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Tag-team 2023: NominationsCoayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:170449927674.png(336kB , 984x1087 , 9cc410d1a54f7372e36574da1b59dfe2.png)
2024 edition.

►Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-nominations-o6ut

►LIVE Nomination List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U084XGMAz78Mb4nW6vDPzMmtgj8rnokuZgppQv4Q1p8/edit?usp=sharing

►Nomination Process
Post both characters in one photo (doesn't have to be actual artwork, a shitty edit is fine), their respective source material, the team name. Must get eight replies to be nominated.

>Characters must have either a /co/ western origin or have appeared in a /co/ tournament prior to this rule (Grandfather Clause)
>All teams shall consist of 2 members, no more, no less. Teams do not have to be canon partners.
>One team per character, no duplicate teams such as Johnny and Jack + Johnny and Kronk. If duplicate teams end up in the roster, highest seed in qualifiers determines the team that ends up in the final roster.
>All characters must come from a work that is at least one month old (FOTM rule)
>Past winning characters and previous year E8 teams (but not characters) are ineligible
>Character's cannot be Board-Tans or OC Donut Steels
>Real-life politicians simply being portrayed as a cartoon is not allowed, unless qualifying under the Grandfather Clause or far enough their own character (such as Ramses or Teen JFK).

►Booru (PUT ALL OC HERE): https://booru.plus/+tagteamco
OC dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dz26hdnk76ppfdj/AACbgj5O0Lm14lHRbAgXSCS7a?dl=0

>Past winners:
Sam & Max (Sam & Max) (2019)
Fake Santas (The Grinch & Jack Skellington) (2020)
Incognito (Reagan & Brett) (2021)
Goth Chicks (Gwen & Loona) (2022)

>E8 Ineligible teams:
The Couples from Another Universe (Dr. Livesey & Cpt. Amelia)
Spy V Spy (White Spy & Black Spy)
Government Targets (Izzy & Sticks the Badger)
Goof Troop (Goofy & Max)
Chaos (Eris & Shuma-Gorath)
Interdimensional Rulers with Distant Lands (Queen Tyr'ahnee & Mirage)
The ЯENAgades! (ENA & Xavier)

Hope Corgi

Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:170449928883.png(714kB , 2000x1000 , Home Sweet Home.png)
HH & Homer D. Poe (hhgregg & Home Depot), "Home Sweet Home"
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image:170449930669.jpg(857kB , 1496x1456 , Surge and Kit.jpg)
Nominating Surge the Tenrec and Kit the Fennec as Imposters Syndrome from IDW Sonic
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image:170449931196.png(1.48MB , 1324x518 , Introducing Secret Mission.png)
Black Hat (Villainous) and Steve Rogers / Captain America (Marvel) have allied for a "Secret Mission"!
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image:170449931458.jpg(112kB , 1024x764 , C94FED69-1438-459F-AEB8-B1D3F0C6FBAB.jpeg)
uh… heh heh this is like our team or something
uh we're like Beavis and Butthead from uh Beavis and Butthead I guess
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image:170449933949.png(939kB , 1316x698 , IMG_0119.png)
Nominating MacArthur from Total Drama The Ridonculous Race and Chief Misty Luggin from The Bad Guys
Team Name: Two Hot-Headed Cop Womens
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image:170449934516.gif(794kB , 1080x808 , assholish adult swim duo.gif)
Nominating Assholish Adult Swim Duo featuring Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Monarch from The Venture Bros.
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image:170449935499.png(2.12MB , 1849x2048 , 23d054ed36574005f22b8a2b76ada0d1.png)
Nominating Izzy and Cherri Bomb. Team Explosivas from Total Drama and Hazbin Hotel
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image:170449935508.png(1.54MB , 1720x718 , 170237030027.png)
Lori Loud (The Loud House) and Sasha Waybright (Amphibia).
Rival Blonde Bond.
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image:170449935861.jpg(49kB , 1000x563 , Annoying Sidekicks.jpg)
Nominating Donkey (Shrek) and Sid (Ice Age).
Team name: Annoying Sidekicks
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image:170449937771.png(201kB , 622x464 , Town Punching Bags.png)
Nominating Town Punching Bags featuring Butters Stotch and Pip Pirrip from South Park
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image:170449938005.jpg(70kB , 1200x675 , A Mismatch Made in Heaven.jpg)
Legs & Ducky (Toy Story), "A Mismatch Made in Heaven"
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image:170449940677.png(685kB , 820x1235 , IMG_0120.png)
Nominating Gabby and Ellie from Disventure Camp
Team Name: Chill and Crazy
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image:170449941616.gif(382kB , 498x278 , CCJ.gif)
You know them, you love them. Its the 80s hit rock synth sensation.
Nominating Ryan Akagi and Min-gi Park from Infinity Train as the one, the only, Chicken Choice Judy!!!
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image:170449941887.png(155kB , 916x781 , 1665689558817.png)
Nominating Xavier from Xavier Renegade Angel and Dale Gribble from King of the Hill
Team Name: Albino Buffalo
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image:170449942054.png(1.05MB , 1324x647 , Short Mean Queen Bees.png)
Nominating Short Mean Queen Bees (My Life as a Teenage Robot) (Gravity Falls) (Tiff Crust and Pacifica Northwest)
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image:170449942185.jpg(94kB , 640x418 , IMG_4095.jpeg)
Nominating Snow miser and heat miser from Rankin bass’s holiday special “Year without a Santa Claus”
Team name:The miser brothers
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image:170449942294.jpg(768kB , 4096x3165 , Devious Duo.jpg)
Nominating King Koopa (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show) and Dr. Robotnik (The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) as the "Leveled-Up Big Bads of Video Land"

