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image:171123998547.png(706kB , 1240x900 , board geeks.png)
Keep all tournament talk ITT.

►Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-qualifiers-bdfu

►VOTE: https://forms.gle/KrEM84pPRry5bjcF8

►Nominations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VRi798qeyAgJhVC2Brzt_HFtOWPos0rq0-_LRPUdW6M/edit?usp=sharing

►OC (Upload OC here)
https://booru.plus/+covbooru (NEW)

Jenny XJ9
Samus Aran

Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
Cumanon !!/T96LOBkiwX
Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU

If you see any errors with the forms please say something.
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image:171124009345.gif(837kB , 396x310 , the-goofy-movie-max.gif)
Hey losers!

Can wait to blast you away with our awesomeness!


A Goofy Movie: Stand Out | Sing-Along | Disneyyoutube thumb
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image:171124019202.jpg(310kB , 1460x1463 , 1635664263203.jpg)
Frog is my partner btw.
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image:171124020940.jpg(146kB , 700x868 , 1597454582225.jpg)
Let us mourn those who failed to qualify (numbers are amount of votes as of 4:07 PM PST).
>You've Got To Be Kidding (Link and Zelda) - 7
>STOP ABUSING WOMEN (Tails and Fiona Fox) - 6
>Seven Deadly Things (Thing 1 and Asimov) -6
>Blue Mist (Sonic.EXE and Squidward) - 6
>The Demonic Doppelgängers (Icon of Sin and Nyarlahotep) - 6
>Catual, Corpurreal Felines (Carl and Leonard) - 3 Are these AI images?
>Shit Sucking Cucks (Mr. McMahon and Cuckhold) - 5
>team 2x4-tress (Plank and Heavy) - 5
>I'M FUCKING YOUR MOTHER BITCH (Icon of Sin amd Your Mother) - 6
>Obscene Lovers (Meg Griffin and Mario) - 3
>Summer of '92 (Mr. McMahon and Kevin Nash) - 6
>AUSTRALIA (Downrunner Dan and Ted Bear) - 0 KWAB
>Great Work Ethic (Bowlbo and Linkara) - 6
>Fireboy and Waterboy (Fireboy and Wade) - 6
>Watergirl and Firegirl (Watergirl and Ember) - 6
>The Queen and Her Simp (Omni-Man and Recette Lemongrass) - 7
>Blood Meridian (The Judge and Judge Doom) - 5
>Lassies Down Under (Chili Heeler and Shelia) - 6
>Zoo Police Department (Nick Wilde and Mappy) - 7
>Barred Kongs (King Kong and Funky Kong) - 6
>Off-Site Board Brigaders (Spinel and Grimm) - 2
>Buildi (Emmet and Steve) - 7
>Super Monkey Balls (Monkey and Aiai) - 7
>De-Euthanized (Frankenweenie and Zombie Dog) - 5
>Black Representation (Kratos and Samurai Jack) - 0 KWAB
>Go with it just works (Adam Sandler and Todd Howard) - 2
Which loss makes you most sad?
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image:171124027848.jpg(55kB , 480x540 , 116378E2-844F-44D7-9933-55127B97F52B.jpeg)
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image:171124028464.png(202kB , 610x355 , Blue Collar.png)
Let's-a go!
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image:171124031674.jpg(35kB , 425x319 , Burori.jpg)
Black Hand, check this nigger's posts >>112663 and get him out of my fucking halls
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image:171124040860.jpg(79kB , 1280x720 , The Devil.jpg)
ANONS OF /tnt/! This is the big moment. That Icon of Sissies wants to use my name and image to sneak back into the bracket. Are we going to let him get away with that? You should vote for me and my good acquaintance the Devil instead. Might even be nice for a moment and treat you all to some animated music videos if you comply.
>Calls you out for planning to rig again
You are actually a loser and I'm not joking
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image:171124045008.jpg(87kB , 445x800 , de489lw-22276c78-36c9-4daf-8536-e39dce99464b.jpg)
Ready to get to work Leon?
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image:171124047505.jpg(700kB , 2048x2048 , 3be9dce54bc2406ca74dd90de53e560e.jpg)
Don't bother him for funposts like that.
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image:171124057340.jpg(29kB , 640x291 , f4ffae2a0ddac512697bc2409d7111ca.jpg)
Saludos gente!

As it is I, Puss in Boots, am here to regain my lost glory after the humiliation in the hands of defeat back in Mr /co/ 2023!

With Senior Meta Knight, we will be the campeones of this tournament!

Fearless Hero (Hero Version)youtube thumb
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image:171124057271.gif(3.09MB , 640x520 , r42.gif)
>anon-kun isn't confident about his own picks has to resort to call other riggers because he can't do jackshit for them
Talk about lack of enthusiasm
>t. Shirleydiscordfag
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image:171124066928.png(439kB , 640x406 , well_done.png)
Dubs decide who gets a cow launched on them
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image:171124072731.png(1.38MB , 1200x675 , j_jonah_jameson.png)
Ah, another tournament, and you know what that means? Yeah, you do, it means it's time to get the dirt on the sickest criminals around and find out exactly who that crooked menace Spider-Man is! Now, I'm sure you all remember what happened in Mr. /co/ last year, because I do, which means you do, and I'm still mad! Spider-Balls may have dropped that pastebin, but his accomplice is still at large, and I will find him with the help of this West kid. He's gonna be going around interviewing some of you, so tell him everything you know and maybe I'll give out some cash to those who give me the best info! Now get to it, West!
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image:171124079068.jpg(155kB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg)
Oh guys look, it's WUSS in Boots from the Mr /co/ tournament.

C'mon guys, let's all laugh at his fail, shall we?

Yoshi Laughyoutube thumb
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image:171124082216.jpg(535kB , 1920x1080 , Waluigi.jpg)
Let's go already!
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image:171124098433.png(1.24MB , 1004x1474 , 587B7E16-C68E-4F71-A22C-31FC460C428B.png)
want to see something funny?
You seem insanely insecure about this bro, your immediate reaction to this is to cry out to an admin to try and harass people
Also from the wikibros
>Goth Chicks also stirred controversy with their consistent massive blowouts rarey seen in any /co/ tournament having them suspected of rigging. Some anons pointed out how they had the biggest blowout in a /co/ tournament Semi-final match-up yet by 13.7% and how Goth Chicks had a 71.3% blowout against The ЯENAgades! in Quarter-finals, a team that had an over 76% blowout just like Goth Chicks in the round that qualified both teams for Quarter-finals.
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image:171124101063.png(18kB , 635x636 , Illustration.png)
>Hello and Welcome to Aperture Locomotives
Infinity Train - Running Away: Portal 2 Remixyoutube thumb
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image:171124102070.png(74kB , 195x258 , maggie_shaddup.png)
And since when did I consent to that?!
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image:171124102872.jpg(18kB , 332x336 , puss_in_boots_angry_by_cimorellibarneyelmo6_dfd6h1z-fullview.jpg)
Don't you dare insult me with that ridiculous nickname, you burro culo!
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image:171124119170.jpg(22kB , 500x375 , Dickandmutt.jpg)
Don't rush yourself, my lanky purple friend! We have to make sure to rig everyone out so we can stand on top of this poll! It worked last time and it's going to work again!
Cheates always prosper, anon! Isn't that right, Muttley?
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image:171124123143.jpg(122kB , 1600x1000 , shrek-funny-smiling-donkey-sw9ia13zaxm8m7o0.jpg)

Awww I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings?
Don't be mad at me for taking ya back in the past of your biggest lost yet.
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image:171124129623.png(268kB , 614x849 , 791.png)
I am NOT losing at the qualifier again. This time I've got a beautiful big bastard ally trained in gorilla warfare. And I'm not talking ol' Grimesy.
This is HEAVY, the baddest, most ruthless gunner his side of the earth – oh!

