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Mr. /co/ 2022 recapAnonymous
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last year during Mr. /co/, I attempted to write a recap. i never finished it.
today, i found the unfinished recap still on my computer, and i figured i might as well post it for you all.

>welcome to Mr. /co/ bitches
>ft. NightShift and Ghost
>Zapp Brannigan first past the gate
>Anon tries to nominate King Kong, NightShift shuts him down
>he then lets Patchy in
>anons nominate every cartoon ape they can think of in retaliation
>someone else nominates Robbie Rotten as a joke
>turns out LazyTown was based on some picture book so he’s eligible
>(nothing ever happens during nominations)
>qualifiers tiem
>fish cum
>maximum shilling
>anon links his FNAF roleplay
>oh shit, dupes on the poll
>Monarch rallies the cocoon
>Anon threatens to kiss Cadavre’s wife
>Dr. Manhattan OC
>complaints begin
>Anon is secretly host, and everyone else, declares Zipper the winner
>page 10 fap party
>21 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Black Hat
>John Major runs political ads
>Rusty Shackleford endorses Donald Temp
>no nipples no vote
>host comics
>21 reasons why you SHOULD vote for Black Hat
>everybody in the group photo!
>Mr. /co/ 2022: a fight to the death
>three Liveseys
>nipple six-pack
>Patrick Star and Collin hook up
>image limit strikes again
>drawfags strike back
>is Spongebob a tranny?
>4 Hostmen of the Apocalypse
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image:169897008355.jpg(219kB , 1080x1857 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
>no girls allowed
>avenge the mascots
>Grievious is not /co/
>Morbius says “it’s riggin time” and then rigs all over the votes
>the grid begins
>Cap’s year
.>Edgeworth is a zoophile
>made for corruption
>anon threatens to cry a lot
>Carl IS the thread
>asking straight men what dudes they would fuck
>fucking an orange =/= gay
>is Darcy a tranny?
>being Batkek is suffering
>is ENA a tranny?
>is Peter Griffin a tranny?
>lessons on fly reproduction
>femanon lusting after Bruno
>John Silver defies the image limit
>Interim Insanity
>communist tripfag
>anxiety over randomized brackets
>MILF Collin
>for whom does the fish ejaculate?
>he’s nutting to, and possibly on, children
>Shirley curses the tournament
>we have now hit one hour without results
>Courage #1 seed
>all three Eds in the top 11
>full DHMIS trio in
>Dr. Livesey and John Silver both make it, the former by a hair
>Trollface and Robbie Rotten are in
>this is either the best roster yet or the worst
>Jerry Smith is the big loser with a whopping 3 votes
>Where’s the Mansley, Mansley?
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image:169897010770.gif(72kB , 443x443 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.gif)
>Psyanon pstymied
>poll’s closed
>brackets show that duck match will happen in round 2 if both Donald and Daffy win
>it’s happening
>is the random bracket a ruse?
>splitting hairs over puppets
>Monarch unsatisfied with his seed
>black magic
>round 1 poll officially open
>security question refers to RP from 2020, displeases many
>the Watcher weighs in
>everyone agrees he’s a faggot
>Bane’s image isn’t even /co/
>is Gromit a furry?
>teamanon delivers
>Friend’s Best Men, Man’s Best Friends, Alien Admirality, Horrible Hellraisers, Brute Strength, Toon Town!, Science Simps, Suburbros, Cranky Cahoots, Dis-nuts, Mean Green Machines, Unlikely Heroes, Don’t Hug Me I’m Smiling Next Door, Comic Crusaders, The Imperial Decree, The Restaurant Reopens
>Riddler does a riddle
>Primal is too edgy for /co/
>the schizos arrive
>Jackie Lynn Thomas, a white woman, expresses a desire to fuck Courage, a dog
>John Silver serves calamari
>writefag posts Ms. /co/ 2022 smut
>railing against FOTMs
>Duck is invincible
>is anyone /co/?
>we’re back to arguing over King Kong
>is Red Guy hot?
>the only two people on the entire board who care about Kevin Spencer come into the thread to argue
>nightshift is kinda cute
>Xavier divides his rigging into brass marbles distributed among the other contestants
>NSA is looking very fuckable and in need of rape correction
>Kong volunteers
>tourney posts his asshole with zero reason or provocation
>Black Hat may have lost but he will haunt Nightshift’s dreams
>oh yeah and Dr. Doom vs Godzilla is a thing i guess
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image:169897014946.jpg(193kB , 2048x1600 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
>dead tourney
>it has been spoken
>you now remember that whoever wins this has to have hours-long bedbreaking sex with Fang
>who’s Dale? my name is Rusty Shackleford
>Zorak wants Fang to eat him
>so, how ‘bout that King of /v/?
>cactus juice
>an entire thread of tranny shitflinging
>attentionfags fag for attention
>Patrick getting the best head
>John Silver selfship storytime
>DHMIS interviews
>return of Orel Peterson
>all of this was just in the first round
>results time
>Omni-man loses in round 1 AGAIN
>so does Silver
>Zorak is the only /co/nqueror left
>Livesey lives another day
>Doom got raped (figuratively)
>Zuko, who made sweet 16 last year, loses to Mike Wazowski
>Robbie and Trollface both out
>Monarch loses to Bugs Bunny
>capeshit gets fucking eviscerated
>Peter Parker is their only hope
>nobody cares
>Jackie jumps ship to Xavier after Courage loses
>even though Courage won
>the new security question is garbage
>Mao Mao up to his old tricks
>Spider-man canonically exists in Dan Vs.
>is Edd trans?