To clarify on the first rule, both have already appeared in Tag-Team 2020.
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image:170449942695.gif(686kB , 498x358 , ed-edd-eddy-rolf.gif)
I nominate Ed and Rolf as "That's My Horse!" from Ed, Edd n Eddy
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image:170449944049.png(448kB , 853x698 , 169743895787.png)
Nominating Witches Rule (Amity Blight and Luz Noceda from The Owl House)
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image:170449944230.jpg(98kB , 680x864 , derabw1-85b29abe-efa2-420a-8876-fb9a708f399c.jpg)
Bobby Santiago (The Loud House) and Marco Diaz (Star vs. The Forces of Evil).
Team LMWF.
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image:170449944956.png(268kB , 724x407 , SkatoonY.png)
Chudd Chudders & The Earl (SkatoonY), "SkatoonY"
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image:170449946166.gif(1.12MB , 323x175 , tumblr_ncdfhnek841rm146oo1_400.gif)
Nominating Max Goof and PJ Pete (Goof Troop)
Team name: Goof Pals
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image:170449947331.png(305kB , 862x1118 , pumpkinheads.png)
Nominating Team Pumpkinheads
Jack O' Lantern from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and The Headless Horseman from Hotel Transylvania
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image:170449948748.jpg(20kB , 320x180 , 8D45709E-FAB5-4006-A456-DC6B3B1BE41C.jpeg)
Worlds Smallest Team
Boy and Atom
A Boy and His Atom
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image:170449948937.png(903kB , 1136x1072 , x8c2zd.png)
Nominating Queen Tyr'ahnee and Marvin the Martian as Team We claim this tournament in the name of mars! from Duck Dodgers
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image:170449949071.jpg(131kB , 1280x720 , Maternal Malign.jpg)
Brody Foxx & Muscle Man (Yo Mama! & Regular Show), "Maternal Malign"
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image:170449949397.png(750kB , 896x672 , IMG_0121.png)
Nominating Fireman Sam and Elvis Cridlington from Fireman Sam
Pontypandy Firemans
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image:170449951268.jpg(85kB , 828x693 , wordmartha.jpg)
Nominating The Dictionary Damsels
(Wordgirl from Wordgirl and Martha from Martha Speaks)
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image:170449954153.png(308kB , 720x450 , EngineersOfKaBoom.png)
Nominating Vinny Santorini (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) and Rico (Penguins of Madagascar) as team "Engineers of Ka-Boom"
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image:170449954343.jpg(50kB , 500x378 , NDE6VGlaU5olZgieI7a5kKrv_ptkv5xHfkRZ-tRxsMI.jpg)
Nominating Stu and Drew Pickles (Rugrats)
Team name: Pickles Brothers
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image:170449954384.png(496kB , 768x574 , IMG_0122.png)
Nominating Sarah and James Jones from Fireman Sam
Jones Twins
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image:170449954666.png(343kB , 927x450 , 163884627546.png)
I nominate Lord Moldybutt and Candlejack as Unmentionable Individuals (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Freakazoid)
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image:170449955293.png(242kB , 680x889 , Fast-Food Frenzy.png)
The Noid & Mac Tonight (Domino's & McDonalds), "Fast-Food Frenzy"
What's the point of this if there's no anti-rigging measures and there were more "votes" each round for Loona then there were comments in each round thread?
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image:170449957053.png(1.66MB , 878x765 , 1638983608193.png)
Nominating Blue Beetle and Booster Gold as 'Blue and Gold'
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image:170449957929.png(34kB , 300x349 , It just got real.png)
Two orange cats come together for one epic comic team-up! Garfield from Garfield and Heathcliff from... Heathcliff. Yeah, these two know their brands. This pair of famous felines are ready to band together, because "It Just Got Real!"

Yes, that's the team name. Take it or leave it.
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image:170449958771.jpg(97kB , 1280x720 , IMG_4096.jpeg)
Nominating Kermit the frog and Fozzie bear from the muppets. Team name? (Moving right along) Muppet Sing Along | Movin' Right Along | The Muppetsyoutube thumb
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image:170449960663.jpg(24kB , 365x273 , Bert_and_Ernie.jpg)
Nominating Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street as "Bertstrips"
That tournament had to deal with voters coming in from /trash/, this time it's all gonna be /tnt/ only posters.
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image:170449961676.png(801kB , 1024x702 , silentheroes.png)
Nominating Mr. Incredible and Frozone from The Incredibles
Team name: Silentheroes
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image:170449962337.jpg(9kB , 247x148 , Regular_Duo.jpg)
Nominating Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show)
Team name: Regular Duo
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image:170449962610.png(265kB , 685x831 , 1670766267726.png)
Nominating I Can't Sleep Nia and Lacey from her own Lacey Flash Games as Niacey
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image:170449963109.jpg(90kB , 750x960 , 20211221_041429.jpg)
Nominating John Blacksad and Weekly from Blacksad
Team name: New York's Finest
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image:170449964915.jpg(27kB , 700x357 , 00b.jpg)

