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Cartoon Aminals Fred Number Who Cares at This Point?Anonymous
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image:151837904400.png(205kB , 418x480 , Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.59.47.png)
Post them screenshots and GIFs and WEBMs and links with them critters from them western animations (a little animu is okay too I guess).

Do not post lewd, for the love of God.
You know, I looked up egyptian neopaganism and making art of the gods may count as worship, dunno what do they say about furry porn
Mister Twister
I looked into it also. I don't think those gods are really "afro pomorphic". Those are 100% animal heads on 100% human bodies. That is, assuming those aren't masks.
webm works now?
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image:151847853900.png(1.27MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7344).png)
Huh, they gave a love interest to Zorori, I guess?
//youtube.com/watch?v=D1lztx1_3Ncyoutube thumb

I think given their situation, they cannot be picky.
Bast also might gain worship when you watch cat videos and memes, I guess? :D
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image:151847872000.jpg(1.87MB , 1436x1342 , Kievskaya_psaltir_kinocefal.jpg)
Well priests played/dressed as them via masks, yes. But the fact that the gods could also take the shape of their animal head-forms, and that such animals were sacred and were mummified points to them having actual animal heads, not masks.
Btw, fun facr, the whole dog-headed people myth (Cynocephali) probably originated from Anubis statues, and how later on during the Ptolemaides, he was kinda merged with Hermes.
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image:151847898300.jpg(296kB , 453x640 , 66177_83828_171209-st-160408.jpg)
Surprised Zorori is still ongoing, then again, lot of anime just refuse to die.
Mister Twister
And I am surprised he has 3 fingers.
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image:151848352600.png(2.23MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7360).png)
From Home Adventures (yes, that crappy movie had a crappy animated 2D show followup)

Wait, he goes back in time and his mother falls in love with him? They totally ripped of Back to the Future, LOL...
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image:151848354600.png(1.92MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7359).png)
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image:151848356000.png(2.22MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7358).png)
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image:151848417600.jpg(254kB , 934x1129 , 52559640_p0_master1200.jpg)
Damn, finally I found some art of Bururu's Angels from Zorori. Dunno why there is so little fanart of these three, they look amazing. (Posting it here as there is no nudity here, even if their catsuits are rather form-fitting)
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image:151848632100.jpg(117kB , 470x370 , Angels-Dance-DVDcover.jpg)
Managed to find a new DVD cover pose for the Angels, too! Did a little editing to separate them from the other characters.
I don't think watching cat video would count
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image:151854463600.jpg(370kB , 1040x1300 , Crash-Bandicoot-by-NECA-003.jpg)
Huh, Crash gets an action figure! The bad news is, from Neca. I long ago got disappointed by their terribly quality control and brittle materials.
Looks like fried chicken
The Ducktales reboot has me in a mood for reboots.
When are we getting a reboot for Rescue Rangers or Tiny Toons?
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image:151919352000.png(136kB , 1154x348 , why a Rescue Rangers remake most likey would be shit.png)
I wish Rescue Rangers does not get rebooted, ever. MOSTLY because I want more comics. Which will not matter, since it will probably happen anyway.

Still, read this anon's post.
Yes I'm aware and I want a reboot specifically because I want to see something different with them and see how the era we live in changes the surface but saves the core.
For example I never liked how gadget was flesh colored but she was supposed to be a white lab rat, I hope in a reboot they make her properly white.
Mister Twister
Why does it matter which colour Gadget is? It's phantazy, für can be of any colour.

And I really want more comics in the old """canon""".
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image:151927362900.jpg(209kB , 1106x1278 , 1519187393.rgibson_cci01232018_00000a.jpg)
I have no idea where to post this, so I'll post it here and see what happens.
That page is funny.
I argue that canon isn't important but flavor, a good reboot will feel familiar and will give you that feel of continuation. I bet you'd enjoy a reboot if that reboot gave you that feeling you want no matter the art direction or what other stuff do they change.
What the fuck am I looking at?
Mister Twister
I am attached to the existing characters, I don't want to be fed the clone versions of them. Same reason why I never wanted reboots of my favourite game series.

>what the fuck am I looking at
A 1 page comic. The griffin is male (bird males are more "pretty"), while the weasel/lemur thing is female (and more plain). It's a role reversal thing.
I'm sorry but that sounds a little bit autistic and i don't mean it as an insult, I mean like how adversity to change is a symptom
>A 1 page comic. The griffin is male (bird males are more "pretty"), while the weasel/lemur thing is female (and more plain). It's a role reversal thing.
Mister Twister
If it's autistic to think sequels and reboots are not the same thing, and prefer one over the other, then I guess I'm autistic.
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image:151946969900.png(588kB , 774x508 , Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 05.51.23.png)
Cause of death: hoof to the face.
The Saprophyte
*Sigh* Big drawback with this forum vs 4ch proper, zombie threads that never close and won't let you delete, so....


Also, Mr. Pickles is back and furrier than ever.
Mister Twister
My original intention was to have each older thread deleted.

But I am not a janitor, and none of the existing ones want to delete old threads.
The Saprophyte
Wouldn't be a problem if they autolocked after they hit the bump limit or at least gave you some obvious visual indication. Course it would've helped if I'd gone to the forum instead of the thread.

By the by, Swift, Cosma on OK KO is Voiced by Marina Sirtis.
Yo, I have janitor privileges but no mod priveleges on this board. That means I can delete posts and threads but no anchor/autosage/locking ability.
You can add a (saged) post to the end of an expired thread to redirect to the new thread, better than deleting since the lowered activity means archive.org is less likely to have a complete backup.
Mister Twister
I am pretty sure that months old threads of this kind are not really needed. Make this board look way more furry than it actually is.
>Make this board look way more furry than it actually is.
How furry do you think it is?
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image:151985820800.jpg(357kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-02-28-23-46-03.jpeg)

Portia deHound, from this new CGI Mickey show.
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image:151985875900.png(342kB , 770x704 , Siren_sung_image.png)
Oh yeah, I know! Adds to her sexyness to be voiced by Deanna Troi / Demona. :)
I have no PC right now (networking from a tablet, sigh) So I watch more TV than before (as in, actually watch any). Caught an episode of this horrible show that had a hot anthro fish chick:http://chopsockychooks.wikia.com/wiki/Siren_Sung
Otherwise, this show is just... wtf. The main characters look more like the Killer Bean than chickens, and the stories make no sense.
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image:151985885000.jpg(658kB , 600x969 , Unknown2.jpg)
Here, one of the super few Draconum (Mage Knight) fanart I could find. Drawing a pic of Pathis Arcana now, btw
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image:151986010700.jpg(321kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-01-00-06-32.jpeg)
Episode 6 of Killing Bites finally had Gecko fully transformed to beast form
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image:151986013000.jpg(266kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-01-00-08-17.jpeg)
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image:151986014900.jpg(380kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-01-00-09-37.jpeg)
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image:151986016400.jpg(252kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-01-00-10-09.jpeg)
Well, dunno how and where they got the episodes from, but Kimcartoon uploaded the whole of. Kung-fu Dino Posse

Mister Twister
I'll check it out.
Mister Twister
Pancakes are soooooooooooooooo 2009.
This is a fetish comic, right?
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image:152001585500.png(1.04MB , 2000x1060 , freetime_by_letitse-d9q5d5m.png)
Finally found some more Bratgirl art. Need to draw more of these cute minions...

Oh, I did NOT say I also recommend it.:) It is one of the stupidest, most annoying cartoons ever. Think TUFF Puppy (it even has the same animation style) trying to be TMNT. It has some self-aware 4th wall breaking humor, but every plot by the villains -or the heroes- is incredibly stupid. And that themesong...
Here, a rather conclusive review: https://youtu.be/UcDRvAxWYd8
I frankly only wanted episodes for screencaps of Lucy, and Lola (she is triceratops anthro from the episode Best Dino Friends Forever
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image:152001603300.jpg(254kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-02-19-18-16.jpeg)
Did you guys know Daphne turns into a werewolf in the very first 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo episode? Yeah apparently drinking wolfsbane does that now? I saw this show ages ago, guess I forgot.
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image:152001612300.jpg(190kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-02-19-14-23.jpeg)
Pretty nice design.. needs to be drawn
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image:152001662100.jpg(245kB , 780x572 , IMG_20180302_194640.jpg)
The mayor's assistant looks nice as a werewolf too
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image:152001667100.jpg(89kB , 336x489 , IMG_20180302_194206.jpg)
Those Princess Leia buns! :)
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image:152008100300.png(85kB , 203x188 , Tess doodle awkward.png)
You cannot stop me from watching it and forming my own opinion!
Oh boy, you gotta see this. The story of Joshua from the Bible, with fursuiter-looking weird CGI lions and animation that makes Ratatoing look good. Plus, well, all the messed up old testament stuff...