...we're, uh – an unstoppable team!
And have we got another situation like that since then?
>The mai-
In here I mean. Because that was like two years ago bro and the vote count hasn't reached that same level as it did because of Temp's fuck up
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image:171124131648.jpg(693kB , 1280x1280 , 937A1992-0426-4F91-B0D6-D8EE543C2BB7.jpeg)
Hopefully this samurai fellow doesn’t disappoint. He seems respectful enough.
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image:171124133245.jpg(7kB , 345x146 , Angry_Cat.jpg)

Mock me again; I fucking dare you!
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image:171124136507.gif(499kB , 500x378 , 074448a979e19f326d32d69824d_125627e3_500.gif)
Monkey dance sambayoutube thumb
>ignoring Dipshit
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image:171124145294.gif(1.23MB , 252x481 , 1517452382019.gif)
Vote for Meme Canon or I'll take away your reddit gold
Ooh Nah Nah - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Dayyoutube thumb
Again, don't bother. TT 2022 killed that guy's grandma and self-eseem in more ways 2021 did it seems. Focus on your teams like I do. Cooking something soon.
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image:171124148212.png(110kB , 635x480 , Meta_Knight_Anime.png)

That's enough Sir Puss, we must not let our enemies distract us. Right now, we must focus on trying get supporters onto our side.
Don't let him get the best of you.
Tell me what makes that them a good team, dipshit
How can't you see how Dipper and Great Mighty Poo belong each other?
>The character famously banned from Mr /co/
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image:171124164003.jpg(18kB , 800x451 , 2-1-e1549111713247.jpg)
I'm on my way, just making sure Chris isn't around.
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image:171124164140.jpg(127kB , 1600x900 , mommyxspinel.jpg)
You and I'll get along,
You and I'll sing this song -
Oh me, this boards in a bind!
You and I'll get along fine~
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image:171124164865.jpg(313kB , 624x813 , 1671849941112.jpg)

If you're interested in reading the storytimes I've made on 4chan, here's the links to the threads!
boards.4chan.org/co/thread/142824758 (1st thread)
boards.4chan.org/co/thread/142832564 (2nd thread)
I am interested on weather or not doomguyanon is here
*sigh* NSA banned him for the stupidest reason, you know. It's the one people drew him raping her.
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image:171124169332.jpg(12kB , 739x415 , Opening.jpeg)
Bob: Okay, Larry. It's time for the theme song.

Larry: Uh, yeah, Bob. What do I do?

Bob: Hmm, let's see! I know! You play the guitar.

Larry: Bob, I don't have any hands.

Bob: Oh, you're right. Well, okay, uh, you play this.

Larry: Oh, I don't want to play that. I'll look silly!

Bob: Oh, come on. It'll be fun.

Larry: Nope. Not going to do it.

Bob: It's for the kids.

Larry: Oh. Okay. But they better not laugh.

Bob: All right. Better get on out there. (Larry walks on the screen with a sousaphone. While he's playing it, Bob appears.)

Bob: If you like to talk to tomatoes
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle...
Have we got a show for you!
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image:171124170342.jpg(48kB , 649x1232 , 4f15d8525597b38e34a5b477ba2189ed.jpg)
So, umm...this is AM. He doesn't really like humans, so you'd probably be cool with him since your not...I guess...
>Erma waves to AM
Oh, and I guess that lady over there with the snake guy is one of the people we should really be against. We lost to her a month ago. Let's hope that doesn't happen again...
>Erma gives Lain a reassuring thumbs up and a hug
Thanks. It's cool that people like you are around.
Reminder the art of King Kong raping NSA's self insert OC was drawn by NSA
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image:171124175626.jpg(73kB , 550x687 , 3d2b1f2447779a6963f080a55f2181f1.jpg)
Ow, we're gonna have so much fun!
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image:171124177183.png(51kB , 250x250 , Ddi2cts-7fd31a5b-d128-41df-893b-24ee7adb5552.png)
Attention voters, my friend has advice you to vote against the Groovy Canine as they will cause problem in this tournament.
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image:171124183519.png(90kB , 350x222 , A97ED5F1-AA6C-4E89-BADA-42D26782A013.png)
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video:171124183921.webm(2.36MB , 960x640 , objection-6120261.webm)
The Japanifornia court is now open for the tournament, but it appears a couple of SISSIES are abusing it already.
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image:171124188097.png(259kB , 800x817 , Kirby_GCN_Kirby_Artwork.png)
Where's Supes, brother?
Come on anon, I don't keep up with tourney lore at all and even I got it in about 10 seconds
Where you belong
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image:171124194590.jpg(81kB , 1417x1080 , sot6n85vkax71.jpg)

Attention voters, my friend has advice you to vote for the Groovy Canines as they're better than two gramps sitting in an old sofa all day long.
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image:171124214551.jpg(43kB , 640x477 , 9510B14B-4CA4-4620-9905-CAE8C5A442CE.jpeg)
MINIONS! your mighty monarch would like to know which one of you nominated me with some red haired Japanese guy
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image:171124222956.gif(254kB , 500x398 , mikumino's.gif)
The Noid and Hatsune Miku have both been used for advertisement of Domino's, so they have actual association. Plus, the fangame Yo! Noid 2 is about how Mike Hatsune wants to replace the Noid with a "Vocanoid", which makes another association.
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image:171124224535.jpg(951kB , 1920x1080 , the-secret-of-kells-aisling.jpg)
Psst everybody listen, I want you to vote for the Divine Wolves for /cov/.
My new friend has been going through troubled times lately ever since she has gotten nothing but disrespect back in a previous tournament.
So I'm here to help her regain that strength from inside her that she has since lost, so what are you waiting for? Vote for us!
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image:171124224807.jpg(140kB , 1280x878 , HBHT.jpg)
Bah! Who needs that green shithead? I oughta blow his fuckin' brains out and bury him in a ditch!
>Easy, Blitz. The fighting hasn't started quite yet. Besides I honestly think it's this Shakara guy who's the real trouble. Probably has a bigger arsenal and a bigger body count.
I fuckin' doubt it! 'Sides, we're doing this for the demons, so naturally we oughta focus on the one that's killin' the demons!
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image:171124226633.jpg(38kB , 1043x525 , getthefuckout.jpg)
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image:171124233158.png(399kB , 1067x754 , Happy_Birthday,_Your_Majesty_(Artwork)_KHIII.png)
Say fellas, did somebody mention the DoorCHAD?
>Inhales the magician.
Why would Hulk Hogan inhale magicians?
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image:171124238471.png(124kB , 316x420 , e361772dd5a42cb55ead6afa7b77be4e.png)
Hey Monarch dude, you weren't late like last time! Let's see if you don't happen to jinx yourself early with that!
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image:171124242187.jpg(176kB , 668x469 , prowler.jpg)
[Insert theme song here.]
Kirby dropped the ability temporarily.
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image:171124255145.jpg(149kB , 1232x1016 , 9406c26d785a5cd819dda9a6aa542827.jpg)
(Waiting for her partner)
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image:171124257359.png(186kB , 1169x309 , lurker_anthem.png)
He should drop it forever.
Based, this better be the Grim team that gets in
Oh fuck I just remembered last time he was doing so good as a silentpick and then jobbed immediately as soon as he showed up
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image:171124285669.jpg(187kB , 720x540 , ThorenSanta.jpg)
Thoren is one of Santa's elves, one of his helpers, and Olaf is literally Santa (In Japan, outside of Japan his beard was change to brown and his Santa hat got replaced). Also, the units in Advance Wars all look like toys, it fits the theme of the team.
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image:171124287670.png(2.70MB , 2880x872 , comic.png)

Check this out guys, I got a nice partner for this thing. She loves to draw as much as I do. We're definitely going to get along perfectly.
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image:171124305012.gif(766kB , 500x384 , SamuraiJack.0.gif)
Personally from what I've read?
gonna spite vote those who are too old and too new
Cumanon !!/T96LOBkiwX
Welcome fellow contestants to the qualifiers. I'm your host in training, cumslut. I see a few of you are already starting to get at each others throats, and the real tournament hasn't even started. Just remember, people. Only 128 teams will be allowed into the brackets and compete in this years /cov/. Do you have what it takes to get in, runners?
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image:171124312716.png(1.27MB , 2880x872 , comic.png)

That's easy for you to say. Meanwhile, I got a weird cooking lady that hardly even speak proper English. Though I admit, she does make some nice meals (just as long as it's not sweets).
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image:171124313457.jpg(10kB , 259x194 , Egg Cheer.jpg)
Move aside! My double timing counterpart and I are through jobbing year after year. This time, we're going straight for the gold. After all, double the doctors means double the trouble for anyone who faces us! Hohoho!
I'm the spitevote and I have decided to spitevote you instead
I don't even get why Grim would be paired with 2B at all, it's not even funny in any way. The Grim Adventures of Grim and Grim is better.
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image:171124322700.jpg(32kB , 747x411 , Goku.jpg)
Cumanon, don't think I've forgotten about you mocking my hero..... I love him.....
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image:171124340310.jpg(132kB , 478x488 , 92da736a3e7527b00da4e84607dbd861.jpg)
Huh, someone has taken notice. A jackchad at that too.
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image:171124341487.png(1.69MB , 2880x872 , comic.png)