Nominating General Shannon Rogard and Kent Mansley as Giant Localizers from the Iron Giant.
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image:170449971159.jpg(92kB , 862x970 , WeeshAndTate (1).jpg)
Nominating Weesh and Tate from the webcomic Weesh as "Licorice Whips"
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image:170449971180.png(2.29MB , 1225x1255 , dd2hinf-a1831752-060b-4877-a742-24f700e3ff86.png)
Nominating Saorise (Song of the Sea) and Aisling (Secrets of Kells)
Team name: Celtic Lasses
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image:170449972742.png(1.06MB , 1400x700 , the-simpsons-futurama.png)
Nominating Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) and Bender Rodriguez (Futurama) as "Another Cheap Cartoon Crossover"
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image:170449974737.jpg(39kB , 600x480 , Workout.jfif)
Nominating Gym and Library from the Where Do You Workout? comic by Tony Auth.
"Workout Bros"
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image:170449974772.gif(66kB , 340x312 , Dariajane.gif)
Nominating Daria and Jane from Daria
Team name: The MTV Generation
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image:170449981553.jpg(272kB , 928x1409 , F670DA8B-3602-46BA-90EB-BCB72E11BB80.jpeg)
nominating Joker (The Clown) and Joker (The Comedian) from DC
Two Out of Three Jokers (sorry The Criminal)
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image:170449982120.png(296kB , 901x375 , totallydifferentguys.png)
Nominating Mr Snrub (The Simpsons) and Guy Incognito (The Simpsons) as team "Completely Different Persons"
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image:170449982995.jpg(39kB , 398x500 , file.jpg)
Nominating Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts as "Flying Aces"
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image:170449984269.jpg(47kB , 747x575 , stewie.jpg)
Nominating Stewie Griffin and Brian Griffin from Family Guy
Team Name: Road to Tag-Team
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image:170449984318.jpg(57kB , 957x572 , GB1EDvPWUAAEQNY.jpg)
Nominating Veronica and Mona (from Veronica and Mona webcomics)
Team Name: The Lewd Nurses.
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image:170449985401.jpg(128kB , 991x706 , Babysitters_of_Stoneybrook.jpg)
Nominating Kristy Thomas and Mary Anne Spier (Babysitters Club Graphic Novels)
Team name: Babysitters from Stoneybrook
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image:170449986271.png(875kB , 968x745 , hotheads.png)
Nominating Bane and CIA from DC
Team name: Hotheads
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image:170449986586.jpg(45kB , 600x338 , 1eae7bf49b86e8df-600x338.jpg)
Nominating Backshot Buddies (Joker and Charlie Collins from Batman)
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image:170449992503.png(157kB , 716x348 , Skidnpump.png)
Nominating Skid and Pump from Spooky Month as Spooky Boys
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image:170449995399.jpg(376kB , 1976x1160 , 1612418269124.jpg)
Verosika Mayday (Helluva Boss) & Miss Heed (Villainous)
Team: Pink Bitches
Nice try NightFansAnon
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image:170449997237.jpg(178kB , 472x285 , 11_Rothkirch Cartoon Film.jpg)
Nominating Laura and Star (Lauras Stern)
Team name: Friends from Different Worlds
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image:170450000023.png(1.85MB , 1230x798 , dicks out for mr boss and hello nurse.png)
Nominating Dr. Livesey (Soviet Treasure Island) and Goo (Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends)
Team name: Queer Qualifiers
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image:170450001016.png(41kB , 325x325 , IMG_4097.png)
Nominating rocky and bullwinkle from the rocky and bullwinkle show. Team name: Jay ward’s marvelous mammals
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image:170450002447.png(648kB , 978x477 , dads.png)
Nominating Hugh Neutron (Jimmy Neutron) and Mr. Turner (Fairly OddParents)
Team Name: Dad Jokes
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image:170450004361.png(22kB , 1000x1000 , Tragedy.png)
Nominating Cinnibar Brenneka (SHAKARA) and Lucifer (The Tragedy of Man)
Team Name: Tyrants of the Depths
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image:170450005779.png(607kB , 843x403 , n.png)
Nominating The Lord and his Lone Warrior (Tai Lung and Lord Shen) Kung Fu Panda
Liquid NightShift
These are the only two good duos posted so far. They have my utmost support.
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image:170450012149.jpg(36kB , 1280x720 , MV5BMDdjOWZjNjctMTZlNS00YTFhLTkzZjktMjk3MWNjODBhZmM1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjIzMjgxMDY@._V1_.jpg)
Nominating Candace Flynn and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)
Team name: You're Busted!
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image:170450013932.png(227kB , 380x597 , 0D7D277D-B286-4041-82D7-D074D8139714.png)
The Deadly Alliance, Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realms and Lord Farquaad from Shrek