Oh I never said don't watch it, just a warning. Besides, it's enjoyably bad.
Grr! Stop liking things we don't like, pesky enthusiast!
Mister Twister
I think you got it all twisted; it's "stop disliking things I may theoretically maybe like".
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image:152029711200.jpg(412kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-06-01-27-28.jpeg)
Guess the Evil Queen learned how to turn into a dragon from Maleficent? (From Bunnicula,S2E22)
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image:152029737100.jpg(625kB , 1018x1600 , RCO011_1484372813.jpg)
From Wildstorm's really short lived The Others comic. Cliche story about humans coming into conflict with isolated super-adv a nced beastmen who have a traitor in their midst too. Gargoyles literally did the same story in season 2....
Pouch is one of the villais, a kangaroo girl with wrist guns. Racket looks 100% human (typical Liefeld) butshe is supposedly a skunk... who can fly and make sonic bursts.
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image:152029741800.jpg(661kB , 1024x1581 , RCO007_1484180285.jpg)
File deleted
new episodes of the New Looney Tune had just air yesterday on Boomerang in the uk, and the episode One Carroter in Search of an
Artist is a tribute to Duck Amuck
It was amazing, I caught it by accident and I was so blown away by it
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image:152037940600.jpg(346kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-07-00-28-38.jpeg)
From Avengers Assemble S4E21, some bird monster.

Saw that episode on regular TV actually! Yeah some nice hommage to the original where Bugs is the animator messing with Daffy, but not as funny. Oh yeah, there was a rather OK episode too where Pepe is trying to have a dinner date with Claudette, but goes undercover and gets mistaken for a waiter, plus has to fight the Hazmat suit mooks. Interestingly, almost no sound or talk in the whole episode, just music, so it was much better than usual.
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image:152037945200.jpg(156kB , 981x814 , 7905b895c6d25f0af2fee1d2bc3297ad-d95ds4j.jpg)
Some more Bratgirls on this.
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image:152038018000.jpg(286kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-07-00-46-36.jpeg)
Morgan Lefay's very angry horsemen... and yes, she calls them that. :)
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image:152038071700.jpg(249kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-03-07-00-48-45.jpeg)
Mister Twister
>half man, half horse
>0.5 horsepower
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image:152044608200.jpg(177kB , 720x1024 , pic330569.jpg)
From Hungary, with love... From the poker boardgame based on Cat City (Macskafogó), featuring cat big boss Giovanni Gatto and his lovely secretary. (have drawn her before, btw...))

Too true! Also, reverse centaurs I guess?
File deleted
there are two more episodes with Pepe and Claudette
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image:152051916300.png(1.02MB , 1011x576 , Ragnok8.png)
Dunno if this's been posted before or not, or if it even counts. Ragnok, an alien bounty hunter from the most recent incarnation of Max Steel. Could be a catman. Could be an anemic blood elf with a deviated septum.

....The fuck is going on in panel 4? Thought it was multiboob for a moment.
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image:152055171700.jpg(200kB , 876x1280 , brat_girl_by_theepic627-dbyaa9v.jpg)
It's foot fetish art (something I never understood the appeal of), but not porn really so I am posting here. More Bratgirl stuff, this time the Mind Over Mutant designs.

Two words: Rob Liefeld. The man could never figure out any anatomy, male or female. Spines bend like rubber, boobs and butts mesh together, muscles pop out anywhere... :D I think that is supposed to be her belly, but bent in the wrong way.
And nice anthro, looks more goatman-ish to me in the face with that nose. I saw a few episodes of this weird show, really has not much in common with the old CGI show with the wacky robot sidekick and nanite powers...
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image:152055276800.jpg(830kB , 1800x1384 , 75.jpg)
Some New Men from Wolverine - First Class
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image:152055281000.jpg(771kB , 1800x2767 , 73.jpg)
And Shadowcat got turned into an anthro kitty. :)
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image:152055292700.jpg(1.78MB , 1800x2767 , 79.jpg)
Kitty knight of Wundagore
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image:152055342400.jpg(355kB , 1800x1384 , 116.jpg)
Some cute New Men kid designs. Plus hilarious Wolverine headshot collage
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image:152055479300.jpg(157kB , 800x540 , stoppolni_lehetetlen____by_badenov-dax5k7k.jpg)
More 4 Gangsters fanart from Cat City
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image:152056017700.jpg(483kB , 1041x1600 , RCO010.jpg)
From the comic Invincible. Sadly, she has no name, and only appeared for 2 pages before the comic ended. All we know is that her dad - called Battle Beast - was killed by the main character's father.
Mister Twister
Please delete that.
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image:152056621700.jpg(427kB , 1920x1080 , Sexual Violence with the Birds and the Bees – episode 1[FullHD,1920x1080].webm_snapshot_00.07_[2018.03.10_04.26.33].jpg)
Can't. For some reason my browser never remembers this delete code thing. Besides, not porn as I said.

In other news, cannot believe this thing exists, and was made by a real youth organization. Anti-sexual violence infomercials... with sexy anthro birds and bees. Boggles the mind...

//youtube.com/watch?v=87lUoaGhUbUyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=ilglSpeqpx8youtube thumb
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image:152056624400.jpg(198kB , 1920x1080 , Sexual Violence with the Birds and the Bees – episode 1[FullHD,1920x1080].webm_snapshot_00.21_[2018.03.10_04.27.10].jpg)
Puffin guy is totally anthro Todd from Bojack Horseman.
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image:152056626600.jpg(248kB , 1920x1080 , Sexual Violence with the Birds and the Bees – episode 1[FullHD,1920x1080].webm_snapshot_00.09_[2018.03.10_04.26.51].jpg)
Lol that t-shirt is a riot.
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image:152056628700.jpg(316kB , 1920x1080 , Sexual Violence with the Birds and the Bees – episode 1[FullHD,1920x1080].webm_snapshot_00.33_[2018.03.10_04.27.33].jpg)
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image:152056634700.jpg(237kB , 1920x1080 , Sexual Violence with the Birds and the Bees – episode 1[FullHD,1920x1080].webm_snapshot_00.56_[2018.03.10_04.29.55].jpg)
The Saprophyte
That's what he's from, the revamped 2013 series.

I've seen liefeld's stuff back in the day. (created Feral and Thorne IIRC) Heard about his issues and always put them down to styliization but he seems to've really deteriorated.

Seen this around. This is like the third time she's been turned into a cat.

Just saw an r34 delivery of her elsewhere a few weeks ago.
>Just saw an r34 delivery of her elsewhere a few weeks ago.
I'd be lying if I said I had never discovered a series from an r34 crossover pairing.
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image:152062481800.jpg(164kB , 1270x1021 , CEL-Kit&Rene1.jpg)
Some Animalypics CELs were on ebay, but super expensive, started off at 100$... Pity.

Me too, my friend who alerted me about her sent that along. It's from Lonbluewolf, but oddly, he is not posting a lot of the R34 art he does on FA, it just gets leaked on this "boruu" thing, whatever that is. Maybe these are private commissions?
Anyway, I noticed he seems to draw a lot from the obscure anthros I discover and post here... he probably hangs around here as a lurker. ;)
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image:152062493400.jpg(164kB , 1290x1021 , CEL-Brenda01.jpg)
Yeah, I assume writers thought it was clever since she has cat in her name? ;)
I don't much like Linkara, but when it comes to Liefeld, I agree with a lot of his criticism about his art. The man just does not understand perspective... I can relate, I have trouble drawing that too, which is why I usually avoid it - but then again I am not paid to write action superhero comics.
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image:152062505800.jpg(147kB , 1286x1021 , CEL-Kit&Rene2.jpg)
His females usually have wasp-thorax like waists that would not ever fit any organs, and their legs and spine can bend in ridiculous ways. His males tend to have gigantic muscles and arms just randomly connect to the pectorals in whatever place Liefeld decides, as if they did not have shoulder joints. :D
The Saprophyte
They're deliveries from various threads on 4chan proper. Hence the booru. Some finds here get relayed over there as suggestions.

