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Disney Villain tournament update!Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
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image:165503604181.jpg(6kB , 509x528 , creepy-disneyland-mascots-featured.jpg.optimal.jpg)
Staying true to my word i have not posted on this site or used my trip until June 12th the day of the tournament. (Despite wanting to but i held myself back)
I would also like to let you all know that i will be using the KawaiiSenpai name because i like that one better but i will let people know who i really am.
Now that we have reached the date i got a big announcement for the tournament!
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
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image:165503618924.jpg(202kB , 1924x1080 , image.jpg)
Yeah, sorry but i gotta delay this tournament.
Due to Temp creating his own tournament this week i felt it would be appropriate to change the date of my tournament so we won't have two at once.
I wish Temp the best of luck and i will enjoy participating in his tournament.
See you all on July 12th at 6pm EST!
Feel free to ask any questions.