Fuck off Nightshit
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image:170450015989.jpg(80kB , 800x600 , Kitty-Katswell-Talking-With-Dudley-Puppy-mnb462.jpg)
Nominating Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell as TUFF Puppy. TUFF Puppy
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image:170450016265.png(251kB , 312x392 , 1684607036391152.png)
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image:170450018921.png(724kB , 720x1003 , 4320587913215864116053.png)
Nominating Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom) and Jake Long (American Dragon) as team Supernatural Suit Up
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image:170450023511.png(365kB , 600x600 , IMG_4098.png)
Nominating wilkins and wontkins from Wilkins coffee commercials by Jim henson. Team is called “Bad things seem to happen to those who don’t vote wilkins”
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image:170450027228.jpg(270kB , 1534x1080 , Two_Hours_of_Poop.jpg)
Nominating Friar Tuck (Disney's Robin Hood) and Mister Toad (Wind in the Willows 1995)
Team name: Two Hours of Poop
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image:170450033238.png(388kB , 854x480 , TheStopping.png)
Nominating Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Norm from Phineas and Ferb as "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated"
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image:170450042845.jpg(428kB , 1633x1576 , 20220505_205638.jpg)
Nominating Mr. Wolf and Mr. Snake from The Bad Guys
Team name: Partners in Crime
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image:170450042937.jpg(247kB , 505x945 , tumblr_n904ntv3b71rz71nko1_640.jpg)
Nominating Cornelia Hale and Elyon Brown (W.I.T.C.H)
Team name: Light and Earth
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image:170450048748.jpg(41kB , 720x405 , 05d94a7fb1025df09687af8d7b019d8b.jpg)
Raven (DC)
Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)
"You just know"
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image:170450049376.png(833kB , 1076x467 , Misery only makes them stronger.png)
Nominating Jerry Smith (Rick & Morty) and Megatron Griffin (Family Guy) as the Furious Fifth Wheels
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image:170450050404.jpg(83kB , 780x463 , 780w-463h_110216_monsters-inc-15th-anniversary-10.jpg)
Nominating Mike and Sulley (Monsters Inc.)
Team name: We Scare Because We Care
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image:170450050977.png(357kB , 475x779 , d977fd54112edd74f7106f7207e47ad4.png)
Nominating Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps as Zootopia Police Department from Zootopia. (Not the Judyanon though just in case he doesn't post in time).
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image:170450058594.jpg(96kB , 1280x720 , 1638585696480.jpg)
Nominating ChuChun and BonBon from Mime and Dash
Team: Mute & Smutty
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image:170450061539.gif(28kB , 480x360 , 4671e-6a00e5501c1be88833017c35f8d10f970b-pi.gif)
Nominating Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Team name: Bestest Friends Ever
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image:170450064627.jpg(134kB , 563x768 , f0.jpg)
Nominating You've Got a Friend In Me (Woody and Buzz Lightyear) Toy Story.
Kino +1
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image:170450070093.png(783kB , 500x281 , EN5sFtrWkAAe_1b.png)
Nominating Robbie Rotten and Sportacus from LazyTown as "A Number 1 Duo"
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image:170450073113.jpg(53kB , 491x416 , Blark_and_Son.jpeg)
>I've just signed us up for something called the tag-team tourney. Now the only tag-team I know is wrestling and I was about halfway through making our super cool awesome matching luchador costumes when Stacey told me its more of an online audience vote thing.
>So put on your face, don't embarrass me online and lets show some internet dweebs that we are the best father son duo since God and Jesus!
Nominating Blark and Son from Blark and Son as Blark and Son.
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image:170450074318.jpg(78kB , 635x449 , IMG_4099.jpeg)
Nominating the pink panther and snagglepuss from the pink panther franchise and Hanna Barbara’s the quick draw McGraw show. The pink pussycats
>If these two team meet, they both are gonna have it in a form of a rematch for both characters.
Fucking Kino
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image:170450085931.jpg(243kB , 500x523 , a360bc90.jpg)
Nominating Blonde Bombshells (Minerva Mink and Hello Nurse) from Animaniacs.
Nice try Nightshitanon
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image:170450090509.jpg(68kB , 1080x792 , ee2.jpg)
Nominating Black Hat (Villainous) and Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) as team "Good Ol' Evilness"
save file
image:170450091638.jpg(59kB , 536x392 , IMG_4100.jpeg)
Nominating Panchito pistoles and jose caroica both from Disney’s three caballeros(and slaudios amigos). “Two birds of a feather” is their team name
save file
image:170450093238.png(78kB , 481x1093 , chaos.png)
Nominating CHAOS.
Eris from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Mirage from Aladdin the animated series.
save file
image:170450097519.gif(277kB , 500x281 , 1703181728511958.gif)
Nominating Vegeta and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z as team "Thanks Doc"
save file
image:170450100085.png(565kB , 639x653 , sva.PNG)
Nominating Merlin the Magic Mouse and Cool Cat from Looney Tunes Seven Arts
Team name : *Changes Channel*
save file
image:170450113363.jpg(48kB , 444x486 , 1472d0bf7b6368caa8f254a863e75fb8.jpg)
Nominating Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox as The Destructix from Archie Sonic