Thing about Liefeld is nobody would bat an eye at anything he does if he was doing purely cartoony stuff. It's the fact he's applying it non-ironically in a "realistic" context that's the problem.
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image:152070798900.png(933kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7369).png)
From Hot Streets, again. Yeah that is a male dog, cross-dressed... (ep8)
I don't get it... I thought 4chan hates furries and porn is outright banned there, no?
And weird that the guy would not upload it proper where he would get views and favs for it.
Liefeld - yeah, he tries hard to be realistic, making it worse. Also, check some of the Youngblood comics - he writes like some 10 year old kid, "creating" (read: copying from Marvel and DC) 10 superheroes per issue, then forgetting about them and creating a brand new team the next issue. My favourite knockoff hero of his ever is Troll, for pure ridiculousness - imagine Wolverine if he was 3 feet tall and about as wide. :D
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image:152070932500.png(1.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7380).png)
Fish-people from episode 9 of the same show.
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image:152070939300.png(1.75MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7383).png)
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image:152070957400.png(1.82MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7395).png)
Yeah this show is bloody.
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image:152071010600.png(1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler image)
The fish-people race is called the Vek, btw.
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image:152071041600.png(1.59MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7397).png)
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image:152071065900.png(1.44MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7399).png)
Count Dracula and the Wolf Brothers (episode 10)
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image:152071084100.png(1.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7400).png)
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image:152071087100.png(2.02MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7401).png)
The She Creature from the Dirty Canal
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image:152071139400.png(1.05MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7402).png)
More Claudette in the second part of this episode.
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image:152071143000.png(1.20MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7404).png)
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image:152071163600.png(1.27MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7406).png)
Not really a fan of Pepe's new design, he is weirdly stocky.
The Saprophyte
It's allowed on /trash/. Half of /co/'s in denial if you ask me. I know what you mean though, some artists create accounts on certain sites and neeeever upload there....
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image:152076080500.jpg(292kB , 1783x895 , Wild's End.JPG)
Guess I need to check there then, despite my hatred of that site. Thanks!
This I found in a comic called Wild's End. Never knew ReadComicOnline had an "anthropomorphic" tag, this will be useful to find anthro characters. :)
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image:152076967400.jpg(648kB , 1280x1974 , RCO001_1488775892.jpg)
Mickey Mouse had a fantasy comic? Never knew...
save file
image:152077025800.jpg(324kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2018-02-28-23-45-36.jpeg)
Oh and on the subject of Mickey - she is from the Racing CGI show, her name is Portia DeHound.
The show also added some weird Tweety bird knockoff too.
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image:152077107500.jpg(889kB , 1280x1982 , RCO019_1488776016.jpg)
Najara is pretty hot :) Was she from anything or she is a new character?
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image:152078295200.png(280kB , 851x477 , Emoji_family.png)
The big list of female animals is back up with some updates:


There are additional categories

Another suggestion to the sheep list is Lucille (aka Omitsu) from Samurai Pizza Cats / Kyatto Ninden Teyandee

And which category will the emoji family from Samurai Jack fall into?
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image:152079137400.png(858kB , 1280x914 , tumblr_p5foqen93R1vevutzo1_r1_1280.png)
File deleted
in the new episode of Elena of Avalor, she,Gabe,and Mateo were transform into Jaquin
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image:152079617900.jpg(1.44MB , 1920x2551 , RCO005_1495594730.jpg)
Wizards of Mickey 2 has a female dragon called Lady Sauria too.

I have seen a toy of that winged cat here, made by Paop or Schleich, I forget.
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image:152079814100.png(1,001kB , 553x785 , Képernyőfelvétel (7458).png)
Lady Sauria from the follow-up italian originals. And yeah she combines with two male dragons to a 3-headed one... Umm... OK?
It is still so weird for me that Mickey and Donald all have such different identities in Italian comics, as wizards and superheroes and spies...
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image:152080419600.jpg(62kB , 854x480 , no name.jpg)
Nice timing, last night some friends and I were talking about this list going down.
Here's a cameo cat from Bounty Hamster (S01E09) who doesn't have a name and says only one line.
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image:152083518000.jpg(181kB , 462x999 , ireyon_by_gaucelm-d97kfce.jpg)
Wow, finally some fanart of Ireyon from Paperinik (what Donald Duck is called in Italy, where in his comics he is a Spirit-like superhero)
Nice, thanks for the info on this show, never heard of it! I wanna make a proper obscure anthro catalog site one day, the big list is informative but not easy to navigate, also does not contain much info or pics, just links to a google search. Anyone knows what good free webhosting sites there are these days? I assume I can use Imgur for hosting the pics.
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image:152083600600.png(2.05MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7460).png)
Wow, this show has a terribly rough and unfinished art style... but a trove of anthros. 4-legged bird alien bounty hunter gal, right in the first episode. Odd, never even heard of this show before. Where was this aired?
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image:152083633100.png(2.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7461).png)
The show is really funny though. Pretty sarcastic style of humour.
I'd file them under canine+alien. They are distinctly dog-like.
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image:152083652400.png(1.96MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7462).png)
he is doing his best Clint Eastwood impression. :)
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image:152083744100.png(1.30MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7464).png)
-"But if you are called the Horse with No Name, that means you DO have a name!"
-"Shut up."
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image:152083749600.png(1.25MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7465).png)
I dunno if she is a bird or spider maybe... Has 4 boobs for sure.
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image:152083819200.jpg(68kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_00.51_[2018.03.12_07.59.13].jpg)
Her name is Abnormality Jane - as revealed in episode 5.
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image:152083822200.jpg(48kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_01.13_[2018.03.12_07.58.44].jpg)
"So why am I playing games with her? Well, what can I say... I am a leg man."
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image:152083846900.jpg(60kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2018.03.12_07.58.26].jpg)
"The kind of woman who gives hunting down criminals for money a bad name."
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image:152083871400.jpg(55kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_03.33_[2018.03.12_08.08.52].jpg)
-"I wonder if they have a toilet around here."
-"Why, you are missing home?"
save file
image:152083885200.jpg(27kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_04.16_[2018.03.12_08.11.21].jpg)
"You name any sport, I'll whup your butt!"
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image:152083913100.jpg(63kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_04.09_[2018.03.12_08.11.04].jpg)
>where was it aired
We had it in Australia (I was too young to appreciate anything except the title music) and it's British so they probably had it. Maybe Canada too? It wasn't on Nick, CN, etc. (tfw never grew up with those channels)
Also try not to flood the thread so hard. It's a nice series with a lot of good quotes and surprises for sure, but 12 posts in a row is a lot.
The Saprophyte
Huh. Been wanting to watch this but last time I tried, every stream I could find seemed to be corrupted, including KC. Guess it's time to give it another go.

Is this a parody of a certain other red-suited cartoon spider/demon girl, or does this pre-date that?
I just downloaded it. An anon on /co/ posted a mega link last thread (desuarchive search the show name, view thread, Ctrl+F "mega"). I think it's big enough that you need to have the mega program to download all at once though.
save file
image:152089831300.jpg(62kB , 854x480 , the sheer amount of references and parodies in this show is insane.jpg)
I mentioned in >>>/baw/417011 that a co-creator made a blog post regarding suggestive/lewd fan art, and one of the pictures he put in the blog includes Abnormality Jane with all four breasts (partially clothed, of course).
save file
image:152090360800.png(1.07MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7466).png)
WTF??? Swan Princess 5 has... tribal warrior squirrels called scullions as the new enemies, controlled by the Forbidden Arts (because 5 movies in and still nobody told the writer Forbidden Arts are, well, ARTS, as in spellcraft, the process of casting spells, not some mystical floating evil force that cackles a lot.
//youtube.com/watch?v=Fat-w_2Xq1oyoutube thumb
Boy, these movies sure managed to out-do Alpha and Omega in turning into bigger pieces of crap with each subsequent sequel
save file
image:152090394500.jpg(253kB , 640x360 , bh03big.jpg)
Nice, thanks! That's sexy fanart of her. No nudity so you could even post it here if you wanted.
The show still has a website, and I was surprised to learn this was the same studio who made the Rheingold cartoon. Yep, a shortened version of Wagner's first opera in the Ring of the Nibelungs tetralogy, with topless mermaids and a Loge(Loki) who looks like the Human Torch and the Green Goblin crossed over.
I doubt anyone is still operating the site, but I have half a mind to mail them whether they plan on ever releasing the show on DVD, seeing as a lot of their other shows they sell from the website itself.
save file
image:152090441400.jpg(77kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E05.Just.Deserts.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_07.16_[2018.03.13_02.24.09].jpg)
Kametsu has it up on Mega. Or you can just download from Kimcartoons.
Hmm, what other red suited spider-demon girl do you mean? I think it is just supposed to be ballet gear, as they play all sort of sports in a short montage.
Oh and, Wile-E Coyote also cameos in this episode. He tells Marion to not to buy stuff from ACME(E) as they sell faulty stuff. :D
When I like something, I take a lot of screens and it's hard to resist not posting at least the best of them here. Guess you weren't around (hard to tell with nameless posters) whenever a new season of Puss in Boots comes out and I binge-watch it? ;)
Checking his blog, I now see why a lot of the humor of the show was so familiar - he worked on the "Aaagh, it's the Mr Hell Show!" too!
Man that thing was pretty messed up, but hilarious.
Serge the Fashion Industry Seal of DEATH was way ahead of his time - Robot Chicken stole a lot from this show, just with far less originality. My favourite skit still remains the "Thomas the Tank" one :)
//youtube.com/watch?v=llks4FaEtE0youtube thumb
save file
image:152090609500.png(1.92MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7467).png)
As he likes to say, "Must be a Bobsheaux!" :D
Btw, dunno if you guys watch his reviews, I can recommend him - he does a lot of obscure stuff, and he is quite obviously a furry himself, based on his girlfriend's fursona as an anthro raven or his review of El Arca. ;)
The Saprophyte
Just watched Black Swan the other night and was thinking to myself, "self, wasn't there an animated Swan Princess movie?" Now you tell me they're up to _six_?

