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Test tournament to prove i can do itKawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
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image:165403941451.jpg(27kB , 1200x630 , og_disney_4a3148aa.jpeg)
I'm going to start a test tournament on June 12 to prove i can be a good host.
It will be about favorite Disney villains.
I hope to see you there.
hey, you announced it this time! you're learning.
Will it be both TV Show Villains and film villains or will we just have film villains?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Both TV and film villains. Animated and live action.
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image:165404027325.png(582kB , 630x800 , Star_Butterfly_S3_profile.png)
Can we add unintentional villains as well?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Only canonical villains.
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Oh, another thing i should add.
The villains have to be pure Disney. No villains from any Disney acquisitions. (e.g Marvel, Star Wars, etc)
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Any other rules i should add?
So by only canonical villains do you mean characters that stay a villain (obvious examples being Ursula, Jafar, Captain Hook ect), or can characters that start off as villains but redeem themselves or characters who slowly become the villain (examples King Andrias from Amphibia and Cassandra from the Tangled series) join in as well?
best of luck, sir.
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Redeemed villains and heroes who turn into villains are fine as long as we're using the evil version of the character.
So by that logic that means Xemnas can not join in correct?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Kingdom Hearts isn't an acquisition but it's still a collaboration with Square Enix so i say that he doesn't count.
So if someone were to nominate the live action version of the Stepmother from Cinderella and then nominate the animated version of the same character would both characters be eligible to enter the brackets or would it be just one of them?

So would that technically mean no Pixar villains can enter here either since Pixar is an acquired studio Disney bought?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
>So if someone were to nominate the live action version of the Stepmother from Cinderella and then nominate the animated version of the same character would both characters be eligible to enter the brackets or would it be just one of them?
If the animated and live action versions of the character are different enough from each other than they can be separated.
>So would that technically mean no Pixar villains can enter here either since Pixar is an acquired studio Disney bought?
That's right.
That's fair enough we got over 110 films to choose from along with some good TV shows.
Sorry 60.
Don't know where 110 came from.
[TempAnon] !1HtdnWR3ho
Gosh dog lot I’ve been beaten to the punch again
This doesn't mean you cannot do your own test tourney Temp
How should we nominate?
Would it be like, the regular Miss/Mr /co/ nominations or would it be a bit different? Would you mind giving us an example of how to nominate?
To add on, how many responses are needed to qualify?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Well, you can still start your own test tournament.
Just make sure it doesn't overlap with mine. Don't want one to overshadow the other.
The usual way to nominate like we have always done.
Since this is a test tournament and i expect there to be much less people participating because of it i think the amount of (You)s needed should be lower than usual.
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image:165416733595.jpg(119kB , 1920x1080 , smiley.jpeg)
>Tfw he might win it
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image:165423574166.png(119kB , 425x474 , 1445865288599.png)
>June 12
wait, didn't tournaments normally started on Friday?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Eh, it's just a test.
What will be the max number of contestants?
I know you said you will be adding in live action and television villains as well but there are 60 animated films in general.
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Considering that we're also including TV villains along with the fact that there can be more then one villain in a single movie and show, i say the usual 128.
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Oh, and this will also include made for TV and straight to DVD movies.
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image:165429241499.jpg(161kB , 921x981 , Profile_-_Gaston.jpg)
I can technically see them being the top two
KawaiiSenpai... are you actually TourneyAnon/Numnuts Anon?
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
Fine, yes, i am.
I just wanted a fresh start and hopefully make amends.
I took this as an opportunity to prove that i'm really trying to better myself.
If you wanna know why it took so long for me to reply, i took a nap and i just woke up.
Our issue with you isn't your incompetence, but your lack of integrity. TempAnon is more redeemable despite arguably being more incompetent, because as far as we know he didn't try to deceive us. And here you are again, assuming a new identity to deceive us yet again. You haven't learned your lesson, and I don't even think you comprehend the lesson you need to learn. You blew it. Now fade into obscurity.
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image:165440388248.png(1MB , 680x358 , 13b.png)
Dammit Yoel. You're hard to love. But you are also hard to hate.
KawaiiSenpai !A4jsQTgi.Q
>Our issue with you isn't your incompetence, but your lack of integrity
Yes, i'm well aware of that and that's what i am trying to fix.
>And here you are again, assuming a new identity to deceive us yet again
Well how else was i supposed to make a test tournament when everyone shuts me down whenever i use the Tourney or numnuts identity? If you know how then i'd be happy to take the advice.
Also, i did be honest when confronted. To me it wasn't a deception but more of a fresh start. A new identity with a new beginning.
>I don't even think you comprehend the lesson you need to learn.
That i shouldn't rig tournaments and/or have public mental breakdowns?
I forgot to ask last time, what exactly is Yoel a reference to? Is it a reference? Either way i think it's good.
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image:165440826351.jpg(6kB , 225x225 , images.jpeg)
>Yes, i'm well aware of that and that's what i am trying to fix.
No! No you are not!
>Well how else was i supposed to make a test tournament when everyone shuts me down.
>i did be honest when confronted.
>To me it wasn't a deception but more of a fresh start. A new identity with a new beginning.
You fucking lied to the public still Yoel! It doesn't matter if people turned you down! If you would have came out here as yourself Yoel you wouldn't have a lot of backlash now. Maybe people would have helped you! But no! People are now more pissed at you Yoel! Because you chose to lie again! This is why I referred to you as Yoel! Because you do not deserve your real name Yoel! Also Yoel, that is what is wrong! You chose to lie again! It's not just the rigging, it was never about the public meltdown! You FUCKING LIED!!!