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image:170450115493.png(306kB , 480x360 , HankSurfer.png)
Nominating Hank Hill (King of the Hill) and Silver Surfer (Marvel)
Name: Propane All Over The Cosmos
save file
image:170450115847.png(924kB , 1075x634 , 2DDB2260-440E-407C-B546-4DF43D46B8F3.png)
Remember The Family Jewels
Homer Simpson and Moe from The Simpsons
Can’t say no to these Pixar duos
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image:170450124020.png(159kB , 466x389 , CopsandCultists.png)
Nominating Towdi Kwar and Bluevoi from the webcomic Voihon
Team name: Cops and Cultists
save file
image:170450131998.jpg(88kB , 720x450 , Kaisa&Claire.jpg)
Nominating Kaisa (Hilda) and Claire (The Summoning) as team "Hex Makers"
save file
image:170450139205.png(89kB , 1280x1280 , restroom.png)
Nominating Man and Woman from Restroom Signs, team "Number One"
save file
image:170450144753.png(599kB , 750x550 , 1237123786.png)
Nominating Superman and Batman from DC
Team name: "MY HEROES"
save file
image:170450148673.png(476kB , 1346x466 , cinematic.png)
danger mouse and penfold from danger mouse as loicense to kill
save file
image:170450155327.png(410kB , 700x522 , 61C91FF3-E1ED-4239-A188-335CBAE550C8.png)
ordering Chikn Nuggit and Cheezborger from Chikn Nuggit as a Combo Meal from McDonalds
save file
image:170450157529.png(213kB , 400x295 , Mr._Meaty.png)
Nominating Josh and Parker from Mr. Meaty as "Mr. Meaty"
save file
image:170450165337.png(3.48MB , 2048x2048 , Two Big Guys.png)
Nominating Galactus (Marvel) and Unicron (Transformers)
Team name: "World Hunger"
save file
image:170450169055.png(1.03MB , 1437x1080 , powerhour.png)
Nominating Jimmy Neutron from Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents as "Power Hour"
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image:170450171216.jpg(98kB , 932x629 , 8D281991-AFD2-4F68-9B49-460013008E06.jpeg)
Ronald McDonald and Grimace from McDonalds as McDonald Men
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image:170450180457.png(773kB , 1093x764 , NightFans Finalists.png)
Nominating Zim (Invader Zim) and Eris (Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
Team name: NightFans' Finalists
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image:170450183613.gif(1.68MB , 480x360 , 48A09CC5-CE51-485F-AAF0-03FA28BAB918.gif)
Nominating Black Dracula and Blackula from The Simpsons
Only Black Counts
save file
image:170450187813.gif(1.44MB , 200x150 , 200w.gif)
Nominating Ren and Stimpy as Team Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. The Ren and Stimpy show
save file
image:170450187953.jpg(439kB , 2230x1968 , c4f.jpeg)
Public (Domain) Enemy No. 1
Starring Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from Walt Disney.
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image:170450197693.jpg(46kB , 623x350 , IMG_4101.jpeg)
Nominating king triton and Zeus from The little mermaid and Hercules respectively. “Thunderous Fathers”
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image:170450216589.png(149kB , 550x759 , bluey_carrying_bingo___a_bluey_png_by_crossoverking16_dfz6hfv-fullview.png)
Nominating Bluey and Bingo from the show Bluey.
Teamname: The Heeler Sisters
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image:170450217171.jpg(198kB , 2220x1080 , 0s5gqsuomnea1.jpg)
Nominating Caine and Pomni from The Amazing Digital Circus as "The Opening Act"
save file
image:170450217561.jpg(74kB , 716x584 , 1690920895351.jpg)
Nominating Simon Laurent and Grace Monroe both from Infinity Train! As the Apex Legends.
save file
image:170450220461.jpg(82kB , 736x975 , 7B68C8FC-C0F8-4D92-897C-826358F75D4C.jpeg)
Zero Two Hero
Hercules and Phil from Hercules
save file
image:170450222218.jpg(30kB , 1024x576 , 739561f1026f8106dd721bf0a3b617b613ee09f4r1-1280-720v2_hq.jpg)
Nominating Snufkin/Snusmumriken and Little My/Lilla My as The Trouble & The Free
Also, From the Moomin books, of course.
save file
image:170450235315.gif(306kB , 300x212 , 55BD5A94-A2C7-42C9-BCAB-EEE665472202.gif)
fuck it
Grim and Dracula
Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
save file
image:170450236841.png(1.55MB , 2048x1152 , N_and_Uzi_in_prom_suits.png)
Nominating Uzi Doorman and Serial Designation N from Murder Drones as "It Came From Copper 9"
save file
image:170450238623.jpg(93kB , 610x600 , shitty gay retards.jpg)
Nominating Blobby and Lily from Blobby and Friends, "Blobby and Friend"
save file
image:170450259093.jpg(65kB , 602x489 , IMG_4102.jpeg)
Nominating heckle and jeckle from terrytoons cartoons. The two must underrated based cartoon characters from the golden age. Team name: The talking magpies
save file
image:170450266172.jpg(53kB , 657x526 , 1970_Special_Barbie_Month.jpg)
Nominating Pamela and Priscilla (Barbie)
Team name: Groovy and Free
All characters who have never appeared with each other in any media (even if meme shit like a commercial) should be disqualified for being pointless besides terrible Nightshiftanon roleplay sessions in threads
Bejitabro btw
>the anti-noncanon crossover team fag is here
Gentlemen... bring me his head.
save file
image:170450291841.jpg(134kB , 1332x1080 , IMG_4103.jpeg)
Nominating popeye and bluto from the Popeye the sailor series of comic strips and cartoons. “The buoy brawlers”
save file
image:170450309084.png(237kB , 1024x768 , LDIF_promo.png)
Nominating Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) and Philip J. Fry (Futurama) as "Cowabunga Comrades"
save file
image:170450313641.jpg(68kB , 990x557 , Puss-in-Boots-the-Last-Wish.jpg)
Nominating Death and Puss in Boots from Shrek and Puss in Boots
Team name: El Gato y El Lobo
save file
image:170450314459.gif(3.67MB , 480x352 , C8B89DD0-44EC-45C1-9743-1ADD9BFF51B8.gif)
Mr Krabs and Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants
save file