I have a really plucky catgal here. She sure talks alot, but I love her determination.
Let's give it our all girls; for the BSC!
I’m especially spitevoting teams who were obviously nominated in bad faith
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image:171124344319.jpg(142kB , 850x1273 , __terra_branford_final_fantasy_and_1_more_drawn_by_yua_666666__sample-d57cd4b5efb1d3b70e8f5dea6904411e.jpg)
Ah, I'm here, apologies for my lateness. So, little one, what do you need?
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image:171124350501.png(213kB , 456x911 , Nicole_Class_of_'09.png)
God, this is so boring. I couldn't bring Jecka to this so I'm stuck with this nerd bitch. This better not be a waste of my time.
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image:171124359585.jpg(11kB , 564x290 , 2fb18f7091af9bab83e649c302200da7.jpg)
It has fallen quiet on my part for far too long, people have begun to doubt my reception in these tournaments despite being an inaugural part in them
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image:171124363524.png(104kB , 726x405 , Chudd-inyourdreams77.png)
I wonder if things will go better this time now that we have another host with us.
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image:171124371357.png(59kB , 312x298 , Dig and Dug.png)
Wrong picture for the Dig Dug team? Should be this >>112407

The picture for Pump It Up is used twice.
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image:171124372763.jpg(198kB , 1344x896 , Spoiler image)
>Heavy being that intimate
Are you totally sure that is Heavy and not some certain judge...
It's alright. That's clearly just post-timeskip Sasha wearing her old uniform.
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image:171124384374.png(158kB , 821x770 , D1VQuQKWwAAAgKn.png)

>Both Claudia and Adeleine are artists.
>Adeleine is a child while Claudia is a babysitter.
>Both have black hair.
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image:171124387788.jpg(89kB , 938x1200 , 82aa372b609520100d99905f6d3102c5.jpg)
So it seems... Hopefully we can make it out of the qualifier rounds once this one ends on a high note and then we'll see what our reputation will be worth when this tournament starts.
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image:171124394246.jpg(131kB , 1021x580 , song-main.jpg)

(She need some help at getting supporters)
save file
image:171124394754.png(676kB , 1080x999 , swordmasters.png)
Be sure to vote for the Sexy Silent Swordmen.
Reminder that anyone that votes for any teams with two men on them is most likely gay.
Grim isn't even all that quiet, sure he's not the most active contestant but he still has a decent amount of support. Even if you want to do a 2B meta team, Chel is a more obvious partner (who also has more support than 2B kek).
Christianity and silly songs.
Cumanon !!/T96LOBkiwX
It's been fixed.
wrong i'm bi
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image:171124418550.jpg(39kB , 219x479 , 20240323_213602.jpg)
God, this is so boring. I couldn't bring Jane to this so I'm stuck with this drug bitch. Say, I sound like someone...oh, gee. Something tells me we're gonna be great partners.
Larry the Cucumber
Can I apply?
I miss your big speeches
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image:171124447604.png(328kB , 942x508 , the red dead redemptions.PNG)
Which one is going to be annoyed to hell and back first?
save file
image:171124448802.jpg(24kB , 564x620 , 02c7e0684deb3dd50adef61bea3308c9.jpg)
In due time, we'll be there and we'll show them the might our swords
Definitively Marston. Arthur has had meetings with equally as annoying people and he's usually just confused most of the time while Marston doesn't have a really nice temper. YOU'RE FUCKING GAY
save file
image:171124462770.png(132kB , 726x407 , Chudd-inyourdreams75.png)
I'm sorry, the teams are only allowed to have two- Wait, aren't you already on a team?
save file
image:171124464686.jpg(908kB , 3425x2280 , Fine_Young_Artists.jpg)

Hello everybody, I hope you are planning to vote for us because this tournament needs some artistic touch!
>Our drawings are the best. Hope you can support us all the way to the end.
save file
image:171124466306.png(412kB , 637x356 , Pure Animals.png)
Both of them could sing their hearts out if their lives depended on it.

...Baby One More Time (feat. Jack Black) (From ''Kung Fu Panda 4''/Soundtrack Versión)youtube thumb
Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Home (Full 2023 Remaster) + Lyricsyoutube thumb

If you want a more serious reason, both are natural fighters who will generally be quite chill until it's time for either to kick some ass. Just seemed like a fun pairing of two guys I felt were due for more attention in the tournaments to boot.
Farquaad speeches were also kino
save file
image:171124487517.png(115kB , 479x360 , Computer_(Courage_the_Cowardly_Dog).png)
So, HateOS, who do we go for first?
>Someone who lacks any sort of power, naturally. We'll start with these three girls. Simple humans. Simple and HATEful. They're no different from the voters playing this game. Aside from their toon heritage, that is...which gives me an idea...
Don't tell me you're gonna ill-spay them with ip-day.
>No, then they'd just die. I wanna torture them for a little while. We're getting seperate thinners.
If you think you can smuggle even one bottle of even just plain thinner into this joint without getting caught, be my guest. I'll do my own thing. The blonde is diabetic so I suppose I'll "sweet" talk her, if you catch my drift.
save file
image:171124488385.jpg(191kB , 1756x1368 , E2bzcYpVgAEag-E.jpg)
Yes John they are gay caballeros
save file
image:171124489965.jpg(69kB , 850x850 , __ayin_project_moon_and_1_more_drawn_by_to_ame_ha_yaiba__sample-8a60f6dd3d9e35f4ae91436c00f690eb.jpg)
This cycle is... different from the last ones, but some variety every now and then is good. It appears that Angela cut a deal with this "Beacon Academy" place too for some extra help, so I'm curious to see as what support they can lend us. Anyway, I need some new hires, so I suppose I should make an announcement that we're hiring. Alright, here goes...

Attention, all those in the Backstreets, Outskirts, Nests, and everything in-between, L Corp is hiring new agents. You do not need any prior experience, and we are an equal-opportunity employer. Anyone will be hired on the spot, no exceptions. Just reply to me and we'll get you a bath and fresh suit in no time. Some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Now, who would like a job?
Larry the Cucumber
Yes, but I'm a better host than you. Can you sing?
I'm not the usual Monarch poster or the other Monarch poster
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image:171124526459.jpg(134kB , 900x900 , john camera.jpg)
Singing? I've done some singing before myself.
Mortis runneryoutube thumb
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image:171124526897.jpg(34kB , 603x612 , b2b1348e919387e25740df1bae75f126.jpg)
Hmm. Perhaps you're not that intolerable after all. If anyone can match my level of cynicism, then they obviously can't be a pushover.
Bob the Tomato
That isn't okay.
Shoot I actually don't know the answer. Mr. /co/ 2022 feels like a distant memory to me.
He’s a monkey who fights Godzilla sometimes
At the beginning god said "let there be homosex"
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image:171124556689.jpg(35kB , 251x277 , Judge Heavy.jpg)
Very definitely. That is Heavy Weapons guy with a degree in jurisdiction.
>King Kong got jobbed out of another tournament
This is not ok
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image:171124557594.jpg(16kB , 261x193 , A1597DDE-BB09-4738-BFEF-65064E599CB9.jpeg)
I don't see any boxers around
save file
image:171124562803.jpg(41kB , 335x466 , 1614284752692.jpg)

Umm guys....I think we have trouble now.
Mr. Chi, I have word that there are n*njas in this tournament!
Is the judge a fat bastard?
King Kong? Jobs to Tito.
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image:171124587308.jpg(126kB , 1280x720 , fizzy faz.jpg)
Which fizzy faz do you pick?
save file
image:171124589926.jpg(27kB , 302x313 , 1614114079710.jpg)

