神の御狩の道標【手描き動画】youtube thumb
save file
image:168702809282.jpg(155kB , 1156x558 , mettaton-character-report-generic-lancer-unit.jpg)
My underdog sense is tingling! Calling it now: for better or for worse, this guy will reach Elite 8!
This one is neat too, although the pause in the middle is a bit too long.
I don't follow the tournaments and I got filtered at the vote question at the start :(
Just like a Professor Layton puzzle
literally read the thread
save file
image:168702841934.jpg(124kB , 796x542 , hokma in his free time.jpg)
Wonderful. It'll look very nicely on my shelf near my computer.
Plok was one of 'em.
save file
image:168702899756.png(819kB , 1024x1024 , Castle-3SUM019.ver.png)
Oh right, probably should do one for him, dunno how many people here play Arknights.

-robot, Raythean manufacturer
-built by Closure, whom he calls Master Closure, after she made some modifications to him
>guard operator, attacks by stabbing with a blade
>plain personality
>the best out of all the Arknights robots
>just look at him, now this a good robot
I'm surprised he got anything, I thought he was going to be a joke nomination with nothing.
So how many people want to play Uno right now? I found a site where you can play for free without needing to sign up or anything but it has a max player count of 4. If more than three people want to play, I'll look for another site.
save file
image:168702948783.png(20kB , 174x272 , GilesCorey.png)
-based on the real Giles Corey, a man who was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. He never pleaded guilty, despite the torture he received, and was pressed to death.
-not a witch
-actually a townie
save file
image:168702957223.png(3.43MB , 1378x2067 , __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_yuara__233c9691027e7ec20778839c53657ada.png)
The EXTREMELY Ordinary Magician
Horror! Magician of the school.
Magic Detective of the Forest
STRONGEST Primate Magician
The Forest of Magic's Moonshine
AND Reimu's best friend!
save file
image:168702965520.jpg(92kB , 392x402 , Sanae UNO.jpg)
It's fine anyway, everyone has Uno!
save file
image:168702984769.png(11kB , 400x400 , STRONGEST PRIMATE.png)
save file
image:168703001149.jpg(126kB , 907x1280 , Momiji269.jpg)
Surprising amount of Touhou being posted, considering the amount of it in Co-op. I nominated best girl because I thought there wasn't going to be much of it, but I guess I didn't need to. Still, vote Momiji.
I wanted to give an honest campaign to at least one 2hu character on /tnt/ since on /v/ it doesn't really matter relatively speaking, but I don't know if I'll get anywhere. Time will tell.
Alright then. Here's a link if anyone wants to play. Password is "nodemonsallowed"
I'll just go get some popcorn beforehand, give me a few minutes.
He was bit of a rush nomn when the fear of not even being able to reach 128 was a thing, but I do genuinely think he's cool. Guess I could try doing some stuff for him when I get home from THIS CABIN
>when the fear of not even being able to reach 128 was a thing
I'll remember to re-nominate my character when there's a few hours left next time.
Room expired. Already full?
give me some cunt
Weird, it says nobody else joined on my screen. Lemme try changing my browser and I'll set up a new room.
Alright, try this one. Password is the same.
save file
image:168703110796.gif(1.03MB , 586x640 , sanae zased.gif)
Only if you pray.
save file
image:168703124252.gif(10kB , 576x480 , JohnChance.gif)
Looks like it's working now. I'll give it a few minutes before starting if anyone else wants to join.
Alright then.
Three hours left!
save file
image:168703312442.jpg(131kB , 650x650 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_futa_nabezoko__f171edaf489897aff6247ec7461670b1.jpg)
This is a pretty intense game.
save file
image:168703323614.png(553kB , 978x720 , OC_RequestsatFreddys.png)
I may only be able to finish one before this round ends though.
save file
image:168703333364.jpg(114kB , 850x478 , george fighting.jpg)
Prove you're not blind. Post a fault or something wrong one of your mains did. Late Umineko spoilers warning. He started dating Shannon out of jealousy towards Battler being loved by girls including her while he couldn't get any.
Do something with your character(s).
save file
image:168703341778.jpg(42kB , 850x478 , __magolor_kirby_and_1_more_drawn_by_vibrantechoes__sample-cbe9dd736c36587a2fc17b2b030b8cb9.jpg)
He sells microtransactions.
