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I'm feeling down and bored. Anonymous
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image:165171655042.jpg(55kB , 268x240 , That+piglet+is+one+smart+ass+motherer+_13d58670382dfe4e4fbd1bce30c7bff1.jpg)
Anyone got any tournament topics they want to discuss?
Know who is bringing up ms/queen /co///v/ in threads?
like recently? I think I've mentioned it once or twice in the last few months
Hundreds of anons vote in those, it's expected to see the tourneys being brought up from time to time.
Some random Anons. Why do you ask?
here's something, there's been a huge increase in Metal Gear rising memes this year and our favourite boys Raiden and Sam are both able to be submitted again so do we suspect some powerful meme magic?
I would do anything to see Raiden take 1st place only for a new poll to be made where it's Raiden vs Armstrong
I want to believe Raiden can take it, but there's something about being a previous runner-up that makes voters take your victory for granted and stop voting for you from a certain point onwards. Last year the rest of the MGR rep got fucked over due to the franchise limit rule, I hope this time it won't apply.
People don't like it when a winner is from the same franchise as a previous winner.
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image:165178807909.jpg(6kB , 170x214 , 88F89228-505E-4258-A3CD-72377050CE13.jpeg)
Having Elite 8 repeats every year is completely fine and should, in fact, be encouraged. Making the top 8 in a tournament is seen as something deserving of permanent elite status since it's a stage very few can reach: attempting to make it a goal for all characters to reach this status at some point is very moronic, and only takes away from the merit of becoming part of it.
I say this because, among other things, people more often than not vote like absolute retards and go for the characters they feel "deserve it more" rather than those they genuinely prefer. And don't take this as me bashing the most recent winners btw (for reference, the Mr. /co/ 21 E8 had the best balance between veteran heavy-hitters and new blood), I only think it’s dumb to consider a selection better than another because it has more new members or whatever.
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image:165182654379.png(323kB , 1314x712 , 1638894834593.png)
Anyone here feel responsible for the momentum they generated for their favorite?
I felt like I contributed to the TTGL references even though I was against Batter winning, at that point it was just about having fun
If /mu/ does another soundtrack tournament, I should really nominate the following.

>Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
>Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
>Guilty Gear Sign
All the other Supergiant games have much better soundtracks.
Do Guilty Gear, Hades, or Kipo even have a physical soundtrack?
They should if they don't
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image:165196965766.jpg(46kB , 680x524 , 1650772725915.jpg)
Has anybody else had no actual picks in the tournaments?
Most of the time really, specifically in the female tournaments.
Yes. I'm not gonna say who but yes.
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image:165213533210.png(1.02MB , 1319x938 , tts_kekkai_sensen__014_by_magosilustrator_ddtg6ge.png)
>Be Emperor anon
>Be active in the RP
>Be forever embedded in the wedding art
>People still wonder to this day what the fuck is emperor doing there
So what exactly was his role?
One of the main fighters for the ultimate Get. Was actually one of the main characters that got a quint and he constantly battled and stole Simons Gets. Aside from that, nothing really.
remind me what the ultimate get was again? was it the same as the bouquet toss or was it something different?
I think people not knowing what he's doing in the wedding image really helps encapsulate that whole event. It's an added layer of wtf.
wasn't it about getting trapped in Hell and we had to get get's to escape?
I think it was Tom that got the Ultimate Get, twice in fact too.
no, that just happened by accident
I mean, getting the quads was intentional, but Bill didn't say "if you get digits you escape" or anything like that
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image:165238401233.png(103kB , 767x711 , characters who have appeared in every mr. co.png)
Who do you think is going to miss next year?
I don't think any of them will miss. but I'd say probably lord hater or stan pines.
I'm gonna support Popeye more this year, he was my grandfather's favourite character, he even had a tat of him on his bicep, he died this year so I'm aiming for sweet 16 or possibly E8
Unless there's a really shitty way of how nominees are listed in the qualifiers like last year all of these will make it, perhaps except Candyhack, Spicer and Ruckus who are on the edge.
The rest are pretty much eternally top-tier popular and a cut above all else, the weaker ones have missed a tournament at least once now. These are the guys who made it four times already, they'll always make it.
The moment Condorjock stops making the bracket, the tournament will just fucking die.
where did the Arle thread go?
Probably got deleted for being too off-topic.
Guy who made the thread here. I deleted it myself. Like
>>8974 said it was too off topic and it wasn't even an Arle thread to begin with, it just got derailed into one.
but it was a fun thread. meh.
So what ever happened to Temp, Dominos, Numnuts and Fern after the tag tournament?
Numbnuts is around but people tell him to fuck off
Temp is in prison but will get out in time for ms./co/
Numnuts is persona non grata in all manners and circles
dominos is in his wood cabin destressing after the tagteam
fern is drinking coffee and continuing to read awful hospital
>Temp is in prison
wait, seriously?

>fern is drinking coffee and continuing to read awful hospital
I just hope he'll still make good art of the next tournament.
>wait seriously
no he isn't (I hope) I was just being a lil silly
I know all 4 have off site presences but I doubt they'll share them every time we ask
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image:165273475886.png(52kB , 1280x1675 , frun.png)
I don't do art. I'm a writefag.
tomayto, tomahto.
fern avatarfag !ma9qovM58k
well in that case yes, I am cooking up some stuff for next year.
Would it ever be possible for you to ever forgive Temp?
fern avatarfag !ma9qovM58k
I don't know. I really don't wanna think about Tag Team. For what it's worth, I don't hate him. But he needs to update his fucking computer.
What are your thoughts on the hosts and rpers?
Did you actually enjoy them?
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image:165280932778.png(309kB , 800x736 , fine.PNG)
I wasn't as gung-ho about the Monarchposters as everyone else was, but they grew on me over the 2021 tournaments.
The Megamind shit is disgusting, but I'm glad we have it in case we ever need a strong normalfag filter.
A lot of the most memorable moments in these tournaments, Mr. /co/ especially, are born from or aided heavily by RP. Ms. /co/ doesn't lean on that nearly as much, which is why the most memorable moments from those tourneys are anticipated matches or upsets, barring outliers like 2020's Peru business. (which, as someone who first particpated in 2020, was as good an introduction as you could get.)
I am biased in favor of them because I dabble in roleplay myself every once in a while, but the only thing that really irks me about it is when contestants stick around after their elimination. Gwenpool/"Henchgwen" made it work because she was so tightly tied to the candidate she was supporting and it sort of worked with her sort of meta nature, but that was lightning in a bottle. When you let any character stick around with the excuse of "oh they're supporting this other competitor", you get Jackiefag.
Robotnik should probably be missing this year.
After getting so far in /v/ he should probably leave /co/
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image:165283116013.jpg(44kB , 500x500 , eggman-is-pissed.jpg)
what a rrrrrrrrrrridiculous notion
Who's RP would you say has the biggest impact and influence?
fern avatarfag !ma9qovM58k
not a specific charater, but anyone involved in the wedding seeing as how people still bring that up every once in a while

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