image:170450319950.png(343kB , 736x768 , TangleWhisper.png)
Nominating Whisper the Wolf and Tangle the Lemur from IDW Sonic as Diamond Cutters
t. Nightshiftanon
Going to draw some Onlyfansart of Black Hat and Plunderers while roleplaying as them?
finally the worst team for this tournament
save file
image:170450326909.jpg(73kB , 736x736 , IMG_4104.jpeg)
Nominating Hades and jafar from Disney’s Hercules and Disney’s Aladdin respectively, a combination that has occurred in the Hercules television series. “Deadly and devious”
save file
image:170450327855.png(408kB , 1096x1493 , Bejita cry.png)
>t. Nightshiftanon
>Going to draw some Onlyfansart of Black Hat and Plunderers while roleplaying as them?
>Shartyfags are already brigading the tournament
Fuck it's over
save file
image:170450339253.jpg(139kB , 1280x720 , 633C436B-8341-4F8E-A013-EB29C3DA5D61.jpeg)
Thomas The Tank Engine and Ivor The Engine from series of the same name as Sentient Train Buddies
save file
image:170450341783.jpg(127kB , 1062x620 , 1628025952984.jpg)
I know this is b8 but NSA/OFA probably hates the Plunderers now since Silveranon helped expose him
save file
image:170450347598.jpg(61kB , 640x428 , 18728601_L.jpg)
Nominating Nick Knatterton & Batman (Nick Knatterton & DC Comics) as "Parody & Parodied"
>G-g-going to draw some Onlyfansart of Black Hat and Plunderers whi-
John CHADver DESTROYED Nightshit, you headcanon screeching moeRAT. Leave these hallowed halls NOW.
Kek why do MOESHITTERS always reveal how pathetic they are?
save file
image:170450362555.jpg(134kB , 2379x1440 , MV5BOWQxOWY1ZDItOTA2NS00N2Y5LWE5MTctNDM2ZWI2YzRhZjRmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzg0MzAyNDk.png)
Nominating Red and Blue from Dick Figures as the team "Modern Flame Warriors 3"
Kek nightshitter
>I know this is b8 but NSA/OFA probably hates the Plunderers now since Silveranon helped expose him
When did this happen? Was it Numnuts levels of damage Silver did to him or was it worse?
Stick to the off-season threads with the drama, we’re having a tourney here
save file
image:170450379293.jpg(22kB , 220x183 , Erotic_-_Help_Me_single.jpg)
Nominating Dr. dick and the nurse from the "Dr. dick" music video by E-erotic, as "Love Clinic"
save file
image:170450382600.jpg(285kB , 947x1327 , 5A961713-12A9-4CCF-9E7C-9BCB56A0737F.jpeg)
Hitler Clone 1 and Hitler Clone 2 from DC
team name: Tag-Tournament At Earths End
save file
image:170450383333.jpg(113kB , 1105x723 , 0b4acff9d3b1100258a0138d6f6e943b.jpg)
Nominating Stupid Dogs (Courage and Shirley) Courage the Cowardly Dog. I want to see where this goes. I will try to campaign them.
save file
image:170450384547.png(185kB , 479x358 , Fosters_502_MarioBros.png)
Nominating Window Carrier #1 and Window Carrier #2 from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends as Super Mario Bros.
He got outed by some sleuth anons as being the same person as OFA a while back, which means he's violated the rules of his own tournament by breaking neutrality, on top of seething over other characters and their fans and making spite art, the Silverfag helped this pick up steam after an unknown anon brought it up in one of the threads.
save file
image:170450391425.jpg(77kB , 720x480 , rapegeta.jpg)
I nominate the undefeated prince of the saiyans Bejita and his little bitch, Gohan as team BETRAYED and TRAPPED
>post was defending John CHADver
You lost, moetard. I will be voting for all the noncanon crossover teams I want with confidence now knowing you will be seething.
save file
image:170450395775.jpg(593kB , 1200x900 , IMG_4105.jpeg)
By popular demand, I nominate the return of team “Counting down” Starring the Count and Cookie Monster both from Sesame Street.
Donald J. Trump
>I will be voting for all the noncanon crossover teams I want
NSA will be proud as that's what he wants with forcing losers bracket
Not only that, but he actively searched for counter-proof to prove that NSA wasn't OFA in literally every archived thread, which he was left empty handed.
save file
image:170450414708.jpg(232kB , 1440x1062 , IMG_4106.jpeg)
I nominate B1 and B2 from banana’s in pajamas. The team name is….the bananas in the striped pajamas
save file
image:170450416339.jpg(57kB , 435x286 , 757F3061-A7EA-46F5-8205-7E161B00CCA5.jpeg)
nominating Der Inflatable Führer from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Frozen Man from Justice League
Cool Mustache Gang
Putting aside some of the discourse in recent posts, already looking promising with the teams this year. Nice mix of classics and goofy combinations.
I do not like this coincidence
save file
image:170450422429.png(665kB , 899x598 , Young_Garry.png)
Nominating Garry & Demaro from Tails Gets Trolled as "Trolling Satan"
>Noms already slowed to a crawl
I'm used to this only happening after 3 threads, not one in only an hour.
Welcome to /tnt/.
save file
image:170450437201.jpg(124kB , 850x1133 , 2678C600-8C1E-43B6-A691-12C1D3EC327C.jpeg)
I nominate the defeated and humiliated prince of a long dead race Bejita from Dragon Ball Z and Carl from Despicable Me
team name is Trails of a Broken Man
This isn't a main tournament, this is a slow tournament
save file
image:170450448588.png(565kB , 850x650 , tesm.png)
Nominating Captain Canuck & Captain Britain from Captain Canuck and Captain Britain respectively as team "The English Super Men"
save file
image:170450454049.jpg(149kB , 1192x902 , GCxsT9qWkAAI1iI.jpg)
Nominating Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons as "No, Relation"
save file
image:170450459167.gif(1.54MB , 400x247 , 1ad8c5766dee00ac9a33225f4c0950fc.gif)
Any partners for Sticks? I need someone who is into conspiracy theories about the government
save file
image:170450460820.png(1.81MB , 1571x719 , Daily Dose.png)
Nominating Jax (The Amazing Digital Circus) and The Once-ler (The Lorax) as "Your Daily Dose of Sexyman"