He's also a liar and a wizard.
Oh, and there's that bit about trying to conquer the universe.
save file
image:168703344982.gif(34kB , 150x150 , Sanae gohei.gif)
She tried to run out her fellow shrine maiden, Reimu, because she viewed her as competition. Faith is serious business.
save file
image:168703346591.png(330kB , 914x767 , john toast.png)
Was that the one where we played so long the deck got reshuffled? Thanks for playing with me. It was fun. I'll have to set up another room later on in the tournament.
Magolor selling Gem Apples to the other contestants.
save file
image:168703350421.png(1.18MB , 1920x1080 , Terraria_Artwork_2.png)
He opened the goddamn door at night
save file
image:168703356297.jpg(391kB , 1997x3000 , il_fullxfull.1797825451_erfr.jpg)
He pushes the troublemakers away from me sometimes! >:(
save file
image:168703356696.png(21kB , 800x550 , sanae gyate.png)
Yes! It felt like we got pretty mind-gamey at that point.
save file
image:168703392712.jpg(279kB , 1920x1440 , Chadrick.jpg)
Since we're about to leave qualifiers, I have one thing to say. Anyone who doesn't vote for me is a RETARD.
Now go and if you didn't vote for Erdrick, vote now or you will kneel to my CHADNESS.
save file
image:168703402606.jpg(18kB , 800x451 , 2-1-e1549111713247.jpg)
Time to work then
save file
image:168703403931.png(131kB , 1000x1079 , dlanor burger.png)
Helped the witches completely fuck with Natsuhi in Episode 5 and helped Erika lock Battler in a logic error in Episode 6.
I like to save cards like +4s and wilds, so I'm usually hesitant to use them. It was fun though. BTW, which game does Sanae come from? I played a couple Touhou games from the early Windows era but I didn't see her.
save file
image:168703422079.jpg(188kB , 820x547 , 50-507121_meta-knight-kirby-super-smash-bros-meta-knight.png)
I hope no one here is planning to rig our upstanding Hero tournament.
save file
image:168703426612.gif(7kB , 100x120 , sanaedance.gif)
>I like to save cards like +4s and wilds, so I'm usually hesitant to use them. It was fun though.
I consider cards entirely on combo potential, so generally I don't save much unless I'm nearing a tight spot. Very fun though, I agree.
>BTW, which game does Sanae come from? I played a couple Touhou games from the early Windows era but I didn't see her.
Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith, the 10th game.
Native Faith but its all ZUNpetsyoutube thumb
She's also a playable character in the first Fightans, and in a few of the later mainline entries.
save file
image:168703435387.png(1.13MB , 1200x1034 , KRtDLD_Magolor.png)
-Is a cat
-Is also a jew
-Has his own day
-Not actually an ancient, basically a weaboo
-The yellow color of his eyes represents betrayal in the Bible
-The Gem Apples come from a tree he grew using the Forbidden Fruit
Cool, I'll check out that one soon. Also woah she dancin.
save file
image:168703488249.jpg(148kB , 850x1235 , Momiji174.jpg)
Momiji is also from MoF.
save file
image:168703502176.jpg(27kB , 500x500 , artworks-lgil7crHUgqffMaT-ebAWyQ-t500x500.jpg)
Perfect, welcome to Lobotomy Corporation.
I initially wasn't gonna do much with Ayin, but fuck it, if he qualifies, let's see if I can make his opponents in LobCorp so I can send them to their deaths at the hands of Ordeals and Abnormalities.
>The yellow color of his eyes represents betrayal in the Bible
I take offense to that. I would never betray Carmen or the Sephirah. Well actually, Netzach is pretty lazy, and Chesed will steal my coffee sometimes, so maybe I'd betray them, but certainly not the others.
save file
image:168703507706.png(1.70MB , 1400x1200 , __kochiya_sanae_and_koshimizu_sachiko_touhou_and_4_more_drawn_by_ohoho__149fbb6bbf19389adaef6400dd8ca77c.png)
>Also woah she dancin.
save file
image:168703514603.jpg(46kB , 654x960 , Sissel.jpg)
Abandoned Missile in the first timeline and refused to help him.