Don't recall the name or the show. I think she was a FOTM or something even though she has no real art. Green skin, big toothy grin, pink hair coming to two points and a red leotard/catsuit. variable multiple limbs but probably just a creature thing.
save file
image:152098066400.jpg(1.37MB , 1988x3056 , RCO006_1494472085.jpg)
Huh, Rocket Racoon got a new comic last year, and they brought back Otta! Never much cared for her (does not look anthro enough) but I know some people here would care.

I see we have a new episode of the not-Wabbit (they renamed the show I guess?) out...

Seven, actually! I only learned at the end of Bobsheaux's review that there is one more... UGH. These are just a tiny bit better than the Alpha and Omega shit.
Hmm, wasn't it the Butt Witch? From a sadly failed CN pilot... forgot the title. She is basically HIM from PPG as a woman, and shapeshifted into a spidery form at one point. Was I think in 2016, so Bounty Hamster predates it.
The Saprophyte

That's the one. The red plus the limbs jumped out at me.

Oh, and according to wiki, there's an 8th SP coming out this year.
They're hardly new, I see them on teletoon all the time.
They have New Looney Tunes Show marathons.
did you see the one with Snoop Dogg?
save file
image:152106831700.png(1.89MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7470).png)
GHost rat golf player.

I saw them on Boomerang in Hungary too, but neither Kimcartoon nor other online sources have them yet. Hence, new as far as online presence is concerned.
save file
image:152107366900.jpg(273kB , 1920x804 , twg.1080p-no1.mkv_snapshot_00.55.39_[2018.03.13_19.30.49].jpg)
Do anthro trees count as anthros? :D Some Dryad gals from 2016's Enter the Warrior's Gate. The credits call them Nymphs but yeah, Dryads are the ones who have bark skin. They want to eat the main character... I am guessing the writer had no idea what Nymphs or Dryads are (they usually want sex, not to eat you)
save file
image:152107375700.jpg(164kB , 1920x804 , twg.1080p-no1.mkv_snapshot_00.55.38_[2018.03.13_19.30.28].jpg)
Their faces are a bit feline looking, with the black noses
save file
image:152107383900.jpg(151kB , 1920x804 , twg.1080p-no1.mkv_snapshot_00.55.38_[2018.03.13_19.30.35].jpg)
They can also open their mouth more, revealing sharp teeth and becoming more feral looking.
Hey, what's up. I added Lucille and some other Samurai Pizza Cats characters, and did some general clean up of the site. I need go back through the Cartoon Animals threads here and add characters I missed, so I think I'll hang around here more instead of the obscure waifu threads on /trash/ as they seem to have been taken over by disruptive elements. I'll still monitor those as they occasionally turn up something new, and I even check the fchan Furry Screenshots threads once or twice in a blue moon just in case, though that place is pretty dead.
The Saprophyte
Getting some 404's and bad images but that's probably 'cus you're in the middle of editing. Still going to have to sit you down and work on your taxonomy. ;D Annnd frak, you have been busy. Cross a few more off mine then. (not that I mind that much. you're taking the time on a lot of things I don't want to wade through and I only started these when I thought no one else was adding things)

A few corrections/additions:

Ellie mae muskrat dates back to the original Rescuers.
Beth the shrew- shrews aren't rodents.
Under plants- You missed the Honeydoos from Spookley The Square Pumpkin. (the melon singers)
//youtube.com/watch?v=D8UNh5NB_Royoutube thumb
Can't bring up the "other" list yet but you've got a donkey from Back To The Barnyard there. Donkeys are Equines
The new hosting is unix based, so the problem was I had to go back over my html and file names to make them consistent when using upper and lower case characters. Everything should be good now. Thanks for the input BTW, I made the changes. Yeah, the Other Species category is awkward, I have a bunch of species that don't have enough entries to warrant their own page, but not yet a way to better organize them. You know what's sad? Echidnas had their own page until I realized they were all just Sonic characters, and that for the rest of eternity there would never be another entry that wasn't a Sonic character...
save file
image:152115279700.png(408kB , 660x387 , katieSD.png)
'Kay, everything seems to be working alright now. Thanks.

Yeah, most of that you got to be science/animal nut to even know about. I see Dr. Kylie the honey glider is still under rodents for example. As I said before, you could probably get away with grouping all the random marsupials under that catagory and the platypuses and echidnas under monotremes. I could almost swear....Yes! I saw a female echidna under the olympic mascots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olly,_Syd_and_Millie There might be another one or two out there as well. I can't believe Blinky Bill or Skippy wouldn't have something.
Shrews, moles, etc. are a PITA because they used to be all under the Insectivores, then they moved them to another group with a mouthful name. And literally everyone already thinks they're rodents.

Now, on the unknown species page....;)
If you're including gargoyles, you've missed several. (not including Maggie and the unicorn chick who can go under what they look like just fine.)
For Lilo & Stitch you somehow inexplicably missed Angel, and holy crap, I thought at most there were 3 female exp.'s but there's a second series, an anime and a donghua too?!? (not sure what to make of the fandrawn entries)
For Space Dandy you've got Meow's family but left out his girlfriend for some reason. Pic related. She's at least more cat like than her les girlfriend.
As for organizing species in their own categories, Beavers and Porcupines will have to be included in the Rodents list since they are rodents. I think that there should be a marsupials category where it will include Tasmanian devils, Tasmanian Tigers, Bandicoots, Koalas, Opossums, kangaroos, wombats, etc.

The Herps list needs the Interstellar Demon Stripper from Rick and Morty and the Rodent list needs the Capybarian female from space Dandy.
save file
image:152119744700.jpg(81kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E09.Forget.Me.Not.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2018.03.15_21.00.07].jpg)
The duck policeman has a nametag saying his name is Drekk... :D LOL!
save file
image:152119748600.jpg(78kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E06.Trading.Spaces.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2018.03.16_11.47.50].jpg)
He is a recurring background character
save file
image:152119948100.png(290kB , 508x476 , now i know why they're called bouncers.png)
ending of episode 16, my sides
save file
image:152120792200.jpg(69kB , 600x338 , CXgn_Y5VAAAowCd.jpg)
I'd have the same reaction as this guy, too. :D (Elder Scrolls Online, Lamia)
save file
image:152120951600.jpg(193kB , 960x720 , c_1476802510983_aerobic.jpg)
Nice to see you here! And yeah, fchan is dead. They still have not fixed the option to post links ever since some trolls posted pedo links 5 years (!!!) ago. I think even the mods left.
The only new thing I found there is this - from something called "La Ultima Reserva Historia de Lamor". Any info on what this is, is welcome.
//youtube.com/watch?v=Dhc1N81RiEcyoutube thumb
save file
image:152120954400.gif(4.93MB , 480x360 , c_1477179555590_ropemummifiedgirl.gif)
save file
image:152121070000.jpg(1.08MB , 1280x2021 , detectivecomics#743-29-ad.jpg)
Cyber-C.A.T. was apparently in the Gameboy Catwoman game? Gotta check this out...
save file
image:152121893800.jpg(113kB , 1298x775 , S3E25_Canary_girl.jpg)
The episode where CJ, Yes Dude Yes, debuted in Regular Show has a Canary Girl.
save file
image:152122001400.png(1.02MB , 1334x750 , S3E25_Flamingo_woman_%5C_You_think_this_is_going_well%5C_.png)
And also a Flamingo Girl.

As for avians the category needs to be updated to include Amali, Misa, Cecili, Frita, and Saki from The Legend of Zelda, The Breath of the Wild.
save file
image:152122622900.jpg(171kB , 1920x804 , Star Wars-The Last Jedi 2017 BluRay 10Bit 1080p Multi H265-d3g.mkv_snapshot_00.54.50_[2018.03.16_19.40.14].jpg)
I screencapped SW8 to get more pics of the insectoid/tapir alien girl in the casino scenes, sadly this is the best we get to see her.