By the looks of it, they seem to want us for whatever reason. I don't really like the sound of that...
save file
image:171124594845.png(678kB , 658x392 , eatingchocolate.PNG)
That's because Mac baby and I are sittin' this one out while we eat our victory chocolate. Though I hear Iron Mike's wanting to dish some punches, and we might be seeing double, ha ha ha!
Ah I forgot about him. Thanks.
King Kong wasn't bodacious and gnarly enough to surf with Funky Kong compared to the absolute unit that is Tito Makani.
save file
image:171124610481.png(180kB , 640x480 , sp-sprite1.png)
One virus. Three rounds. Millions raped... and I was there. My name was Alex Mercer, and my work is about to begin anew.
>Right, you called us for some business you needed to take care of and weren't confident you could handle it alone? We wouldn't expect someone like you to ever know the virtue of humility.
I used to think I was the deadliest weapon ever created by mankind... Until I visited last year's King of /v/. That mysterious virus known only as "The Nigger Buff"...
>The Nigger Buff?
I've seen some horrific things back in the day during the outbreaks, but this... Was worse than anything I could've imagined. So many senselessly raped by that thing... I'm sure it's no coincidence the entity infected by the virus possesses the name Alex, just like the one whose body I inhabit.
>And where is this entity now?
They managed to contain it eventually. But I think that's just because it LET them. I feel it lying dormant, ready to break free and wreck unimaginable havoc at any point. I want to find who's responsible for this and put an end to it, even if I have to beat it out of the hosts' dying bodies. Are you with me?
>SSSURE! If something is threatening the innocents of this city, we'll always be there to protect them!
Well, it looks like before we can uncover the truth, we're gonna need to enter this tournament and go through a bunch of rounds first.
>That works for us! Just more opportunities for questioning! Once we reveal the conspiracy behind all this, even a fraud like Jameson will see what a great reporter we might have been! And who knows... We have a feeling we might even stumble upon Parker's sorry face here!
Have fun along the way. But remember that in the end, I will be the one to kill that entity and absorb its power.
>And you should remember that we will work with you only as long as you don't hurt any INNOCCCCENTS!
I've absorbed countless people's memories. No one is truly innocent.
>Pointless semantics! We hate that! Let's just get this prelude out of the way and get to asking questions and EATING BRAINSSSS!

(Vote for "Symbiotic Parasitism" to help Alex and Eddie discover the horrifying truth behind The Nigger Buff!)
no I wasn't the one who nominated the Alex and Jimmy team
save file
image:171124612323.png(111kB , 724x407 , Chudd-istink20.png)
I'm a quiz show host, not a singer! However, I like your energy.
save file
image:171124612389.jpg(208kB , 1123x1497 , 0595B6B5-E5C7-4DEA-92D8-325E1F2E741C.jpeg)
it seems some are here, hopefully they'd be wiped out before Round 1!
that brawn for brains boxer couldn't even take out a weak French man, he's no threat to me
save file
image:171124612413.jpg(51kB , 332x510 , 1614360870967.jpg)

Whatever that weird computer is, he better not move any further, or he'll taste the power of the BSC.
save file
image:171124620058.png(748kB , 1362x571 , Zach_and_Bobby_Apocalypse_Genki.png)
Z: Welcome tournament fans to the first (real) installment of THE /cov/ TOURNAMENT! Bobby, tell us what this tournament is about, I'm sure people would like to know as this is the first time this is taking place!
B: Well Zach, instead of being like the Tag-Team tournament with teams of cartoon and comic characters or Co-op with teams of video game characters, it's a mix of both. Like those, this consists of 128 teams of two, one character originating from cartoons or comics and the other from video games, fighting 1v1 matches where anything is allowed to get the votes of the audience and ultimately win!
Z: This certainly seems interesting, it's not everyday that characters from these two mediums get to interact! I'm curious on how this will turn out, because I have no clue!
B: Me neither. What I do know is that our Professor Genki is back trying to qualify once again.
Z: I don't think he's quite happy to failed to qualify back in Co-op! Who is his teammate this time around?
B: A certain Heloise, a girl coming from Miseryville-
Z: Is that what we're calling Steelport now?
B: No, while living in Steelport might feel like Hell, Miseryville is literally Hell. The ruler of that place is Lucifer, who also owns Misery Inc., the company that exists to make everyone in that city miserable. Heloise is the head of R&D in that company; don't let her appearance fool you, this girl knows he stuff when it comes to torturing people.
Z: Not the first time Genki visited Hell. That explains why the Professor got her to be on his team, imagine what dangerous and lethal games those two will come up with; I wouldn't want to be the one against them!
B: We'll have to see who is unlucky enough to face them, if anyone. Who knows if Genki will qualify? It's up to the fans to decide who gets in, so let's sit back and see who the audience wants to see!
save file
image:171124638488.jpg(282kB , 1421x1742 , c40b2379148598a81126605d1d933b9d.jpg)
Hmm, ah, I know! How about we read some stories? I look after children like you, and I got this storybook recently called Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and all the kids seem to love it.
I heard Alex and Jimmy found out that most contestants excluding Jetstream Sam and Sticks have 500gb of cp on their hard drives.
save file
image:171124661037.png(1.01MB , 900x1514 , hahahahale.png)
Wrong, it's 500gb of vsh.
Jimmy Gourd
Quiz show? Is the prize food?
save file
image:171124677091.gif(156kB , 500x333 , Hxe3.gif)
>Samus has to rely on Bubba Feet of all people to stand a chance against us
5CP is fun, but I like Attack/Defend and Payload more.
save file
image:171124717696.jpg(1.73MB , 1267x2000 , d6f86e217a54231dd4c15b91d6be5962.jpg)
City? Virus? Ah, I see you two also live in this awful place. Maybe we can be of use to each other. I can gather any info you need, and you two can work in my facility. Do we have a deal?
Dig Dug and Pump It Up's photos are mixed up
save file
image:171124741013.png(144kB , 725x405 , Chudd-quizatori17.png)
No, the prize was never food. Like this tournament, there is no physical prize for winning, but the fun of participating is a prize of its own!
>he likes gayload
save file
video:171124761657.webm(2.61MB , 1000x538 , 1660599478130.webm)
Frostmourne is such a peculiar weapon... Would you mind holding it for a bit, Arthas?
Mr. Lunt
Can I participate?
save file
image:171124785467.jpg(34kB , 900x900 , Alex_yiik~2.jpg)
save file
image:171124801045.png(122kB , 975x700 , triangular might mangle ya.png)
The best game mode is Territorial Control, and nothing compares.
save file
image:171124842434.png(1.64MB , 1920x1080 , Comfortizing.png)
Another of these tournament, no one will be able to be stressed with me around, you're all going to be relaxed and ready for when this truly begins!
Cozy Coffee Shop Ambience with Soft Jazz Music ☕ Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music to Working, Unwindyoutube thumb

The Comforter is obviously all about comfort, while Izana is about leisure (having parties, relaxing, enjoying yourself in general), hence the team name. Too many teams end up acting like tournaments are a job or a life or death situation, you should remember to take it easy.
save file
image:171124845938.png(519kB , 1263x542 , AlexEyes.png)
You monster... Once I find out what you are and come to kill you, no amount of gets will save you!
save file
image:171124847141.jpg(22kB , 382x336 , DkMTaGiWwAAqNda.jpg)
The Honorable King Dedede Here! Not only here to remind you to vote for me but to also have you guys give yourself a fighting chance! Give me a reason to vote for you! I don't care if it's the most miniscule thing you can think of! Give me one good reason for me to vote for ya! If you don't not only are you gonna feel muh Hamma but you'll also get kicked out of this here tourney! So what are you waiting for! Tell me why I need to vote you for that them brackets!
save file
image:171124883882.jpg(175kB , 833x374 , bobcats2jpg.jpg)
Here it is, Bonkers! The ol' meet-n-greet, the pageant, the big-time! Ain't life grand?
>More like the small-time, they have more of these quirky little side gigs than I have spots
So I can chalk this up as my humble beginnings before King /v/! Start bringin' even more of the public 'round to Team Bubsy by showing how many fans love me! I can see the video essays already! Bubsy: A Misunderstood Gaming Masterpiece. (...Now I just need a 'few' extra votes, and I know just how to get 'em... heheheh…)
>You're not the only one who's been looking forward to strutting his stuff. Where there's ballots, there are ballot stuffers. And where there's ballot stuffers, there'll be... me! No rigger is safe from the stretchy toon arm of the law!
Hold the payphone! You're a COP?
>That's what the badge means, my digital counterpart. I'm gonna stake this place out, real vigilant-like. Maybe get some of the roster to rat on each other. If I bust some dirty vote fraudster, I might impress Lucky, or the Sarge!
Let's not get ahead of ourselves! L-like you said, smaller scale tourney, so it's much smaller scale crime, crime for ants! No need for any investigation or arrests or... trips to the slammer. A little rigging is no big deal, haha, right?
>Real officers never turn a blind eye to corruption, Bubsy! Why are you so sweaty? I trust you're keeping your nose clean. What with you being my team mate after all.
Yup that's me, squeaky clean, Mr. Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Conning a tournament when my partner in crime is a boy in blue? Gee, wouldn't that be boneheaded...
>That's the spirit!
Thanks, bobcats gotta stick together!
>No, that spirit with the crown on! I'm gonna check out that fat ghost guy, the one with those shifty glowing eyes. I could get some veeery juicy leads.
Sure, you go get 'em tiger, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? (...Other than getting stuck with a cop on my tail, ain't that purrfect! I ought to lawyer up in case Columbo over there gets wise, any takers who accept cheque? Can't I ever catch a break...)
save file
image:171124903846.gif(423kB , 500x370 , harvey gangman.gif)
Phoenix Wright and Harvey Birdman are both really fun and entertaining characters who fit the tournaments perfectly with the variety of situations they get into in their source materials. Both also tend to be the straightmen while still being weird and goofy on occasions. Capcom made a Harvey Birdman game that played like the Ace Attorney series so they have that connection too.
save file
image:171124904626.png(130kB , 726x406 , Chudd-amusementpark9.png)
Not in the tournament itself, but you and everybody else will be able to take any quizzes me, Earl and Chuck will come up with during the tournament!.. That is, if we qualify...
save file
image:171124908878.jpg(33kB , 679x465 , 6350720c264e1ffaa77506df853297de.jpg)