save file
image:168703523256.jpg(160kB , 1218x1405 , 1635291576786.jpg)
Berdly. Amusing how this simple name inspires even the most obsessive enemies to tremble in fear and commence their ultimately fruitless attacks. Pathetic attempts at whistling past the graveyard and a testament to CHADly's pure, unadulterated strength and intelligence. TIME ITSELF falls to his might. BerCHAD knows the value of cultivating pure inner strength and intelligence through intense meditation, studious adherence to the student's code, and the complete lack of ties and bonds to anything that will do ANYTHING but increase those two traits of him. He's truly a momentous character, a quintessential testament to the overarching theme of Deltarune that has been oh so omnipresent since the series' humble beginnings.

save file
image:168703542212.gif(456kB , 240x400 , spearow.gif)
save file
image:168703544529.png(506kB , 800x441 , Pixy1.png)
A bit spoilery but, aside from being a Mercenary, in his game he goes along with a plot by the Belkans and terrorists aligned to them to launch 7 nuclear warheads, killing thousands of people who lived near the mountains where they were blown.
His later crimes are arguably more severe, but the silver lining is that he saw his error in his "death" as a pilot and "resurrected" as a hero, just like the Demon Lord/Demon of Razgriz does in its legend. Instead of trying to destroy borders, he now tries to keep them, selflessly.
>Kris wasn't even nominated
Berdly must be very happy of that
save file
image:168703563536.png(36kB , 260x278 , K30AMF_Magolor_artwork.png)
Oh, I'm sure there's something you would betray them for.
Every man's got his price.

Anyway, anyone care for a jam session?
Fly, Kirby! (Another Dimension) - Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe OST Extended | Hirokazu Andoyoutube thumb
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image:168703594179.jpg(102kB , 750x1000 , zer0.jpg)
Only two hours left
Until the end of this round
Remember to vote!
Kinda feel like doing another sprite comic, but have no idea what to do.
save file
image:168703603205.gif(1.49MB , 394x394 , 756918A3-36E8-45BF-B9A0-EC4E6E4BBA95.gif)
yeah, you all better have voted for the Gex
save file
image:168703621010.png(228kB , 577x560 , Kiyotaka_Ishimaru_Halfbody_Sprite_(8).png)
I will take this little time we have left to tell you I, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, would be a great leader who will help the strongest fly free for their hard work and effort! And to any rigger, raise your hands now! CONFESS! You're only cheating yourself when you cheat!
save file
image:168703636140.jpg(33kB , 487x960 , 1710403-bassa.jpg)
Will someone shut up this moralfag up?! Why would they admit it if they already started cheating?
save file
image:168703653776.png(236kB , 387x450 , CodsworthArt3.jpg)
This tournament is meant for Heroes and other good people, is it not? Why would anyone here cheat? I trust everyone here is on their best behavior.
save file
image:168703667595.jpg(271kB , 1536x2048 , 156f8de3c4835d24fd24ccb3d399139e.jpg)

- space military
- stuck with you in a time loop
- goes to another world to save your life
- very cute and reasonable
save file
image:168703679537.jpg(763kB , 1851x1242 , F4AD11D3-4B79-4C5F-A745-B1D5B8C8F2F7.jpeg)
hey buddy you better go back and vote for me or I'm gonna get medieval on your butt
save file
image:168703700506.png(229kB , 456x502 , Kiyotaka_Ishimaru_Halfbody_Sprite_(10).png)
Y-you're right? Oh my gosh! I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE!
save file
image:168703701964.jpg(22kB , 305x446 , 031F9866-CC31-4DF4-A735-C67DD14CFDB8.jpeg)
>Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference.
>The degree is arbitary.
>The definition’s blurred.