>I forgot to ask last time, what exactly is Yoel a reference to? Is it a reference? Either way i think it's good.
I'm not even going to answer that Yoel! You don't deserve an answer for that! Just go the fuck to sleep Yoel!!
When are mods here just permabanning him
[TempAnon] !1HtdnWR3ho
Does this mean I can do a test now?
You always could
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
I wouldn't have expected anyone to help me if they knew who i was but i'm going to believe in you and be more honest with everyone.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
BlackHand stated that permabans are only for ban evaders and CP posters.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
In fact, there's a lot i want to be honest about, but specifically to Taganon since he's the only one who'd know the context.
If Tag is here then i would like to give him some truth that i need to get off of my chest.
you are hopeless
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image:165443858504.gif(1.06MB , 498x239 , 1560965983948.gif)
>it's numnuts in disguise...again
Wait, you guys weren't aware it was Numnuts under another alias until just now? Lol
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Just tell me what i need to do to improve myself, please.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
So... June 12th right?
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image:165445815492.png(38kB , 250x141 , Goofy_mad_at_verbal.png)
No. Continue on Yoel.
I want to see how far this can go.
You said you wanted to prove you were a good host. Now is your good and possibly last chance. In the words of the great UncleAl, "Go ahead! Make your wildest desires a reality."
Now don't fuck this up Yoel. All eyes are now watching you. And don't play any sympathy cards or point fingers at anyone (real or fictional) when things do not go your way.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Then i'll be seeing you all on June 12th.
I will take this time to work on the tournament so i will not be making anymore posts on this site or with a trip code until the day comes.
leave, and don't ever come back.
i would give you some more specific advice on your behavior but that would require me faith in your ability to improve as a person and that is something i do not have. you keep wanting to tell people "the truth". well I know the truth. you were a massive fucking attention whore before, you are a massive fucking attention whore now, and you will continue to be a massive fucking attention whore in the future. even if this tournament you have here goes off without a hitch, people still won't trust you to host. that ship has long sailed and it's not coming back and if you had any integrity in you you'd make peace with that fact.
you said that if you got another chance to host a tournament you wouldn't rig the shit of it, and then you got another chance to host and you rigged the shit out of it. you said you didn't even want to host and that you'd be happier working on your OC, and yet here you are trying to host. nobody even asked you to do this in any capacity, it was supposed to be Temp's chance at redemption.
even if you weren't a manipulative snake (or the world's most deranged troll) you clearly have some mental illness and you have decided to make it everyone's problem. why are you so fucking obsessed with these tournaments and what little noteriety they might give you? why are you doing any of this? maybe you actually hate tournaments and this is all your attempt at killing them for good. i'd believe you if you told me that was the case.
by the way, all these questions are rhetorical. i don't give a single fuck about anything you have to say.
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image:165447132996.jpg(32kB , 411x484 , 1652152132300.jpg)
Just fucking leave man.
I thought it was the well-meaning guy from tagteam who didn't know what the fuck he was doing admittedly
Temp isn't someone who changes names and hides.

He's a well meaning idiot who's too overeager. But at this point, he might be our only fucking hope because literally every other "New recruit" has been TourneyAnon in disguise.
black hand you have got to perma this guy NOW
We don't need any "new recruit" right now since we already have one set up for Mr/Ms with a proven track record.
They are the same level as attention whore, just not venomous about it

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RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/0.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/1.html(?:\?.*)?$ $1/ [R=302,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/(\d\w*)s.png$ /$1/thumbs/$2s.png [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)/(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/([0-9]*)\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=index&board=$1&pagenumber=$2 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/catalog\.html(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=catalog&board=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/t([0-9]*)\.(html|json|rss)(?:\?.*)?$ index.php?section=thread&board=$1&thread=$2&ext=$3 [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/posts_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=posts_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^([a-z_\-0-9]*)\/threads_feed\.rss$ index.php?section=threads_feed&board=$1&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_posts\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_posts&ext=rss [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^latest_nsfw_threads\.rss$ index.php?section=latest_nsfw_threads&ext=rss [L,QSA]

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