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image:168423711360.jpg(459kB , 1156x2048 , 1664203977802.jpg)
Thread where we discuss about our favorite loli or lolis and a possible tournament?
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image:168424206811.jpg(1.11MB , 3937x5556 , ben 10 gwen beach.jpg)
Don't see the point, unless /delicious/ is involved.
Also, Gwen would probably just stomp everyone.
Other runner ups would be Hat Kid, Etna, and the kids from Unteralterbauch.
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image:168424504007.jpg(38kB , 693x427 , 1663117396611339.jpg)
>Don't see the point
At least it would be worth trying, plus it would be fun.
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image:168424676032.png(302kB , 788x1200 , delicious cake.png)

lolis bake the most delicious cakes.
>Gwen would probably just stomp everyone.
She's got a shot but she definitely wouldn't stomp. Alice, Toph, Mandy, Peni and about a dozen eastern/vidya loli's probably got an equal or bigger shot than her.
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image:168425343528.png(36kB , 800x1000 , 1663796710564.png)
>lolis bake the most delicious cakes.
Bakery isn't dangerous for lolis?
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image:168426284738.png(128kB , 960x640 , Dinah3.png)
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image:168427625683.jpg(72kB , 569x680 , 1663831946337111.jpg)
She has a cute hairstyle.
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video:168429071936.mp4(1.41MB , 960x640 , objection-5161325.mp4)
A loli thread? I think I know who made this.
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image:168429439817.png(159kB , 682x801 , dinah.png)
Yes, she does. Unfortunately, that's the thing that makes her hard to draw.
>loli tournament
>hag tournament
where's the hag tournament thread
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image:168430060806.png(222kB , 548x543 , andreada.png)
Sounds like another tournament for DTVA to shine.
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image:168433997413.jpg(414kB , 2867x2048 , 1664092485236383.jpg)
I don't think DTVA would win, Anime is too popular nowadays.
Truly a curse, like midna and her helmet.
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image:168434407464.png(842kB , 1700x1600 , DinahsArt2.png)
Personally, I don't find Midna's helmet nearly as hard to draw as hair. Maybe making it look good is hard, but I don't draw good, so I wouldn't know.
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image:168436674489.jpg(49kB , 680x579 , 1665371325919827.jpg)
If I'm honest, I was just repeating what other drawanons have said about midna's helmet. I guess it's hard to draw it in way that doesn't look stiff.
I feel like /a/ would easily smash this tournament.
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image:168460548343.png(52kB , 707x1000 , lillith art.png)
I'd say /co/ or /v/ would have the best chance. Sure, /a/ has lolis in like every other anime, but none of them have as much cult following as the /co/ and /v/ ones.
>/a/ has lolis in like every other anime, but none of them have as much cult following as the /co/ and /v/ ones.
Me when I lie. Have you like not seen Dragon Maid or something? Nor those weird guys on /v/ simping over the literal toddler from Spy × Family?
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image:168460911645.jpg(614kB , 893x1156 , DinahArt.jpg)
Considering that this tournament would happen here on /tnt/, maybe. Even then, I think /a/ characters probably have an equally as high chance as /co/ or /v/ at minimum.
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image:168461024643.jpg(338kB , 1200x900 , cs.jpg)
>but none of them have as much cult following as the /co/ and /v/ ones.
Nonsense. They're the most autistic of all. /a/ and weebs/otaku are the old vets of lolidom.
I think it might give /a/ characters a higher boost cause it'd finally be an opportunity to to use them.
Dragon Maid is shit.
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image:168495079616.jpg(462kB , 2511x2511 , 1668391536653834.jpg)
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image:168495293947.jpg(494kB , 1089x1683 , ridd-li-eggman-and-sage-col-sm.jpg)
I my not be able to enter, but she can enter for me.
I read that as "she can enter me" and wonder if I missed some fucked up lore.
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image:168506354734.jpg(784kB , 4096x3072 , 1656716700705.jpg)
Don't worry, she'll win.