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This board is for hosting tournaments and other organized competitions, be it either events, contests, or anything where a winner must be determined through votes or otherwise. Just for this board, image duplicates are enabled and the bump limits are set extra high. Roleplaying is encouraged, unless event hosts ask otherwise.

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Tag Team Tournament 2021: Campaigning Intermission[TempAnon] !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:163918468370.png(442kB , 813x768 , 163907508256.png)
Two is Just as Bad as One Edition
Keep all tourney talk in this thread.

Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-the-qualifiers-gtqe

Discuss the successful nominees and begin campaigning for your team! Around half of all teams will end up getting in, so work hard to be in the lucky side of the Thanos Snap!

Our Nominees: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sfzLJe0WpxbSWOaCgcn3h_O-Bz94zSJJJ5I3xuugOOs


Booru (Post OC here): https://tagteam.booru.org/index.php

OC Dropbox

Sites for easy image making

Hope Corgi

Must have appeared in a /co/ property atleast once.
No GR15 characters.
No former winners or last years Elite 8 contenders may return.

Ineligible Teammates for 2020:
Sam and Max.
The Grinch / Jack Skellington
Klaus / Jesper Johansson
Miguel / Tulio
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit / Mickey Mouse
Wallace / Gromit
The Monarch / Master Shake
Stan Pines / Mr. Krabs
Bill Cipher / Alastor

RIP Stats, Fuck the /co/ Jannies, Praise Psyanon
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image:163926617055.jpg(1.60MB , 3264x1460 , Green Lantern and Ben 10.jpg)
Vote for Team Pathetic. You'll get your own alien harem if you do.
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image:163932135152.jpg(96kB , 800x450 , blueandgold24.jpg)
Vote for the most iconic and homoerotic superhero duo of all time!
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