I will not elaborate.
save file
image:170450463581.jpg(61kB , 488x650 , IMG_4107.jpeg)
Nominating the evil queen and the horned king from Disney’s Snow White and the seven dwarves and Disney’s the black cauldron. “Wicked witches and evil liche’s of royalty” This was quite literally the only image of these two together I could find lol
The Question?
save file
image:170450473403.png(1.87MB , 1600x900 , evilsupermen.png)
Nominating Omni-Man from Invincible and Homelander from The Boys as "Beware the Supermen"
>Dale is already taken
It's not looking good man, he was her best shot, maybe you can try something with Rorscarch.
save file
image:170450490459.png(2kB , 1280x720 , DC84E681-8ADC-482A-BACF-5CAA6D9ACB09.png)
Noah Boddy from Marvel and Invisible-O from The Pink City
Wait Where The Hell Are They?
save file
image:170450491913.png(443kB , 940x601 , 1598217871661.png)
Nominating Tobio Laitier and Owen the Ram, both from the webcomic series Voihon
Team name is Rams versus Robots
save file
image:170450493173.png(2.13MB , 1949x1398 , IMG_2159.png)
The Fandom Favourites

Maggie (Amphibia) and Scarlett Pendragon (Daria)
Myc from Inside Job
I love this already, I can’t even see the two
>Zoomer Circus
save file
image:170450510206.jpg(5kB , 259x194 , zoidie.jpg)
The Gadget Fuckers
Featuring the two characters who have canon fucked Gadget, Zipper and Chip from Rescuer Rangers
How many votes for a dynamic duo to get in?
>rekindled their friendship over their shared love for mouse pussy
save file
image:170450526675.jpg(132kB , 1280x891 , this_or_this_troll_pepe_the_frog_by_landenloc_deanvys-fullview.jpg)
Nominating Pepe & Cool Face/Troll Face from Boy's Club & Rage Comics as "Smugmad Bro?"
save file
image:170450531983.jpg(37kB , 596x514 , 1673130983698.jpg)
Nominating Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe) for team "The Stevonnie Experience"
It’s eight replies for a nomination. Votes during qualifers may vary, but it’s both more and less than you’d think. I’d say you would want to be pulling in at least the 25-30 range to have a better shot at making it. Last year was higher than usual, although that could have been in part from other factors.
Have you tried reading the OP?
save file
image:170450566486.jpg(1.51MB , 3000x1713 , 1701296143630.jpg)
Illuminarrow & Mawrasite (Villainous) as team "Risky Robbers"
save file
image:170450575065.jpg(207kB , 1280x720 , beastgaston.jpg)
Nominating The BEASTS for Dolls & Beauties (Gaston and Prince Adam/The Beast from Beauty & the Beast)
save file
image:170450604721.jpg(24kB , 1280x720 , IMG_4108.jpeg)
Nominating Alternate Gabriel and Joseph from the Mandela catalogue(formerly bible stories). “Wake the fuck up”
save file
image:170450623912.jpg(1.18MB , 3332x2092 , What's wrong with a lil extra size.jpg)
Team Large and In-Charge (Pamela Poovey and Valentina MacArthur )
save file
image:170450641240.jpg(150kB , 808x718 , buck_sticks_the_badger.jpg)
Nominating Crazy-Prepared. Buck from Ice Age and Sticks the Badger from Sonic Boom
save file
image:170450650214.png(146kB , 496x485 , CHEESECAKE FACE.png)
>Onceler you baka, you're going with the LITERAL rabbit? Did someone screw up my mail again?