Boy I just don't like the art style of that show... The woodpecker girl or whatever she is, the main character's girlfriend, looks alright I guess. I tried watching that show but every time I see a new episode I just dislike it more.
save file
image:152122631900.jpg(161kB , 1920x804 , Star Wars-The Last Jedi 2017 BluRay 10Bit 1080p Multi H265-d3g.mkv_snapshot_00.55.00_[2018.03.16_19.40.53].jpg)
Or should I say, them - there is another of her species in a different dress, but bloody Finn keeps blocking the view, ugh. (Up right corner)
save file
image:152122748000.png(175kB , 276x311 , sotf.png)
>honey glider

Sugar glider, that is.

Don't think I posted this one here. Linda from Spirit Of The Forest. She's kind of cute but the CGI throughout is atrocious. And I just found out it's actually a sequel to one called The Living Forest. Not sure If I can stand to sit through another one. Synopsis to that says she's a mole. I thought they were gophers or somethings.
save file
image:152122763300.jpg(15kB , 210x240 , pearl-spirit-of-the-forest-30.1.jpg)
...And the only other furry fem from SOTF. Pearl. This gives you a better example of how butt ugly the animation is.
save file
image:152123057100.png(231kB , 960x864 , Cyber-C.A.T.-GBA Catwoman.png)
Cyber-C.A.T. from the GBC Catwoman game

What is she from?
The Saprophyte
It's in the post. The Living Forest, AKA El Bosque Animado and Spirit Of The Forest, AKA Espíritu del Bosque, spanish CGI animated movies.
save file
image:152123574500.png(19kB , 305x267 , Catwoman - Cyber-C.A.T. spritesheet.png)
Eventually got to the encounter with Cyber-CAT in the game, and... she kicks Catwoman's ass! :D Literally! It's more of a cinematic than a fight, and she trounces her totally, and imprisons Selina. I made a sprite sheet from her move-sets - she has all the weapons she used in the comics, from super speed claw-slash to laser eye beams and wrist-mounted rockets.

Thanks, post was too long and I missed that part. She has boobs or not? Image is cropped there... ;)
save file
image:152123752200.png(1.39MB , 1378x458 , lisa-spirit of the forest.png)
That's right, I forgot it cuts text off so only I can see it, 'cuz I'm special. ;)

It's kind of a strategically-placed chest protrution situation. Try these on for size. (she has straight hair in the first one)
save file
image:152123815800.jpg(163kB , 1920x816 , Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S02E19.1080p.Blu.Ray.x264.Dual.4kids.mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2018.03.16_23.03.34].jpg)
Speaking of Star Wars...with BRrips of Clone Wars available, started to screencap those too. And it reminds me, I really need to draw Doctor Sionver Boll. Such a cute design! Like a duck and a nautilus crossed. She is in S2E19, tasked by Palpatine to replicate the Zillo Beast's lightsaber-resistant armor. I read that if the show was not cancelled due to Disney taking over, we would have had a plot where Palpatine clones smaller copies of the beast...

Oh, thanks! Too kiddie looking for me, but will check the movie, maybe it has others.
save file
image:152123849300.jpg(219kB , 1920x1080 , Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E08.The.Disappeared.Pt.1.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.AAC2.0.H.264-YFN.mkv_snapshot_04.29_[2018.03.16_23.11.48)
Oh and let's not forget about Queen Julia, either.
save file
image:152123852400.jpg(189kB , 1920x1080 , Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E08.The.Disappeared.Pt.1.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.AAC2.0.H.264-YFN.mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2018.03.16_23.12.16)
Yeah, wonder how many of you knew Jar-Jar has a girlfriend. :D
The Saprophyte
Far as I know there's only two furfems in the second. her and the cat. Don't know about the first. One of the talking trees might be female. The CGI really is about on a par with the Swan Princess pics you posted so don't say I didn't warn you.
How did I miss this episode?
save file
image:152127767500.jpg(23kB , 720x306 , Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S06E09.WEBRip.x264-2HD.mp4_snapshot_18.37_[2014.03.08_13.25.08].jpg)
It was in Season 6, which was direct to DVD ("thanks" to Disney taking over). Some of the best episodes of the show were in this, like exploring order 66 with some clones discovering they have a genetic command to kill Jedi by accident, some explanation on how Syfo-Dias ordered the Clone army, Yoda facing a Force apparition of Darth Bane on the old Sith home planet... good stuff. And yeah, a 2-parter where Mace Windu has to accompany Jar-Jar Binks to a planet to help Queen Julia against a sinister plot. Her people are Force-users, but not like the Jedi, rather in a more mystical way.
save file
image:152127774600.png(920kB , 1676x943 , Cheetah_Rulers_hissing_at_each_other.png)
I never understood this Heroes 108 show, or why everyone is so... angular, like they were Lego bricks. But anyway, apparently there was a Cheetah Queen and King in it (pink is the queen). Thought people would want to know.
save file
image:152127780400.png(1,004kB , 1679x942 , See!_See!_I_have_proof!.png)
save file
image:152127796300.jpg(258kB , 1920x1080 , Image244.jpg)
The show also had Roto-Wolves... anthro wolves with copter blades on their backs who can shoot their claws as bullets. Just.... WTF?
save file
image:152127822200.png(1.03MB , 1920x1080 , Tigers_027.png)
These are supposed to be tigers. As I said, the show is weird. Look more like Street Sharks.
File deleted
save file
image:152132672000.png(764kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7481).png)
Ever wanted to see a kung fu taoist monk fight against a kitsune who tries to seduce him? And then turns into an anthro foxy lady... :D
From the chinese horror comedy series, Mr. Vampire, fourth movie. Scene is at 13:20

That's the same "trailer" from years ago. Sadly, the flop of Ratchet and Clank means this was cancelled last year already.
save file
image:152132699400.jpg(15kB , 512x384 , Mr vampire-disc 1[384, Mp4].mp4_snapshot_14.49_[2018.03.17_23.43.49].jpg)
save file
image:152132704600.jpg(21kB , 512x384 , Mr vampire-disc 1[384, Mp4].mp4_snapshot_14.43_[2018.03.17_23.48.47].jpg)
save file
image:152132707000.jpg(23kB , 512x384 , Mr vampire-disc 1[384, Mp4].mp4_snapshot_14.44_[2018.03.17_23.49.02].jpg)
Wish I could find this in better resolution
save file
image:152132821000.png(1.48MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7489).png)
Never mind, I just did. :)
You have to see this to believe it exists... Phelous not only reviewed, he also got this subbed for himself from the original Korean! Our Friend Power 5 is a Korean live action sci-fi flick from the eighties, which starts... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as aliens who drive a giant Gobot knockoff. Oh and they fight against the evil "Sharks", who are a race modeled of the original Splinter toy. This is beyond ridiculous. :)
//youtube.com/watch?v=iRuNZqqVmbEyoutube thumb
save file
image:152133862600.png(847kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7492).png)
New Claudette vs Pepe episode is the second story in this one:
save file
image:152133918000.png(1.52MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7493).png)
>There was a female duck on the Loony Toons before Tina
>She only appeared in some few shorts I never saw
I feel i been lied to
save file
image:152138143300.jpg(640kB , 1988x1528 , RCO009_1494957512.jpg)
Apparently, Orca was also in the Injustice 2 comics, as a Suicide Squad member. Looks a bit chubbier than usual.
No, it's true.
>Looks a bit chubbier than usual.

She's pregnant with Killer Croc's kid.
This is what I'm talking about
this character existed for years and I never knew about her.
save file
image:152149331900.jpg(194kB , 1920x1080 , e9e070a08262b93352b3418f54f93d576cb5ac8d.jpg)
From the TBS game Immortal Empire. Yeah apparently their dryads are... centaur-squirrels who go topless (probably because they lack nipples, so why bother covering 'dem boobs? :D)