save file
image:171124911024.png(156kB , 680x462 , w2ktdhmt2nda1.png)
Alex, you and I are very much alike. Why would you want to kill me?
Honestly, I can't think of any other /co/ partner for Samus. Maybe Jenny since they're both inaugural winners, but I don't think they have anything else going for them.
save file
image:171124929419.jpg(7kB , 221x228 , Mr. Lunt.jpeg)
I'll be waiting.
save file
image:171124936295.jpg(440kB , 595x842 , aisling paintingsmall.jpg)

Both Aisling and Amaterasu are divine beings that acts as guardians with wolf forms. At first, I have trouble finding a /v/ partner for Aisling until the aftermath of the infamous 2023 Queen and I just know that Ammy would be a perfect partner for Aisling.
Why was the entire previous E8, including the winners, allowed?
Because Temp fucked up the last tourney.
save file
image:171124959259.jpg(186kB , 1361x1361 , 4702c9b4cc8be3da6e8fcb6d84b6df2c.jpg)

Hi Dedede, would you be kind enough to support the Young Fine Artists? This tournament need fun artists.
There has been no previous E8.
Shakara is gonna get carried by Doom Guy so hard
save file
image:171124976170.png(353kB , 536x762 , sarge2.png)
Only WAR?! Now this is a true soldier!
I'm voting for Tropical and Orange even though I only care about Rayman
save file
image:171124983603.gif(2.40MB , 352x352 , winnie-the-pooh-tigger.gif)
Vote for the Tiger Kings!
Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger | The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers | Disney Sing-Alongyoutube thumb
You mean Charlie.
save file
image:171124999237.png(1.14MB , 1700x1600 , 8144ef231ea588f56ff6f1a49918d216.png)
>Extremely similar characters both aesthetically and conceptually (Multidimensional stick limbed triangle gods who love violence and chaos)
>At the same time contrast well with YV being a vulgar and loud MLG gangsta and Bill being a sly and deceptive yet classy deal maker
>Asston of crossover art of them together
>Best characters of their respective series
>Extremely easy to make OC for
>Also Nuclear Throne needs more love especially in the context of the tournaments
TriangleGODS are going to rule this tournament
Nuclear throne - Y.V. Mansion Theme (CC lyrics)youtube thumb
Larry the Cucumber
Charlie must be defeated.
save file
image:171125017837.png(1.72MB , 1920x1080 , ComforterSmile.png)
There is no need to be upset, you will relax.
Plok! A Line in the Sand (Beach)youtube thumb
save file
image:171125018425.png(109kB , 986x1231 , dewfjtx-4eaea2f4-4200-475b-bb68-d76b60d937d7.png)
>instigated most of the boss fights
>genocided an entire race because they trespassed on my turf
It's not the enemy theme
It's MY theme
Bubkers by beloveds
save file
image:171125034375.jpg(67kB , 409x553 , 0b59f853f3127a5dc5a3c44d2760b059.jpg)
Lobotomy Corporation? We've heard of it, your place is about as shady as it gets. Countless employees gone missing, mysterious incidents caused... And those "Grimm" your buddy hunts look an awful lot like USSS!

That said... If anyone should know something about a mysterious destructive virus, it's someone like you people! So for the sake of the greater good, maybe we'll turn a blind eye to your exploits for now and help you out for whatever info we can gain!
save file
image:171125037571.gif(247kB , 576x480 , JohnBook.gif)
Seconding. No hellspawn should make it past qualifiers, especially someone related to that big red SISSY.
save file
image:171125048297.jpg(284kB , 768x768 , King_Boo.jpg)
Well, well,well! Look who we have here! It isn't Luigi and that hippie dude from EarthBound! What do you think Space Ghost? Do we give them a slow and painful death or do we kill them without them knowing what hit them in the first place?
save file
image:171125056954.png(637kB , 1067x640 , BertramPose.png)
Sarge is the leader of the army of green plastic soldiers, all of them being generic army men. The Lancer unit is also a generic army man (a one-man army, even), and the best character of all of the Fire Emblem franchise. A generic army is still an army.
Zim and Crypto is such a good team holy shit
save file
image:171125066943.png(434kB , 1058x1078 , Screen-Shot-2022-04-20-at-2.30.43-PM.png)
>I don't know about this Phoney; are you sure you can trust that guy?
Exactly, he's my ticket to championship. There's no way we are gonna lose this.
>This Papyrus guy is massive egoist who brags non-stop about he's better than his brother. He's flamboyant and a huge show-off Kinda think of it, he does remind me a bit like you.
What are you talkin about Fone?
>I'm starting to realize why you choose him in the first place. You guys have serious vanity problems.
Oh screw you, I have no time for your judgments; I gotta tournament to win here.
save file
image:171125074295.gif(405kB , 650x500 , 343451_icebreak23_lady-bow.gif)
Already in a one-way ticket to jobbersville.
save file
image:171125078662.png(259kB , 800x817 , Kirby_GCN_Kirby_Artwork.png)
Supes is late, it seems.
save file
image:171125079863.png(123kB , 307x653 , OzpinProfilePic.png)
As some of you may already be aware, the sponsor supporting my continuous struggle against the creatures of Grimm has been going through some hard times recently. Luckily, my friend Ayin at L Corp was generous enough to lend me a temporary place at his facility to continue the fight. However, we may still need you. There are plenty of malicious forces gathered in this place right now, and with your support, we hope to contain and manage as many as possible. Be sure to enlist under the "Anything For The Future" project in the form you've all been given to join our program and receive first-class training on how to handle yourself against all sorts of evil under our guidance. Remember: our knowledge can only take us so far. It is up to you to take the first step.
Ayin, I'm sure you know these individuals are as dangerous as some of the worst abnormalities in your facility. I'm assuming you have a backup plan in case things go south? If nothing else, the knowledge gained from experimenting on them could be immense. I am curious to find out if the God of Light's magic is effective against the black-and-blue creature...
save file
image:171125087457.jpg(168kB , 1280x720 , Bluto Kong.jpg)
It was a mix of both being deserved classics and their surprising amount of ties together.
>Mario was directly inspired by Popeye, and Nintendo even got to actually develop an official Popeye game a couple years after Donkey Kong came out
>both are among the first icons in their respective mediums
>both regularly power up via consumables (spinach and mushrooms)
>each are well-known for having to save a fine damsel from a monstrous brute
>both have specialized in labor-heavy jobs over the years
>both have served in the military (though Popeye unsurprisingly has more history with it)
>each has a very distinct set of speech patterns

