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/v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament - Round 1TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165508087960.jpg(68kB , 366x431 , 165453598446.jpg)
VOTE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AbrUm6xwqCcGu4qK3zYpC12adZAN2lwu6UY_AVYEXcA

Pick the teams that ought to survive the first round rumble.

tIMER: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-r2-cna0
TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
Blade and Alucard, you got lucky
Don't you hate it when teams you like are against each other
Not really.
They're pit up against a heavy hitter.
Also how did they get in?
It is possible to make visible the result of the Qualifier round?
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image:165508266029.jpg(47kB , 500x500 , lean on.jpg)
>We Make Good Team
>The Perfect Plan and It Includes (You)
>Dangerous Cats
>Noodle Buddies
>Kings of Eternity
>We Hate Mondays
>Dark Queens
>Ocean Men
>Terrible Template Two
>Genie and a Half
>Friendly Ghosts
>Mad Fucking Keks
>Secret Agents
>Not Getting Out of Me Chair
>Shrek and Donkey Kong on Another Whirlwind Adventure
>Spooky Scary Skeletons
>Redemption or Death
>A Hilda in Time
>Feline Swordsmen
>Way of the Ninja
>Best Friends
>Space Pirates
>Picasso Pals
>Deceptively Strong Sailors
>The First /co/-/v/ Power Hour
>Irken-Furon Alliance
>Dark Ladies
>Helluva Glamrocks
>We are the Walking Dead
>Team Ivo
I made a thing for the kids at home to follow along with the carnage. It's mostly for me to visualize the bracket, but maybe it'll save someone else some trouble too.

Should I assume no Psyanon
TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
Nah, we aren't important enough.
see prior thread
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image:165508402129.png(191kB , 770x450 , 1626542135901.png)
>I am Professor. Owen Routh, known for my many years of work on childhood classic Thomas the Tank Engine.

>And I'm William Afton, the man behind the animatronics at Freddy Fazbears.

>Our coompanies have recently begun a partnership to persue develoopment on further ways to bring animatronic and robotic entertainment to life, ensuring a whimsical experience for all children involved. And, perhaps even, scientific pro-gress.

>Under the Yogi Cooperation Act, Sodor Research - Hit Logistics have begun a partner ship with Fazbear Entertainment - Afton Robotics, to study and learn about the various AMAZING ways we can bring metal things almost, to life.

>Zhink of ze possibilites! So, vign on today, and who knows where the train of futures will take you.

>"We also provide daycare services for your children on those long work days.

>"Indeed ve do. Join on to the delightful named "Living Metal Research and Childhood Entertainment" partnership this Tag Team Tournament, and get in on the ground of something extra-ordinary. We vouldn't vant anything troublesome to happen, no?
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image:165508487126.png(278kB , 700x350 , 5a56818ba75e201f008b4c14.png)
>From the deep dark depths of 4chan.
>This is F4G News!
>Now onto Orel Peterson being a complete writefag.

Good morning ladies and Gentlemen this is your favorite host Orel Peterson. Not with the voice thing. We are currently fixing the mircophones at the moment. Anyways, onto the News.

What originally started as a scam from one retard now begins as a new exciting tournament. The /v/ - /co/ Power Hour... even though it isn't really an hour. It's more or less a week. Still this tournament is simple. One /co/ character and one /v/ character. Put into one powerful team. Sure not a lot of people are here but this is a test tournament. All to help put TempAnon on the map and prove he can host a tournament. Cause, God bless his soul, he's the only Roleplayer aside from Dominoes that is actually trying to improve.

Honestly this is probably a slow day in the world of tournament news.

We do have the tournament contestants. Ranging from obvious combos like Ryu and Cyclops, to clever combos like Courage and Luigi, to retarded combos like... I don't know Shrek and Donkey Kong, yeah why is that a team? Is there a legit reason why there are a team? I would really like to know.

But these are your votes, not mine. You guys need to vote who you want to win all while helping TempAnon get better at the tournaments he is hosting. Cause again, God bless him, he needs all the help he can get. He's not an idiot or a liar like the other guy at all. Let's really thank God for that.

Well Happy voting fellow anons and remember to vote with your heart and not your dick.... that's a new slogan I'm trying to work into my show. You guys like it? Is it good? You know what just play Shriner's Convention. I'm out of here until next time.
I assume RPing is allowed?
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image:165509685917.png(244kB , 600x540 , f26.png)
>I don't know Shrek and Donkey Kong, yeah why is that a team? Is there a legit reason why there are a team?
It's a pair with a lot of a-peel.
Unless Temp says otherwise, RP is fair game here. I doubt Temp would say otherwise, given he's an RPer himself.
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image:165510081931.jpg(166kB , 1920x1080 , lfeM8JGq7s.jpg)
Let's go Explosivo!
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image:165510185035.jpg(49kB , 684x708 , 01jqskosyy431.jpg)
TempAnon, there is a parentheses missing in Dastardly Duo.

Also, vote for US!
Changing my mind, do not modify it, last time a team's name was modified it didn't save the previous votes.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
I'm proud of you Temp.
I wish you luck and good days.
Hope you don't mind if i take notes from you.
The only notes you should take are to leave forever
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
You aren't Temp.
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image:165512789572.png(399kB , 859x452 , 13b.png)
He may not be Yoel but he has a strong argument.
Wait for your tournament to redeem yourself.
In the meantime watch in silence.
Threads been quiet...
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image:165514708294.jpg(28kB , 586x439 , DRAT.jpeg)
I prefer them this way honestly.
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image:165514874644.jpg(7kB , 225x225 , TOutOmtJ_400x400.jpg)
>God, what the [guitar riff] did I get myself into this time?
>I thought I had a break until /co/lympus. Now that's a tourney.
>Everyone getting sent to Hell? Brutal.
>That time I faced the Shogun of Sorrow? Brutal.
>This shit? Not brutal.
>I got this dildo roadie tagging along.
>He's, uh, pretty metal I guess, but we have to wrestle these gay cats or something.
>Not very metal.

>Is there anyone even here? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
>Worst gig ever.
>If any of you dildos still haven't voted, DON'T vote Metalheads.
>I'm [guitar riff] serious you assholes, I'm not playing grab-ass with any more furries!
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image:165514956792.gif(641kB , 220x177 , roxanne-wolf-roxy.gif)
Vote Helluva Glamrocks!
Take into account this is a secondary site and there were no previous announcement of this tourney, aside that this is not the usual time for these tourneys.
Temp hasn't revealed the votes, but I think we hardly exceed the 20 anons.
2 hours remain for me, how many hours says for you?
1 hr 30 min and counting.
I'm personally not participating in this one and I assume quite a few aren't either
I submitted like 3 teams, 2 got in but I can't really be arsed rp'ing them
I'm treating this as a test run for temp so I want to see how it goes and give feedback etc
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image:165516789507.jpg(54kB , 495x619 , 2763527.jpeg)
Less than 10 minutes for the round to end.
Reminder to vote for Friendly Ghosts.
Time's up!