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Cartoon Network's 30th Anniversary Tournament: Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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image:164100126754.jpg(49kB , 1192x670 , cartoon_network_s_upcoming_30th_birthday.jpg)
Happy New Year everyone, It's now 2022! and that means it's CN's 30th Anniversary this year.
and to celebrated. we're going to discussion a potential tournament of it.
will it happen or not?
I'd just do it for shows
When the 30th rolls around just have all the CN original shows in a poll, no nominations and just do qualifiers, and then go from there making a bracket
Why didn't Nickelodeon get a 30th anniversary tournament?
because people are too busy making hate posts like how Nickelodeon was never good since 2008.
that's why we never got one, especially they recently send It's Pony to Nicktoons channel for burnoff.
Well can we at least make one this year to make up for it?
We should do it for all of the great Nicktoons they have.