I was open to a Mickey team-up if people were pushing for it, but there seemed to be a solid consensus to just let him represent Kingdom Hearts. I would actually call Mario almost a mix of these two cartoon icons, but still leaned on the Popeye pairing.
save file
image:171125094089.jpg(7kB , 216x216 , Arthaspaladin1.JPG.jpg)
I sure wouldn't. I must avenge the people of Stratholme, even if my soul depends on it! The light will see that we make it through. But first, we have to face Mal'ganis' minions...
save file
image:171125097381.jpg(58kB , 434x578 , HHale.jpg)
Smissmas in July is just a good name, so I went with it. Saxton is still the owner of Mannco. and HH will advertise Mannco.'s products, so it isn't terrible. With all the other TF2 teams, they probably won't get in, though.
Still bummed you weren't in the Mario movie
save file
image:171125107816.jpg(64kB , 1280x720 , Spoiler image)
Actually, he got a non-speaking cameo, as seen by- GOOD GRIEF, HE'S NAKED!
Bruh this nigga look ugly as hell
save file
image:171125112320.jpg(18kB , 640x480 , space ghost confused.jpg)
Uh, what? I don't care about those two! I have celebrities to interview! That's way more important than some guy with a vacuum cleaner and a hippie who eats too much!
...you wouldn't happen to be pregnant, are you?
That's Miyamoto's fault isn't it, like the blue toad instead of Toadsworth
What drugs does to a motherfucker
save file
image:171125120321.jpg(140kB , 1102x2048 , ToadsworthArt.jpg)
At least there's the TTYD remake...
save file
image:171125126853.jpg(68kB , 768x768 , det0gat-6e1e3c27-f319-41e4-b8fb-7721a73a366f.jpg)
It's a decent canon pairing, and I feel like Ragna's (at this point) experienced character would probably bounce off well with Ruby as a sort of mentor type. Especially since his appearance runs very counter to what he actually is.
Ragna/Ruby English Dub Intro (Higher Quality) - BlazBlue Cross Tag Battleyoutube thumb
save file
image:171125128549.jpg(320kB , 705x767 , __alex_mercer_prototype_drawn_by_royalcat__e46bdf9adc2ddd1bee1e3b48046df864.jpg)
Shut up, Alex! I may have blood on my hands, but I never raped my enemies for sport like you! Rance's screams still echo in my ears to this day...
Someone actually did concept art with the Luigi's Mansion design, but at the same time they've been pushing the other design in everything all the way back to the Gamecube days. They DID let it out once as a costume in Mario Kart Tour, yet to add insult to injury Luigi's Mansion King Boo ranks as one of the worst drivers in that game's history. Hell, it was so bad that he became the FIRST premium driver that most of the playerbase agreed was bad.

As for Toadsworth, I actually think Nintendo hates him specifically for some reason.
save file
image:171125139204.jpg(60kB , 827x766 , 4zx4rv.jpg)
Now that Leon is busy with Chris, I guess it's a good time as any to do a patrol just in case there's anyone doing crime.
Glad to see another fellow police officer around these parts, and glad you're taking this job so seriously. Keep up the good work Officer Bonkers, let's make sure we can catch all the riggers.
Blue Mist, Zoo Police Department, and Super Monkey Balls seemed fun. Majority of these are fine being left out.
save file
image:171125160146.png(81kB , 480x233 , minecraft without gadget.png)
save file
image:171125160459.png(1.70MB , 1080x1350 , LegsToy.png)
Two things that aren't normally alive but secretly are? One is a toy and the other is from a video game, both things you play with? It just makes sense, even if it's a pretty farfetched team. I think their team name is clever, too.
I thought about pairing Legs with a fisherman of some sort, but
I Am Bread OST - Kitchen Musicyoutube thumb
All literal fodder, except You've Got To Be Kidding
save file
image:171125161730.jpg(86kB , 850x1202 , __ayin_project_moon_and_1_more_drawn_by_msx_mis4xi__sample-c11ac99282b728e6e8cec2bcd62aedac.jpg)
I assure that L Corp is a clean company, merely doing what is right. Now, thank you for your assistance. You seem to have high fortitude and prudence, which will be very helpful. With the right E.G.O., you could even work with WhiteNight.
Don't worry, I have multiple agents outfitted with ALEPH-tier E.G.O., including the Apocalypse Bird's. We could have an Arbiter invade and still be fine. I've learned since the last time that happened.
save file
image:171125163348.png(1.11MB , 1500x1500 , doof-1590490321.png)
Because with the formation of the Criminals of Offensive Villainy (also known as C.O.V.), my /v/ counterpart and I will soon be able to take over /cov/ and the Tri-State Area after a successful victory!

But aside from that, if you really think about it, Albert was the most likely to sympathize with my cause. I mean, we're both brilliant labcoat-wearing inventors, givers of extravagant speeches to whoever may be listening, have a resentful upbringing that molded us into the evil do'ers we are today, and are continuously foiled by small blue-clad arch-enemies. See, I would go over to Ivo to increase my chances, but he hasn't been able to return my calls lately. I wonder if it had anything to do with me repeatedly knocking on his door in the midst of my Christmas caroling.
save file
video:171125173271.webm(3.43MB , 854x480 , 『Fate⧸Grand Order』×『Thunderbolt Fantasy』— Collaboration Special (English Subs) [2gaC4jDvRTw]-[04.00.474-04.33.140]-audio.webm)
Taiwanese puppets are cool, albeit rule bending
Also Fate continously gets fucked in main /v/ tournaments due to gacha association, but if you involve puppets they go firmly back to the "classic" territory pre-gacha. Considering the writer.
Also sort of canon pairing where they work decently together.
Did Garcian Smith and Grim get paired together
I just think it's funny Greg Eagles voiced two killer characters, one an assassin and one actual death
I wasn't gonna let Grim be paired with 2B, so I nominated him with another Grim. It's the same character without literally being the same character.
They didn't, but Grim got nominated with the Grim Reaper from The Sims, and 2B for some reason.
save file
image:171125199400.jpg(147kB , 930x769 , KingTheDice.jpg)
Hellooooo folks!

This is your one and truly, King Dice here and joining me in this tournament is the boogieman himself, Oogie-Boogie.

Listen here fellow betters; if you place all your bets on Spooky and Hellish Gamble, you'll be promised a huge reward at the end once we win this game. A huge jackpot that you can't avoid.

Good luck out there folks!
I wish I could've thought of someone to pair Slugcat from Rain World with
save file
image:171125219425.jpg(14kB , 498x498 , P03smug.jpg)
No Leshy, no teammate to get in my way, this is going to be easy.
save file
image:171125225525.jpg(173kB , 1280x737 , 4373563F-3096-4E51-B057-8366C416541E.jpeg)
so you're a fellow evil ruler kind of guy? me likey me likey
save file
image:171125244633.jpg(75kB , 1280x720 , 5A7C7BC2-75ED-40FF-BAFE-7572EE7BD800.jpeg)
both are blonde haired, sunglasses wearing, macho men that love women, both would hand out and hit on chicks
save file
image:171125250899.jpg(51kB , 640x487 , 1711162202522.jpg)
I'm really trying to limit myself to a handful of favourites and not essentially just voting for everyone but there's so many fucking good teams I'd love to see on the bracket
save file
image:171125293690.png(629kB , 640x887 , Untitled2_20240217120921.png)
Alex, Rance raped for fun. I simply raped the rapist. What happened to him is simply karma. His screams were a symphony of irony I loved every single moment of this.
what kind of tournament is this
save file
image:171125311094.jpg(173kB , 900x715 , genkiart8.jpg)
I explained it a bit in the Zach & bobby post, but
Professor Genki is a crazy, anime-like murdercat, the guy loves murder and even has shows that revolve around murder and destruction. Heloise isn't quite at that level (kid's show and all) but still loves torture and overall not being a good person. Torture and murder go hand in hand, resulting in this being a very psycho team while not looking as such. Also, Heloise has a superhero form in Trouble Bubble Girl which is also anime-like and somewhat fits with the Genki Girls. Miseryville is just Hell and Genki does appear in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, but that doesn't really matter to the team.
save file
image:171125315361.jpg(6kB , 255x198 , images.jpg)

