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image:169369778886.jpg(1.52MB , 1366x7114 , Beginning.jpg)
Welcome all to the Murder Games! The purpose of this tournament is to give any of your nominee a second chance to get a win. For each character added to this tournament, the game randomly gives them perks and items that will come in handy, although other times can backfire horribly. The game is simple, everything is a simulation where all the characters fight each other to death. The rules are simple:
>The winner is excluded, only 127 characters will participate
>The transition between posting rounds will be around 7-8 minutes so anons present can discuss anything about the previous slide
>Peace slides are posted faster
>The Elite can participate
>The last character standing alive is the winner
If there is anything you want to add or someone I missed in the pic, you can tell me now (perks). We start at in 10 minutes!
hell yeah
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image:169369849198.jpg(1.99MB , 1366x13012 , 1.jpg)
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image:169369858691.jpg(1.46MB , 1366x9630 , 2.jpg)
The Spiderman event made me laugh
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image:169369868289.jpg(2.76MB , 1366x7537 , 3.jpg)
Step aside, oldman.
Not a good time to do this tbh.
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image:169369882288.jpg(2.38MB , 1366x6633 , 4.jpg)
Pathetic way to go Hal.
I have to admit life really took a lot of time from me.
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image:169369903427.jpg(1.98MB , 1366x5437 , 5.jpg)
You're made out of plastic, Optimus
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image:169369911096.jpg(1.75MB , 1366x4778 , 6.jpg)
Gromit that wasn't Tom the Cat.
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image:169369922832.jpg(1.52MB , 1366x4198 , 7.jpg)
He killed an unarmed police officer!
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image:169369935116.jpg(1.19MB , 1366x3284 , 8.jpg)
Buzz Lightyear doesn't believe in magic.
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image:169369941582.jpg(1.02MB , 1366x2882 , 9.jpg)
I take back what I said Finn.
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image:169369948185.jpg(1.04MB , 1366x2874 , 10.jpg)
You committed murder, Wilt!
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image:169369961248.jpg(2.83MB , 1366x2506 , 11.jpg)
The demon lady has come for you.
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image:169369974398.jpg(2.66MB , 1366x2302 , 12.jpg)
Just like in the movie!
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image:169369981203.jpg(2.31MB , 1366x2046 , 13.jpg)
The demon from Ooo is out. Or was it a vampire?
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image:169369993635.jpg(2.28MB , 1366x2003 , 14.jpg)
Stick to scaring people not animals, Sulley.
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image:169370000757.jpg(1.70MB , 1366x1533 , 15.jpg)
I told Brak there was a Space Ghost impostor going around.
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image:169370008314.jpg(1.75MB , 1366x1533 , 16.jpg)
Look Brak it wasn't your fault, it was his for not wearing a different outfit that day.
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image:169370018888.jpg(1.38MB , 1366x1243 , 17.jpg)
Watch where you walk, nevermind.
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image:169370026091.jpg(1.37MB , 1366x1251 , 18.jpg)
Peace slide
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image:169370032533.jpg(205kB , 624x336 , maxgoof.jpg)
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image:169370037844.jpg(39kB , 500x500 , artworks-000312446487.jpg)
*Ahem* Ladies and gentlemen, as you may know I'm currently running this with an empty audience. That's fine for me because it was my responsibility to do this earlier but life and work got in the way, sadly. I can't promise I will do Villains in a date after Ms. /co/. I will also do it shortly tomorrow or the next day after that. Anyways, you can place your bets now:

Max Goof or Samurai Jack.
that's ok, I'm here, and I'm going with my Goof all the way
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image:169370069101.jpg(1.10MB , 1366x2741 , Spoiler image)
That's good to know.
The winner is.... Max "Pumped Up Kicks" Goof
>Max shot the audience
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image:169370099691.jpg(61kB , 473x201 , x901.jpg)
*blink* Best ending to any movie ever. Disney is afraid of releasing the director's cut.

That's all from me for today. Villains will be soon. Not today obviously I also want to be around Ms. /co/ right now. I'm crossing fingers the only chaos around will be Eris. Anyways, see you all there and thanks for staying around!
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image:169370128838.jpg(124kB , 624x666 , 1498041121709.jpg)
I think he didn't inherit his father goofiness.
What about /aco/ and /an/?
Nevermind, you answered me in another thread.