LOL, what would the kids look like... :D
Well, Daffy had several girlfriend and even a wife in the old toons, not just her... but she was the first who was more than a palette-swap or a Daffy with a bow on the head.
save file
image:152149334000.jpg(198kB , 1920x1080 , 6d3a69d08c6b40c919fc87c3b31cb5809f73b563.jpg)
The Tigress unit, also from the same game.
save file
image:152149340800.jpg(850kB , 1920x1080 , ss_56c0fc1a322a4894d6cd49069c7ed62019aab1f3.1920x1080.jpg)
They look far worse in-game. Seriously, Heroes of Might and Magic III is what, close to 15 years old and it looked better.
save file
image:152149377800.png(1.87MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7494).png)
Whoops, my bad. Checking the video, it seems this is not even turn based... I could have forgiven the bad graphics if it was, since we get so few such games these days.
save file
image:152150692600.png(1.84MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7497).png)
I just learned - there will be a BluRay HD remaster of Macskafogó (Cat City), the (here in Hungary) famous furry James Bond parody, this year! Here is a test shot of the 4 Gangsters song.
save file
image:152167042100.png(1.18MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7508).png)
Pretty competently made animated movie, main character is an anthro mouse girl.
Not crazy about the messages it tries to send, but eh.
You got links to the episode? Kimcartoon and Kametsu do not have it yet.
save file
image:152167065900.png(188kB , 640x360 , extroyer1.png)
Another one from Max steel, Extroyer. Villain infected by an ultralink that gives him the ability to sample animal DNA and transform into a variety of species at will,at one point even being turned into a chimera hybrid.
save file
image:152167089000.png(1.20MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7509).png)
The movie is super weird. Dinky's (the mouse girl) mom is a mouse too, but her stepdad... is a human in a mouse suit. Guess furries exist in a society with real anthros too? :D
save file
image:152167098200.png(206kB , 640x360 , Max_Steel_Reboot_Extroyer_Tyrannosaurus_Rex-5-.png)
Here in T-rex form. He also has a serpent form among others.
save file
image:152167104400.png(2.15MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7510).png)
The movie has some heavy-handed message about religion, drug addiction, parenting, whatnot... but the style just does not match the severity of the ideas.
save file
image:152167125500.png(1.19MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7511).png)
It shifts between this Sylvanian Family/Hello Kitty style and sudden horroristic Silent Hill visuals all the time.
save file
image:152167158700.png(1.25MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7512).png)
The Saprophyte
Jeez swift, the thread sits fallow all day and we both have to post at the same time? ;)


There any bird girls in this? Somebody elsewhere was trying to source an image of some awhile ago. I thought it looked like Nelvana's old house style but this looks even more like it.
Mister Twister
>interlaced anything
Mister Twister
The movie was cancelled. Because it was transformed into a TV show, which is already being made.
save file
image:152174180100.png(598kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7513).png)
Where did you hear that? I always just keep seeing fake news about it.

From the Shazam cartoon from 1981.
save file
image:152174223400.png(1.04MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7514).png)
save file
image:152174272000.png(1.24MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7515).png)
From episode 3 - they are the Hiss-Men, I guess a more politically correct name for Lizard men? :D Basically Crocodile People dressed as tennis players, for some reason. :D
The Saprophyte
Weird. I used to watch Hero High but I do not remember there being an animated Shazam with it. I assume they ditched the old guy and the Winnebago.
save file
image:152174282500.png(682kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7517).png)
These guys are just adorable :)
save file
image:152174303800.png(913kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7519).png)
Seriously, those faces :D
save file
image:152174323000.png(1.08MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7521).png)
Did I mention they climb out of a storybook and then grow to human size? LOL
save file
image:152174421900.jpg(98kB , 1280x960 , 1402595523.lonewarrior_sdc10543.jpg)
And Mary Marvel gets turned into one, too.
save file
image:152174461900.png(969kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7522).png)
In episode 5, Black Adam randomly turns Freddy into Anubis with a smoke grenade, because... reasons?
The Saprophyte
Ok, now Black Adam I remember.

An army of reptile chads. All they're missing is a sweater knotted around their necks.
save file
image:152178021700.png(1,019kB , 1276x720 , Max_Steel_Reboot_Extroyer-69-.png)
Ah what the hell, here, his cobra form too.
save file
image:152181122200.jpg(212kB , 720x480 , 1x03 - Best Seller.mkv_snapshot_03.021.jpg)
Indeed! Also this picture subtitle gives me some ideas for a R34 pic. I mean, seriously. :D

I saw the episode with him, he is basically Beast Boy in a more crystallized form.
save file
image:152181128200.jpg(182kB , 720x480 , 1x03 - Best Seller.mkv_snapshot_10.39.jpg)
Oh and I almost forgot to mention Talky Tawny. What's his story anyway? Everyone seems totally nonplussed by a talking tiger walking on 2 legs and wearing clothes.
save file
image:152181132600.jpg(165kB , 720x480 , 1x01 - Who's Who At the Zoo.mkv_snapshot_09.22.jpg)
Making it even weirder is that he can apparently talk to other animals... including tigers, but he is OK with having them living in cages?
save file
image:152181136700.jpg(186kB , 720x480 , 1x01 - Who's Who At the Zoo.mkv_snapshot_09.35.jpg)
save file
image:152181150800.jpg(167kB , 720x480 , 1x03 - Best Seller.mkv_snapshot_07.04.jpg)
The title of the show was "The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam". And the old guy and winnebago (huh, guess now I know where Ben 10 ripped off its first series' plot) were only in the TV live action series - in the comics and the cartoon, the kids were living with their "Uncle" Dudley (he is not related actually).
save file
image:152181176400.jpg(29kB , 448x336 , Cat.City.1986.DVDRip.-iCiCLE.avi_snapshot_00.34.25_[2010.02.19_22.42.23].jpg)
Heh, great minds think alike as the saying goes.
Are you asking about bird girls from Bird Boy, or Cat City? The answer is no to both sadly. Bird Boy only has the titular Bird Boy and his father.
Cat City only has mice, rat and cat anthros... plus some really stereotypically mexican vampire bats. "Nah, we no eat gringo mice... we just suck out that yummy red blood of his!" BTW, managed to snag an old picture book of the movie - will post some scans, as it uses CELs for pictures here and there, so better quality than the DVD rip
save file
image:152181828900.jpg(216kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_05.37.jpg)
More Bounty Hamster anthros
save file
image:152181864300.jpg(257kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.20.42].jpg)
"I tell you, my room is full of bugs!" :D
save file
image:152181879800.jpg(176kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.24.19].jpg)
This show has soooo many references :D
save file
image:152181893400.jpg(173kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.25.34].jpg)
-"This is disgraceful!"
-"And yet, you married her."
save file
image:152181907400.jpg(185kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.28.39].jpg)
LOOOL! The Love Boat, or what was this called?
save file
image:152181923500.jpg(215kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.30.48].jpg)
Like kangaroo gal, neat design.
save file
image:152181929300.jpg(237kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E08.Lonely.Planet.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.30.09].jpg)
"Lovely sauna. Really cleans away that dead skin, doesn't it?"
save file
image:152181964000.jpg(199kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E09.Forget.Me.Not.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.23_16.37.35].jpg)
"What's that zero on her forehead, her IQ?"
The Saprophyte
Wasn't sure if you saw the posts after they got buried. +4 doesn't seem to autoupdate unless you refresh.
He's in more than one ep BTW.

I know, I was kidding. ;) The B10 connection had not occurred to me. I was thinking that seemed to be a 70's theme, what with Escape To Witch Mountain. (and also the future Winnebago from Arc II, that ran right after LA Shazam. The RV lobby back then must've been strong.)

Oh and hey, you didn't mention that was TF the first time!

May have to track down that image and repost for them. I think one was actually a mouse/rat and a other was a rather ethnic looking black crow. I suggested it might be The Devil and Daniel Mouse but didn't get a yea or nay back.
save file
image:152184814400.jpg(170kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E10.Bringing.Up.Baby.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.24_00.28.36].jpg)
Boy these two bears have a weeeeird physiology. They grow up from baby to old man in minutes, only to start it all again.
Yeah, it even does not refresh if you re-open the tab from history.
I saw a few episodes of New Max Steel but did not care much for it.
The seventies had a lot of such "travelling hero" shows - the Hulk TV show was like that too, or that Jessie the alien show, or Benji...
Yeah I did not know at first that was Mary Marvel transformed - I just found a CEL of the Hiss-Woman on Furaffinity at first.
Ethnic-looking crows were everywhere in Fritz the Cat, Bakshi loved that style. Maybe that was the source?
save file
image:152184857900.jpg(195kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E11.Off.to.Work.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.24_00.39.51].jpg)
"Ah don't worry my dear, fighting fit I am... well apart from my color blindness."
LOL their parody of Snow White is hilarious.
save file
image:152184874500.jpg(178kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E11.Off.to.Work.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.24_00.42.47].jpg)
-"What do we do sir, we are losing him!"
-"Who cares, it's not like this is brain surgery"
-"Actually, it is."
save file
image:152184879100.jpg(144kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E10.Bringing.Up.Baby.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.24_00.22.40].jpg)
This tattooed cat with the epic mustache is a recurring background character too.
save file
image:152188718600.jpg(74kB , 462x462 , opening theme.jpg)
So are two animals in the picture above, but I don't know why they put them as a brain surgeons since they're usually bounty hunters. They re-use a lot of the cast.
An insane amount. The Sonic and Fawlty Towers + The Shining + Psycho references in particular took me by surprise.
In an odd way, this show often seems to be what Family Guy aimed to be; rapid-fire jokes and references as quickly as possible.