Both Max and Parappa:
>Are dogs
>Are from the 90s
>Like to sing and dance
>Have music that embodies the pop culture of the 1990s era
>Trying to impress their love interests through dancing
>Are upbeat and cool
Alex and Jimmy represent the fun of characters in tournaments.
save file
image:171125346472.jpg(903kB , 2347x3386 , ayin on the job.jpg)
Manager is currently hard at work inspecting this new "Grimm" abnormality that was contained recently.
save file
image:171125355583.jpg(75kB , 1078x605 , Twinkle_Stars.jpg)
Ich weiß, dass wir hoch zu den Sternen fliegen können. Bitte zeigen Sie uns beiden, dass Sie bereit sind, uns zu unterstützen.
>Did you hear that? Vote for Twinkle Stars so we can soar across the stars.
save file
image:171125367421.jpg(190kB , 1410x957 , 1524052969739.jpg)
Wait, you're actually serious about running this? I assumed this was just a funpost nomination. I wasn't planning to campaign for Ruby this time but maybe I'll help you if your team outlives the Oz/Ayin team.
save file
image:171125374174.jpg(41kB , 479x524 , DE3F348A-A8B1-4B22-B5BD-CBC44AB2AFE1.jpeg)
actually the only contestant with "cheese pizza" stored within their hard drive was the person I was pointing towards
save file
image:171125379031.gif(3.58MB , 498x280 , Ragna Astral.gif)
I didn't really go into /cov/ with a plan, so I'm just having 3 or so teams as my priorities right now. I really like Ragna and I'm familiar with RWBY up to Vol 3, so they're on my table. Run with me if you want to, if they end up passing.
save file
image:171125383490.png(64kB , 640x519 , Noid_Angry_b.png)
The only contestant with WHAT?!
save file
image:171125393157.png(95kB , 297x644 , What Faith.png)
This is why I never trust the church.
save file
image:171125416100.png(4kB , 384x512 , DeadlySeven.png)
A bit sad that the Deadly Seven (and the Things) failed to be nominated, could have been fun.
save file
image:171125418175.jpg(95kB , 638x251 , 1450392150798.jpg)
You know what this tournament reminds me of, Zach? That's right, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the 1998 film starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro. It starts out normal enough about a journalist trying to write about a motorcycle in Las Vegas, but it quickly derails into insane, drug-addled adventures all across the city. At the same time, it commentates on the counterculture movement of the 1960s and how things could've been improved. It was a very polarizing movie, not unlike another favorite movie of ours, that's right, Blue Velvet by David Lynch. That saved his career after the blunder that was the 1984 Dune movie. Boy, what a mess that ended up being.
save file
image:171125421142.jpg(79kB , 640x360 , alex-2-006.jpg)
You're wrong, Alex! Even if he deserved that, you still rape for fun! An entity as dangerous as you cannot be allowed to walk free...
Jimmy is clearly pointing at Alex
save file
image:171125441261.png(1.39MB , 2000x2500 , Helluva Hounds.png)
Made a drawing for Roxanne and Loona. These girls just want to have fun!
Good luck to everybody! Personally, I'm going to have fun watching the hijinks of /co/ and /v/ intertwine, I want to see how this plays out. I'll a bit tourney-d out right now and likely not do too much this time around so the Snakeposter can relax himself.
Now heroes of /a/? THAT'S the one I'm going all-in on if it happens.
save file
image:171125454580.jpg(144kB , 900x493 , de69cc_6376842.jpg)
Also both franchises are basically dead (RoosterTeeth is dead, Mori is gone/(possibly) fired from ArcSys), so they fit beyond just being red protagonists with an official crossover.
Also they've got good (cheesy) music
Rebellion L.A. Vocal (HQ)youtube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=yz8lllwvVaUyoutube thumb
save file
image:171125455371.png(142kB , 600x338 , 657s0n-4005061237.png)
Dune 1984 shouldn't be considered a blunder, I love that beautiful piece of shit
>Alex is into pederasty
Yikes! No longer supporting this disgusting team.
Bob the Tomato
I don't know who that Alex guy is.
save file
image:171125474121.png(180kB , 400x400 , role reversal.png)
Haha! That looks pretty good, Loonanon. Yeah me as well I'm not doing a lot with SFM this time around, although I can probably try something with Leon and Judy later. I'm already satisfied after the Co-op tournaments, still that's a pretty good OC.
A Tag-team /a/ even!
save file
image:171125478292.png(2.29MB , 1273x975 , 1570843028877.png)
>recognize 99% of the /co/ characters
>recognize less than 1% of the /v/ characters
/v/bros... Why do we love literal whos so much?
/co/ always had a ton of legacy stuff topping the brackets while /v/'s is always interspersed with tons of indie and new stuff. /co/ is also known for being a very nostalgia-centric board, at least in terms of the tournaments, while /v/ is decidedly more into indie stuff.
For me, it's the other way around.
I can get over half or even 3/4ths, but there's still plenty of pretty recognizable video game picks here unless you're a huge casual towards them.
save file
image:171125495967.jpg(73kB , 700x700 , FIuyxzHUYAAcC3f.jpg)
Well after all what's the loyalty of witches to the loyalty of comrades at arms?
save file
image:171125496629.jpg(11kB , 199x253 , Elyon_Brown.jpg)
We have fall from the top, but we can get back up again.
>We lost our powers, but we can get it back.
We lost everyone's trust on us, but we can regain it.
>They took everything from us, but we can fight back.
Vote for Fallen Royals
>We can restore everything that we lost.
save file
image:171125497421.jpg(354kB , 1978x1839 , 1710470409763025.jpg)
>RoosterTeeth is dead
My company ended up worse than that
save file
image:171125512153.png(1.55MB , 2560x1440 , Untitled1_20240212151220.png)
Why shouldn't I rape? If I rape these people, I prevent future rapists in the making. I'm doing more for this world than you ever could, but you're calling me the virus. I think you're the one trying to infect the world and make it worse.
What teams or individual characters are we surprised didn't get nominated?
save file
image:171125524759.gif(1.86MB , 498x258 , amphibia-azulanne-boonchuy.gif)
Check the loyalty of these fists bitch.
a good one
Alex would never prey on children unlike the priests above him.
save file
video:171125541860.webm(3.80MB , 640x360 , BBCT Perfect True Ending subbed [FwS2vsJveAM]-[03.04.299-04.06.566]-audio.webm)
But I'd still argue Blazblue is in a worse position.
>Fighting game part of the series ends
>gets two VNs taking place way way in the past of the series
>creator wants to make a gacha, lands in development hell, when it comes out it's way behind
>shuts down within a year
>creator of the franchise either leaves or is forced to leave
>franchise is left on the burner at the whims of the guy who's handling Guilty Gear
Idea: For the people who are more privy to /co/ than /v/ and vice versa, give a basic synopsis of who both your teams characters are
a bad one
A mid one.
save file
image:171125554958.png(308kB , 609x615 , creepku.png)
ANNE! It looks like Sasha wants us to train her again! Isn't that exicting, Anne?!
save file
image:171125558842.jpg(20kB , 405x405 , Spoiler image)
dead tournament
Bob the Tomato
I'm a tomato, not a priest.
save file
image:171125568613.png(121kB , 356x355 , kingboos.png)
What are you talking about?! I'm not freaking pregnant dude! This is just water weight! In fact, it's a sign of my immeasurable POWER that is contained inside me!
I'm fairly certain the only RWBY teams which aren't funposts are Ruby's and Oz's.
>I'm familiar with RWBY up to Vol 3
And that's just about everything RWBY that's worth getting familiar with, so you're in good hands.
Ok fatass
you're getting paired with libby btw
Jimmy says otherwise, not voting for them now.
So you admit you prey on children then
Got a feeling this team is going to be a sleeper hit, no pun intended.
save file
image:171125592268.png(41kB , 200x200 , 1664687527750538.png)
>Black cats with swords
Finally! An attractive team!
save file
image:171125593019.jpg(73kB , 630x1200 , azulascended.jpg)
I'm excited to win as BETTER GOKU'S.
If I can, I'll try to get whoever they're against in Sims 4.
save file
image:171125608352.png(185kB , 477x403 , acceptng death.png)
Oh no... they've got a drawing... it's over. The finale is going to be Helluva Hounds vs. Texas Twosome (they have funny YTPs). Only Hexanon could stop them now if he were here.
Nice drawing btw
save file
image:171125612710.jpg(17kB , 324x289 , c60 (2).jpg)
This, so much this. I wouldn't last 10 seconds with them.
save file
image:171125615652.png(156kB , 362x259 , $0.png)
Fucking kek, I can't believe the Redditbob team actually got nominated.
I really want to see where that one goes
Bob the Tomato
I don't even have a girlfriend.
It's always gacha...
Edgeworth, Spider-Man, calm yourselves
save file
image:171125628845.png(327kB , 640x480 , Grim(notgrim).png)
>grim post
save file
image:171125632503.jpg(72kB , 900x900 , kagemad.jpg)
If you're going to post a useful nigger, then post a useless one too.
save file
image:171125634853.jpg(827kB , 1242x678 , 26E0E907-30F8-4D1E-93C0-E41FA9DA0A86.jpeg)
because this happened
Just like most pedophiles
save file
image:171125636512.png(84kB , 489x468 , 53.png)
Not even King Boo deserves that
save file
image:171125648755.jpg(88kB , 956x720 , planet of hollywood.jpg)
Oh, well, that's good. Now, tell me a bit more about that Satan guy who seems to hate you and your skeleton friend so much. Is it true he's scared of lawyers?
My sides would explode if they actually did well
save file
image:171125663412.jpg(53kB , 685x567 , intredasting.jpg)
>King Boo in canon
>Loses to Luigi, a character wearing Green who uses the inhalation of gas (Vacuum cleaner)
>King Boo in meme roleplay tournaments
>Could win with Libby, a character wearing Green who uses the exhalation of gas (Nacho bloat burping fetish roleplay with Jackieschizo)
It's like, poetic or something
save file
image:171125663685.gif(755kB , 540x407 , tumblr_oeo7zf381q1rvxid3o1_540 (1).gif)
You're so right Snake. Worst thing about it, there's nothing we could do. Better pray we lose sooner rather than later. I can't handle the suffering anymore.
I agree that is a really nice drawing.
>I really want to see where that one goes
Nowhere, most likely.
save file
image:171125666267.png(465kB , 633x816 , Spoiler image)
In what universe is Blake useful? Also please explain "useless fucking nigger."
Larry the Cucumber
Well, I have a girl…I mean, friend named Petunia Rhubarb.
save file
image:171125673035.jpg(8kB , 200x313 , udqbufgvnlxa1.jpg)
She could join in too. More black cats on my dick, the better.
Kino... maybe even ludo... I must vote for them now.
save file
image:171125681738.jpg(17kB , 300x168 , 606099D7-9A5E-4F82-838D-750BB10E8BFC.jpeg)
Hey Heavym'n how's it feel being paired up in two teams?
>what do you mean?
I've been seeing you hang out with some blonde haired girl and that form (that I definitely did not rig hundreds of votes in) says you're in a team with her so what gives?
>Heavy haven't seen any blonde haired girls around, only blonde I've seen was man in steel suit with blonde wig
oh I get it now, this is one of those things where multiple of you are in the same team but you don't acknowledge it
>multiple? are you saying Heavy has clones
either that or hundreds of identical twins
save file
image:171125684039.jpg(44kB , 681x383 , Puss-In-Boots-The-Last-Wish.jpg)
These fools, they wouldn't appreciate the amazing skills of an espade-gato.
>Don't let glumness take full control of you, Sir Puss. Your glory will shine once again.
Yes Señor Meta Knight, but I must think of a way to take the power back. Anything will be fine.
save file
image:171125686055.png(730kB , 640x800 , Ragna the Sufferer.png)
It's decidedly in-character for Ragna to suffer as much as possible. Aside from gag endings, he's basically stuck in a timeloop that he has to solve until he gets to the end where he's erased from everyone's memory and from the world so that they can live on in a world of infinite possibility.
Team 2x4-tress was the best Heavy team.
…in the losing tournament
save file
image:171125711018.png(2kB , 1280x720 , 1280px-HD_transparent_picture.png)
Not anymore!
All the Heavy teams are losing, so yeah.
save file
save file
image:171125734246.png(20kB , 111x180 , 111px-Rosie_PC.png)
Hello guys, anyone wanna talk to me?
I just love to share secrets with others!
save file
image:171125735856.png(168kB , 1432x714 , balanced niggers.png)
It's a King of /v/ joke related to cats, specifically the Judge from OFF, who ends up being a useless companion in the game and tries stopping the Batter near the end of the game, and Cheshire is the more useful of the two so she's the useful fucking nigger. Kageaki was thrown in with them because of his obsession with balance.
save file
image:171125735930.jpg(25kB , 640x708 , tsr9yvnyrte41.jpg)
Still doesn't explain how Blake is supposed to be useful you nonce
save file
image:171125762355.gif(1.58MB , 400x226 , old snake.gif)
I hope we're out of this tournament soon, how could we compete against a drawing and YTPs? It's unwinnable... the only thing that could make this even more gloomy is if Helluva Hounds got TWO drawings.
Larry the Cucumber
save file
image:171125798237.jpg(59kB , 1080x600 , scale.jpeg)
Oh my God... Just when I thought this tournament was unwinnable already. Somehow, this can be even worse. Imagine if the Texas Twosome actually posted some of their YTPs here. I didn't think we could have negative chances but here we are.
save file
image:171125803467.jpg(563kB , 2940x1540 , average kageaki romance.jpg)
I can make her useful.
save file
image:171125811270.gif(222kB , 1280x720 , tumblr_nmerog0BYv1r2qg5oo1_1280.gif)
save file
image:171125813273.jpg(134kB , 1920x1088 , 201911620241524_1.jpg)
Scared of lawyers? But if the only lawyer around here is literally a CHICKEN!
save file
image:171125822862.png(198kB , 600x850 , Fat Albren.png)
Hey, hey, hey!
Who should I eat today?
I had half a mind to nominate Buck Cluck with Asgore
Would that have been a good team?
Eat your vegetables jiren.
save file
image:171125841546.png(393kB , 1647x2362 , cooking-transparent-background-11-37107094.png)