>any one of you could secretly be NSA
>buff Courage
>ducks of native american descent
>Godzilla, Zorak, and Xavier all get porn
>ejaculating fish stops ejaculating and becomes the pope
>only the strongest duck will survive
>Dung Maal
>can this chef turn shit into gourmet?
>high quality Hades and WALL-E art
>Shirley is puppeting Courage’s campaign from the shadows
>Livesey or bust
>anon used to fantasize about Donald raping Mickey
>crossdressing autism
>Dale’s manpussy
>digits decide dan/duck get married
>SCAM Inc. splits
>retreading old ground
>like half this tournament is people arguing about the same shit
>is Kermit trans?
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image:169897019329.jpg(62kB , 1024x769 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
>more rpfags begging for a crumb of attention
>who the fuck is gavmont
>Daffy blows Donald out of the water
>it’s not even close
>Jack Skellington ties with Dale, Dale wins by seed
>the first Ed falls
>WALL-E loses to Hades
>Garfield loses to Xavier
>Red guy and Yellow guy both out
>Spear now faces Mung Daal
>whoever loses must make good on the earlier shit-eating promise
>anon suggests letting ponies in
>security question pertains to death battle fuckery, displeases many
>spoonfeeding (don’t do this)
>Xavier hates death for killing people
>Squidward and Duck compete for the title of Gigachad
>anti-Genndy sentiment kicks into high gear
>”cartoons today are better than they’ve ever been”
>how many loons has Amphibia produced?
>Nightshift likes XRA
>attentionwhore asking people to roll for dubs gets his post deleted
>anon analyzes the personalities of the 128
>the two largest categories are enthusiasts and hedonists
>Tell them about the tournament!
>Charlie doesn’t need drip
>wearing a salmon suit
>Mr. Schizo
>Godzilla/Spongebob kaiju battle
>someone made a ship poll?
>the average Farquaad anon
>Xavier aims to join ENA in 8th place
>duck dick
>every board should have a tournament
>two Carls
>Squidward gets brain damage and shits himself
>Round 3 ends
>final DHMIS character out
>Xavier conquers death
>Peter moves on
>Livesey loses
>Spongebob vs. Squidward
>newfags can’t, displeases many
>Dale gets cucked by a native american again
>anti-Primal vote strong
>”it has been spoken” fag isn’t even voting for Xavier
>anon gets cock vored by Darcy
>Nope, not getting outta this chair.
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image:169897023193.png(82kB , 370x247 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)
>who’s Carl?
>Never Making It Ever /co/
>Genndy paranoia hits blistering levels
>Senator Spear
>John Silver selfship storytime…again
>duck match 2: electric scrooge-aloo?
>Spongebob is a big fan of reptile pussy
>and he’s gay with Squidward
>Batman foils another one of the Riddler’s schemes
>the bibble
>psychoanalyzing the spammers
>Nightshift makes a pixiv to upload art
>punished Max
>Shirley blowjob
>the furry conspiracy
>Dale and Xaiver in dresses
>duck ass vs. mantis ass
>someone is making way too many Space Ghost threads
>do we like tumblr now?
>bitching about bans
>is Primal FOTM?
>Xavier/Dale friendship
>host summoning ritual
>duckfag cope
>fang* cope
>ENA x Xavier
>bejita likes ENA
>the opposite of sex
>okay now results
>Carl, Max, Courage, Squidward, Daffy, Grim, Zorak, Xavier
>who shot JFK?
>6 furries
>Zorak is a coomer pick
>shipping the Mr. and Ms. E8
>anon says Zorak won’t be suspicious unless he wins it all
>this is called foreshadowing
>you now remember Dale is an exterminator
>hostile boopers
>falseflags upon falseflags
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image:169897026403.png(170kB , 337x374 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.PNG)
>an entire thread goes by with nothing worth recording jesus christ
>gay animations schizo roleplays as Daffy
>by which i mean he changes his name to “Daffy Duck” and posts the same shit he always does
>at least Jackie and Darcy pretend to give a shit
>You’re not perfect.
>Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Squidawrd B'kiini wgah'nagl fhtagn
>anon gets really pissy about Rattlesnake Jake being nominated for Mr. Literal Who
>/co/’s king of /v/
>personality change potion
>monkeyanon lists the legacies
>i make the mistake of talking to people in the thread
>anon shows his tournament oc to crash mcreery, character designer for Rango
>Once you put on a trip, it changes you.
>Xavier proposes to ENA
>Xavier has made the tournament his
>a fifth thread for quarterfinals gets made even though the round is already over
>also the hosts are gone
>anonymous posts results, maybe fake?
>no just nightshift forgetting to put his trip on
>Carl vs. Courage and Daffy vs. Zorak
>Xavier for 8th to match ENA
>rulefags return
>plunderers rejoice
>Zaslav won
>turns out Livesey shouldn’t have even qualified
>what a chad
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image:169897030310.png(30kB , 125x137 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)
>you know maybe the DHMIS campaign wasn’t that good
>Primal is a stoner show
>crossword time
>mister squidward
>password is dead, displeases many
>anon admits he nominated Robotnik as a joke, not realizing that Robotnik gets in every year and does decently well
>ena takes over the thread for a bit
>obligatory “talking about other tournaments” time
>Daddy’s win
>new email leak?
>nah these are fake as shit
>and then the rest of the thread was ass. the end.
ENA sucks.
Xavier's eye
Now do it in tune of “We didn’t start the fire”
and fucks.
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image:169897218186.png(80kB , 414x319 , 1662852119316600.png)
Thank you based ENAGOD
and now we wait for the 2023 recaps...
Do the /v/ tournaments have recaps?