>If I’m to choose between one evil and another…
>I’d rather not choose at all.
save file
image:168703707555.png(2.95MB , 1920x1080 , whiterunguard4.png)
Stay out of trouble, lizard.
save file
image:168703736103.png(648kB , 928x938 , tails_sonic-x.png)
I am very intelligent and ready to help others. Caring about my friends is more important than myself
save file
image:168703762509.png(46kB , 725x606 , john crowbar.png)
Witcher, we were going to play Gwent in Co-op before those brats got in the way. Think this tournament will give us that opportunity again?
save file
image:168703782725.jpg(29kB , 236x283 , E6724154-10CD-4F4E-AE85-FD5B6735EF8F.jpeg)
Remains to be seen my priestly pal.
save file
image:168703791414.jpg(11kB , 231x231 , prestonhead.jpg)
Woah, that doesn't seem very Hero-like, punching someone like that. Instead of hitting fellow participants, how about you hit the raiders attacking this settlement? Here, I'll mark it on your map.
save file
image:168703800444.jpg(4kB , 130x148 , Manfred.jpg)
save file
image:168703830036.png(667kB , 4102x2316 , BarColor.png)
OC for a different tournament, but... Well, I never managed to fully finish this one, I went into a bit of a slump not long after Co-Op ended. Might as well post it at this point.
<< Salvation! >>
"pensées" - Ace Combat 7youtube thumb
save file
image:168703833199.gif(247kB , 576x480 , JohnBook.gif)
We don't have to worry about the blue-haired one, at least. The purple-haired one is back though, but she's thankfully far less perverted. By the way, witcher, you didn't show up for Uno earlier. I had a fellow agent of faith join at least, but I want to know how good the White Wolf is.
save file
image:168703839228.jpg(16kB , 476x440 , k3fgqc75nro51.jpg)
That's right. What kind of hero would even think to try stealing this competition?
save file
image:168703845096.jpg(371kB , 1771x1254 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_kamishima_kanon__417b563d868ca81661249c0c83de328b.jpg)
Esto es el fin.
save file
image:168703847893.png(101kB , 900x1032 , png-clipart-undertale-life-is-strange-drawing-desktop-mettaton-game-black-hair.png)
Don't you think that someone very intelligent should be able to follow a simple instruction to make a bullet point list?

Also, to everyone post-Lancer who requested me, I'll probably finish those in the next round. Didn't expect there to be so many of you, sorry. Just be sure to vote Mettaton in the meantime!
Very nice.
It still looks great. Also
>Beatrice holding a breadstick
save file
image:168703864363.jpg(14kB , 291x350 , CodsworthArt.jpg)
Seems like I was wrong, maybe it's mostly good people instead. Hopefully there's only a few of these exceptions, wouldn't want the good guy tournament be taken over by bad guys, now would we?
save file
image:168703870911.png(1.10MB , 1200x862 , Enter.png)
Fuck Sanae.
save file
image:168703878476.jpg(284kB , 768x768 , King_Boo.jpg)
save file
image:168703891250.jpg(689kB , 1037x1441 , __kochiya_sanae_moriya_suwako_yasaka_kanako_yagami_light_and_kitano_seiichirou_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_whitecloudinside__6ca114da5d7442000511aa600128a741.jpg)
>George is bitter because he can't get women while Battler can
>Sanae has one of the highest 2hu R-18 fanart percentages (though I haven't been using any of it)
Secret kino in the making?
save file
image:168703897130.png(598kB , 600x800 , Richter_Belmont_SOTN.png)
Die, King Boo, you don't belong in this tourney.
Little does he know of the OTHER Luigi in the tournament
save file
image:168703905624.jpg(29kB , 500x500 , ayin.jpg)
Oh hey, it's King Boo. Here, lemme just make an announcement to the facility real quick.
>Attention all agents, I know you all are voting for me and Hokma, but be sure to vote for Luigi too while you're at it. The first ten agents to vote for Luigi get to go home early.
Now, where was I? Oh right, King Boo. How would you like a job at Lobotomy Corporation? Don't worry, you won't be an agent. I've got a better job for you.
save file
image:168703909636.gif(134kB , 600x514 , garcia has had it with your shit.gif)
I thought we told you to leave
save file
image:168703917621.jpg(354kB , 2409x1894 , 20230617_170703.jpg)
Yeah Yeah, Religious faith is cool and all
But what about fishy fishay knockers?
save file
image:168703918275.jpg(181kB , 750x1000 , Count - Strider 2.jpg)
<< Ahem, is this radio on? Bingo. Hey Trigger, or Anonymous or whatever you wanna be called, vote for me and I'll make the greatest scam you'll ever see come to life. Vote for the Count! >>
save file
image:168703919166.png(69kB , 263x400 , dusterfigure2.png)
Ugh, ghosts.