Nize vowl of zup!
save file
image:171125865692.jpg(147kB , 432x514 , 6EF85CB1-85E2-4242-9906-601084AEBDA0.jpeg)
save file
image:171125881230.png(635kB , 863x762 , SnakeI1.png)
It'd be too much... only ones who might have a chance at stopping them are the Bodacious Bros. They're tubular enough to maybe stop drawings and YTPs, but not a team with drawings AND YTPs.
save file
image:171125905374.png(801kB , 1024x702 , 170538217600.png)
Chokes on you, she's into that probably.
Is it true that you're secretly The Spy?
save file
image:171125968784.png(540kB , 925x1403 , Vote for the Veterans.png)
Vote for Popeye and Mario!
save file
image:171125987213.jpg(33kB , 680x383 , No,IDon'tThinkIWill.jpg)
save file
image:171125998414.jpg(113kB , 1177x631 , dg73xxp-f8821fdd-3656-47c4-aa8f-c25061c275a5.jpg)

>t. FAGbs and POOPser
Not voting for them either.
save file
image:171126029306.jpg(603kB , 1200x1740 , Vince_McMahon_2.jpg)
I like the sound of that!
Nice work!
Larry the Cucumber
>Masons being pedos.
I'm not surprised.
save file
image:171126089907.gif(3.26MB , 360x360 , tumblr_bf0b5da21908c8dc886e0bc225cf1b11_48410abb_400.gif)

A spy? That's sounds like fun!
What it's like to be a spy?
save file
image:171126096586.png(277kB , 351x420 , ridelete.png)
The hellhound is right, Samus.
Wouldn't it be funny if Loona ends up with Rouge?
Jetstream Sam.com
Wouldn't it be funnier if she doesn't qualify at all?
She should end up with Fang..
Fangbro btw
That would just be sad.
save file
image:171126132976.jpg(180kB , 870x580 , getscancercuriously.jpg)
I humbly disagree.
Fang should have paired with Uzi.
Fang should have paired with Jucika.
Aww man I just thought of a video game
Fang should have paired with Timantha from Camp Sherwood.
save file
image:171126165999.gif(406kB , 220x220 , rosie-animal-crossing.gif)

Oh, it's a spy!
He looks like he's asleep. Like, I wonder what he is dreaming; I bet it's about spy stuff.
Like, do spies sleep in random places since they're always moving around?
Alex should rape Fang again.
I dont know who you are but I am enjoying you immensely
save file
image:171126187224.jpg(889kB , 3300x2550 , Divine_Wolves.jpg)

Don't understate the holy power of the Divine Wolves; vote for the Divine Wolves!
Nice contrast
Where is Cum?