Also, be careful with any spoilers and thread-flooding
save file
image:152193672800.png(1.53MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7557).png)
Rasticor is back, finally. Took him a few seasons to re-grow.
save file
image:152193680100.png(939kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7583).png)
Aaaand he breaks up with Heinous immediately. Really don't get him, I mean she is basically a monster who is the legal heir to the throne, he should have stuck with her.
save file
image:152193753200.jpg(94kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E06.Trading.Spaces.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_snapshot_04.31_[2018.03.16_11.42.30].jpg)
There can't be much talk of "spoilers" for a 15 year old show, seriously...
As for thread flooding, unless you are a mod (which I have never seen here before), why is that a problem? This place only lets you post one pic per post unlike a message board, so it's the only way I can post more pictures.
And yeah, they re-use the same character models every episode, probably to save on money. That yellow fish-guy was a bartender in one episode, the next he is a bounty hunter... the muscled cat guy turns up in more than one episode too.
>There can't be much talk of "spoilers" for a 15 year old show, seriously...
I'm watching a couple of 15/20 year old shows which personally I would be very annoyed if plot-twists or punchlines were spoiled. There are 50 year old programs that are still new to me.
>As for thread flooding, [...] why is that a problem?
I guess it's not a big deal here, but it can bury other people's conversations when two thirds of the posts are by the same person. If no-one else has an issue with it then by all means continue, but it's generally a faux pas in imageboard etiquette, akin to double-posting on forums but more likely to actually matter. Again, maybe it's just me.
>unless you are a mod
By coincidence yes, but that doesn't matter. You aren't breaking any rules and those weren't warnings or anything. Just my opinions. I'm not a power-tripping janny like Mr. Stone or anything ;)
On imageboards, the bulk of moderation tends to be done anonymously. Partly a cultural thing, but it also helps avoid bad situations when people get angry at bans. That doesn't happen here though.
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image:152197213800.png(681kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7613).png)
The Night Nurse, from the new Constantine shorts (episode 2). Despite her demonic looks, she is helping out John to find who possessed a little girl. Not sure if she was in the comics, will check.

I literally post on no other image board (fchan I visit like a few times a year to see if anything happened, usually, nothing)... so my understanding was that people just post pics without context here most of the time. I mean hard to tell who posts what and who is talking to whom anyway since 80% of the people here use "Anonymous". I guess better than on 8ch (I go there to get RPG PDF download links), where everyone is Murderhobo :D
As for spoilers, there is nothing earth-shattering in this show, so don't worry. Most of the time very little connects the episodes anyway. As far as I know they planned for a second season that never happened, so the main plot remains unresolved.
save file
image:152197224700.png(838kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7612).png)
I rather gave up on Superhero Girls... watched the movies but the "episodes" are almost shorter than the intro, even, GEEZ! Seriously, I blame the current generation of kids (what are they called, New-New-Millenials?) and their stupidly short attention span, when they cannot sit still for 22 minute or even 11 minute episodes.
Mister Twister
save file
image:152201338400.jpg(58kB , 854x480 , I liked the movie better.jpg)
>As far as I know they planned for a second season that never happened, so the main plot remains unresolved.
Yeah, I can confirm that.
>"This is it then. No food, no water..."
>"No second series."
They weren't making a joke about the show itself, but it just fits perfectly in that scene. ;_;

>since 80% of the people here use "Anonymous".
Yeah, this imageboard is a bit atypical since LESS people here are anonymous than usual, since a lot of people who used to come here originally were artists or other content producers in /co/ projects who used a name for the sake of the thread.
This site forked from 4chan back in 2006, where I would assume over 90% of users there are Anonymous, and some boards even force anonymity. Again, it's a big cultural thing and anyone who uses a name over there is often seen as a narcissist or culturally insensitive, unless they have a good reason for it like being an artist or running a game/quest. Essentially, these places tend to be different to usual forums in that there is no ongoing identity, no reputation nor prejudice. Kazerad has some good discussions about it at (http://kazerad.tumblr.com/tagged/anon-cultures/chrono), if you have any interest.
On 8ch, board owners can choose a default name to replace Anonymous, which is probably set to 'Murderhobo' on your favourite board.
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image:152201965900.png(1.69MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7625).png)
Chester turns into a giant monster cat in episode 37. :)
save file
image:152202692900.png(996kB , 1280x720 , Spoiler image)
Guess who is back in the Dragonball Super Finale?
save file
image:152209456800.png(1.51MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7630).png)
So what the heck are these things Thanos is unleashing in Wakanda in the new Avengers movie trailers? They seem to have 4 arms and reptilian heads, but aren't Chitauri. I am not that of a great Marvel expert to know much about Thanos or what species he usually use in his army.
Yeah I expected at the end Goku would wish all the destroyed universes back. It's a staple of Dragonball, they always hit the reset button at the end of every series, starting with Z.
My first guess would be the Brood, and a little research uncovers this bit of info from the comics:

>Following his escape from custody during the bedlam of the superhero civil war, Thanos joined forces with Annihilus, the Queen of the Brood, and to take the Guardians of the Galaxy down and conquer Earth. Their plan, however, was thwarted by the Guardians themselves and Thanos, defeated, was apprehended by the Nova Corps.

If that's true, hopefully that means we'll get to see a female of their species.
save file
image:152213005600.png(788kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7632).png)
I cannot believe this shitty thing has an english dub but El Agente 00-P2 doesn't...
//youtube.com/watch?v=Llr-tMdGVRgyoutube thumb

THAT's the Brood? I am sued to them looking like Xenomorphs/Zergs in the comics... not this humanoid. Also, Annihilus is a "she" now?
save file
image:152213014800.jpg(172kB , 704x400 , El Agente 00-P2 [dvdrip][spanish][www.lokotorrents.com].avi_[2018.03.27_07.17.18].jpg)
Seriously, it has a busty polar bear woman dressed like a nazi as the main villain. How does this not have at least subtitles?
I want to find it on DVD but south america does not seem to have its own Amazon or Ebay pages like Spain does...
save file
image:152213243100.jpg(566kB , 1280x704 , avengers-infinity-war-outrider-1010168-1280x0.jpg)
>Also, Annihilus is a "she" now?
I thought it said that at first too...

It seems those things are actually called Outriders, which I'd never heard of since I dropped mainstream comics years ago. I'd say the new lizard redesign is an improvement, though probably done to make them look more bestial and therefore more acceptable to be killed by our heroes.
Ah, nice to know, thanks!
They are literally cloned assassin-parasites that have no identities or names, so yeah, they are made to be cannon fodder.
save file
image:152216892200.png(930kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7634).png)
Another Mexican movie, from 1987 - Katy, Kiky and Koko. The butterfly anthro lady (Katy) looks nice. Weird thing, basically woodland creatures vs googley-eyed aliens.

//youtube.com/watch?v=rFv5MMTqn28youtube thumb
save file
image:152216894800.png(762kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7635).png)
save file
image:152216921800.png(1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7636).png)
Yeah, this is the Ant Queen (despite not even remotely looking like the other ants), and she sure has some gigantic boobage - it's a mexican movie after all... :D
save file
image:152216938900.png(769kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7638).png)
Squirrel lady's name is Roberta.
save file
image:152216945100.png(861kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7639).png)
Is that Dale as a british gentleman in her fantasy?
save file
image:152217043600.png(1.61MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7640).png)
And this is from the prequel of this movie. I guess in mexican cartoons, even spiders are well-endowed. :D
//youtube.com/watch?v=aL9Q3aNEGrwyoutube thumb
save file
image:152217135400.png(946kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7641).png)
Here is another one, CGI this time, called Seleccio Canina - basically anthro dogs playing football.
//youtube.com/watch?v=BuOoVGohxukyoutube thumb
save file
image:152217143400.png(1.17MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7642).png)
Has some female characters, but all the main characters are males (because football, I guess?).
save file
image:152217147900.png(1.39MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7643).png)
The Saprophyte
For once BLG beat you to it too. ;) Was wondering what he thought about swapping out adult Katy in place of her younger form since the daughter's almost identical.
Mister Twister
And of course, the females are conventionally attractive, while the males are goofy looking. Makes sense if you are a man and design the models.
save file
image:152226158600.jpg(339kB , 1022x574 , DuckTales.2017.S01E11.The.Missing.Links.of.Moorshire.574p.PDTV.x264-SRS.mp4_[2018.03.28_20.19.05].jpg)
Tabby MacCatty, if I understood Glomgold saying his name right... he is a literal Tiger Woods. :D From episode 11 (and yes the show is back from hiatus finally)

Oh, dang - did not refresh while posting. One of the downsides of this place as opposed to message boards. (Btw, any such boards? Furaffinity has one but the activity there is... y'know, ball of tumbleweed rolling by.
It's an odd thing, yeah. It's why I like Animalympics, it went out of its way to make even the males attractive, like René or that horse ex-weightlifter guy.
save file
image:152226212600.jpg(251kB , 1022x574 , DuckTales.2017.S01E11.The.Missing.Links.of.Moorshire.574p.PDTV.x264-SRS.mp4_[2018.03.28_20.32.07].jpg)
Webby of course goes: "Talking animals wearing clothes?!?" :D
I swear one of the ponies is voiced by the VA of Pinkie Pie.
save file
image:152226326200.jpg(156kB , 1022x574 , Spoiler image)
It WAS them! Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) and Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie).
they are not really ponies, though...
save file
image:152226442500.jpg(222kB , 1022x574 , DuckTales.2017.S01E12.McMystery.at.McDuck.McManor.574p.PDTV.x264-SRS.mp4_[2018.03.28_21.10.25].jpg)
Black Arts Beagle. I love this guy... :D
"I'm not a dummy... I am the master of the arcane!"
The Saprophyte
They're on his list anyway. You actually caught one he missed.