>Gustav, get your pale ass up here! You're my backup if Mr. Bottom Line fucks me over harder than a firefighter with my mom!
save file
image:170450654694.jpg(2.52MB , 3264x1922 , No more silence.jpg)
Tighten (Megamind) and Shazam (DC). The Silent Majority Killers.
save file
image:170450663660.png(1,017kB , 2344x1624 , 163907058614.png)
Team VERY Legitimate Victory

Spinel and Captain America
save file
image:170450666559.jpg(23kB , 410x357 , NoFatties.jpg)
Who will his anti-fat shit partner be?
save file
image:170450683233.jpg(443kB , 1280x720 , IMG_4109.jpeg)
Nominating Gaston from beauty and the beast and frollo from the hunchback of noted dame. “The frollo show”
Given what happened last time?
Ah that's pretty good
save file
image:170450703862.png(330kB , 1136x760 , f754d1afb480f0fe25bf87a764f04b9e11080250.png)
Nominating Twig (Hilda) and Peter Parker (Spiderman)
Team: Your Friendly Neighbours
save file
image:170450716412.png(358kB , 573x450 , bigs.png)
Figuring on Biggering

The Onceler (Lorax) and Cheesecake Boeing 747 Saint Cherrywell (GPCB)
save file
image:170450737416.jpg(821kB , 800x1248 , IMG_4110.jpeg)
Nominating Megatron from the transformers and Cobra Commander from Gi Joe: Real American Hero. “The toyline troublemakers”
save file
image:170450746815.png(264kB , 720x405 , flash_684170_card.png)
Sea Crab And Man Company

(Stanley Pines and Mr. Krabs)

Not Legally Associated with Sea Crab and Man Incorporated
save file
image:170450747462.png(1.10MB , 2418x740 , 41268792368923743.png)
Nominating Scaramouche and Demongo from Samurai Jack, Team name "Number One Assassins" If someone has a better name idea I'll gladly accept it
save file
image:170450771890.png(138kB , 286x360 , ONCE.png)
>I dunno, Jax here has been promising to crack into SCAM Co's accounting, lot of coin in that.

>Not to mention your uh, harrassment lawsuits, are starting to add up, I'm not made of money, just my suit is.
save file
image:170450774759.jpg(205kB , 1200x613 , IMG_4111.jpeg)
Nominating Flik from A bugs life and Z the worker ant from Antz. The formidable formicidae’s
save file
image:170450779543.png(1.42MB , 833x1267 , animated-justice-league-question-banner.png)
Just in case

Nominating The Question and Sticks the Badger as Conpsiracy Theorists. Sonic Boom and DC Comics
save file
image:170450783912.png(710kB , 800x640 , __moomintroll_and_snufkin_moomin_drawn_by_itou_hachi__6beaf2b90bd7b0fd54807f22bc3dd41a.png)
Nominating Moomintroll and Snufkin, from Moomin, as "Springtime"
I knew someone was missing.
Onceler Anon here, added him since whether I end up with Jax or Cheesecake I'll need a business rival, and Wilkins did horribly last year
Take these, your gonna need it
save file
image:170450843871.jpg(882kB , 3000x2818 , duckclan.jpg)
Nominating Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck from Disney
Team Name: Duck Clan
save file
image:170450868361.gif(933kB , 500x323 , IMG_4112.gif)
With that I nominate Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck both from Looney tunes. “Warner’s wackiest”
save file
image:170450894384.png(780kB , 1000x1000 , TAKE A SHOWER.png)
Nominating Incredible Gassy from Bobo Comics and Kimchi from Chowder to form the team "The Gassy Gladiators".
save file
image:170450980578.gif(470kB , 400x300 , spongebobandpatrick.gif)
Nominating SpongeBob and Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants as "Bubble Buddies"
Love these two
save file
image:170451021276.png(172kB , 904x942 , 1593878849.rings1234_maomaoadorabat.png)
Mao Mao and Adorabat from Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart.
Team Name: "I Love You Mao Mao" Totally not named by Adorabat
save file
image:170451058352.jpg(85kB , 679x487 , c1fd4c63ddf3fba2014c31fde56071e6.jpg)
Nominating Tintin and Captain Haddock from the Adventures of Tintin as "Hergebros"
save file
image:170451069127.jpg(451kB , 566x800 , 2xtFIKfq_2210220927581gpadd.jpg)
Nominating Leonardo (TMNT) and Miyamoto Usagi (Usagi Yojimbo) as "Ninja and Ronin"
save file
image:170451084753.png(413kB , 721x547 , 9aaf5c14e05d9100479cc1fdeb82b29551115fd4.png)
I'm gonna see if I can draw good enough to make OC for these tomorrow. Also not replying to my own post.
At last
save file
image:170451102438.jpg(173kB , 1900x1900 , dupondt.jpg)
Nominating Thomson and Thompson from The Adventures of Tintin as "Dupondt et Dupond"
>ctrl+f "statler and waldorf"
>0 results
Get it together /tnt/
Where's Optimus?
save file
image:170451135771.jpg(125kB , 766x800 , ac631053ef16ff30_800x800ar.jpg)
Nominating Pettson and Findus from Pettson och Findus (the europoor children's books), as "Från Tjotahejti"
Why don't YOU nominate them, huh?
save file
image:170451240750.jpg(26kB , 550x450 , Swseason1.jpg)
>Can you believe this guy?
He can put enough effort to try and ctrl + F us but not enough to nominate us?
>He has to be a tumblr user?
Why because he's fatass tranny who does nothing with his life?
>That and all he does is complain about other people doing nothing.
Do ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets as Statler and Waldorf
Now that’s a nomination
Dead tournament