SF has a forum but it's quiet...too quiet.... *shifty eyes*

Are they supposed to be magical ponies of some kind? Saw 'em in the commercials and wondered. There's almost enough parodies of MLP out there for a mini-list of their own. ;)
Mister Twister
I need to catch up.
save file
image:152234110000.jpg(230kB , 1022x574 , DuckTales.2017.S01E12.McMystery.at.McDuck.McManor.574p.PDTV.x264-SRS.mp4_[2018.03.28_21.08.27].jpg)
What does SF stand for?

And close, they are magical... just not ponies. They are kelpies, a scottish mythical creature that pretends to be a horse - or a man/woman - and then drowns the victim in the sea. They constantly try to talk the ducks into riding them in hilarious ways, but nobody falls for the trick. Well, Launchpad almost does.
The Saprophyte
Sofurry. You know, the the place you have an account you don't use? ;D

Ahha. I figured there was an explanation for the dripping water in their manes.
save file
image:152240146900.jpg(99kB , 615x703 , 1480588046421.jpg)
DAMN! Why did I not know about Forest Shadow and her half-naked Fox Spirits? I would have played Jade Empire ages ago had I known... The whole fighting style put me off (I am more of a fan of Baldur's Gate's system when it comes to Bioware games)
save file
image:152240154100.jpg(119kB , 1201x697 , FoxSpiritAttack.jpg)
Forest Shadow

LOL! I almost forgot about that place, yeah. I registered everywhere back then but as nobody ever seemed to respond to my uploads on most places, I stuck to FA and DA only.
save file
image:152240251100.jpg(216kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E15.Beached.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.31.51].jpg)
"Under the galax-see!" LOL this was hilarious... :D
save file
image:152240357500.jpg(188kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E16.Fashion.Victim.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.49.53].jpg)
Episode 16... fashion poodle guy fattens up the girls to be eaten.
save file
image:152240360600.jpg(185kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E16.Fashion.Victim.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.47.41].jpg)
Stick insect alien gal is Sasha.
save file
image:152240375200.jpg(187kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E16.Fashion.Victim.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.53.22].jpg)
save file
image:152240396200.jpg(163kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E16.Fashion.Victim.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.56.33].jpg)
-"But... I'm a boy!"
-"Well, nobody's perfect."
save file
image:152240413900.jpg(251kB , 854x480 , Bounty.Hamster.S01E17.Frozen.Stiffed.480p.WEB-DL-SNAG.mkv_[2018.03.30_11.58.59].jpg)
"I'll give you these comic books for the girl!"
Yeah, they do reuse character models very often in this show
save file
image:152242705500.png(613kB , 896x620 , jade_empire___titties_by_northernlightwolf-d9xyive.png)
On the subject of fox spirit titties... :D
save file
image:152245081100.jpg(133kB , 720x304 , Ready Player One 2018.HDCAM.X264-ThisOneYouWontSell.mkv_[2018.03.31_00.54.51].jpg)
Just saw Ready Player One... of course there is a furry character in it, albeit for a very brief scene only. :)
Well it basically takes place in Second Life, right?
save file
image:152254460500.gif(2.89MB , 400x225 , tumblr_inline_p6gx0tLIym1qh64o7_540.gif)
Here is the gif sequence of her.

After reviewing the Big List Website, there are duplicate entries that are needed to be removed.
>After reviewing the Big List Website, there are duplicate entries that are needed to be removed.

I figured as much, which is why it's great to have extra pairs of eyes giving feedback. Let me know which ones. After a while I start to become snowblind to the wall of waifus (I use the term ironically) and eventually something slips through the cracks. I also recently realized there may be entries missing that I would have sworn I already added (Tabitha from Fantomcat comes to mind), though I don't know if it's because I may have had a loss of data due to a list or html not getting saved or cloud storage not syncing properly, or if I've just browsed so many threads on the topic my brain tricked me into only thinking I listed them. I do know I've got images saved for characters I haven't listed yet, which is weird.

She's really pretty, but sadly given the world setting (and with boobs that big) you've got to suspect she's probably packing a penis...

save file
image:152257388100.jpg(210kB , 1540x990 , eZD5Frx3sUE.jpg)
Lookee what I found... Master of Orion Artbook. Darn, I still adore Haraava so much. :)

It is kind of a bundle of Second Life, WoW, CoD and every sports game ever. Literally it has every online game inside it.
save file
image:152257437700.jpg(621kB , 1535x2160 , 4dMYlE_s9G0.jpg)
Yuan-TI boobs!
save file
image:152257446800.jpg(659kB , 1532x2160 , Morag1.jpg)
Morag, the main villainess of the game
save file
image:152258392500.png(1.63MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7729).png)
From Super Agent Jon le Bon. Never heard of it before, but hey, not often we see elephant secret agent girls.
save file
image:152258411200.png(1.54MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (7730).png)
save file
image:152259296100.png(302kB , 1033x251 , bungrid2018.png)
Did another line's worth of rabbits. Probably showing my hand a bit here but it can't be helped. I'll just have to work faster.


BLG, Had a couple from the full master list supplement I posted before I've kinda been pushing too the end for not knowing what to do with them.
I don't know how completest you want to be but there's at least three different female Rabbids, not counting one that's a male in drag. They're all samebodies only with different hair though. There's also several rabbits mentioned for the two Franklin series' but episode names weren't forthcoming so I could only snag an image of the cop and I really don't want to slog though them just to see if there're any others unique enough to include.

The Bunny List has extra entries for Beehonie from Kissyfur and Yin form Yin Yang Yo! The Herp list has an extra entry for the Dragon Queen from Kairos.
save file
image:152260664700.jpg(17kB , 352x240 , Lucinda.jpg)
I still do not see Lucille in the Sheep List. Also, this is Lucielle's American Counterpart Lucinda (Honey) from Samurai Pizza Cats. Like the New York Pizza Cats, she only appears in the episode, "A Mission in Manhattan." The major difference is that her ponytail contains a pop up minigun.

Kitte Shushu wins the award for obscurity, bravo!

I fixed those entries, and added a few more. I found I had some on the lists that I hadn't added to the site yet, even though I'd just added a bunch recently and thought I got them all. I couldn't tell if there was actually more than one female rabbid or if the same one just takes on different roles? I'll probably add Peach rabbid to the list though since she seems to be very popular as her own character either way.
save file
image:152270359700.png(2.27MB , 1440x755 , calico1.png)
Thanks! She's one of those ones that popped up when I was searching for something completely different.

Yeah, things like Rabbids are a judgement call. The wiki suggests they're separate chars but the wikis aren't always right.
Pic related in another. There's 3 named families but the only difference is the color so I just listed them together as one entry. Screencapped this from the commercial animation btw but there's also a half-hour special and a series of shorts in the same style on youtube.

Also, are you spying on me? I had that exact picture of june bug ready to go. ;)
save file
image:152272547500.png(3kB , 182x184 , Dogaressa.png)
I spotted two duplicate entries in the Dog List. Dotty Dog from the Get Along Gang, and the Hawaiian Fox Women has an extra entry as Hula Girls. The Canine List needs Dogaressa from Undertale and Momma Mutt from Samurai Pizza Cats.
Mister Twister
I prefer Sci-Fi.
save file
image:152280156100.png(1.26MB , 1203x900 , kiwi nurse.png)
How about an alien lady in a sexy nurse's Uniform?

I almost included the Kiwi kid's mom from The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers (this isn't her) but thought better of it since they're only superficially rabbit-like. Could probably go under Other Species. Maybe a furalien heading?
I'd forgotten how many furry-esque races there were on that show.